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Hi there I'm Rultaos, or simply Rult as some of my friends call me. I first got into RP'ing on two different sites back when I was in High School. The forums of the games Minecraft and Spiral Knights. Both had game-related RP's, as well as off-topic ones regarding fantasy and sci-fi. This was around 3-4 years ago. I wasn't really good at it back then, but I met a lot of great people and feel like I really improved since then.

For any of you who are curious, this was one of my biggest RP undertakings before I got into this site (My username also comes from this as a tribute to it!). It's not really a very well-written roleplay (or a very well-managed one for that matter). But it really meant a lot to me because of how far it went, how long it survived, and how it inspired my fellow players there. It always fills me with a sense of nostalgia whenever I glance at it in my bookmarks...

I got into RPGuild back when it was still using the old server (the one that got taken down after Mahz got behind on his pay and the providers ended their service without warning). I was pretty bummed when this happened because I was already actively participating in a number of roleplays, and I could only stay in contact with a select few guildmates on the Facebook group. Eventually, the long wait was over, and the site was given renewed life after a few bumps in the road that guildmaster Mahz faced in his attempts to resurrect this place. It was a good day for many including myself when this site slowly started getting more and more features.

2014 was my second year in college and was a very stressful time for me. Mostly concerning academics, with a few occasional problems regarding friends and fellow students alike. Because of this, I had to suddenly drop out of roleplaying for a while in order to have the time to get my real life back in order.

Now, I've returned to the site, and am hoping to get back into the groove of roleplaying and make more great friends and have even greater adventures through whatever huge universe your brilliant minds can think of! If you wanna invite me to play, or even just have a friendly chat about anything, send a message my way and I'll reply as soon as I can =)

For those of you who are wondering, my roleplay interests include: Sci-Fi, Military, sometimes Fantasy, a Fandom one if I'm familiar with the source material, heck I'd be willing to dabble in an Apocalypse setting as well. I'm also willing to try new things as well if it seems fascinating enough. So hit me up with an idea any time and I'd be happy to share my thoughts with you.

Well, I feel like I've used up enough for your time. Thanks for caring enough to read all this, and I hope you enjoy your roleplay adventures as much as I have in the past and the present ^_^

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"if it were the Blight I may have approved of it; however, we are faced with a new, even more brutal and cunning enemy than our age-old one... the enemy could be watching us right now... until we have further reinforcements we must all stick together, and limit the risks we take, at least until we know more about what happened here," Ardur answered. "Alright, everyone spread back out, and if you see anything that may be important bring it to my attention," He ordered.

"As you command, sir" Cyterius responded with a salute before turning to Nischa. "Summon the rest of the unit, I want us spread out with eyes covering as many angles as we can" He told her. "Fine but if I miss anything good, you owe me" the girl replied. Cyterius rolled his eyes as Nischa left with a chuckle.

Over the course of two hours, the Luna Falcons had set up around the treeline in hidden spots, spread among other Inquisition scouts, so that if any of them had spotted anything of note they could immediately tell Cyterius and Ardur, as their perception was a cut above their peers given how early they had begun their training in the art of scouting and tracking. The Elven Inquisitor Lanathil had already taken the initiative of checking the woods for any signs of a force passing through but strangely found none, and Samson and the others corroborated that after Nischa had brought them through. It was odd, and the sense of wrongness about the whole affair was putting Cyterius on edge An attack from the inside. No traces of outside forces supporting them. No trace of anyone leaving either. But no signs nor noises so far to say that whoever attacked is still in the city... What are we facing here? He wondered with concern as he continued observing from his lookout point above one of the trees, wearing his Falcon cloak to hide the shine of his armor in case there were any enemy scouts on the walls, which there did not seem to be.

He flinched slightly when he heard the distant sound of horses approaching from behind them, but relaxed when he remembered that Anora and her reinforcements were supposed to arrive by now. Still he decided it best to err on the side of caution and ensure it truly was their allies arriving, so he quickly climbed down from his perch and went deeper into the trees. Upon seeing that several of approaching humanoid figures had the symbol of the Inquisition, he gestured at them to guide them towards their main position where Ardur was situated so that they could immediately report in to him. Cyterius accompanied them as they reached Ardur and listened in on their conversation, explaining why Anora was not with them as they had expected her to be.After which, he gave everyone present their tasks.

"Spread out the soldiers evenly along the line, we will move forward on the city shortly," Ardur began before gesturing for Cyterius to approach him. "Cyterius, prepare your friends, as the main body of soldiers approaches I want your unit to find a way onto those walls, stay hidden and be ready to strike if need be, go" He commanded.

"It will be done," He responded as he turned away while their leader spoke to the others. He put his hands up to his mouth and let out a high-pitched bird whistle which was his practiced way of telling the Luna Falcons to regroup with him. He stood patiently and awaited their arrival in the main area when suddenly a booming voice echoed in his mind, causing him to grimace as he put a hand up to his head in confusion.

"Finally... Come, now, soldiers of the Inquisition," It demanded in a raspy, eerily ghost-like voice. It suddenly shifted into a whisper however as it continued. "step out from the shadows and into the light... let me see those who offer their prayers to me," it finished as everything became silent once more. "What in the gods' name..." Cyterius muttered, disturbed by what he, and everyone else had seemingly experienced. He knew of the powers of magic and how they could bend reality to a spell-caster's will, but such a feat as speaking into all their minds at once was something he had only heard of in fairytales and legends. The implications were far from comforting.

"Cy! What just happened?! A familiar voice called out as Nischa arrived, with the rest of the Falcons following behind. "I think everyone heard that voice, where did it come from? Samson asked him urgently. Cyterius wasn't sure how to answer.

They heard Ardur's voice ring out from nearby however Inquisition, move out!" He ordered as the thump of dozens of armored feet began shaking the ground. Cyterius turned back to his unit. "I don't know what just happened, but we should be wary of our enemy now more than ever. We have orders: Find a way for our soldiers through the walls and that's all we should be concerned with right now. Falcons, on me!" He commanded with a gesture as they began running to one of their army's flanks to draw as little attention to themselves as they could during the approach.

"Good, good..." the voice whispered again. "MY CHAMPION AWAITS YOUR PRAYERS" the voice bellowed suddenly "MAY YOUR PRAYER BECKON LOUDER THAN HIS" It finished in a booming echo. "Ignore it and focus, everyone!" Samson called out to the other 5 Falcons, as always the glue that kept their group together. "We need to find an entry point as soon as-" He began but was suddenly cut off when loud thumbing began to shake the ground beneath them. "That's... not our army is it? Valena, the Falcons' resident archer said. "No... It's not," Cyterius answered as they scanned around for the source of the tremors. From what they could tell it came from within the walls of the City of Ash. Their group stopped just a little way ahead of a group of Archers on army's right flank, with the gates further to their left. Their hands all gravitated towards their weapons as they awaited what horrors would emerge from within.

Their questions were answered when an ironclad giant emerged from the ruined gates, no chinks or gaps in the armor as far as anyone could see. Covered in the flesh and guts of its victims while holding an impossibly large axe. It let out a deafening battlecry as it began to run at them.

"MOVE! Everyone to the right flank!" Cyterius ordered as they distanced themselves slightly from the main force that the giant was coming to meet head-on, hoping to keep themselves from engaging it until it was the best time to do so. "How do we kill that?!" Darius, their group's assassin and stealthiest member asked in what came across as a harsh whisper. Cyterius had no answer to give, having never seen nor heard of any creature such as this. But knew if they did not think of something fast their whole army was in danger of being completely routed.

From the side, he overheard River's long explanation, and stopped to listen but remaining tense to move on a whim as their foe rapidly closed the distance. Kharne immediately spewed out a jet of acid on the giant the moment River told him to. As far as he was hearing, their only option at the moment was to buy time until they had a solution.

"Valena, Percival, stay with the Archers and fire in unison. Samson, Nischa, Darius, you three are with me. We'll circle the edge of the battlefield and make for the gates of the city. Once that monster reaches our forces, we'll draw its attention and kite them into the ruins. It's strong, but not strong enough to bash through the stone of the walls. We can lead it on a chase through the ruins if necessary" Cyterius ordered as they split off and began running, hoping their allies could make the most of their time. "We're going to play tag with that thing? And you tell me I'M the one who has crazy ideas?!" Nischa retorted but followed anyway along with the rest of the team, trying not to draw attention to themselves until it was their turn to kite the giant
Stumbled across this among MiracleofSound's many great songs and couldn't help but be reminded of the Revenant team and their intergalactic escapades

I hope you dont mind me following Trainerblue's example and making Ardur's dialogue color yellow @MagratheanWhale xD. If you'd like it different let me know so I can edit my post to reflect it.
Cyterius dismounted from his horse as did the others when they were told they were nearing their target destination, and approached the edge of the treeline as Ardur ordered them to. Cyterius followed with his other fellow Inquisitors while leaving behind his scouting team composed of his friends in the Luna Falcons. Nischa Ariteni, an energetic girl with Raven-black hair tied into a ponytail, came with him. Like Cyterius she also had tanned skin, but her eyes were piercing blue as opposed to his green, and her demeanor was almost a polar-opposite to his.

She insisted on tagging along for the initial reconnaissance with an almost childlike curiosity, which Cyterius would have scoffed at had he not known her for years, and knew just how accustomed this girl was to danger. "Stay close and don't poke too far out the treeline. We don't know if whatever besieged the place is still there and we shouldn't give up our element of surprise." He said as he gestured for her to follow behind him. Nischa rolled her eyes at that before responding. "I thought you knew me better than that, Cy. My marks never spot me til I want them to," She replied casually as she jogged along behind him...

The Inquisitors spent a good 30 minutes surveying the area, and had gleamed as much information as they could from watching from a distance. The grisly display of bodies on the walls and ground level were the results of a battle, but Cyterius knew it was more than that. The way they were skewered to hold them high, and those bodies that were kept in a praying position as the weapons were driven through them, it wasn't simply the aftermath of an execution. Whoever did this was trying to send a message. And what better way to send a message than dead bodies... He thought, thinking back to the times the Luna Falcons had employed similar tactics during their mission of revenge to scare their marks into going on the defensive.

A shift in the winds brought the smell of death and decay from the city to where the Inquisitors stood. Most would have backed away from the smell or made attempts to cover their noses, but Cyterius and Nischa merely winced as they had become used to the smell of long dead bodies in their escapades through the criminal underworld of Artuvia. Cyterius sniffed the air to make out details in the scent. The smell was rancid, that of decay instead of smoky like burnt meat. That meant a majority of the people were killed by other means, not from the flames that ravaged the place. The fire was either a distraction, or an after-effect of whatever attack took place there. In any case it wasn't a prolonged siege, as fires and structural damage would have killed more people and left a more noticeable burnt smell in the air. Whatever attacked struck quickly and slaughtered the people quickly.

The portcullis' wrecked debris outside implied that the main attack came from within, not from outside, further supporting his theory that it was a quick and brutal surprise attack that the defenders barely had time to react to. The fires then were likely started after the fighting erupted, as people wouldve fled their homes to escape the danger instead of being trapped and burnt to death. However that still left the question of what was so powerful that the portcullis was blown completely outwards. Cyterius considered explosives or magic as potential causes, as a battering ram was unlikely since it would have had to come in from the outside. If explosives were used then there should be noticeable scorches and blast marks around the gate area, if they're absent then the cause was likely magic, though I only know of it through secondhand knowledge from books. In either case, I would need a closer look to confirm or deny it

A loud whistle drew the duo's attention and they turned towards Ardur's position, walking silently to them in response to his signal.

"The Blight did not befoul this city nor did her terrible monsters breach her walls... Something monstrous attacked this city, and I have yet to figure out who it was. We will wait here for two hours before we advance towards the city. Any questions?" Ardur addressed the gathered Inquisitors.

"And what pray tell do you wish to have us do in these hours we waste? And why, if i am to be so bold, two hours? I can spy your curiosity for the portcullis is as much as mine and i would very much like to examine it," The short Lalafellen Elf asked their leader. Cyterius nodded in agreement to the elf as he turned to Ardur. "The sooner we move on the city the better, but we must not go in blindly if we can help it. Something tells me the display of bodies was meant to get some sort of rise out of us..." He said as he glanced towards gory scene on the walls. "If you will let Inquisitor Fontaine conduct his examination, then my team and I would be willing to accompany him. There are a few details I should like to see for myself, given the opportunity. We can remain silent and we will not venture further than you will allow us, Inquisitor Ardur" he added, using Ardur Skor's first name to differentiate him from his sister Anora.
Sniper support on overwatch
Accidental double post even though I only clicked once >_<
@Trainerblue192 I can't speak for the others, but personally I've always enjoyed playing a normal-ish character with not-so-powerful abilities, because I like getting creative with what I have and trying to find ways for them to get on the same level with others who are objectively stronger, despite their lack of powers by using their heads and fighting smartly ^_^
@Trainerblue192 I'm pretty sure you can use that name as long as you're not making money off of it. Especially considering there's so many fandom or fanfic RP's in this site already. Using an existing lore name shouldn't be too bad. I mean, half of the lore stuff I come up with and give names to has probably already been used in the past, so it's no big deal as long as you're not making money off of someone else's work.
I am DEFINITELY interested in this. This is so appealing to my military nerd side. But... unfortunately I'm already in 2 RP's at the moment, plus I feel like I don't have as much history knowledge on vehicles, weapons, armor, and tactics as I'd like to be able to play in this effectively >_<. Will remain subscribed though
I added some background on Cyterius' home region on his CS, also tweaked the history and personality section a bit to add a couple extra details. I considered adding more detailed descriptions in his history section but I figured that might make things a bit too long, and I can always reveal the finer details of his history over the course of RP through player interactions and monologues, heh
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