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You are valid, I have been dialing back Klisa's shyness and instead upping her gentleness/sweetness. Neither of the mare who they are when they first meet, but that doesn't mean their love isn't true.
twas on purpose lol just felt proper in my brain to have it in both threads? idk, I can remove it if ya like.


Me friend! I haven't seen you in ages. How ya doing?

You should know which character I'm attempting to go for here, lol.

OH! Well, now I have to go with Klisa! She'd be offended if I went with anyone else!

And the long and short answer is: Hanging in there, life has defo been crazy for everyone and my had some wild circumstances that weren't going anywhere before the virus hit, but I'm rolling on and glad to be writing again.
I finally return to this dang website, and the first thing I see is a FT game with @Rune_Alchemist in it... seems right lol

I have a couple of characters I could swing depending on the game balance. One of which Rune will be fairly familiar with lol
Hertha snorted at the caution exhibited by Alisa in 'maintaining the appearance of just humble travelers', it was probably wise, but Hertha knew that laying low was never going to be an option for her once she started piracy proper. While she didn't know if her family name of 'Redrivers' still held any clout in the private community out in the grand line seeing as dad died over 40 years ago now and the memory of humans was often short; the fact that she was a giant woman was going to make it impossible to blend in most places. Still, she'd respect the potential captain's wishes, no need to cause a fuss or call unwanted attention to them if that wasn't what they were looking for. She glanced at the chairman pushed out to her, and then the one Alisa pushed to her. She really wasn't sure if the chairs build for your average human-sized person could hold her, nor would they be all that comfortable to sit in if they could, but she wasn't going to be so rude as to decline her possible new captain and fellow crew members hospitality. She seized both chairs and slid them together until they were touching. Hopefully, they could carry her weight together. She gingerly sat down as carefully as she could, the wood creaking and visible bowing under her weight...but it seemed to hold for now. "I'm not interested in any cut of treasure I didn't help you get. If you insist on giving me any share, just put it towards your next ship. Getting one that has room for me to get out of the sun or rain could possibly be a bit expensive if you are interested in having me aboard. Though I am used to just making do with a sturdy tent on the deck in my time sailing these seas, if I'm going to call a ship home I would prefer it to but an actual roof over my head, even if it's just in the cargo hold."
Oh man just realized the number of anchors on this crew haha glad I went with one of my OCs who are big/strong enough to have a good chance at saving multiple drowning crew mates haha
Lougetown was always a town buzzing with pirate rumors. Who was nearby, who was coming up, who was coming passing through? Every ambition pirate with grand line aspirations in the east blue would pass through here sooner or later. It made it the perfect place for Hertha to set up shop for the past few years. If you keep your ear to the ground you could net a good bounty if bounties were getting hard to find then there were always plenty of scared merchant ships that felt better with some mercenary muscle on board. Always plenty of coins to be made, which was good because renting a space that fit her and buying enough food to feed her was not something one could do on a low budget. But neither of those was the main reasons she had decided to spend most of her time in this town. Hertha didn't want to spend her life as a mercenary, hopping from ship to ship and bounty to the bounty. She wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, to take the Redrivers name back to the sea and make is strike fear and wonder once more. She wanted to be a pirate, one who would be considered one of the best. For that, she needed a captain who was equally ambitious, one who wished to go to the grand line was the minimum requirement.

Alas...she was a picky lass and she hadn't found anyone that really spoke to her yet. She needed a crew with valor, with honor, with courage. And listing to the rumors and reading today's paper. A crew that jacked one pirate's treasure and took swings at the marines? That sounded like the sort of crew she might want to take a look at. "Hopefully they don't pass through town with me missing them..." she murmured to herself, looking out over the crowd of early morning people.

Only...wait...She squinted down at the wanted poster pinched between her fingers and a figure moving among the people, cursing up a storm about something. It was hard to say for sure as they printed these wanted posters so small compared to her and the picture was hazy, to begin with...but something in her gut told her that woman was was Alesia of the Scarlet Pirates.

Hertha watched as she and a few others went into a tavern. "What are the odds..." she wondered aloud to herself "Or...perhaps fate is finally smiling on me." Lifted herself up from her sitting place in a wide ally that overlooked the area, where her size would not inconvenience people so much nor them her, and began carefully make he way through the crowd. They had gotten used to her hanging around these past few years so they didn't scatter as much as they used to, so moving in a way that didn't end up hurting people could be tricky.

The 12 foot woman stared down at the entrance to the tavern and sighed "This place better not have to low of a ceiling..." She unshouldered her massive round shield and blade, It would be hard enough to move around indoors without them on her body. She slides the sword, sheath and all, into the arm straps of the shield and rested it against the wall. The combined weight should be enough to deter most halogens who would be interested in stealing it.

She got down on her hands and knees and like an adult trying to squeeze their way into a child's hiding place carefully pulled herself inside. She glanced up and grumbled, She'd have to take her helm off as well... But she should be able to sit mostly upright once she did. She crawled carefully towards the table, brushing aside chares and the like. thank god it isn't happy hour... She thought.

She stopped in front of the table, rather sure she had made something of a spectacle of herself on the way over and awkwardly shifted from her crawling position to a seated one on the floor, removing her helm as she did. Even seated and a little hunched forward, her head was still a good 7 or 8 feet up, just about to brush the ceiling. "Morning," she said in a pleasant tone. "This wouldn't happen to be you would it?" She asked, carefully placing the wanted poster on the table.
Pondering the best way to bring my giantess in...My current thought is that after hearing about an upstart pirate that stole another pirates gold and attacked marine ship sounds like the kind of crew she'd like to join and she happens to catch them walking into the tavern ( Which will include the amusing image of her having to carefully squeeze her way through the door. ) And wants to talk business to see if this is really the captain she wants to follow.

Though that is a rather mundane way to get Hertha in it does seem to be the shortest way to get her involved. But I'm certainly open to suggestions.
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