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uh, im not sure but normally i can load the site here through my favorites and it instantly shows if someone pm'd me or i got an update to a RP but now, it wont do that, i load it normally like i do, and nothing so im sitting thinking no one has replied, but then i hit the refresh button and then it shows someone's posted or PM'd me hours ago. not mad or anything but just letting know.. i dont think its on my end
hoping off the Bus when it finally reached it's spot, he sprinted around the front of the bus, and sprinted across the street, his eyes catching the cars going through the street, as he sped forward, right into traffic forcing the cars to hit the brakes and the horns blaring as fingers went flying, which he smirked and waved back happily before hitting the other side of the street, which he slowed down to a walk as he saw the shelter, the place he'd be spending a lot of time at apparently. pulling the earplugs out of his ears, and shutting the music off he stuffed them into his pocket as he walked in. "no, you need to listen to me lady" some guy stood there at the front of the desk, making Ash figure he was late if they were open already. "you have my dog back there, and i want him back now or there is going to be some hell to pay, i was told he was here" Ash moved up to the counter, seeing the woman behind it was pregnant, very much so, he nodded. "Ash Collins, i was to start volunteering today, and my bus was late which is why im late, sorry" the guy standing there turned to glare at Ash. "piss off, i was here first and im not leaving til i get my damn dog back!" Ash shook his head. "calm down and you'll be told this is a shelter, not the pound, your in the wrong place and carrying the wrong attitude"

the guy wasnt having a great morning, and now this he went to grab at Ash. "who the hell are.." before the air rushed out of his lungs as Ash drove his fist into the solar plexus, knocking the air from the guys lungs. grabbing his arm, he twisted it around behind the man's back before slamming his face into the counter. "Apologize to the mama to be" the guy gasped and wheezed "so..sorry" he managed to get out. "good" Ash said, holding his arm still. "so now, she's going to explain to you if your dog is here what you need to do, and if he's not here, where you can go, then im going to escort you to the door and see you out.. we clear on that? good" not waiting for an answer.
"so there i was right" Ash said, having been up a few hours alright, well before most people thought about getting up. he wore a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket, worn, faded jeans. "im sitting there, watching his ugly old woman trying to hobble along" he stood in front of some younger kid, having caught him on the street. "and what do i realize?" he starts laughing. "its Patrick, he's dressed up as his grandmother" the young kid starts laughing as well. "see" Ash said. "i might be clueless at first, but eventually i get wise to whats going on" he lost the smile then, and grabbed the guy by the front of his shirt and pulled him in close. "there is a school a block away from here, and this is a high traffic area, and i know your slinging. i catch you around this area again with that crap, and im going to beat you senseless.. you feel me?" Ash asked, getting a quick nod. "good, now take off" pushing him, the idiot dealer turned and booked it out of the neighborhood. running his hand through his short hair, shaking his head in annoyance, he drove his hands into his pockets and started walking, hitting the bus station ten minutes later that was a couple blocks over, he checked the map to see what bus number to take to get to his Community Service gig, he then checked the time and sat down.. he was going to be late, no matter how much he worked it out, he was going to be late.

sitting on the bench, waiting for the bus he leaned back, and pulled out his earbuds, connected them and soon had a song playing through his phone. he'd been with his buddies, he usually hung out with them but that night they decided to get a little drunk and go nuts, he went along just to be back-up in case he was needed to help carry someone, little did he know he'd be caught while his buddies took off, apparently not that drunk since they scattered like roaches in the light. so he was arrested, sent before the judge and blah blah blah, he now had over a months worth of community service to do. of course he could have gotten time knocked off, but they wanted him to give up the others, but he wasnt a rat, not when it came to his friends, he might be pissed that they'd screwed him, but that didnt mean he'd narc on them.

when the bus finally arrived, he stepped on, and sat down just as Imagine Dragons- Thunder began playing as the bus made its stops and pick ups, soon the bus was full and heading along. it was 10 o clock by then. "shit" he mumbled to himself, first day of community service and he was already going to be ten minutes late.

Name:Ash Collins
Personality: Ash is the type of person that is hard as stone, he has this image he projects for everyone to see all the while hiding who and what kind of person he really is behind that, buried deep. he wont hesitate to protect his friends and those he cares for, without any regard to himself.

Likes: protecting friends and those that are weaker then he is, dogs, classic cars

Dislikes:anyone that thinks they are better then someone else simply because, people that abuse power they are given

i like your idea, its like he's got a wall up that he doesnt let anyone behind.. so to most people all they see is what he wants them to see.. i like it
your fine, and i would love to do another RP with you :)
"dont crowd her to much" Xaven said mentally to Drake and Ralph "the Sheriff isnt going to do anything to her" making the boys back off, as Jack came in. "nice to see you again Sheriff" Xaven said from the kitchen. "i'd come shake your hand, but im juggling two Skillets here" he called out, and he was as he continued cooking as he listened to Vanessa discussing the Deputy and his obsession for how they lived out here. Drake and Ralph perched around her as she and the Sheriff talked, and it didnt take long for them to hear that Mr. Deputy would be told to back off. "i'd offer you a BLT sheriff for the road, but i know how your wife, being the local Doctor and all is a dangerous woman to cross so.. no bacon for you"

Once gone, Drake and Ralph came back in to help, taking over as Xaven moved to Vanessa and picked her up in his arms. "remind me to vote for him next county election" he smiled, kissing Vanessa deeply and passionately. "ewww, Alpha slobber" Drake teased, pinching Lesley's ass playfully when she walked by. "so that means we can run now" Drake asked. "we'll stay close" Xaven said. "but a run shouldnt attract any attention if we do that, and we'll be careful of anyone in the woods and keep away from people but yea, we can run" Drake sighed. "oh yea" looking relived. "its not right, keeping this fine specimen of wolf all cooped up" Xaven rolled his eyes. "fine Specimen? those self delusions of yours are getting worse" Drake smirked. "oh yea, i say wrestling match in the back yard, just make sure Ness isnt watching, i dont want her to see me making her man cry like a bitch" grinning as Xaven laughed. "the last time you tried that, you pissed yourself Drake, so i dont think Xaven is going to be the bitch, but i'll take some of that action"
i wish i had read the books now so i could do your RP the proper justice, i still have three seasons of the series to catch up on.. yes i know *slaps back of hand* bad Twilight, bad :)
hello :) i'd be up for RPing with you if you were still looking.. you got some good ideas.. i like first one and the second one, the third, i havnt read the Manga so i'd not do that proper justice..
a well oiled machine couldnt have worked better then they did when it came to cooking, Vanessa was the boss of the kitchen, and they all just moved according to her whim, but since she cooked the good stuff, they didnt complain, not that they would, the boys were use to being bossed around by Nessie, since they'd met her and the group had formed.

Xaven would nod. "sure can" about the eggs, before he winked back, and grinned, grabbing two, twenty four cartons of eggs out, and he began cracking them into a large mixing bowl. Drake looked up from working. "oh yea, no worries on that, i figured we'd be limited to night time runs, that doesnt bother me in the last bit" Xaven nodded. "tonight then, Tams, Ralph and Drake, you two patrol the North and Eastern edges, i'll handle the South and West, then swing around and head North" Xaven could handle just about anything on his own, he was pretty laid back, but if challenged he went all Alpha Wolf. "make sure no scents are hanging around" Xaven said as he mixed up the eggs before he sprinkled in salt, some pepper, adding a bit of hot sauce for some kick before he mixed it all together again then he went to frying up the eggs.

no on said anything about the phone call to Tammy's phone, til the boys heard who it was, thanks to speaker phone and they all stopped talking and listened, Xaven bit his lip as Ralph growled, this Deputy was starting to get on his nerves, big time. Xaven nodded, once the phone was hung up. "yea, we'll deal with it already" he said. "he's sticking his nose into business he doesnt need to, and drudging up old stuff" Xaven shook his head. "you think if we crushed his cruiser into a ball of twisted metal he's get the hint" Drake grinned. 'i'd be willing to give that a shot"
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