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High Kingdom of Itherae

In light of recent events regarding the Queen announcing her name in the vote for Prime Minister, the initial shock had prevented the Supra Dobranie from releasing an official statement on the matter. However, the ever silent Gregorio Netaxis would release a very simple statement on the breach of civil liberties regarding the Itheraen Constitution.

”I am a quiet and simple man. I have allowed the Queen to whine and nag. I have allowed her to flaunt around status as Queen of our fine nation. But I cannot condone her actions of running for a position that was made in the prospect of limiting the monarch's power. The way she acts as if her power is absolute is something in no way beneficial to what Itheraen tradition of honor and loyalty to the constitution we hold dear. I will allow her to hold these rallies, but she does not, under any constitutional right, have the chance to become a part of our government.

When the September election comes around, it will be found that she is not going to be a part of our vote, no matter much she nags or whines like the child she is. Ever since her father, our beloved King Ares the Great, had died, Queen Athena has acted like the child she always has been, constantly ignoring her duty as Head of State, while constantly bombarding myself and The Dobranie with pointless attacks. She thinks she holds an absolute power over our government, but this seventeen year old Queen will learn her place in our government quickly.”

The majority of the Supra Dobranie rallied their support behind the Prime Minister and some even outwardly spoke to carry on his words. However, the people, more notably the media, was still focused on Queen Athena’s blatant outcry for attention. Many were skeptical on whether they could actually believe in the Queen’s ability to be an appropriate head of state, but the Prime Minister’s words did help ease some of the people’s worries about the situation.

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High Kingdom of Itherae

”No more tax!”

These words were echoed all around the streets of Thermydon after the introduction of the highly controversial Cereal and Grains Tax on July 4th, two weeks passed while the Head of Government, Prime Minister Gregorio Netxais, sat and did nothing on the situation. He was one who supported the tax increase, believing the people would either not notice the increase or they would just accept it like they were expected to. However the ‘Megáli Agrotikí Apergía’(translated to Great Farmers Strike) of July had arisen in protest over the tax increase, not leaving Queen Athena surprised nor most of the politicians within Supra Dobranie.

The Great Farmers Strike of 1905

Yet, the Prime Minister sat and did nothing, not wanting to give into the people’s demands, until the Queen had to personally threatened him to call for a vote on the fate of the tax. That was when Gregorio had caved and in July 29th, called for a vote on the repeal of the tax, which passed on an astounding 167-15 after a mere two hours of voting, returning the tax to its original total of 19.5%. While Gregorio would attempt to take credit for repealing the tax, Queen Athena would not sit idle and would instead release a statement regarding the situation.

”...Gregorio Netaxis may claim that the repeal of the dreaded Grains and Cereal Tax was his doing, it was most certainly lies that he had spoke to the people of Itherae. The truth of the matter is that I, your most beloved Queen, had to personally visit the Prime Minister and force him to call upon a new vote so that our farmers might enjoy their most important job of providing our people with the staple of our economy. If he wishes to lie to the people, how can we trust him or his cabinet? With this breach of trust, I am announcing that my name shall be put into the ballot as an official candidate for Prime Minister. No more will I tolerate lies and corruption from politicians, it is time for the Itheraen people to prosper!”
-Queen Athena’s ‘Speech of July’

It was a shock to see that Queen Athena would be running for office of Prime Minister, it was so much of a shock that news had began to cover the situation, calling her the ‘Queen-Minister’. While many statesmen objected to the claim of being governed by a woman, Athena would respond to these claims with If you didn’t want a woman to be put on the ballot then perhaps you should have a head of state that isn’t a woman.” The reply silenced, mainly due to shock, any further complaints in the status of her right to the ballot, ushering forth an internal Suffrage Movement in the process.

Queen Athena would launch a merciless campaign for the September vote, attracting people to be a part of her Cabinet and giving many rousing nationalist speeches on how the future ‘belonged to the Itheraen people’. While women were not legally allowed to vote or be elected, there was little the Supra Dobranie could do to stop the Queen as doing so would be persecuting their symbol of unity. It did not help that the leading party of the Dobranie was staunchly conservative and monarchist, leaving them utterly shocked at what to actually do in the situation.

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High Kingdom of Itherae

”Here ye! Here ye!..."

Néo Méros, following the events of Black June, would open its borders to any Tehmigs fleeing the from the persecution of the Illesian Expedition that had landed. Following Etelian example in this way, would make the Itheraen colony a safe haven and it was a political move to make the colony less likely to be the target of Tehmigs who were expected to still rise up against colonial powers in the area. This move was sent due to the fact that Itheraen settlers in the area were already establishing trade with the native Tehmigs, and keeping peaceful relations between one another.

Another move, either to stick it to the Illesian Expeditionary Force for causing Black June or an imperialistic need to expand the Itheraen culture to the native population, would be that of the offer to any voluntary Tehmig would be eligible to become a citizen of Itherae, and would be taught the basics Itheraen History, Laws, and the Itheraen National Anthem. Those Tehmigs who did accept were sent to, “Native Halls”, impromptu schools for the Tehmig people, nicknamed by the Itheraen colonists, where teachers would instill these subjects into their students It was made clear that the native Tehmig people would have the same rights enjoyed by those of any other Itheraen citizen.

There were no attempt to take the native land away from them or relocate them, as the Itheraen Colonial Committee knew that doing such a thing would be an open invitation for rebellion which the colony was trying to avoid. At least until a colonial garrison would be established, which would occur later into June where the Itheraen Army would recruit five hundred volunteers to go through basic training before being sent to Néo Méros where they would act as the standing garrison against the various rivaling colonial powers than a Tehmig rebellion.

Many conservative elements in the Supra Dobranie were against the idea of letting Tehmigs join Itheraen citizenship, it was noted by Queen Athena that to do so would be an act of oppression against a minority people that were living inside Itheraen territory, which was outlawed by the Itheraen Constitution. This would sway the votes enough to allow the action to pass, but many were still skeptical on allowing a minority for Serrenthia to be a part the Itheraen sphere.

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High Kingdom of Itherae

Volunteer Aid

“I have always been an early man, being thirty minutes early was always ‘on time’ for me. However, my eagerness to reach the front has hampered with our effort to aid the ones we were supposed to fight alongside…”
-Excerpt from Laskaris’ Journal

Throughout their time in the Tyrian Empire, ‘aiding’ in fighting back the, the beginning of the time of the Itheraen Volunteer Division was riddled with bad logistics and the frustration of being relegated to not so honorable acts that many of the men had wanted. Throughout June, their orders were to construct makeshift roads for Tyrian supply lines or run ammo to the front of the battle, typically known to the Tyrian infantrymen as “Ammo Runners.” Without rifles or field guns, which had been left behind as Commander Laskaris had left before the intend time that the unit was supposed to leave, while the rifles and field guns would remain at an Itheraen port until June 15th when they would be shipped to the front at the designated time.

In the Battle of Tretzen, an “Ammo Runner” by the name Demitrios Irus of had run nearly fifty-times in one day, avoiding Helroxi rifle fire, whilst carrying a total fifty-pounds of rifle ammo. He was present on the day of June 13th where rifle fire was so fierce at some points that he was his officer forbid him to run again out of fear of losing him. The, at the time, Private Demitrios would go on to state “...I feel guilt that I did not disobey orders and run out that ammo, I saw many men who needed it who were killed by Helroxi rifles.”

The volunteers would not see their rifles and field guns until it was early July, where the men would have a newfound eagerness to meet the enemy in battle after weeks of digging makeshift roads, running ammo to Tyrian men, or at some points, aiding the spotting points of enemy presence when Tyrians could not see through the smoke produced by their field guns. This division, while no longer making roads or running ammunition to the front, would actually be able to properly participate and future offensives in the war.

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High Kingdom of Itherae

A Start.

June 14th, 1905.

The day is known to many Itheraens as the day that the Itheraen colony in Serrenthia, known to the world as Néo Méros, had been ‘finished’ colonizing. While the colony had a small amount of active settlers, it did have ability to grow into a prosperous colony within the High Kingdom, especially with the near 8,600 Tehmig within its borders and other native coastal tribes that would eventually be incorporated as full citizens to the Kingdom. With the success of the colony, bringing much needed growth to national GDP and industry, and this success would be headed by local government that had been formed there. The Apoikiakó Spíti Itherae would officially be recognized as the local government of the colony by the Supra Dobranie and her Majesty. However, trouble within the colony arised when the question of the nation’s debt crisis coming to fruition on the stage of the Supra Dobranie, and then into the Queen’s lap.

Politicians in the Supra Dobranie had speculated that selling the colony to a major colonizer, such as the very nation they owed the major debt towards, the Taran Empire. However, the idea was dashed by nationalists, and many of the colonial supporters within the Monarchikó Kómma, as well as the Queen, who saw that it would have been a waste of Itheraen resources and time if they were just to sell it. Rather, members of the Ethnikí Epitropí Itheraen would present Queen Athena and the Monarchikó Kómma with the “Antiochis Compromise” in late June.

The Antiochis Compromise would essentially bid 10 km sq. sections of unused colonial lands to be developed by foreign or internal companies in an attempt to raises money to pay off the debt owed, this land would still be owned by the Itheraen Kingdom, but private companies would be allowed to develop the land of their own accord. Additionally, the compromise would raise the corporate tax on Grains and Cereals to 21.5%, to encourage a diversification in Itheraen Industry, and introduce an income tax of a meager 2% on the Itheraen people.

While the Antiochis Compromise would pass, it would also bring to light the pressure of the Itheraen poverty, which citizens were still pressuring the government to bring lower. That was the birth of the Organismós Chrimatodotikís Voítheias (Financial Aid Organization) which would aid unemployed, below the poverty line, to find jobs. Additionally, those under the poverty line would be exempt from taxes, so long as they could prove that they were below the poverty line. This organization would be headed by a humanitarian activist Ceyx Pales, who had been imploring the government to provide some form of aid for those families under the poverty line. Finally, with the founding of this Organization, it would be given a meager $100,000 in yearly funding.

Additionally on the homefront, came the start of the Itheraen Navy with the purchase of three Zitori-class Destroyers; the Cerberus, Medusa, and Minotaur, respectively. While it was a meager force, it was still a start of the naval force. This force was still highly untrained, however, and so Itherae would invite naval officers and admirals to train Itheraen volunteer sailors for the start-up navies, primarily focusing on attracting trainers from the Tyrian Empire, Etelia, and the Toubres Empire.

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High Kingdom of Itherae

The Volunteer Guard Division

At the start of the Second Helroxi-Tyrian War, Itheraen emissaries in Tyria would be given the order to offer the aid of an Itheraen volunteer division in order to offer a quicker means of destruction to the Helroxi forces. The Queen Athena's official statement on the matter would be to "... aid in eradication a threat that has loomed over Eurania for long enough." However, Itherae would not officially join the war as to not attract to much attention in the regional political sphere.

The Volunteer Guard Division would be comprised of 2,000 men from 3rd Guards Division, led by Commander Laskaris would, with an outfit of 10 67mm Field Guns, would join with the Tyrian 2nd Field Army. These men would go to go from boat to the closest Tyiran port to the front of the war, from there, the unit would move using the Tyrian Railway and reach the Tyrian 2nd Field Army. Commander Laskaris would work closely with Tyrian command in driving back the Helroxi forces in the most efficient manner possible rather than a mass assault that might cost the division a large portion of their available manpower. The Itheraen forces would be leave for the front on June 15th and would be expected to reach their destination on the front by the end of the month.

The Itheraen Commander Laskaris would regard the decision of the being sent with a volunteer force as, "... a chance to test Itheraen military capabilities and see if we need to rethink our military strategy. Furthermore, I would like to see how well our weapons operate on the field." Commander Laskaris was eager to see what his nation's military had to offer due to the long time of peace that the nation had experienced since the end of the Second Ithero-Cadian, which had lasted from 1858 to 1859. However, he was also eager in to try some new tactics which had theorized would would help in securing success, though only battlefield experience would show how effective they would prove for the military.

Commander Laskaris Circa 1900

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High Kingdom of Itherae

The Queen and her cars

With the unveiling of the Saetta in May 9th, Queen Athena Tyroli, an already avid viewer of the automobile development, would later go on to dispatch an offer to the company of Forino Estadi Automobil, to buy several automobiles for herself and the royal family almost immediately after its unvieling. However, the Supra Dobranie would attempt to block the queen from exercising her power of using state money in such a ludicrous and selfish manner that would not benefit the people of Itherae as a whole. This would begin a fifteen day debate between the Queen and elements within the Supra Dobranie, due to seats within the Supra Dobranie being held by a majority of conservative politicians. Yet, towards the end of the debates, Queen Athena would compromise with the Supra Dobranie to buy a total of three hundred cars.

The cars would then be given those who would enter a free raffle in Thermydon and a total of 290 people would be chosen to have cars. While the raffle would be limited to those living in Thermydon, it would still keep the Supra Dobranie for the time being. It would not be until June when Queen Athena would send the offer to the F.E.A to buy 300 Saetta automobiles for a total of $375,000.

She would also state in her autobiography, Two Parties, "...the Supra Dobranie would, typically, engage in this type of idiotic warfare with me. Sometimes, I believed, that they would limit my power to walk around the streets or talk to a relative. While I would always want to despise the Supra Dobranie for always trying to trap me in their jaws, I would not try to limit their rights for I follow our Constitution. They should be happy I am not some iron-fisted overlord like the Helroxi dogs."

Queen Athena Tyroli circa 1903

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Much interest. :3


High Kingdom of Itherae

The ambition for Néo Méros

The colonial period of Itherae had begun roughly in May - June, 1905, when Philios Inaros, third-generation owner of the Inaros Trading Company, had used his influence in the Supra Dobranie and called in a personal favor with Queen Athena to grant him a charter to establish a colony in northern Serrenthia. Philios would call his ambition to colonize a portion of northern Serrenthia a “boon to the start Itheraen trade prominence in Eurania” as the colonial area that he sought to bring into Itheraen hands, while not directly on the entrance to Southern Eurania it was on the way from any ships coming from more southern lands. It was with this geographical location that Philios would believe that a prime Itheraen trading hub would be established, it was his dream to see this as an increase in sales profits and finally expand his company in a larger, grandeur fashion.

While the Itheraen economy was largely uncompetitive on the world market, Philios also believed that, should this colony be successful, it would increase Itheraen power in the world market, as well as make his nation seem more of a greater power than even their Tyrian neighbor. While many later criticize his claims, due to the instability of the region, they would eventually agree that his argument had some basis with Itherae being able to rise in power comparative to its neighbors. However, there was still the hope that an empire such as Tara or Toubres would simply use their overwhelming naval superiority to seize the colony or deter colonial ships from even landing as they made the sail from southern Itherae.

Furthermore, Itherae, at the time, had barely any navy to speak of at the time, and what few ships they did have, were unarmed merchant ships, which further increased the worry that the colony would not be able to be properly defended. However, Itheraen official Leoprepes Alcon, a foreign minister one of the few that fully supported Philios in his ambition to bring Serrenthia into Itheraen hands, would go to barter with the Etelian government in order to purchase three destroyers from them with a budget of $5 Million in Itheraen Jewels from the royal treasury around the same time his ambition would begin.

With that, the colonial interest of Philios would be somewhat secured over the course of his dream. Then, there was the issue of Kahmar Mustafa, who had recently risen up and taken Tourbres Serrenthia by storm in early february of 1905. That was where Philios would have the idea of using his own personal funds to hire retired Itheraen volunteers, many of which had the Type 91 rifles that they had used in their service, in order to form a garrison of for the colony once it had landed, though he was only able to acrew 51 able bodied men to take up the task, a number that would never be able to fight against Mustafa’s numbers. He would have to leave it up to chance whether the Itheraen army would send a proper garrison or not.

Philios would go on to recruit over 1,000 individuals to settle the colony with him, promising each man a total fifty acres of land should they go on the perilous journey. With government funds and encouragement at his back and all of Serrenthia before him, Philios “Colonialist” Inaros would go on to be known for his ambitions and pursuit of the Serrenthian dream.

Itheraen Veterans boarding a ship to Serrenthia

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