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15 days ago
As someone who has seen the Arena Discord. Don't. Just Don't. Save yourself the hassle tbh. If you want to do a battle like RP, try and find a group RP. The Arena section is currently quite toxic.
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21 days ago
I wake up to the saddest news and now I can't stop crying. It's falling apart. Everything I did is falling apart. I knew I didn't deserve any of this success.
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29 days ago
So now i have a 2nd RP in the pipeline I feel like a proper GM xD
1 mo ago
When @HaleyTheRandom and @SouffleGirl123 are pointing out all the different RPers on the Guild and telling you that these people are amazing.... "Can we recruit them into our RP?"
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2 mos ago
Exams are far too close now....


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@HaleyTheRandom When you get on next, if you post a place holder, I will start the next Cycle when i get home from work tomorrow :)
Taylor Carson

The day that Taylor had thought would never arrive had finally arrived. Graduation. For most it represented the start of an exciting journey into the future. The shackles of education would be lifted and these young adults could go and pursue their dreams. This was not the end, it was the beginning of a much better journey. Careers, University, even families. Everything was up for grabs for the graduating class of Pinewood Ridge High.

For Taylor Carson, it was anything but a great thought. Despite his best attempts to try and convince himself otherwise, Taylor couldn't help but stay in the funk he was currently in. For him, Graduation signalled the end of the routine had had been used to for the past four or so years. Leaving school meant the end to this routine and he now had to start making actually adult like decisions. Decisions he wasn't ready for. His whole life he had threw himself at something, anything, to distract himself from the horror that was his home life. Now his main source of distraction had dried up and he now needed a new distraction.

So tonight was the final Howrah, the final night where he could claim he was a high schooler. At least he could reminisce a little longer. Tonight involved talking, something he wasn’t exactly keen on doing. He had also decided to invite his parents, something his grandpa had advised against. It was in vein as they both told him where he could stick his invitation. Since his early teenage years his relationship with them had soured greatly. He would have invited his grandpa however given his older age there was no way he would have gotten through the graduation ceremony yet alone the after party.

So here he was alone. Something he was used to, but at the same time wasn’t. He entered the main hall, looking around at all the people who had already arrived. He was wearing an all black suit, minus the tie. He had noticed that several of the students had already started grouping together. Not wanting to disturb anyone he simply walked over to the punch table and poured himself a cup of the pinkish liquid. Staring at the cup he took a small sip before walking over to a table and taking a sit, observing everyone.

Thats OK, gives me time to plot, I know you gave a tough time getting online
@HaleyTheRandom & @@PureHeroine How we getting on with the collabs??
@HaleyTheRandom I feel bad now...
@Squirrel98 Don't worry bout it, it's just a post to get people to come into the party hall for the true talking to begin.

@HaleyTheRandom You had to start off with a shitpost didn't you xD

They can bring their families if they want. Nothing stopping them :)

Pinewood Ridge Town Hall

Time: 7.30pm

It had been a long day, but that day was totally worth it. Graduation. Who would have thought that day would actually come? The school, alongside a few parents, had decided to set up a party for the graduating class of 2018. The town halls main reception room had been transformed into a lavish party area with dance floor, several tables full of party food and balloons and streamers decorating the floors. While this was the party that kicked the night off, this wasn't the party that most of the people had been looking forward to. Officially the party finished at 9.30pm, however most of the students had been invited to a more 'private' after party at another location in the town. The place was ready, all it needed now was guests.

@lopsided I knew there was a character that wasn't on the character tab XD throw 'em over xD

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