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It seems that the cover had been blown, the magnificent mystic meticulously began to plan her move, taking no time in waiting for her allies to dictate her moves for her. She would be the star of this show, even if it greatly wounded her, though death was a very strong deterrent. Regardless, as she swam towards the others, she couldn’t quite make it time before her mind culminated yet another brilliant plan. Askia stopped just behind the group, cracking her neck.

”Benjamin! Get out here you lazy fuck!,” the mystic roared as far ahead of the group, water stirred to form an elemental. The elemental, gave an intimidating pose before a telepathic voice told it, ”Wrong way, Benjamin.” It made an indication of confusion before turning to face the three dogs. It looked back and forth between its Kobold master and the dogs before making a gesture that would indicate ‘Seriously?!,’ before it huffed and turned back to the three dogs, simply awaiting to be torn apart.

”That’s the spirit Benjamin!,” Askia applauded with a few claps of her hands.

It seemed that her new found group of friends was not so eager for an old lady to properly get herself equipped, though in truth she was waiting to get a drink from the bartender which she didn’t get to have anyways for they were waiting for the morning resupply. Not only was she denied her booze, but she immediately lost where her compatriots went, luckily she didn’t have to keep acting happy. In fact, a face akin to that a grumpy old woman would grow on her face, it would have been a strange sight.

”Stupid, bloody pirates… no respect for the elderly… need to eat more greens,” the mystic mumbled, swimming after the direction her friends had gone. Following their tracks were the easy part, they were a noisy bunch after all, what was preventing her from immediately being with them again were the town guard who thought it would be real great to pull her aside and racially profile her, accusing her of stealing. It was not until her inner old lady, who began to swing around some random stick and yell very loudly, did they release her.

The hunt was on yet again, and it was over, yet again. She could see the party dead ahead, and some stupid wolf thing, and a black cloud thing. Askia shrugged and put on her plastered smile once before swimming after her party members, that was before an idea came popping into her head as she stopped moving and sunk lazily to the ground, a devilish smile coming to the old hero’s face.

Dyn would hear a certain annoying voice in his mind, a kobold’s voice, ”Testing, testing. One, two, three. Boy it’s been awhile since I last spoke to someone through mind. Anyways, dear tentacle monster, I can see that you are dealing with some three-headed wolf thing, and I have an idea that may work or it may get everyone killed. How about, you get a surprise attack on the beast, I come in and make a heroic speech to dazzle it, then we both murder deathify it? Give me a tentacle in the air if you approve!”

She was sure that this wouldn’t get approved by the beholder, but it was an idea and it seemed like everyone was hiding from it. The mystic waited for a few moments before realizing that she wasn’t being blocked, not many people had the capabilities to do that so she had forgotten the feeling for a moment. ”Damnit Dyn! Don’t block me out you many-eyed monster!” Askia yelled out before making a squeak once she realized she had just yelled out at the group while a late wolf thing was there, slamming herself into the ground and doing her best not to float up.

Clan Metalbeard

The Rekindled Ironbeards

The tome, it said so much, giving knowledge to them that they would never had known and it told them of their ancestors. The great Ironbeards that they had defended from were the masters of metal, able to mold it with such a passion, just as the Clan did! It baffled Blackhand and Tankbeard when they had found out to have come from such an extensive line of smiths who made the finest of materials. Everything was so much to take in that the two hungry dwarves stared at each other for a few long mountains.

“We should bring the to the Elder Council,” Marum suggested, tearing his eyes away from the book.

“I’d rather shave me beard than give those old blokes more of a reason to dispose of me,” The king stated, looking around to see if there were any others around, there weren’t any others. “Gather the people, I have news to tell them.”

“As you wish m’lord,” the advisor stated with a bow, before turning and leaving Blackhand with the tome.

A mere hour later the populace had gathered in the courtyard of the old dwarven hold, as the King-Miner Blackhand stares down at the all. They conversed with one another after a few moments of silence from the King as the elders sat under him, awaiting for Blackhand to speak.

The King reached his hand out, a blackened hand that seemed to permanently bare soot from smithing work. The crowd went silent as the King began to speak with a booming voice, “My fellow dwarves, my clan mates, fellow Ironbeards! I have called ye all today because I have found an ancient tome, dating back to when the first clans were formed, one of those clans were our ancestors. It was the Ironbeards, shapers of metal, carers of those spirits that guide us through this dark time! We are masters of the smith and it is our duty to carry on the legacy of our forefathers, the same who have provided us with such a culture and the care of the metal spirits.”

“We must retake our birthright!,” The king slammed his blackened hand into the stone railing, “It is our duty to carry on, dying is not an option, the spirits have chosen us to carry on this flame! We will endure! We will carry on our passion!”

The people erupted into applause at the King’s rousing speech while the council conferred with one another, discussing how the people now are in support of Blackhand. Reluctantly, after their small conference, they clapped as well.

It seemed the winds were changing for the dwarven kind.

Clan Metalbeard

The famine, the wretched famine had given them no quarter, no chance to come up with a solution to save the starving people that lay in the mines. Children, dead by the hundred, many more adults and the once opulent dwarven holding in the Glimmering Mountain lord in ruin. It was hard, the land was supposed to be a new start for them, a hope for their dying Clan, instead it was a new living hell as old habits in a new land plagued them, following them from their homeland. It seemed that life was eager to force a lesson upon their stout forms.

“Marum, tell me when will our food situation balance out?,” croaked the voice of the hungry miner-king, not having eaten in days.

“Soon m’lord. Ye’ should eat, we would understand that ye’ need t’ keep ya strength,” The dwarf, Marum stated, setting his metal staff against the wall as he brought a plate to the miner-king and set it on the arm of the stone throne, carved by the king himself. “We will soon be able to sustain ourselves, there is not many left to feed and even in this time of starvation, we might be able to save ourselves.”

“Aye, but, we’ve lost so much. I fear that we may be too weak to keep our claim on the Glimmering Mountain,” Blackhand sighed, as he took the plate and looked down upon it, some stale bread and cooked meat. A chuckle from Marum took his attention.

“M’lord, we have a life ‘ere, we won’t leave unless we absolutely need to,” the metal priest stated, as he retrieved his staff and walked over to the side of his king liege. “Regardless, what shall we do?”

“We pray, pray that the metal spirits show us mercy.”
@Lauder, here's the vid in case you wanna re-do the drawing I did, to make Tauga more menacing n stuff. I do recommend (help, how do you write reccomend???) drawing big (The Tauga sketch covered nearly the entire page for example). It makes it easier to do the details.

(You write it as recommend)

Pretty sure you meant, Keriss, as Tauaga is Termite's emotionless blob of a hain, but I did see and like the video. Hell, I even subscribed because I love watching other people draw.

Holy crap, that looks awesome!

And while Keriss does not use makeup, she looks a lot tamer than she actually is made out to be. You nailed her design! I rate 10/10!
Here we go!

Working on it fool!
K is just a really great guttural letter you can slap on anything to make it sound orky. Gork. Mork. Dakka. Mekboyz. Kommando. Kult of Speed!



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