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Taylor Carson

Taylor carried on observing what was happening around him. It seemed as if everything was going smoothly. He caught something going onto between Aubree and some male. His eyes didn’t catch everything that happened. He stood up from his seat, taking a second glance across the room he noticed that Dakota had decided to bless them the room with her presence.

God Dakota. Why did she have to arrive? It wasn’t that Taylor hated her, but everyone knew that when Dakota and her friends were around, drama was soon to follow. Everyone but a select handful were ever seen with her, and everyone else was simply beneath her. Taylor knew he would have to keep a wide berth from her.

But then again. He would never speak to Dakota again. After tonight they would be lucky to bump into each other in town. So why not talk? Taylor waltzed over towards Dakota, looking over at the twins as he did, trying to make sure that they didn’t notice him. Afterall he didn’t want to get caught by everyone else and then left locked out of every single group.

Reaching Dakota, Taylor gave out a nervous smile. Clearly he was new to this. ”So what brought you here then?” He asked, his voice maybe slightly more sarcastic than he was actually trying to imply. He meant no ill will by it. ”I mean, none of your friends are going to turn up. I was surprised you came at all.”
Okay, Ima post something today to try and get everything moving again as we seem to have stalled
Aloysius, Emily & Lana

A collab between @jakeb1993, @SouffleGirl123 & @PureHeroine
Location: Dark Shadow HQ.
Date: 4th August 2017
Time: 9:00AM

Emily awoke later than most mornings she spent in another man’s bed but this was a different case entirely. It’s one thing to skip out on an awkward ‘next morning’ scenario and to get away with taking stuff with some stranger she’ll never see again than with the man who was essentially her boss. On top of that, Emily was in pain. Serious pain as the strain and bruises (particularly those around her throat and on her knuckles) was taking its toll between having time to set in and the lack of alcohol content to ease it. Emily shifted slightly, expelling a painful groan.

Aloysius usually woke up quite early. However a combination of lack of sleep from the two previous nights, had forced him to sleep in. Having Emily and her warm body so close was also a large contributing factor. He ended up waking up around the same time as Emily, awake enough to here her groans in pain. He rolled over and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing her neck softly, trying to ease her pain. ”You feeling ok?”

Emily shuttered slightly as Aloysius wrapped his arms around her. No, this wasn't meant to happen. It was a night not a morning but still aching like crazy and finding more comfort than she’d be willing to admit she did none to stop it. ”The lil bitch really pulled a number on me,” she groaned. ”One of the many advantages of being drunk is its ability to numb the pain,”

”Did you have fun though?” Aloysius asked as he cuddled close to her. ”I know that I enjoyed last night. Even if you know… you were very rough” He would chuckle and pull her in closer to him. ”Even if you did almost give me that neck bruise on my own neck”

Emily relaxed in his arms for the time being, it was a temporary place of warmth and comfort but if he were expecting it to go past this moment he’d be out of luck. He wasn't expecting that, right? That was the major difference between her at Ty, she could never commit. ”I did warn you,” she replies in a hushed tone, ”When it comes to the bedroom I always take charge... and I like to play rough.”

”I gathered. This was nice… Rough… but nice. We should do it again at some point in the future. Nothing committed like, just casual” God he had missed this. He had missed waking up next to Ty in the morning and teasing him about his hair, or making him giggle by kissing his body. ”I mean, only if you can’t get a guy for the night”

Emily turns in his arms to face Al, shifting back a bit. Was he really trying to make this a thing? ”Are you trying to replace me with Ty?” she asks. She wasn't sure what to say to such an offer. She kept it to a one time basis, even ‘casual’ translated to a form of commitment for her but, in saying that, she kind of liked the idea of having somewhere to get her fill if things go awry. She was stumped, to say the least.

”Honestly?....” Right now Aloysius was too comfortable to really lie. ”Sort of I guess. Me and him had a very casual, sex whenever you like arrangement. It was really good. And we were free to see other people” He would then look at Emily’s eyes before going down to her neck and eyeing her bruise. ”Did you get the name of the woman that hurt you? You plan on fighting her again?” He asked her.

Emily was stumped, completely unsure what to think of all this ”Let’s… let’s just see what happens…” she replies. At his next question Emily sighs. “Her name? No… I never caught that actually. I guess if I see her again I might? We’ll have to see what comes. I not gonna stop bar hopping though,” she replies

”You know, I could just build a bar here. You would never have to leave this place again. No fights, just lots of drinks” He would smile ”Next time you fight, how about you record it so I can watch?”

”What’s the fun in that?” she asks, looking him in the eyes, ”No randoms to screw and I enjoy the bar fights anyway. Besides, I could make a bar out of my jacket pockets if I really wanted to. Why does this even mean anything to you?”. What was Al’s deal anyway? Was he really trying to commit her? At the next question she chuckles, “I’ll see what I can do,”

”I don't know. I am just lost. I guess. Ty was amazing. I will miss our nights together. I guess I am trying to rebound slightly. Sorry for using you” Aloysius confessed aloud. ”It was amazing though. Maybe we should get up?”

Emily shrugs “That’s the state half of the drunken bastards I sleep with are in. They’re just people I’ll never see again… or not my boss for that matter. It was good though I’m not sure about amazing,” she teases in a way she was hoping would leave him wondering how serious she was. She loved playing mind games with people, kept them guessing. ”Getting up is probably a good idea,” she then muses.

On the way to the door Emily slipped on Al’s shirts lying on the ground, making a mental note to return it later. She then slipped out of Aloysius’ room, closing the door behind her.

Lana had received a text earlier from Aloysius to meet him at headquarters, the message didn't say what it was about or what time she needed to be there by, just that she needed to be there as soon as possible. So there she was, making her way to HQ. She wasn't particularly happy about it, since it was her day off and she had better things she could be doing with her time, but she didn't have a choice.

When she got there she was expecting to see Al waiting in the meeting room, but he was nowhere in sight. Lana made her way around the building, going from room to room looking for him. Finally she found herself on the top floor, where his bed room was located. It was the last place she had yet to look. Just as she was heading there the door open and out slipped Emily.

The first thing she noticed about the red head was the bruises, specifically the rather nasty ones around her neck. "Holy shit Emily, what happened to you? Who did this?" She asked, genuine concern and panic lacing her voice. That's when she noticed something else about Emily's appearance; she was wearing one of Aloysius' shirts. It was then that she realized she had just seen the woman slipping out of his room.

Then all sense went out the window. Lana was furious. Naturally she assumed it was Al who had hurt Em, given where they were and the fact that not two days ago he had made an attempt to kill her. Without a second thought, Lana went marching right up to Al's bedroom door and hit it with a blast, sending it flying off its hinges and into the opposite wall, where it would then break into several pieces upon impact.

"You disgusting, loathsome piece of shit! How fucking dare you lay a hand on her?! Was trying to kill her once not good enough for you?!" These and many more obscenities came flowing from her mouth as she stormed her way across the room to where Al was and landed one of her infamous telekinetic punches across his face.

Aloysius was caught off guard by the sudden decimating of his bedroom door. He had only just gotten half dressed, his shirt the last thing to put on. Shock was his main emotion. ”Lana!?” He said with surprise, but he didn’t have time to say anything else. Lana stormed up to him and threw a punch at midair. His eye widened as remembered what that move was. Without warning, he felt a force smack into his face, sending him flying across the room and into the far wall with a crash, eliciting a large yelp of pain as he did.
”What...what the hell!?”

Emily was left just as clueless as Al as Lana went from just neutrally looking over Emily to blast open the door and racing into the room, fists flying. ”Wait… what?” was all Emily could utter, unable to move but just watch from the doorway as Lana starts ripping the man a new one.

"Don't play innocent with me you son of a bitch!" Lana sent another one of her punches to his gut, before stepping aside, lifting him into the air, and throwing him out the now doorless doorway. Out of which she would soon follow. Al would have landed right by Emily's feet. Lana would then walk over and physically grab him by the hair and yank him to his feet, holding his head up so he could see Emily in all her bruised and battered glory. "You think shit like this is okay?! Then let's see how you like it!" This time she would hit him with a kick to the abdomen, with the same technique as her first two punches.

Aloysius was still clueless as to what was going on right now. Lana had stormed in and had laid down so much hurt in a short amount of time he was practically stunned. Before he could even attempt to get up Lana smashed a attack into his gut, winding him and causing him to cough heavily. ”Fu….ck….Stop” It was too late, Lana had lifted him off the ground and threw with enough force to send him out of the room and landing at Emily’s feet. ”Emily…..tell….her He called out, only to be lifted up by his hair, letting out a small whimper of pain. More heavy coughs followed after the kick to the abdomen hit, causing his body to buck heavily and recoil.

Soon enough Aloysius was thrown at Emily’s feet and she took a small step back, still trying to process what was going on. It wasn't until Lana was holding the man up to Emily she caught wind of it. Aloysius prodded Emily to tell her but the time Emily took trying to process everything the man was thrown to the ground. ”Lana, calm down!” she yells, more to make sure it got through to her then of anger, ”He didn't do anything to me! I got into a bar fight last night, lil bitch who I fought got me good, that’s all,” she explains, trying to keep her eyes on Lana other than the poor man being flung around the room.

Lana was preparing to beat Aloysius down even more when suddenly Emily yelled out to her to calm down, which immediately caught her attention. She was still firmly holding Al by the hair as she looked over at the red head. She didn't want him trying to scamper off like a coward while she was distracted. That is, until she heard Em explain that she was wrong, that it wasn't Al who had hurt her, and that the bruises were a result of a bar fight.

She wasn't immediately convinced though, and suspected Emily might just be covering for him, until she realized that wasn't in her nature at all. Even so, it would take a while for the anger to simmer down enough for her finally release her grip on him. "Then why the hell were you...Oh...shit." It's like a switch had suddenly been flicked in her head, and everything was making sense. She glanced down to the partially beaten man on the ground for a second, and there was a small glimmer of guilt in her eyes.

"Wait, you and Al? Seriously? I didn't think you would ever be that desperate, Em." Lana scoffed as she turned her gaze back to the redhead, any sense of guilt or remorse she had been feeling completely gone.

Emily started off with shrugging in response, ”I’ve done worse,” she replied. Was that true? Likely not if she really thought about it, she’s never really had a boss to do before this anyway but despite that fact Emily wondered if it were really that bad. ”Besides, he’s having trouble getting over Ty and Salem. I had services to offer to help him out so I did. No biggie. He actually meet up with Salem the other night. Wait, yeah, last night he even told me he kissed her, which is like the worse time to tell a woman that. Luckily for him, unlike most women, I couldn't really give a shit about that but it was Salem,” she rambles. She showed no remorse for what happened that night, it’s what she did and Aloysius was a perfectly fine candidate.

Lana's rage was bubbling up at just the mention of Salem's name, but the fact that Aloysius had met with her and even kissed her, was more than enough to flick that switch in her mind once again. "Fraternizing with the enemy now?! And this, not even a week after Ty is gone?! And you had the nerve to accuse me of trying to replace him?! Yet here you are, jumping from one person to the next, as if he meant nothing to you!"

From her hand Lana would produce a telekinetic whip, constructed from her psychic energy. A new skill she had picked up after the power boost from the auction, and something neither of them would have witnessed her use before. The weapon would be confusing to look at. The outline was visible but the center was completely transparent, as though it was there but it wasn’t. Al wouldn't get much of a chance to look at it though, before she hit him across the chest with it several times.

Just like her punches and kicks, her whip would have a knock back effect, depending on how hard she hit with it. The first few hits were mild lashings, but the final blow would have enough force to send him flying across the room into another wall. "You are a pathetic excuse for a leader!"

”It isn’t like that!” Aloysius managed to splash out before getting hit in the chest by something he couldn’t quite see. He could sense it. Really sense it. But alas, whatever it was evaded him. It didn’t really matter as the strikes continued, breaking the skin and leaving some nasty gashes. To make it worse, the strikes were knocking him backwards, and the final strike sent him right back into another wall, causing him to slump down again. His back felt like it was breaking, pain pulsating down his spine as it started to stiffen. Lying there Aloysius began to breath heavy, his rather fragile body struggling to cope with onslaught heading his way. ”We met to discuss Rebecca and Circe”

Lana diffused the whip, she was done with that for now. Instead she picked Al up and pinned him to the wall, applying pressure around his throat, just enough to restrict his breathing a little. "You went there without anyone else's knowledge, not even mine! I'm meant to be your second in command for fucks sake, we are meant to trust each other! What if it had been a trap?! How can you be that fucking stupid Al?! And what the fuck does Circe have to do with any of this?! What, you're ratting out your own people now?! Don't forget you're the one who sent that psycho out in the first place! You know what she's capable of, so whatever she did, is on you!"

She would eventually close the distance between them, getting close enough that their faces were just inches apart. In her hand she constructed a telekinetic blade, and ran said blade from his temple down the side of his face to his jaw, applying enough pressure to just split the skin. "You need to get your shit together Al, start acting like a leader again. Or soon enough you'll find there will be no one left to follow you. And if I ever find out you've gone behind our backs and met with that blue haired bitch again, I'll cut you up so bad, not even your own mother would recognize you. Do I make myself clear?"

As Lana pulled the blade down the side of his face, he could feel a warm, burning sensation following the blade. ”I knew it wasn't a trap… I called the meeting… I asked to meet her Ok. But I get it ok. No more meetings with her. It won't happen again” Al would try and breath and struggled to draw any sort of meaningful breath.

Emily didn't know what to make of any of this, or how to react. She just stood in the doorway, which Lana handing Al’s ass to him. If she were a reasonable person Emily could have told Lana to stop but Emily wasn't all that reasonable, nor did she might seeing Al getting beaten to pulp by his second in command. Eventually Lana dragged the blade along Al’s face and left him in a much worse state than before. She walked over to Lana and put her hand on Lana’s shoulder. ”As much as I’m loving seeing Al beaten worse than last night it might be time to leave him. Or not, if you want to knock him out go for it but I think your moral compass isn’t as corrupt as mine,” Honestly, Emily didn't care too much what outcome Lana decided in this but she did pity Al a bit.

"Good." Lana would release the pressure from Aloysius neck and remove the force that was holding him to the wall, the blade in her hand would also disappear. Seeing as Al was no longer strong enough to hold himself up, she would have to kneel down in front of him to say what she wanted to say next, which is something she wanted only him to hear. Before she said anything, however, she would use her hand to cup his chin and hold his face up so she could look into his eyes. Then she spoke to him in what was quite possibly the calmest tone she had that whole morning.

"This might surprise you Al, but there was a time I actually respected you. Maybe even liked you. Maybe even cared for you. Now all I get is a feeling of disgust whenever I see your face. You're pathetic. But you never know, if you truly try hard enough, you might win my respect back at least." With that she let go of his chin, letting his face drop again, before finally standing up to her full height.

By that time Emily had walked over to join them, suggesting that perhaps Lana leave him as he was, but also letting her know she wouldn't stop her if she pressed on. The green haired women considered it for a moment, but then shook her head. "No, I think Aloysius has learned his lesson." She replied, her eyes harsh as she glared down at him and her tone cold and condescending. "Bet you're wishing you never called me in for a meeting now, hm? It was a good talk at least. Hopefully we won't have to revisit this conversation again though. Because next time, I won't be so nice." With those final words, Lana turned and walked away.

Emily was still rather stunned, with all of this. Her hand brushed the bruise on her throat. Although it was ill-advised Emily had never really had anyone look out for her, not like that. She concluded the woman was a friend now and before long Lana had stormed off. Emily looked at the bruised and bloodied body of her boss and overnight lover. She tugged off the shirt he gave her and tossed it at him. ”Clean yourself up, you look like shit,” she instructs before turning and, unashamedly, walking through the Dark Shadows headquarters and back to her room in just her bra and crumpled jeans.
@Dirty Pretty Lies That is a massive shame and I am really sorry to see you go :(

@Everyone else. How are we coming along with the next set of posts?
Hey everyone, how are we coming along with those posts?
Also I forgot to ass, if anyone wants to do some relationships with Taylor, just drop me a PM or a discord message :)


Okay, if you direct your attention to the 0th OOC post, you will see that I have created a basic Map. As i get time i am going to add some missing districts, and make some more detailed ones of each district to show important places etc :)

The map is based off Missoula Montana. If you wanna Google map it and see what it looks like in street view.
@Cerces22 For your first attempt outside of your comfortzone that is a great go at it. If you tidy the profile up by sorting out the /hr tags (remove the /) you can throw her over to the characters post and post.
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