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Current well, here I am. suddenly don't have work, today. Again. how are my friends?
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who's there?
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@cleverbird ... Bo-shoo-dah, choo-ba-ka?
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1x1's, rejoice: you're getting my full attention for awhile.
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well, actually getting some exercise, lately, that's nice... been awhile since anything happened in one of my rp's, debating whether or not some of them are just done and I missed the memo


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@Polyphemus Nah, honestly I was out of line there, plain and simple. I have no idea what's going on, in terms of the story, and when I stop and look at it pragmatically (writing a post helped, weirdly enough), I have no reason to be frustrated with that; in and out of character we just have no idea what's going on, and at this point there's nothing wrong with that, in fact, it's important to the narrative that we don't know everything. going to pm you to clear the air, though, with an apology.
Uh oh. Well this won't do, at all. As the man-cat flew out the window, likely to do battle- a fools errand, but, Itimpu always was a bit more of an attack dog, in that way.

Too late to stop that one; even if the castle staff were inclined to take orders from anyone else, or had a plan for such an occurrence, it was unlikely anything short of Dracula's power could repel a direct, organized assault like this.

Politics would have to wait- right now, they just needed a plan. He quickly shifted to his wolfish form, in anticipation of a fight, but also to avoid being identified. He didn't want to risk losing everything he'd worked for, back home. Panting after he'd finished shifting, he growled out loud to the others, "Well, this is a ruined shoe, for sure, the muck we've stepped in, here! I don't know what's going on, but we aren't likely to figure it out here. Erik-" he bared his teeth as he looked to him, "You're so bloody smart, you and Hyde work out the escape route- between your skills in architecture and such, and his ability to watch you back or persuade the staff as necessary, I should hope you'll find something, and quick- unless of course you already know the castles designs and lay-outs by heart, which would be ducky." He also trusted that if Erik was somehow responsible, or tried anything funny, Hide wouldn't hesitate to kill him, even if only in his own self interest.

He then turned to the fishman, "Marsh; someone should keep an eye on Gael, the two of you in the mean time would do well to marshal the castle staff. If there's a plan that isn't already being enacted, we need it bloody done, and now! Furthermore, if either of you have a way to conjure up some manner of support, now would be the time to do it; it doesn't need to be the legions of Hell, but if we can split their attention from the rear, it'd increase our odds of getting the hell out of here!"

He sat up in a crouch, turning to face the window Itimpu leapt from, "I'm going to support Dracula's cat, and maybe find out if they came here for us." They weren't going to be able to kill him, so he had that advantage, but his overall goal was going to be not simply backing up Itimpu (hopefully gaining his loyalty), but also draw out this forces' overall goals- if they came prepared to fight monsters, he was the one who would force them to show it.

He hopped onto the window ledge, and took a quick look around- something he could use to his advantage; no way was he going to 'tooth and claw' against an army, but he would certainly try to surprise them, if he could. Some way to get behind them, maybe? That would certainly improve Itimpu's odds, he might even be able to put a stop to the mortars before having to fall back. Those were likely to be towards the back of the formation-

Ah, there! A part of the wall came close enough to the moat he could make the leap across, drawing their fire the whole way- he gave a howl, and began leaping along the wall, grasping and pushing off from whatever he could.
-sigh- honestly, the more I think about this, the more frustrated I'm feeling, but I'm going to come up with a post and try to figure out just what is going on, and where this is going.

I have unhappy suspicions, but I'm going to play along and see where this is going.

post coming as soon as I read Ultrax's.
Well... shit.

I'll compose a post soon, not at home rn
so, what's going on?
@EchoicChamberOuch, even if he isn't saying it out loud, little punk isn't pulling any punches >_<
@Utrax, that post was almost adorable XD
also, this is Mr. Talbot, if he succeeds in a take over of any kind, only for Dracula to return without warning-

aaaand POSTED!

lol, does anyone else read Lawrence, upstanding Englishman, as being kind of a catty bitch to the Frenchman(the Phantom, duh)?
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