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”How -- Who’s you’re godly parent?”

Fuck. Alva. Just what he wanted. His reclusive lifestyle had kept him separated from his half-sister for the last two years and he’d been fine with that. Many a horror story about sibling rivalry and family feuds were bandied around campus and he did not want to become a key character in another. Felix was of the opinion that being a demigod was a mind fuck enough without having to deal with the possibility of his mother’s family tree entangling around him. Even his father was a globe-trotting academic. The last thing he wanted was a bastard sibling like himself to think about. He’d learnt the hard way that a child of Khione had to toughen up pretty quickly themselves. He wasn’t one to mollycoddle or mince his words.
And yet…
The breeze he’d summoned to close the door behind him and fan out his snowflakes now seemed to whisper with his grandfather’s voice. Alliances… Maybe it would be good for him to have someone else to care for as well as maybe mentor. Although he’d already heard that she was definitely more powerful than he was at her age. Anyway, even if he wanted to make a connection how could he explain the last two years…
His response stuttered on his lips as Chris threw her arm over Alva’s shoulders and the snowflakes swirled frantically around their feet. He could only stare pleadingly at the fifth year as she acknowledged the unseasonal chill and subtly removed herself from the situation. But not before making his decision for him… "How about I order us some drinks while you two chat."
Fuck you Chris.
“I think you already know the answer to that don’t you Alva…?” Before she could respond, he nodded toward the café and caught the door to Apollo’s before it closed after Chris. “Come on, let’s get those free drinks and I’ll fill you in.”

As he scanned the café for a secluded seat, he continued his chat as casually as possible despite the tumult of emotions threatening to bring up his breakfast a. “So I’m Felix, your half-brother. I’m from the UK but have lived all over the world.” As his eyes meet Beau’s he blushes profusely as he realises he’s both topless but also flirting with Ito. Argh. Feelings! He took a breath and turned back to his half-sister after spotting a spare seat. ” So this is my last year here. And yes, I have similar powers to you. You’re not the only one.”

He sat down in a corner booth within view of Chris at the counter and gestured to Alva to sit down so he couldn’t see the Frenchman. He traced his name in frost on the table top before looking her square in the eyes. “Any questions?” he attempted to joke with a smile that he hoped hadn’t come out as the grimace he feared it looked like.

Interactions: Dallas (@Plank Sinatra), Beau (@Crimson Flame and Marcy (@Write)

Dallas had nearly bit his head off - literally, he was probably capable - when he asked about last night. One corner of Felix’s mouth twitched upward slightly as his croissant offering worked to calm the hungover rage of his fellow student. But his face quickly fell again after the blatant lie. At that, Dallas looked as though he was actually going to reveal something truthful but that was interrupted by a flurry of blonde and pink charm. Felix smiled at the immaculate pink paisley suit and casually styled hair. But those animated, pale blue eyes and pert rosy lips always made his mouth dry.

But Beau’s arrival meant Felix could make it very clear to Dallas that he hadn’t believed him the first time. Maybe some of his charm would help a glimmer of the truth shine through. But first he had to control his own emotions. Many here would think him weak for not having a mastery over his own desires but when a son of Aphrodite was involved, well… feelings were anything but straightforward. He felt himself blush, colour rising to his pale cheeks, as Beau’s soft skin brushed against his stubble.
“Hey.” Is that all you can say? Idiot. He glanced outside to confirm his worst fears. Yep. It was snowing. Once again, the son of an elemental goddess proving himself to lose control when confronted with strong emotions. Although, he’d never realised he felt that way about Beau before...

Dallas obviously wasn’t impressed at Beau’s arrival and so although Felix readvanced with his question his response was mixed. Some interesting things had definitely happened, but the reason for those bizarre occurrences was still out of reach… He was about to push further, emboldened by the presence of his rose clad companion when he saw the state of his croissant. Nay, ex-croissant. Damn this kid had some anger issues. That was a perfectly good pastry. Sensing that the end of this near-diatribe was upon them, with no more information to give, Felix readied his excuse to go back to the counter for a second attempt at breakfast, resigned to the fact that last night must have just been another fucked up part of this crazy school. Yet the second croissant was not to be. The girl he knew to be Marcy swooped to Dallas before Felix could speak. He had to agree with the Apollonian’s curse: What the fuck is she doing?

He could only assume that she was trying to extract Dallas from their interrogations and that told Felix that something different had definitely gone down last night. He could not help but cringe internally at her completely misguided strategy though. He wouldn’t have had that problem. The popular students never bothered to learn anything about their classmates apart form clique affiliations and the superlatives. Yes, she’d gone with the correct tact of damsel in distress, a golden boy like Dallas couldn’t say no to that. He’d have used a similar ‘quick, come and be a hero’ excuse himself. But Marcy’s lack of knowledge was her downfall. Beau spoke fluent French. Felix had travelled the world with his father and picked up a few languages to conversational level, and so spoke some French (which was useful with him visiting Quebec every holiday). Dallas, however, did not. Maybe this was a good time to leave.

He abruptly shut down her rescue attempt rather rudely and Felix was all too aware of the many pairs of eyes turned toward them. Yes, he should probably leave.

Beau then gave Dallas an order. He sensed that it may possibly be charm speak - one of the many reasons for his tumult of emotions surrounding his attraction to the Frenchman. If he’d tried that on Dallas… Oh yes, he should definitely leave!

Felix slid out from his seat, and scooped up his large rucksack in one fluid motion, before turning back to the table. He nodded toward the daughter of Hades, “Marcy, c’était un plaisir de te encontrer and Dallas, good luck fixing the car.” he finished with a smile, no idea if that would be understood. He placed a hand on Beau’s shoulder as he passed, “À bientôt mon somptueux Beau. ”

With one final glance at the malformed mass of pastry crumbs that was his breakfast, Felix wove his way to the door, trying to ignore the curious stares and feeling powerless in comparison to the Olympian spawn that surrounded him. The bell chimes has he opened the door and he was treated by a gust of wind, a handful of snowflakes dancing into the cafe to rapidly diffuse into the warmth. He quickly stepped outside and embraced the cold, the snow flurrying around him as he embraced his one real power.

Interactions: Vivian (@Altered Tundra) and Dallas (@Plank Sinatra)
Mentions: Gus (@Lionhearted), Avem (@Rockette) and Beau (@Crimson Flame)


It was his mom’s fault of course. His dad would be furious once he found out. He readjusted his large 80L pack on his aching shoulders and wove his way along the corridors of the main administration building. He was just thankful that he’d dealt with the headmaster rather than his wife. But he’d learnt the hard way that you didn’t want to think like that too loudly on campus. Who knew which of their peers had developed telepathy over the summer break…

His long established relationship with the headmaster over his lack of genuine connection with many peers led him to immediately sense that something was wrong on campus and set out to converse as much as possible. The first possible reason was the news about the dorms. His cynicism at this being another ploy of Hector’s to just get him making more friends or some manipulation of his Grandfather’s to ensure he was cultivating alliances in his final year, was quashed when he saw the full list of 32 guinea pigs. That was a lot of effort for a harmless ruse.

Haluk though. He’d spent some time with the guy over the last few years in some classes but didn’t know him two well. Athenians could be proud and contrary but normally made for stalwart team members, both highly intelligent and physically skilled. Worse matches could have definitely be made!

He assumed the tension would lift after he was told about the experiment but the headmaster merely dismissed him with the promise that his parents would both be contacted to confirm that their son wasn’t himself responsible for his tardiness at starting the term a day late.

His curiosity still not sated, he decided to take a scenic route to his new dorm to try and confirm his hunch. Most likely, the ‘alphas’ has hosted a party and something had gone wrong, but he knew of one place where he knew he’d find the gossip before finding his new room. The Apollo cafe on campus.

As he sidled to the counter he scanned the patrons for familiar faces. He saw many faces he knew, most engaged in post-holiday catch up conversations or timetable comparisons. While waiting for his Lyre Latte, Felix casually listened in on surrounding conversations to try and find out what was transpiring at the school. He came up blank. Maybe it was something big that no students knew about… He spotted Vivian with a blueberry muffin and smiled. Damn her ability. He liked feeling happy, who doesn’t? But the sub-conscious emotion and thought manipulation that was seemingly ever present, made it difficult to know what you actually felt sometimes. He truly didn’t know whether his feelings for Beau, Avem or Dallas were real or just manifestations of their power. While many of his peers excelled at human manipulation and magics, his powers were very much elemental so his tutoring at the academy had taught him to be guarded of his thoughts and emotions, lest they be used against him in times of strife. But with Vivian… she was just too nice to even resent that. He envied Dallas that she was his little sister. Their relationship was far less stressed than his own.

He was shaken from his revere by her companion. Damn he was fine. But then again did he really want to get involved with a first year because he was definitely new. Instead, he collected his coffee and pastry to go and sit by the window, throwing Viv a smile as he passed - you just couldn’t help it! He had taken his oversized luggage off his back and slide into his chair when he noticed that he’d claimed the table beside Mr Popular. Felix obviously knew Dallas and loved to beat him at survival training, mainly because Dallas could do everything else better. Yet he’d been conditioned by the academy’s own ethos to feel inferior: lesser heritage (his mother definitely not an Olympian and some even argue nymph), his less than impressive abilities and his sister already eclipsing him with her own Frozone impression, meant he was thought little of amongst students and thought even less of himself. Sure he was friendly with the Adonis but not friends.

But with his grandfather’s urgings breezing through his thoughts, he threw social hierarchy to the North Wind and leant across to the handsome figure on the next table. Who knew what it would lead to...
“Hey, I know you’ll be meeting up with Marcy but..” He motioned to his bag, “ I’m a day late and was wondering how fucking mental your party was last night to make Hector look so… well…weird in my meeting with him this morning…?” He nudged the pastry plate toward the edge of his table in a ‘help-yourself’ gesture and sipped the best latte he’d ever had, not able to control staring at his stupidly blue eyes.

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