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Current To everyone who has been patiently awaiting posts, my apologies. I will try to get out a round of posts today!
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To anyone waiting on posts from me: as some of y'all know, my place of work minorly caught on fire on Tuesday and I had to deal with that. Literally. Anyways. That's why I'm slow lately.
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As a Texan, the proper spelling is "Y'all" not "ya'll." It is a contraction of "You all" not "Ya all." That's all I have to say on any of this.
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I'm happy to announce that, illness-wise, I seem to be out of the woods. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
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Dangit. Sorry to everyone waiting on a post from me. I've been a bit sick. Gonna try to post some today.


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I'm probably more experienced than you'd prefer (I've run a full campaign of it and a couple of oneshots in the system) but hey, I don't see much talk or mention of FAE on here and I really enjoy the system.

So if you have any questions or want some pointers from someone who has done it before, feel free to shoot me a message.

And if you really can't find anyone, the one thing I've never been in Fate is a player. Lol
Dr. Wilson chuckled at the varied responses she got. "I dunno. I survived a cryptid attack at 14 without a weapon. Though previous run-ins with containing werewolves on-site have... not gone well." She waved her left hand, her ring and pinkie fingers conspicuously absent.

She didn't move away when Constanza sat next to her, but she did seem slightly more on-edge. That chaotic element was right nearby. "You know I won't take a DNA sample unwillingly. If I was willing to do that I probably could have succeeded in this endeavor by now if I was willing to be that unethical. But thank you for the support, Agent." She took a cookie with her left hand and had a tentative bite. Dorian's response was amusing, though. "Well that would certainly keep me from being an Atheist. But my current theory is that you're the same immortal cryptid subspecies that Keanu Reeves is. That, or you're a Lich who uses industrial-grade lotion." Jules smirked. "Or maybe you're the guy from the book, using your illuminati-like secretive control to make sure nobody knows who you really are, but much like the conspiracy theorists insist, kept your name the same as a cheeky clue."

Jules rolled her eyes. "Anyways, on more 'plausible' threads..." she turned to Constanza. "Firstly, before you ask, no. You still cannot get high from Pixie Dust. It's just caffeine and glitter. Secondly, I have no problem attempting to synthesize any other compounds you fine that are of genuine use besides partying."
6:47 PM

Dr. Wilson pushed the door open to the old tavern... bar..., and gave a small wave to the colleagues she recognized.

She sat down at a nearby available seat and tucked took a moment to request the bar's cheapest wine. She didn't need it to taste good. "I heard that it was a success. I haven't seen the full report but... I hope that silvered iodine was helpful to you, agents."

She looked at Dorian with a smile and an empty-handed toasting gesture. "You know, in Czechoslovakia we often celebrate these kinds of successes with a round of cheek scrapings. You wanna go first, Dorian?" At this point, Dr. Wilson's interest in obtaining a DNA sample from Dorian was well known enough that it had evolved into more of a running joke than anything else.

Once her wine arrived, Dr. Wilson leaned back and took on her usual stance of being an outsider observing someone else's group of friends. She was a consultant, and not on for every case. It wasn't every day they managed to get tissue off one of these things, let alone get permission to demo a new compound.
Simple sheet for Dr. Julia Wilson!

Y'all thought I was playing around?!

That time has come once again to
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