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Have a Zas sketch!

With minimal effort

@Cu Chulainn

It was not initiative

Interacting with generally everyone, specifically @Parzivol

By Lucifer’s horrendously handsome face these people were insistent on leaving, sure the speedy one may have complimented her on her perfect entrance but the others, specifically the one who smelled of Eldritch, didn’t necessarily like her entrance. Worst of all, she had just started her new rampage against the aliens who took over her favorite playpen. The mouth she had disappeared and her visible eye gave a dissatisfied look, before she let out a huff and haphazardly through the rocket to the side, no one would know where it went for it kind of just disappeared from sight.

”Everyone wants to leave, that’s no fun. I prefer the onslaught of chaos!” Zas jumped down from the down robot and walked up the Eldritch one, ”As for murderous death squads, I’d love the chance.” Her voice was unnaturally chilling as she spoke that last phrase, turning around to walk away. Nobody could really command Zas to do anything, she was quite literally a loose cannon and wanted for the aliens to respond to her madness in some form.

As she walked away she turned about once more, ”If any of you expect me to run it with people I don’t trust then think again. I’m a demon lord, I’ll do what I want you bunch of… I want to say idiotic buffoons but that’s being generous.” Zas opened up her best to pull out a dictionary that was far too large to have fit in there, much as a cartoon character would, and began to sift through it. Eventually she got bored and again, haphazardly threw it away, this time the item exploded.

”My point stands, besides the people at home prefer slapstick comedy over some plot which would probably lead all of us to driving off these aliens or something,” Zas chuckled before turning away once more and merrily skipping off, humming the tune of “Mr. Sandman” in an upbeat tone.

Zas will love making some demonic deals with him. Or screwing with him, whichever comes first.

Mr. Eldritch man doesn’t want attention, eh?

I wonder if this world has an analog superman

why not? I’ll allow it.
I think I’ll start writing up a post soon... THEN DRAW MORE ZAS!

That is also accurate

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