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Lord of the Sea

I am from the suburbs of the twin cities, Minnesota. But I was born and raised in Japan. My activities/hobbies are: Sailing, I have a SCUBA license with 40 something dives under my belt, I make 1/48 scale plane models, I hand make ship models, and work (unfortunately) . I am on a swim team (I swim breathstroke), I play airsoft, And I travel. I am half Japanese and half German, I speak Japanese, and German, as well as English (but writing is still rough around the edges)
I am studying in the broad field of History but to be specific European History(yeah real specific all 37,000 or so years), my favorite eras in that spectrum are: Viking/Norse, the crusades, Napoleonic, and WW2. For those who have caught it those all have at least 1 thing in common... war (well for Vikings raiding) I thank my dad (an old military history teacher) for getting me started in this path. Speaking of the Napoleonic era, I also wargame with figures from the era.

Remembering that this is a RP forum I'll get onto that subject,
What do I like? NRP's that are at least loosely based in history, Historical roleplays, Or roleplays that really get my creative juices flowing. I can mostly be found in Casual roleplays,
Dislike? Smut, majority of free roleplays, roleplays where the GM's don't put time into rules or setting it up and leave the role play very open. Anything that is high fantasy. I tend to stay away from 1X1 and arena.

Why lord of the Sea? Minnesota isn't even close to the sea. For one sailing is life for me, no not with an engine, the crisp sound of canvas filling with wind, the creaking of a ship in port, the gentle lap of waves on a windless day, the rush of pushing your ship to its limits on a windy day. They all appeal to me. Also as I had mentioned earlier I have my Padi Certification, and I enjoy being above or under the waves. But before all that I was in the navy, and enjoyed my time there... at least as much as expected.

For some reason my character name is mostly John White, I don't know a John White, I think I used a random name generator and went from there. John White in my mind is a lateforties to early fifties man, with weathered features, a short white beard and mustache, he wears a pea coat or an overcoat, with a grey cabbie hat. I cannot picture him in color always black and white. This description changes slightly between roleplays.
That's it for now,
Lord of the Sea

PS. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, my door is always open.

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@Zelosse, I've already noted some errors, also CS will be posted once I get to my computer
I feel as though I am not contributing (and I’m not) so I will drop this RP... I will stay in the discord, for any historical questions and just to talk with people. I thank you for letting me into this historical RP, (a type of RP that seems to be dying).
Thank All,
Would it be too late to get in on this? Ships of this Era are my thing, I even have a Book in progress on a British naval Captain.
Edit: it may be the fast paced music I’m currently listening to or just me being me but I’m hammering out a CS
Welcome to The Gunslingers,


1.Don’t god mod
2.Please use logic
3.Respect each other
4.The GM and CoGm(if we have one) get the final say
5.Have fun (cheesy I know)

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CS Template

@Tenslashsix@caliban22@Triesa@Penseel@mercenarius@BoyMom035@RumikoOhara, here is the OOC, feel free to get started on a character. Post 0 is still WIP
Go for it, would make for an interesting moment when the group finds out... now to bed, OOC will be started sometime tomorrow.
Any room for a chick in this? :)

For sure, would make an interesting game.
Sorry guys work has been busy I’m probably gonna have to withdraw
I’ll wait till Friday, then I’ll get an OOC up
Ah a fellow Historical RPer!
Welcome to the guild
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