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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

Posting avalibility,
Got really rusty in my English after my break... I hope I could get back into this soon >_< ...

Age : 20
Size : Ditto
Status: Roasted by summer heat, again... D:

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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@Salvia Half of the characters are Devil Fruit users, andd of course I'll be more stringent on Logia type for obvious reasons :X ~
Jeanette was grabbed along by the drunken girl. Which damned streets did that drunkard girl come from? She'd never seen such an unruly girl in her whole life, even those pirate captains wouldn't be drunk enough to set a powder keg right under her feet. Just when she thought being near the winery is bad enough, this is going to take it to another degree. She wouldn't be surprised to see that red eyed girl to drink the whole 'chug' of this barrel of black powder.

Good, finally someone to get me out of this darned mess! She thought, but grimaced when she saw that pirate asking both of them, as if that was an everyday scene. Can't he read the situation? She replied to Kukui, "This is the only pirate with white hair, but she doesn't have a scar."

"Pirates are attacking!" There was noise emerging from the outside, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFES!" The three pirate captains, as strong as they seemed, took to their heels for the exit. Soon the bar was emptied with toppled chairs and tables.

"But you guys are pirates...?" Jeanette frowned and let out a sigh, tying her hair into a ponytail with one sharp tug.

"Its Kent, of the Shades' Pirates!" That name sounded awfully familiar to her. This was going to be a long day...


"You can exchange them with those drunken pirates over that bar, they might actually want to buy those stuffs," The vendor said with a slight laughter. She was a plump lady with a few strands of grey hair.

"Those fools again, they've been causing more than trouble since they arrived. Said they wanted to enter the grand line..." The vendor snorted, packing up on her wares as to call it a day. "You might want to take him out, I heard their captain's head is 25 million, would do us a favour I suppose ~"

Sounds of gunshots and cannonfires are heard, the people of the streets left in droves, some leaving behind their wares. A black flag could be seen from not far away, a skull and crossbones with a grey tint. A ragtag group of pirates, armed with cutlasses and pistol, a good number of them stealing wares under the broad daylight.
Took longer than I supposed for my post, I was busy with exams and didn't manage my time well... My apologies for disappearing without a word :T

No worries if you all have already lost interest ^^; , its more of my own fault for not informing ~
Illyn Tsai, IMCool2111
Illyn logged on the game of Yggdrasil. Today was the day of the closure. Most of her friends have moved on to other games like League of Storms, but she still played the game occasionally. Her male In Game Name name of IMCool2111, for a few times she had considered making for a change of username, only that she had been busy with helping out her grandmother's cigarette stall back in the real world, and highschool was a bit more busier in terms of studies. What difference does it make when the game is closing anyways? She thought as she looked at the countdown timer of the HUD.

It was saddening in a way to see a relic of her childhood on an impending closure, and she had remnants of regrets on not maxing out on her own character, she pondered on how the high level areas are like, taking on those high level bosses. But sometimes, life comes first, she had a family to look after. Logging on as a male character... she was used to it, after all this is just a game, with pretty much virtual stuffs, everything is not real.

2... 1...

The clock flickered down, and everything around her flickered like the end of a lingering dream. Perhaps its time for her to smoke after logging off, since her grandmother is already sleeping at this hour, and she wouldn't be scolded for that. "Damnnit..." A chill of cold went across her skin, and 'he' was right on top of the mountains. Right when she was busy gaming? And who the hell would kidnap her in the mountains. There she looked around her, she was still inside the game, but without any HUD interface, or gaming interface. The snow felt so real that she could feel the snow brushing against her shoes, and the thickness of 'his' coat is getting to her, but it provides a form of warmth.

It was like she shifted worlds into the game world. "That's bullshit..." How should she cope with getting stuck in a male body, that wasn't supposed to happening. Just when she was trying to find that logout button, 'He' heard a distant voice that emerged from a building. A strong guild that he heard from time to time again. Adjusting his hat against the chilly winds, IMCool2111 walked into the guild hall, taking a seat along the table.

"May I join this guild? Ahem..." Illyn let out a cough when 'he' realised that even 'his' own voice became completely different.
Ennifer was a name that sounded awfully familiar, Klaus was sure that it was from one of those gleeman tales she'd heard time and time again before she joined the Knights. But which story was that? She pondered as she reached to the town square, glancing at the sign of the Belgrigan's Barrel inn for a moment. She was supposed to find a missing puppy, but she'd figured that would be a better place to start searching.

There she remembered the tales of Orodagor, the stories of the heroes and the Witch Queen. The Queen of the Dark Fortress that controls goblins, it was too much of a coincidence, one of them after another since the getting to Brennan, what was supposed to be just legends resurfacing. Some bards says that the queen is still alive, but Klaus dismissed that as mere tales to frighten kids.

And about kids, the girl's friend was supposed to be here, the name was Mae if she did not forget. Perhaps she should look for that Mae first, so to have at least an idea of where the puppy had headed to, or maybe I should ask about the inn...
I'm still here, school break's about to arrive, so I would have a lot more time I guess ~
Klaus wasn't sure what to feel about this situation, two of those knights getting along with childrens... She bit her lips to restrain a long breath of swearings, not especially when there're so many kids around.

Right when she'd mentioned about childrens, the green-eyed girl that she had felt suspicious of had appeared right in front of the Knights again. That same girl from the Earl's court, who happened to slip away when Klaus tried to pursue her. Just when she was concerned on whether there're any open breaches or tunnels on the City, goblins aren't known for their miners and extended siege, but still she just wanted to make su-- Wait... what if they could? If magic's involved... Magic was something she'd rarely encountered before she became a Knight. Klaus, a complete fool in magic, couldn't even wrap her head around such an idea. She sworn to herself that she would read up a book on the Theory of Magic somedays.

Her blue eyes glinted towards the girl with pointed hat, there must be something to do on how that girl disappeared without a trace earlier on. And she have a feeling that the city defense has to be reorganised in one way or another. "Perhaps I could be of some help, young lady." Klaus decided to play along and approached the green-eyed girl, purposefully keeping a safe distance away from her. Since the white haired knight was precautious about being caught in a spell, and she suspects the green-eyed girl to be the witch that the faeries have talked about.
@Crimson Lion ~ Accepted!
@Shadow Daedalus ~ Sorry for taking so long, but accepted!
While Jeanette was waiting for her food, she happened to see a more sober pirate running towards this place frantically. "What's wrong?" She asked Dereck curiously.

"What the..." Jeanette felt a hug around her shoulders, clenching her teeth as she struggled to hold back her own explosion. It was like trying stop a river from flowing. She turned around to see a red-eyed pirate, who looked to be as drunk as the others in this tavern.

"Only a fishing boat," She lied, letting out an annoyed frown. "And I don't like drinking, I'm just here for my dinner~"
Along the outskirts of the Brown Isles, more pirates emerged from the Forests and Marshes. None of them were any familiar faces of the Brown Isles, as they started waving about pistols and cutlasses right in front of those pirates of the Harbour. The enemy pirates started gunning down the unconscious pirates. Some of those pirates fled for their lives, and by now it is obvious that those pirates do not belong in the same crew.

Distant explosions echoed from the far side of the harbour, but the coast is clear with no sight of pirate ships. Despite so, the vendors were unfazed by such a scene, as if those were everyday events that they've been through.
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