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Current I have a really dark idea for a Life is Strange RP. If someone didn't mind playing both Max and Chloe... and exploring Chloe's darker side.
4 mos ago
This... This is my story.
4 mos ago
My RP is going along well, could use a few more people though ;)…
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5 mos ago
Also anyone up for a Bleach 1x1 RP? I need someone to play a badass Rukia Kuchiki for an Action RP
5 mos ago
Still looking for more characters. Just the three of us so far. We need a few more Advanced RPers:…


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Okay, here is my dilemma.

Codex's character was sort of pivotal to the whole of the plot. The idea was she took charge of the Guild and steered those characters around, without her it sorta gets a bit difficult.

Would anyone be up for adopting her Character. I was going to do it at the start but I realise I can't play both leaders at the same time.
So I haven't really used the Arena here before and thought I might as well give it a go.

I am looking for someone to fight with. Scope so far would be a hand to hand fight. I have some ideas floating around my head about a boxer girl currently. Though that might not pan out.

Anyone intrested?
I am currently working on a solution to this. I shall post details either today to tomorrow.
@Vonghese That sheet is looking good.

My only issue is that @codex is head of the Guild and I get her to approve guild characters. Sadly it seems like Codex has gone and is not coming back soon...
@rebornfan320 I hadn't really thought into pairings tbh. I had just plotted some really Angsty, battle style stuff.

@Polarize Glad you like the idea. You don't need to know everything. Who is your fave character from FFX?
Hello all,

I am currently plotting the ideas for a Final Fantasy RP and came up with a idea for one set after the events of FFX-2.

The premise would be that a character (mine) keeps getting visions of Sins return. However, Spira, which at this point is tired and weary of the lies and deception of New Yevon, just want to forget about Sin and pray for continued peace. So when this character starts talking about Sins return they are very quickly shunned and pushed to the side.

They then decide to try and speak to High Summoner Yuna, desperate to try and convince her. However, her guardians prevented them from getting close, cumulating in a losing battle.

Now, with only weeks until the so called Return of Sin, They make one final trio to besaid, to try and convince someone, anyone of their story.


So I can imagine this would work as a 1x1 or a small group RP. Mostly cannon characters will be available, with a few OCs possibly.

Knowledge if the entire verse is not needed, just knowledge of the characters and there motivations (For example which one do you think got the most defensive over the character trying to speak to Yuna)

If you are intrested, drop a line here or PM me. :)

Okay, I am hoping Codex will post soon and i will then see about Posting to advance again.

Getting worried that this is dying
@Fat Boy Kyle @Stormflyx That's fine :)

@codex Take your time, you need to recover.

Aloysius Leighton

Date: 1st August 2017
Location: The Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington D.C
Time: 07:00PM

The journey into D.C was uneventful. Aloysius had spent most of it looking through various pieces of media on his mobile, watching the live reactions to the train crash and how no one suspected it was because of supernatural causes. Aloysius was feeling smug with himself right now. He was confident that The Guild had nothing on him, that he was untouchable. Sure they had all the resources in the world, not to mention most of the magic worlds popular support. But Aloysius had shadows and surprise. No one knew where he was going to strike next.

As they approached the outskirts of D.C, Aloysius received an email from one of his informers. Another part of his plan was coming together it would seem. Tomorrow night in New York there was going to be an auction... nothing special, except one of the pieces up for sale was actually a magic artefact. Not that these scummy humans could actually know one when they see one. Now Aloysius had a plan of action, and now he felt even happier. The Guild would never see it coming.

Aloysius sat in the back of vehicle pondering deeply what he was going to do with the information given to him. He could just go steal the artefact. He had the power to overcome any filthy human firepower they tried to bring to bear against him. However an attempt that brash would only serve to further agitate The Guild and cause them to further hunt down Aloysius. He was currently oblivious to the fact The Guild were onto his little train stunt. Instead of going in charging, Aloysius decided to take a more... subtle route. He decided he was going to use his wealth to outright buy the artefact. He knew he alone had more money that Miller could ever hope to muster, and was therefore guaranteed to get that artefact. Things were good.

As he got closer and closer to the centre of DC, Aloysius started to switch his clothes into his dinner suit. He wanted to pull over, however his chauffeur insisted that if they pulled over they could possibly get caught in the rush hour traffic. Now, hastily dressed in his more formal attire, Aloysius was ready for his dinner date with politicians. Pulling up outside the hotel. Aloysius let himself out as he straightened his suit jacket and looked over to the chauffeur.

"Get her to the hanger in NYC, I will drive her when i land. Have a few days off" Before his chauffeur even had a chance to respond, Aloysius was off to the entrance. Entering the hotel, Aloysius span on his heels towards the restaurant. While talking to powerful politicians gave Aloysius the chance to acquire new intelligence and favours. The family business made it very easy for Aloysius to make friends. After all, Government types needed guns. Aloysius happened to make them. It was a match made in heaven. Nowadays however his mother used him as a sort of crowd pleaser, sending him around the country to schmooze with every influential politician she could find.

Entering the restaurant it didn't take him long to spot the all important Speaker of the House. With a nod and a hearty handshake, they greeted each other as they both sat down. It was a strange dinner as it was just the two of them. They talked for a while, the usual subjects came up; money, politics, campaign donations and of course China. It took several hours to conclude, but the meal was very productive. Aloysius had managed to score himself some political points and at the same time possible a favour or two. Saying his goodbyes, Aloysius coyly slid away to his suite on the hotels upper floors.

Turning on the television as he took off his dinner jacket he could see the media was covering the train wreck story. He could not help but give himself a small smirk as he looked at the coverage. His plan was coming together nicely. Opening his luggage bag he pulled out the laptop he always took with him and booted it up. Once it was ready he began to browse the web, looking at more news stories about the crash, wallowing in the moment of pure victory. He then jumped onto the Tor browser and into the darkweb. The Dark Shadows, they had a website and every now and again, Aloysius would post to it. He knew The Guild watched it. He wanted to make sure she saw this. He simply wrote a single paragraph:

Today, we start the war. Today we move forward. The Guild will die, and Rose Miller will walk no more on this earth.
I should have the next post up by the end of today.
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