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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just Noodles here, a university student that like eating noodles... As usual, no post on Sundays ~

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Decks of White Pearl

“I’m a Marine Lieutenant. Originally my mission was just to spy on the affairs of the Brown Isles. And there you took down the pirate Valar, he was quite a troublesome one.” Arafael yellow eyebrows creased into a frown. “Captain Falir and Lieutenant Shakar would’ve crossed the Calm Belts by now, rather than this lengthy voyage.”

“The Nests of Sea Kings? You’re joking.” Alesia snorted, crossing that stretch of sea was an unthinkable voyage of its own.

“Shakar was already a retired marine when I enlisted. Heard that he use to be that of a higher rank, not that I would want to know much about him anyways. Really, you should be wary of my Captain’s Crows and Seagulls. Her Whisper Whisper Fruit allows her to fluently understand the Language of Birds.” Without much regards to the Pirate Captain Alesia, Arafael gave his answer to Bakuto with a notable smirk, a clear semblance of the expression shown back when he was in his more fluffy form.

“Of course we’ll be seizing that ship, Don’t let that plunder get away from us!” Alesia took on the ship wheel, veering the White Pearl towards that Merchant ship.

Soon, the White Pearl caught up the Merchant ship with its pursuit. The White Pearl meets the Merchant Ship by the Broadsides. “We’re Pirates, hand over your ship goods and nobody gets hurt!!” The Scarlet Pirates’ captain announced her demands.

“Don’t lie to us, you think we’ll hand over Prince Bayonnes to you scums of Benniad?!” One of the ‘merchants’ flashed out his rapier, followed by a few more who drew out muskets. “For the Spear of Ravens!!!”

“Seems like they aren’t well convinced…” Alesia pulled out her cutlass, she wasn’t sure on what those merchants were going on about, but she was prepared to seize the plunder, in one way or another.
The White Pearl

“As of that guy Scruffy,” Alesia grabbed the Sword of the Starry Night by the scabbard, carefully making sure that she doesn’t touch the Seastone Handle. Flint could hold that thing without a problem, however…

“He’s a Devil Fruit user like us. That Sea Prism Stone, I’ll try if this could drown him.” Alesia tapped the lump of seastone on the former crew pet. It was almost like a reverse of how that fortune teller transformed. The white thick fur and the canines reverted back to that of a tall yellow haired man. The knottings of the ropes strained as his mouth and ears reshaped itself into the face of the fortune teller. The scar along his cheeks was more apparent in his human form.

Arafael let out a yawn, his grey eyes squinting against the bright afternoon sunlight, taking a glimpse of the current surroundings.

“You’re at the Grand Line, Scruffy.” Alesia was surprised to see Arafael rather unfazed despite the seastone. She’d almost drowned the last time she touched that thing,”How did you do that, its like that drowning stones didn’t do much to you…?”

“Oh, thanks for the trip,” Arafael replied nonchalantly, “Its just a matter of getting used to the feeling of drowning. There’re prisoners in Impel down who get cuffed in seastones for their whole life.”

Just then, a merchant ship was sighted from a distance. As they saw the White Pearl, the crew of the merchant ship quickly tackled their masts to make for the run from those pirates.
There's a difference between religious and 'trying to be', just sayin ~ Usually its the newly-converted that cause the most problems.

I only eat vegetarian at the 1st and 15th of the month, but on other days I'm not some monk or saint so I just eat whatsoever :X
Sorry it took a while, was busy for the past few days :T
It was a long trip away from his home village, even for a hunter-gatherer like Alath. All of this to meet the man who called himself ‘The Dragon’. To visit the northern and southern lands that stretches far beyond the neutral zone was one of his goals in life, and he’d thought that being an apprentice of a well-travelled mage would help a lot on his dreams.

And there, is an oddly shaped carriage. One that is too ugly to be called a horse of any kind. Even the man of the carriage don’t look alive. That man was sure as odd as the rumours goes. Straightening on his leather cloak, he approached that man of the carriage, “I’m here to visit your master, if you would excuse me.”
@PrincessVampora ~ scrapped away his transformation talent, since the other one suits him better
colour my interested
@olcharlieboi~ changed his talent to mind magic,
@olcharlieboi - Now I think dream tracing would be a better name for that spell. A spell of spirit category that trace dreams, and often useful in dispelling the undead, traps & curses. Normally such spells is cast in the waking world.

I thought that spells of dream would be common magic, but perhaps only in the ancient times & used more maliciously I don't know :X
^ Almost forgot that part, but tweaked the background a bit~
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