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The West Underwood Trading Company

The landing site was dead ahead as the three small ships, made with wood stained dark and their shadows imposing as small rowboats were lowered into the shallower waters and sent with them those who would start the first colony in the name of the West Underwood Trading Company. The dark elves moved quickly, however, even when they breached the waves, none moved except for one, shrouded in a dark cloak with her white hair pushed to one side. This was Lord-Trader Haelee Hune, the lady who had been charged with founding not only a new trade post, but establishing a stepping stone for more conquest in the name of the Underwood. Such a task brought a smile upon her face as her metal boots hit the wet sand.

Another dark elf brought her a flag bearing the blackened crow, to which Haelee had taken within a greedy smile. Others offloaded the rowboats, once emptied, the small craft were pushed back into the waters and made way back to the ships. Haelee, looked into the the treeline ahead of them before she stabbed the banner into the sand in front of them, the land now belonged to the Underwood and as such belonged to dark, all-seeing eyes of the Oracle. There was a moment of silence amongst the preliminary landing party as the Lord-Trader turned to them, reaching her hand forward and a male dressed in servant’s clothes walked forwards and handed her the handle of her blade, pushing it out ever so slightly.

Taking the blade from the scabbard, Haelee pointed the fine sword towards the treeline, still facing the landing party. ”We have claimed this land in the name of the company, Underwood, and in the name of the Oracle! A land still uncharted, rich with potential plunder from the land and potentially with slaves to be sold back to the mainland! Our venture her today will dictate the future of our employ and as such, I alone shall lead this charge with you, my assembly! In the name of the Oracle, the Empress, and the Magistrate we shall make this land into the crown jewel of the overseas!”

Her small motivational speech earned her a rousing round of applause, stroking the alrighty mighty ego of the Lord-Trader even further. She stepped towards the treeline as the next landing party began to disembark, the laborers and other necessary craftsmen they would need to survive. There would be little time to merely gaze into the unknown.

”Set up camp, tomorrow, we shall begin our conquest of this new land,” she ordered before looking back to the flag. Lord-Trader Haelee Hune would do all that she could in order to increase the profit of the company and show that this venture would not be in vain, though only the Oracle would know the future for them.

The West Underwood Trading Company

Represented Color: Slate Gray

Race: Elven

Breed: Dark Elf

Capital: Deepcrest

Ruler: Lord-Trader Haelee Hune

Type of Government: The governmental structure of the West Underwood Trading Company within any overseas territory is overseen by a Lord-Trader, often a matriarchal role, who then establishes a smaller assembly to govern the local people. However, the Lord-Trader must adhere to all Company laws and charters bestowed unto them by the Underwood Monarchy, failure to do so results in immediate termination of employment.

Religion: The religion with the Underwood is a mixed bag, as slaves were brought to the capital were often of other religions and forcing another unto them is to spell endless unrest for the nation. The Dark Elf majority however, praised the Pantheon of the Oracle, a religion revolving around the all knowing Oracle, who knows all events past and future. Any other god within the pantheon is a variation of a god native to the slave population with the Underwood. As such, the West Underwood Trading Company adopts such ideals as well.

Geographical Location:


The story of the West Underwood Trading Company is very simply to be put as less of a colonial venture rather than the economic force within the Drow nation known as Underwood. Founded nearly fifty years ago by the Magistrate Xullda Helvisek, the West Underwood Trading Company had gotten ahead of most trading companies within the Underwood by the pure chance of being back by ruling family of Underwood. Such prestige backing the company made the stock within the company skyrocket and when those who could buy them did so, riches often came as the money that had been used for the stock, rather than being used for any corrupt or undesirable action, would always further the company.

Within a span of ten years, the company had constructed over twelve different trading posts and had bought out two other trading companies. However, the prime rival of the company had invested heavily into exploration before successfully expanding to another, foreign land. This was a worry to Magistrate Xullda as that would allow further expansion while the West Underwood Trading Company would be significantly more limited, however, with a royal treasury backing them, they were swiftly able to put together an exploration fleet to try and sail farther than the other company.

In the end, after a voyage lasting eleven months at sea, the new land has been founded and christened as Xulldaland… only temporarily before Magistrate Xullda shot down the name, believing it to be far too narcissistic. However, with the new land within sight, Xullda did put together what she could, often being caught within the metaphorical red tape of royals. Many nobles scrambled for the opportunity to rule over a new trading post in a new colonial land, however, it was the Magistrate’s own daughter who had been chosen to settle the first town and the first trading port.

Deepcrest was ahead of them, and they knew profit was to be had and slaves were to be taken.
I’m gonna be setting up an elven trading post! Huehuehuehue

Her eyes looked about the port, seeing the massive crowd of people milling about, some in their normal business and others in confusion. Kjellfrid had never been to Caracas, the Harolds had merely not had the chance to take her here before they were slain by the Wolves in Redcliffe. She could remember their blood flying into the air before losing her own consciousness. How she wished that they would have just killed her as well.

Kjellfrid shook the memories from her head and wrapped her scarlet cloak around her, stepping through the thick crowd and being sure to avoid bumping into anyone. The Brith’s eyes scanned the building as she looked for the tavern mentioned within the letter, though she almost jumped when someone next to her called out to whom she would presume to be a friend. Her hand, almost had almost wrapped around the hilt of her dagger before her claws had caught the inside of her hand. She shook her hand and attempted to calm herself so her claws would retract, though her mind seemed to be ever on edge.

Though with claws being out, she found them being chewed upon, her teeth clipping against the sharp edges and dulling them ever slightly. Kjellfrid soon found herself back towards the docks, almost confused as to how she had gone in a complete circle, she was content to be facing the bay and port. Soon though, she would be whistling a somber tune.

”I'll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne'er a fear of drowning..”
she began singing with a voice slightly cracking. She looked around to make sure no one watched her.

”And gladly ride the waves of life,
If they would have me...”
Kjellfrid continued.

”No scorching sun
Nor freezing cold…”

The Brith took a deep breath as her eyes settled on the busy port, watching the ships and boats move about before a small smile came across her face. The start of the song was ever present in her mind, remembering the song that she would sing with the Harolds when she doubted that she would properly be one of them. Even remembering the rest that they had ad libbed when she had grown too timid to continue.

”And we’d have you for eternity
Our dearest one, our darling dear…”
her voice growing more confident and enough to match her compatriots. Her feet ponding against the dock below her to provide the beat she remembered had been played.

”Your mighty words astound us
But we've no need of mighty deeds
When we feel your arms around us!”

“But I wo-”

Though, as she went to continue with a song so merry, Kjellfrid could not help but flashback to the swords that had cut down the very ones who had sung with her. It almost brought back the same feelings that ran through her mind after she had awoken to the company of the damned nobles that had ordered the attack, the fear and grief that followed her had infected one of the best songs that no other ears had ever heard.

She let out a saddened sigh as she could already imagine Lady Lucilia or Lord Lion chastising her for not finding the location she had to go to yet. With that fear firmly wrapped in her mind, she turned back to the crowd, now with her head down. She stepped to it once more as she made her way back to the buildings she had originally sought to do.

Her eyes scanned the buildings as she squeezed her way through the stagnant crowd, trying her best to remain away from the gathering to little avail. Kjellfrid, stopped for a moment and eventually sighted a building with vines flowing and what she would assume to be barrels of some drink outside. She made her way to that with a hope that it was the proper location, though, low and behold it did seem to be the correct place. Though, once more did she turn to view the surrounding area, seeing a guard threatening a man with a sword, to which she nearly backed into one of the barrels clutching at her cloak and tugging it downwards. Her breathing grew heavier and heavier as her nerves began to get the better of her.

Was this city too under the influence of a family like the Wolframs? She forced herself to look away and ducked into the tavern as quickly as she could, forcing her way between people at that point into an almost equally dense interior.

Kjellfrid nervously looked around, her nerves still tormenting her mind with the breathing of someone with anxiety. Her form shifted between people before she sat herself at a table she had thought was empty, only to look up to see the form of a tiefling. He looked fierce, intimidating, enough for her to keep her eyes to the ground, her claws digging into the table, though she refused to move for her newfound seat as it seemed to be the only one available.

There is a chance that they would have spoken, though Kjellfrid isn’t the one to seek people out. Odds are he probably would have heard her singing to herself, but she wouldn’t be anymore outgoing.
I am very excited for this, can’t wait to see what kind of characters everyone else makes!

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