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Lord of the Sea

I am from the suburbs of the twin cities, Minnesota. My activities/hobbies are: School, Sailing, I have a SCUBA license with 40 something dives under my belt, I make 1/48 scale plane models, and I hand make ship models. I am on a swim team (I swim breathstroke), I play airsoft, I am an Eagle Scout, and I am a counselor at Tomahawk Scout Camp. I am half Japanese and half German, I speak English, Japanese, and I am learning German.
I am studying in the broad field of History but to be specific European History, my favorite eras in that spectrum are: Viking/Norse, the crusades, Napoleonic, and WW2. For those who have caught it those all have at least 1 thing in common... war (well for Vikings raiding) I thank my dad (an old military history teacher) for getting me started in this path. Speaking of the Napoleonic era, I also wargame with figures from the era.
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I'll get a response up this afternoon most likely
Kinda did a place holder all I did was leave Megaton
The sun shone bright in the cloudless day,
White awoke to find him self his rented room in Megaton. Strewn about his bed was his wares, the he had tried to pack the day before. White sighed and murmured to him self guess I'm getting a late start today.

Once White's caravan was finally packed it was already evening the sun could be see approaching the horizon. White locked his door, walked past the Bomb, and set off into the wasteland for rivet city.
Once White passed though the gates he strode past Deupty Weld and winced as it said "WELCOME TO MEGATON, THE BOMB IS TOTALLY SAFE" White continued on into the horrible wasteland
Got mine up
Anything you want changed or does it look good?

Appearance: Tall, he towers over even the tall Norsemen, Blond, dark blue eyes, a gruff weathered face. Wears 4 silver bands on his arms.
Name: Uffr Jotunn (Uffr the Giant)
Personality: To his enemies he is the devil, his ship the Odin's Whisper strikes fear into them, but to his friends he is "as soft hearted as a kitten"
Backstory: Uffr grew up by the Sea, he learned how to sail, and how to fish, once he came of age he learned the art of killing. He has been on 15 missions, and has killed more men than he can count. Recently he has earned his first ship, The Odins Whisper (Odins þǫgn) He knows the horrors of a shield wall and yet he has not been broken.
Equipment: Uffr isn't rich enough to own a sword but he knows that the axe has more versatility anyways, he knows how to pull down an enemy's shield for a friendly to stab the man, he knows how to hit with the back side and how to kill. Uffr also keeps a saxe by his side to deliver the "below" thrust. His shield is just a plane wooden shield but it was made bigger to protect his large size
Skills: Sailing, axe fighting, Commanding, clear thinking in battle

OOC I have more of these pics as they are from my groups kit. We had 25 sheilds and if people need pics I can send them
Same here working on mine now
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Sounds good
Approved we are buffing your fighters up to 100 though... what type of fighter just out of curiosity
Go ahead I would like a lead sure
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