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Hi there I'm Rultaos, or simply Rult as some of my friends call me. I first got into RP'ing on two different sites back when I was in High School. The forums of the games Minecraft and Spiral Knights. Both had game-related RP's, as well as off-topic ones regarding fantasy and sci-fi. This was around 3-4 years ago. I wasn't really good at it back then, but I met a lot of great people and feel like I really improved since then.

For any of you who are curious, this was one of my biggest RP undertakings before I got into this site (My username also comes from this as a tribute to it!). It's not really a very well-written roleplay (or a very well-managed one for that matter). But it really meant a lot to me because of how far it went, how long it survived, and how it inspired my fellow players there. It always fills me with a sense of nostalgia whenever I glance at it in my bookmarks...

I got into RPGuild back when it was still using the old server (the one that got taken down after Mahz got behind on his pay and the providers ended their service without warning). I was pretty bummed when this happened because I was already actively participating in a number of roleplays, and I could only stay in contact with a select few guildmates on the Facebook group. Eventually, the long wait was over, and the site was given renewed life after a few bumps in the road that guildmaster Mahz faced in his attempts to resurrect this place. It was a good day for many including myself when this site slowly started getting more and more features.

2014 was my second year in college and was a very stressful time for me. Mostly concerning academics, with a few occasional problems regarding friends and fellow students alike. Because of this, I had to suddenly drop out of roleplaying for a while in order to have the time to get my real life back in order.

Now, I've returned to the site, and am hoping to get back into the groove of roleplaying and make more great friends and have even greater adventures through whatever huge universe your brilliant minds can think of! If you wanna invite me to play, or even just have a friendly chat about anything, send a message my way and I'll reply as soon as I can =)

For those of you who are wondering, my roleplay interests include: Sci-Fi, Military, sometimes Fantasy, a Fandom one if I'm familiar with the source material, heck I'd be willing to dabble in an Apocalypse setting as well. I'm also willing to try new things as well if it seems fascinating enough. So hit me up with an idea any time and I'd be happy to share my thoughts with you.

Well, I feel like I've used up enough for your time. Thanks for caring enough to read all this, and I hope you enjoy your roleplay adventures as much as I have in the past and the present ^_^

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Sorry our promised collab took a while >_<. I hope you guys enjoy Benny and Matija's not-date, haha. Also we just left it off there so in case anyone wants to interact with out characters on the ship, they're free to call their attention.

Benny wasn't too pleased about being sent out on errand boy duty, when he and Grayson finished with their preparations for the firing range. He grumbled about it, but since there didn't seem to be anyone else to do it for them he didn't have much choice. He went inside his cabin to get a change of clothes into something more comfortable for walking around, and got ready to head out. On the way from his quarters to the ship's exit as it was docked, he passed by Matija, who would quickly notice their agitation, being able to read their body language when they're upset during the time they had spent recovering together.

"Benjamin!" she yelled out to him to get his attention. The Mecorian walked over to him, wondering where he was planning on going since he wasn't one to change unless he has to go do something somewhere. "What's up with you? Ya look more sour than a lemon on vinegar," she added as she prodded Skelly. Boomer looked at her in surprise as she approached him, and sighed in response. "It's nuthin' much, really. I'm jus' bein' asked ta' go run some errands an' deal with tha' locals," he replied, in a somewhat self-deprecatory tone. His words amused Matija, making her caress his face while she held a shit-eating grin that shifted into a mock pout. "Aww... Wee babe don't wanna deal with them locals. Prefer yer tools an toys, baby boy?" She asked in a mocking tone.

He blushed in embarassment at the way she chided him and he turned away from her. "A-aye! So wot if I do? Tryin' ta' deal with people feels like chemistry withou' tha' consistency," He responded somewhat defensively as he continued moving along the ship. Matija chuckled at his defensiveness and watched him walk away from her. "Hey,Ben! Wait up! I'mma come with ya!" she said as she jogged to walk next to him. "What's this whole thang about anyway? I thought you were doin' stuff in the gym with Grayson?" She asked. "We were, though we were missin' a few things needed ta' keep the firin' range from bein' as deadly as actual fire," he replied without turning to look towards her as he continued onwards to the exits. "I'm supposed ta' pick up wot we need so we can finish the bloody thing," he finished.

A moment passed before she spoke."I'll come with ya. Ya need someone to haggle, right? Where are we buyin'?" She asked. He considered her offer for a moment before shrugging. "I s'pose some company wouldinnae be amiss. We're headin' ta' the town right next to some military outpost Stryker's pickin' up some more scoundrels from," he replied. "Hmm... Near military compounds ain't easy to haggle in. I'll see what I cain do." She said in response.

After a while the duo had reached the nearby town, all filled with law-abiding Alliance citizens "As expected from people living next to a bunch of boy scouts Benny thought. The furst thing on their list was some kilograms worth of insu-gel for the firing range. They headed to a hardware and supply store for that. The place seemed well-stocked, probably because this town would be expected to supply the military base in the event they get cut off from Alliance Command. They wanted this town to be self-sufficient for a while. "Hey, ain't that the insu-gel that you boys wanted?" The Spider walked over the eager merchant and smiled at them. She checked the brand and found it fitting for the one that they needed and the merchant handled the rest.

"This thing right here is one of the best brands of insu-gel that you can ask for. Reasonable insulation, and you can keep slamming your head on it no problem and you won't feel a thing."

"Ahuh. What's yer price?"

"Just 30 credits a pound."

Matija squinted at that, not wanting to go for that. "Uh. Yeah. Let's keep lookin', Ben. Might be better prices around,” she concluded. Benny shrugged in response “Yer tha’ boss” He said as they left the store.

For a while, they wandered about the general area, looking at various hardware, general supplies, and construction stores for the insu-gel. The crowds were not very large, but the streets were still fairly tight as the town was well industrialized, again likely due to the need for self-sufficiency in times of emergencies. People gave the two of them odd looks for how different they looked from the average citizen, between Matija’s white hair and his own bionic arm. Benny was distracted from it for the most part though because of how Matija seemed to insist on remaining in close proximity, latching onto his arm at times the way most couples do and it made him Benny fairly flustered as he wasn’t used to this kind of contact. His only reprieve was when they entered shops and Matija went off to speak with the salesmen to inquire about their prices.

"Heyy, hon. Guess you're the one after all," the mecorian joked, making the shopkeep perk up and smile. "So how may do you need again, Ben? This lil pumpkin here's gonna make it worth your while, aint'cha, sweetie?" The shopkeep smiled and nodded eagerly, wanting to impress. "Like I told you earlier," the merchant said with a slight lisp, "These are the newer insu-gel mixes from Frox Corp. Best in the line-up because its mixes are less likely to separate from each other and it keeps bullets from ricocheting if you use it like you said you would. It's only 28 credits a pound for you if you really want that much of it."

Matija seemed to have furrowed her brows to the price, wanting it as low as possible. "What about halfing that?"

"Um... No I can't do that..."

"No deal then. We saw someone selling it at 25 creds and i'd prefer baggin' that."

The Spider turned around and was about to walk away when the flustered merchant piped back up. "O-okay! I'll give it at 25!" Matija grins, but her face reverted to neutral as she turned to look at the merchant. "Give in an extra pound and you got yourself a deal."

The transaction was wired to the shop's account from their Alliance conenction, and they picked up the containers with the exact measurements for the insu-gel they needed. Fortunately, he was also able to add a little extra insu-gel for his personal use thanks to the discount that Matija had gotten them, making it so that it did not exceed the cost of the amount requisitioned by Grayson. He was impressed by how Matija operated, and how she managed to accomplish what she did with only a bit of bluffing.

"Stealin' from 'em in broad daylight right in front o' their faces. Yer a proper thief, ya are," Benny complimented as they arranged for the containers to be shipped to the docks where they would pick it up after presenting the receipt they were given. Matia seemed quite pleased with the compliment but felt flustered by it. She jokingly took a soft jab at his arm and smiled shyly. "Yeah, well I didn't grow with much money so I had ta get the most with what I had,” She said. He nodded in response to her statement. "Aye, I can believe that. Only people who get desperate enough, do tha' kind o' shite we got real good at doin'... Not that I'm complainin' abou' gettin' to blast apart space stations," He finished with a smile as they started heading back out onto the streets.

"Even if I had a choice,I'd stil choose this," she would say with a glance towards him. Benny thought over that response for a moment. He thought back to his experiences back on his home world, and the turns that his life took that led him into the job that he did today. To his surprise, he found that looking back, he could not picture himself doing anything other than what he had been blackmailed into doing by the alliance. Once he concluded that, he turned to look back at her again. "Y'know what? I think I woulda' done the same,” He finished. She chuckled at the though, stopping just by the entrance of the cargo door when they approached it. "Heh. Us fuckers ain't gonna trade this shit for anything in the world," she would say with a grin.
Welp, looks likethe 8 hours thing didnt happen the trip was longer than I thought and I feel too sleepy to write my next IC properly right now... I'll try to get around to it in the morning
Sorry I havent replied in IC yet. Last couple days have been exhausting (@iTem can testify to that >_<). The two of us are going to be working on a collab for Benny's next post though. Hopefully I'll have something 8 or so hours from now
Wasn't really sure what else to add in my IC. Feel free to timeskip us forward @Crossfire if you think there isn't much need for interaction with what Grayson and Benny are currently doing. Also, let me know if I misunderstood Grayson's instructions by suggesting to set up the steel backing
"Well, don't really have a ton of room do we?... I mean, honestly, how big is this room end ta end- 30 feet? If that? Won't be much of a marksman's range that's fer sure. Stryker said there was steel plating down in cargo we could bolt to the walls, but dependin' on the ammo bein' used, no tellin' what could happen, could bounce right back off it, or blow right through it, and the wall behind it. No, think our bes' bet is to get ahold of a roll of insu-gel next time we hit port, ya ever seen that? Low-cost insulatin' material they use in prefab homes on th' colonies. Think they use it as a base fer the rubber rooms in asylums too. We put the steel plating up as backing, stick a couple layers of the insu-gel on, fasten it into place and then it's off to the races. Could even grab a stack of those paper targets, stick 'em right to the gel."

Benny nodded in agreement at the idea. Imagining how that would work as the physics of it pieced itself together in his head. "Aye, soun's good. Once saw that gel stop shrapnel launched by a frag when it was thick enough. No bullets goin' ta' be flyin' wild in here with that catchin' it. Migh' be a bit 'ard ta' track where energy weapon shots landed though," He replied, wondering if he could sneak a few extra loads of the gel to perhaps convert the old containment chamber in the lab into an explosives-testing chamber by adding a layer of the insu-gel on the inside of it to keep the hardened glass from breaking. He'd made do with much simpler set-ups in the past anyway.

Personally, he had never been much of a marksman himself. But there were just some problems a computer virus or a good explosive couldn't solve and so he actually got fairly good at handling his BR7, at least in mid-range combat. He figured that it would be useful to brush up on those skills, and perhaps even improve on them for times when the situation gets rough. "Guess we betta' start settin' up the steel plates so we know where ta' stick the goo, aye?"
@superservo27 unless your character is an insomniac that's okay with barely sleeping next to the two noisiest people in the ship that barely sleeps, i suggest that action. but if you want a challenge and wanna torture them for the time being please, by all means, stay on room 3 or 6. room 5 has nightly ramblings and explosions, as well as scottish screaming, probably

I like how this is the 666th post in the OOC
I'd be alright for having a Discord server for us to chat in, though I feel like that would make our OOC threads here a bit less active, which can be a good or a bad thing. It's your call though @Crossfire
In the midst of their conversation with MAtija, Amy had suddenly excused herself from the mess hall. According to Grayon it was a stomach ache caused by the juice carton going bad. Benny shrugged at it for the most part, mainly grateful he hadn't taken any of it earlier, as he finished off the last of his food. Stryker then called everyone to attention by bringing up why he'd gathered them all at once in the first place.

"So as I was going to say before, I've got the strangest feeling that we're going to be mobilized soon. I know that there's been no contact from the Alliance in weeks, but I don't know, I just can't shake it, so what I'm gonna propose is we keep our skills sharp. Feels like it's been months since I held a gun, much less fired one. They really neglected to outfit the ship with a firing range, but we can rig one together pretty easily, maybe pull all the equipment in the gym off to one side, weld a few layers of steel plating against the wall for targets, is that doable Grayson?"

"Yeah, wouldn't be any issue at all," Grayson replied. "Ok, well after you check on Amy, maybe all of you guys can go down and get started on that? I'm gonna fix up a plate for the kid, see if he wants any." Stryker said. Benny wasn't sure who he referred to by "the kid" But he assumed it was a crew member they had picked up that he hadn't met yet. In any case, he'd meet them eventually if they were going to be working together.

"I think I could 'elp with a range. Anythin's betta' than sittin' on my arse waitin' fer it ta' grow 'shrooms" Benny said as he got up from the table, with Matija quickly swiping his plate and mug to slide into the sink. He went back to the ship's laboratory where he had set up his tools once before, and he had found them to be in good condition by the time he checked on them again. He grabbed a welding torch and a box of screws, bolts, and other fastening equipment that may be useful with setting up the makeshift firing range. He would've preferred a location to test some small-time explosives out on as well, but even he figured it was probably a risky endeavor on the inside of a starship. He supposed he'd have to settle for running computer simulations on the results of his bomb ideas for now.

He brought his gear over to the gym on the ship by the time Grayson was there, already getting started on moving the existing equipment out of the way. Benny put his tools and supplies down near the door and walked over to one of the steel weights, and carried one of the heavy ones using Skelly's strength for the most part, thanks to the sturdy machinery housed within it. After putting it down with some of the others he went to go retrieve the rest. "So, Foreman Grayson, how're we gaunnie turn this gym inta' a range worthy o' dangerous bastarts like us?"

@Gardevoiran I am so glad Matija and Benny woke up before you guys got to this point...
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