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23 days ago
Current To anyone waiting on posts from me: as some of y'all know, my place of work minorly caught on fire on Tuesday and I had to deal with that. Literally. Anyways. That's why I'm slow lately.
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28 days ago
As a Texan, the proper spelling is "Y'all" not "ya'll." It is a contraction of "You all" not "Ya all." That's all I have to say on any of this.
29 days ago
I'm happy to announce that, illness-wise, I seem to be out of the woods. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
1 mo ago
Dangit. Sorry to everyone waiting on a post from me. I've been a bit sick. Gonna try to post some today.
1 mo ago
A big "sorry" to everyone waiting on posts from me


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I do wanna BUMP.

Isaac, for his part, went out to his truck and grabbed his clothes to change into before heading inside. After a quick stop at the bathroom, Isaac came out in his homecoming garb.

He was never really a fan of dressing up, but it seemed appropriate to mix things up a little for Homecoming. So Isaac came out of the restroom in jeans, boots, a brown belt, a green and very lightly plaid shirt, and a gray suit coat. He ran a comb through his hair and his beard before putting it away and making one more run out to his car to put away his other clothes.

Isaac walked towards the gym and looked around for anyone he knew, stopping mid-stride and feeling his mouth go dry when he saw Bernie. Oh no, he thought to himself, feeling a wave of nerves wash over him. Somehow he managed to take a spot next to her, opposite of Alice. What he couldn't do was keep his face from reddening. Fuck. He'd thought this would be a really great night to do this but now he was just intimidated and...


Isaac balled up a fist and took a deep breath. He was going to talk to her. Before he could get himself too nervous to speak. He had to do it. As soon as possible.

"Hey Berns," he felt himself say before he could even stop himself, "...uh," his bravado fell a little flat for a second and his face only got more red. "Um... can I... can I talk to you for a minute?" He indicated the corner as a place where maybe they could talk for a second. "Just... real quick. Before I can talk myself out of it."
Isaac stood there for as long as it took, looking at Bernie almost apologetically, but with an unusually determined glint to his eye. "If you don't mind, of course."

Aint nothin wrong with a little BUMP and grind.

Ford Cannon was not in the building yet when the party started. Instead, he was on his way back to the party after making a few stops and calling in a few favors.

Ford gently kicked the door to their floor open and grinned. "Cannon does it again," he cried, pushing forward a literal wagon full of party supplies. A Red Flyer wagon. Like the kind kids would ride around in. It was actually impressive that he'd managed to get it up here without being noticed. Or maybe people owed him the right sets of favors.

Buford scratched at his hair through his beanie as he took final stock to make sure nothing had fallen. He had:
2 Kegs of Heineken
3 Boxes of Boxed Wine
2 Bottles of Jack Daniels
4 orders of 12-count buffalo chicken wings
6 Po-boy sandwiches
1 disco ball
1 Twister set
1 Ouija Board
8 large bags of chips
8 different kinds of dip
1 blow-up sex doll wearing aviator sunglasses
and, to top it all off, a bit of Ayahuasca from, like, the one Peruvian dude in the state. It was pretty damn sweet.

Buford dragged his little red wagon of ridiculous shit into the hallway. "Come forth, children, and partake of my amazing bounty." Ford turned, shooting a smile at the assembled. Now he just needed to find someone who didn't look like they were being talked to yet. Oh, wait, right. He stooped down and pulled the Ayahuasca from the from the bin. Didn't need someone wasting it because they thought it was weed. It didn't work unless you did it right, dude.

Anyways. What was he doing? Right, he was gonna bother people. He spotted Ylva just outside of her room and so he gravitated his merry way over there.

"Ahoy there, Red," he said casually. He was like 99% certain he knew her name already, but he went with a safe alternative just in case. "Ylva, right? We met a few days ago. I think I helped you carry a dresser or something into the dorm? Maybe that was someone else. Sorry. I'm Buford Cannon, just call me Ford, like the truck. Anyways. How are you doing, huh? How are things back home in Oslo? Family staying warm?"

Isaac sat quietly, looking as if he was watching the game when in reality he was just staring vaguely downward. He was seated just behind Bernie, so it almost seemed like he was just staring at the back of her head.

He didn't really react to the game or to what was going on around him. He just seemed to be having a very cerebral evening, almost locked away, struggling with some problem in his head.

That was, until the mention of going inside. Isaac blinked for what felt like the first time in several minutes and looked around, as if making sure he was caught up with his surroundings. "We could go in. I'm not seeing this turning around any time soon. Though I don't think they'll be set up for the dance yet. We'd basically just be sitting in a partially decorated, basically empty school."

Isaac realized fairly immediately that this prospect was probably an argument in favor of going in rather than one against it for most of this group. And... well... with a blush, he realized that it might be worth his efforts, too.

None of the Sinners were aware in any real way, but Isaac had been giving Bernie rides home from work for several months now. They got to talk, quite a lot. They often had lunch together.

Isaac had one goal, this evening... and he was nervous as hell about it. So he was quiet, stuck in his head, and strongly considering an attrmpt to be alone with Berns for a few minutes. It would probably happen later when he inevitably gave her a ride home, but... he wanted this done before he could make himself chicken out, or before something bad happened like at the Halloween Party.

Isaac blinked again. How long had he been stuck in thought? "I think it sounds good... Berns?"
sorry for my absence i really don't have a good enough reason or explanation. will get working on a post soon

Ya know what?
I respect that confession. Lol.

I look forward to your post.


The creature speaks to you. Its voice is like a rasping whisper from a distant place being sent to you via a long tunnel. It is far away from you, but its voice sounds as if it is standing right in front of you.

"Womb," it said simply, one tendril plucking the arrows from its body bloodlessly and casually crushing their shafts. "Require womb. Must make more." It points a tendril at you, Milk.

The plastic tape making up its body shudders with a mass of crinkling noises. "Will find another."

The creature turns away and begins to stalk in the general direction of Steelbird Landing. "More at the Landing..."

HEMLOCK, You feel Him even as you walk. You detect him, moving in your same direction. You walk now with this avatar of the Maelstrom, even if some distance lies between you now. His un-heart pulses just as yours does, in perfect synchronization. You feel it in your bones.

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