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Current I... am Spartacus!
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I am Spartacus!
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I am Spartacus!
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"Stay awhile and listen!"
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God bless.

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Heyya, you should join the discord to talk with other players!

*checks watch* :(

Updated 9/13/17
Please join the discord for the map and map updates.
Here I am, CO-GM extraordinaire. PM me or message me in Discord (more reliable) if you have any Q's or problems.
You bastard! lol

A quick update: I'll be working on getting the sheet skeleton and OCC up after lunch. I should have both ready to go in a few hours.

I beat you too it.

Credit goes to Willy for actually making the sheet outline for us, and for those of you who don't know, click raw and copy paste the bbcode into docs and type it in that way so it's already formatted when you post it in guild! Thank you.
<Snipped quote by Willy Vereb>

We'll be setting up a discord later today (unfortunately a number of plans have been made on my behalf for the day so I suddenly am lacking on free time). The short version is we don't have any huge plots outlined beyond what Guld posted. If you aren't interested in joining that mess you are free to place yourself elsewhere in the galaxy. Sigma, Guld, and I will be located in the galactic north for your reference.

Many of the various species and countries have been aware of each other for quite a while. For instance both the Ithican Empire (me) and Aurolian Federation (Sigma) has large human populations and share some alien populations. Of course if you wish to play in a first contact setting I would recommend playing as on the outer rim.

A word on tech. I'm not going to limit what players can have unless it seems way unbalanced (so feel free to have psi-ops, mechs, etc, etc). The exception to this is I won't be allowing WMDs that can destroy planets or make them uninhabitable. We want epic ground battles to go along with our space battles.

Anything I missed?

Epic ground battles inbound!
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