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Likewise now our sexy party of ice dragon race creating is over my warm hearted, icy facaded dude is at a loose end.
If anyone had/has any plans, let me know. If not I’ll have him potter about up North - bizarrely exactly what I’m doing over the next few days.
Count me in!
Gay god of winter makes race of ice dragons with his three-headed weather dragon god brother. A very modern family.

Sveiand smirked as the will of Dra and Rós overcame their obnoxious third head. He really enjoyed the novelty of the hydra-god’s unique physiology and accompanying psychology. Combined with the fatally beautiful winters they created together, the Cold One really did admire his reptilian brother. Even in spite of that gobby third head. However, he was dismayed at the lack of Naswaru’s contribution, but nodded at his sage conclusion. Like both himself and Oao, the hunter had always kept to himself, preferring the wilderness and company of his beasts in contrast to the pettiness of humankind and the other divine. He wasn’t primeval though and always spoke with disarming clarity and precision for the fear evoking beast he presented as.

As one set of gigantic leathery wings retreated into the distance he turned to the owner of a far large pair along with three heads. “Shall we go catch a dragon?” he growled before launching himself upwards, the enormous bear disintegrating first into a flurry of snow and then a myriad of colored lights as he soared as an aurora towards Ystra’s lair.

With Naswaru declining the offer, much to the displeasure of Dra and Rós, the weather god would have to go along with Sveiand alone. Regardless, they had their fun with the Hunting God already and now they shall place themselves into a new hunting duo. With the giant bear hithering them to come alone, the three heads nodded in unison, cackling in glee, as their massive wings launched them straight into the thunderous heavens above. They begin to follow the brilliant lights of the aurora as the winds began to shift once more. The storm began to disperse from the forest, as the rains stopped and the lightning ceasing to cast its divine shock. The fauna below would slowly emerge from the depths of the woods, burrows, and trees, as they go back to their daily lives. Yet it wouldn't be without a small parting gift left by Drakaiós' departure - a brief spine-chilling breeze.

Within seconds of their arrival the temperature had plummeted, the warmth emanating from the mountainous cavern extinguished. He knew this would draw out the beast in puzzlement whilst also empowering his trusted ally.

Winter had arrived early and, upon reaching their destination, a harsh blizzard covered the surrounding area with a cold embrace. The winds were incredibly fierce here, yet it wouldn't affect Drakairós as they sped up towards the dragon in the far distance. It was Rós' turn to tamper with the weather and he was already beginning to enjoy himself.

"Finally." the right head sighed with a guttural purr of content, "The cold should allow it to sap the dragon's full potential considerably. It won't know what hit him."

Yet as the head reveled in this approaching cold front, the opposite head wasn't as thrilled to be in this situation.

"I-I HATE T-TH-THIS!" Kai roars through his chattering teeth, "WHY MUST IT BE COLD? WHY CAN'T WE SET THIS PLACE AFLAME???"

"Because that would empower the dragon even further, you dolt." hisses Rós with a snarl.


"Not in a literal sense you uneducated fool..."


Kai then attempts to knock his head on Dra's long neck.


"Enough clamoring - we're here." Dra announces as they get closer and closer to the giant creature in the distance.

By that time, the Verzakian dragon had caught sight of their scent and had turned around to bellow at the invading duo through the thick storm. It was up to the giant three-headed dragon to do most of the brunt work and make an opening for the God of Ice to do his damage. As the opposing dragon began to charge his fiery breath, it was time for the battle to commence.

"Brace yourselves!" the middle head roared hastily, "Prepare to unmerge! We'll restrain the beast long enough for our Ice God to do as he pleases"


Too late to finish, the plasma breath fires as its burning beam of orange and yellow fly straight towards the Weather God.


Before the beam could hit them, the hydra's body flashed in a body of light as the heads separated into three long glowing golden bodies. These serpents easily avoided the blast and were already separating into the blizzard for cover. With each head in attack formation the dragons remained virtually unseen as they made their way closer and closer to their opponent. Once in position, they made a sudden beeline towards the fiery mass and began to coil around him. Once they coiled once, each head clamped down on a certain part of their prey -Kai bit its right shoulder, Rós it's left thigh, and Dra went straight for it's neck. The long serpants began constricting around the Verzakian dragon, like golden tinsels surrounding a Christmas tree, bearing the intense heat as they began restraining it. Only Kai was able to suck the intense heat into his body, utilizing the magma to fuel his gut, whilst Dra and Rós inject the "anti-freeze" into the creature's body in an attempt to freeze it.

A pale figure emerged from the flurries of snow, floating gently down to step in front of the foaming jaws. The handsome figure was dwarfed by the gargantuan beasts before him and yet showed only calm on his clean cut visage - a slightly raised eyebrow the only hint of the intrigue that simmered beneath. His head cocked to one side and the storm abruptly stopped. The snowflakes seemingly frozen in mid air. The temperature had plummeted, far below anything even the god of winter had summoned before. His eyes narrowed as the settled snow coating the ground animated itself into two large claws of ice. The claws slowly prized the jaws of the beast open, Drakairós lessening his grip slightly. The fiery blast that ensued from the reptilian maw merely petered out as the flames died in the sub-zero atmosphere. Only then did the Cold One grant himself a wry grin that played along his lips.

He reached into the dragon with his powers and felt the source of her endless fury and unprompted rage. He grasped at the inner fire and twisted it with his own majesty. The flames within, whilst forged from Ragnagedon’s magma themselves, were no match for the raw unbridled power of their creator’s true anthesis. She was hurting in every way and he was to be her saviour. The beast writhed in turmoil before closing its eyes, seemingly at peace. The scales shimmered into a pale white while a blessing from Rós led to a second pair of wings budding and bursting forth from her back. The internal changes were no less impressive, the god of winter creating a clutch of primed eggs within her ovaries, ready to lay. If his brother was the father of dragons then he could be the mother no?

When Sveiand removed his torso from the monstrous maw the eyes flicked open once more. Yet they were no longer a burning orange, dulled with animalistic rage. No. They were now bright, piercing blue and sparkling with a new-found intelligence.

The swirling aurora twisted as it debated its next steps. He wondered if Azhriel was the right ally to turn to first. The foreboding figure wasn’t one for rash decisions and he doubted the soul guardian would leave his realm for an unsubstantiated whim. No, he needed proof. The rainbow lights shimmed in the sky, a sight that any of these more southern tribes would never see. A shadow disappeared to the east and the light flared briefly as it made a decision, streaking across the horizon in ribbons of silver.

A day later the lithe blonde figure stood for the first time in over 16hours. He’d spent the day observing one of the Verzakian dragons. He followed her, as he learnt it was a she, as she burnt and consumed every animal in her path. He stayed a miasmic aura spread thinly in the atmosphere so as not to be detected. Sveiand was no particular friend of the humans but he was shocked at what happened next. He was buffeted by the unbearable heat as the pillar of smoke rose up to meet him, the rancid stench of burnt flesh.

The study was over. The number of thickening columns dotted around the landscape meant that there was no time to waste and he knew what to do. Sending his sense outwards, he was both surprised and gladdened to find both the deities he needed already in one place. Maybe fate was already working in their favour. They were gods yes but as one of the gods constantly fighting for a worldly balance, he knew they weren’t infallible.

As two sets of leathery bat wings swooped overhead, a gigantic white bear (see ‘The Cold One’ in CS) plummeted from the sky amid the writhing mass of Rognyak. The shockwave rippled through the herd but the magic was faster. Sheets of flawless ice in twisted shapes encased over half of the stampeding beasts. The rest were knocked off their feet and soon leapt upon by the Ridgebacks.
Straightening up, the gigantic bear waved a massive paw at the flying figures before his growling voice boomed toward them. “I’m sorry to interrupt your hunt mighty lords but I do believe I have a better quarry to test your abilities.” A life-size sculpture of a Verzakian dragon erupted from the existing ice. “This is what we need to catch.”

He turned his snout upwards to the powerful god of beasts and the hydra-headed weather god, a knowing smirk playing on his lips, as he dared to hope. "Are you game?"

Happily have Svei make them with you! Cold-adapted fur - bears, white tigers, white leopards, wolves etc...?
Well I can see him being close friends with Ros and therefore allies with Dra.
He’d probably just ignore Kai to be honest maybe threaten with a chill.

What do you say we go dragon hunting to make an ice dragon?
Can I just say that I’m enjoying this so much already that I’ve been refreshing this page at least once every half hour all day!
You are awesome people!
Hoping that's ok. Not RPed in a while - but now I'm no longer a teacher I actually have free time to do shit I enjoy so WOOP!

Thought I'd also throw in some pettiness Olympian style.
A pale finger ran down the clean-cut jawline of the handsome face, moisture forming at the very touch. The hand drew back with a sigh that distorted the last gasp of condensation from the full lips that had been worshipped for days. The god of winter stepped back from the figure of Cal, his most recent lover, the hurt and bitterness swirling in his dark grey eyes calming quickly into a pale blue of regret and remorse. Another one. Another mortal enchanted by his looks and mystery. Another period of time where he thought he felt love. Another burst of fury when the passion was revealed as merely carnal as his lover tried to leave. Another handsome ice statue to bedeck a forgotten wing of his sprawling palace.

Sveiand turned away from the former mortal in a swirl of furs. Moments later he was flopping down onto his bed of ice, sinking into the multitude of thick furs. He closed his eyes and his lips tightened as a single tear formed, crystallised and fell. A deep inhalation of the frigid glacial air and he knew this disappointment would be his last. The amount of time they we were willing stay was growing shorter and the most recent men had the gall to ask him for fire! Fire! Maybe he should just resign himself to eternal solitude like his wretched sister. Or better still, join her. At least the cold and the dark complement one another. He rolled to submerge his face amongst the luscious pelts.

Times were changing and if things were heating up, literally, he couldn’t sit ideally by waiting for the next sacrificial kayak to arrive with another temporary companion. The feeling of uncertainty grew in the pit of his stomach – a previously unfelt emotion. He’d been comfortable in his frigid fortress with his power stretching far over the north of the world. He was feared by all the inhabitants in the region touched by his chill and prayers for his benevolence were never quiet. Whilst the few tribes living in the Northern Crown do the opposite and send him sacrificial ‘companions’ to ensure a thick sea ice for hunting both seals and whales. Maybe a god could become complacent…

Then he felt it. The heat. Ragnagedon. In a flurry of snowflakes, the cold of winter erupted from his villa. Shards of ice the size of spires flew from his explosion and icebergs carved of the edge of Niflheim, sending small tsunamis toward the nearby shore. Once air borne he was quickly transformed into Renvontulet and spiralled across the heavens. A momentary flare of exhilaration was soon extinguished at the sight he beheld. The number of fires lighting up the land below was a shocking sight. He tumbled and weaved in the stars, glimmering red, knowing how the tribal shamen below would perceive the ominous shades. He stretched his consciousness across the Northern Crown noting the intensity of artificially conjured flames around White Dawn. “That bleached bag of bones”. The radiant one had befriended him and gladly received assistance for the infamous The Wall of Hlakth. And now he’d given his people the knowledge to oppose the cold. He understood the practicalities of survival but had no idea of the growth and spread of this burning blight.

He flung himself over the Crown and surged toward Osarion, his multicoloured flares parting around the spires. However, the bright lights over the southern peaks caused him to falter. So it was true. His brother had awoken. He thought about possible allies in the inevitable struggle with his opposite. Darkness and rain would subdue the fire and so Oao and Drakairos would have to be sent a message. But Azhriel would want to know first. He knew that frostbite and hypothermia sent his own fair share of souls into his care but they had fair warning and were only ill prepared. He did not have the sheer thirst for destruction that he knew raged within his twin.

As he span to surge East to the Pit of Ahael he noticed the large flying specks silhouetted against the reddening sky. “They are born”. That decided it then. He also needed to take his place in the world.
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