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imagine a school RP but it's an actual school where you and your character needs to learn things or fail the next big test. nothing big, nothing cheesy. just good ol' boring school
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a reality where dogs still love us but they can tell us about it by verbalizing it


Hi! I’m Mac!
…or Dmitri… or Die… or Slick… or Clover… or Trace…

…Obviously, none of these is my real name, (and by now you might have an inkling of an idea as to which fandom I came from before) so I don’t really mind being called using any of the names aforementioned above or by my character’s name when we talk in OOC. However, don’t mistake me or my character as the same entity. As I’ve said before “IC =/= OOC”

IRL, I am a 21 year old attending college as a 4th year an extendee Bachelor of Arts and Communication Student. I major in Speech Communication and minor in Broadcasting (journalism). Oh and I’m not a native English speaker so I might not catch some references, idioms, or metaphors. I will most likely ask you OOC for clarifications on some things because I sometimes misunderstand definitions despite being supposedly fluent in English.

Anyway, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly carefree person. It means that I’ll let us get away with doing a lot of shit (we’ll probably do a lot of crazy shit tbh), and my friends say that I’m pretty friendly too so I guess we can take their word for it. But, as all humans are bound to be, I do have my limits. With that, I wouldn’t say “tread lightly” with me. But I will say “let’s be decent” at least. Soo... Let’s just see where it goes, yeah?

Okay. Now for credibility.

I have been roleplaying on and off for... 5 or 6-ish years now. I used to roleplay in tumblr(dot)com for a couple of years before stopping for half a year, and then it became an on and off thing that ended up with me missing out on a lot of things IC and IRL. It became a nuisance and a source of frustration for me since I couldn’t keep up with my character’s life and my own life so I had to stop. I just didn’t have enough time to play as my characters (plural) on a regular basis while also balancing my social and college life so I had to stop doing it , kinda. So here I am, trying to get back at the swing of things since I would like to believe that I generally have my shit together now.

If you want to contact me, feel free to tag me in posts or send me a PM for more personal matters. But if you want to contact me regularly I suggest that you ask for my Discord account in private because I’m most often online there than here. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself and where we met though, okay?

So...... There we go. I felt like I’ve wanted to add something but I’m not quite sure what it was so let’s just awkwardly end this introduction here. I hope you have fun. Before you go, have my uwu face:

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(With Benny, Grayson, and Moon)
Collab with @Rultaos and @Crossfire

“I’m betting you thirty credits that she’ll just up and leave him and he’ll come running after her,” Matija lazily stated before tossing a popcorn into her own mouth. ”Tha’s too cliché. This thing wouldinna’ got 4 star reviews if it wus tha’ simple” Benny responded, sitting forward and leaning out from the edge of the bed. The monitor they had mounted onto the wall occasionally went fuzzy and would flash like a TV with bad reception, but it was one of the few entertaining things they found to do. Matija nodded, hoping that the cliché twist would be different. Unfortunately for them, she became thirty credits richer for being mostly right.

”Fockin’ reviewers, all sizzed tha’ lot of ‘em…” Benny muttered as he passed the change to Matija to which she grinned over. ”Told ya. People are suckers for that.”

The past 3 months have been rather mundane for the entirety of the Revenant. The few run-ins with feds and alliance thugs were fun, but even that paled in comparison to when they were being gripped by the throat. What was there to do other than exercise and train? Sure, Stryker had offered each and every one of them deals that had piqued their interest in staying with the crew, but that too was not enough to fill the boredom that set in every now and then.

“Hey!” Matija and Benny was interrupted by demanding knocks at their door. “Tia, mind giving me some back-up?” added the voice behind the door. Matija got off the bed and opened it to see the new red-headed medic. “What are YOU doing here?” Matija said with a teasing tone. The red-head, Moon, fixed her with a glare, to which Matija responded with a chuckle and her hands raised up defensively. “Just kidding. What’s up?” Moon flicked a stray hair off of her face and sighed. “It’s Grayson. I need backup to clean him up. I doubt that he’s done anything in the bathroom.” Matija pursed her lips in response. “Okay. You need supplies or..?” Moon nodded morosely at the question and Matija sighed as she looked for some spare soap and shampoo to use on Grayson. Moon hesitated at the door after taking the supplies.

“D-do you guys mind doing something else? It’s just…. Fuckin’ Grayson might just stay barricaded in his room, there’s not much I could really do to force him to get up, y’know? Might need an extra set of hands or two.” Matija raised a brow and turned towards Benny. “Well... I find tear gas is a real good motivator for gettin’ people off their arse,” Benny added nonchalantly as he got up and walked up to the other two.

”I don’t think we need to go to those lengths, but… keep it handy, just in case.” she chuckled as she led the way back over to Gray’s room. To her surprise, he had actually vacated the place, the door sat slightly ajar, so she instead went to the men’s bathroom at the end of the hall and barged on in. ”Mhm, just as I thought gang” she said as she saw Grayson standing in front of one of the sinks, splashing his face. ”Not even a clean shirt to be seen” she said, shaking her head before turning to her companions and pointing at one of the shower stalls on the far wall. ”You know the drill guys, drag him in there and toss his ass behind that shower curtain. I’ll go find him something clean to wear.”

Matija looked over Benny with a grin at that prompt. Without a word, Benny moved forward and used Skelly to grab Grayson by the shoulder and his organic hand to hold him by his torso. With the force of Skelly’s servomotors, he (literally) strong-armed Grayson to the showers. Matija held an extra shower head towards the terrified Grayson and held down the hose to let loose a torrent of water that made the man shudder before screaming and thrashing about, getting Benny soaked as well. “Oi! Watch where yer blastin’, fish eyes!” The shower’s heating system isn’t working outside scheduled times anymore, so this was a rather cold shock to both men...

“So that’s that,” Matija said, nodding to the now violently shaking Grayson, and displeased and soaked Benny. “That wasn’t in the bleedin’ plan...” He muttered, shaking himself out of both the cold and getting water off his clothes. Matija shrugged and offered a sheepish smile. “It's tha best thing that I cain do. How about I make it up to ya later?”

Benny sighed. “Just get me somethin’ ta’ dry meself. I’m not walkin’ the halls like this,” he responded, still looking very cross. Matija left and immediately came back with a fluffy towel and a bottle of shampoo-soap that she handed to Benny. “Here. Sorry,” she said with an apologetic smile. Benny took the towel, thankful that both he and Grayson were too cold to do anything but shake themselves dry. “Hope Gingy comes back with somethin’ fer the drunk, ‘cause I’m not drying him,” Benny said as he began drying himself off with Matija’s towel, noticing the scent of the fabric matched with her. He felt a bit awkward at realizing that but tried not to show any outward sign of it. The cold and his resentment from earlier helped that along.

Moon walked back in the room, carrying a bundle of clothing in her arms. She cracked a smile as she saw Grayson and Benny’s state, knowing immediately what had happened.
”Hm, well, can’t say I didn’t expect this. You, back in there, I can still smell it on you, actually wash stuff, in fact, throw the clothes out here once you’re in the privacy of the stall, or we’ll be here all night”

She shooed Grayson back inside the shower stall, slowly but surely, his soaking wet clothes hit the floor with a sloppy slap. Realizing he’d left the soap and shampoo out with them, Moon lobbed both over the top of the stall like a grenade, both of them smacked off Grayson (who swore heavily and unintelligibly through his slurring accent) with slight thuds before clattering to the floor.

Benny meanwhile, after managing to dry himself off enough with Matija’s towel, took the opportunity to walk out and away with his soaked clothes and head back to his room before either of the girls could rope him into doing anything else that could make his day worse.

Matija looked at the shower stall \and sighed when she fully realized Grayson’s sorry state. “So. Why are ya so concerned with him anyway?” she asked Moon.

“Huh?” Moon looked up quizzically. “Well, it’s my job… kind of. As long as I’m traveling with you guys, it’s kind of my duty to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Guy being a slob like this, his room’s a breeding ground for disease. And besides, he’s clearly going through a really hard time. I feel kinda bad for him, yknow?”

The Mecorian nodded. “Well… just don’t burn yourself out with him. He’s sad an’ shit but his happiness ain’t your responsibility. Though,” she said, hearing Grayson nearly finished. “-granted how much of a wreck he is, I doubt that he’ll take care of himself right. Wanna clean him up more? I got some clippers an’ a razor back at my room?”

“I just, I don’t know, think he needs someone to have his back for a while, that’s all. Least I could do for him since he masterminded our little prison break back when we met.” Moon spoke quietly to not tip off Grayson that they were talking about him. “As for cleaning him up… really it should be his choice, but if he doesn’t fight us, I don’t see why not?”

Matija grins mischievously before leaving for her room and coming back with an electric clipper, a straight razor, and a bottle of hair conditioner. “A’ight, you going for his hair or his beard? Straight razors are easier to clean but not everyone knows how to use em. The clippers are pretty straightforward.”

“We should probably ask him first, if he’s gonna fight it, we can call back Benny to hold him but the razor will be out entirely”

They waited for the shower to stop, then several minutes later, the lock on the stall rattled and the door popped open as Grayson shuffled out, still fairly disheveled looking, but cleaner. His shirt was on backwards, but other than that, he had successfully managed to shower. He even looked a little steadier on his feet. Moon carefully worded the question that followed. “Feel like a bit of a trim big guy? You might feel a little more like yourself without that mop in your eyes all the time.”

Grayson simply shrugged, his body language practically screaming ‘I don’t give a fuck’ so Moon took that as the green light to go for it, and nodded at Tia while reaching for the clippers.

Matija pursed her lips as she folded out the razor and placed herself in front of Grayson. “Look, man, it’s gonna be a close shave so don’t move while I work on ya unless I make you move.” With a bottle of conditioner and a freshly changed razor, Matija started working on Grayson’s scraggly beard with utmost care and precision in hopes that the man would be more bearable to look at than whatever sorry state he is in at this moment.

Moon set the guard to a respectable length then flipped the switch on the clippers and began running it through Grayson’s hair. The man sat perfectly still with a blank stare, that all-too-familiar look of deep sadness plastered over his face. He seemed completely disconnected from that moment in time, his mind wandering off to another time and place.

Matija tried her best to not look at his eyes. She did not like them, nor did she appreciate the emotions, or lack thereof, that it carries. With quick and light strokes, she manages to avoid cutting his skin somehow to which she found herself proud of. “All done! Just bring back the stuff I lent y’a when you’re done.” She took a few paper towels from the dispenser nearby and shoved it at Grayson’s chest. “Clean yerself up and thank the nice lady foar her concern, okay?” She said with a tap on the side of Grayson’s face for emphasis.

Moon blushed a little at Tia’s comment, then took it on herself to gather up the soaps and stuff to give it back to the Mecorian.

“Thanks for your help, I owe ya one” she said quietly as she passed it over. Grayson had wandered over to a sink, and was wiping away the stray remnants of hair. Tia chuckled and commented something about being paid back before she bid her farewell and left the two of them alone….

The Juz’ hissed out when a stray electrical wire sparked at the side of his neck. He reeled back before pressing a palm on his neck and groaning. “Emergency electrical resurgence,” he whispered to himself before heading towards the nearby fusebox to turn the power off again so he could go back to his work on the lower deck’s maintenance.

He had been doing a lot of dirty work in the ship through maintenance work and arguably has had the most fun out of the 3 months as opposed to everyone else while also including others in his excursions. There was that odd one, however: the human that did not smell right. There was a sense of unease wafting about her but he tried to keep his suspicions mostly hidden. He did not think it was his place to talk at the moment, let alone point fingers on dangerously bored shipmates. Another spark nearby shook the thought off of his mind and he decided to finish up maintenance in favor of checking the power systems on a later date and working on refurbishing the old battery lenses for a literal power hub in the tech labs to power whatever device they may need for personal uses as opposed to directly connecting to the ship’s waning power. While the makeshift solar sphere generators is not a solo project, he still fancies himself as its lead engineer.

“Copper wiring… wiring… wiring...” the Juz’ felt around for his supplies, partially nodding to the bop of the music flowing through his headphones. Unaysah was stirred awake from her pod when the Juz’ finished gearing up and started using Hephaestus, his arc welder, to slice and connect parts together. Space junkers are relievingly more than happy to part with seemingly useless parts for ship maintenance and repairs to even fleeing convicts. A sale was a sale he supposes.

The arachnid behind him stretched her legs after another spark from the welder before scurrying over to Koren. She tapped her front legs on the side of his face and he responded with a soft acknowledging grunt. Another spark urged Unaysah to move behind the welding visor, and the two continued their work in relative silence.

heyy~ did some overhauls in minor details. mostly to make them slightly less edgy lol. some images are TBA because editing and redrawing. <3 <3

Koren found the city air distasteful. With a sigh, he pulls out his gas mask to filter out the undesirable air off of his sensitive lungs and moves closer to the rest of the group. Sal, the robot, talked after a beep. “The plan rolls ahead as scheduled. Pax, Koren, go acquire a pair of vehicles to stage the accident.” Koren nodded and went off to acquire a land car. Due to the area’s nature as a city, he easily found one by the slums. The old-style car security was easy to deal with, he thought. With a bit of tampering here and there, the car’s faulty security got easily bypassed, allowing him entry with a confirmatory beep. The Juz’ winced in his mask and quickly jumped in the car to hotwire and run away with it.

On the way, he listened to their comms. When Pax confirmed to him that he is near the meeting point, the Juz’ hastened his speed to ram head-first towards the other car.

The cars whined and beeped in response. He reckons that if any of their cars were ensured, the respective companies would be hearing about their little wreckage by now. Regardless, he comes out of his car after a few moments and started playing the role of a wronged man.

“What are you DOING, you metal REJECT!” Koren raised his voice past his mask, waving his arms around as he had seen his people and others do so whenever they fought. The heated exchange came just in time for the convoy to stop before them.

Someone shouted from inside the cars in a language that Koren could not understand. He simply glared at them and continued on with his argument until the whirring whine of the entire block’s electric grid shutting down signalled them to raise weapons and fire. The sound of ballistic fire and flashes of energy weaponry made the area appear like a beacon of death to anyone who may be near enough to hear or see the event.

She was annoyed that the guy, whoever the hell this guy was, had the ability to keep talking the way that he does. “I’m surprised that he’s not choking on his own damn spit yet, or worse, done in by his own guys,” she thought to herself while paying some semblance of attention to what the jarhead was saying. Not out of want, but of need. She still needed to hear what the other had to do after all. One by one, her crewmates were grouped and assigned to jobs that seemed to fit for them. She wondered who she would end up working with and hoped that it was with Koren, or Tibulass, or Harriet, or maybe even the new mysterious man that boarded their ship in such short notice. He was quite attractive and the bionics added charm to his mysterious self. Alas, the list kept getting smaller and smaller until Koren and Harriet too were relegated to their own squads. She found herself feeling less and less enthusiastic when she realizes that it’s only her, Tibulass, and Stryker left. While she did not find the Pilot annoying, she did find Stryker as such.

"Which leaves us with the final target, and this is the big fish: Zala Ha'rek. He's a core member of the Federation's leadership group. One of the original founders if the rumors are true. He's hosting a ceremonial gala, some form of political or military fundraiser, probably in support of M'raek. The plan is simple, infiltrate undercover and poison the target, slip out in the confusion of our attack run starting."

She took a moment to take in that she’s going to be alone. While it wasn’t a new concept to her, she felt outcasted when she realized that she’s the only one who won’t be having any backup. Enraged, she was about to voice her thoughts about the matter when Stryker assured her that him and Tib would be nearby. That placated the Mecorian just enough that she was willing to keep her mouth shut for the time being. “Damn right,” she thought, “I’m the only good thing around here that’s going to make sure that none of these idiots fuck it up”.

Eventually, they were all dismissed and Matija made a beeline towards her room, not bothering with the others. If anything, she thought that she’ll spend most of her days doing Stryker’s stupid drills, and recalibrating and fixing any damages that her suit may have from the previous mission. While not exactly the most adept in fixing such devices, she has basic knowledge of mechanisms and at least had Koren to ask and if she found something that she could not fix, she can always ask Grayson as the man is still in good terms with her anyway.


The days where the nerds did not need her help was more or less mind numbing.

The strain of not knowing what else to do other than follow a training regimen was not her thing and it did little to abate her anxiety. Seeing Benny and knowing that their relationship was also not the same as before bothered her, but it was at least better prior to him apologizing to her. So when game time came, she was more than happy to move up and ready. The downside, however was that she was not going to wear her suit this time. If anything, she was mostly armed with nothing more than her fists and a few things that she got herself as a precaution: one of her silken handkerchiefs, a meter of wire-rope from the ship’s supplies, and a small foldable knife that she borrowed from someone that she didn’t even bother looking up. To relax herself, she visited Tibulass before the mission and helped her fix her disguise as she had the tools and ability to make her as close to who she’s supposed to be playing as. She then gave her friend some tips on how to not trip on heels, and then left to fix up Koren even though the Juz’ was more than capable on taking care of himself.

Despite all the fanfare and anxiety of the oncoming mission, Matija fixed herself up last. Partially because she felt so vulnerable knowing that she is going to a mission without armor, mostly because she found the waiting clothes horrible and colored contacts more so. Thankfully she’ll need to be near or in the target location before she needs to fully clothe up. But that doesn’t make the look any more palatable.

On the night of the job, she came in a little before call time because her nerves won’t let her sit still. Stryker was surprisingly early (then again, of course he would), so was Tibulass though she seemed out of it. Koren followed a little after her and she nodded at the armored Juz’, internally envious that he could hide underneath his armor. Benny and some new guy came over too, though she took a moment longer to stare at Benny before looking away. Koren came over to talk to the two men and she paid no heed to them.

Eventually, they were all boarded to their shuttles with Matija sharing the space with Tibulass and Stryker. All seemed well, albeit the tense air of anxiety for what’s to come, before Stryker broke the silence that made Matija instinctively look at the unarmored man as he handed her a small case. “...a dose of the poison we're to use on the target. There's probably a syringe in there if you think you can get away with that undetected. Otherwise, keep the vial handy in case an opportunity to slip it in his drink arises. I've got a dose of it too, but they'll probably be checking us for weapons inside, so it's a good thing I've got this,” to which he produces a flask with a false bottom. While it was old-school, she could not help but find that cute in a way. But just to make sure, she too checks the case handed to her to see a small small vial and a syringe. Satisfied, she closes it before tucking it between her breasts, beneath anyone's view, as it was still the easiest way to hide items.

Upon landing, she stands and stretches for a moment, timing her breathing with the metallic hiss of the hydraulic doors opening. Stryker gave her one last reminder about keeping in contact, and she nods. “Don’t gotta tell me twice,” she grins as she made her way to the kitchen staff entrance.
Clinical Hookie

Collab with: @Rultaos

With breakfast and everything else done and over with, Matija simply crashed on her bed. Koren then had the responsibility of bringing their used utensils back to the galley before he went to do some last minute checks (and calibrations if necessary) on the engines and replaced parts to make sure that the rushed repairs and the adhesives would not fall apart the moment the ship goes past the pre-flight checks before catching a few winks on one of the beds by the engine room. Thankfully they were recently cleaned so he did not need to worry about getting any allergies triggered.

With a sigh, the Juz’ drifts off for what felt like a few moments before he got woken at the sound of movement passing by the slightly ajar engine doors. He was not sure how long he had slept but his eyes peered past the walls just in time to see a blur of white pass by the glass panes. Curious, he walks up and followed the blur to see Matija seemingly trying to sneak past the engine room.

“Ummi..?” The Mecorian stops to look back at the source of the voice, feeling quite caught despite not really doing anything wrong. “Um, yanno… Just. Just tryin’a practice my silent walkin’ without my boots.” The Juz’ gave her a questioning look, to which Matija pouted to. “What? Don’t believe me?”

“Yes. But you cannot be trusted. You said so yourself,” the young man smiled. The Siren sighs and smiles as she shakes her head at the response. The familiarity of their exchange was amusing and comforting. “Fine. Caught me. Heard we needed to get checked-up but uh. See, I ain’t one for needles an’ syringes no more,” she chuckles nervously. “I suggest you come with me and do the same. Don’t really trust anyone here anymore.” The Juz’ found her comment odd but followed her all the same. “What about the human with the burn? You seemed to like him.”

“Uuugh,” the Mecorian groaned, “Yeah but I don’t think we can trust Benjie no more. Not that I trusted him much.”

Unbeknownst to the duo, the man in question was also making their way down through the lower levels of the ship, also in an attempt to get away from the supposed medical exam people were going to be put through. Though he had not heard the entirety of the conversation, he had managed to catch the tail end of it.

Upon hearing the familiar voice of the Mecorian saying that, he felt an almost immediate sense of both anger and betrayal. Even more than one he had previously felt. No longer caring for discretion, he immediately barged inside the room he heard the voice from to interrupt the conversation and also defend himself. ”Oh, so it wasn’t feckin’ enough tha’ you stabbed me in tha’ bum, but now yer tryin’ ta’ turn the rest o’ tha’ crew on me as well?!” he exclaimed as he went inside, breathing heavier than usual from agitation.

Needless to say Matija was startled to know that they had another person listening in on their little conversation. However, the shock washed off fairly quickly as her own anger rolled in at the intrusion. “Excuse you? And last I heard you didn’t give a shit about the people in the ship. Let alone keep bloody promises!”

”Wha-? What are ya blabbin’ on abou’? O’ course I’m concerned about whether people dislike me or not. I LIVE on this bloody ship! He retorted.

“Ohoo yeah sure! You care about your reputation. That’s all there is to ya, ain’t it?!” Matija was about to continue when Koren interjected “I thought we were hiding?” The Mecorian stopped, looking at him, incredulous at what’s happening altogether. “Maybe if we just talk it ou-”

“No,” the Mecorian said firmly but more quietly as she took a seat by the hall of containers. The familiar location would have made her feel at ease. But not at the moment. Not with this situation and this context.

“I’m surprised ya even considered this spot. Cap’s lap too high-brow on ya?” she sneered at the scotsman without looking at him. The very thought of Benny even bothering to come back to their little old spot almost felt like an insult to her.

Benny simply stared at her in wordless anger as she finished her tirade. ”What tha’ bloody feck’s even gotten into ya these past coupl’a days?! Yanno, I actually thought we were friends but what in tha’ nine bleedin’ Hells happened? Is this what ye planned all along, ta’ take me fer a ride an’ blast me out like an airlock vacuum? What even fer?! He exploded, speaking very quickly.

Matija went red with fury. Koren thankfully placed a hand on her shoulder before she could scream to remind her that sounding off the alarms won’t help anyone hide. With a lot of effort, the Mecorian took a moment to calm down. “Look,” she started in a more controlled voice. “Last I checked, ya were busy riding the cap’s dick. So don’t ya start on me for bein’ some cuck just because you’re pissed at me for somethin’ that I didn’t do. Fuckin’, explain ta me what the hell’s happening in that potato brain of yers or I’ll kick ya outta my space.”

Though Matija had been calmed somewhat by the presence of Koren, Benny was still riled up. The dam holding in his anger and confusion from his perceived betrayal had been broken by the confrontation.

”Somethin’ ya dinnae do?! So startin’ ta’ act like a feckin’ stranger outta nowhere after I thought ya were my friend is somethin’ ya dinnae do?! An’ when did I start ridin’ anybody’s dick?! If anyone’s ridin’ anything it’s ya with that viking woman who’s paradin’ around as Tibulus! Why’d ya get all friendly with ‘em so quickly anywae? Have ya two been plannin’ this fer a while? Are they actually a cohort o’ yers ya snuck on tha’ ship? I feckin’ knew it, Tibulus really is dead isn’t he?! An’ ya came up with this convoluted brain transfer story cooked up months in advance in an attempt ta’ infiltrate an’ takeover tha’ ship!” Benny raved, the part of his brain responsible for his paranoia kicking into overdrive at the amount of stress he was feeling, in an attempt to rationalize what was happening.

The longer the Scotsman talked, the more insane it went. So Matija continuously tried to stop him from making a bigger fool of himself but found herself being shouted over before she could even try. More annoyed than angry, she gave him a strong slap on the cheek so he would at least stop screaming at her. When he seemed like he was about to talk again, she decided to bring out the big guns and moved her face closer to his.

Benny brought a hand up to their face to feel the area they had been slapped from, though after the sudden kiss, his hand just stayed there, with him being frozen as his brain had to stop and process what had just happened.

”You’re being a loon an’ I’m almost afraid that yer gonna get a stroke. Plus, I think yer horrible so shut the hell up an’ let me hide in peace.”

The Juz’ who simply stayed as an observer finally piped up with a look of epiphany on him. “Is this what your species call… stress due to… ah. Mating desires? That’s all this is, right?” Matija and Benny looked back at the Juz’ with confused faces. Both equal parts aghast and afraid.

Both of them began trying to defend themselves, consequently talking over each other.
”Now haud on jus’ one-”
“Nobody said nothin’ about no tensi-”
”Tha’s a big stretch fer-”
“Aren’t you supposed to be doin’ something el-”
”W-we’re not doin’ this ‘cause-
“I mean clearly h-he’s the only one affected...”. They both exclaimed, but eventually trailed off, almost in embarrassment. The two could not find it within themselves to even look at each other anymore, so they both retreated to their respective corners where Matija eventually fell sleep to due to the returning headache, whilst the Scot muttered incoherently to himself as they tried to get comfy.

Something suddenly interrupted the whole groups rest however as the ship’s intercom came to life and Stryker’s voice came through, addressing everyone. ”Attention everyone. We're picking up a distress signal, just off our flight course. It's marked urgent, so we're gonna reply. The artificial gravity might be knocked out for a split-second as we turn off-course, so you might wanna hold on to something."

Oh great, more unexpected guests…” Benny muttered as he got up from his seating position on a metal container and braced Skelly on a sturdy looking pipe nearby, anticipating the potential gravity loss. He considered heading back up to get his weapons and gear before they docked with the other vessel. Koren himself had decided to stand and check the engines for the possibility of getting boarded, Matija had managed to wake up from her rest in a fairly annoyed tone to which she pressed herself against one of the ship’s nearby walls in an attempt to continue her rest till the inevitable came.

“Well ain’t that a doozy. Hope we don’t get any new people,” she said more to herself than to Benny. But the effect was more or less the same.
Matija felt herself fluster a bit at the joke but hid it well. Her eyes however followed where the viking pointed and saw what she was sure was her own marks. “Heh. Funny how that happened, eh?” Then Tib talked about blood on bras and briefs and she found herself shrugging. “Dilute some ammonia from the medbay and you’re good to-” then the viking said that she’ll slip them in their respective owners’ clothes later on and the siren shook her head. “Or that,” she laughed as she continued drying herself off.

There was silence for a while and Matija found the break comforting. At least her ears were not straining to scream at her head. But the hug happened and she found herself freezing as she wasn’t quite comfortable with being grabbed and being held in a surprisingly strong hug despite it supposedly being tender. “Y-yeah. Just don’t expect a lot of it. The uh, sex, not the drinking. I like the drinking,” the Mecorian mumbled as she returned the gesture awkwardly.

With Stryker’s shower properly soiled, she walked back to the quarters with Tibulass to dress herself something decent: some hoodie and another pair of cycling shorts, before they made their way to the galley.

The way to the center of gluttony was started with a new person in sight and Harrison’s voice. It was nice but then she saw Stryker and Benny too. Her mood soured as she stood by the supposedly tasteful feast in front of her. “On second thought,” she said casually but loud enough for most occupants to hear, “I’ll take some food to go.”

She stuffed two plates full as much as the crew would allow her and even sneaking a bite with a flavor that she found herself shocked somehow. “For all his faults,” she thought to herself, “he’s still a damn good cook.” she sighed contentedly for a moment before nodding towards Harrison. “Nice food. Thanks,” she says before leaving to get the crashed Juz’ some food.

Matija was mostly passively smiling at Tibulass throughout their exchange but the hushed talking was highly appreciated. Her brain can’t seem to function right just yet anyway. At least until she felt the cool water fall and trail down her body. She sighed contentedly and allowed herself to wake and recharge before letting the Viking have a bit of her turn. Although the Siren didn’t take long to finish showering, she seemed perfectly content on basking in the water until her friend started struggling with her hair. With a twist, the refreshing stream of water died off and Matija started wringing her hair and wiping herself dry with a towel.

“Don’t know how to do that, huh? C’mere,” she beckoned the larger woman. “Bow down to me,” she instructed and took the towel meant for the redhead’s hair. She was about to wrap the other’s hair but she found the scar slightly worrisome. But since the viking was insistent, she found it better to just follow what she wanted. “Fine. But don’t blame me if it opens up.” Gingerly, the Mecorian wrapped the firey hair with the towel before doing controlled twists that she hopes won’t put too much strain on the healing flesh.

“An’ I’m fine. I cain eat by myself. I need a lot to make up for what we didn’t eat last night.”

There was an awful ringing in the air when the siren finally came to. A nudge and a muddled voice greeted her morning when she grasped enough of lucidity to even process what she’s experiencing. She had been sleeping face down when she woke and the first thing that she notices is the taste of iron on her lips and the dull pain of everywhere and everything. Matija groans and turned her head to the side to look at the voice and realized that she was sharing the bed with… Tibulass?

The thought jostled her awake, making her bolt upright and hiss from the pain of sudden movement. But between the pain and ringing in her ears she still caught the “...steal Stryker’s big ass shower,” to which she nodded in approval despite her body screaming at her to keep still and stay down, plus the knots welling up in her stomach at the thought of contact. “Y-yeah… We should. Does he lock it? Ain’t good with electronic locks,” she says as she smiles with her teeth.

With some difficulty, she managed to put on her clothes from last night. It also took her some effort to walk and sneak past everyone towards Stryker’s cabin door, pick said door, and grant them access into the shower where she pulled the viking in with a languid smile. Leaning towards the other woman, she mumbles “Looks like you handled last night better. Help freshen me up? Not too loud now. These ears are sensitive.”

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