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3 yrs ago
Current Whenever I think I have free time I always get slammed with college work and stress... But I'm still standing, so that's good.


Nothing much to know really. Just an average college student doing his best to balance out his love of writing and, well, everything else.
Stop by, say hi, or be that one guy who stands behind some shrubs in the distance with binoculars, I don't mind... Even if the latter is a bit odd.

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Don't sweat it you two, I've been busy myself, and if you didn't know it was up that's fine too. Good thing I mentioned both of you though, I thought for a brief second I was the only one still around lol. But awesome, I'm glad to see you guys are still around, and if you need help I can try to do that too.
Since it's been a couple days, I felt the need to ping the others from the interest check, see if they're still interested. I don't want to be the only one here after all lol.
I guess I'll be the first to say I'm in the process of creating a character. I should have him done sometime this week!
From what I've read so far, it's interesting how many actually go back after experiencing what life could be like outside their community. A lot of what I read said that it's generally around 90%, give or take a couple percentage. So for people who don't show interest later on dropping, I guess going home would make sense in this context.

As for the culture shock, I'm sure that could bring about some interesting plot points. I mean, just experiencing something as simple to us as a microwave or seeing pictures on a TV, let alone the concept of fashion, intricate technology and a greater sense of individuality would be overwhelming.
We should probably think about the scenarios first, right? Personally, the first option sounds better in terms of making a bit more sense as to how we're all together. Though if the communities are all close together in state, I suppose the second option could make sense too and may allow for a wider variety of characters since the communities could be run with slight variations or tolerances.

Moving onward, I can definitely say that it's a different slice of life RP, one that has a lot of potential for where it could go because we're essentially writing about a massive culture shock, especially if they venture out of state to, say, Florida or California, maybe even Washington or New York. That'd be trip!
I guess I'll take the leap after being gone for the summer and express some interest. Your roleplays never really have failed me in my short time in them, so I have faith this will be enjoyable too ^_^

Though I'll admit, this is certainly outside of what I'm used to when it comes to slice of life rps, but maybe it'll be exactly what I need to get back in the swing of things. Looks like I'll need to do some research into Amish life now too!
Iā€™m a bit late lol, but I feel adding new yet reasonable Grimm would be ideal, along with maybe more dust usage? For instance, maybe meeting people who weave dust into their clothing for combat would be cool, or letting our own characters do that too.

As for descendants, I was thinking about either Yang or Jaune. But honestly, I was going to wait and see what everyone else did before firmly deciding on who my character would be related to.
RWBY! I don't mind placing my interest in this. I've always wanted to join a RWBY RP.
I think that's 11 people now who are interested in this, well one asked about choosing powers but I'll mark it as interest. I'm just kinda watching from the side lol, so don't mind me.
Zelda RPs can be interesting. Not saying I'm dedicated as of yet, but I'll definitely be watching this to see how it develops before I apply.
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