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27 days ago
Current here's to another lousy year.
1 mo ago
had an idea just today that might be fun. Something with Giants.
1 mo ago
@Mangrale actually that sounds pretty good to me (or maybe Escaflowne)
2 mos ago
a quiet weekend. Boring is better than bad, I suppose.
2 mos ago
sometimes I come across "fan" stuff, and I remember this video essay:


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@Ozzy Cross

doing alright? or at least, better than I was back then!
'Ey, how've you been, @Ozzy Cross? Long time no see
Willis was packing up his tools. It was early in the day, but with the emergency situation they'd had in the night, he'd had to start early.

He looked back at the wall as they were finishing patching up the hole, shaking his head. He'd have to talk with... Whoever was in charge, about putting his skills and knowledge to better use. The walls were set very quickly, hastily, sloppily. How else did one of those... Things punch a whole big enough to get through? Maybe they could rebuild, and reinforce the walls in segments? Something more permanent...

as he was checking how much propane he had left in his torch (mostly just shaking it, and approximating how much remained), he heard someone shouting! His expression went from concerned to annoyed as the meaning of the words registered in his mind. He heaved a sigh, shaking his head again, "...That kid..."

Slinging his tool bag over his shoulder, he walked toward the young man, "Well, good morning, Maddox! Anybody ever tell you how funny you are?" He made sure he put as much sarcasm into the question as possible, while wearing a scowl of disapproval. He gestured to the newly patched breach in the wall, "And if somebody said 'yes', I suppose you'd have a laugh over that, too?"
lol, Maddox is a bit of a "Melvin" type, huh? (Melvin was this obnoxious kid in the first Tremors film).
going to get a post out tomorrow.
I'm still here for this
Alright, this is a premise I once had for a tabletop game, here's a brief summary:

For reasons unknown, by means unknown, Giants of myth and legend have returned to the world. Many kinds, seemingly across all mythos, and others not known.

Nobody is sure why, but the gods and other figures that might challenge or otherwise control these Giants are notably absent.

There are different "classes" of Giants, and some have even organized themselves into loose "factions".

The Titans, including the real deals, would make war and seek to reclaim the Earth under their rule.

Wild Giants are more or less that: unorganized, with no real goals, just going about their daily lives. That might be alright, save for the fact the best of wild Giants are indifferent to any damage or harm they do, and they worst are just monsters.

Lastly, there's the Sentinels, Giants who would fight the Titans, and work/coordinate with human military forces to do so.

I'll work up an OOC, but only if I can get enough interest, say, 4 players?

Players can be Basic (human like) Giants, Monstrous (think trolls and ogres), maybe Elementals (not too many, as a matter of power balance, but the Jotunn, or Frost Giants are examples. Also, the Rock-Biter, from The Neverending Story). Godlike Giants (The Titans of myth, among other examples) are not ok for player characters, but they do exist in this setting. I'm willing to consider players allied with the Titans, but not many.

be sure to post questions if you have them!
@Kuro Edited! Let me know if any more work is needed, but I think I fixed the problem.
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