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Current But then you wouldn't fit, for other reasons.
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Has no one told you that you don't need to live in your kitchen appliances?
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Stop living in a fuckin oven
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A real cocksucker!
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I... am Spartacus!


I'm not really a bird.

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Ruby is scary.
@Romero this is another perfect example of a sheet, I say you're accepted, but wait for @Aristo to agree before posting it in the cs tab.

@Rtron I like it so far! Is there any connection between his nickname as the pale scorpion and the Baccummese god Uiyo, the White Scorpion?


I think tomorrow me and Aristo are going to PM you so we can hash everything out together.


I tried to send a PM, but when I clicked send, the page flashed and I don't think it sent. Worse, It deleted everything I was going to say.

Ugh, technology.


<Snipped quote by your post>
<Snipped quote by my WIP character sheet>

Silesea is different than Mennon. Mennon is all plains and steppe and lamellar. Silesea is settlements of rich merchant types and crazy politics. Western Mennon might even work better, more plains.

EDIT: I'm just tryin' to help, brutha.

New shinier version

Already wearing it
<Snipped quote by Aristo>
I did mention I was making a steppe-influenced character before you guys settled on expanding your lore, which I did state beforehand in request that the lore you expand on not contradict what I was building. This is the exact opposite of that request. I’m not sure if I’m all that pleased about this. Especially since my character definitely does not fit structurally or thematically with Mennon given the whole centerpiece of the character’s concept is not someone who lives in a “feudal system” where a “monarch sits at the head”. My character was derived from Turkic and Hunnic tribes and tribal culture. I did not read the updates since I was busy all Saturday and I am just now getting home to reply to this information.

Hmm. Perhaps just say your tribe is from southern Mennon, since you aesthetically fit the part already, it can just be a nomadic tribe that borders on the fringe of Mennon lands.
<Snipped quote by Aristo>

Heh. I think you should. It adds more realism to world and gives a place of note on the map.

Also, I do have personal reasons, concerning my character's bio, with which I'm mostly concerned with Roshad. I have an idea and for that idea, it would be helpful to have a name to put to the place.

Qualoktl, meeting place of the thinkers, Home to the Grand Temple of Zxorel and the Great Library of Roshad.
Question: Do you have ideas about capital cities of each county? It might be useful knowledge to lay out.

Sure we can do that.

Off the top of my head:

Roshad's capital city would have high building density, with ancient libraries and temples, as well as the meeting place of the Thinkers.

Kothar's capital is likely opulent and filled with the spoils of war.

Silesea likely wouldn't have a capital city, but rather several cities of importance, each belonging to a different tribe.

Mennon's capital would likely be the most fortified fife.

Baccum is without such a hierarchy and would only have settlements of note.
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