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Darkest Minds

Life in the country is seemingly normal. Everything is going fairly well within the world. That is until children the age of thirteen and younger start to seemingly drop like flies. Panic spreads through the nation and after a few months scientist discover a disease that is later named IAAN, Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. Once the death count slows nearly to a stop it is discovered that approximately 98% of children thirteen and younger have died with all under the age of eight gone and a few fourteen and fifteen year old children dead as well. Fear comes to a max within nearly all citizens of America, but the fear is not aimed at the disease. The majority of the fear is aimed at those left.

Soon the government sets up a system to 'help' the children. They request that if any child exhibits any symptoms of IAAN that they should report it to the government so they may be relocated to 'Rehabilitation Camps'. This is just the cover story though. Once a child gets onto the bus to be relocated it's obvious something is wrong. Guards with guns and not being allowed to even speak. Fear and tension rise within the children. As soon as the children arrive at their assigned camp they are instantly put through a screening process and then designated a color. Some don't understand, but a few already know what the colors mean. The harsh reality comes to light when each child realizes they are now a prisoner to the government for something out of their control and there is nothing they can do about it. Will you try anyway?


Welcome to the Darkest Minds interest check. This RP is based on a book series by Alexandra Bracken. The Darkest Minds is an apocalyptic books series pertaining to the children of America that are infected by a disease called IAAN, Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. A virus that originally killed at least 98% percent of the children, while the others gained peculiar abilities. The children that live through the pandemic that gained abilities are sent to 'rehabilitation camps', but these camps more resemble concentration camps or maybe extremely intense boot camps. A lot of the camps were very different than others. Think how in the Fallout games the Vaults all did things differently. All of the children have one of two goals, escape or survive.

This is a books series that as soon as I began reading it I was absorbed in the story. For a while I have wanted to role play this story, despite it being so large it's also surprisingly easy to follow. It's also fairly easy to manipulate the characters in the stories, and I think it could be really interesting and really epic. I will put a few of the things that will remain the same down below, these same things also helped the story progress very nicely and give a very strong since of paranoia and allow even more people to join. I will not set a limit to how many join, but of it seems like their is a larger amount of interest than I expect then I will set a limit. Until I know how many people are interested everyone will be limited to a single character. Depending on the way this interest check goes I may change that.

Now, onto all the important info. As I have already stated the children who lived gained abilities. These abilities were classified into colors. Before putting it off here they are:

Within the books their are a few people, groups, and some items that should be mentioned here.

Rules and Regulations

#1: All guild rules apply. Duh.
#2: Please be active and put forth effort in the RP.
#3: Respect is a must. Please respect others in the RP and yourself. I don't want any fighting in the OOC. Save it for the IC.
#4: Romance is allowed, but all guild rules must be respected. Limitation of kissing is preferred, but fade to black in some cases may be used.
#5: Cursing is allowed, but I'm gonna go ahead and say I don't like cursing. It bugs me for multiple reasons and I feel it hinders writing, but I'll allow it due to the kind of RP setting this is.
#6: I don't necessarily have a minimum number of paragraphs you have to post as long as it isn't ridiculously consistent and there is substance to the post.
#7: I don't want someone to go to sleep and wake up to like 15 IC posts. It has happened to me before. So, those that post quickly let there be AT LEAST two different users to post before you post again for a certain character.
#8: Please post at least 2 times a week within the OOC. I would love for this RP to run smoothly as well as effectively. If you disappear from the OOC I will assume you have dropped the RP unless you stated beforehand you have an issue that keeps you from posting in OOC. Just communicate and this rule won't ever take affect.
#9: For now everyone will be limited to one character. Depending on how much interest there is I may bump it up to two. If you want three after that I will dive deep into your past RPing experiance to determine if I will allow it.
#10: Be creative.
#11: I am all for Collabs as long as they don't shut others out.
#12: PM a GM if you have questions.
#13: To prove you read the rules pm me your CS first instead of posting it.
#14: Mention me or a Co-Gm in your Character are wanting approved.
#15: For now all characters will be Psi's. Until I see what interest we have will determine if we have anything other than Psi's.
Rules may be added to or changed as things go.

How I want the RP to Go

Alright, let me start by saying what we will do if/when the RP starts. We can either start with what occurred when IAAN first started happening to the point our Psi kids are taken to a camp the do a two year time-skip, or leave that as a semi-memory thing for our characters. Either or works with me. Both get what I want out of the beginning.

As of right now all characters will be 10-15. The ones who were in the 8-13 age range when IAAN hit two years in the future so do your character sheet like that. If I end up allowing different variety of characters than I'll let you know how to start with them. All our characters for now though will be sent to the same camp, which I haven't picked a name for yet. They don't all have to be from the same school or anything, but somewhat close to the location of the camp. Maybe a couple of miles.

This RP will be a slight AU of the books for the sheer fact that our characters can participate in the main story line if we want. Even if we don't participate in the main story main characters may show up. Depending on how things go I may speed up time with how things happened in the book. Example is that if we need/want I can speed up Ruby's escape from Thurmond. All main characters will be controlled by me and Co-GM's but other than that if someone makes an NPC to their character and they allow it you can control them. I will allow people to make NPCs connected to their character, but I may kill them if it seems necessary or makes sense. Which means it probably won't even happen.

Also, all characters we use CAN DIE. If they do something stupid I'm not going to adjust the way the NPC they are fighting to change the way they do things just so they live. I will avoid killing PC's as much as possible though so don't worry to much. More detail to be given as time goes on.
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I feel like I remember this or an RP based on the same series on this site before. I'll have to watch and see if this gains traction since it looked like a cool RP and this one does too.
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I feel like I remember this or an RP based on the same series on this site before. I'll have to watch and see if this gains traction since it looked like a cool RP and this one does too.


Yup. It was.
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Bumper Car! (I didn't wanna be generic and say bump like everyone else)

So, currently there are three people interested. One from here and two from General Interest Check. I would like at least one more so that it could be a nice round number of five, but we can start with four. I won't start til Saturday/Sunday though cause got some stuff to do tomorrow. (Family members birthday to be exact) I may make the OOC tonight though so that there is a central location of hanging out and stuff. Here's a link to the other interest check by the way. roleplayerguild.com/posts/4596106
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