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@KZOMBI3 I like him <3

We're going to start this soon. I'm so sorry that it was put off for so long, guys. Life is crazy.
I'm going to double as rose so we can get this started :3
@Sailorsadie@KZOMBI3 if you both are still interested in this, then I'd love to have you.
Oh you want to use real photos. Never mind, then. I'm sorry. I feel like using IRL face claims is a bit creepy and strange. ;;
I'm interested o/
I look forward to seeing it!
gentle bump
Tentative interest. Let me know if you need help world building and what not.
@mattmanganon Your argument makes no sense, but okay. If they say no, then they don't want you to do whatever it is that you want to do. That's a good enough reason to NOT do it. Lol. I don't care if you THINK you have good enough reason to do it because if the gm says no, then that's that. That's the end of discussion. It doesn't make it an open discussion about how and why you can seemingly justify your choice.
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