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1 Apr 2017 16:04
Current Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
11 Feb 2017 2:52
Addicted to Oreos ~~
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22 Sep 2016 14:00
Finally, workloads all cleared, time to go back into RPing, ohh I got so rusty in this >.< ...
7 Sep 2016 15:31
Busy this month >_> ,


Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

Posting avalibility,
No posts on Sundays.

Age : 19
Size : Ditto
Status: Heartless, I love seeing tragedy, it makes me happy for some reason ~

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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@Letter Bee
Was tired when making my character and looked at others' CS 'cause I'm not so familiar with the setting, so I ended up accidentally making someone with background a bit too similar. My bad, will tweak the background part soon & complete my char :X

Royse was taken away by surprise from the sudden earthquake. Stopping on her tracks, she turned around to look, noticing the same white haired girl she saw back at the bar happening to be on the same path as her.

"Just what happened?"

Calmly, she asked, her eyes rolled towards Mithera for a moment, now leaning against a wall to keep herself stable from the tremors. Not sure if its just her, but something tells her that this isn't some mere earthquake.
Took longer than I expected, but still WIP for now, will fill up the rest soon ~
Klaus smirked at how things are going currently, their mention of the elf sounds very familiar to her. Hopefully it wouldn't be that elf who fired arrows at her fellow Knight and got me into this situation in the first place...

At daybreak, Klaus followed along the group towards the border. She brought a mace this time, she's not good in using it, but it would be more useful against the mindless undead. She was about to ask whether the guard on lookout is executed for this failure, but she decided not to speak up, not to risk any other lecture from her captain. She brought lesser food supplies than usual, due to the weight of the mace & sword.
@Letter Bee
Yes, just finding pics for my char & such ~ Will be made by tomorrow I think ~
Is character registration still open? o.o
In The Demon Lord 13 May 2017 6:33 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Not sure if I'm too late to say that, but I'm officially dropping off from this RP, thanks ^^" ~
Interested, is character registration still open? o.o
Still interested, okay with anything if you ask me. Will make a CS if its still open for submission ~
Also waiting for posts too ~~
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