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Current dang, my last status was only 2 weeks ago? feels like longer. Anyway, once again debating whether or not to attempt an rp, here. Maybe some shrunken people scifi fair?
15 days ago
Hmmm... Might be time to give rp on this site a try again
1 mo ago
Do Not Disturb.
2 mos ago
Got an idea for a stress free game, check it out and see what you think!…
2 mos ago
sing with me, weird friends :)


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Risky idea, but I'm even toying with the idea of offering up a few plot ideas, and letting the players come to a consensus on what to do?
Oh hell yes! I always liked the idea of being tiny!

Sweet! I hope we can get some more players, at least 2 or 3 more, but I'm also going to provide some npcs, and I'll let players have more than one character, for... Reasons... >:)
This would be based loosely on the Micheal Crichton novel, Micro, wherein a corporation figured out a way to use concentrated tensor fields to shrink machines, and even people! Reduced to half an inch tall (give or take), they were sending research teams and "expeditions" into natural areas, referred to as "The Micro-World". The Micro-World is a pretty dangerous place, even for it's normal denizens, and they're adapted for life at that scale!

This rp wouldn't follow the story of the novel, instead the focus would be on different people. I also would do away with a ticking clock plot device called the "micro bends" (similar to the bends, a medical ailment one can develop from spending too much time in a pressurized environment such as the deep sea).

The premise of "Into The Micro-World" would, frankly, be equal parts "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" and "Jurassic Park"; a mixed group of people, intended to only be in the micro-world for a short time, perhaps for professional reasons, instead end up lost and forced to try and survive long enough to be rescued, or otherwise find their way to a point where they can somehow try and contact the larger world for help.

If enough interest can be drummed up, I'll move this to Casual with a proper OOC page and character guidelines
Cool! I wouldn't mind discussing some of these ideas!
@Omega ManSo, no original speedsters, that sounds like?
Haven't fully read through the threads on this; is there a speedster yet? Because I have an idea for a speedster, depending on what the stance is on The Speed Force.
I'm reconsidering my stance on multiple characters... I doubt it would build interest in my rp's, but I realize my own stance reflected an adversarial view of player/gm relations, at least where multi-characters were involved, and I don't think that was fair, and said more negative things about me as a gm.
Already made a separate post for a killer tomatoes rp, so not wasting time talking about that.

But what about something to do with ghosts? (No, I don't think I'll be revisiting Ghostbusters, rn). I have at least one original idea, but only barely a concept.
Wow, I'm surprised "comedy" isn't a genre option?

Anyway, not going into too much detail, but I'm thinking it would be a fun break from failing to get anything more serious off the ground to engage in some dumb fun with an rp setting based around the "Attack of The Killer Tomatoes" franchise, particularly the animated series.

I would call it "Beware, The Killer Tomatoes!", and include several elements from the very end of the animated series such as The Gang of Six ( ).

Please don't respond if you aren't serious about joining/participating in the game, I'd rather not have people sign up just to drop out without notice or never follow through.
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