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@Eviledd1984 Accepted! Go ahead and drop him in the character tab :D
@Faith Looking forward to seeing it!
@OliveYou Yeah,,I get that, but don't stress. I just wanted to make sure people were still here. Can't wait to see what Riley's like xD

@Eviledd1984 Of course! We could always use more characters :)
I'm hyped for this highkey :D
Also, just a heads up, it'd be wonderful if you guys could post at least once every one to two weeks 👍
I'm not really enforcing anything, I do want this to be laid back, but just to make sure you are all still there :D. Thanks!
I'm interested !
Though my style's more of a high casual, if that's okay

@Darcs No, thats totally fine! Take your time :D

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