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Hi there I'm Rultaos, or simply Rult as some of my friends call me. I first got into RP'ing on two different sites back when I was in High School. The forums of the games Minecraft and Spiral Knights. Both had game-related RP's, as well as off-topic ones regarding fantasy and sci-fi. This was around 3-4 years ago. I wasn't really good at it back then, but I met a lot of great people and feel like I really improved since then.

For any of you who are curious, this was one of my biggest RP undertakings before I got into this site (My username also comes from this as a tribute to it!). It's not really a very well-written roleplay (or a very well-managed one for that matter). But it really meant a lot to me because of how far it went, how long it survived, and how it inspired my fellow players there. It always fills me with a sense of nostalgia whenever I glance at it in my bookmarks...

I got into RPGuild back when it was still using the old server (the one that got taken down after Mahz got behind on his pay and the providers ended their service without warning). I was pretty bummed when this happened because I was already actively participating in a number of roleplays, and I could only stay in contact with a select few guildmates on the Facebook group. Eventually, the long wait was over, and the site was given renewed life after a few bumps in the road that guildmaster Mahz faced in his attempts to resurrect this place. It was a good day for many including myself when this site slowly started getting more and more features.

2014 was my second year in college and was a very stressful time for me. Mostly concerning academics, with a few occasional problems regarding friends and fellow students alike. Because of this, I had to suddenly drop out of roleplaying for a while in order to have the time to get my real life back in order.

Now, I've returned to the site, and am hoping to get back into the groove of roleplaying and make more great friends and have even greater adventures through whatever huge universe your brilliant minds can think of! If you wanna invite me to play, or even just have a friendly chat about anything, send a message my way and I'll reply as soon as I can =)

For those of you who are wondering, my roleplay interests include: Sci-Fi, Military, sometimes Fantasy, a Fandom one if I'm familiar with the source material, heck I'd be willing to dabble in an Apocalypse setting as well. I'm also willing to try new things as well if it seems fascinating enough. So hit me up with an idea any time and I'd be happy to share my thoughts with you.

Well, I feel like I've used up enough for your time. Thanks for caring enough to read all this, and I hope you enjoy your roleplay adventures as much as I have in the past and the present ^_^

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(OOC A collaboration with @Strange Rodent and @iTem)

"Benny! You're looking well. Seems like you took your training seriously. Nice suit."

Benny hears the voice call out to them as they passed by. He turned and saw one of the new crewmates they had. Herbert? Henry? He wasn’t sure. He figured it would come up in conversation eventually anyway.

”Oh hey. Thanks…?” He started, not sure how to respond to them. ”Was nae about ta’ go into this unprepared. Especially not with these Alliance jackarses put in charge o’ us” He said as he continued towards the hangar area, not really gesturing at Henry as he could follow them of their own accord if they wished.

”Always best to be prepared. Speaking of… have a look at this”, Henry replies as he taps a few times on his holo pad, and going on to say ”Just sent across my preparations.”.

Benny looked curiously at the holo display and the file-send request from Henry’s device and accepted it. It seemed to be a document regarding their target, Quinlan Kifear. He decided to let it send and view it as he walked along.

Henry stumbled along behind Benny for a small while, before saying ”Oh, we have never properly met, have we? That’s no problem. My name is Henry. Used to sell old hover vehicles, before I… decided I’d had enough.”

”Sounds as boring as watchin’ a horse shit. Glad ya got outta there. Sorry ya ended up here” Benny replied frankly as he walked along to the hangar. ”And ye can just keep callin’ me Benny. Ev’ryone does.” he finished as the duo made their way along to the shuttles, heading to the ship’s main elevator lift.

”Yeah, that’s why I quit.”, Henry said, just before they got into the elevator. Little did he know that these were the last words that were to be spoken before they reached the shuttle bay. In the elevator, silence reigned like a supreme emperor, warring with that small part of you that feels like you should say something, but you never do because it might be more awkward than standing in silence. There was no inoffensive elevator music to pay attention to while they stood. Henry cleared his throat. Unfortunately, that only cut out the roaring sound of silence for a mere moment, and when it came back, it did so with a vengeance. Now the Emperor of Silence had redoubled their efforts, and all that could be heard was aggressive nothing. There was a light, long hiss as the elevator reached their desired level. The doors slid open so slowly it may have caused pain in lesser beings, and when the doors had finished the very small journey that took almost twice as long as needed, they discovered that the wrong button had been pressed. They needed to go up a floor.

Benny couldn’t remember if it was he or Henry who pressed the wrong button, but either way, he let out his frustration with a loud ”Cripes” bringing Skelly up automatically to mash the correct button as his arm registered his frustrated desire to get this awkward presence done and over with. Henry merely shuffled his feet and looked around the bare elevator.

After a much shorter duration of deafening silence between the two, they finally arrived on the Revenant’s hangar. Benny wasted no time in stepping off and away from their odd new crewmate and headed towards the direction of the gathering crowd in the hangar.

He spotted the rest of the Revenant’s motley crew gathering around their respective shuttles being briefed by the Alliance agents.

Awaiting their own shuttles were Koren and Matija, seemingly talking amongst themselves. Koren was the first to notice the two men exiting the elevator and waved at Benny as a result. Matija looked at where Koren was looking out of reflex and looked away the moment she sees one of the two. “Took you long enough,” the blue-skinned man said to Benny. “And you..? he asked as he turned to the other man that he never bothered remembering the name of.

Henry turned his bloodshot eyes on Koren and merely said, ”Yes, I am here.”, seemingly missing the point of what Koren said entirely. He waited almost a full five seconds before realising that he missed something. He wasn’t bothered to say anything about his blunder, though, opting instead to mumble something that might have sounded like words.

”So… How long ya think we’ll go fer before these Alliance shitheads screw somethin’ up?” Benny asked Koren, while checking to see if they were still in earshot of the agents, which they thankfully weren’t at the moment.

“Within an hour planetside, two and a half, if you’re being generous,” Koren responded as he too took a moment to gander on their unwanted allies. “I don’t understand why they want them with us anyway. It’s easier for black-ops to work instead of affiliated soldiers. If they die, it’s going to be under the Alliance’s name.”

Benny shrugged at that. ” Stryker says they’re deep cover agents. Dinnae ask me how they made tha’ grade, since their very air screams jarhead from a mile awae” He responded. Koren looked back at him in response, smiling. “Maybe the Feds they mingle with are just stupid. Or…” His eyes widened for a moment, contemplative, before shooting back at Benny and the druggie. “...this could be a trap.”

That last comment gave Benny an uncomfortable feeling in the pits of his stomach, but before the conversation could go any further, they were called to mount up onto the shuttles for departure. Benny took one last glance at the Juz’ and the Mecorian, and gave a quick nod before going with Henry aboard their shuttle, and began the flight to their targets.

"Listen up, here's the plan. We're dropping in just under a klick away, we'll make our way over on foot. Once we arrive at the depot, we infiltrate from this position here, and break into two groups. You three. Are gonna take this route around Alpha Sector, plant some of the heavy duty charges. The rest of you will follow me, we'll make our way around this way and drop 2 charges by the gate, just in case the target tries to escape. Regroup at this position here. We scan for the target, if he's not in the open, we trigger the main charges, set off the alarm to draw him out. Once the kill is confirmed, we begin exfil procedure. Maximum carnage rule applies here, so by all means, go hog wild you beautiful, degenerate fuckers"

The sergeant, whose name Benny couldn’t care to remember past the fact that it started with “Gun” or something, announced through the shuttle. All Benny knew was that he didn’t like this guy’s bossy and condescending attitude. He wondered if they could manage to “accidentally” hurt the guy in the midst of the chaos without compromising the mission.
He didn’t honor the guy with a reply, but he nodded in acknowledgement as he checked his equipment, and adjusted his seating so he wouldn’t be pressing into that waist-mounted thruster-pack he was wearing. He wasn’t used to how heavy it was, but he had carried larger weights before and he was confident he could make use of their new toy.

Henry looked at the waist mounted jetpack and smiled. Perhaps there was good in the universe.

Eventually, the shuttle began descending to a stop and the sounds of the doors unlocking filled the space. Benny checked Skelly’s holographic display, and set it to open up on his helmet instead of projecting above his arm. He brought the map of the area up and set it to a corner of his HUD, with relevant waypoints marking their objectives. He kept it minimized to a small display, and could be easily be zoomed in with a few taps on Skelly’s touchpad. "Alright convicts, go time"” The sergeant announced leading the way. Benny Hopped out after him with the rest of the group, rifle-raised and scanning the area. He flicked on his nightvision and allowed his eyes a moment to adjust to the glare, then glanced at the minimap on his HUD. He began heading in the direction of the area marked “Alpha Sector” on the base map. He expected Henry and Sadaet to follow suit without him having to check on them.
So I came across this Miracle Of Sound song that got me hyped for this RP and helped inspire some ideas to write through my characters. Hope it gets y'all hyped too

"We're almost there. Make sure everyone's on their best behavior" Cyterius said to the larger man riding a horse alongside him. The man, also wearing a cloak with a falcon silhouette on the back nodded, and slowed his pace to meet with the rest of the cavalry unit behind them. Everyone in their unit had their hoods or cloaks draped over them, with the cold climate of the environment they were in being far different from the much warmer air of their homeland. Cyterius glanced thoughtfully at his gloved hands, thinking about how they would have to get used to this now given the lands they would be travelling.

Cyterius was riding at the front of the formation, with a number of the spearmen acting as the vanguard, one of them flying the blue and yellow flag of the League of Kyrantes, divided diagonally, with the bright red insignia of a multi-layered tower (representing the various members that make up the League) with a large red sun glowing with short, wavy rays behind it.

Behind them was the main force of the Kyrantian Skirmishers, and his own Luna Falcons scattered amongst them. With the Falcons being the resident scouts of their unit, he had them covering various angles to keep an eye out for any potential bandits or ambushers. Prior to departing to meet with the task force made in search of the Goddess Rofella, he had seen The League's armies mobilizing in force over what was reported to be a significant breach in the dimensional shield made by the deities. While he would be more comfortable believing that the otherwordly monsters of legend would be confined to the battlefront around the breach itself, he felt it would be foolish to assume that a few had not managed to slip past the battle lines of the Seven Kingdoms. Infiltrators, wandering survivors, or even soldiers who were just plain lost were not unheard of in normal battles, and he assumed the same thing for such fantastical enemies.

After some more walking, following the directions in the letter along with the signs they had seen on the road, Cyterius heard a bird whistle call from one of his Falcons. He didn't bother looking back to check who signalled it, but he held a hand up high in a stopping gesture, making sure the other riders could see. "Cavalry halt!" He bellowed.

Once they had stopped, he scanned around while waiting for whoever signalled the whistle to approach him and report it. He heard a horse walk up slowly to the vanguard and made sure he did not spot anything before turning around. Nischa Ariteni of the Falcons had approached, she also had her hood up to shield her from the cold winds

"I assume this isn't just a bathroom break, Nischa?" He said flatly, but among his friends they could tell it was a joke. Nischa chuckled before responding. "Of course not, Cy. I spotted something ahead. It was only for a moment. It was a glint, like sunlight reflecting off metal. Don't think there are any trees in these foreign woods made of metal" She replied.

"No there aren't... Tell the rest of the Skirmishers to scatter the formation when we move. Have them divide into groups under each Falcon and keep a good riding distance from each other. If there's trouble ahead I want there to be room to move so we're not all corralled into one large mass of targets. Begin spreading the formation when we move again" Cyterius instructed.

"Got it. Should be ready in a minute or so She responded. Cyterius nodded and listened to her ride off down the line. He waited for around a minute, counting in his head, before raising his hand again in a command gesture

"Forward March!" He shouted. As they continued down the road, he occasionally looked behind him to ensure that his instructions were followed. Cyterius was glad to see that their formation had indeed split up. If there was indeed an ambush ahead that they couldn't spot as they approached, they would at least have room to scatter.

He needn't have worried however as when they went further down the road, they spotted a banner between the trees of the Kingdom of Aurr. The lone rider approached them waving their flag. The Kyrantian flagbearer in the vanguard waved theirs in return. Cyterius told the formation to halt again as he approached the rider personally. The horseman of Aurr told them he would lead them in to their destination.

"My compliments to your commander for being so considerate. Lead the way"

It didn't take long for the convoy of horsemen to eventually reach the small village they had been directed to. The place would've come off as an abandoned rural backwater had it not been for the armed guards wearing the colors of Aurr patrolling the outskirts, and the smoke of campfires rising up from the middle of the place. Cyterius and the Vanguard greeted the sentries as they approached. "Glad to see you have arrived safely, sir" The Sentry said, eyeing the League's flag they carried.

"Glad to have finally made it. I would like to meet your commanding officer as soon as possible. I will also require a space to act as a stable for our horses if we are to camp here for a while"
My character is confirmed and is fully up, and my Kingdom sheet has also been sent, but I'll post it here too if anyone wants to see ^_^

Benny wasn't keen on stepping back into the meeting room with the Alliance jarheads, but they all needed to be briefed on the plan. Stepping back inside with the others and leaning against the wall, he listened to the more detailed info given by their leader and the Alliance lapdogs.

"Target two, Quinlan Kifear... He's military. A high-ranking commander of the Shrekeer. There's a military supply depot on Teravainen, he's scheduled to make an appearance there and inspect the place. Sergeant Gunnarson will be leading an assault squad to attack the depot. Standard formations and all of that. Collateral damage will be a bonus. Stryker, the team?" Captain asked.

"Benny, Tobi, Sadaet, Henry, Harriet and Varrus." Stryker replied.

Benny raised an eyebrow at his assignment. Direct attacks were never really his thing, but the prospect of watching a military base go up in flames... excited him, and made him feel a pleasant twitch in his organic arm. Now with his undivided attention, he paid attention to the rest of the briefing up until the conclusion.

"We've got a couple of days before the targets arrive, but there's a lot of work to be done. Grayson, I need you to tune up all the guns. Amy, the Federation may still be working on old broadcasting stations and using codes from your time, can you get on signal analysis, see if you can turn up any extra intel? Benny, we're gonna need explosives, and lots of them. Sadaet, we're going to need a few mobile hack kits, that something you can rig together? Varrus and Harriet, prep some med kits. Everyone else, we're gonna be doing daily combat training. That'll be all for now."

Benny nodded when Stryker called him out. "I'll get to work on makin' what we need. Do we want a few charges with a big wallop? Or are we going with dozens o' smaller Timmies?" Benny asked. Stryker turned towards him before replying with "A bit of both. We'll need something with a lot of kick for a few things, but we also need a lot of diversionary explosions"

Benny nodded with a wicked smile. "As long as the rest o' the team's smart enough ta' stay clear of a blast zone, consider tha' place a junkyard" He replied as he went out of the war room to make ready


Benny was putting on his armored suit and securing the locks on it within his room. The week had been a lot more exciting and productive than he had thought. He glanced at the ramshackle-looking jetpack in the corner of his room and grinned, thinking back to all that they had gone through to make that shitty-looking thing. Once his suit was one, he grabbed it, and secured the harness around his body, moving around a bit to get used to the weight of it. He had tested it out a bit in the cargo bay along with the others after Matija’s successful flying, just to make sure he wouldn’t be flying wild when he did have to use it in the field. He was glad he did because the feeling of individual flight was disorienting as Hell, but yet the thrill of it made him feel giddy in the air.

With that secure, he began packing his chosen explosives for the mission. He had around 4 high-power charges for things that just really had to go up in smoke, while carrying around a dozen small-time explosive charges to make noise and cause havoc. Get one of these next to an ammo stash or fuel reserve and I can cause some real damage… he mused, causing a wicked smile to form on his face upon imagining the catastrophic results.

He had already planned and marked potential areas as good spots for setting off charges based on the rough satellite map data of the military depot in order to maximize confusion. So long as they weren’t detected by the guards before things started exploding around them.

Due to the amount of explosive ordnance he was carrying, he had little room for grenades to carry. He grabbed 2 Incendiary grenades and 2 EMP grenades as his throwables, mainly for temporarily suppressing and removing potential threats in the mission, while he packed only 4 HE grenades for his rifle’s underslung grenade launcher. To free up space for these, he only carried 2 extra magazines in spare ammunition for his gun. He was hoping his allies would do most of the shooting for him while he took care of turning the military base into a blasted wasteland.

With his arsenal packed and secured in his equipment pack, his grenades and spare mags attached to the front of his torso, his helmet in one hand, and his RWC-BR7 in the other, he jogged outside to join up with the rest of his assigned team in the ship’s shuttle bay to get ready for the drop. He hoped to pass by Matija or maybe Koren on the way, to get a few parting words with them before they all went off to unleash their own brand of mayhem across this sorry planet.

Sure as shit hope the rest of these bastards prepared for this as much as I have, or I’ll kill ‘em myself…

@Mistress Dizzy In the original version of this story, I had made this desert kingdom as part of the origin story for my set of characters. I was thinking of keeping it the same in this version so if you'd like, we can either have 2 separate Desert kingdoms, or combine our ideas into one. We can discuss more in PM if you'd like!
Sometime after the meeting in the engine deck of the ship, Benny had returned to his room and retrieved his wrist laser and pocketed a couple of flashbangs in case things got hairy. Given the fact that Stryker still hadn't sounded the alarms after they had detached from whatever craft they had anchored on, Benny assumed there was nothing to worry about... at least for the moment. Or they could just be biding their time...". He decided to keep the flashbangs in his pockets all the same.

Eventually, Stryker called in for a briefing in the war room. A small sense of relief went through him as he would finally know what in the Hell the alliance wanted them to do next and how he could prepare for it. Upon arriving in the war room, Benny saw a lot more faces than he had originally expected, and it made him quite uncomfortable given that he didn't know most of these new people. He already doubted some of the original crew to begin with so this development wasn't helping matters. Still, Stryker was the captain of the ship, and he had the final say in what happens.

They were an interesting bunch however. Between the odd humans, they had another robot, and some new aliens including an octopus-head and some tall blue-skinned creature with robotic augmentations. Guess the Alliance would be pretty damn happy. "Alliance Black Ops" would not be the first thing to come to mind upon seeing this ragtag collection of freaks He thought.

Stryker got on with the briefing, telling them they would be doing a multiple-target assassination, working in conjunction with alliance undercover operatives. That detail got an audible groan out of Benny. Quickly enough however, the meeting was invaded by the alliance operatives without any warning. Benny was already halfway reaching into his pockets upon hearing the new voice before it introduced itself as Captain Voss. The soldier-boy introduced his lackeys and politely told everyone to fuck off while he had a private chat with Stryker.

Benny rolled his eyes before stepping out of the room as they were told along with the others all filing out into the halls. "Well, I've had enough interaction with arsewipes fer one day. If anyone feels like botherin' me, I'll be in the lab" He announced to no one in particular as the crew dispersed.

Though Benny was more preoccupied with the exchange between Stryker and his contact, apparently named Sadaet, a scene had unfolded at the bar which had caught their attention. Their two female crewmates were starting to leave the place. That in itself would have been a simple thing, but not when one was having a gigglin g fit while being carried bridal-style. He just stared rather dumbfounded at the spectacle, not quite sure how to feel about it. He did however notice that Stryker had similar thoughts based on the expression Benny was seeing from him in his peripheral vision. Well... that was... unexpected Stryker said.

Eventually a worker at the bar came up to them, saying that the girls had their drinks billed to Stryker. The bounty hunter sighed in resignation before accepting it. Just as Benny was about to voice a complaint about the girls' behavior however, another scene suddenly erupted. A small group of patrons appeared to be picking a fight with the robot bartender. The robot responded rapidly to their threats with some rather brutal violence. Benny felt his adrenaline starting to kick in as his instincts told him to prepare to be swept up in a fight, but Stryker gave a gesture telling him to stay in his seat.

When one of the aggressors pulled out a gun however, the reaction was immediate. both Stryker and Benny dived down to the ground and sought cover. Benny peeked out from behind a sturdy-looking chair but ducked back in quickly when he saw the gun being flailed wildly as a shot rang out and one of the bystanders shouted in pain. Benny kept his head down as people fled, cursing under his breath that he hadn't brought his wrist laser at least. "I told ya we should'a packed more heat!" he shouted angrily at Stryker as people fled screaming from the bar. There was some more shouting, but it appeared the initial scuffle had ended. Benny peeked out once again and saw the robot and someone who appeared to be the bar manager having a stare-down, when the robot suddenly went for the pistol and aimed it at the man. The man had a short few moments spent pleading for his life before the automaton shouted in anger before pulling the trigger and killing the man.

After the the fight settled, Benny looked to Stryker and gestured his head at the door, telling him they should leave before the police show up and start asking questions. The bounty hunter seemed to have other ideas however as e got up and walked towards the killer robot, much to Benny's disbelief. As Stryker walked up cautiously to the tin man, Benny quickly darted to the bar door and peered outside, keeping an eye out for the telltale flashing of police vehicle lights so he could warn Stryker to bail out quickly if needed. The two spent an uncomfortable amount of time speaking about terms, much to Benny's annoyance, but eventually they settled the matter. Stryker then took another delay to wire credits to the bar for their bill, earning another annoyed scowl from Benny before they finally left the area and returned to the safety of the Revenant.

Later that evening

Benny had spent a good portion of the evening in his room trying to sleep, and failing miserably. It wasn't insomnia, it was frustration. He was frustrated that he couldn't make heads or tails of something that he figured he should know a lot about. More specifically, someone: Matija Holmström. He had gotten to know the daring girl over the course of their coma recovery, and shared quite a few details of their life with them that they would not usually share with other co-workers in their line of work. She was probably the closest that Benny had to a "best friend" aboard the Revenant.

But now, they seemed to radiate with a hostility to them and were messing around with one of the crew members that Benny still didn't trust. Brain transferral was an outlandish thing to claim to have done in a ship such as the Revenant, so he didn't fully trust that it was Tibulus in that body. Who knew how much of the previous occupant was left in there?

The frustration was getting to him so badly he had began pacing around his room tossing the thoughts around in his head in the hopes of making sense of the sudden shift in the behavior of his trusted friend. "Aaaarrghhh..." he groaned as he slumped down onto his bed. He leaned up with his back against the wall of the room as he sat on his mattress. He clenched and reopened his fists repeatedly as his body started tensing up, even into the mechanical systems of Skelly. Eventually he grasped on tightly to his bed sheets as he began pounding his back and his head against the wall erratically, almost hoping that the pain and shuddering from the pounding would somehow knock an epiphany into his head. Failing that, the pain at least provided an outlet for his agitation. He hated this. He hated how people could change so quickly and without warning, unlike physics and mathematics with set values and characteristics. He couldn't wrap his head around how people could make sense of such an anomalous variable.

"Why... tha' bloody goddamn fuck... are people so... bleedin'... HARD TA' MAKE SENSE OF?!"

The next day

A comically-exaggerated rooster's morning calls emanated from the man's robotic arm. "Uuurrghh..." Benny groaned as he brought his organic arm towards the mechanical one and began tapping at it as it continued the infernal rooster noises. "I'm awake... I'm already awake fer fuck's sake, Skelly..." He moaned as he finally managed to tap the right button on the holographic interface to shut off the alarm. Getting up from bed, he rubbed his bloodshot eyes and yawned, blinking to clear his vision. He had taken so long to sleep last night, and even then it was more of crashing from exhaustion rather than falling asleep. "Couldinnae given me a few more hours, could ya, ya bastart?" he muttered to Skelly, knowing full well he had been the one to set the alarms and had just forgotten to adjust it.

He figured that grabbing something to eat and a strong cup of coffee would do him some good. So he forced himself up from his bunk, and began making his way to the ship's galley to find something to fuel him for the day.
Following behind Stryker, they eventually arrived at the bar where they were to meet up with his contact. "The Wasted Wormhole" said the big glowing sign outside of it. Benny figured it sounded apt, given that places like this often suckered in the dregs that couldn't afford better bars. Stepping inside, the pair was greeted by the smell of alcohol, and the sight of two familiar faces in a corner of the place. Apparently Matija and the newly-born Tibulus was there as well. The viking-bodied girl gave them a small gesture before turning back towards Matija, getting intimately close with them.

Now Benny was starting to remember what he was forgetting. He and Matija were supposed to meet sometime after the mission to talk about a few things. It now occurred to him that they hadn't met up or spoken with them throughout the entire transit. He wondered what they were doing all that time, while at the same time feeling a small uncomfortable churning on his chest and stomach at seeing them out and about with one of the crew members that he still had yet to fully trust. He shook his head though and continued following Stryker to the bar.

There they met up with his contact, a tall man who ironically appeared to have originated from the Asian regions of Earth. Though knowing Earth's population he figured they were likely from a colony that had a strong Asian heritage, much like how Benny's own home colony carried much of the old Scottish genes and practices.

"So I read this contract that you sent me and the job sounds all well and good... even if it doesn't sound like much at all. I feel like there's some super secret squirrel shit you've got, which I can deal with. I haven't been able to find out much about you or whatever crew you flew into the station with." The man named Sadaet said. "Those girls have some pretty phony signal signatures, I feel like they belong with you as well. Am I right? Or are there two groups of secret squirrels on this station. It's a pretty big posse you have rounded up. What's my role in it?" He continued.

Benny raised an eyebrow at that as he looked at him. "Techie lad too, aren't ya? Guess this means I betta' start buffin' my personal systems in case ya start feelin' snoopy" He commented while waiting for Stryker to respond to the man to let them decide how much to reveal

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