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Can I sneak in?

The Cold

The Cold was everywhere. Its omnipresence outside of the Lifeblood providing a sense of importance and otherness. It cradled the rock that hung motionless and barren in the void that it chilled. Everything was just right. Then it met the sisters.

It was fascinated by their forms, their beauty, their power. As it flowed around them and teased their skin it learnt their names and their language. Gibbou. She was dark and exotic and shone with a pure, piercing light that instantly entranced the Cold. Oraelia. She was too bright, too… warm? The Cold recoiled from her aura. What was this vile antithesis of its very essence? The Cold instead coalesced behind Gibbou, her darkened visage and cold light protection from the golden warmth radiating from her sister.

It sheltered there for a moment as it considered the meaning of this new development in its previously pure existence. It had nearly settled on giving her the benefit of the doubt when it was suddenly flung across the cosmos at lightspeed from an immeasurable sphere of heat that had appeared in the sky. The Cold clung tight to the edge of existence in terror and fury. What had once been his sole abode was now aflame with heat and warmth. It burned.

The power that flowed from the sun seemed omnipotent to the Cold and yet despite the agony it endured being repeatedly torn apart as it attempted to approach its previous home it refused to accept the exile to the edges of space. It had seen friendship, love and happiness and it was determined to have that for itself. It was then that Cold coalesced into a shape that it remembered being similar in form to those of his sisters. The memory was marred by emotion and time leading to an androgynous figure with non-descript features but details that mirrored the style of Gibbou that it had admired.

It was in this form that the Cold gathered itself together and waited. It watched the warmth recede as orbits were set in motion, deep oceans born and large vegetation shaded the undergrowth. The Cold smiled. Maybe it would still have a place in this world after all. As is the Lifeblood heard those very thoughts, the white floating figure felt the cold expand throughout the north of Galbar. The Cold grinned and moments later a barefoot touched down on the ocean’s surface beside the frozen land, the waves freezing mid-roil where the figure stepped. The water froze in all directions as the air clouded and snow began to fall once more. It looked across the endless tundra and instantly felt at home. The drop in temperature radiated from them in waves until even the well-adapted local wildlife fled. This saddened the cold and the realisation that Oraelia was even necessary in this dominion of cold in order for anything to survive, made their hatred toward her thaw slightly. At this acceptance of its place in maintaining the newer balance as it was adjusted, Bikkjekaldt was born.
Yet in order to cement his place in the world, lest he be thrown again by another power like the sun, Bikkjekaldt need to make his own mark on the world. He bent down to select the first snowflake that the Lifeblood had created and flew across the ocean surface, spray freezing in his wake, the surface now scattered with broken shards of sea ice. Only as he approached an island covered with colossal fungi did he slow. He smiled at the work of his sister, it was beautiful. He flew to the island further west, high up into the air and flung his cold out in a powerful stroke. The island erupted in frozen fractals, glaciers flowed from the peaks with the speed of rivers and enormous never melting ice crystals erupted from the ground. The cold hadn’t stopped with just the land though, the permafrost travelling under the ocean whilst the surface froze in ever-shifting floes, punctuated by iceberg behemoths. From crevices and crevasses crawled white-furred creatures large and small, whilst icebergs cracked to spawn pinnipeds and white whales. He turned to see that all was good here on Jää. But only here. Cold should exist everywhere at some time or another. He looked to the horizon, sending a chill into the deepest depths for his tentacled brother who had also cowed from the sun and more to dust the peaks of brother boar. But there would always be the warmth. How could he maintain the equilibrium all over the planet? He needed help.

He took the first snowflake in his palm and blew on it. The flake multiplied a hundredfold as they scattered throughout the air. As the air current threw them around the highest peak they began to grow. Soon each flake was flying itself using its own wings as it continued to replicate in mass. In mere moments a flock of gigantic birds were spiralling around the island. These Lumimyrsky would fly over Galbar as Bikk’s messengers, heralds and seekers in the times to come but would always have a place with him here on Jää.

Now to explore this brand new world.

I am deffo still in x

Time: Morning
Location: Somewhere in Ember Grove...
Interactions: Violet (@Princess)



His hand swung wildly for his phone, eyes struggling to open with an accompanying groan. Once his digits grasped his phone Felix brought it up to his face and forced open his eyes. A text from Violet.

"I doun tht wsrlpck."

What the fuck does that mean? Doun? Wsrlpck? What’s a wsrlpck? Woodpecker? Wallspeck? Wallpaper? Warlock! I doun the warlock? I found the warlock?

Felix sat bolt upright and reached for his glasses. Only to find that the bedside table wasn’t his. His eyes widened as he took in his surroundings. A completely different room, furniture, bedding and a quietly snoring guy lying beside him. Oh fuck! he thought, as the memories of the night before came flooding back. They’d had a great time with Monica - trust his cousins to adopt a newbie so quickly. He’d then had a few too many but definitely recalled making out with a guy in the bathroom and swapping numbers. He just about recalled getting home but then must have snuck out once more through his own ward to this guy’s place.

And now here he was. Hungover, in a place he didn’t know, with no useful spell casting equipment whilst his cousin was possibly in serious danger from that sinister warlock. He slowly slipped out of the sheets and grabbed his clothes as he tiptoed out of the bedroom. He winced at the sunlight as he quickly dressed in the lounge and let himself out of the apartment. Only then did he reply to Violet:

"Be careful! Where are you?"

He orientated himself on the street outside and started the chilly walk home, hoping that the brisk walk, fresh air and decent coffee en route, would clear the cobwebs from this mind.
Professor Noah Cooper

He walked into the staff room to find that he was the first to arrive after the Headmaster himself. Of course he was early. He was Noah Cooper.

He’d spent the afternoon unpacking his belongings in his suite of rooms on the 1st floor. The thrill at using that concealed door in his office joining the multitude of emotions bubbling just under the surface of his otherwise collected demeanour. His large collection of houseplants quickly transformed the rooms into a jungle and he promptly covered the cold, stone floors with layers of thick, soft rugs. He released Minerva from her travel case and with a momentary frigid glare thrown in his direction she crept off to explore the rooms that were once inhabited by her namesake. In his office his books were unpacking themselves, shuffling themselves along the shelves to accommodate new additions in alphabetical order alongside the tomes he’d inherited alongside the room’s other furnishings. A few transformations of his own later and the room was distinctly lighter and the furniture more modern much to the tutted disapproval of a portrait or two. He left the rest of his belongings to unpack themselves and settled down to fill a binder with copies of his schemes of work for each year group to present to his new boss.

Leaving his suite an hour later, papers in hand he got dead-ended by the moving staircases twice. Apparently they weren’t any better for teachers. The short walk down had been bizarre to undertake in quiet. Even on the occasionally holiday period he had spent here there was always a hubbub of talk and laughter. Yet with not students the only voices he heard were the hushed conversations of portraits and ghosts. He had taken a detour to classroom 1B and walked around the room with fond memories. Deciding to keep the room’s layout the same he took a seat at the raised dais at the end of the room and smiled. He rubbed his hands along the smooth mahogany desk and couldn’t believe that he was sitting here - on the other side of the desk that he had looked up at the most for his entire schooling. He thought of his peers and drummed his fingers in excitement at seeing both Bex and Devin again and dread at seeing Disaster Ana. Yet apart from those three he had no idea who his other colleagues were.

And here he was, still in the metaphorical dark. As he stepped into the room he was impressed with the luxurious furnishings and tapestries, although couldn’t help but thinking that it was a very Gryffindor colour scheme… He noticed a bearded figure in one of the large winged chairs and suddenly found himself standing straighter and clearing his throat.
“Adam Chapeau, I presume?”
Psychic! I'm literally typing up my first post now.

Time: Night
Location: Back into Trance
Interactions: Rose (@Tae)

Where there had been empty space there was suddenly his cousin bowling straight at him and into his arms. He could only stroke her hair and make a shushing noise as she blabbered on about a guy called Cain and him wanting more from her. He was momentarily surprised about the Alexei’s part of the story, his mind momentarily wondering if this Cain guy was a warlock too, but another sob from his cousin drew him from his thoughts.

”I wanna just hang out with you and Violet for the rest of the night and get completely wasted.” she had finally mumbled out. ”Then let’s do exactly that then” he replied rubbing her arms ”Come on, let's get back to Trance”. Before he could even say anything else Rose picked up a call from her twin. Of course Violet knew how Rose was feeling, and if it was strong enough for her to call then it was definitely worth him acting upon.

As they walked back to Trance with his arm around her, he slowly sent a trickle of magic into his cousin’s body to perform the first spell he ever truly mastered: adjusting homeostasis. His mother taught him to subtly control basic body processes at an early age - a skill always needed before you even considered starting to magically heal someone. As his consciousness spread out throughout his cousin’s body his magic calmed her breathing, slowed her heart rate and re-balanced her hormone levels. He hoped that he had helped calm her and that she would find it an intrusion.

He listened into her phone call as he extended his personal shield around her as well. First the old warlock, then that shadowy Damien guy and now this Cain person… When they were back in Trance he’d have a word with Vi incase she thought a ward around the club was a decent idea for the remainder of the evening. He quickly escorted his cousin through the club entrance and tried to see through the crowd to reunite her with her twin.
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A collaboration between @Jetipster & @Pyxis

After that first evening, the young Hellenican prince had thrown himself into his work. He was going to impress both his family and his hosts with his new political responsibilities and impress he did. He made daily media coverage with his visits and had revelled in his chance to experience the natural beauty available in Ameria. From riding bareback with cowboys to promote prairie re-wilding to working with schools on urban greening projects in the capital, he was suitably distracted during the daytime. It was in the evening that he was distracted.

Staying at the palace, rather than in the city, meant that he was frequently with his fellow royals, especially for dinner and any other evening entertainments. Thankfully, the newly formed Coven (as he had started to fondly refer himself, Cass and Cat as) had kept him suitably distracted, and plied with spirits for a few of the evenings. He’d obviously spent time with Leo and had even spent an evening exploring the library in the company of Erik, whom he found far warmer than Belle’s words suggested. He’d successfully avoided Henri, but upsettingly by proxy also Gen - seemingly his shadow after that initial evening. He’d had friendly conversations with everyone else including Ali and Phillip. There was definitely something going on there with the way they looked at one another. Ali treated Chris as though they were mere acquaintances - apparently, childhood best friends and then years of learning every inch of one another’s bodies meant nothing. Of course, Chris wasn’t expecting their ‘thing’ to continue forever, neither of them felt anything romantic about the other. But to be introduced to others as yet another political figure and with little more warmth than being a distant cousin really stung. As for Phillip, well… If Phillip were, in fact, that way inclined, he’d definitely have to catch him for a chat soon - one without the eyes and ears of half the ruling elite.

Fresh from his morning swim, Chris had spent far too long deciding on an outfit. Being from the Mediterranean, he was more than comfortable with the heat but had never been to any Amerian theme parks before. He’d been to many festivals, many times - even Fyre, but he doesn’t mention that and was so glad to have not promoted it on his social media. He’d been to many theme parks and loved rides - the bigger the better. And his country hosted many regattas, traditional festivals and sporting events. But he’d never been to a theme park as an official royal event! He settled on a simple black and neutral outfit in the end and hurried downstairs. He asked an aide to take his photo in the palace garden and noticing a twitching curtain or two as headed toward the SUVs. He was not about to suggest political preference in front of those spying old fogeys, so on seeing the line of SUVs he decided on diplomacy and slide into the back of an empty car. So he settled in the comfort of the AC chilled car and set on deciding a filter and comment for that photo

As his phone vibrated with Leo’s Whatsapp, Chrisleant of the car and wolf-whistled her with a huge grin on his face. “Kalá geia ómorfi!” he called as he opened the door for her, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping” he quoted with a smile. Their journey passed with selfies and them both quizzing the other about the previous couple of days when they hadn’t actually seen one another. Chris grilled Leo on the media, the Prince of Estil and Imani, her only response being that: the tabloids were stupid, that her mother was calling her non-stop about said tabloids. Whilst unconvinced, he was unable to press further as he faced his own barrage of questions about avoiding Henri (Leo had stopped dragging the conversation as soon as she saw discomfort in Chris), the lingering distance of Alejandro and his suspicions about Phillip. He had nothing to add about the former, but couldn’t help but think about the possibility of awkwardness at this second arranged activity. The latter, however, was still playing on his mind…

Yeah, they’d slept together. But they’d both agreed that feelings were not involved and Chris had accepted that one day their physical relationship would end. He had not thought that it would come at the cost of severing their friendship at the same time. A childhood of memories built together and all seemingly for nothing. Maybe Ali just couldn’t separate the two like him and that was the reason he was so distant? Or was Chris himself not hiding his hurt as well as he thought and Ali thought he was upset at their fooling around coming to an end…? Eurgh… why was it all so fucked up? And what was going on with Ali and Phillip? If they were a thing, was it Phillip who didn’t like how close they had been and so was causing the rift? He blurted this all out to his best friend, but they had arrived at the theme park and his door was opened for him.

”Don’t forget,” Leo had gently squeezed his hand and looked at him with a smile, ”You always got me. No matter what.”

“Forever and always.” he replied with a smile.

He offered Leo his arm and they walked into the park to find the others, eyeing up the tallest coaster with a grin. Emotional drama from the last week set aside, he was determined to have a good time today.


Noah Cooper - Transfiguration
- Character Connections

Bex - Herbology
Noah has known Bex since first year, most of which was spent avoiding her after their potions class went up in flames for the second time. It was only when they were assigned as greenhouse partners in second year that the most unexpected friendship began. Noah was tending their mandrake project, in protective earmuffs, when Bex scared the life out of him with a tap on the shoulder. Visibly upset, she somehow reminded him of his young sister when surrounded by plants and he made his best attempt to take her mind off things by pottering together around the greenhouses and quizzing one another on herbology facts, before finally ending in a hilarious leaping toadstool race.

The next 5 years were spent as the gardening dream team, Noah making sure Bex revised for her other subjects and her forcing him to actually let his hair down occasionally. She’s also the mastermind behind his Christmas pool party but he has always maintained his distance from her pranks. His prefecture was also a boon for Hufflepuffs, with far fewer pranks played upon them, well from Slytherin at least.

Despite his parents’ disapproval of their friendship, it was their one wish that he rebelled against and they’ve since come around to like her, with Noah’s sister, now an herbologist herself, frequently inviting Bex over to her nursery and florist. They have since holidayed together and Noah’s left wrist is home to a drunkenly decided upon tattoo of a leaping toadstool that proceeds to hop around his arm in Bex’s presence. He cannot wait to teach alongside her but has his concerns around her being on the other side of the desk…

Thomas - DADA
Noah and Thomas first met in a small wooden boat as is crossed the Great Lake, but they wouldn't speak until 2 months later when they realised they had both become semi-permanent residents of the library. From then on a friendship was struck despite the house difference, Noah finding a fascination in Thomas' explanation of Muggle technology and Thomas finding equal awe in Noah's revelations about the wizarding world.

Remaining friends throughout their years at Hogwarts, they visited one another's family homes and supported one another through both exam seasons. However, since working at the Ministry they have grown apart, empty promises of 'we need to grab a butterbeer soon' and 'you should come round for dinner sometime', flitting between them as their work constantly keeps them in separate locales.

Devin - CoMC
Noah was initially in awe at the level of intuition Devin had when it came to magical creatures and probably wouldn’t have his Exceeds Expectations O.W.L. were it not for his housemate. To this day Devin is the only person Noah’s pet Kneazle, Minerva, has ever immediately taken a liking to, surprising everyone in the Cooper household. In return Noah helped Devin with transfiguration, undoing many failed practice attempts.

Whilst good friends at school, both their jobs kept them estranged, apart from one chance fleeting meeting in New York, crossing paths as Noah headed back to the UK and Devin out to the Great Plains to advise on Jackalope migrations. He’s looking forward to catching up and hearing all about his school friend’s adventures.

Elliot - HoM
Noah was ecstatic to find out he was at school with a Fortescue - a descendant of a previous headmaster. Well, that and he prided himself on having tried every ice cream flavour over the years, trips to try new releases have become a tradition with his father. Yet they didn’t even speak until Elliot happened to join his and Thomas’ usual spot in the library and strike up a hushed conversation. Whilst initially glad for Elliot’s expansive knowledge of history, Noah’s least favourite subject, he soon found himself crushing on the dark-eyed Ravenclaw, but too cowardly to act upon it, especially not after the dung-kiss of fourth year. Not even in their fifth year at the bonfire, he’d been dragged to, despite being a newly chosen prefect, did he make a move.

It was only in the steam and tipsy revels of their Christmas pool party after bemoaning the lack of alchemy that they finally kissed. The outgoing Ravenclaw and the stoic Hufflepuff, seemed often to be in the wrong houses when together, but had a fling throughout their last year and a half at Hogwarts. They mutually agreed it could never work after graduation as Elliot left for his travels straight away. They’ve met up when they happen to be in the same country, the catch-up more oft than not resulting in too much drink and a shared bed. It’s been a while though and Noah thought he had gotten over his feelings... But with the prospect of them working closely together at Hogwarts has dredged up many memories and emotions he thought he had put aside.

Dragana - Astronomy
Noah has never warmed to Dragana, her fierceness on the Quidditch pitch and stories of her family leading him to avoid her. He envied her naturally gifts for, and extensive experience of, astronomy, something he’d had little exposure to growing up in light-polluted cities, but his caution turned to distaste after he accidentally fell foul to a dungbomb of hers in their fourth year. The situation was made even worse whereby, whilst covered in a fetid odour he encountered a remaining patch of her rogue kiss-istletoe and was forced to kiss his secret crush Elliot whilst trying not to heave.

Whilst not the target of either prank Dragana had the cheek to blame him for ruining her prank that had been ordered by someone else to hit the librarian. He then made it his personal mission as a prefect to try and foil her schemes and black book dealings, albeit with very little success. He is not looking forward to having to work with her.

Naia - Charms
Noah knows Naia mostly as a pain in his backside from his prefect years - frequently catching her and her motley crew sneaking around at night. Their most memorable encounter was him finding her loitering outside the Hufflepuff common room in a large hat, this time actually waiting for Noah to find her. She had transfigured her hair into sparkling bioluminescence that was actually rather impressive in the dark of the kitchens. But she quickly explained that whilst unnoticeable during the day it was keeping both her and her roommates awake at night. Noah gladly agreed to untransfigure her hair on the condition that her nighttime escapades avoided the corridors he patrolled.

The last he heard of her was overhearing some gossip about her being a curse-breaker whilst he was on a joint venture with the Office for the Removal of Curses, Jinxes, and Hexes.
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