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I have to agree with Lucius
Falfer finds this situation funny!
It seemed as if this decrepit city was to be the safest place that they’d be able to reside in for the time being, a fact that did not sit well with Falfer’s posh bottom. The burrahob, began to make his way into the city, until he heard the sound of orders being barked, not at himself of course, but to the taller of the people of their group. It seemed as if they were being asked to pay a fee if he could hear them correctly over the throngs of people talking. Yet, it was none of his true concern as to what they would do, so long as they did not get themselves killed in some horrific turn of events. He was sure that they would be able to manage without his help, without any guidance from his own intelligence. A mere stop for this group would be nothing, even if such tolls were more than likely just a scam set up by the city watch.

However, Falfer felt such hope be diminished as Lorcan spoke of workforces and the city’s economy, forcing the Burrowfolk to put his fingers to the ridge of his nose as he let out an audible sigh. An act that forced itself upon him further when Emmaline took her turn to try and avoid the toll. After a brief moment of respite he looked back up at the group before letting another disgruntled sigh. He looked over the Migi and loosed a few words, “Why must everyone try to avoid the tolls? I get that this is likely just some weird shakedown by the guard but it’s so odd seeing it in person. I swear, this nonsense was nowhere near my mind in Pumpkinhollow. “

Falfer let out a light chuckle as he finally got to see it in person, often having to hear about the other side of it when he was still living the high life at home. He is often heard about people coming up with absurd reasons to avoid paying something but it was something to actually see it entirely. In fact, the humor was actually genuine in the mind of Falfer, for one time distracted from his aching feet and desire of going home as watched with intensity as to what the guard would respond with in regards to both of the people in front of him. It was a veritable ride of emotions, much like a well acted comedy that was playing out in front of him.

He didn’t turn to Migi this time to address her, a smile almost creeping across his lips as he spoke with a stifled chuckle, “I bet that the guard is going to either double down on his scam, what do you think?” He seemed utterly transfixed upon the interaction, the worries he previously complained about seeming behind him as his eyes scanned the guard for what he was going to do next, secretly hoping that he was going to double down. Falfer could almost taste the reactions of the group having to deal with further hassle that would have been avoided all too easily in his own eyes.
<Snipped quote by Lauder>

They obviously know better than to try to play a player!

Correct! Which is why this is a Falfer Patent Reverse Con! Where the Con-Artist knows better than to con a person but does so anyways in a bid to lower their confidence and catch them in a paradoxical thoughts!
It seems fairly obvious that these guys are doing that trick from Riften since only but a couple were stopped and not the whole group. They just want their silver.

I think the con-artist may know a con when sees one!
Oh lord Lorcan, please no make guards angry
Finally got around to a post.

Still need to do opinions Xd
The idea of a dragon and a demon fighting each other was something that seemed utterly preposterous to the halfling as his feet trudged along the ash-covered roads. They ached from the days of travel and he made sure that everyone knew, groaning and complaining with what seemed to be every few moments. However, this complaining of feet did eventually give way to him complaining about getting much upon his clothing and stopping to desperately slap the dirt off only to run back to stay with the group after realizing that no one was going to stop and wait for him to clean himself. This group of ruffians seemed to lack that common decency and Falfer would merely not allow it!

Then again, a few of them seemed a little more willing to stab another, so the outcast merchant put his reservations to the side as he inspected them each, assessing them. Falfer kept his eyes close, to the other of his own kind, knowing that if she was amongst this group of ruffians as well then she may well have done something underhanded as well. That said, when they reached the city, Falfer could almost feel himself being at peace in a somewhat familiar environment once more. The thoughts of what could be done quickly burrowed into his mind, schemes of gaining coin and rebuilding what he lost sent happiness through his soul. Then, he saw the state of it, and what started as a smile almost quickly turned to tears as he uttered to himself, “I miss my manor.”

Looking to Raddek, Falfer asked a simple question, “Why could you not have brought us to some place of at least a modicum of dignity?”

With a sigh, the Burrowfolk turned and watched the other of his kind enter the city only for himself to begrudgingly follow, feigning pleasantries as he dusted off some of the collected dirt in his form. His arms folded behind his back as the look of underlying dissatisfaction gave way to a professional front. His eyes scanned the streets, intent on looking for anyone who matched his own status as a true proper merchant, someone with wealth. Though, given the nature of the city, he dared not look closely just in case the group he traveled with strayed too far. After all, the folk he entered with would prove to be adequate protection in such a hive of scum that he did not truly care for.

Yay, I can start writing for Falfer!
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