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Current when will the holy taco god return to remove the banner i wonder
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@POOHEAD189 didn't know it was your birthday. happy birthday, poo. :D
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imagine a school RP but it's an actual school where you and your character needs to learn things or fail the next big test. nothing big, nothing cheesy. just good ol' boring school
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a reality where dogs still love us but they can tell us about it by verbalizing it


Hi! I’m Mac!
…or Dmitri… or Die… or Slick… or Clover… or Trace…

…Obviously, none of these is my real name, (and by now you might have an inkling of an idea as to which fandom I came from before) so I don’t really mind being called using any of the names aforementioned above or by my character’s name when we talk in OOC. However, don’t mistake me or my character as the same entity. As I’ve said before “IC =/= OOC”

IRL, I am a 21 year old attending college as a 4th year an extendee Bachelor of Arts and Communication Student. I major in Speech Communication and minor in Broadcasting (journalism). Oh and I’m not a native English speaker so I might not catch some references, idioms, or metaphors. I will most likely ask you OOC for clarifications on some things because I sometimes misunderstand definitions despite being supposedly fluent in English.

Anyway, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly carefree person. It means that I’ll let us get away with doing a lot of shit (we’ll probably do a lot of crazy shit tbh), and my friends say that I’m pretty friendly too so I guess we can take their word for it. But, as all humans are bound to be, I do have my limits. With that, I wouldn’t say “tread lightly” with me. But I will say “let’s be decent” at least. Soo... Let’s just see where it goes, yeah?

Okay. Now for credibility.

I have been roleplaying on and off for... 5 or 6-ish years now. I used to roleplay in tumblr(dot)com for a couple of years before stopping for half a year, and then it became an on and off thing that ended up with me missing out on a lot of things IC and IRL. It became a nuisance and a source of frustration for me since I couldn’t keep up with my character’s life and my own life so I had to stop. I just didn’t have enough time to play as my characters (plural) on a regular basis while also balancing my social and college life so I had to stop doing it , kinda. So here I am, trying to get back at the swing of things since I would like to believe that I generally have my shit together now.

If you want to contact me, feel free to tag me in posts or send me a PM for more personal matters. But if you want to contact me regularly I suggest that you ask for my Discord account in private because I’m most often online there than here. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself and where we met though, okay?

So...... There we go. I felt like I’ve wanted to add something but I’m not quite sure what it was so let’s just awkwardly end this introduction here. I hope you have fun. Before you go, have my uwu face:

/フフ       ム`ヽ
/ ノ)  ∧__∧  ) ヽ
/ |\ \ (✿uwu ) ノ⌒(ゝ.\
/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく\ /
丶_ ノ ✩ ノ、 ✩ |/
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The battle seemed to have stretched so long for the Tiefling. Though in reality, it was shorter than she had perceived. “Excitement can do that to a person,” she found herself thinking. The prior show of light and magic was a sight to be seen, for sure. But she would rather not see them again though she knew that it will never be fulfilled. She was definitely impressed by the courage, or perhaps idiocy, of the one called Gilead despite being nothing more but a mere small human; the group of men and women that trailed behind the dark skinned man; the giants that called each other brothers though halves of their races are the only ones truly joining them; and the rest of their magic users who was equally impressive in their own rights.

With deep breaths, she drops the spear that she dislodged earlier and joins the others to listen in on their comments about the creature which was apparently supposed to be human. She internally grimaced as she absorbed the information that the others were speaking of and found herself looking towards the dead city before them. She was not anxious, but she continued to patiently wait for those with better heads to finally make a choice.
@WileyCoyote unfortunately no. i used to be named MackieLars.

also for everybody else, i'm sorry for barely posting anything at all. life and health things happening irl. i'll try to read up and post something soon (but no promises for today) since things are getting a little less hectic.
Koren walked out of the shuttle with the rest of the group. Matija was talking about something before heading in the elevator. But the Juz’ was distracted with the uncomfortable heat underneath his armor and clothes. With a hiss of compressed air, Koren disconnected his helmet from the rest of his suit and took a relieving deep breath. He was thankful that he was at least alive.

He took a moment to breathe and look around before heading towards the elevator, but not before being stopped by SAL’s call. "Engineer… Ship's systems are reading some minor damages from the rapid ascent through the planet's atmosphere. Nothing urgent, just wanted to inform you, now that those duties fall to you.” Koren nodded in acknowledgement, saying “I’ll fix it as soon as I can,” as he headed towards the elevator with everyone else and went straight to his shared room.

The Juz’ headed straight for the showers after he had shed his armor where he took his time cleaning himself. When he felt aptly refreshed, Koren changed into something more comfortable: a hoodie and some cargo shorts. With his chest of tools in tow, he headed to the engine room to get a complete rundown on what needed repairing and what he could fix while the ship continued on its course to somewhere. In his mind, he wondered if Harrison was going to help him as the man initially promised and also hoped that he was as good as he claimed himself to be.

Matija on the other hand, took her time in the showers. She basked herself underneath the cool water that dripped on her like a blessing from the oppressive heat that clung on to her skin from their most recent mission. When she felt clean and recharged, she headed out of the women’s showers and was about to enter her room when an unwanted scent wafted by her from a certain Scotsman passing by. She grabs him by the arm and pulls him closer to herself, sniffing at him on his arms, neck, and chest before scrunching her face. “No. Change ye clothes. Right now.” She stared the Scot down, challenging him to oppose her. Benny’s mood quickly cycled from surprise, to annoyance, to fear, and then to defeat as he grumpily stomped back to his cabin to change, muttering ”It dun smell that bad…” under his breath. When Matija saw him successfully change into fresher clothing, she nods to herself and heads in her own room to change. The Mecorian wore a comfortable wool plaid shirt and some cycling shorts for the debriefing that would occur in the following minutes since she definitely has questions that needed answers.

Aanshi Minerva

The group eventually were told to stand their ground to wait and the Tiefling followed orders as she tended to. The hours passed and she tried to learn what she could but could only decipher what the others were able to since their permission to enter the city was denied. When the sound of hooves on dirt was audible for her to hear, she felt herself perk up to look at the approaching men and women that was supposed to be the army that they were waiting for but not with Anora. Regardless, Ardur started giving orders around them when a disembodied voice invaded not their ears, but their minds. Aanshi pulled out her sword and shield as she furrowed her brows, finding the intrusion in her mind concerning whilst giving her a dull but faint pain in the head. She tried to physically shake her head to remove the voice but found it futile. The voice referred itself seemingly worthy to be considered a God and she found herself clenching her jaw for a moment as she found its presence in her mind less and less likeable.

”Inquisition, move out!” Ardur shouted and she marched forward, placing herself in front of the footmen as their group marched outside the tree-line and onto plain sight. The voice seemed quite pleased by this and she found herself fixing her stance as the ground stirred and the air grew ever fetid with every dull shake of the earth. ”By the Gods,” Aanshi muttered under her breath as a gigantic and inanely plated creature arose from the city and towards them. The gore that covered it was stunning, to say the least. Her bewilderment was broken when the creature started charging at them with a thunderous roar. Her heart pounded in her chest as she chose to hold her ground, waiting for the proper moment to move out of the creature’s way. She then barked a hold order to the men, most of which seemed willing to follow her command.

She waited for ranged attacks to fly, hopefully to give her and the rest of the footmen an opening to make use of. ”Do not be brash!” she shouted as her fingers flexed on her sword. The arrows earlier seemed to do no damage at all. But their large half-dragon companion’s stream of acid seemed to have weakened the creature’s armor enough for others to make use of. ”Steady! There will be a chance,” shouted the Tiefling said as she edged closer to the thing, hoping to catch it by surprise somehow. The creature roared in anger just as the earth glimmered and shook in addition to the giant’s gait. Sparks on the earth ran under the giant and she found herself nearly taking a step back as the monster ran straight through the crumbling earth before its path.

"Inquisition soldiers, spread out! …Surround the creature, keep your distance and its attention while we probe for further weakness," shouted Ardur and Aanshi was more than willing to run towards a side flank of the creature with the rest of the soldiers while Ardur let out a stream of fire towards the creature till it retaliated with a boulder towards their leader’s chest. With the creature sizzling and surely cooking inside its own armor, she was about to psyche herself to charge when she saw two soldiers get tossed around like they were nothing. Furious, she ran for the creature, but stopping as she felt herself get nearly knocked down by the wind from Kharne’s massive wings. Aanshi instinctively raised her shield to protect her torso and covered her face with her sword hand to protect herself from the debris that flew past her. She lowers her hands and felt her initial surge of energy wavering from the Dragon’s attack. But the beast seemed unimpeded by the powerful attack by what she had gathered was Kharne attacking the creature by using its own axe head. Instead, it stopped and focused its efforts on Gilead who now was holding on to a spear. She wanted to help, but magic users started casting spells and she did not want to be within their magic attack’s effective ranges. So she hung back, raising her shield as she tried to sprint behind the creature to help distract if need be and attempted to pry a spear off of their sheath before she felt the ground move from the veins that sprung out to remove all the others.

welcome to the guild. there's always a lil something for someone around here. and genres are pretty fluid around here so i'm sure you'll find your fix somehow.

Koren did as instructed: shooting what he could while avoiding Matija who was stuck within the enemy’s lines. “TIBULUS, NOW!” the Mecorian barked to which their energized companion responded to with appendages eager to electrify the water trap that was meant for later use. The Mecorian took this to her advantage and ran for her team while Koren tried to wrap his head around what he was seeing. The field was eventually quiet again and the Mecorian safely dropped behind their cover before hurrying over the next. That was when a lone survivor from the first wave of Skaldurm pirates tried to shoot for their skeletal pilot. Thankfully, Tibulus was able to land the first shot before the pirate could.

“Yer tha best, Tib,” Matija chimed as she readies her rifle and aimed at the door. Koren glanced back at the Mecorian and then to the Funganoid who started covering the surviving pirate’s body. “That was amazing. But why take that?” the Juz’ asked curiously as he watched their pilot power up the security feeds with an appendage. "We've still got company, though they're a lot less willing to step forward... Fight's not over yet, kids."

“Indeed,” the blue alien said as he faced the door again.

The minutes spent waiting for their enemies to come forward was agonizing. The Juz’ felt cold sweat slowly drip down his face as the sounds of familiar fizzing and metalwork occurred outside their view. These sounds were later followed by heavy footsteps accompanied by the sounds of armor platings grinding against each other. Koren reloaded his gun just as the pirates came in with metal panels that they placed down by the water to act as insulators in order to ensure their safety. With their tight shield formation, Koren could not find a location that he could effectively exploit. More so when the vikings started shooting back at them, forcing them to duck for cover.

"I calculate an 82.6% chance of us sustaining casualties if we remain in this configuration,” piped SAL, making Koren turn his attention towards the robot. “You two pull back to the secondary position with Matija. When the lane opens, begin a concentrated stream of fire,” he said while looking at him and Harrison. “Support trio, get ready to cover Harrison and Koren as they move back. Tobi, get ready," the robot added and Koren nodded in agreement. Matija on the other hand tried to aim at whatever their enemies exposed to her. But she was only able to shoot down one of their guns before she had to stop and hunker down. “I’ll let ‘em bunk with me if them boys won’t get me killed this time,” the Siren joked as she shot a look at Harrison. Koren smiled underneath his helmet as he slowly shook his head.

After a few moments, Harriet threw pods at the enemy that dispersed into some kind of grey-ish fog. This prompted him and the Mecorian to seal their helmets in reflex just before it could disperse towards their location. Another gas, a counter-agent he assumed, was dispersed in their location and Koren took this as the signal for their retreat. The back liners and the two robots fired at the pirates as the two men scrambled back towards the Siren who had taken advantage of the wavering pirates. She shot down one pirate that lowered his shield to cough and then the shoulder of another that made the pirate stop and drop behind her shield while she too gasped for air.

“We’re gonna have to fall back deeper inside,” Matija said as she pulled back the bolt handle of her rifle and continued aiming and shooting. “Who’s got a map? Is there a good place to hold into until boss man says so?”

blood boy, odd boy,
punch his face out, boy
i tried
The fact that they were asked to come to come to the City of Ash in such short notice was quite concerning. More so now as they were greeted with the aftermath of a bloodbath that had occurred to the city. The Tiefling mumbled a prayer to the Gods for the safety of the souls of the fallen as an unconscious means to appease herself rather than tethering such acts to beliefs and deities.

Despite the sight, Aanshi wandered as far as she was allowed to within the trees and saw the mockery that the bodies were made to appear. While it seemed only horrible for some, her mind seemed to tell her that it was more of an insult to whoever it was meant for. Perhaps it was for them but it could also be for anyone. The Tiefling’s mind raced to make sense of what she was seeing. But the “who,” the “why,” and “hows” could not be deciphered from where they stood at the moment. Whoever or whatever attacked these city folk were numerous; possibly large, likely powerful. It reminded her of an old story pertaining a powerful man that skewered his victim’s bodies and heads on stakes to incite fear on his enemies. If not for the sight, at least the smell would have deterred those unaccustomed to such horrors. Thankfully she was not one of those people and was generally unaffected sans an instinctive scrunching of her nose when the wind decided to give them a taste of the horrors that await them within the city’s walls. The air was definitely pungent, but it seemed relatively out of place. Her eyes wandered to the wisps of smoke inside the city and wondered what they truly burnt.

The Tiefling attempted to find a way to get nearer to the walls without stepping out of their cover when a piercing whistle caught her attention. She swiftly jogged towards the sound and fell in line behind everybody else. There, her superior explained that it was not the Blight, but something else. She eyes the city’s broken gates and wondered to herself if it was a breach. “Breached? No. Infiltrated? Why two hours?” she asked herself. Outside her mind, Aanshi furrows her brows, wondering if she should voice out her slowly accumulating thoughts or if they were worth everyone's time. Her worries however were somewhat answered when the others asked in her stead. "I-is everyone required to follow the investigation, sire?" the Tiefling asked in a voice far softer than is expected from someone her size.

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