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hmmm... just playing hive with my kid, fun game. keeping an eye on an rp, need to come up with a character while I still can.
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I have ideas, recently buried :P but I dug them up for you (the general "you", noone specific)…
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condolences, poohead
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actually, if we don't start/resume taking it seriously, it could be 2022 before we're out of the proverbial woods. I have no idea of that's a generous estimate, or a conservative one, still sounds bad
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Maurice caught something from the corner of his eye- a devil? It looked like a little girl, but he learned a long time ago not to be fooled by their appearances. Before it could do anything against him, he shifted his weight and turned, drawing his knife in a slashing motion.

He should have been mindful of his footing. He should have worn better shoes for the weather. He should have taken the weather into account.

Between the fire inside, and his own body heat close to his position in a crouch, the frost beneath him melted. Coupled with the uneven footing, and the shift in his balance from the strike while keeping hold of the rifle?

Of course, he slipped, and fell. He was only just able to spit out a "Merde!" before he disappeared through the window he'd shot out. He lost hold of the knife in the initial tumble, but what he fumbled for so desperately as he spun towards the ground? "Ed". He payed no mind to the action unfolding as it repeatedly spun through his line of sight, he just focused on trying to save "Ed". He lost sight of the rifle, spinning faster as he was struck by something, it felt like a metal bar- Did I hit the railing? He barely registered the pain in his leg before he hit the ground, hard.

Now he hurt all over, his back especially. stunned, his head rolled to the side, dizzy, vision somewhat blurred. Concussion, probably. A few ribs, been awhile since those were last broken. Can't seem to feel my legs... I think I might be getting too old for- His vision cleared, and focused. His vision than blurred again, with tears. Not for the sight of the fight going on without him, not for fear of being vulnerable before the devil's had been dispatched.

It was for what lay next to him. His rifle, "Ed". Dashed to pieces, from the drop. He'd tried to save it, and failed, just like before. He'd lost him, again.

Then everything went black.
Maurice grimaced as he moved into position, and readied himself. These youngin's, he thought, wastin' time on theatrics. Gasoline? Bah. Burns too fast, and that's if you manage to light it before it evaporates. Should have splashed the escape routes, and lit those up, set up a good kill zone, make it harder for them to scatter...

He continued grumbling to himself about how he would have done things differently if he'd been put in charge of the operation. Still, he wasn't about to complain- opportunities to scrap it out back home had slowed down, and he never turned down an assignment with a potentially high kill count. Siracha City's unusual current events was a rare opportunity...

From atop the roof, looking through a glass panel, rifle at the ready, he rolled his eyes when Da Xia had finished. He settled on a first target, and noted several others, the plan being to provide cover fire and keep them from overwhelming her. He was meant to await a signal or particular event/action, but preferred to "take the initiative" on missions- "Why, hello, there, slack; yes, do take my hand, and I'll pick you up-" he muttered to himself. He couldn't help but smile, with an odd look in his eye, as remembered the phrase, "like shooting fish in a barrel", and proceeded to open fire.
I imagine some interesting exchanges between Kaze and Maurice, but this is going to be an interesting bunch overall
Haha, yeah, things are rounding out more
There seems to be quite a few of us going "I'm the angry one!" lol

If the gm's wish it, I am willing to make some changes to Maurices background and personality, if for no other reason than to have more diverse characters/at least one (relatively) normal-*** non angsty person:P

Then again, some of us could end up playing off each other's brand of grimdark and have character growth

• Name: Maurice Colbert

• Title: Some of the younger, more foolish recruits have heard rumors surrounding his assignments. A mix of misplaced awe and intimidation has compelled them to refer to him discreetly as "Van Helsing", or "Devil's Bane"

• Age: 50

• Division: U.S., Deep South Sub-Division

• Class/Species: Devil Bringer

• Abilities: N/A

• Personality: Sociable enough, with other Hunters for the most part, but tends to keep others at arms length, figuratively. Isn't shy about being rude to Feeders. Oddly enough seems to get along best with non hunters in the Agency. Is a surly sort, borders on curmudgeonly at times. is all business during training or practice exercises with weaponry and equipment, those who've worked with him say he can be fearsome in battle, almost like a devil, himself (none have been brave enough to confront him on this).

• Background: Maurice had as normal a life as one could expect for a family that lived just an hour outside of New Orleans. They weren't stereotypical backwoods folk, though they did enjoy their privacy on a sizeable dry patch in the bayou. When he was 25, however, there was an incident- his nephew died as the result of an accident, which is precisely what it was, but that didn't stop his brother, the boys father, Edward, from seeking out an old sorceress who facilitated a contract between him and a devil. He tried to help his brother find a way out of the contract when he found he didn't have the stomach for vengeance; no matter where he was, no matter what time, Ed would see the "accidents" that befell the people responsible for his nephew's death, and occasionally was not himself, like the devil was taking over, consuming him. Eventually, he found the only way to stop/kill the devil and save his brother (and what few of it's targets were left) was for Maurice to kill him. Not long after, he was contacted by the Agency regarding the incident, and has been taking his grief out on Devils, ever since.

• Inventory: A Winchester rifle with the name "Ed" scoured into the stock, and a crucifix from a rosary affixed to it, as well. It's blessed, in order to make it a more effective a weapon. He's since learned the use of multiple bladed weapons, and even some hand to hand training. For that reasons, he also carries a blessed bowie knife. Otherwise, he travels light, updating his inventory as necessary for a given assignment, so long as he's properly briefed on the nature of the target.

• Other: If it isn't obvious, Maurice really hates devils. Not only does he not trust or respect Feeders, openly, but in a fight, when things are getting intense, he goes a little crazy, even releasing strings of curses (both foul obscenities and the "plague a both your houses" variety) in Cajun-French. No one will admit as much, but he considers himself the one they call in when the Agency needs Devils dead, and don't much care how anymore. He stopped talking with his surviving family, and doesn't really let people get close anymore. Speaks with the accent of a "Southern Gentlemen"
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