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Current when will the holy taco god return to remove the banner i wonder
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@POOHEAD189 didn't know it was your birthday. happy birthday, poo. :D
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imagine a school RP but it's an actual school where you and your character needs to learn things or fail the next big test. nothing big, nothing cheesy. just good ol' boring school
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a reality where dogs still love us but they can tell us about it by verbalizing it


Hi! I’m Mac!
…or Dmitri… or Die… or Slick… or Clover… or Trace…

…Obviously, none of these is my real name, (and by now you might have an inkling of an idea as to which fandom I came from before) so I don’t really mind being called using any of the names aforementioned above or by my character’s name when we talk in OOC. However, don’t mistake me or my character as the same entity. As I’ve said before “IC =/= OOC”

IRL, I am a 21 year old attending college as a 4th year an extendee Bachelor of Arts and Communication Student. I major in Speech Communication and minor in Broadcasting (journalism). Oh and I’m not a native English speaker so I might not catch some references, idioms, or metaphors. I will most likely ask you OOC for clarifications on some things because I sometimes misunderstand definitions despite being supposedly fluent in English.

Anyway, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly carefree person. It means that I’ll let us get away with doing a lot of shit (we’ll probably do a lot of crazy shit tbh), and my friends say that I’m pretty friendly too so I guess we can take their word for it. But, as all humans are bound to be, I do have my limits. With that, I wouldn’t say “tread lightly” with me. But I will say “let’s be decent” at least. Soo... Let’s just see where it goes, yeah?

Okay. Now for credibility.

I have been roleplaying on and off for... 5 or 6-ish years now. I used to roleplay in tumblr(dot)com for a couple of years before stopping for half a year, and then it became an on and off thing that ended up with me missing out on a lot of things IC and IRL. It became a nuisance and a source of frustration for me since I couldn’t keep up with my character’s life and my own life so I had to stop. I just didn’t have enough time to play as my characters (plural) on a regular basis while also balancing my social and college life so I had to stop doing it , kinda. So here I am, trying to get back at the swing of things since I would like to believe that I generally have my shit together now.

If you want to contact me, feel free to tag me in posts or send me a PM for more personal matters. But if you want to contact me regularly I suggest that you ask for my Discord account in private because I’m most often online there than here. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself and where we met though, okay?

So...... There we go. I felt like I’ve wanted to add something but I’m not quite sure what it was so let’s just awkwardly end this introduction here. I hope you have fun. Before you go, have my uwu face:

/フフ       ム`ヽ
/ ノ)  ∧__∧  ) ヽ
/ |\ \ (✿uwu ) ノ⌒(ゝ.\
/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく\ /
丶_ ノ ✩ ノ、 ✩ |/
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丶 ̄ _人’彡ノ
    /`ヽ _/十\
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Matija felt herself fluster a bit at the joke but hid it well. Her eyes however followed where the viking pointed and saw what she was sure was her own marks. “Heh. Funny how that happened, eh?” Then Tib talked about blood on bras and briefs and she found herself shrugging. “Dilute some ammonia from the medbay and you’re good to-” then the viking said that she’ll slip them in their respective owners’ clothes later on and the siren shook her head. “Or that,” she laughed as she continued drying herself off.

There was silence for a while and Matija found the break comforting. At least her ears were not straining to scream at her head. But the hug happened and she found herself freezing as she wasn’t quite comfortable with being grabbed and being held in a surprisingly strong hug despite it supposedly being tender. “Y-yeah. Just don’t expect a lot of it. The uh, sex, not the drinking. I like the drinking,” the Mecorian mumbled as she returned the gesture awkwardly.

With Stryker’s shower properly soiled, she walked back to the quarters with Tibulass to dress herself something decent: some hoodie and another pair of cycling shorts, before they made their way to the galley.

The way to the center of gluttony was started with a new person in sight and Harrison’s voice. It was nice but then she saw Stryker and Benny too. Her mood soured as she stood by the supposedly tasteful feast in front of her. “On second thought,” she said casually but loud enough for most occupants to hear, “I’ll take some food to go.”

She stuffed two plates full as much as the crew would allow her and even sneaking a bite with a flavor that she found herself shocked somehow. “For all his faults,” she thought to herself, “he’s still a damn good cook.” she sighed contentedly for a moment before nodding towards Harrison. “Nice food. Thanks,” she says before leaving to get the crashed Juz’ some food.

Matija was mostly passively smiling at Tibulass throughout their exchange but the hushed talking was highly appreciated. Her brain can’t seem to function right just yet anyway. At least until she felt the cool water fall and trail down her body. She sighed contentedly and allowed herself to wake and recharge before letting the Viking have a bit of her turn. Although the Siren didn’t take long to finish showering, she seemed perfectly content on basking in the water until her friend started struggling with her hair. With a twist, the refreshing stream of water died off and Matija started wringing her hair and wiping herself dry with a towel.

“Don’t know how to do that, huh? C’mere,” she beckoned the larger woman. “Bow down to me,” she instructed and took the towel meant for the redhead’s hair. She was about to wrap the other’s hair but she found the scar slightly worrisome. But since the viking was insistent, she found it better to just follow what she wanted. “Fine. But don’t blame me if it opens up.” Gingerly, the Mecorian wrapped the firey hair with the towel before doing controlled twists that she hopes won’t put too much strain on the healing flesh.

“An’ I’m fine. I cain eat by myself. I need a lot to make up for what we didn’t eat last night.”

There was an awful ringing in the air when the siren finally came to. A nudge and a muddled voice greeted her morning when she grasped enough of lucidity to even process what she’s experiencing. She had been sleeping face down when she woke and the first thing that she notices is the taste of iron on her lips and the dull pain of everywhere and everything. Matija groans and turned her head to the side to look at the voice and realized that she was sharing the bed with… Tibulass?

The thought jostled her awake, making her bolt upright and hiss from the pain of sudden movement. But between the pain and ringing in her ears she still caught the “...steal Stryker’s big ass shower,” to which she nodded in approval despite her body screaming at her to keep still and stay down, plus the knots welling up in her stomach at the thought of contact. “Y-yeah… We should. Does he lock it? Ain’t good with electronic locks,” she says as she smiles with her teeth.

With some difficulty, she managed to put on her clothes from last night. It also took her some effort to walk and sneak past everyone towards Stryker’s cabin door, pick said door, and grant them access into the shower where she pulled the viking in with a languid smile. Leaning towards the other woman, she mumbles “Looks like you handled last night better. Help freshen me up? Not too loud now. These ears are sensitive.”

"Used ta dance, yeah. Electric customers? Not sure. I danced in them faraday cages though." Matija chuckles and makes herself another shot before placing a wandering hand on Tibulass' thigh and giving it a knead. With a tilt of her head, she downs the thing and sighed at the taste. "Thing stings but it's so tasty. Heheh... So why'd ya decide to invite me in such an opportune time?"

“Well, I figured if I was gonna get drunk, I’d get drunk with someone who could hold their liquor,” Tibulass said bluntly at first before following up with a “Plus, you’re the only one on the ship I can tolerate in large doses. Stryker gets on my nerves, somehow.” Tibulass poured her another shot before downing it. “The real question is, why’d you come? I’m not the most fun person on the ship, not by a longshot.”

Matija was taking and refilling her shots on rapid succession but she seemed like she didn’t care for it. “Yeah well, I can make it fun if I need to, yeah? Heh. Besides, I needed to get out of the ship. Got too stuffy for me. Being in a coma, getting outta it, an’ everythin’ makes a girl itch for certain things. Ain’t one to be caged.” With a wink, she drinks what seems to be her 5th shot in less than 20 minutes. She then looks up at her companion and bats her eyes at her with a slightly dopey smile.

“But I’m sure that you’re not as bad as you think you are, old man. Though I thought that you were more fond of bein’ a guy than a girl, not that I’m complaining.”

“When you’ve been dead for a while, you take what you can get,” Tibulass poured another shot for herself before her speech slurred just a little bit. “... and I feel ya’ on the coma and shit. Livin’ without life was really just bland.” Without a second thought, Tibulass threw back the shot and coughed a bit before stopping and batting her chest. “F-fuck that went down wrong. Good as hell but it’ll fuckin’ end you going down sideways, eh?”

The berserker looked at Matija with a darker glance before poking her in the collarbone, a shock being sent to her body as contact was made. It wasn’t enough to hurt, but it was just enough to feel it’s tantalizing sting. “Poke.”

The Mecorian let out a startled gasp when she felt the little zap and instinctively felt for the affected area. “Heeey...” she said with a pout. “How rude of you, Mister bones. You know I cain’t retaliate like that. But…” she rubs the Viking’s inner thigh, just by the crotch, and gave it a squeeze, prompting a moan from the Viking. “If yer willing to, I might be able to make ya feel a different kinda tingle.”

“Mister?” Tibulass backed up with a chuckle. “I think you mean mistress, there.” She leaned onto Matija gently and put an arm on her opposite shoulder, pulling her close again and lightly jabbing a finger of hers into the Mecorian’s chest, sending a small shock through her once again. “It’s been some time since I’ve gone that far, but I’m not opposed.”

“Just because you’re in a girl’s body don’t mean that you cain’t be something or someone else,” Matija chuckles before the zap where she finds herself gasping again. “Hey now. That’s a bit too much, honey.” She says with a serious voice. “But. If you really wanted to…” She says with a glance and a gentle touch on Tibulass’ hand. “I’m pretty sure the Revenant’s scarce of people right now. Wanna finish what we have an’ get that secret stash o’ yers?” By now, Matija had decided to clumsily sit between the larger woman’s legs where the reduction of grace was likely an effect of the alcohol. She took the viking’s hands into hers and then placed them atop of her thighs. “Feelin’ a li’l tingle near here too. If we hurry, we might be able to do something about it.”

“Well, there’s no time to lose then, is there?” With a smirk, Tibulass leaned in forward and gently bit on the Mecorian’s neck, making her shudder, before letting up and pulling her in for a tight hug. “... how much you wanna bet I can carry your ass outta this bar and all the way to the ship, bridal style?”

“Pfft! Struggling or not?”

“We better hope not.” With an easy lift, Tibulass put Matija to her side as she stood up. Lowering her hand down for the girl, she smirked. “I’m gonna try it, but I’ll need to to stand up first.” When the waitress came by once again, the viking simply pointed to Stryker as she said. “The guy over there is our boss, he’s payin’ for our drink.”

“Oooh. Fast thinking,” Matija quipped as she took Tibulass’ hand and stood up as gracefully as a newborn foal. The alcohol that she carelessly took prior finally hit her all at once that her legs ended up buckling underneath her. Thankfully Tibulass was basically an oak next to her. “Guess I gotta take that offer of yers.”

The Mecorian waited for the waitress to leave as she scanned the place. Once in the clear, she pulled Tib by the collar of her jumpsuit and kissed the viking. It was intended as a simple peck but the siren found herself enjoying the tingly sensation on her lips and tongue.

The viking blushed as she grabbed Matija by the hips and pulled her up into the air, quickly bringing an arm under her legs in order to properly carry her bridal style. “Damn, I didn’t expect to be this strong. Anyway, we should probably move before my legs buckle like yours did.” With a quick kiss on the dancer’s forehead, Tibulass carried the giggling Matija out of the bar and started off towards the Revenant.

Matija saw movement and what seems to be a metallic hand at the corner of her eye, making her immediately glance towards it. Needless to say she found herself feeling less than thrilled at the sight of two idiots that she would rather not see at all.

“Hey Matija, if you don't mind me asking, would this do anything for you?” The gesture took her by surprise and made her sly expression break for a moment. When she had recovered, sh finally responds with a slight nudge towards the other woman.“Gotta do more than that to make me feel thinks, hun,” and added a small nose boop on Tibulass as the waitress earlier finally settled down their drinks. “Say, what’s your little thang about? Is it really that strong or are you just tryin’a say it to impress me?”

With a small wink, she pours herself and Tibulass a shot each. It’s an odd practice of hers to put shot drinks into pitchers but wouldn’t want it any other way. When they both had their drinks at the ready, be it the one that she poured them or the one that Tib ordered earlier, she raised her glass to her companion saying “Cheers!” before easily downing it with a smile. She thought to herself that the rest of the night should be easier with another person distracting her. She just wishes that the two idiots would remain out of sight so they can stay out of her mind or at least be quiet enough on their existence.

Koren didn’t really pay much attention to the sale as he busied himself eyeing other wares from other stalls. But the given price startled him. 12 was very generous for parts looking as old and under maintained. Sure it was lowered a little bit but the Juz’ found the price uncomfortably high.

“11,220 and my companion’s advice,” Koren interjected. “When did you get these, Sir? This engine series has been out for years,” the Juz’ said in a hushedly polite but confident tone. “Am I right to assume that you are selling us decade old ship parts? Surely the price had already lowered past its prime. If it’s not to your liking, I think I saw a newer one somewhere…”

Matija urged Tibulass to stop by a drive through grocery area prior to heading to their intended hole of degeneracy. After putting on a list, paying, providing a shipping address, and sending an additional note for safety and entry, she set forth to the unplanned winding roads of the seedy station. Their end-point was a place called “The Wasted Wormhole.” It was not as… reassuring as she thought it would be but a quick look around the place and a “Think we could get shit-faced here?” from Tibulass, she found herself grinning and snaking an arm around the bigger woman’s own. “Sure, baby. S’long as it’s with you,” the Mecorian responded with a flirty tone.

With the bar scene and another person by her, Matija found herself going back to old habits: latching on to someone and following them around for a good time. However she insisted that they take a nice and comfortable corner for themselves. The bar itself wasn’t exactly like the 5 star ones that she’s used to but the couch’s cushions weren’t too bad just yet. She was, however, eager to order when a menu was placed in front of her. “You got a Redheaded Slut, honey?” she asked the waiter. With an confused smile, the young woman asked for clarification. “You know. The mix?” With a relieved “Ah,” the waiter listed Matija’s order: a small pitcher of the mix and a couple of shot glasses.

Finding herself comfortable yet again, Matija snuggled herself close to Tibulass and laid a head on the taller woman’s shoulder. “How’s it feel to have flesh an’ blood again?”

They said the ETA to the station was 39 hours.
39 hours of nothing but resting and boredom.
39 hours worth of downtime.
39 hours worth of waiting for nothing.

Matija groaned as she watch some kind of old comedy cop show on the technically window but is actually glass tv in her cabin. One of the male stars said something about wanting to be taken out, his female co-star asked if he wanted a date or with a sniper to which the man responded “Surprise me.” With a gulp from her totally not stolen from the galley can of beer, she groaned a ”Same,” as she placed the now empty can with the rest of her trash. She honestly didn’t even bother with checking up on Benny anymore since the past checks on his room kept proving that no Benny would come anytime soon. Matija figured that she at least has more drinks and food for herself now. If only they weren’t just chips.

She kept watching through her show until dull thuds echoed throughout her room. Already quite tipsy, she found herself annoyed while wondering who the hell is making such a racket. ”Matija? It’s Tibulass. I’m gonna go get piss-faced drunk and eat a pretzel, wanna come with?”

”Oh,” she said with a pang of disappointment in her voice. She stood up from her squatting position and opened the door for the other girl. ”Yeah, sure. Just lemme change. Without waiting for a response, she turned to change into something that she’ll find herself comfortable being in while also staying relatively incognito. She thought about getting groceries anyway. Might as well be shit-faced after.

The marketplace reminded Koren of the Juz' world's provincial marketplaces. It was both a nice and uncomfortable thing to be reminded of but not everything has to look like home, he reminded himself. While he still tried his best to remain undetected, Juz’ being sighted is definitely eye-catching because if there’s one of them, more should follow. As such, making deals was always a 50/50 thing because they either get intimidated by him, or he gets thrown out. But at least he’s eyed multiple finds that they might find useful for the ship.

“SAL, if you may. I saw some wirings and flow controller valves earlier that we could use to make fuel use more efficient. There are also A35 axels that we could use to fix the sticky landing gears, and rotors and crankshafts for the engines.”
The Juz’ dragged his tools along with him as he walked towards the engine room and ate a ration bar to compensate for the energy that he had burned on their earlier adventure. On the way there, he had coincidentally met up with the human from earlier: the loud one. In a fit of courtesy, he still greeted the man with a “Hey, you going to the engine room too?” but it was said more like a statement than a question.

"Excellent, I needed to speak with you both,” instead responded a monotonous and robotic voice. Koren looked at the source and saw SAL who was reminding them about their duties as well as giving them a run down on what the main issue was. He nodded and thanked the robot as he passed him by, noting to download the terminal note so he wouldn’t have to keep going back to the terminal if he ever needed to re-read anything. When he was there, he waited for the man, Harry or something, to finish reading before he copied the files and read through them on his holo watch. The Harry person was the first to talk to him as he was busy skimming through the damage reports and notes. "There's a couple up there that I can't reach without climbing all over the engine. I don't know what you can do, but i figured you might be able to help there," the man directed to the visible leaks nearby and Koren visually followed said directions while still trying to steal glances at the robot’s notes. When Harry was about to tamper with one of the pipes, Koren immediately blurted out “You probably shouldn’t do that,” as he held back Harry’s arm back so he wouldn’t do anything that would make their repairs any harder. “I’m not sure of your skills but you should turn off the pressure for the fuel and hyper-fuel lines first.”

With that, he sends a request to turn off the main lines for the fuels and coolants to opt for the auxiliary lines instead. “If we get granted this, we’re going to stop for a few minutes,” he told his companion.

While waiting for the go signal, he whistled for Unaysah to come to him, to which the spider happily scuttled into the engine room with a curious chitter. “Tag the breaks, okay?” said the Juz’ as he opened his trolley and dropped a few glowing liquid-like material by the spider’s back. As if understanding, the spider started walking around and marking all leaking pipes that she could find with her now glowing webbing thanks to the glowing liquid that marks her back.

When the permission to turn off the lines were granted, Koren made his way to turning off the main valves through the engine console, prompted a line drain, and turned on the auxiliary lines to keep the ship from moving though with less power. All of which took a good amount of time to do because of how large the ship was.

“We can follow Unaysah’s markings. She should have marked most of it already so it should be easier. But I’m going to need you to man the console for now. Just to make sure that we don’t have any fuel or coolants doing returns to the lines. SAL’s notes said something about bad valve seals. When the pipes are around 25% finished, you should be able to fix most of the damages here without climbing. I’ll go at the top.”

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welcome to the guild! hope you find the fix that you're looking for in here. :p
The unfamiliar voice on the comms made Matija tense up. The thoughts of having some kind of unwanted visitor in the floating heap of metal that they now call home took to her as a terrifying thought. Especially with the recent events and literal genocide that they partook in.

With cautious anticipation, she had followed behind Stryker when he fled to the med bay. There they saw that a Skaldurm woman was up and about while their captain was positively bewildered by her. The Mecorian found the display foolish: to have one's defenses down like that in front of a stranger is a deathwish. Benny at least made the right choice to point his ever-present wrist-laser to the stranger while she slinked towards one of the beds to look over Tibulus’ body. The unfamiliar woman was claiming that the old Tibulus was dead, and that she is now the Tibulus that they have come to know. A few prods and shaking of the Funganoid’s body confirmed that he was, in fact, dead. A claim for the name "Tibulass" was also proposed and Matija found it stupid. Or maybe stupid-er in comparison to their ace pilot’s old name.

While it was possible that the Skaldurm in front of them now really is Tibulus, it was still mind-boggling for her to accept that the transfer that the Funganoid had been prattling on about actually worked.

"Stay still, Tibulass. I’m givin' you a bit of’a looksie," Matija said with a fairly tense voice as she approached to look the stranger over in hopes of finding any, if at all, incision marks for the transfer that he, or she, has done. She gave Stryker a glance before she started touching the lass. She at least hopes that their leader knows to be cautious while he talks to this Tibulass fellow; regardless of how true her claim is.

"Hope you took your meds. Surgery ain’t always without side-effects. No matter how successful it is," she muttered mindlessly to the Skaldurm as she continued to look for proof that the now-woman is indeed their old friend.
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