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Woooooo! Time to start actually workin on the CS instead of procrastinating :,)
I think I’m gonna be a boring old human fighter, because it’s boring and old and I want to see what I can do with it to make it fun.
I’m gonna throw my interest into this fun mixing bag. It definitely seems like something that would be extremely fun :P
Clan Metalbeard

G) Prospect the land

It was a tough decision to go off mission to some spirit forsaken land, but Ava was rarely wrong when it came to her “feelings”. It was a strange request but it could be something far more worthwhile than some simple head, especially if the spirits were calling for them. “We march for the mountain, if there is anything there then we can’t ignore it,” Grogrim stated, he was the leader and the others would have to go along with him.

Back home, the people continued about their lives, unknowing that something far bigger may be happening. Moreover they were prospering more and more as they continued to grow once more. In fact, they had reached a point where it was time to reopen the mine officially and bring metal back into circulation for good, rather than melt down ancient equipment for repurposed use. Dwarves took up the picks and went to work, prospecting the land for new material that would be needed to smelt new weapons and armor.

It was time to begin pleasing the spirits trapped in the mountain, to melt them down and transfer them into fine new forms that they might appreciate more. These forms will bring upon blessings to further the Metalbeards as a whole clan for their reverence and loyalty to the ways of the metal spirits.

“It is time for our reverence to begin once more! The metal must be appeased and so they shall! If we are to succeed then we will construct and a great cathedral and it will be a wonder of the world!”

The voice of the king rang, words clearly influenced by the great priest that constantly acted as advisor to him. Marum smiled greatly, knowing that the spirits would be pleased with this statement and now doubt would bless both Blackhand and the Council. Though Marum couldn’t help but stroke his beard and wonder how the would-be soldiers were doing.

The spirits plan must not fail, lest disaster be upon the entire clan once more.

HOWEVER! Like Tricks said, if you're still interested in this when spots are opened up, we're going to keep a reserve roster and you guys will have first dibs on said spots!

It seems my life for good RPs lately have been to watch them on a waitlist. Frederick can wait... maybe not until the heat death of the universe, maybe until the Sun explodes but not much farther.


It was simply the best thing.
I feel like this is relevant

Thank you guys for that awesome critique, I hope this meets the problems that y’all brought up!

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