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Current Whenever I think I have free time I always get slammed with college work and stress... But I'm still standing, so that's good.


Nothing much to know really. Just an average college student doing his best to balance out his love of writing and, well, everything else.
Stop by, say hi, or be that one guy who stands behind some shrubs in the distance with binoculars, I don't mind... Even if the latter is a bit odd.

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I’m a bit late lol, but I feel adding new yet reasonable Grimm would be ideal, along with maybe more dust usage? For instance, maybe meeting people who weave dust into their clothing for combat would be cool, or letting our own characters do that too.

As for descendants, I was thinking about either Yang or Jaune. But honestly, I was going to wait and see what everyone else did before firmly deciding on who my character would be related to.
RWBY! I don't mind placing my interest in this. I've always wanted to join a RWBY RP.
I think that's 11 people now who are interested in this, well one asked about choosing powers but I'll mark it as interest. I'm just kinda watching from the side lol, so don't mind me.
Zelda RPs can be interesting. Not saying I'm dedicated as of yet, but I'll definitely be watching this to see how it develops before I apply.
I’ve been watching this interest check since it’s creation, been thinking of a character to make. I was thinking of some sort of scientist, maybe one with a computer science degree and they deal with the more technological coding and the like. Would that be alright?
Could be fun!

Yeah, it always sucks when people suddenly vanish without a word, and I can understand feeling slighted because of it. If you don’t want to keep it open, sure it’ll suck to stop for those who stayed, but ultimately I wouldn’t want you to continue this if you feel it’s affecting you negatively.

On that note, if it does close, let me know if another RP of yours comes along. You seem to be a good and understanding GM who puts a lot of work into your roleplays, and from what little I’ve experienced it was fun and I like the concepts. Keep up the good work ^_^
@Joshua Tamashii
You can make a post if you want, my weekend is gonna be a little busy, so I don't mind coming up with a post after yours.
Can't forget my café!
LOCATION ~ His Apartment ~> Lobby
INTERACTING WITH ~ Regina @baraquiel ; Terrence @Erklings25 ; Zanelle@Ejected

6:00 AM, April 9th 2018.

The seemingly blaring alarm from Lionel's phone jolted the young man awake, his eyelids snapping open as he attempted to figure out what was going on. When he recognized the sound, his hands fumbled for the phone before he managed to tap on the screen and indicate he wanted the pain to end, collapsing back into his position with a small groan of sadness that his rest was once again done until tonight. He had spent the previous night editing one of his newer videos, but he decided to wake up a little earlier than usual to put the finishing touches on it before he could upload it today, as per his schedule. It wasn't anything special, just needed to finish another simple demo-reel on the various character concepts he felt he could portray accurately, and he even added character designs he had drawn for each voice. All he really had to do now was add those into the designated spots he had written down, along with using the right expressions so that it felt they had a semblance of a personality, and to give those interested in watching this slight detour from his regular uploads. Rest assured, he still had a regularly scheduled video uploading, but he wanted to put extra care in this one, even if it didn't need it.

Reaching for his glasses on the drawer next to him, he was too lazy to go off and put on his contacts at this moment, he shoved the blankets off of himself and walked over to his computer setup, giving a thumbs up to himself when he noticed that indeed, all that was left for his other video was to wait for Youtube to upload it at the designated time. Lionel stretched, cracking his knuckles as he pressed alt+tab and opened up his editing software. It had to have been well over an hour before his VA video, too, began the process of being processed by Youtube before it would be uploaded. Satisfied, it was finally time to get ready to face whatever the day would throw at him.
7:42 AM, April 9th, 2018.

Refreshed and satisfied with his appearance, he was going for a casual look with a camo muscle shirt with black shorts and styling his short hair into its iconic look, he wondered if anyone else would be up at the time. It was fairly early, sure, but he felt it was time to stop being so socialize instead of seeming nonexistent in the place. He remembered that when he looked into moving to Hollywood, this place was known for its aspiring artists and the like, so maybe they’d be good to know? As much as he hated to admit it, he could definitely use a bit more friendly faces to talk to… Sure he was a couple months late in that department, but talking to yourself for so long really starts to wear the soul down, and he definitely didn’t want to start making a Wilson to fill the void that was lingering. With determination welling up inside him, he eventually broke free from the hesitation holding him back and locked the apartment behind him, heading for the stairs to head towards the lobby. He kept telling himself that if he wasn’t a complete wreck when talking to the other tenants, he could reward himself with a good breakfast from like an IHOP or Dennys before heading off to

Reaching the lobby, he was actually surprised to see so many people up and about. If he didn’t need to finish editing that darn video, he definitely wouldn’t have woken up so early as he liked his rest. He started to clench his fists a little as the anxiety that was replacing his determination was building up before he finally took a deep breath to relax. They were just people like him, and not like the family he left back home, not to mention they barely knew him too. Conversation should be simple because of that, right? Sighing a little, he waved to the other tenants before spotting a familiar sight: Terrence! Leo eagerly took Terry as a good opportunity to join in on his conversation, as there was someone else there with him. Leo had seen the woman around occasionally, but he never reached out to talk like he was now. Now was a better time than any...

“Hey Terry, it’s nice to see a familiar face this early in the morning,” he said, bowing his head slightly as a small sign of respect before pausing to face Regina, a slightly noticeable smile appearing on his face as he continued with his own introduction, “Fresh faces are good to see too. I’m Lionel, but you can just call me Leo.” He told her, extending his hand for a handshake.
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