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A black sphere appeared in the Trappist-1 star system, growing from a few centimeters to ten kilometers in width in a matter of seconds. Out this sphere ships began to emerge, mostly civilian ships, but with a few military frigates mixed in should they encounter hostiles in this system.

On the six inhabited worlds, not including the penal colony and Kuiper belt which had only basic security ships, local vessels scrambled to launch. By the time they lifted off, though, the massive hulk of the dreadnought Nero, over six kilometers in width came trough, the void sphere shrinking behind it as it exited.

"Wormhole collapsed" said man on Nero's bridges, reading a screen before him.

"Very well, Sergent." a man in a high General's uniform said, standing at ease in the center of the room, surrounded by a vast holographic display. Though as the last high general alive he automatically inherited the title of Emperor, he didn't feel comfortably using it so soon after the devastation of Earth by Nebula. "Status of the hyperdrive?"

"Online and fully operational," replied the Sergent, "though exotic matter reserves are at 7%. It will take about 23 hours to fully regenerate our reserves so that we can open another wormhole large enough to move the fleet."

"Very well, then. Hail the nearest planetary authority and inform them of our refugee status."

A console beeped and the airman on duty on communications spoke up. "They've already sent us a message, sir. Direct Tachyon Beam transmission." The airman pushed a few buttons and a male voice came over the bridge's speakers.

"Unknown flagship vessel, this is Odin Space Command. The Empire is not welcome here. We warned you never to send another military vessel into this system when we won our independence. Leave immediately or we will be forced to defend ourselves against your invasion."

Multiple blips appeared on the bridge's tactical displays as ships used their tachyon drives to travel at several C to rendezvous near Odin, the fourth planet in system and the nearest one to the Imperial fleet.

"Mostly frigates, sir." a different Sergent said. "A few capital ships. Most of the transponder codes are in our database as old independence fleet vessels, though they've been refitted, some with singularity torpedoes." Singularity torpedoes were knew technology 170 years ago when this system had succeeded. Apparently they'd continued the research. "No match for the military fleet, but if they decide to attack civilians, they could kill a lot of people before we stopped them."

"Understood, now, please follow my order. Inform Odin Space Command that we are just refugees looking for a place to resupply and rest."

I've never actually GMed a nation RP before, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to speak up.

Since the collapse of the Terran Empire two centuries ago the galaxy has been at war. Dozens of alien races saw the collapse of the only order they had known in recent centuries. Some were technologically advanced, but some barely had functional FTL technology, having been uplifted by the Terrans or other races. Though once allied together as subjects of the Terrans, they began to form independent governments which all fought over territory, seeking to become the next ruler of the known galaxy.

From the unexplored sectors, beyond the edge of the Terran Empire's old borders, a new threat has appeared. Known simply as Nebula, these beings swarm systems, devouring them for raw materials. They do not care who lives in the system, and have made no attempts at communication with those they destroy.

The various nations must band together to present a united front against Nebula, before it grows too large to be stopped.

I'll be playing what's left of the Terran Imperial Fleet, around ten thousand ships, mostly civilians. We'll be using extremely advanced tech, but will have no homeworld, as Nebula attacked the Solar system, the last remnant of the Empire. There will, however, be other human colonies out there if you wish to play as a human.

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The High-general left the shuttle and stepped onto the surface of Odin. The sky was dimly lit, like twilight, but the dock had artificial lighting to make up for it.

"Greetings" said a man in uniform, "I am Admiral Rix, Commander-in-chief of the Trappist United Defence Force." He held out him hand.

"I'm High-general Li-Zhu of the Imperial Third Fleet. Though I guess now it would just be the Imperial Fleet, as no other High-generals survived Nebula's assault on the Solar system."

"Then, if I remember Imperial tradition, you are the Emperor as well."

HG Li-zhu shook his head. "I refuse to claim the title until my people are no longer refugees."

"In that case, high General, please follow me to the conference room so that we can discuss the situation here."

An hour later they had reached a compromise that both sides could agree with. The Imperial military would withdraw to interstellar space, at least one Light-year away, leaving no more than fifty frigates for security, and the civilians would be allowed to remain behind, mining and solar harvesting as much as they wished as long as they complied with Trappist system law.

"One more thing before you go, General. I assume you would like to reclaim the Solar System from Nebula if you can."

"That is one of my goals," HG Li-zhu replied, "my science ships inform me that they could re-terraform earth if I can reclaim it within 30 days or so. I'm not sure if that's possible."

"It that case, I believe you need to talk to a friend of mine." Admiral Rix motioned for them to follow him and lead the HG to a communications room with an alien-looking box in the center, rigged to data, power, and coolant lines. "I assume you've heard of the Za'ta?"

"Yes," replied the HG, "They are an alien race from beyond Old Imperial space. They were roughly on par with the Empire technologically, until the fall. Now they are likely ahead of us."

The Admiral nodded. "Well, when one of their colonies was attacked by The Swarm, their name for Nebula, they left their borders in search of allies. One of their ships came here and, although we couldn't spare any ships to join their fight, they left this behind in case we needed to exchange intel about The Swarm." He motioned towards the device. "One of their scientists cracked quantum entangled communication about fifty years ago. This device is an improvement on his design, and will let us contact them, if you wish to join their task force."

The High General was left speechless by the realization of what the technology before him was, but soon regained his composure. "One of our scientists had a theory on how to do it about twenty years ago, but we couldn't spare the resources for his research. If they have a working QE device, this could revolutionize interstellar communications." He looked at the Admiral. "By all means, call them. If they can help us retake the Solar System, we would love to join their task force."
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