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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

Posting avalibility,
Got really rusty in my English after my break... I hope I could get back into this soon >_< ...

Age : 20
Size : Ditto
Status: Roasted by summer heat, again... D:

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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Burning Swamps @BladeSS4

Alesia the Captain of the Scarlet Pirates leapt to the Dragon’s head, resting at the top as it flew upwards towards the direction of the Cliffside.

Flying, the surge of updrafts was fresh from the terrible smoke from the Dragonfire. To fly on a Dragon’s back one of those things she’d thought to only have happened in the stories.

“Tsk…” And the two words of ‘moron’ and ‘captain’ have sure ruined the whole experience of flying.

“Fly down,” Alesia ordered the dragon to descend. From the birds’ eye view, there seemed to be still two pirates left on the cliffside.

Cliffside @blade @Savato@vancexentan

A large dragon emerged from the Burning swamps, casting a large shadow over the cliffside. Above the head of the Black Dragon was a short girl with grey coat. The ever familiar face of the Scarlet Pirates Captain Alesia.

Alesia jumped off the dragon. “Ten tonnes……” Alesia crashed down the Cliffside with a loud thud. Loose stones of the cliffside scattered in all directions. The ground churned into a cloud of dust. “Who called me a moron?!” Alesia trotted herself out of the little crater that she created. She wasn’t in the best of her mood for the day, after that small lecture from the First Mate . Tapping the fine dust away from her oversized cloak, Aleisa let out a slight frown at the young lady that she had not seen before. Was she talking to Adam? And now to mention of Adam, he had an oversized box, could this be the treasure? “How’s everything on your side, Adam?” Alesia bit back her long breath of curses whilst putting on her front of formality. Is she also searching for the treasure? That might be it. A dispute of treasure is bad news….

“Our crew, the Scarlet Pirates is recruiting, the Treasurer of the ship will divide the booty at the next port.” Aleisa approached the young lady Erizalla, taking a few glances at that Adam Grey upon mentioning the word ‘treasurer’.

“We’ll be setting sail soon, so hop on, if you are keen in joining our crew.” Alesia looked at the ‘Skyship’, whom would be making a landing soon enough. And should the ‘offer’ fall apart, the dragon would make for a quick getaway.

“Right when the puppy reached out, perhaps another one of the games from those children.” Klaus stated, the puppy Ennifer was finally right in front of the Knights. Now that is taken care of, she would need be sure if the puppy Ennifer would have to return to the two little witches. Still, she would have to wait for the Captain to return. what for...? She frowned on the thought of reporting this whole puppy quest to the rest of those Knights.
The Swamps @BladeSS4 @The Rest

Just a pirate, and she got advises for leaving a person alive next time, Valar had tried to kill her, and even the rest of the crew. That was not the words that she wanted.

She tied her ponytail in one tug of her wrist upon seeing Bakuto entering the walls of flames. How did he get in here? Alesia shook that stray thought away in less than a moment, a dragon wouldn’t get killed by fire. “I don’t think anyone would survive a broken neck,”

She just nodded at the tall tales of the marines,It was interesting to hear about how they do things, all she knew about Marines back in her hometown is that they are another word for ‘scum’.

“Still, I doubt our crew would attract too much attention from those people, we’re just pirates that recently set sail, and have yet to rack a good amount of Bounty.” Alesia dismissed that suggestion without much of a second thought. Flint’s price on his head was the highest she’d ever heard of in her ship. And she wouldn’t have any bounty that matches the likes of Captain Valar.

“But, what you said might be true, we’ll just have a quick glance of the cliffs, then fly back to the harbour,” Alesia folded her arms, her pair of dark grey eyes gleaming at the dragon Bakuto, “So, can you transform again?”

Alesia asked, showing a slight smirk.

Streets of Brown harbour @Jerkchicken

The streets of Brown Harbour was rather empty, from the obvious sight of the battle between the Shade Pirates and the Scarlet Pirates. Pirates that stumbled upon Flint had shunned away from him, a few having surprised looks at the sight of the corpse of the Shade Pirates Captain. At the same stall stood the Town Mayor, paying a stack of money to one of the pirates of the bar. “Here’s your compensation.” The mayor spoke,flicking his cigarette away before turning to look at the body of Captain Valar.

“So you killed him?” The mayor gave what that seemed like a foolish remark, before handling the bounty, stashed on a grocery bag. “22 million, if I’m not wrong, and if you don’t mind returning a favour, a man in yellow hair had approached me a few days back,”

The mayor took a letter, stamped with the waxed seal of Feather and Ravens. “I’m not in the position to say anything, but it is of an utmost urgency. All I can say is that all of this is hidden in this envelope. Send it to that golden hair man with a scar across his Eyebrows.” The Mayor handed the letter to Flint, surprising trickling out a sweat from the forehead, “You seemed more reliable than the drunkyards of the tavern, and I’ll put my trust on that.”
@Savato Looks good, accepted!
worked out a post, will be a bit dull for this one
The Burning Swamps @Jerkchicken

Alesia tapped on her powers once again. The waves of dragonfire from Valar had been blocked by the grenade of Flint. Alesia twisted her weight, as the surge of wind bent within the walls of the dragonfire.

As things goes, the surroundings turned pitch black as the Pirate Captain Valar brought himself forward towards the Pirate Captain Alesia. Fighting Valar even under the broad daylight was already not an easy one, he is strong in that skill of his sword. To cross swords under his familiar darkness would be worse than this. But she hoped that her winds of blade would work against that fruit technique of Valar.

The Thrusting Winds that left her blade, bent back into the field of battle. Dragonfire is drawn in just like the previous technique used by her very opponent.

The pillar of fire carried by the Thrusting Winds shrieked behind Captain Valar, clearly missing that captain. It missed Valar, but on how she knew that, its ‘cause she could see now. The dragonfire brought from the outside walls lit the place like an oversized lamp.

Captain Valar is right in front of Alesia, ready with his sword raised and prepared to send it down like a guillotine. The unexpected reflecting glitter from her eyes had made the Captain flinch. Alesia brought her blade forward, putting her whole weight to send the Snake’s Bite technique.

The snapping sound of Valar’s neck had brought a conclusion to final exchange of swords. Pulling back the blade off Valar’s neck, Alesia shook off the the blood off her blade.

Valar collapsed onto the ground, without any groans or squirms. She wasn't expecting much, but it might be a fitting end for a swordsman. The surrounding darkness subsides away, back into the big ring of dragonfire which still surrounded them. Valar’s black sword laid at the ground beside the fallen captain.

“His sword is too heavy for my liking,” Alesia had thought the blade was black from that Captain’s Devil Fruit. A fat sword, that's the only word that she could think of, with a blade that is curved like a spine.

“We’ll need to find a way out of here…” Alesia put down the sword of Valar, her hand grasping on her cutlass once again. She thrusted her sword towards the Forests of Dragonfire. Winds and Gales surged from the tip of her blade. Her Thrusting Winds blowing an open path within the burning forests.

“That damned treasure would be burned by now,” Alesia let out a short breath of curses before making her way out of the burning swamps.

Outside the burning swamps @the rest

The edge of the burning forests blows up, followed by a surging last of wind. A path free of dragonfire shows Alesia and Flint, and the remains of Valar.
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The White Pearl@Stern Algorithm@EnterTheHero
That was a good thing when the whole situation turned out to be peaceful, but The fine afternoon of the Brown Isles had been ruined by the aspect of the burning forests right in the middle of the island, burned by the Black Dragon of the Brown Isles. Arafael remained unfazed, the wolf had seen that dragonfire before. A gathering of those would prove to be messy. Even a careless person like his marine captain would be more than cautious.

That Coyote also seeks the route to the island Loguetown. It seemed that all are preparing their journey to the Grand LIne. But all for the better, that was also their place to meet.

And that depends on how they fare against the Valar of the Shade Pirates. Should they happen to take Valar out, best case scenario for his crew, they get wiped away without even lifting a finger. Arafael let up an audible sniff at the sight of the new crew member

The plundered treasure that was of the Shade Pirates got dug out. The treasure was lighter than it appeared, with goods that are filled to the brim. The treasure contained a box of money. Tied in bundles and bundles. Along with that there are a couple gold necklaces, jewelry that are obviously plundered from merchant ships, from a good time of pillaging in the East Blue, all in the hands of Adam Grey. That kind of value was a surprising one, much more than one would get from a merchant ship.

Fortunately, the coast seemed clear to load the treasure, most of the Shades Pirates crew have joined the battle alongside the captain Valar. But from the looks of the Dragonfires and the Swamps, they would be more than occupied. The chest would be easy to carry for one person, and would even be easy to steal and get away without the rest of the crew knowing.

The elf Agnes had taken a few glances at the conversation from the merchant and the brewer. That was interesting to hear, to hear about economics from a place like an inn. She didn’t expect that young lady to be quite sober. But now to mention it, she hasn't talked much with Dwarves in this village. Not that she had incurred grudges with them, but they aren’t so easy to get along with. She thought, taking the last few sips off her goblet of wine.

There was not much to do here after returning books, and it was about time to bring her word of thanks to the bartender, “A lot of grudges still seep in the prose of the recent wars.”
The lone puppy had finally made its way to the two Knights. And as it did, something fell over the the back of the Knight. Just where did it come from? A letter or the Sir Fleurir? She wasn’t so good at writing one, not that she had the plots that requires them. But the contents of the letter baffles her more than anything else. She could read the word from not far away of Fleuri side.She was sure that magic got involved in some parts or so.

“What’s that thing on your back? It says: Congratulations?” Klaus relayed to the Knight that was right in front of her. She was still cautious against touching a strange letter like that. She got reminded of that time in the woods. A harmless looking symbol could so do a great deal of harm towards the Knights.

Eyeing on the letter behind the Fleuri’s back carefully, while still making sure that she maintained her own calm front from the puppy.
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