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To the noble & most serene Duke William d'Montigue of Drouschester,

Penned by the hand of Grand Marshall Carmine Fallon, loyal subject and Imperial Officer under the Empress Andromache of the Empire of Matathran.

Let it be known that the Empress Andromache supports your claim and efforts to the throne of Lynnfaire, and wishes you success in your campaign to assert lawful rule in precedence over your cousin, the Princess Abigail d'Montigue of Kamwell.

The Empire of Matathran has no desire to interfere with or otherwise disrupt the dispute between you two, but would nonetheless seek to render token aid to a devout member of the most Serene church in good standing. To that extent, it is my duty to inform you that one Grand Marshall Tribal Mountebank, member of the Imperial Trident under our Empress Andromache, has henceforth been dispatched to assist with your efforts and provision you with tactical aid and advice if necessary. Accompanying him will be the third harbinger cohort of calid scouts and outriders, for direction under the Grand Marshall in strict adherance to your own designs. The Grand Marshall and the third cohort are well suited to operating far afield as skirmishers in even the most inclimate and adverse of scenarios, and are some of the most decorated soldiers within the advance calefaction legion. They do not have much experience in disputes short of the straights of total and most dire warfare, but shall be found to be most startlingly effective where wisely employed. Grand Marshall Mountebank has likewise been instructed to meticulously manage the cohort so as to direct their actions according specifically to your intent and needs within the Kingdom of Lynnfaire. Both the Grand Marshall and the cohort are outfitted for rapid deployment and surveyance, and their arrival should be expected at Drouschester not overly long past the receipt of this dispatch.

It is hoped this missive finds you in good health and spirit, and that your favor upon the battlefield should be fair.
The Courier's Scroll

Sir Thompson folded the letter and tucked it back in a weathered envelope. Silence dominated the chestnut walled room, and faint chandelier born candle light flickered across the knights face. The velvet of Duke William’s back shimmered under the flames glow, and his face was turned to look out a dark window, presumably soaking in the view of the night sky.

A grand desk dominated the space between the two men and a massive bookshelf stod sentry over one of the walls to its side, a suit of gilded armor standing on the other. The silence was broken as a rough sigh split from the Duke, accompanied by the sound of him scratching his sandy colored beard.

Duke William turned on his heel, facing the knight. Much like on Sir Thompson, age started to crinkle the sides of his eyes, and what once was the sharp featured face of a young man, was replaced with the weathered stone of experience, with only young blue eyes remaining eternal. He was well groomed, his beard no more than half an inch from his chin and evenly distributed across his cheeks and upper lip, with a close shave on his neck. His hair was neatly combed and set away from his face by a band of gold circling his forehead, the sand colored length dusting his shoulders.

Sir Thompson rubbed his own chin, a sooty beard thrice the length, but just as well groomed, with a waxed mustache.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Thompson placed the letter on the desk.

“It’s hardly your fault, Thompson,” The Duke crooked his brow, “but I am uncomfortable with how readily a foreigner sends me an army with only a moments notice before they are at my door.”

Thompson nodded his head, “what course shall I take?”

“None,” William replied, “your place is by my side, there will be no turning them away, not yet at least. They are already on their way as it were, and I will see them greeted.”

“Welcomed?” Thompson stretched his word.

“Greeted.” William said sternly, “nothing more. This is not Matathran, this is Lynnfaire, and I fear this Tribal Mountebank and his men may not understand the difference. I will see his horses watered, but his stay short.”

“And if he has something to offer?” Thompson asked.

William stared at Thompson in silence for a moment before ceding, “I suppose we all will be the judge of that when we get a good look at him, hm? At the very least we all know we can’t afford meddlers in our own delicate affairs.”

Thompson nodded, “if spotted, I will have him redirected to the keep in Halmston, sir.”

“Pralean,” William corrected, “we will be close to Pralean when that time comes.”

“I’ll make sure to muster at first ray.”

“Very good, Thompson,” William nodded as he slowly descended into his chair by the desk, “Serene’s blessings, so says.”

“Praise,” Sir Thompson bowed deeply before leaving at a march, leaving the Duke alone with a inked quill in his hand. Silently the Duke began to scritch the pen across a thick parchment.

After a few moments the Duke gently blew on his words, his idle hand reaching out for a worn string. Tugging it a bell sounded elsewhere, and a skinny man scurried in.


“A letter, to the Archbishop.” The servant quickly walked to the desk and after a brief stamp of wax from the Duke, was handed the parchment.

“Of Kamwell, delayed by four nights.”

“Very good sir.”

“Seren blessings, Edwin, so says.”



A letter arrives in Osetina...

Dear Cousin, Princess Thea d’Montigue of Osetina,

With great happiness I accept your offer of auxiliary forces, and politely decline your loan. Please send any aid to Olmsbridge in Jannerton, I will make sure a royal shipment from the heartlands of Kamwell make it your way soon.

I am distressed with the slowing trade between our borders and promise the conflict to be soon over and the trade flowing again. William is uneasy, I can tell, and those around me doubt his prestige will survive another defeat as great as his most recent.

-Stay strong, and Serene Blessings,
Queen Abigail d’Montigue of Lynnfaire

@Crispy Octopus@solamelike

What strange scientific experiments created you two in such a way that you've never seen a woman's face?

Look at the cheekbones. The brow. The broadness and sharpness of the nose. The shape of the eyes. Thr definition around the lips and chin. The throat. These are all dead giveaways.

We don't all keep microscopes on us at all times, man.
<Snipped quote by Brithwyr>

Am I crazy

I'm just gonna come right out and sow some free range observation. Orcs are suppose to be hideous monstrosities who hate what they have become, this is not an orc but clearly a race of green skin post-punk women, and then the same women again but with beards. I don't know if the males are really that rare or if razors are that common, but something stinks and it ain't shaving cream.

Serious edit: Personally I have no issue with a non-sexually dimorphic race, or one with very little. I'm just messing around, and can respect creative freedoms.

So says.
Black is @solamelike
Pink is me

The Flamingo. It brings tears to my eyes.

@Goldeagle1221 Thinking more causal, at most, there's a few converted minor clans, nothing too major or anything.

Sounds good. So like missionaries and stuff? Local priests ordaned by traveling bishops?
<Snipped quote by Goldeagle1221>

For the moment my actual OOC concern is that everyone seems to be jumping into the Serene Church bandwagon, which would rather defeat the point. That aside though, could you comment on the Serene church's opinion on Andromache's triple regicide as a base commoner and the fluid nature of the Imperial caste system?

I can't just yet. We are all still laying down the groundwork for exceptions, mandates, law and relations throughout history. I'll keep you posted. As per concern on the number of members, I wouldn't worry too much. There is plenty of diversity and while the church plays heavy in politics it is still very much like the 13th and 14th century churches of real life, where governance still had sovereignty and flexibility. If anything it makes the immediate serene region more gradual, fluid and realistically related.

@sigma you wanted church presence in your nation? If it is official presence, such as structured churches and related hierarchies then you most likely have an Archbishop and can (if you want to) join the little ooc council to help decide some past decisions of the High Council. If it is more casual or protestant then no need.
<Snipped quote by Darkspleen>

If that is the case, I imagine the Empire would have to reject that outright. They have an ill history with Primordials and hold them in some contempt, far prior to the unification of the three Kingdoms.

I still cannot say whether or not they would have worshipped the Serene one though. I would need some kind of timeline on the Serene church. @Goldeagle1221

We are currently working on the history. I can say that primordials are not looked upon highly in the church or its history, and for that matter not very highly at all in the regional history of the "Serene Lands" (All the church players lands put together)
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