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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

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No posts on Sundays.

Age : 19
Size : Ditto
Status: Heartless, I love seeing tragedy, it makes me happy for some reason ~

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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Janet found that fact rather odd, she'd thought they would fight to the very last man. Perhaps the battle at the Frozen Saint have given her the wrong idea of a battle. Now to think about it, the marines don't look alike, not like those giants. "No thanks," Janet kicked off a small explosion around her heels, getting back to the pirate ship in one leap of her Burst Steps.

She glared at a familiar face emerging from the ship deck, those two people who apparently tried to sell them out. "Damned traitors, Spear Barrage," A bundle of spears flashed out from the backpack, sending it to the marine ship without hesitation. The bright morning sun casted shadows over the Marine Ship, with the full intention of seeing that Marine Ship sink to the sea bed, now that it has been severed from the pirate ship..
"That was surprising, this is a good-tempered one..." Bertol tightened his grasp on the Moon Materia, letting magic gather around his wrist. He interrupted his cast when a purple haired girl told him to go back. What was her name? Right, Anemone. He then found himself nearby of another girl actually bit goblins alive. Putting himself a few paces back from the girls, he maintained a few flows of his magic as he harnessed his wooden staff again with his other free hand.

A giant Orc, emerging from the door that the Dwarf escaped into. "That bloody pig, selling his soul to the Dark." Bertol had whispered out a dozen more curses. A fist of rock churned out from his side, as it went pummeling towards the beast.

Nothing... Klaus stuffed on her loaf of bread frustratedly, turning away from the city gates as she found nobody of any resemblance to the black haired girl. On her way back, she tried to convince herself that not all childrens are the same as Sir Tyaethe. "By now, they would've been finished with that stupid Earl," She muttered to herself, not bothering if her words could be heard.

Looking at how there aren't any gossips bad enough to catch her attention, it seemed to her that the dispelling of Dark Magic was going well, "for now." Now to mention about the Dark Arts, she pondered on whether the faeries that she sent to spy on the black dressed lady have caught up to her. Leaving the courtyard wasn't for naught, she had had difficulties trusting that place, on whether there are remains of magic that could eavesdrop the conversations. She shall withhold her field report on the faeries, until the Knights set out for the Dark Lady.
I'm interested ~

"Nothing," Janet tapped away the dust off her forearms. "That red eyed girl dragged me here on her own accord." She snorted, letting off a glare at Musashi.

It was that white haired girl who sent her into an less favourable ground of battle. After all, she wasn't so good at close combat, and had wasted a good spear for a skirmish.

With a smothering fireball on the heels, Janet leapt up, landing on the ship deck with fair grace. Retying her red scarf, she asked, "The marines are retreating?"
@Arthanus - Haven't thought much about that actually, its up to you to decide ^^;
@Arthanus - Tweaked her age ~
Took long, but here's my CS. Let me know if there's anything I need to tweak >.< ~

Colour me interested ~
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