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Current EA games are a waste of HDD space
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Roasted by the summer heat~
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Was eating a sausage and the skewer splintered >.< ...
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Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
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Addicted to Oreos ~~
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Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

Posting avalibility,
Got really rusty in my English after my break... I hope I could get back into this soon >_< ...

Age : 20
Size : Ditto
Status: Roasted by summer heat, again... D:

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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@A Lowly Wretch ~ On that part... Forgot to mention that I would be away, so apologies about that :X
Am back after a busy month, mind if I join back? o.o ~
Is the thread still open? ~
"Ahh... Do you remember where she'd last gone to?" Klaus let out a deep breath. "Or did she just vanish?" Just like that pointy hat witch... She irked upon knowing that she'd addressed a dog too formally.

"Sir Jodeau," She straightened the folds of her brown cloak before turning to face Fleuri, "Nothing so far that I can find from the puppy Ennifer, same name as the Hero of Orodagor. I don't like it, stuffs that are supposed to be just legends resurfacing like that."

"I tried to follow the other girl, and she was gone right when I stepped out of the Lord's Hall. I'll need to send a few lookouts along various street corners, I wouldn't want to see if the myth of goblins emerging from the shadows turns out to be true."

@Crimson Paladin@VitaVitaAR
Interested, are signups still open? ~
Illyn, ImCool2111

A ghost...? Illyn frowned a bit upon the sight of Overzealous. It was different from what he'd expect, even in a strange world like this. Not my type, not even handsome, this guy, doesn't even have a face...

"New world huh? I'm glad I'm not the only one," He chucked a handful of tabac leaves onto his smoking pipe, before reaching out for a puff from the nearby candle. He was relieved for once that he hasn't bothered shopping away his inventory. It was awkward to use what would be seen as old-fashioned back in 'his' own world, but better than nothing...

"Before I find a way to exit this damned world, I want to join this guild. I'm a bit low-leveled, but I know how to grind and do quests," IMCool2111 placed his oak pipe on the table, letting out a stifling yawn,"Also, do your guild have alcohol and lodgings?"
A dragon of Ragnagedon? Ral was at a desert right outside his own domain. Short-tempered like its creator, the sand around him turned into fresh shimmering glass, as the dragonfire singled a part of his cloak. He pondered on what to do with that Verzakian Dragon. It wasn't a good idea to get into any gods' bad side, not especially a god like Ragnagedon, but anyhow, he would just mold some wisdom into that dragon. It was better for a creation of Ragnagedon to be a little more... talkative...?

A flash of light surrounded the Verzakian dragon, the skin of the dragon turned into scales of white crystal. The sky seemed to flicker between images of the White Dragon and the cloudless sky, as Ral finds himself under a wave of invisible dragonfire. He let out a long line of curses, as he vanished again. Another damned failure...

Somewhere not far from the spire, the air shimmered for a moment, before the God of Treasures emerged in scorched clothings. Where in the hell am I...? For a moment he was glad that he didn't send himself into another god's domain, but the spire that stretched far away from the horizons was as omnious as it looked. The strange flocks of birds are getting to him, not to mention the lingering sense of fear even at this distance.

Ral sat cross-legged against the snowy cliffs, observing the massive structure from afar. The experience with the spawn of an ill-tempered god was enough for his day, he wouldn't want to be so careless anymore. Now that a dragon that he've strengthened will be running wild in this world, but that would be a concern he would have to put aside for later.
The afternoon sun shone at a coastal village. Small fishing boats have scattered along the nearby waters, with their nets spread wide along the seabed, some of the boats rowed back to the beaches with a good catch for the day. The cliffside tents have blended well against the tint of the hilly rocks.

Ral sat along the hillside campfire, his plain cloak fluttering against the sea breeze. The last visitor is from this village, as far as he remembered. The Truth Seeking Rod, the only artefact that he marked as his own, has unspoken functions that is for of his own purposes. The three visitors over the past few centuries, have came over his domain with small boats.

Over the campfire are a bunch of people, humans that are acting as leaders of a tribe. A group of five of what they call the Village Elders. It would be confusing to see on which held the real say over the village. An oncoming invasion from the enemy tribes, and their plans on fleeing.

"Escape? I disagree with that," Ral threw a fish bone to one side, "Flee the high seas, and there'll be a day where enemies will learn to cross these waters. Take flight like those birds, and they'll find a way to shoot you down with javelins. And the worst thing of all, you'll lose the things you treasure bit by bit, till the tides of the world sweep you away."

"Fight, and you carve the fate of your clan by your grasp of the spears." Ral stood up, breathing out a few curses as he swept the sand away his robes, "And can you please put away that stupid rod? Its hard to twist words around that thing I borrowed you, but I mean what I said, you've my word for that."

"Oh, I almost forgot, Ragnagedon have awoken. The place where the Truth-Seeking Rod points towards, might help you in the long run." The God of Treasures then vanished without a trace, back to his island of treasures.

@A Lowly Wretch ~ The three artefacts listed are his strongest creations, so no worries about that part ^^;
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