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@Genon ~ My apologies for taking that long to get back to you, was quite busy last week. For his techniques, we can work it out in PMs (a few things that might reveal too much on the oncoming events :X )

Most joined the crew before the story starts, but the crew would be set at Loguetown on the next round of posts, so your char might be meeting them there.

I'm still working on the summary as of right now, but I'll be updating the OOC first post soon, with a very brief intro for the next Island.
@Genon ~ Looks neat, but on the part of the Rokuougan, I'd prefer if using it carelessly would strain or even cripple his own arm.

And also on the Nightblades group, he will be the sole survivor by the start of the story ~
The Lower decks

Alesia held on the Dragon’s head. The full blast of the dragon swarmed the decks of the Marine ship, along the ship corridors without any interference from the outside. The corner of the ship hull burst into flames, the flames of the dragonfire spreading to the right half of the ship deck.

The upper decks @jerkchicken

Flames erupted the side hull. Smokes billowed the railings of the Marine ship. Those Marine soldiers started moving away from the burning half of the ship deck. Shakar remained unfazed at the scene of his own ship. “Interesting, so that girl is your captain?”

With his eye contact still focused on Flint, Shakar strikes the side of the oncoming blade. Both tips of the swords slammed the ground in each of their full force. The deck floor that crossed the two blades Cracked. The crack of the ship floor creeped towards the side of the ship deck, then a booming sound from the railings. A technique of some sort from Shakar.

The bullets that Flint fired struck with a loud thud, falling off the side of the seastone crossguard. And as how it was said, nothing can break seastone. Not even a dent or chipping on that hilt of Shakar’s Sword.

Shakar twisted his crossguard, and a few more pellets struck away the side of the hilt. He took a step back to evade the remaining onslaught of pellets, breaking off the first exchange of attacks.

The Lower deck @BladeSS4 @Others

A few cracks formed on the lower decks, before it punctured into a large hole with a loud boom. Seawater gushed in from the oversized hole of the ship hull. And that seemed to be deliberate, as mist and steam formed from the contact of Seawater and Dragonfire, greatly limiting the spread of the Fires, as the sheer mass of Seawater starts to engulf the bottom deck.

But even so, a waterlogged ship wouldn’t outrun the White Pearl. They had accomplished what they needed to do, the ship is ready to sail now.

As the waters start seeping into their side of the bottom decks, Alesia flashed out her cutlass that gleamed orange from the fires of the ship hull. She blasted a hole through the ceiling from the use of her Thrusting Winds technique.

“Hop on! We’re retreating!” Alesia ordered from the Lower decks. The gush of waters started to close in towards both.
@Genon ~ The bounty is too high. As long as Adrian isn't the one who personally kills a Noble of the Heavenly Dragon, and isn't the leader of the Hashashin Nightblades group.

Judging from the feats alone he would be about 50 million, or 88 million at most. Still you can put him as 500 million if you want, but what I can say is that a bounty like this is going to shorten the crew's lifespan, even before heading to the Grand Line.
The White Pearl

In midst of the battle Arafael straddled himself towards the side of the ship, before taking for himself for another nap. Its better for him to stick to the current plans, and get to Loguetown, steadfast. Its unlikely for the marines to sink this ship, still. And for their crew set of plans, Shakar would see to how things fulfill themselves. And now to talk about Shakar, that captain and the Dragon is challenging a swordfight with that old man. The smell of gunpowder was ever as irritating to his keen nose. A few of the bounties is due to being born to a wanted criminal, not that he has any opinions of that sort of thing. But that would be of what he sees, from his own sense of ‘Justice’

And he got grabbed by the scruff. Reluctantly, Arafael quieted down his howls to a lone whimper. He had to play his part here for now, convincingly.

The Marine Ship

Bakuto slammed on the ship deck, cracks on the surface forms. Sea Prism stones, she’d swore to herself not to touch on those things. That explains on the drowning, but that dragon seemed to be a whole lot of knowledgeable of those Marines. Another swing on that old man’s blade and she know how things would end up.

The giddiness on that drowning attack was gone for now, Alesia shifted herself into her full weight. “Ten Tonnes.” The entire marine ship tilted from the sudden change of the weight, as she evaded a slicing wind that would land on both of them if they had not done so. Marine soldiers scrambled to maintain their foothold on the less than stable ship, as the effort from both Bakuto and Alesia sank a good hole down the lower decks. The Slicing Winds swooped past above the place where they both used to be. That Lieutenant Shakar is clearly stronger than what his rank might suggest.

Shakar delivered a thrusting blow off his sword. Winds soared from the blade of Shakar, fanning away the fumes of the bullet. But, only for the flare that was aimed at him. The other fume hit a hole in the mainmasts of the marine ship, before it singes itself out. But it was good enough, should the crew decide to outrun the Marines at least.

“The captain sure likes to stick her noses into my battles…” Shakar sighed, taking a few glances on his long sword before asking Flint, “Just a question, does that lady with the violin happen to call herself ‘Handel’?”

Flock of crows emerged from the other side of the Marine ship, in drove by droves, it soared down towards the place where Flint was standing. “Falir’s crows doesn’t have bombs on them, but they’re very distracting.” Shakar's blade gleamed on the evening light.

The Lower Decks

“We’ve got some cover now, thanks for the help.” Alesia whispered to Bakuto below the crater hole, created from the help of that dragon and the sudden weight. Remembering that, Alesia changed back to her normal weight. The lower decks, the Quarters of the marine soldiers are mostly empty due to the ongoing battle. But that serves as a better place for her, now that they can hide away from that old man. “Now we can burn the hull from here~”

After finishing off the orc with the stab of the throat. The battle was pretty much over. The orcs had made a retreat for the night battle. She was glad that the group had managed the threat of the orcs well enough. In fact, it concluded faster than she’d expect. And now that the few people of the band are keeping the watch for the night, it seems that she wasn’t really needed, for now.

“I’ll be returning to my camp, will be ready should there be anything.”
Selovia walked off to her encampment, placing her spear back onto her holster. Returning to the camps, that might not be a good idea so, after the surprise visit from those orcs. Selovia placed her spear by her side, within arms’ reach. Should there be any further attacks,…

But for now, she’ll have her long beauty sleep, before what that goes ahead. Pulling on the blankets, the night of the desert was freezing, especially when sleeping in her plate armour.

The time of the morning was peaceful, as she got herself up, lazily. The group are about to move ahead, She thought, gathering her lightly-packed supplies.

Orcs? Selvoia spread open the tent, barely suppressing a yawn as she does so. To meet those orcs at the night, but that was not out of expectations. Hastily, she moved herself towards the field, putting on the brown coat over the chilly desert. Nevertheless, that’s part of the job as a mercenary. She’d wished to have fought at a brighter, and of course a warmer place. Gathering herself along the mercenary band, Selovia positioned herself along the lines, pulling out her spear as she brandishes the cold iron grip with her two hands. Selovia was prepared to cast her magic at any moment, even though she isn’t well versed in fighting with that kind of thing, but it might come to use sometimes.

Following the first onslaught of attacks, each of the Bloodrose irregulars has been occupied in their battles.

Selovia decided to assist Olivia on the 3 shielded orcs. Putting herself in front of the one of the three orcs, Selovia lowered the stance of her spear, the spear slightly pointed downwards. As one of the shielded orcs enters into the reach of the spear, Selovia with one twist of her wrist, sended an upwards thrust towards the orc. That thrust was for two purposes. To disarm the orc’s shield, and even its weapon from below. And to pierce that orc’s neck, the neck is a very good spot to receive the full blow of the spear.
The White Pearl & Marine Ship

The dragonfire roared at the navy ship. Even at the lesser form, the Dragonfire shone a bright shadow over the mainmasts. Shakar's drawing of the sword of sapphire coloured hilt was as silent as the night, without even the slightest ring or screech. The Dragonfire was shredded into tiny ribbons from the one slash of Lieutenant Shakar’s blade. Some people whom are more familiar with the marines will realize that the handle & crossguard of that old man’s sword is made of Seastone.

“What the….” Alesia sneered at the sight of the blade. It wasn’t just blocking Dragonfire like that Valar did. She had almost thought the blade sprung alive for a moment. The Marine ship veered towards the White Pearl, following the exchange of cannonfires and Dragonfires. Ramming onto the White Pearl Ship, the Marines started to board the ship of the White Pearl. Alesia grasped a rope of the Ship Riggings, and boarded the Marine Ship. Alesia knew what she should do following a ship boarding: Take down the captain of the ship. She got past a few Marines with a few uses of Gales and Winds of her blade. The air soothed down, in front of an old man, the same one that had shredded Dragonfire. That must be the Captain.

The stances of the Hills and Cavalry, or something that goes along the line. But that stance was so to conceal the length of the blade, its irrelevant if she had seen the full length of the Longsword.

Alesia charged in with a swing of her blade towards the opponent. The corner of Shakar’s eyes glinted towards Alesia. Not good! Alesia twisted the path of the blade following the menacing sound of the longsword fuller. The light weight allows her to do so. Despite so, the hilt of Shakar’s soared towards her, pommeling Alesia at the ribs. She gasped for breath, not from the attack, but it was as if she was struck down by the sea itself. Alesia crashed onto the Deck floor, her ability to change weight drained by that Seastone handle of that old man. Just what in the hell is that thing…?

“You show too much hesitation in your attacks, young pirate,” Shakar said, as Alesia got up and fended off an onslaught of slashes, albeit barely. She grabbed the railings to keep herself from standing. Almost drowned from that Blue Crossguard. That guy’s blade was of any regular steel, much to her relief, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. “A fruit that can change weight, from the looks of it, and there might be more of those, 'Captain Falir'.”

Shakar voiced the last few words in a lesser regard.
@Genon ~ The story up to that point would be what you need to know. As long as you're familiar with any age of pirates story, I think that's good enough.

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