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Edge of Alliance Space
January 7th, 2368


On a large estate a few hours outside the only city on the colony, former Alliance Military Colonel Dominic Karn lived a quiet life. He had retired from active duty over a decade ago, after a long and illustrious career spanning half a century. Now he filled his days in the garden, where at this very moment, he sat on a small bench, waiting and watching as two bulky figures walked up the lane. As they entered the light, he was only mildly shocked to see the seven-foot tall robot and the familiar looking, heavily armored male.

"Finally found me eh?" Karn said to the man "I've been wondering when you'd show up from the moment I heard about the failure of Project Revenant. Though I was surprised when you made contact to organize this deal. Oh, the added security is not necessary, as you can see I'm quite unarmed."
"Colonel" Stryker said simply, his voice slightly distorted through the filter of his helmet "you have the data drive?"
"Straight to business, as always eh boy? What is it they call you now... Stryker? Don't have time for a chat with a very old friend?"
"You and I have very different memories of our relationship if you think we're friends." he said coldly.
"Indulge an old man, would you?" Karn chastised as he picked up a cellphone-sized hard drive and waved it to draw attention "The price is still what we agreed on, though I should double it at this point, given your behavior."

"Apologies Colonel" Stryker replied sincerely as he pulled some credit chips from a pouch on his belt and handed them over "It's been a long three months"
"So I've heard. You always had a knack for drawing chaos" Karn said as he handed over the drive, then laid his hands in his lap "So, how is it going to happen?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Don't bullshit me. We both know I'm a dead man the minute we're done here. I deserve to know how."

Stryker jutted his thumb over his shoulder towards the silent robot.
"Big guy's partner over there is a pretty good shot with a long rifle. He's off in the trees down on the south edge of the garden."
Karn nodded solemnly "Quick and easy, I taught you well, didn't I?"
Stryker nodded in kind.
The old man chuckled "Lara has no idea of the wrath you're going to rain down on her. The only thing that's still not clear to me is why you aren't pulling the trigger yourself."
"About that...." Stryker's voice was suddenly more feminine as 'he' reached up to remove 'his' helmet and revealed the crimson locks of Tibulass Sepitan's hair.

Karn looked at her with a mixture of shock and amusement. He chuckled slightly and looked up towards the sky with his eyes closed.
"Heh, well done boy.... go ahead."
".... well, you heard him." Tib said quietly into her comms.

A resounding CRACK split the silence, and Karn silently slumped over, a small trickle of blood leaking down from the bullet hole between his eyes. Tib looked down at the data drive in her hand, Stryker hadn't fully explained what they had come to get, but she had a lot of questions. Stryker finally became visible, hoodie partially obscuring his face and long gun slung over his shoulder, as he marched up the same path Tib and SAL has traversed. As the captain arrives, he stands by his companions and looks down at Karn's lifeless body.
"I've been waiting to do that for a long time."

"Any regrets?" Tib asked, her eyebrow raised at Stryker. She hadn't been too sure about his convoluted plan, but sure enough, everything worked out. Now, they both stood over a fresh corpse. With the way things had been going, she'd be surprised if it had turned out any other way....
"Not a bit" Stryker said, still unable to look away. SAL had already begun silently stomping away towards the shuttle. The captain knelt and took the credit chips back from Karn's pocket. He was finally able to look at Tib as he straightened up. Beautiful as ever, her hair blowing slightly in the breeze, the sight of her in his armor was a solemn reminder of the war to come.

"Listen... no doubt you have a lot of questions after all this, but is it ok if we talk about it later? I want to get back to the ship and out of the sector before Special Forces get sniffing around."
"Answers later, yeah, but shouldn't we clean things up a little bit to buy ourselves some time?"
"No need, we'll be ghosts long before anyone gets around if we leave now. The minute Lara knows he's dead, she'll know we're coming for her."
Tib nodded and started to walk off, Stryker took one last look at Karn before following suit.

Shortly after, the group was back on their shuttle and rocketing off for orbit. SAL at the controls as Tib wriggled out of Stryker's armor and they packed it away in a case on the floor between them.
"Thanks for doing this, and for understanding that I had to be the one to pull the trigger, even though I never really explained why, you're the best." Stryker said, blushing a little as he was still getting used to the feeling of having a significant other.
Tib got a little red-faced herself, then smirked "you're not too bad yourself, even though you are a complete dork."
SAL could be heard muttering in an exasperated tone "Mushy meatbags"

On the dark side of Brickwood's moon, the crew waited for their captain, chief pilot and sarcastic robot companions to return from their job on the surface. Most were keeping to themselves or longing in the common areas, doing whatever people do when they're trying to keep energy consumption to a minimum. The mercenary known only as Moon walked through the hall on the crew deck, idly eating a granola bar as she stopped in front of the door to cabin #7 and pounded on the door.

"Nnnghh... Go away, 'm not in tha mood."
"You're not staying in bed Grayson, you've barely left your room these last few weeks, and I know you didn't eat yesterday. I'm not doing my job if I let you starve yourself to death. Besides, your neighbors are starting to complain about the smell, so get your ass out of bed, get in the shower, and eat a goddamn banana, or I'm putting my boot through this door."
"Like t' see ya fuckin' try"
Moon kicked the door, shaking it in its frame and nearly bursting it open.
"Jaysus... fine, fine, I'm goin'"
With a smirk of satisfaction, Moon headed off, calling back that she'd be checking on him in a few minutes and bringing backup. The guy had been through some rough times, for sure, but it was no excuse to be a complete slob.


As the shuttle safely arrived back at the Revenant, Stryker was pouring over a mobile star map on his datapad, and talking as the plan formed in his head.
.... 6-2-5 heading, cruising speed until we get past Ichold, then full burn back into the Deadzone?" Stryker looked up and caught Tib staring at him, definitely listening but something else was clearly on her mind "hey.. what's up?"
"Hm? ... I dunno, just still wondering what all that was about? Seemed a little more than a simple milk run for a data drive, or taking out a political figure to send a message" she said simply "I'm not mad about the risk, just curious."
"Like I said when we were down there, it's a long story. How about this? I'll tell you everything when you come to bed tonight, promise. Get us out of this system, and then SAL can take the night shift. I'd ask Grayson but.... well you know."
"Mhm, well see, there are also two seats up in the cockpit" Tib smugly grinned "If we're aiming to get back there quick, two of us could get that job done without relying on the 'bot. Don't get me wrong, he's fantastic, but isn't it the smarter play to have the 2 best pilots on duty right now? At least until we're safely out of Alliance territory?"

Stryker looked back blankly, stumbling over his words a little as he realized she had a point "I, uh, was gonna go back to the terminal in our room and get to work on decoding and analyzing the drive" the smirk on her face and the slightly raised eyebrow told him that she knew she was right, he sighed as he added on "Yeah, alright. I'll drop my armor off and be right there."
"No, really, it's alright, just an idea. I trust you, you'll spill all your secrets when the time is right. Do what you gotta do. I'll fire up the engines and see you in a bit ~Romeo~"
She winked and fired a finger gun at him teasingly as she headed off, leaving Stryker standing in the cargo bay, shaking his head and chuckling at the amazing woman he was falling in love with.

@EnterTheHero welcome aboard! Go ahead and move your CS to the Char. tab!

@Athol Let me know when you've got your CS all ready to go. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me either on a PM here or on discord
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@Athol cybernetics are extremely commonplace, gene mods exist, but outside of 'allegedly inhumane' military projects, the only place to get them would be a high-end/elite black market.


The idea behind Revenant stemmed from the phrase 'Dirty Dozen in space', but 'Suicide Squad in space' works as well. It is a science-fiction role play taking place in the year 2166, chronicling the adventurers of the crew aboard the Revenant. The crew is composed of 'degenerates': mercenaries, assassins, bounty hunters, smugglers, pirates, convicts, etc. Originally, They had been coerced (persuaded, hired, or forced) to work for the Human Alliance, who wants to use them to destabilize their rivals: the Federation. Before long, however, the crew learns of an even greater threat, one that threatens the galaxy as a whole.

Each player-character will begin with little to no backstory (except for the stuff that already happened/was revealed in the previous thread). The idea is for everyone to begin as a stranger. As the crew learns to work with and trust one another, they will gradually reveal more about themselves.

The Alliance knows another war with the Federation is inevitable. They seek to win the war before it even begins, and they plan to do this via Project: Revenant. Attempting to perform covert activities with their own operatives may cause a war prematurely, so the Alliance plans to use mercenaries to destabilize the Federation. In order to accomplish their tasks, these mercs have been given an former Alliance frigate now known as the Revenant.

After several months of operations, the crew of the Revenant made a bold play, went against orders and were subsequently disavowed by the Alliance. Identity files were leaked to the press, along with falsified documents detailing the crew as an intergalactic terrorist cell, responsible for numerous attrocities including the recent nuclear decimation of a human colony. The Revenant is now public enemy number 1, everyone in the galaxy wants a piece of them, the Alliance, Federation, Republic, even mercs and bounty hunters alike. As the captain put it to his crew: "Survival is the new name of the game, but even though we are hunted, we're not going to lay down and die. We're going to evade capture by taking down everyone who comes after us. We might never clear our names, but we'll live up to them, find our enemies, and kill them all."

Combat and Role Play Special Rules

Each character has certain skills and abilities of your choosing. Throughout the course of the role play, on certain missions, these skills and abilities will be needed to progress further in the story. These skills can range from pilot and engineer, to medic and demolitions expert, and even technician and robotics expert. Be creative and try to think of unique talents for your character.

In this setting, weapons are either Ballistic or Laser. Armor is either Armored or Powered (uses shielding technology). Ballistic weapons use traditional bullets and ammunition, and are good at 'shredding' Armored opponents, but is ineffective against Powered armor. Laser weapons can disrupt and weaken shielded opponents, but is ineffective against Armored opponents. Conversely, rapidly-firing weapons are more effective at draining shields, and slow, high-caliber weapons are effective at chipping away Armored targets. Some weapons overheat, and Laser weapons can be affected by EMP blasts. You need to use the right weapon with the right capabilities to succeed at combat in this role play.

In this setting, exposure to an unknown energy found throughout space has given certain individuals psionic powers. They can shield themselves with powerful force fields, push and pull opponents with their mind, blast enemies with psionic bursts, turn invisible, and more. Some powerful psionic users can even use mind control. If you would like to use psionics, and want to use a certain power, feel free to ask me if it is okay.

The Revenant

The Revenant is an early model frigate that belonged to the Alliance. It vanished in Deadzone, a lawless region of space ripe with mercenary gangs and pirates, but it was recently recovered and upgraded. As far as anyone else knows, the Revenant is still missing, so no one will suspect it to be under Alliance control. By filling the ship with mercenaries, criminals, and other thugs, the theory that it was stolen by pirates is only made stronger. It is the perfect vessel for Project: Revenant.

This particular frigate can support a crew of up to 30 individuals. It contains a sizeable cockpit, war room, crew's quarters, and cargo area. While dated, it has been upgraded by Alliance personnel and is capable of stealth operations and combat situations.

For a labelled breakdown of the ship's layout click here -->
For Floorplan of the top levels of the ship click here -->
For Floorplan of the lower levels of the ship click here -->
Map of the universe as we know it -->


Player Characters (the Crew of the Revenant)
Crossfire as Stryker (The Captain)
Crossfire as Daniel 'Maverick' Grayson and SAL (The Assassins)
Crossfire as Moon (The Combat Medic) (Pseudo-NPC)
Gardevoiran as Tibulass Sepitan
Rultaos as Benny Boomer
iTem as Matija Holmstrom and Koren Syr Ai Elanus
Silver Carrot as Taleste Jot-Anne
TheEvanCat as Sadaet Kodana
EnterTheHero as Ronin
Athol as Val

Prison Freighter, Designation: Knoxx
Holding Cell 4

Tarka had sat patiently and listened as the human had crossed the cell and begun to explain that she and the newcomer were plotting an escape but would need assistance. His companion Darius had spoken on his behalf, given that his jaw was currently locked up in a harness. He had nodded along through the introductions and all that. The woman who called herself Taleste was in the middle of trying to free the Endo's cybernetic arm from its encasing when the other woman, Moon she called herself interjected the planning.

"Don't mean to interrupt, it's a great speech and all, but your man over there isn't looking too hot."

Grayson's eyes watered openly. He was trapped in a never ending loop of old memories, part of his implant's reset process was to playback old recordings to mask the loading procedure.
".....such a dork sometimes, you know that?" Amy said, unable to suppress a giggle as she turned over in the bed to face him, scooting closer to lay her head against his chest and wrap an arm around him.
"I am serious though love" Grayson insisted as he absentmindedly stroked her back, his fingernails lightly scraping along her shirt "the parabolic of tha shot kin be recreated 78.9% of the time right now. Wit my work applied, even some'un like meself who've never played holo could do it with 86%"
"I don't doubt you, I just can't believe you're trying to get me interested in calculations at this hour when I'm trying to sleep" she leaned up long enough to kiss him "goodnight nerd..... love you"
"I love you too hon... don't know how I'd live witout ya" Grayson replied "I never wanna spend a day apart from you for the rest of our lives"
"Uh, yeah, I can tell" she giggled again as she played with the diamond ring on her finger.

"Snap out of it hero, we need those eyes of yours to get out of here... apparently"
The voice cut through the memory, severing the train of thought like a hot knife through butter. Grayson grabbed his face with one hand and yelped in momentary pain as he wiped his eyes with the other and looked up from his seat to see the short ginger woman smirking down at him.
"C'mon, up and at em.... don't literally get up though. At first glance, it seems to me like you have at least 2 cracked ribs, so walking out of here is gonna suck, save your energy."

Slowly, the room came back into focus and the implant had fully reset, so he got to work with scanning their surroundings, trying to identify the proper security panel.
"Plan's simple folks" he said, just low enough for all of them to hear "First things first, we all need to appear as if we're still properly restrained. Once I find the right security panels, the Endo over there can hack them remotely. One to loop the security footage in this cell, and another to overload the automated response system. Once that's dead, the psionic can blast open that door, and we all fight our way to the security center for this section of the ship, blow open the doors to all the cells, and move up, arming ourselves every chance we get, until we wipe out these Feddy bastards and take the ship into the Deadzone before disappearing on our own ways"

"Ballsy" the redheaded woman said with a smirk "I like it"
The two pirates and the Endo nodded in cautious agreement, they didn't seem totally sold, but everyone in that cell knew that they had to try- anything was better than what would happen if the ship arrived at the Kyln.

Grayson pointed out the right security panel and Crusher got to work, subtly toying with hidden switches and triggers under the prosthetic skin of his arm, his eyes glimmered red all the while. No one moved, or even spoke for several minutes until finally Crusher's lips parted.
"I'm in" he said, barely more than a whisper "It's done"

"Taleste, mind helpin' me up?" Grayson said with an arm outstretched as he held his side, throbbing painfully after Moon's not-so-gentle poking-and-prodding excuse of a medical examination. While Tarka, Moon and Crsher busied themselves with tossing off already loosened restraints, Darius stood, scratching his nose as he sniffed audibly and started to weave his hands around in the air close to the door, which began to hum and glow with psionic energy.

"Everyone ready?" he asked as he pressed his hands against the door. The psionic glow vanished for a moment before Darius' hands started shining bright blue, the glow spread to the door itself and it shook violently on its hinges before being tossed clear of the frame with a loud clatter.

"GO!" Tarka hissed loudly as spikes erupted from his forearms and he and Darius charged out the door, soon followed by Crusher.


Revenant, Bridge
On Fast Approach Vector With Prison Freighter Knoxx

Stryker, fully armored sans helmet, stood behind Tib's chair as they came up quickly on the prison transport ship. He was still and silent as he let her do her thing, no need to be barking orders when she already knew what she had to do. The more technically proficient members of the crew had really banded together to pull off a few minor miracles for the sake of the mission. Firstly, they had been able to equip the ship with a weaponized EMP to disable the defense measures on the Knoxx, secondly, reverse-engineering the proximity meter on the bomb in SAL's head to actively seek out Grayson's own proximity signal, and finally, digging around in the Revenant's weapons systems uncovered some pirate subroutines that the Alliance hadn't scrubbed completely. That was the key to their plan, options to safely board the ship and get their guy back. The last update had indicated that Sadaet's countermeasures to disable the Alliance surveillance and control tech were nearly complete as well.

Tib and a small team were staying behind to man the guns and protect the ship, everyone else was geared up and waiting down below. Stryker held the small sensor in his hand that was pinging Grayson's location, soon they'd be in range to get an exact location on him.

"Everyone hold on, here we go" Stryker broadcast over the comms as he took a seat in the co-pilot's chair while Tib increased their speed. The Revenant's drive core roared and echoed through the ship as she streaked forward. There was no hiding the fact that they were coming for the Knoxx, surely they'd have registered the approach on the sensors now and were attempting to hail them to no avail.

"Launching EMP.... now" Stryker said as the ship pulled up alongside the Knoxx and dropped to match their speed. The ship rocked and stuttered for a moment as the outer guns started to batter their shields, but he calmly flipped a switch and the angled EMP blast killed their defenses.
"Gun crew, sync up" Stryker announced as he held up the location device "Seems like Grayson is on the starboard side of the ship, we'll breach over here, mid-ship hallway of the port side and fight our way across."
"His signal is..... moving?" SAL said over comms "Curious"
"Should've figured he wouldn't give up without a fight" Stryker replied "Ok, shots synced, go"

The side-facing guns of the Revenant rotated into position and opened fire, peppering through the shields and eventually cracking the hull.
"Breach registered" Stryker said. Tib nodded and pulled the ship away, looping around swiftly and increasing the speed just enough to catch up to the Knoxx and line up the front of the ship with the hull breach.
"Boarding harpoons loaded up.... fire"
Every second gun along the right side of the ship fired a single time in unison. Electro-magnetic anchors that synced up to the ship's guns via laser-lines. An old piece of tech that pirates still used today to latch on to their prey and hold them captive. Though with the massive size difference between the Revenant and the Knoxx, it was more like they were a flea dug in tight to the bigger ship.

"Alright well..... good luck" Stryker said a little awkwardly as he ducked his head in close enough to kiss the side of Tib's head before getting up and heading down to group up with the others.

'What the hell are you doing? She's gonna think you're a dork' a little voice in his head said as his face flushed red on the way downstairs. Outside, the ship angled itself slightly and deployed a docking tunnel at high enough speed to punch through the hull breach and initiate a gravity seal. Thanks again pirate tech. Stryker checked his weapons with one hand as he fumbled with his helmet in the other, marching to the front of the line of his assembled team members.

"No big speech this time guys, simple as can be. Expect heavy resistance, watch each others backs, and lets bring our boy home" Stryker said as his helmet snapped into place. The boarding seal was complete and the tunnel opened up. He led the charge with a subtle nod as a 'let's go' to everyone else.
Familiar Faces

A collab between @Silver Carrot and myself

How long had it been since the Feds had taken him? A few days? A week? Longer? Grayson couldn’t tell anymore. When he woke up, he was in a dark cell, alone, Amy was nowhere to be seen, and none of the guards would answer him when he screamed at them through the slot in the door they used to shove food and water into the room. He’d been through interrogation a few times, but he staunchly refused to talk, every time, even when they resorted to torture.

He felt the mag-shackles powering up. Someone was coming and it was useless to try and fight back, so he stepped over to the closest wall and laid his wrists against it, facing the door. The officer who had been in charge of interrogating him stepped inside once Grayson was restrained.

“You’ve refused to talk thus far” Adredza said to begin “My superiors are getting impatient, but you’ve withstood everything we’ve attempted. You are a surprisingly resilient human. So this is your last opportunity. Tell me what I want to know, or I will not be responsible for your fate.”

“An’ I told you…..” his voice was harsh and crackly from lack of use “Where’s Amy Rosseau? I’m not sayin’ a fuckin’ thing until you bring her to me, I need ta know she’s safe… because that’s how I’m gunna decide how painful yer death is when I get outta here.”

“Big words from a man without a friend in the ‘verse” Adredza said “I can see you’ve made your choice. In the morning you’ll be transferred into the custody of the Kyln. The Knoxx Freighter is en route to ferry you there. Make your peace with this fate, because no one will ever see you again.”

He left without a word, leaving Grayson in darkness once more.

In the morning, he was shuffled out of the cell and put in proper restraints as he was turned over to the black-armored crew of the Knoxx. He’d heard stories of the Kyln, a massive mobile prison ship. People said it was impenetrable, that no one who ever entered left alive. Those stories didn’t concern him in the least. What did, was the fact that Amy was nowhere to be seen as he was marched out of the holding facility.

Once he was on board the freighter, the restraints were removed and he was shoved into an open-concept holding cell with a handful of other prisoners. He felt a strange sense of calmness as he walked to a bench and sat down, head in his hands, looking defeated, but really, the gears in his head had just started spinning.

“Grayson?” a voice asked.

He didn’t recognise it at first, nor the woman it belonged to. It definitely wasn’t Amy, however. For one, the hair was the wrong color. This woman’s hair was a tawny brown, and braided. She stood up, revealing that she was taller and more muscular than Amy had ever been; that most women Grayson had ever told his name to, in fact. It wasn’t until he’d take a look at her still-dirty face that he’d recognise her sly features and crooked smile.

“T-Taleste?? That you lass?” he croaked out as the fog slowly cleared from his head “How…. how? We all thought ya were dead.”

The woman chuckled, then switched benches to sit opposite Grayson. “Well,” she started, “I was captured by a group of pirates who aren’t know for keeping prisoners, that’s true, but I convinced them to buck that trend, and that I’d be more...useful alive than dead. I then started living as a concubine, and obviously not-so-fun factors aside, it wasn’t a totally bad time. I learned to fight. I actually made some friends. And then a raid went badly and every whun else died rather than surrender to the authorities. As for me, I’ve kept alive this long because I know when to surrender to fight another day. What about you? How is that Revenant thing going?”

“I’m sorry that happened to you” Grayson said, his face finally catching the light to reveal the burn marks around his cyber-eye, the swelling and cuts around his other eye, and the dried blood of a scabbed-over cut on his cheek that was almost guaranteed to scar.

“We were out here on a job….. Didn’t go as planned.”

He paused to cough, his throat dried out, once he composed himself, he looked up thoughtfully.

“From what I remember of that night, yer sacrifice got us all out alive, an’ none of us even got a chance to thank ya for it. You came out alright on the other side, but I’m still sorry we couldn’t do anythin’ to help ya.”
He cast a glance around the room.
“If I know Stryker, he’ll be plottin’ somethn’ to try an’ save us. How long ya been here? Long enough to get a feel for the guard shifts, or get ta know the locals?”

Taleste smiled at the thanks, and dismissed the apology with a slight change in her body language. “We all had a job to do, and we all knew the risks. Even so, it’s nice t’be appreciated. And I haven’t been here that long, no. To be honest, this prison is inescapable. I might try to escape, but I’m not banking on it.”

“Oh, we’re gettin’ outta here. Ain’t nothin’ that’s inescapable… except this Kyln place they’re takin’ us, if the rumors are true……. Ya got anythin’ sharp on ya? Even a hairpin or a particularly sharp fingernail would do, just enough to break skin.”

Taleste stood up at stretched, then sat beside Grayson so they could have a quieter, more discreet conversation. “So you’re saying that we break out before we get there. That could work. I don’t have anything sharp, but there are still a lot of ways I can hurt someone without them. What are you thinking?”

“When they took me, they stuck an inhibitor chip in my neck, blocks my implant from workin’ right” he leaned forward and pried his shirt collar back a bit to show the slight bulge “We get that out, I ‘kin start figurin’ out a weak point, then we put tagether a plan.”

Taleste studied the bulge in his skin where the inhibitor chip was, then looked around to check if there were any guards, and how far away they were, then turned back to Grayson. “I have an idea, but it’s going to be very painful, it’s going to be messy, and it’s going to draw a lot of attention to us. Long story short, the only sharp things I have on me right now are my teeth.”

“Oh, aye… that’s not ideal, but… ok, do what ya gotta do.” He leaned forward and gritted his teeth, preparing himself for what needed to be done.

The ex-thief nodded, gave him a sympathetic look, then lunged forward and bit down hard on the outline of the inhibitor chip. Once she punctured the skin, she bit down harder to make the wound bigger, then, once she had the inhibitor in her teeth, ripped it out with a powerful pull-back of her neck, taking some skin with it.

“AH! Jaysus!” he exclaimed as under-his-breath as possible, inhaling sharply as he tried to keep the noise down. He blinked a few times, clearing the tears that had involuntarily formed and feeling the implant finally restarting. He started tugging at his shirt sleeve, trying to rip a strip off to cover the wound and stem any bleeding.

“That did it… great stuff Taleste. Now, ‘ere’s the rub….. Can’t get outta here, just the two of us. We’re gonna need a bit of help, from them” he nodded in the direction of the handful of other prisoners who shared their holding cell. “You’re definitely the better talker…. Right now especially, think you can rally us some troops?”

Taleste nodded, wiped away the blood from her mouth and chin, and turned to study the rest of the transport, or as much as she could see from here. She was looking out for any prisoner of interest. Any prisoner who looked like an easy mark, or perhaps a very difficult mark. Either way, she believed she’d know when she saw them.

They were sharing the holding cell with just 4 others- a Karthian wrapped up in a full-steel straight jacket and jaw harness. A human man sat near the restrained alien, dark-haired with a crew cut. He was exhibiting telltale signs of stardust withdrawal- red nose, darkened eyes, shaking hands. Not far away sat an Endo warrior, easily distinguishable by the near-white skin, shaved head and wide green eyes. The Endo were a cult-like tribe of humans who believed that the key to the next stage of evolution was injecting themselves with a cross-mixture of various alien DNA. This one in particular had a steel gauntlet encasing his left arm up to the elbow, probably restraining a cybernetic limb. Lastly, off at the back by herself, was a very normal-looking human woman, pale-skinned, ginger hair, tattoos peeking out of her short-sleeved prisoner shirt. She was eying up Grayson closely, carefully. Not like she knew him, more that she was simply wary of the newcomer to the holding cell.


Stryker stepped into the war room, his brow furrowed as he checked out the latest recon images on his datapad. It had been 3 days since Grayson and Amy had been taken, 3 days since he had cold-cocked Voss and jettisoned him and Treliving in their shuttle off to the far corner of the galaxy. The ‘rescue attempts’ had gone poorly, to say the least. The morning after the incident, Grayson had been taken to a max security Federation facility on the far side of the planet. They kept the place on high alert, so storming the beaches was suicide. Amy had been kept in the city center, the same holding facility the duo had initially been brought to. There hadn’t been any movement there at all. The team had actually just this morning, managed to get a bug onto an unsecured server, where they learned that Amy had already been transferred off-world and Grayson was due to be sent to the Kyln the next morning. Perfect timing as always.

SAL had approached the captain a day ago, with a rather startling confession. The reason he and Grayson were a ‘package deal’ despite seemingly hating each other. A few years back, they had both independently accepted a contract from a crime boss who operated out of the Corvais System. The job involved crossing an active war zone, and had gone poorly, so as punishment, the boss had proximity-based microbombs implanted in both of them.
SAL reassured Stryker that they still had time before he and Grayson needed to ‘check in’ to keep the bombs dormant, but the clock was ticking down. Just another day in the life.

“Alright gang” he said as he looked up at the assembled crew “I’m not gonna sugar coat this. We already lost some good people, and we’ve only got one shot to try and save the one who still has a chance. You all have your jobs, you all have access to the transport ship blueprints to review the plan. We strike as soon as they clear the system, best estimate is in about 6 hours. I want gunners at their positions and the boarding party ready to move in. Any questions at all, you send them my way. Until then, dismissed.”

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Mission Summary: Alliance-appointed commanding officer of Squad 3, Sergeant Gunnarson died early in the assault, from there, the objective was all but forgotten as Benny and Sadaet platooned the leadership role to get everyone out alive except Harriet who tragically didn’t survive. The explosives did their job, creating enough chaos within the military depot to cover the team’s escape, the target may very well have been eliminated, but who could say for sure with no way to confirm the kill. On SAL’s side of things, things went better. Their objective was completed, but they still took losses, particularly Pax. Both teams are currently en route back to the ship. Meanwhile………….

From Action to Action: Growing A Pair
A mini-collab between me and Garde

Stryker’s brow was coated in sweat as he exhaled heavily. Halfway through their drink, he and Tibulass had shared a look and just…… pounced on one another like teenagers overcome with lust. One thing led to another and here they were, in his bed, sheet draped across their bodies and Tib’s head nestled against his chest. He chuckled a little bit as he finally caught his breath.
“Well…. That was…. Wow. That was something.”

“........ y-yeah, it was.” Tibulass stuttered as she snuggled a little closer. Truth is, she was feeling a little weird after that, and was still processing it herself.
“Listen, we…. We’ll figure out what to do in the morning. The others’ll be back soon if they haven’t already arrived, but don’t worry about them and what they’ll think. I want you to spend the night… if you’re comfortable with that.”

“...maybe we should keep it a secret. Let ‘em find out find out for themselves.” Tib suggested as she shivered a bit “I gotta steal one of your shirts for the night though, because fuck that dress.”

“Yeah, maybe…. And sure thing, go ahead” he pondered for a second.
“Actually, I’ve gotta get up for a minute” he nudged her head and started to sidle towards the edge of the bed.
Tib nodded as she moved… and promptly rolled off the bed, landing on the floor with a thud before scurrying over to the dresser and grabbing a shirt to pull on. Her face was red as she stated.
“..I was too tired to stand up out of bed, in case you were wondering.”

“Yeah sure, that’s what happened” he said with a grin as he walked into the bathroom.
“Uh... yeah, it is” she called after him. When he re-emerged a minute later, he caught her eye and smiled. She simply pointed towards the desk

“Is that supposed to be blinking?”

“Hm?” his gaze shifted over to where she was pointing. It was his comms earpiece, a small red light flashing repeatedly on the side of it. He sat and fumbled around with it as he accessed the incoming message.

“What is it?” Tib asked as she clambered back in bed “Alliance on our ass again?”

Stryker’s face had gone white as a ghost, his breathing shallow and ragged as the transmission looped again in his head. He stopped the playback and silently started typing something into his terminal.

“Stryker?” she asked, concerned “What is it?”

With one final keystroke the transmission played aloud for her to hear for herself as Grayson’s voice crackled to life
”Stryker…. We got burned. Not gunna make it outta this one mate…... It’s been an honor.”
A second voice, more distant but clear and booming.
“Amy.. baby close yer eyes, just do it”
“I said, hands up!”
A laser blast reverberated around the room before the transmission cut to static.

Tib, eyes wide with shock, immediately jumped out of bed, grabbed Stryker’s pants and pulled them on as she headed for the door “Stryker! We gotta go get them, are you coming or not!?”

He sounded utterly defeated as he spun in his chair to look at her.
“Tib…. we can’t. The others are on their way back. Assuming things went well, the surface is probably on complete lockdown. Even if they are still alive, they won’t be for long.”

“Yeah, no. That was a tazer. The fuckin’ love birds are okay. And you know as well as I do that they’d do the same if it was us, so get dressed.”

“....” Stryker was speechless, all he could do was stare with his mouth open slightly. This woman was amazing.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t get sidetracked by me stealing your pants, let’s get moving Cap.”

“What?” he snapped back to reality “Oh right, yeah, let’s go.”
He found some clothes and got dressed as Tib ushered him along.
“Onwards, mister-in-the-know!” she said as she stepped out into the hall “Posthaste!”

Literally five minutes later, just long enough for Stryker and Tib to find Voss and explain the situation to him

“No, absolutely not” Voss said defiantly “We had our orders, executed them, and now we leave before reinforcements arrive or investigations start. They knew the risks, not our problem they couldn’t deliver on their end of the bargain. In war sometimes you lose the pawns.”

“Fuck you Voss” Stryker said, his voice dripping with venom “none of us signed up for this, we’re not willing soldiers in your little war, and we’re not fucking pawns to be used either. They’re people, they’re my crew, and my friends.”

“That’s what you think, is it…. Captain?” Voss said snidely “you and your little band of misfits are nothing….. Nothing more than tools to be used. With one simple message beamed back to Earth, this project ends and all of you get a swift bullet to the head before I get the pleasure of dumping your corpses at the far reaches of the Expanse, so fall in line, or I will make yo-”


Stryker’s fist collided with Voss’ face, bones splintered and blood flew freely as the jarhead collapsed backwards. Sergeant Treliving, standing nearby, instantly reached for his sidearm, but Tib was already in his face, grabbing his arm.

“Can’t let’cha do that, sorry!”

Before the soldier cold protest, the room lit up with a strobe-flash of Tib’s psionics and the sergeant fell to the floor, ears bloody and limbs twitching.

Stryker, feeling a crazy adrenaline rush, chuckled uncomfortably.

“Hope Sadaet’s countermeasures are ready, because I think we just went rogue”

Tib wiped some blood from her nose “Oh… that’s new…. And it’s about fucking time!”
She kept rubbing her nose as she looked over to the Captain.
“So, what’s the plan for saving our damsels in distress?”

“Right” Stryker’s brain jumped into action and he stroked his beard quickly as the plan came together “First, let’s restrain captain dickhead and his buddy here. Get word down to the others to take out the other guy if he’s still alive. Once the shuttles are docked, we’ll load them on their craft and set their autopilot to send them far away from this system. Hopefully buy us a few days to rescue Grayson and Amy and sever the Alliance’s remote controls on the ship. We’ll worry about everything else after.”

"On it! I'll have to score us a getaway, so you want it quick and painful, or slow and painless?"
Stryker was alarmed at her wording "wait, what?!"
"The-the getaway. Quick one, or safe one?"
"Oh. Safe, we can't afford to lose any more of us. We're on our own now."
"Alrighty, no crashing and banging into other ships on our way out then."
Tib rushed her way towards the cockpit, reaching for her communicator to get a message down to the shuttle to warn the others about their plan.

Stryker stood over the two unconscious and restrained soldiers in the war room, and for the first time in a long time, a smile crossed his face as he felt genuinely happy, and optimistic for what the future would bring.
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