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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

Posting avalibility,
Got really rusty in my English after my break... I hope I could get back into this soon >_< ...

Age : 20
Size : Ditto
Status: Roasted by summer heat, again... D:

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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Had a busy week, but worked out a CS ~

The Swamps@Jerkchicken@BladeSS4@Archmage MC@vancexentan@Zelosse

That was frustrating, when 3 pirates of her own crew went complaining on this treasure hunt. All of them wanting to find a merchant ship instead of some great treasure. She didn't have the luck of stumbling upon one, and just who is the one charting on the ship course? Now that they mention it, the swamps isn't as cooling as the coasts, but the winds are gentle here for her lighter weight. So much for a fun and exciting treasure hunt.

"We'll pillage a merchant ship after we set sail." Alesia hoped that that would satisfy the grumblings of her crew, somehow they feel that a swamp trip isn't worth the treasure.

And out of all her crew, only the so called dragon had expressed support. The same one that destroyed the drunkards’ tavern. She was the one who started the barfight, but that's all his fault anyways. Alesia is starting to feel regret on embarking here.

Before Flint rejoined the group, a voice from the snail transponder rang out again. "We've got company, you know what to do. I'll be putting up the black wind, stick close to--- WAII-TT! WHO IS HANDEL?!!" The snails transponder hung up with an audible slam off the receiver.

Now Alesia is getting questions. "An island map, might be useful sometimes." Aleisa stuffed the map onto her sidecoat. "Also... I wasn't floating actually, I just changed my weight," Alesia replied without much of a concern in her tone. That was when a familiar tone echoed along the ridges of the swamps. "Flint!" Alesia called out to the oldest crew member.

Not far away from there, a black smog could be seen. That was the closest thing that Alesia could describe. A dark towering mass that makes the night look like the day. The Black Miasma enveloping entire trees of the swamp, as gently as the touch of the shades. Tendrils could be seen above the heights of the groove.

"What's that thing?..." Alesia flashed out her cutlass in an arc. The gentle black wind sweeps towards the Crew of the Scarlet Pirates. As far as she know, that doesn't look so friendly.

The White Pearl @Stern Algorithm

The pigeon flew off the ship, towards the directions of the streets of Brown Isles. It stopped at the piers of the harbour, landing right in front of the white wolf. It was a very short trip for the passenger pigeon. With a distinct chirp. It released the letter right in front of the white wolf. The White Wolf sniffed the rolled up letter, glaring at the Ship of White Pearl. Clawing away the twin ribbon knots, the intended recipient stomped on the letter with its paw, frowning at the contents that are written.

Just what are those pirates doing with that letter? No obvious signs of tempering on the letters, unlike the few times it reached the olde bar. The White Wolf had never seen this pirate flag before, perhaps a crew fresh out of the vast seas. Not another order from the marine captain to lay low on the Pirates' Den. The wolf bit away the letter, before scrapping the remains down the side of the piers. The fine ink dissolving off the water into cloudy purple blotches.

The White wolf inched himself closer to the White Pearl, stopping itself at a better vantage point. Laying down, the wolf pretended to fall asleep, his pair of piercing blue eyes gleaming very slightly to observe the White Pearl. It was strange to see a newly formed crew to intercept letters like this. It would've gone unnoticed if it weren't for his sense of smell off his devil fruit, and had it not happened right in front of his eyes.

"WAII-TT! WHO IS HANDEL?!!" Handel's black snail shrieked the loud angry transmission of Valar.

That voice! That lone wolf sprang up in all fours from its sleepy demeanor. The voice of that Shades Pirates' captain. Handel...? That could explain the static often picked up from a Black snail. A name that he wouldn't think of even hearing in a place like this.

"What brings you to this sea?" The white wolf stepped on the gangplank of the White Pearl, speaking in a clear and unhindered tone. "Even the likes of Captain Valar pales before the price on your head, Lady Handel."

The 'wolf' climbs the gangplank in his cautious steps. What he was saying was true, Valar of the Shade Pirates, a bounty of only 22 million.
Interested, just to ask before I start penning down a CS, do elves live longer here?
I'll be moving things ahead with an update ~
The Swamps @vancexentan@Archmage MC@BladeSS4@Zelosse
The swamp was cooling compared to the bar. The trees leaves glistered of the afternoon sun with a distinct tint, giving a good shade from the heat of the weather. Just a couple of gentle breezes that simmered into the heart of the swamps.

Alesia, with her more flighty weight, was standing on a tree branch that seemed too thin even for a size. Little to none of the mud or marshes has seeped into her leather strapped boots. She glanced onto the so called treasure map that the captain gave to her.
They say that the mark is written on the X. But its more like an stolen town map to her. Perhaps that she was too trusting to drunkards.

Windy Route to Swamps & White Pearl@Jerkchicken@Stern Algorithm

The path to the swamps was just a stone’s throw away. The dirt path that leads from the street outskirts to the swamps of the brown isles. It was more of a detour, compared to the route from the bar.

In the middle of this route, the Den Den Mushi blurped.

A call from the captain of the Shades Pirates, Captain Valar. Before the snail transponder made an audible click that shows a call being made. Handes’ black snail have also intercepted the same familiar tone of the previous conversation.

“How was the talk with the mayor? Did it fail again? Like that last time?” A deep crackling voice rang out from the snail transponder. “Never mind, I’ll be at the swamps near the drunkards tavern. The marines have sent a few rats here, and I’m going to make that damned wolf pay for killing our first mate!”

After the intercepted call ended, the white wolf stepped onto the wooden piers that the White Pearl was anchored to. The seagulls fluttered away from the presence of another ‘wild animal’. It stared at the coastal horizons, but its blue eyes had shifted towards the white pearl ship for a moment. The messenger pigeon had suddenly went chirping at the sight of the lone wolf.

The White Wolf turned back towards the streets, not before turning his fluffy head to have another look at the White Pearl ship.

@Stern Algorithm Her ship have a den den mushi, so Alesia doesn't have one on her side ~

EDIT: but the other crew members might have one

Ral the god of treasures was a bit taken aback by the sudden approach at the eyes, literally. “You know, poking a man’s eye isn’t ladylike, I should say.” Ral held the hands of the goddess of fear and darkness. Or the place that was supposed to be the hands of the goddess Oao. His two hands, as if it was real, gently caressing the hands of the goddess of the Night.

Knowing very well that he couldn’t touch her, but he wanted to be a bit playful for a while. To a goddess that he hasn’t talk a lot in the long run. That was when the great arching doors opened. A mere dream, yet she interacted more in a dreamy world than the rest of the realm.

The door lead to a long table that has an intriguing sight to the likes of the gods of treasures. A long pit of ever familiar items that was in the hands of the other chords. Some looked useful, especially with the name of his on the aspect of the fine treasures.

The fine letter of his handwriting, the chord of his weren’t on this box, he wasn’t sure what does this mean. But it doesn’t look like the kind of trap that could be woven by any of his fellow siblings. For now, what to do here is more of the concern. A realm of dreams, that aren’t of the world of any gods or living.
Alesia@BladeSS4@vancexentan@Archmage MC@Zelosse

The spinning fires of old alcohol had sure turned the olde bar into a messed up fight. The white wolf outside the bar sat outside unfazed, despite the ongoing commotion. The White Wolf went sleeping outside its own kennel, without a regard. Even when a person went transforming into a beast and spewed out dragonfire all over the bar. With a great spinning alefire and a strong clash of searing dragon fire, the state of the bar would be easy to predict.

Alesia ducked down from the inevitable outcome when that happened. The roof of the Olde Tavern blew apart into smitherscreens. The structures of the what can still be called a bar has been reduced into broken boards of wooden planks. The barfight was over, all that remains are a semblance of scrap wood.

“Dammnit you…” Alesia spat on her thigh of scorched red marks with anger, her stern eyes settling on that man that ignited the whole alcohol and fire, twice. Kicking on one of the remains of the scorched wooden table, Alesia approached the lizard thing in stomping steps. Not before lightening her full weight when she felt herself sinking on the weakened flooring of the bar remains. Her treasure map was still there, but that wolf have started leaving the scene. It seemed to now show any attention to the bar pirates. Gladfully, her useless treasure map was still there.

“Don’t think that I’ve settled with you yet, you damned lizard!!” Alesia rolled up her sleeves and smashed the table remains with one slam on that old table.

She was so going to box that guy’s ears and wring him onto the planks. With her full weight, Alesia stomped on the floor, the wooden floorings cracked, shattered, before splintering into countless pieces. She took a long deep breath to soothe her bad temper. “I’ll be taking the lead to the treasure hunt, if you’d excuse us, we’ll be leaveing the tavern.” Reluctantly, Alesia pieced together her words before walking off in the remains of the Olde bar. “Also, we’re looking for crew members for the scarlet pirates.”

She said this in her calm and collected front. She swore to herself that she will have the lizard guy to walk the plank once this darned charade is over. A place with sharks is a good start.

The outside of the bar is mostly deserted, the cowardy pirates have seemed to flee from the explosion, or perhaps it is more to them staying out of the bar's mess.
Klaus took a bite at the steak that she ordered, whilst reading on the note given by the innkeeper. That approach was quite surprising for the Knight Klaus, but wasn’t unexpected. Surely that girl knows very well that the Ennifer wasn’t in this tavern somehow.

The approach of returning to the keep isn’t a good option for now. It was almost like a letter that is meant for plots and ploys than a letter that is written by a child. For that, she had to return to the children. As reluctant as she wanted to be.

“We’ll be returning to that two girls, and help with that search on the Ennifer” Klaus ordered, and left the tavern with her half finished plate of steak.

Klaus walked back to the town square, to see if the girl is still at the4 area by the fountain side. She has already been to the tavern, yet there is no sign of the Ennifer.
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