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Plot borrowed from plotsforall 2.0

Muse A is a princess living in a peaceful kingdom, with no knowledge of the whole other realm that exists beyond its borders. While wandering in the forest near dusk, much to their escort’s dismay, the kingdom comes under attack by creatures/beings thought only to exist in fairytales and ancient legends. When a rider comes to warn Muse A that the castle has been taken, they are beseeched to flee to safety. Fearing for their parents’ lives, Muse A refuses to run away and makes haste back to the castle. Before they can reunite with their royal parents, Muse A is captured by the enemy. Muse B is Muse A’s captor, who is under orders from their king/queen to kidnap the princess for the purposes of ransom. Muse A is taken to the other realm, where no person in the kingdom has ever gone. Muse A is locked up in a cell with Muse B as their guard.

Despite the circumstances, Muse B treats Muse A with compassion, providing companionship, kind words and extra sustenance. After a few days of captivity, Muse A and Muse B are managing to get along; Muse A is terribly homesick and worried about the state of their kingdom. In an act of selflessness, Muse B helps Muse A escape. Muse B promises to keep them safe from harm, as long as Muse A does not run away from them. Muse A agrees and Muse B keeps their promise. One night, while they’re asleep in the forest, soldiers from Muse A’s fallen kingdom attack. They rescue Muse A and take Muse B as prisoner. Upon returning to the castle, Muse B is imprisoned. Feeling for their captor/turned savior, Muse A shows Muse B the same compassion and care that Muse B showed them while they were imprisoned.

With the threat of backlash from the other realm looming, will Muse A and Muse B’s budding friendship survive? Will Muse A appeal to the king and queen to spare Muse B’s life and to end the impending war between realms?


1) This is a female/female roleplay. Please do not message me and ask me to allow male characters. I would like to keep it f/f
2) Make them interesting. Don't make your character flat. Don't be a flower pot.
3) I would prefer art/illustrations for pictures.
4) This seems like a romance heavy plot, but I would like to focus more on the story line about the two main characters. If romance happens, then that's great, but it won't be instant. Even if they do remember each other, I'd like there to be some element of realism in this. All that I ask is that you be respectful towards the roleplayer. No homophobia, transphobia, or other hate. I won't tolerate it.
5) Mature subject matter is sure to occur. If you are not okay with discussions of drugs, violence, cursing, overdoses, or anything of that nature, then this is not the roleplay for you. That being said, any sex will be taken elsewhere if it is to occur or timeskipped entirely.
6) This is a team effort. I am not going to be the only one responsible for plot twists. If you join me in this, please be willing to contribute.
7) I would prefer to have muse b's role, but am open and willing to play both or either role!
No. I started working on one, but I already deleted it because I just don't have time or the interest for this website anymore. You can go on without me.
Nomey, I love you, and as much as I'd love to have you in this, I've decided to cancel the thread. :(
You've certainly put a lot of time into this and I'd be lying if I wasn't interested. Is this open?
I know. I'm keeping an eye on this. Everyone can go ahead and post their characters in the character tab.
Is this still accepting characters?
Are you still looking or no ;;
If not it's okay!
This rp is still open if anyone else is interested.
Sorry for falling off the radar a bit. Didn't expect 40 hour work weeks for the next 2 weeks.
But I'm working on my character too!
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