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You know what’d be great? If you could give permission so other people could edit your post! That would be great!
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I have a cold. It sucks. A lot. I can’t breathe through my nose
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Happy Halloween everyone! Get spooked!
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People, please join this, we need more people…
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I will always take more people, please join…


Hello! I'm superservo27! Call me that or any variation thereof.
I like sci-fi. Seriously, of all the RPs I've been in (as of this writing, January 2018), only two weren't Scifi in some capacity. I like a lot of stuff. If I went through it all, it'd be an ungodly amount of text. It also fluctuates on a sometimes daily basis.

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”Yeah, it's pretty annoying.” Harrison spoke to the new member. ”I hope you like bacon and toast, cause that's what you get. Here you go. I'm Harrison, nice to meet you” As he handed Henry a plate of food, he turned on his Focus to check where everyone was. Grayson and Amy, in their room. Matija and Tibulass in the cockpit. Wait, why are they in the cockpit? Stryker in the hull. Yep, today should be a chill day.
Harrison received a message form SA: to use his Focus to scan the parts and did just that. He willed it on and it did so, the alien tech projecting its trademark hologram reticle. The small ring appeared near his right ear while he asked, "I don't suppose you mind if I look a little closer, do you? Can never be too careful." As he was talking, he leaned in closer and scanned the pieces. Looks good, looks good. Could stand to get some sealant on the pipe, but it'll work. That tank looks like shit, but it's structurally sound so... eh. The wire isn't stripped, valves'll seal. Axles are good, so are the rotors and such. Harry tapped his foot twice. "Tell you what, it's eleven seven fifty and I tell you the biggest problems with your project over there." Harrison gestures over to the dented as hell catalyst.

"Of course, I'll get on that. Don't expect too much though." Harrison walked through the hall to the stairwell and slid down the railing. Once he reached the engine room, he looked around for the terminal, found it, and activated his Focus. After sorting through the various files and downloading the one he needed, he looked around for some tools and the leak. Reading the file, he found the problem was that there were multiple leaks, some small, others not so small. He turned on his suit and went to seal the ones he could reach. Harrison worked in a rhythm and started singing shanties under his breath.

If/when Koren showed up to the engine room, Harrison directed him to some leaks. "There's a couple up there that I can't reach without climbing all over the engine. I don't know what you can do, but i figured you might be able to help there. There's also a couple that need to be held together before they can be sealed and that's a two man job."
Current form: Amber Levesque

Amber had just come home after getting off from work. Thankfully, she had an early off and got home around 4 pm. She kicked off her shoes and jumped on the bed. After taking a 3 hour nap, she saw that it was 7 and opened up her laptop. She booted up Goggle Silver and passed the time until her favorite show came on by watching some Crispyrail. Before she knew it, it was 10 and she turned on her TV. The channel was tuned to Mystery Channel from a couple of days ago when she had been binge watching some random show. She tuned it to Geek and Sundry and waited for her favorite show to come on. Just as it was starting, it was interrupted by some signal. ”Ah, come on! What the hell!” She lunged for her phone and managed to get a shaky video of the event. Amber looked over the video and noticed a string of numbers. She ran them through an a1z26 decrypter and left as soon as she figured out what the riddle meant.

Current form: Dr. Wattz

Amber drove up to near the wind farm and parked it. She got out, popped open the trunk, and grabbed her pipe and shotgun attachment. She slammed the truck shut and started walking toward the wind farm. ”This had better be fuckin’ worth interrupting my Critical Role…” As she approached the gate, she looked around. There was a sign that read, “Danger! High voltage!” and after inspection, it was, in fact, high voltage. Amber just climbed it anyway. ”Aight, I’m here! What the fuck was so important that you needed to hack the tv channels?”
Aiden Blazerunner

Aiden shakes his head to clear it and realizes that what he did was not helping his case. "I'm, I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. Well actually, I do but, that doesn't mean that it was okay. Again, I'm sorry." He bows, then tries to hurry outside before people start to gossip about him. He moves through the door after calling out, "I'll go deal with the magician. Again, sorry." He pulls his hood up and calls on his magic to warm him up, because rain is cold, man. He shouts at Pyro, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" "I did nothing.""You totally did, though. I don't know how, but you caused that.""Sure. And pigs fly.""Save it."
Aiden Blazerunner

Aiden was a tiny bit miffed Mort hadn’t accepted his handshake, but quickly dismissed it in favor of diplomacy. ”That sounds like a good idea.” He turned toward their strange host and introduced himself a bit cockily. ”I am Aiden Blazerunner. Pyromancer, desert wanderer, and the man for a job. Anything you need,” he paused while summoning a fireball, his tattoos lighting up while doing so. He rolled it along his arm, along his shoulders, and caught it in his other hand. He threw it at the mage before stopping it with his arm outstretched. He curled his fingers and re-caught the ball of unbridled heat. He channeled back into pure mana and felt the warmth travel up his arm as the magic flowed back into his reservoir. ”I can do. Now, while I appreciate a roof over my head and a purpose to fulfil, I’m going to cut to the chase. You clearly have something in mind for us, so. What is it?”
Wait please. I have an idea and just need time to work on it.
Well, it was fun. But I really am not feeling this anymore. I’m out.
There’s a link to the Wikipedia in the question.
I have some questions. Main one is: will this turn out like Gate?

Depending on the answer, I may or may not join.
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