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Bulls' Masts

Arafael flinched instinctively following the attack from the Dragon Bakuto. So much for him trying to slip away from that table unnoticed. Just before he could open his mouth, he felt a slam on his head, then blackening out at the scene of the bar.

Alesia lightened on her own weight after that scuffle with her pet wolf, and stood up from that mahogany table. From the way it looked, it was a good thing that Arafael is still in his wolf form. Capturing a wolf would be less suspicious than kidnapping a human. Tying that wolf of his small size with that layered coat was an easier task also.

The bartender accepted the half of Bakuto’s treasure, not hiding a frown of his bushy eyebrows, “Quite a generous amount to recompense, but its still a hassle to do the repairs. I’ll keep my mouth shut as long as I need to, but I’ll politely ask you pirates to scram.”

Alesia pushed open the swinging doors of the bulls’ mast, “ “I’ll get some equipments for the ship, the White Pearl will be setting sail by the evening.”

Evening at Loguetown Harbour, White Pearl

Alesia walked up the gangplank, placing down a crate of goods along the creaky ship decks. Inside it contained Log Poses. It was the right thing that Alesia bought. Just a Hundred of Those, along with Navigation tools like telescopes and rolls upon rolls of parchments and. “There was a sale… They might be useful someday…” Alesia stated, glaring towards the other side of the port. She was not going to say that she got duped into a sale by a very convincing and persistent merchant. And that was how she spent all her Ten Million cut of the plunder. “So how goes Scruffy, or Arafael, so as he calls?”

She expected to see him tied to the masts or the railings.
Bulls' Mast

The Finger pistol technique. It was better performed than Bakuto’s ‘Shave’. Arafael’s fur thickened, its tail lengthening as the figure stood up in his two legs. Arafael’s Hybrid form almost towered towards the ceiling. His arms and legs are roughly as thick as a pillar. Arafael’s Whit Fist clashed against the Living Dragon’s Finger Pistol.

One of the tables flipped towards Arafael in midst of the chaos. It wasn’t a problem for him, not with that strength of his Hybrid form. With one howl of his oversized canines, Arafael pummeled the Mahogany table.

“One ton.” Alesia was hiding behind that table. Using her weight shifting powers, Arafael got pinned down from the adrupt weight of the harmless-looking table. “You know, I never lose in a barfight.”

“Somebody, tie him up!” Alesia leaned above that table, as Arafael shifted back into his smaller wolf form, eyeing to escape with the extra gap of space created from his sudden transformation. ”Bakuto, your jackets, Hurry!”

That weighted clothing would be good enough to restrain him.
Bulls' Mast Tavern

The wolf Arafael’s pair of eyes glinted at the technique from the dragon. The set of dozen steps of the assassin’s technique. Arafael stopped on his paws to see on what that former marine was about to do. It was a surprise to see a person Bakuto using those techniques, but the direction is a bit off, he didn’t need to dodge that ‘shave’.

“You talk so much on the raw power of Devil Fruits. Didn’t you learn anything from that battle with my teacher?” Arafael taunted that dragon of his defeat against Shakar. Arafael kicked one of the tables, and it snapped into pieces from one of the gales and winds of Alesia’s blade.

The familiar sound, scent and wind reached his ears. The dozen refined steps of an assassin. A properly performed technique of ‘Shave’. That crew have been attracting those dangerous sort. Arafael the wolf howled at the Nightblade Adrian. Hidden in his mouth was a loaded pistol, as the sound of gunshot rang out at the same time as Adrian completes his dozen steps.

The bullet burned a hole in one of the confetti of cards, as it soared headfront to that Nightblade in his top speed. The wolf have his cold snarly eyes on Adrian, watching on what he will do next.
Following the lead of the group, Selovia thought that the talking survivor was a trap of some sort. She had a bad vibe on the field of traps and corpses regardless. So, it might be rude to cover her face in the eyes of the dead, as the companion warned. Had it been not he job that she was tasked to do, she’d rather leave the place sooner or later.

The dreaded sound of the Orc warhorns echoed along the tomb ruins. Have they been tailing them all this while? She wasn’t sure of the numbers, but the previous night was a skirmish as far as she knows. The traps of the tomb become the least of her concern. Following the leader of the band, Selovia watched to see the warboss showing up with his band of orcs. The depths of the tomb were eerie, especially from that smell of the rotten miasma of the tomb.

Snakemen emerged to fight off the orcs. But she doubt the snakemen would be able to take the orc warlord that easily, not especially with that size of his.

“Sounds like a decent plan, I’m going forward with this.” Selovia tapped on her powers of her soul stone, forcing the magic into a rough shape of lightning. Her magic wasn’t well-refined, and seizing magic was a better term than casting magic. Holding her cast of magic, sparks of purple and blue surrounded her spear. She was ready to send lightning at that orc army at any moment.
Bulls' Masts Tavern

“I know, that is what I’m planning to buy, the seas of the Grand Line isn’t easy to cross,” Alesia got up and moved to the table of fortune telling. That cold brown eyes glinted towards the pirate Captain.

“You know its impolite to look at others’ fate,” That fortune teller flipped the cards face down, then revealed one card on the center of the table. “Interesting, yours is the sign of Ravens.”

“Putting that aside, I can see that the wolf is a ‘human’ that ate the Canine Canine Fruit, of the Arctic wolf subspecies.” That fortune teller stood up and let out a familiar smirk. “I go by the name Arafael.”

Alesia had no idea what that fortune teller been going about. Scruffy? Impossible… She glimpsed an oddly familiar shape of an outreached hand, slowly descending upon her head. “I didn’t get to see you clearly from the last time, but you’re really short.”

“Get your filthy hands away from me, Scruffy!” Alesia slapped Arafael’s wrist away with her full force.

“You were much nicer with those headpats of yours,” Alesia’s cutlass sprang out from the scabbard almost immediately after the last few sentences of Arafael’s mouth. She grasped on the sword so tightly that her hands turned white, she was going to make those words his last. Arafael drew out his swordbreaker from the reaches of his leather cloak, slamming the edge of the blade towards the table.

“Ten tonnes,” Alesia leaned her full weight towards the mahogany table, as it collapses into plywood and splinters, Arafael’s deck of cards fluttering along the scene of the barfight. Just when she was about to break his throat with her sword, that tall man that called himself Arafael shrank into a very familiar creature, a wolf of white elegant fur, with the same brown eyes, ‘Scruffy’.

“I’ll be taking my leave from here, in courtesy with that ill temper of yours~” The wolf sprang forward with his four legs towards the edge of the windows, and it seemed that he was about to make another escape from the Scarlet Pirates.
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Tavern Corner - The Great Fortune Telling @Jerkchicken
“Not even a sign of tamperings, to think that you would deliver this letter,” The fortune teller gazed at the seals of the letter, then pushing the letter back to Flint,” A surprise that you pirates are so honest. But I already figured out what this letter is about, something regarding Duke Benniad.”

The fortune teller drew out a sign form the deck of cards. The symbol of the Marshes. “Should you want to challenge the man that hides under another name, it won’t be an easy voyage for you and the crew.”

Breaking the waxed seal, the fortune teller pulled out a small letter, placing it at Flint’s side. There it reads:

I’ll skip with the formalities as you requested, I’ve confirmed this from the Rumours of the Brown Isles. Duke Benniad of the Kingdom of Argin is indeed the pirate Rel’chunk.

A letter as short as it is, yet it conveyed what it needed. Rel’chunk the ‘Lord of the Evening’, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

The second card that the fortune teller drew was the card of the Wilted Feather, then the sign of snakes, the sign of an oasis, and lastly the sign of a ghastly old man with a sword.

“Allow me to explain further, your captain has a liking to animals,” He pointed to the card of snakes, “And I can see that you have raised an Arctic Wolf. Seems like it escaped recently.”

The fortune telling was accurate, as he pointed on the wilted feather and continued, “Your Crew have a few interesting people. That is in the news, but you fought a Marine Lieutenant, one that is stronger than his own rank. The other two cards are more relevant to your crewmates. So any further questions to ask?”

Tavern – Alesia @Genon
Another person, a man in a black suit joined the table. Alesia felt that she had been getting all the unwanted attention lately. She should’ve gotten a copy of newspaper beforehand, as she pondered on what the news wrote about. Perhaps not of something pleasant. She replied without showing much expression, “Sure, go ahead.”
Bar of the Bulls' Masts

A woman taller than anything that she had seen before in her life entered the tavern. Looking up at her, that tall lady makes her look short, not that she was already short to begin with.

Blood flushed away from her cheeks when she saw the bounty poster. One with her own face and name, with eight large numbers printed on it. “Higher than Valar…” She expected an eventual bounty, but not something as high as that one. Taking a deep breath to maintain on her composure at such situation, she noticed another person entering the bar. Bakuto, but with thick layered cloaks. She couldn’t hardly recognize him from the way he was right now, as she couldn’t tell how many layers of those cloaks he was wearing. If this is what he call ‘disguise’, he is doing quite a good job in it…?

“Yes, you’re right, you all are honest merchants,” The bartender eyed on the gold coin that he was holding, his mustache was the only thing that was hiding his thick green. Alesia was just being generous on her payments, and that bartender seemed to take it as a ‘bribe’. To each to her own, she supposed.

“Ahem… ‘Alesia’ is quite a common name. We’re just ‘treasure hunters’, and those damned marines are the ones who attacked us first,” Alesia dragged a chair from the nearby table, “But the Scarlet Pirates is recruiting, and we’re still deciding on how to split our spoils. I’m thinking of an even split of 10 million, and the reserves will go to a new ship after we reach the Grand Line. The Reverse Mountain is a bit troublesome to cross…”

Bull’s Mast Tavern Corner
At another corner of the Bull’s mast, the fortune teller drew out a deck of cards. One by one the signs are revealed: The Card of Ravens, following the Card of the Clouds, then a Wilted Feather and the symbol of the White Cross. The last card shows the Skull Symbol. “Huh…” The young fortune teller muttered, creasing a frown.
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