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Still here as a casual observer. Just a bit of a mind blank regarding the ice queen atm.
Sorry about the whole turning up at Iva’s doorstep then if the assembly isn’t soon. I just assumed that the messages were polite summons to safe RP time by avoiding another message having to go out with a date/time/location.

Would I be able to have Svei recharge in the library then? Cryogen himself until the assembly (dependent on Lowly’s plot moves obviously) after the dragon creation and also he can do a mental inspection and repair of the Wall.
Or he can join Hayim...
Quick post to get this tea party underway because I assume that's going to take a while to RP itself given the number of attendees.
Also added creations to Svei's CS but still need to update relationships.

Roll call for the assembly?

@Leotamer - Quill @Rune_Alchemist - Iva

Having dismounted the horse, Sveiand had led it through the Lyssian forest by foot and was nearly at the place in the wall where he knew an old entrance to the Knowledge God's realm had existed on one of his visits eons ago. He was examining the immense barrier when he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned to see his sibling in his male humanesque visage. Before he could respond to the, as always, bizarre welcome, the follow diety had noticed his travel companion behind him, beside the horse.

A little romp?! The pale god of frost and snow gained colour in his cheeks for the second time that day. He could not help but glance at Gerald to judge his response at the comment before regaining his composure and returning to the face-less mask before him. His long memory summoned ancient emotions of when he'd thought such a thing was possible with the god of knowledge themselves. Those many days planning, designing and constructing one of the greatest realms in existence. He had grown close to the clean obsessive figure before their interests in humans had diverged. The eternal, curious guest for the 'new' twisting the mind and actions of the one he remembered treasuring wonder and awe. While his relationship with humanity became one of lust, unfulfilled love and subsequent ambivalence. In his re-awoken curiosity for the world, he wondered if a romp was still possible with the god of knowledge... but doubted the interest would be returned.

He re-focused as Iva finished speaking. “A pleasure as always you cranky librarian," he replied with a wry smile. He turned to the golden-eyed man with regret in his eyes. “Gerald, I wish you all the luck in your quest. The tribes of White Dawn are the most knowledgeable of the Northern peoples. If anyone knows anything about an artifact anywhere near the Crown it will be them." He embraced the man before turning back to the large wall before him. “Come on then you mind mage open a portal into that labyrinth of yours before the good tea is stewed and not brewed, let's leave this mortal to it..." He cast a sad smile back at... Gerald...
I've given Svei's reply so Iva can get a heads up of their approach. Feel free to time skip to have the messenger arrive whenever.

Feel free to time jump to post their arrival at the Wall and goodbye(?!?!). I mean will Iva reveal their identities? I just don't know anymore! *sticks head in snow*

@Leotamer - Quill

A gift from Ral… That was plausible. He had heard tales of the God of Treasure gifting the occasional, now legendary, relic to those mortals he favoured or wanted to meddle with. And the winter god had no trouble seeing how someone could favour the handsome figure straddling the mount behind him that he had turned to face. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Gerald,” he replied to the man’s introduction. At the subsequent compliment his ivory cheeks had a hint of blush as he replied with a sparkle of a smile. “You can call me Renvo, short for Renvontulet.”

He turned back to face shore and thought about the journey ahead. If they rode across the Northern Crown they’d still face the other barrier of impassable mountains above his sister’s realm. His only option was to ride across the frozen ocean even further north to circumvent the alpine terrain. He could thicken the sea ice at merely a thought and the horse would carry them to White Dawn within the day.

A screech drew him from his thoughts and he looked upward his voice carrying to the creature despite the ferocious winds. “Tell your creator that I’ll be there by nightfall. And he better have the entrance open because I don’t want to damage his precious Wall.” He watched the creature fly off, its direct route back to Cy'Lathak ultimately faster than their circuitous route.

As the god eased the steed into a trot, he shouted back to the figure behind him. “I’m heading to White Dawn as I have a…” he hesitated, “gathering to attend nearby. You can continue your search for this mystery artefact from there.” It saddened him that he would soon have to part from his companion but he could not risk exposing a mortal to the mind testing knowledge, reality unravelling logic and knife-edged madness of Cy’Lathak. He would part ways with the golden-eyed man at the Wall of Hlakth, but leave him with an enchanted wisp to guide him through the Lyssian Forest toward the growing civilisation of the White Dawn.

He wouldn’t be able to hear a reply even if Gerald gave him one as the steed galloped across the ice at supernatural speed. It would be a couple of hours before they reached landfall but, knowing that he would soon have to say goodbye, Sveiand did not want to talk anymore to the stranger for fear of his growing interest hindering a clean, clinical farewell – the goodbye being inevitable when the magical horse finally slowed when he reached the entrance to Iva’s realm.
Yep en route - gonna try and speed it up in a post with @Leotamer so we can get this party started!!!

@Leotamer - Quill

Svieand smiled as he actually found himself contented for the first time in recent memory. He was heading to the library with a purpose and meaning. He had worked well with Drakairos to quench some of the flame. He was still master of his domain. Now he was on a journey with an unusual mortal – the closest to ‘adventure’ he supposed he’d ever gotten. And even when he returned home, he’d have his promised new pet waiting for him. How exciting it all was. The gleaming snow seemed to glisten and shine brighter in response.

Svieand was once again considering transport… Was it possible for him to successfully transform another into his aurora and back again? Or could he summon his nearest ice dragon offspring for assistance? If only he was the God of Travel – he’d know these things!

It was then that his travel companion spoke up with an explanation about his exotic coloured eyes. So he was touched by the divine. The god of winter felt vindicated of any guilt from his previous suspicions. Yet instead of relief at being correct he was instantly put on edge. Who could have sent this being? What was his true purpose out here in the far, far north if not to involve him?

Yes he appeared normal but there was something about this man’s actions, the avoidance of eye contact, the exaggerated speech pattern, that was disjointed, a replica of a man. What this one of Anu’s devils or demons, Dirka’s meddlesome mages or even Iarus’ tricksters? He threw out his senses to try and detect another god laughing at his foolishness, hidden by the snow. But the only unnatural indicators being from his two companions – the unknown man and a white-furred gargoyle.

Sveiand’s mind turned once more toward travel, now removing his ethereal transformation from the table, when the stranger handed him a detailed carving of a creature he had seen running wild on the plains of the south. So that’s what it was called, a horse. He turned the exquisite craftsmanship over in his hands cautious of this being a trick or trap, especially given the man’s furtive nature. Svieand smiled to himself with a shrug. Nothing could harm him that badly, this close to his realm surely…? What had he got to lose?!

He tossed the statuette forward onto the ice in a large arc. But by the time it reached the frozen surface it was no longer a trinket but an enlarged horse of magnificent statue. It’s pure white coat was thick and warm reaching down over the hooves, the mane and tail glittering with strands of grey, blonde and blue. The piercing blue eyes of the enormous steed appraised the god as the mount bowed its head, pawing at the ice with oversized hooves on which there were spiked edges for extra grip. Without a moment’s thought and with nearly unbridled, childish joy, the normally reserved and stoic God of Ice, leapt forward onto the back of the magnificent shire (magically assisted for grace of course), his thighs sinking into the plush down of the blanket on the mount’s back, and leaning forward to stroke the beast’s neck.

He turned to the stranger with a hand to help him mount. “What an excellent gift,” he mused. “Who gave you such an item?” He must find out more before they arrived at the library. He did not want to leave any unknowns as a guest in those halls of knowledge. He had seen first-hand the lengths and ‘operation’ that Iva would go to, to obtain a creature’s truth. And the golden eyes and face he currently looked into was too handsome for such a fate. “And I do believe I didn’t catch your name…”

As he listened to the man before him, Sveiand took the scroll tentatively – Knowledge was a fickle thing. He skimmed through the scrawled message, skipping the inane chatter that Iva knew he found droll. Yet the main content of the note was intriguing. A divine assembly was sure to be interesting, if not a complete disaster. He tried to envisage the multitude of powerful being gathered in one place, each with contrasting domains, raw primal power and conflicting personalities. There were those in open antagonism, some with unbridled powers and, it was rumoured, new gods of the civilising world that may show their faces. He did not want to be part of the petty squabbles but worried by recent events, he did not want to fade into history either. Even if he stood in a chilled corner of the library and watched it would still be more interesting than his past few decades of existence. And anyway, recent events needed to be discussed.

The embodiment of winter turned to the figure shivering before him, lips pursing slightly as he thought about how best to reply. The man was cold and fearful of the beast that Svei had just guardedly received. Yet… there was something about him. Those golden eyes. The lack of tribal markings to identify himself as one of the North. His bizarre story. No human of the Northern Crown would come hunting this far north, nothing lived here. Nor would they think that they could regain their bearings after wandering too far into the blizzard of Niflheim but prey to the only resident for sanctuary.

Sveiand’s guard rose at the uncertainty of the identity of the man before him. But his curiosity was peaked. His mind flashed back to the mortals he had left sleeping in his palace, and could not stop the thought that this unusual figure would give him a better companionship that he had found in his long life thus far. The decision crystallised in his mind.

“You do not need to ask Azhriel for mercy,” he smiled with benevolence, lifting the man’s head up by a chilling touch to his chin. “I will grant you both safe passage.” The cold immediately lessened around the man? Mortal? Demigod? Construct? And at a glance, the bat-like messenger shivered. A thick pale pelt erupted from its crown, cascading down its body. That would make it more comfortable, and remind his sibling of his power. The blizzard parted in a clear corridor toward the shoreline in the near distance, yet continued to howl in tumult on all other sides. If the man did not know before that he was a god, it was obvious now. He turned to both figures “Come, lest you lose your way again.” As Sveiand strode quickly away across the ice, the blizzard started to close in again behind him. Both Iva’s messenger and the curious stranger would need to stay close to avoid being swallowed by his meteorological defences again.

He thought he sense a turbulent surge in power from the direction of the stranger as he started the journey but put it down to the portal of Naswaru he sensed opening with his first creation for Niflheim. He couldn’t wait for this gathering to end and him be able to meet his first pet! When they reached the shoreline, he would give the traveller a choice. He smiled at the crisp snow crunching beneath his boots. This was going to be an interesting journey especially if he offered an alternative way of travelling…
Sorry for the post a day later than promised. A combination of real life and the thirst to write a post of decent length rather than a story pushing plot point warranted another 18 hours.

Tomorrow I hope to try and update Svei’s relationship sheet with the new additions and his CS with the ice dragons and northern beasts.

For now I’m off to a Halloween party with a giant geometric unicorn mask 😁
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