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Eyyyyy. I’m gonna express my interest in this cyber punk Shadowrun place, seems very cool!
The Battle of the Rok

Usriel and Prometheus

Prometheus oversaw the movement of soldiers into the broken Ork fortress, a colossal effort given the scale of movement. Tens of Thousands of Astartes warriors and millions of Imperial Army soldiers, their tanks, artillery and transports made the movement slow. It would take at least a day, probably two before the lines had been restructured with the fortress of as a hard point. The Steel Sentinels begin fortifying while spare Imperial army regiments dig trench lines into the blasted ground beyond the new fortress.

This went on for several hours before a vox from the fleet came down. Prometheus was called for by his master of fleet Lord Admiral Surov. The transmission was broken up traveling through the debris and smoke of war. “My Prim-, A --- Ork flee- has --- the moon. We --- best them b- you --- witho-t naval sup-t ---. Our --- a disadvantage. There is --- asteroid --- center of th- formation, ausp --- tator predictions have it imp- n- your current posit--”

Prometheus frowned at the vox, annoyed at the interference. He could piece the situation together but if the interference grew more serious it might leave him in the dark. The asteroid though concerned Prometheus, it could be dangerous. If it fell with enough speed it could leave his army as nothing but bloody vapor at the bottom of a crater. However, he suspected a more cunning threat. The orks could be using it as a lander, their savage cunning and… recklessness makes it a possibility.

After a short moment, Usriel came to his brother, the powerfist that had been put onto him having been unequipped after the battle. A tech-priest followed closely, speaking to the Primarch even though it did not seem that Usriel was listening to the robotic speech patterns. “Prometheus, I have received a vox, however, it is heavily broken up. I feel as if the Orks may be attempting something, especially if they might be moving with some asteroid,” he stated, the tech-priest silencing himself with a light huff after being disregarded.

Prometheus nodded, “Yes. I suspect you are right. I… believe they are doing something creative shall we say” He says while hiding the source of his concern, his psychic powers manifesting in their subtle way. “It's a landing craft… They are going to land a horde, a whole tide of the greenskins.”

Usriel remained silent for moment, thinking to himself before turning and looking at the tech-priest, “What are the possibilities of that happening?”

Silence overtook Tech-Priest Foton before reporting the odds to the Primarchs, “It is not well documented on these class of ‘ships’. If it were to be used as a landing platform then it would likely cause immense destruction to itself and be otherwise useless and inefficient as such. However, an asteroid used for planetary extermination would be more potent.” The glowing eyes of the priest looked from Usriel then to Prometheus.

“Then the odds of a bombardment are more likely. However, these xenos have been known to… defy logic,” Usriel said as he looked back to his brother.
Prometheus regarded the tech priest for a moment, “That is a reasonable conclusion” acknowledging his opinion. “However, if it was to be used as an exterminatus weapon they could not have caught our fleet by surprise. It would take time to accelerate to that velocity and if I recall the moon’s orbit correctly it would provide a poor vector for such an attack.” he says to the tech priest though more as an explanation for Usriel. “We will need to turn our front and prepare for an assault. Unlikely as it might seem..” he says to Usriel this time “We will not have long to prepare once it strikes the surface.”

“If you insist. I will have some fortifications erected alongside the front where the projected landing site is, assuming that there are any xenos. However, I will be taking command of the defenses,” Usriel stated, turning away from his brother, to look at some of his neophytes carrying equipment nearby.

“I am unsure where it will impact exactly, though we may have some warning before it does. It may be prudent to have a force prepared for rapid deployment. I will organize the Legion and Auxilia to screen while the front is solidified.” says Prometheus as he departs, starting to speak into his vox and shouting orders to officers as he passes them.

Usriel stalked into the fortress to direct his legion to prioritize defensive emplacements. While the Imperial Auxilia would be digging trenches, his soldiers would be setting up ad hoc bunkers and other hardpoints, along with the Furorems that the two companies had at their disposal. No matter how much time they had, they would make the ramshackled Ork Fortress into something that could shrug off whatever assault the greenskins would dare to throw at them.

The Imperial forces prepared themselves, but they had very little time to prepare. Before an hour had passed the infernal glow of reentry began to grow on the horizon. Not long after the Rok impacted several kilometers outside the recent battle site. The very planet seemed to shake, dust and rock erupted into the sky in a foreboding mushroom cloud. Prometheus surrounded by a reaction force voxed the exact coordinates to his own officers and Usriel. The 3rd company Knights of Awe and their attached forces launched forth to make a fighting retreat buying time for the rest of the imperial forces to organize.

The tanks and super heavies roll making a hellish fusilade of fire and death. Cleaving down thousands of orks each moment. However the orks moved as a tide absorbing the losses with ease. Slowly the ponderous gears of the Imperial army engaged, shifting their position and aligning thousands of basilisk and bombard artillery to the advancing horde. Whirlwind tanks locked in the coordinates. Prometheus voxed his officers “The Xenos are upon us! Let the ground tremble with our fury” as he finished the horizon blossomed in fire as the many guns of the imperial army created a wall of fire and shrapnel.

Prometheus voxed Usriel next “Brother, the xenos will be on you in the hour. You are The line in the sand, I will join you when the Imperial Army has finished retasking.”

“Understood. The final preparations are being set in place. Let the die upon unbreakable walls, Prometheus,” Usriel responded through the vox, as he looked over the defenses once more. Neophytes sat upon the walls with their plasma rifles trained at the horizon, with a few teams manning furorems, their full-astartes teachers watching over them and inspecting how they treated the delicate machinery. He looked back into the few spires and could see the glint of scopes, the Flares, which sat ready to pick out the savage leaders or disable whatever vehicles they might happen to have.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Auxilia sat in the trenches below in their freshly dug trenches with some of their ad hoc bunkers being fashioned out of Aegis defensive lines supplied by the Steel Sentinels, some of the company even manned these bunkers alongside the bunkers but he could still here some of the Astartes bickering about sharing them. Las cannons sat at the ready, along with the many guns of the standard soldiers. He knew that holding this fortress was going to be a long and tedious affair against the amount of Orks that may be coming their way, knowing that an asteroid’s worth of Orks was going to be a force of nature that they could only delay until reinforcements could arrive.

The Knights Astartes collected imperial forces making a steady stream of reinforcements into the Steel Sentinel defensive line. Thousands of Imperial Auxilia storm troopers fall into the trench lines interspersed with the bright white and bronze of the Knights. As the Ork encroach on the line the heavy armor slowing the advance pull away allowing the defensive line to halt the charge. The green tide charges forwarward with an enormous “WAAAGH!!!”

Usriel watched for a few moments, watching the green wave advance but not ordering for weapons to open fire, not yet. He watched as the Orks dragged out a team of tank crew members and butcher its operators and still did he not order anyone to fire. After one more moment, he gave the order, “All units, open fire! Hold until the Eagle’s death!” A synchronized wave of red lasgun fire and blue plasma fire impacted the orkish line, cutting through them like a scythe to wheat. Artillery shells rained into the green mass and fountains of the xenos blood rained upon their own savage forces, but even still did they not relent. For just as quickly as the Orks died to the volley of fire, the next one would make it close and closer.

“Furorems, fire at will,” Usriel ordered, beams of light coming from the walls of the orkish fortress and, quite literally, making the orks disappear into as or mere being cut through with little resistance. He watched from the walls as the Orks numbers dwindled and dwindled only to continue to see nothing but green behind them. Then, the Orks began to open fire on the fortifications.

A wall of bullets collided with the walls, some hitting the dirt in front of the trenches, and some still finding their marks and killing the less fortunate. That was not the worst the onslaught had to offer, however, as Orks lept from the ever closer horde with their ramshackled jump packs. These Sormboyz landed in the trenches, some even daring to land on the walls, and hacking at the closest thing to them, only to be struck down by the chains of the Knights of Awe in order to protect their human comrades or being subdued by a dutiful teacher of a Steel Sentinel Astartes. However, disruption seemed to be their plan as the quick lull in gun fire was enough to allow the Orks to get close enough to where aiming merely did not need to occur.

“Front trench, begin to evacuate. Artillery shift to cover them on section 51A-Z,” Usriel ordered, some of the artillery silencing their weapons for a short moment before reigning down in front of the trenchline, Orks charging into a hail of shrapnel and gunfire. Flames from the Knights of Awe sank into the Orks, killing some outright though others still threw themselves into the trenches.

This process repeated and repeated, with each force that manned the trenches and ad hoc bunkers pulled into the Orkish fortress that now served as their only line of defense against the horde that began to encompass them. “Das right ‘ummies! Run! Away from our dakka!” Usriel heard, his helmet shifting until he found an Ork standing atop one of the bunkers. The ork was adorned with armor and had strange weapons that seemed to defy their logic, however, a single round from a Flare tore the being in half.

“Prometheus, order your men to prepare for a counterattack. I believe one of their leaders has been killed,” Usriel stated into his vox as he watched the Orks begin closing on the trenchline closest to the fortress.

“Aye, by the Emperor we shall break them.” Prometheus replied, he turned to the generals and Astartes captains. “Now warriors, For the Emperor and the Imperium, CHARGE!” The weight of the Imperial Army and Astartes legion rolled forward with Prometheus at the head of his Terminator elites. Flamers and bolters roared their fury sweeping the Ork horde back off the fortress walls.

The true might of the Imperium followed after the trench lines had been swept clean, Wolfram, Baneblade, and Fellblade tanks carved their way through the Xenos leaving not but broken bodies and blood beneath their treads. The infantry fell in with the tanks keeping the armor clear of orks climbing into them.

The battle devolved into a grinding battle as the Imperial forces slowly fought their way towards the cratered asteroid. It was not long before the bolt shells and energy cells ran short and the battle became a bloody melee with bayonet and chain-sword. The artillery however kept pace, shelling the ork hordes into submission and thinning the strength reaching the Knights of Awe.

Then came the forces of the Steel Sentinels, Usriel at its head with his honor guard preparing groups of soldiers with their rifles pointed towards the melee. “Prometheus, disengage, the Sentinels shall finish the Orks on this day,” the Primarch stated, as the firing lines readied themselves.

The order from Usriel was broadcast across the Knights of awe forces. The Imperial army forces fell back along with the armor. The Knights of Awe hold line as the other forces withdraw. Prometheus however growls into his helmet vox as he butchers the xenos “Knights, Fall back!” switching channels broadcasting to Usriel and Strategos Gaalus. “The Phalanx and I will not. You will not shoulder this assault alone” He says with a modicum of diplomacy. Realistically, he could not bring himself to retreat, Gaalus and his honor guard would be dishonored not following his Primarch into the fires of war.

“Very well,” Usriel said with a bit of disdain in his voice before a line of plasma buried itself into the Ork lines, the plasma fire being calculated to its massive effects as the Orks fell. Once the herd was thinned, Macro Plasma Incinerators spewed their holy deliverance upon the greenskins as the Terminators as the Steel Sentinels moved past the Knights of Awe, Usriel following suit. “It was ill-advised to have stayed, Prometheus. My soldiers did not have a clear shot to the Orks in front of you,” Usriel stated with a cold disappointment.

Prometheus scoffs into the vox, “Brother, these greenskins will fall! They can not stand against us!” It was dismissive, but the orks were breaking themselves against the Knights Terminator elite. It slowed the advance, but Prometheus didn’t care. Retreating from the battle was tantamount to surrender or defeat and such things would be unbefitting a Primarch.

The assault ground on, bright with flashes of plasma and las-fire rather than flame and bolter. Orks fell in the droves and the Astartes grew ever closer to the Rok still disgorging foul Xenos. Prometheus barks orders periodically advancing artillery to keep the worst of the tide crashing on the Astartes. Armor slowly rejoined the assault after reloading and refueling, driving the orks back yet further.

Before long the Orks had been driven back around the rok and were ringed in. The rok was slowly pounded into a new crater and sterilized. It took hours before the horde was driven into and sealed within the rok, and several more until the asteroid was reduced to molten slag by the stellar fury of plasma. The whole battle Impact to the final stream of plasma took nearly a day of hard fighting. Hundreds of Astartes and thousands of mortals lay dead in the field. Many fell holding the line and of these thousands dead, a Knight who fell holding a bunker of the line was interred into a Dreadnaught.

Usriel looked over the battlefield, walking amongst the corpse ridden field outside of the fortress, each of his steps crushing an orkoid that had died hours earlier. He could see their green bodies being hauled into piles for future incineration, but the issue was seeing the bodies of Astartes, Knights and Sentinels alike, seeing some of his Neophytes being carted away. It was a sight he was all too used to, a sight that he knew would continue to plague him so long as he served the Imperium. It was a necessary reality, unavoidable so long as the xenos continued to threaten the likes of humanity. At least on this planet, the Primarch knew that they were able to contain the threat of Orks and now it was only a matter of time until the crusade in Ullanor finished.
Hello! I have the big interest for something like this because god do I love 40k. I had thoughts on some Imperial Guardsmen if y'all'd have me!
I’ll have my character up and ready tomorrow or Friday
Ah yes. The lands of Ravenloft call to me once more! Would you mind if I joined in?
Tsot Kskoss

The blackened hull of the Usk streaked through the atmosphere of Tatooine, quickly moving to its designated landing spot in the hustle and bustle of Mos Eisley. The spaceport remained as active as ever, not that it had remotely seen the Empire’s touch outside the Battle of Tatooine. However, the history of Imperial rule over Mos Eisley nor the battle that raged around it were of much interest to the bounty hunter, Tsot. Her ship landed in one of the many docking bays, the ramp of the old XS-freighter lowering allowing the sole pilot of the vessel to walk out. The trandoshan pushed a poor soul that had been frozen in carbonite, her blaster rifle on her back and her sword on her hip ready for any surprises that the city may have in store.

Another trandoshan came out from the shade of the docking bay, a cruel smile on his face as he saw the score that the hunter had brought in. ”I see grabbing the debt runner went smoothly, Tsot,” Droc stated as he approached his cousin.

”He was a worthless challenge. The Scorekeeper would have not approved of me wasting my skills on such a… petty criminal,” Tsot responded, pushing the frozen man along before stopping next to her cousin. She gave him a wordless order and Droc responded with a nod before calling out to his droids to begin refueling the Usk for its next journey. The hunter then moved along to cash in her bounty. She snarled to herself seeing as how the lowly debt runner had pleaded with her to not kill him. He hadn’t hid, he didn’t hire guards, nor did he put up a fight. People such as this was why Tsot went to Otoc’fiho for her bounties and not some bureaucrat or simple corporate man.

However, the credits that the debt runner would give her more than enough to pay for fuel costs and to pay Otoc more in order to get adequate bounties. In fact, the twi'lek was exactly who Tsot went to look for after dropping off the disgrace of a bounty. The trandoshan stalked into the cantina, people chattered loudly and paid no heed to the hunter as she was just another normal person there on business, just as many of them were. Tsot quickly found herself seated in front of the green-skinned twi'lek, a sly grin forming across Otoc’fiho’s face as she saw the trandoshan seat herself.

”If it isn’t my favorite hunter! It has sure been a while hasn’t it, Tsot” the twi’lek said in a mocking tone as she held out a hand, ready to receive her payment. However, Tsot merely gazed at her, narrowing her eyes.

”Must you always extort me for contracts?” Tsot asked with a hostile snort following, fiddling around her pocket for the payment that Otoc’fiho wanted. Her gaze never faltered as the twi’lek waited with the most cocky smile sat firmly across her face as credits were slid into her green hands. However, her smile disappeared when she looked at home much had actually been given her, and instead she gave the trandoshan a confused look.

”This is less than the last time you had paid me!” Otoc’fiho complained, earning a sly smile from Tsot as she arrogantly looked down upon the twi’lek. The trandoshan didn’t need to speak before Otoc’fiho let out a sigh of disappointment before reaching down and placing a few bounty pucks onto the table. ”You are lucky I like you Tsot. And that I am utterly scared of pissing you off on the wrong day,” she said in an honest voice, leaning back in her seat as the hunter inspected the quarries.

Tsot’s eyes stopped on one that had no face and merely the simple name of “Singe'', her clawed fingers wrapped around the puck before looking at Otoc’fiho.

”Ah. I see you picked out the one with possibly the least amount of information I have seen in a long time,” the twi’lek looked around to make sure that there were not any unwanted listeners before continuing in a more hushed tone, “That is an imperial contract, old, and submitted to me under the table of course. From what I’ve heard, this ‘Singe’ is a slicer, a Sephi woman, and she is a hard one to track down. If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t really give this one out, but knowing you, you’d enjoy the challenge.”

The sly smile that had been on Tsot’s face became one that practically drooled over the challenge, knowing that a slicer was likely to be hard to chase down and that they may just make a fine addition to her Jagannath Points. Tsot put the puck into her pocket before looking back at Otoc’fiho with her cruel smile plastered all over her face, asking in a guttural voice, ”How much more do you know of this slicer?”

The twi’lek put a finger under her chin for a moment, thinking for a brief moment before speaking, ”Well, for starters, from the records the imperials had of this woman, there seemed to be a correlation between her and one Kiara Tosk, a mercenary hired by Singe on many different operation. Kiara has her own posse though, so I would say to be careful on this lead.”

Tsot only smiled more as she stood from her seat, nodding to Otoc’fiho before turning away from the twi’lek to begin making her way back through the cantina. The trandoshan had her mark and her lead, now all that was left was to track down the loose end so that she could force her quarry out of hiding. When she neared the door of the cantina, she heard the voice of Otoc’fiho call out to her, ”Good hunting, trandoshan!”

Back at the hangar which housed the Usk, Tsot found herself walking up to her cousin and her smile brought a cruel smile to him as well. “I assume you have a target?” Droc asked with a light chuckle, earning a simple nod from the hunter as she stepped towards her ship. Droc followed closely behind, “I refueled the Usk and made sure that everything on it is good. Though, you will need to find more replacement parts for the ramp, and it might start falling apart soon.”

”That doesn’t matter me, Droc,” Tsot stated, turning to her cousin and crossing her arms as she looked him up and down. ”You’re coming with me Droc, going to be chasing down a mercenary band that has our lead,” she ordered, which got a semi-surprised look out of the other trandoshan but before he could say anything else, she was already walking aboard her ship. Droc scrambled to gather his weapons and order his droids to guard the hangar as the engine of the Usk roared to life.

Tsot could hear her relative scramble onboard, the ship beginning it’s ascent into the sky of Tatooine as the ramp raised itself. She heard Droc stomp into the cockpit, muttering to himself only to stop out of fear when Tsot gave him a simple look. He dared not say anything directly to her, knowing that he would be on the chopping block if he did. Eventually, her eyes went back to the view outside of the window as the Usk broke the atmosphere of Tatooine and welcomed itself into the empty vacuum of space. Only then did Tsot speak, her voice commanding and focused, ”Begin scanning the HoloNet for any signs of a Kiara Tosk. She is a mercenary and my lead.” She heard Droc silently begin to go to work, searching the HoloNet for any signs of the mercenary, unquestioning his cousin’s orders.

”May the Scorekeeper reward me with many points on this hunt.” Tsot said to herself, followed by the guttural laugh that only a trandoshan could muster.

The hunt had begun.
Consider me highly interested!
President Diego Saavedra

The economy of Melizea, always based off the oil that it could produce and the people that it could attract to its beaches, would once more live up to what was expected of its exports. Despite the generous offer from the Arkanian Federation, President Saavedra had believed that the exports to the world market would benefit Melizean interests far more than cheaper construction materials that could be produced from home. As such, President Saavedra would make efforts to move oil from the countryside in order to be properly exported before the prices dropped too much as a result of the COVID 19 scare that seemed to be gripping the east. However, the president did release a statement regarding the subject of Melizean-Arkanian relations.

"It is not my intention to ignore the generous deal of our neighbor, however, I must put forth the interests of the nation as a whole before looking to make deals with individual countries. As such, I do hope that this does not put a damper on our relations with the Arkanian Federation."

Later, came the topic of Balruban Smuggler Crisis, which saw much attention from the issue being placed onto President Saavedra, who had very quickly stated that, "these smuggles will be brought to swift justice by the Minister of Defense, Isabella Cortez. It is under her supervision that we will end this crisis before it gets out of hand." However, he refuse to answer questions on how these events would play into the Melizean-Balruban relations in the near future of dealing with future issues such as this. While President Saavedra offered a brief insight as to how the issue will end, little else can be gathered other than pure speculation as to what is to be done regarding the smuggling crisis. Though, it is noted that President Saavedra is taking a more active stance against these smugglers than his predecessors had, marking a sound change in the countries leadership.

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