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And then I fired again. And then I missed. And then I fired, and then I fired, and I missed. I missed both times. And then I fired. And I missed. This went on for several hours. And then I fired. And then I missed. And then I was out of bullets. And then I got sad. I had a popsicle. And then I passed out in the snow. Then I woke up, and then I reloaded. And then I fired. And then I missed. I missed again. I fired. I hit something, but it wasn't what I was going for, so I guess I missed. I passed out again. Had another popsicle. I had a dream that I was firing at something. I missed. I threw up a snowball at 'em! I missed. I packed another snowball into my gun. That's my secret weapon. I missed. Yeah, she's really something. I threw a snowball at her. I missed. I passed out. I woke up with a popsicle stick in my mouth. Don't piss me off, woman! I'll take a swing at you! I'll miss though. I guarantee ya. And I'll take another swing, and I'll miss. And then I'll have myself a popsicle. Would you care for a popsicle? Just don't bring it into the sauna. I reached into the fridge for another popsicle. I missed. I got the cabbage. I put it back, but I missed. I dropped it on the floor. Long story short - missed.

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I'm not actually going to join this RP. Sorry for any trouble I may have caused.
Autocannon= a fast firing gun that fires explosive shells, as opposed to bullets
2 missile launchers, one that holds 15 long range missiles and one that holds 40 medium range missiles
The 15 count launcher reloads faster, but does less damage
The 40 launcher reloads slower so it functions more of an ultimate
No, I get that. Its arm is an autocannon, and it has various missile launchers strapped attached to it.
No, you guys are in El Pozo Negro (my ship), and we are in Los Lobos (KillBox's ship)
I see. That's ~20 minutes wasted. I just wanted to recreate Tone, and those were the closest I got. Same equipment, though? It's just a gun, a flare launcher, and missiles, it's a simple concept.
He pressed a button to deactivate the voice modulator."Of course. Can I have a Coke? It's my favorite soda. I'm glad you offered. It's so hard to find some." His modulator slowly shut down as he walked toward the dining room. After his scroll analyzed and confirmed the air was breathable, he took off his mask. "It's handy but sometimes I really don't like that mask. Anyway, you've probably already run voice recognition and are running face recognition so you know who I am, but who are you?" he questioned as he stepped into the room.
So for anyone who knows BattleTech Lore, I have a question: is this balanced?
Autocannon class 10 (tracker cannon)
Long range missile 15 (tracking rockets)
Chimera chassis (Atlas chassis)
Flare Launcher (SONAR lock)
Medium range missile 40 (salvo core)
Just click the link in my other post, it leads to the wiki page on Tone, or just click there.
If I wanted to recreate, say, Tone's loadout, would I be able to do that, at least somewhat?
Ah. I regret telling you this, but I won't join this. For one thing, I've never played Mechwarrior.
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