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Oguurec Dekaan

The news of some being watching them from the woods certainly spooked the already paranoid leader, as now she would have to content with outsiders as well as though who would want her position as mage-queen. Uxu took a night to think of a response to the situation that would plague her, knowing that she could not simply ignore something like this as it could be a prelude to an attack that could force another migration. The blue-skin sighed before she summoned all fifteen of her Kooch Hor Mages, and seated firmly within her confines of her tent-home. Her eyes went over each of them, making sure that none of them seemed to be plotting her destruction at this moment. Uxu seemed content that none of them seemed to want to blow her sky high and over the mountains.

“My mages, we have a problem, a git problem,” Uxu stated, giving a brief pause as the mages looked between each other nervously, almost as if they had a hidden plot that had been discovered, “Joz found that he had been watched by some git who had been watching him and another while dueling, I think, and he made the mistake of casting an explosion as a warning shot.” Uxu sighed as the mages cackled among one another, everyone loved to here of the absurdity of using an explosion as a warning simply because, who actually thinks to do that? Ambercast even let out a light laugh at the situation before she grew serious once more.

“I will be leading an investigation to make try and find the git that has jeopardized the tribe’s safety,” she said, standing from her chair, staff in hand as she walked up to the mages who stoically stood. “Any questions?”

“Ugh, ye, waz diz git look like?” One of them asked.

Uxu stopped for a moment to think, her words coming out with uncertainty as her memory over what exactly Joz had reported eluded her, “I think Joz said that the git was tall an’ lanky. But it had a bow, so if you see something very tall with a bow, that’s probably it.” She stepped towards the flap of the tent before hitting her staff against the ground. “Now, we got to do this quick an’ easy so that none of the others think that we’re gone. We will leave immediately, and Feg, led Joz know that he is in charge until we finish our exploration, and since I want him busy, see if he can get some shepherds for those goat. I don’t want them cooped up in their pin all the time.

It was early in the morning that Joz had been trying to gather up those who did not use explosion to move goats around all the time out of the sheer fun of it, of course this put off his morning sermon, but he had to obey Uxu. Though talks of shepherding and taming the goats quickly devolved into little more of blowing them sky high, which was responded in kind with a blast that didn’t actually cause any damage, but just made everyone cough from some conjured soot.
“Listen you gits! We gots to make sure dem goats are happy an’ fat! If we can get them t’ listen t’ us then we can let them out of their pens during the days so they can at more grass and get bigger! An’ heere is my plan”

Three hours had passed since Joz relayed his plan to the shepherds, what ended up happening was a bunch of goblins running and jumping onto the lead male’s back only to be bucked off or wacked in the face with horns, sending them flying off. It was pretty funny to watch actually, as they just kept going, much like a human would try and break a stead only to fail horribly and receive a kick to the face. In fact, the goblins were placing bets of food and laughing all about it, though it was only up to time if the goats would ever be domesticated or not.

Heinrich Von Wolfram

Upon entering the study Heinrich was treated with the stench of decay. Unlike most of the home which was clearly kept quite tidy the study had been a mess. There was dried blood, very clearly quite old, and one of the right-hand windows was busted out. Bookshelves line the walls, and one particular section appears to have been explored haphazardly as most of the books laid scattered around their shelves. There was an unlit fireplace in the middle of the two bookcases lining the back wall. There is also a chair seated in the middle of the study area. A few pieces of lounge furniture rest along the wall facing out towards the landing.

Heinrich, working through his feeling of claustrophobia and general stuffiness, moved towards the section that had been searched through rather messily. His crimson eyes darting between the books before he eventually found himself stacking them side by side, almost fixing them while reading over the covers to see if any title interested him. In honesty, he went to that specific bookcase purely because it looked more interesting than the rest, such an arbitrary reason for such an astute lad. Heinrich let out a sigh as he stepped back from the the book case for a moment, unconvinced that any of these books would get him closer to what he desired. Instead, he took a random lump of books from the shelf that he had so maticulasy put together to begin sorting through.

If there was any chance that this place held a magical connection, then perhaps that meant the Red-Eyed witch had visited this place or left a clue. While Heinrich’s reasoning to this hunch was unknown, he just felt that there might be something, some tug at his consciousness told him to at least search through the books. He took the books back to the chair, ignoring the blood he saw around. Upon turning towards the chair he was greeted by the sight of a skeleton strewn lazily on the cushion. The wrists of the skeleton left impressions in the arms of the chair, and dark red stains ran down from the wrists to the arms of the chair before trailing down into a dried stain on the floor of the study.

Gazing upon the Skeleton for a few mere moments, Heinrich simply sighed and walked towards the chair, stating in a more neutral tone, “Slit wrists are not exactly a grand way to die. Though, at least it probably freed you from the hell within this fog.” The lad set the books on the floor next to the chair before he unsheathed his rapier to prod and push the skeleton off the chair. The bones fell to the ground, as did a crumpled up piece of parchment, scattering across the floor as Heinrich replaces the skeleton’s spot. At least the scattering of the bones had broke the eerie silence. Though, Heinrich did raise an eyebrow at the parchment, he reached over and picked it up.

The newly-made magician unraveled the paper and began to read.

I thought myself mad when I heard those damned cries from downstairs. I thought, somehow,maybe there was still someone down there.... I never imagined the creature I saw lurking in that wine cellar. It nearly ripped me apart. Could it have been Agnis? I’m not sure what is real anymore. I find myself losing a grip on my sanity. Horrors of things done by my hand haunt my nightmares. Connor hasn’t said a word to me in days. I wanted to leave this forsaken place, but a force compels me here. I cannot leave here, and I know that beast hunts me.

I, Edward Frey, will not let it have the satisfaction of killing me. Neither will I have it run me from my home. Edna, Enora, Amelie, Edmund, and were right. Forgive me. I love you all so dearly.

“The wine-cellar?,” Heinrich asked to himself, he stroked his chin for a moment wondering about what to do about this creature that was supposed in the wine cellar. There was the possibility that it would still be there, but at the same time, it might have strayed to death given the state of the bones of the skeleton that he had so rudely disturbed. Furthermore, it seemed that there may have indeed been some magical essence that had been bestowed upon this house, which would indeed explain his sudden stuffiness and claustrophobic feeling. He contemplated for a moment once more before turning to leave the room which he had wanted to use for his own purposes.

Mirror is looking around the camp to see if there are any weapons on or near these people, I believe its mentioned towards the end of the second paragraph. Then she also relays the message of the Chamberlain.

perception time?
Mirrors of Bright Water

To be truly honest, Mirror had been dreading having to go to this caravan due to the fact that they were essentially forcing people to leave and she did not know what they had been through or if they were escaping some kind of persecution. However, they were causing trouble and it would be best if the group did their assignment in as easy of a manner as possible, mostly to avoid violence and their own potential deaths as a mob of peasants, even a smaller one, could easily over take them if they said the wrong thing at the wrong time. The tabaxi awaited the rest of her party outside the general store, thinking of how best to go about the situation, formulating a strategy as it was never fun to go into these kinds of thing without any plan in mind. With a sigh, she continued her walk as the group finished up with their purchases and the likes, wanting nothing more than to get this dreaded task over with. Her mind raced with worry as she though of many different possibilities that may occur, especially the more violent ones that she rather would avoid.

Mirror looked up as they approached the caravan, the sound of the music easily soothing her nerves, to find not a bunch of people escaping poverty or tyranny, but instead a group of merry. For a moment, she gave a look of utter disappointment. Though her disappointment was overshadowed by the curiosity of the eyes of the trio, all of them the same, though it would be sensible to assume that they were a family unit. The tabaxi then began looking around the camp for weapons, scanning over everything that was in front of them, making sure to take incredible care to not any nearby weapons that the trio could pull at a moment's notice. Luckily, she could see through the shadows of darkness that some of her other companions could not, just some of the benefits of being Tabaxi. It took her a moment before she took a step forward to rest her gaze upon the accented male in front of her.

"Greetings," she began, "I am Mirrors of Bright Water. I'm sorry to inform you that the Chamberlain has asked that you move your camp, there has been trouble with guards earlier today and so he asks that you leave tonight." Her tone was soft, keeping her wits about her to make sure that no one started acting aggressive, as peace may be their best option if this group truly can curse people with magic.

Mirrors of Bright Water

“Do not worry so much, elf. You must have some hope for a peaceful resolve, lest you be damned to a life of violence,” the Tabaxi said, perhaps in too cheerful of a tone before her eyes looked at the drunk monk. While she too wanted to get the matter done in as quick a fashion as the rest of them, they could not just run in there nearly blind. Yet, she doubted that the Chamberlain would have much more information on these people, especially since he has barely left the confines of these walls.

“I believe a solution can be found, so long as we do not behave rashly or...,” her eyes rolled in response to Tae’s drunk nature, “so long as we control ourselves.” Mirror them smiled at the Chamberlain, “Don’t worry, this issue will be solved quickly and deliberately.” Her eyes went to Jameson before judging him gently as if to get him to hurry up with what he wanted to do so that the group may continue on their merry way. Besides, Mirror wanted more booze since she did not nearly drink as much as she wanted to, otherwise known as the “Tae Amount”.

I've mostly finished mine, though pending on a few things. Meet your Noble from Astorias! As for a discord, I think it's a neat idea, though I am indifferent about it.

Oh I can certainly tell you that it’s certainly going to be a Von Wolfram >:D

Count me in!
Mirrors of Bright Water

Mirror took a moment to listen to everyone, happy to hear that others would be joining on a job that they did not quite sign up for, though her happiness was overshadowed by her own curiosity. Her tail flicked back and forth for a few moments as she pondered in whether she should join in this venture or not as she was not exactly thrilled with the idea of shifting a bunch of people away from shelter, even if a few were causing trouble. However, Jameson was planning to, and she had an obligation to study the man wherever he went especially since she supplied him with things to ease his pain. Thus leaving him would not be a great thing to have on her mind, especially if he were to be in constant pain due to her own actions. Mirror rolled her closed eyes before she decided to finally speak up.

“I suppose I can go along if Jameson is,” the Tabaxi started, crossing her legs and leaning back in her chair as she looked over at her subject. Her eyes soon shifted to the Chamberlain once more before she spoke once more in a softer tone, “So long as you can assure that those who are innocent are not persecuted once we are done with our task, otherwise we will have problems.” Her eyes blinked as she said this, she did not truly care for the lives of those people, but it would be morally wrong if she did not guarantee their safety.

“The actions of the few oft affect the many.”
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