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It seemed that whatever was ahead of her got ambushed, and getting closer she saw an skeletal being and a strange woman, along with a basilisk. Xirphi skidded to a halt, her three tongues manifesting as she stood a couple yards away from the three. She stood up and eyed them for a moment, noticing the skeleton was not moving away from the lady, though the basilisk seemed afraid, she began to circle around the right side of them, not sure at what to do in this situation. The Devourer could never tell if people were friend or foe these days, and unfortunately for her, most people were foe.

”Well, ain’t this fun?,” were her only words as she remained focused on the group, though her eyes were more on the woman than anything else. While she could attack and attempt to slaughter them both, there was some kind of aura emanating from the woman and it left a bad taste in her mouth. However, running meant her back would be turned to a potential enemy which was something that she couldn’t simply let happen. In the distance, further into the Oasis, she could hear the symphony of explosions, a sound that was not foreign to the Nexus by any means. Her sight moved to the edge of her eyes, wanting to see how close the explosions were, but it was only a glimpse as she forced herself to refocus on the two in front of her. Xirphi felt herself begin to build up acid in her stomach, keeping it at the ready in case she would need to expel some at the three if they proved to be a threat to her.

While Xirphi could have stayed there all day and feast on the scorpions that seemed to be attacking each other at this point, she had a job to do. The snack of the scorpions staved off the hunger pangs for the time being but she knew it would be a little time before she began to feel the true effects of hunger again. She turned and began running through the ravine, moving faster now that she had absorbed the power of several scorpion souls though the boost was exceptionally small given the power of those feeble scorpions meant nothing to other powers.

She could see figures ahead, along with many piles of salivating meat, upon closer inspection Xirphi could see that the forces of angels and man were fighting. That was a certainly strange sight for her, though considering the Nexus, nothing was all too strange that it was outside the realm of reality. The demon did not let them stop her, though she did not want to get in the middle of their battle as taking unnecessary damage would likely cause her to stay behind her pack, unless they were all dead and this was just a pointless exercise. Using the weak souls she had consumed would likely not be a great idea either, especially since she would need to use them later in a dire situation.

Her instinct to attack them was suppressed, through her aura was not as she still hungered for their souls. Xirphi, regardless, gave the angels and such a wide girth as too not draw their attention. The demon dropped to all fours as to get more speed, as well as to lower her profile, though it was awkward given it was not something she did often though it was what her legs were designed to do in the first place. However, it seemed she was not fast enough as she could only keep up with them in pace as she continued forward. At least she could see them.


Xirphi stepped through the portal, she was exceptionally late to the metaphorical party, but to be fair she had just arrived amongst the forces of Hell. While those who saw her would make it clear that she was a demon, given her appearance and the general presence of her body language. She could see battles between the forces of Hell, Man, and her best friends of the Angelic beings. The blistering sun caught her attention for a brief moment, causing her to look up and appreciate its warmth as she was accustomed to a rather cold environment and times of warmth could be rare. The arena might not be a complete waste of her time after all, plenty of souls, a nice heat, everything seemed peachy.

The demon took a step forward in the sand, feeling the pangs in her stomach rising once more as she craved for the souls of those who fought in the arena. Yet, she had a job that needed to be done, so she began to stroll through the battlefield, attempting a somewhat of a leisurely stroll as to hopefully not be noticed by the others who were fighting. Her mind, however, began to betray her as she see all those fighting as morsels, ripe for the taking. It was a torture for her as she attempted to push through the arena, but something seemed to get in her way somehow. Some force prevented her from leaving, the force of pure hunger for those souls around her. Xirphi felt her lower jaw snap in half and her three tongues began to show themselves as her thoughts began to focus on purely that.

It was a hard battle in her mind, but she needed to move forward otherwise she might stay in the blaster arena forever and attempt to devour everything in sight. Plus, she was in a more weakened state given that she was hungry and hasn’t eaten a soul in a while. Xirphi turned away from the battle and noticed people leaving the arena, going to a nearby ravine. Of course allowing prey to leave was just terrible, thus she followed to find that, yes, it was a ravine, but not just any ravine, a ravine with many a scorpions.

Her aura began to flare up, uncontrolled hunger began to show itself and she charged head first at the scorpion menace. Xirphi began to spit acid into one’s face before turning to another and allowing her tongues to go to work, stabbing the scorpion through its eyes before viciously ripping out its soul and bringing it back to the host demon. The soul wasn’t delicious, nor innately powerful, but it was a good snack. Yet, snacks were not enough as it only provoked her hunger more.

”I hunger!” Xirphi roared, the four foot demon pouncing from scorpion to scorpion, ripping out their souls and spitting acid everywhere. Her aura caused some to even begin attacking each other, acting out cannibalism as they felt a hunger never before felt. Such was life for the demon.


So is it safe to move Xirphi over into the CS tab?

Thank you all for the incredible advice on how to improve her! I added two more powers to her list, Acid Reflex and Aura of Hunger to offset her underpowered ways, and I changed what the Norse called her, instead a spawn of the World-Eater.
Triple-Threat Post


Double Post:

I just got done with my character’s history, took some time to come up with something that wasn’t complete trash for a demon of pure hunger.


We are. Welcome.


We are always accepting new people. The Machina and Hell factions are a little emptier than Heaven, but feel free to make a character for whatever.

Hey there. This looked fun, are y’all still accepting new people?
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