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Current You know what’d be great? If you could give permission so other people could edit your post! That would be great!
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I have a cold. It sucks. A lot. I can’t breathe through my nose
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Happy Halloween everyone! Get spooked!
1 mo ago
People, please join this, we need more people…
2 mos ago
I will always take more people, please join…


And then I fired again. And then I missed. And then I fired, and then I fired, and I missed. I missed both times. And then I fired. And I missed. This went on for several hours. And then I fired. And then I missed. And then I was out of bullets. And then I got sad. I had a popsicle. And then I passed out in the snow. Then I woke up, and then I reloaded. And then I fired. And then I missed. I missed again. I fired. I hit something, but it wasn't what I was going for, so I guess I missed. I passed out again. Had another popsicle. I had a dream that I was firing at something. I missed. I threw up a snowball at 'em! I missed. I packed another snowball into my gun. That's my secret weapon. I missed. Yeah, she's really something. I threw a snowball at her. I missed. I passed out. I woke up with a popsicle stick in my mouth. Don't piss me off, woman! I'll take a swing at you! I'll miss though. I guarantee ya. And I'll take another swing, and I'll miss. And then I'll have myself a popsicle. Would you care for a popsicle? Just don't bring it into the sauna. I reached into the fridge for another popsicle. I missed. I got the cabbage. I put it back, but I missed. I dropped it on the floor. Long story short - missed.

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@Lady Selune
1. Are butterfly knives allowed?
2. Some of the other backstories were similar to mine. Why wouldn’t mine make sense?
This took way longer than it should have. But here he is, Harrison Rivera.

So SWAT teams usually have like 6 people. So we have Alpha Team, then the next people will be Beta Team?
If I use 1 flash bang, can I carry 2 smoke in the other spaces?
Grenade launchers, yay or nay?
@Foster I didn’t think that, I just wanted to notify everyone, since no-one posted over thanksgiving.
@Treue Sure, anyone’s welcome!
@Dragonruby@Drakey@Foster@OfWindAndRain@Shadow Daedalus I’m rezzing this thing, I don’t want it to die.
I am intrigue. So long as it’s not a sword, is pretty much any knife allowed?
Sorry for taking so long to post, but it’s up!
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