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a reality where dogs still love us but they can tell us about it by verbalizing it
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HAH! what a bloody idiot. he said that he lost one of his phones so he can't answer her calls. then he f*ckin' proceeds to pull out two from his bag. do better, dick.
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"I'm a survivor \\ I'm gonna make it \\ I will survive \\ Keep on survivin'"
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tfw u have a permanent 5 o'clock shadow in your armpits


Hi! I’m Mac!
…or Dmitri… or Die… or Slick… or Clover… or Trace…

…Obviously, none of these is my real name, (and by now you might have an inkling of an idea as to which fandom I came from before) so I don’t really mind being called using any of the names aforementioned above or by my character’s name when we talk in OOC. However, don’t mistake me or my character as the same entity. As I’ve said before “IC =/= OOC”

IRL, I am a 21 year old attending college as a 4th year an extendee Bachelor of Arts and Communication Student. I major in Speech Communication and minor in Broadcasting (journalism). Oh and I’m not a native English speaker so I might not catch some references, idioms, or metaphors. I will most likely ask you OOC for clarifications on some things because I sometimes misunderstand definitions despite being supposedly fluent in English.

Anyway, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly carefree person. It means that I’ll let us get away with doing a lot of shit (we’ll probably do a lot of crazy shit tbh), and my friends say that I’m pretty friendly too so I guess we can take their word for it. But, as all humans are bound to be, I do have my limits. With that, I wouldn’t say “tread lightly” with me. But I will say “let’s be decent” at least. Soo... Let’s just see where it goes, yeah?

Okay. Now for credibility.

I have been roleplaying on and off for... 5 or 6-ish years now. I used to roleplay in tumblr(dot)com for a couple of years before stopping for half a year, and then it became an on and off thing that ended up with me missing out on a lot of things IC and IRL. It became a nuisance and a source of frustration for me since I couldn’t keep up with my character’s life and my own life so I had to stop. I just didn’t have enough time to play as my characters (plural) on a regular basis while also balancing my social and college life so I had to stop doing it , kinda. So here I am, trying to get back at the swing of things since I would like to believe that I generally have my shit together now.

If you want to contact me, feel free to tag me in posts or send me a PM for more personal matters. But if you want to contact me regularly I suggest that you ask for my Discord account in private because I’m most often online there than here. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself and where we met though, okay?

So...... There we go. I felt like I’ve wanted to add something but I’m not quite sure what it was so let’s just awkwardly end this introduction here. I hope you have fun. Before you go, have my uwu face:

/フフ       ム`ヽ
/ ノ)  ∧__∧  ) ヽ
/ |\ \ (✿uwu ) ノ⌒(ゝ.\
/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく\ /
丶_ ノ ✩ ノ、 ✩ |/
  `ヽ `ー-‘_人`ーノ
丶 ̄ _人’彡ノ
    /`ヽ _/十\
/ | \/ |
| | \ \ /
  \ \  丶 | /
| | /   / /
/ / | / /
/_ / \ / /

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welcome to the club
mistake has been rectified and character sheet has been posted.
i am very very sorry for posting in the character's tab. i didn't realize that i was on another chrome tab and ended up posting there. hhh
xcuse u.

i'm a dork, not a shitlord. get your facts straight, man
in honor of valentines day, here's something for Amy and Grayson to give to each other
@Xandrya @Crossfire
Matija and Koren

In collaboration with: @Rultaos and @superservo27

Matija was bouncing by the heels of her feet as she impatiently waited for their shuttle to come. She felt heavier than usual considering that her sniper rifle, the one that she usually prefers not taking, is on her back. Not to mention that additional magazines for her guns, all six for her pistols and four for her rifle, on her waist; plus the few extra bullets that she took just in case. ”I’m excited to not die,” she says cheerily to no one as she eyes the toes of her shoes both in anxiety and excitement. Koren was on her side, as per usual. He was looking at the partial mapping of the facility that Matija eventually looked over for a bit to have a general idea when her toes stopped being interesting. ”Just remember to turn off safety when you fire,” she says out of the blue, making the Juz’ look up to her before responding with a ”I understand.” ”Don’t forget what I told you. The trigger ain’t your enemy. Just pull it, don’t squeeze. An’ breathe, Koren. You’ll be fine. I’m there. Just don’t die, okay?” The blue alien nodded in acknowledgment before looking back down at the map and closing it.

Leaving Koren be, the Mecorian eyes Benny on her side who was stretching his neck and shoulders before he flexed his fingers and hands. She watched him fidget about before she piped up to fulfill the need to say something to the man. ”Benny, I already told Koren this. We know the gig's simple. But shit can go wrong,” she pauses as she takes in the gravity of her words. ”We might have a warband on our ass, we might not. Bottomline is, don't die. I'd be disappointed if you do,” she finishes with a small smile hidden behind her helmet’s tinted visor. Her words seemed to have amused Benny based on the snort of a chuckle and his tone of voice. "I dinnae knew I had expectations ta' live up to. I'll try not ta' disappoint,” He jested back with a nod. He then turned back towards Koren, the blue Juz' that seemed to be a close friend of Matija's. "I've been meaning to ask, how'd you an' the kid meet each other? Ya two seem to go way back,” He asked as the shuttle doors opened and some people began climbing in.

"Well...” Matija started as she thought about his question. ”How's about this. I'll tell ya all about it when we get back, yea? Juss so we'll have something to talk about if we can at least get a bit of watered down beer to swill down,” Matija responded as they began walking towards the second shuttle entrance where they all huddled aboard. Based on their current numbers, it seemed that Taleste got excluded from their little pile. This thought made Matija feel grateful and envious due to the implications of special treatment. In order to distract herself, she starts fiddling with her rifle again, adjusting the sight as she deems it fit before she got tired of it and holstered it back to her back. She looks at the blank faces of each person’s suit in the room before glanced at Benny, watching him play the old retro game in his helmet. The Mecorian finds herself grinning at the childish sight and letting out an amused snort before going back to minding her own business.

Soon enough, they were offloaded to the top of the said plateau and Matija started feeling her ears perk up in alert due to the thought of them being in such a relatively high location that could be seen by anyone willing or lucky enough to look. With the crew being directed to circle around the location plateau, Matija found it apt to pull out her rifle and looked over the direction that she was given while she swallowed back the feeling of unbearable excitement bubbling in her stomach. Koren on the other hand simply took a flat rock to sit on before pulling out his own borrowed gun that he held with both hands. Till then, they simply had to wait for the thief to not fuck up.

The silence within the group was broken by Stryker’s frantic voice later on. ”Taleste, come in.... Taleste do you read me? Damn it!” he exclaimed, making the Mecorian and Juz’ glanced towards Stryker as the two tried to make sense of what’s happening. Before they could properly piece things together, the ground shook underneath them, startling the two of them to standing upright. ”Oh wow,” Koren breathed as he watched the ground before them open up what almost seemed to be a staircase to the underworld. ”Taleste was captured, but she got the job done. If she's lucky, she's already dead, we have to honor her sacrifice by pushing forward and getting this job done,” said their Captain. Matija grinned maliciously at the thought of Taleste being captured and tortured. The Siren found it satisfying to think of such due to the mere fact that she felt one-upped so unfairly. ”Besides, they're probably gonna follow that right to us, and we have a better chance of defending ourselves down there in cover than out here in the open,” added Stryker. To which she nodded to as she lowered her weapon and started jogging towards the hole.

"They're already comin' Stryker,” called out Grayson. This resulted in the rest of the crew hustling faster inside even without Stryker’s orders.

By the time they get by the doors, Stryker was already pounding and demanding for a passage in. Whether or not he was heard by its inhabitants was a mystery to them. But at least the door opened, to which everyone felt relief over. While Koren had decided to holster his weapon so he won’t get bogged down by a weapon that he had no current use for, Matija herself found it eerily quiet save for the sounds of their crew’s footfalls and the eventual sliding of the door once they were all in. The Captain ordered the doors to stay locked, to which SAL responded to by punching the literal lights out of the entire room. He possibly turned off the entire floor’s power as well. Sans the few emergency light fixtures on the walls. Matija nodded and let out an approving hum at the act before turning on the low-light vision on her visor; helping her see in the relative darkness by outlining the objects within her line of vision.

"Ok, Grayson, Amy, Benny, you three with me, we'll grab the eggheads. The rest of you stay up here. Sure, we killed the power, but the Skaldurm are nothing if not resilient, they will break through that eventually, so grab whatever you can from the rooms up here, barricade it off, and set up some cover points in case you have to fend them off. There's another way out of here according to the blueprints I got from the Alliance. Soon as we're ready to go, I'll call up to you guys."

"Wait-” Matija muttered as she found herself feeling stupid at the realization. She looked at the group that was meant as a search party and she eyed the yellow trimmed merc that agreed to the notion. ”Let's get moving. The rest of you, don't die. They don't get another win today,” quipped Stryker as their group moved into the depths of the facility.

With nothing else to do other than to watch the rest of their team’s backs, she sighed and faced their eight-man crew. "First thing’s first,” she said as she cleared her voice. “We need to set up a barricade. Who can lift the most? We also need to prop up chairs against the doors so they have to work more to get in.” Harrison turned to the plant lady and asked, ”Harriet, right? Do you think you can set up some kind of spider-web kind of deal so we can detect when they’re going to break in? Or, like, some kind of spike trap or something?” He turned to the others and asked them, ”Does anyone have anything that explodes? We can probably convert it into some kind of landmine or tripwire. We need to set up all possible defenses in case they break through.” As he attempted to organize the group into a coherent unit, Matija became visibly angry with him. ”Um. Yeah no,” the Siren says as she tugs at the guy by the shoulder. ”New guy, you got nice suggestions, but you should hang back.”

”Anyway, what he said. We’re going to have to scour around the place for now, see what we can find. But we’re going to have to find a way to reinforce those doors. If we can pike up some metal bars against that thing, or chairs. That would be great.” Matija looks at the two robots, SAL and Tobi. ”You guys look pretty strong, think you could prop some bars or a couple of those extremely heavy desks against the door?” She tries to silence Harrison whenever he tried to speak by placing a hand on the front of his helmet and shushing him. ”Hush now and help me carry some of the things from the back,” she says as she jogs towards the workstations to drag or carry whatever furniture she can just beyond the choke towards the opening of the clearing. ”Miss Harriet, you’re a scientist, right? Do you think you can cook us up some kind of smoke bomb after you’ve made spikes?” she says as she refers to the leafy woman. ”And you, Koren. Get Unaysah to make a few tracking webs for us on the corridor. We’ll need it so they can’t see us comin’,” the Siren says with a smile on her face. ”Oh and I’ll need someone to get some of the water gallons from the kitchen. We’ll need it for the floor and Tibulus so the brutes’ll have a little surprise when they go in.”

At the mention of water on the floor, Harrison had a guess what the plan was. ”We’re setting up a shock zone, aren’t we? An area where we channel electricity into the water, right? That’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?” He ran to the kitchen and tried to find the biggest container he would still be able to lift and came back with a big pot. He set it down and leaned in and to whisper at Matija who was about to tell Tibulus how she needs him to use the electric trap in tandem with a surprise attack of her own when Harrison spoke, ”You may have come up with a good idea, but I’m not finished with you yet.” The Mecorian leaned away and growled at the man in response as she walked away from her. ”As I was saying. Tibulus, we’ll need a really powerful shock on my signal. You’re my only ticket outta that thicket.”

As one the group gathered water and spread it across the floor, the others continued working on the barricades. One to block off the hallway, another to back it up, and one more in case. The defense requires Harrison and Koren crouching in the middle where the tables were propped just low enough to shoot over, Tobi and SAL would be standing behind them since they were the ones with the stronger firepower, while Tibulus, Harriet, and Willow were asked to stayed behind for support. Plus there’s the reason of not knowing what the complete expanse of their abilities may be. Her plan was to stick to the walls where the Skaldurm won’t think to look with her companions shooting at them. When a good amount of them are in their trap, she would shoot as much of them as she could and run back to her team when they realize her position. All while Tibulus gives them the shock of their lifetime in hopes of distracting them long enough for the Mecorian to get to safety.

When their preparations were done, the Siren walked near the only entrance that they’ll have to go through. ”Y’all gotta trust me on this,” she says before shooting Tibulus a glance in hope that the Funganoid would keep his word. With one pistol pulled out and on the ready, she rolled her shoulders and teased the trigger with her finger while they waited...

...And waited...

. . . And waited . . .

Unaysah eventually started chittering and Koren announced “They’re here,” to the everyone in their comm beads. As the Vikings were upon the door, Harrison shouted, ”Think back to your history class in school. Back before the federation and all that, there were 2 massive planetary-scale wars. In the second, the bad guys used a technique called blitzkrieg. Do you know what that means?” As he shouted this, he slowly unfolded his spear, each part sliding into place. He glanced toward Matija who was glancing back at him. She was in the process of activating her boots when Harrison pressed a button. The spear’s blade crackled into life, electricity coursing through it. The Mecorian scoffed as she reoriented herself to walk towards the wall and pressed herself to the side so her back was against the ceiling. When the Vikings broke the door, he screamed at the top of his lungs, “IT MEANS LIGHTNING WAR!” and stabbed the spear into the water. Raw power surged through it and lit up the Vikings like Christmas lights. Just as that was happening, bullets started whizzing past Harrison’s head. The siege had started.

Exasperated, Matija pressed herself closer to the corner before glaring back at the crew. ”FUCKEN’ IDIOT!” she screams at Harrison while she kept to her corner in order to minimize her chances of being hit. ”What?! I thought that was the plan! Was it not?!”

”NO!” she cries out as she shoots one that was brave, or stupid enough to cross the threshold despite the initial shock. ”TIBULUS, NOW!”

Matija and Koren

In collaboration with: @Rultaos

After another fruitful session, the trio eventually went off to clean themselves. By which it meant dragging the sweaty Scotsman towards the bathroom so he would at least seem presentable in front of others when they were called to the war room. There, they talked something about a band of raiders called Skaldum and so on and so forth. But this Taleste chick was apparently better than her for reconnaissance. She scoffs at the thought and shot a glare at the thief before trying to focus back on the mission briefing. Thankfully, they’re not really expected to do much on the surface other than expect a potential FUBAR if the raiders ever found them, or the labs. With nothing else to talk about, she immediately stood up and left the room so she could simmer down outside the war room. This earned the surprised and confused looks of some of her colleagues in the room but she didn’t really care for it regardless.

As Koren passed by, she grabs him by the arm and the Juz’ stops on the command. “Take ma guns and ammo from the room,” she says. “I’ll do some firin’ practice later. Wait for me in the gym.” The alien nodded to it and left when she lets him go.

After Taleste left, she too would head in the room to confront their supposed leader. “So, ain’t good enough for ya?” she says with venomous sweetness when she saunters in with a toothy smile that showed off the sharpness of her teeth, and rage in her eyes. “Cute lil Taily girl better than me? Tell me, Stryker. What made her better than me?” She gets near him, too near for comfort as she felt herself breathe in the rancid air of the man that had fallen down from her view. A moment was all it took for her smile to falter, urging her to pull it back up as she took an extra moment to stare in his eyes. “Actually, you know what? Whatever, right? Give others a chance,” she says as she takes a step back to give the man his space back. “I hope yer kitten is as good as you think she is, Stryker,” she said in that still sweet voice. “It would be a shame if one poor choice ended up with all of us dyin’.” With that, she left the room with a hollow chuckle on her throat.

Matija headed straight to the gym to use their small firing range inside. Koren handed the Mecorian her earplugs, pistols, magazines, pack of ammunitions, and a marker. She then tells the young Juz’ to head to their room and onto the Armory so they could get a fresh batch of ammunition enough for the apocalypse and get their armors checked before they had to deploy. “Get yourself a gun too and practice with it. You won’t know when you’ll need it.”

When the blue alien left, Matija asked the other range users to stop, she then jogged towards the insugel’s surface and doodled rough outlines of two people and multiple other targets before her marker ran out of ink, making her growl at it in frustration as she tried her best not to throw it on a random direction, or a random someone. When she’s done, she put in the earplugs and announced “FIRING!” to everyone to make sure that she won’t accidentally hit an idiot trying to walk in front of her.

Despite not being able to use a gun for a while, the kick of her pistols on her arms felt wonderful to her. The comforting weapon added with the rage fueling her systems made her focus so well that she ended up hitting her targets with near deadly precision despite the first few shots that she required to get a feel for her guns again. The rest of her time was spent with her slowly filling their insugel on multiple places with enough lead to make a small statue out of. When she was somewhat satisfied, she placed the hot firearms down onto the table so it could cool and be taken in to Grayson later for additional check-ups in order to assure minimal issues when they land planetside.

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