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Current To everyone who has been patiently awaiting posts, my apologies. I will try to get out a round of posts today!
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1 yr ago
Sounds like it's time for me to get my handcuffs and my ballgag.
1 yr ago
Sounds like it's time for me to get my handcuffs and my ballgag.
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1 yr ago
To anyone waiting on posts from me: as some of y'all know, my place of work minorly caught on fire on Tuesday and I had to deal with that. Literally. Anyways. That's why I'm slow lately.
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1 yr ago
As a Texan, the proper spelling is "Y'all" not "ya'll." It is a contraction of "You all" not "Ya all." That's all I have to say on any of this.


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Y'all thought I was playing around?!

That time has come once again to
I shall bumperino this because I'm still in need.

Y'all thought I was dead but NO. I'm just working as a TEACHER. Which means my replies will be SLOW. Know what you're getting into, kiddos.

Anyways, I have a craving. A fantasy craving. Focused around a character who is a spellcaster, but they weren't born with the gift. No, they were used to seal away a powerful Fey. Their living body serving as the container for its dangerous power. And through that internal bond, this character wields arcane might.

But he/she is young, inexperienced, timid, and afraid of their own capacity for causing very bad things to happen.

So what happens when a more positive, gung-ho individual enters that life and encourages this person into a life of adventure? WHO KNOWS? But I would like to find out.

If M/F I'll play dude. If F/F I'll obviously play a lady.

If this idea sounds non-shitty, hit me up in PMs.
Deuces, broskis.
@Master Crim

Cointooth's mouth widened in a jagged grin. "Do I have owlbears on my person? No. Do I know exactly who to talk to about getting you one? Yes. I do. There's a healthy market for the beasts, though not one most know about." Cointooth took a long pull from his pipe and blew two streams of blue smoke from his large nose.

"These trinkets are for the commoners. The passersby, you know? The folks who need a little something to make their lives a touch easier. A locket that can point north, a ring that illuminates in the darkness, a hand sickle that can cut on its own... simple things. Any mage could make them, for a steep fee. But I sell them much cheaper. Much cheaper, indeed." Cointooth never lost his grin.

"But of course, for clients such as yourself, I have much deeper pockets than I seem. I've a great deal of items that can be of interest to mages and their like. Especially those with Specialty Interests."
Cointooth heard the voice and immediately recognized it. He'd sold that guy... what was it? Ah yes, he sold him that Soul Sapphire a few months back. A bit over half a year, now. Name of... Travis, probably? That sounded right.

Cointooth flashed a smile at the approaching mage, his golden canine tooth throwing a spot of yellow light onto the wall. "Mister Davison," Cointooth said with the usual Goblin rasp. Goblins were said to talk as if they were in the middle of chewing a mouthful of gravel. Cointooth was no exception, but his voice was strangely deep for a Goblin.

"I hope that trinket I sold you was of good use." Cointooth had acquired that particular gem through a fence who'd picked it out of a wizard's pocket. Grabshine had gotten it extra cheap, since the fool had no idea what he had. Grabshine bought it at normal Sapphire price, and sold it to Travis at above average cost due to a "recent shut down" of a mine in Al-Zaram that provided much of the sapphire for the region. Cointooth had been a very happy goblin for about a week off that purchase.

"I am glad that the winds of time and circumstance have brought you to me again. Have you found yourself in need of additional trinkets, or is this simply a friendly visit?" Grabshine took a deep breath through his nose, then took a pull from his pipe and blew a stream of blue smoke. Travis smelled of a human on the cusp of seeking someone to warm their bed. Apparently he'd spotted someone he fancied. Cointooth said nothing of this for now. But he would bring it up when it seemed right.

@Master Crim
The scent in the air tonight was simply heavenly. It was Cointooth's favorite smell. The smell of money becoming very slippery. The fine folks sitting in this small, squat, cobblestone building and slowly drinking themselves into a stupor brought a wide grin to the Goblin's face.

He was short. He was unassuming. His broad hat covered most of his head. He was old and hobbled, and peered out at the world over a pair of darkened glasses that might suggest to some that he was blind. This was not the case, however. He simply liked how they looked.

From between his sharp teeth dangled an ornate pipe, made from a dark wood inlaid with a rod of ivory that had been engraved and given tasteful treatments of gold leaf. Cointooth took a pull from his pipe, and royal blue smoke soon streamed down from his nostrils, filling the air around him with a smell like sour apples and lye.

But, despite all this, what usually got the most questions was Cointooth's namesake. His left canine tooth had fallen out at an early age. He needed a suitable replacement, and in due time came across a shattered gold coin, still in fairly good condition aside from being sundered. So, with a bit of clever grinding and some very painful surgery performed with a mallet and a steady hand, Cointooth acquired his namesake. A namesake that still bore most of the original image.

Cointooth sat at a highly visible chair, his backpack full of wares beside him, and mostly listened... listening to hear anyone discussing needs he might just be able to relieve...
Drunken Elder God sounds like a great time to me. Just sayin'.

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