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Excitedly a young woman runs down the halls of her house, a huge pack on her back and a pair of suitcase trailing behind her. One appeared to be a more traditional luggage bag, the other is a bit larger and quite an expensive-appearing, and rather high tech. The sort of container meant to carry something delicate with little worry of damaging it. She was all packed up and ready to go, personal items on her back, clothing, toiletries and other essential home away from home items in normal case, and various tools of various natures used to refine dust, maintain and repair her weapon, as well as a more than generous supply of already refined dust.

“Moooooom!” she called out. The house wasn’t exactly a massive estate exactly, but it wasn’t unfair to call it a small mansion of sorts. Well, at least that probably what the property was originally intended to be. At this point wit all the modifications Her mother had made to it over the years To be extra fair it was almost more of a live-in Laboratory/workshop at this point There were her and her moms bedrooms, decent living space, a kitchen that was in all honesty half converted into additional lab in its own right. All other parts of the house had been converted for the purpose of her mother's various work needs. Peaking quickly into each room she began to narrow down the options.

It was fair to say her mother was something of a tinkerer. A master of many of the sciences and their applications, she did what most people of her skill were often roped into doing in this country. Working for the military. She was technically one of the chief minds of an “independent contracting company” that worked very closely with the Atlus Government. But Cyan knew better than that, and her mother never was the sort of person to mince words; especially in private. She knew that her company was all but officially owned by the Military and government of Atlus. After having her child she had preferred doing as much work from home as possible, hence the strange living arrangements.

Not in the fabrication room, nor the dust lab, or the chem lab. It wasn’t a Tuesday so they wouldn’t be in the conference room. Last she remembered mother said that shipment of special order ammunition for her latest experimental weapon wasn’t due to arrive for another month so she probably wasn’t in the ballistic testing range. “Darn it, mom, I want to say goodbye, but I’m not going to be late for you.” She grumbled to herself

Eventually, she found her in the cybernetics lab. Working on a prosthetic limb of some sort.
“Gee Mom.” Cyan said in a playful tone. “I’m not even gone yet and you are trying to build a replacement daughter.”

Her mother, a petite woman with a youthful, fea seeming features was still relatively young given her standing in the scientific. She looked up from her work at the sound of the daughter's voice. “Oh...sorry hon, I guess I lost track of time.” She put aside her project and sighed. “Or...maybe I just didn’t want to believe my little girl was going so far away and went to bury myself in work.”

Cyan shook her head “Mom, we’ve talked about this.”

“I know dear, but you can’t blame a mother for wanting to keep her only child close.” She walked over and gave her a tight hug “You will contact me regularly, right?” Cyan returned the hug just as tight “Yes mom, assuming you're not so buried in work to answer it. If I come across dad I’ll you know, and tell him to give a call as well.”

Her mother's grip tightened a bit at the mention of her father. Their relationship had always been an odd one, or so Cyan had been told. Not married, no living together. Both seemingly devoted to their work first and foremost. But even so, they seemed to respect the dedication each showed to their respective. Kindred Spirits, one might say. Dad wasn’t around a lot, but he made it a point to stop by for a few weeks a couple times a year. It was rare to go more than 5 months without at least hearing from the man. It had been Almost a year and a half since he last been heard from. Mom hadn’t really started getting worried until he didn’t even show for Cyan graduation from combat school. Cyan was stubbornly sure he was out there, still alive and doing his best to keep people safe, her mother...had started fearing the worst.

“Hey, this isn’t about him okay.” Her mother said pulling back and looking her daughter firmly in the eyes “This is about you, and the first steps on becoming the woman I know you are deep inside. Even if you must grow into her from across the sea, I just know you’ll do great things.”

Cyan felt an intense cocktail of emotions. She swallowed them down and offered her mom a confident smile. Couldn’t show her how nervous she was about being out of mother's shadow in a far off and very different kingdom. “Thanks, mom. I better get moving, shouldn’t be late for the ship.”


The travel time and method had been practically indeterminable for Cyan. She thought having to try and keep a lid on her personality in Atlus had been rough, being all but locked into the room all while knowing so many fellow students were all around her. A countless number of new faces, weapons, and semblances to meet! And here she was, not even with her dust refining kit to help her pass the time. Granted this room was a bit small for it. And with the occasional bit of turbulence, an explosion was entirely possible. She would take an explosion over this dull waiting.

When the announcement of their final approach and their freedom to leave the again was announced she practically flew out of the door to the viewing chamber. She didn’t know what she wanted to investigate more, her first look at Beacon, or the fellow students.

She swiftly decided that there would be plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone here, that this was one of only a few chances to get a view like this.
Well, have to see how he does with Cyan then. I see her as the sort that actively attempts to support and bring out the best in those around her, she is ultimately a very supportive individual. A born Lieutenant rather than a born leader. She's too single-minded to big picture well enough to lead, she likes to get in and up close with her ideas and passions ( ironic for a largely ranged fighter huh? ) I am now quite curious what Russell will manage with a supportive individual like Cyan around.

though I suppose only time will tell.

additional safety measure: A medical emergency bracelet that says: Hey, I'm Russel. Now I know I look dead by there is a good chance it's just my semblance. give me a few days, maybe put me somewhere safe, if start to smell then its not my semblance, that's just regular death.
<Snipped quote by datadogie>

Time to hopefully make more friends than enemies in his situation. Or probably never compromise his position to where he never needs to use it.

But uhh... Don't grimm eat bodies too?

Probably, but they will likely be more attracted to ehonvener isnoanicing in the general vicinity.

Also maybe we need to get russel like a flair gun and a life alert if he’s ever lost or has fallen and can’t get up.


It is stated in a world of remnants that they don’t need to feed but they still like to eat people in that horrifying titan kind of drive to devour and destroy the works of man
<Snipped quote by KiltmanBagz>

While I get the hypothetical, how many volcanos are in Remnant? XD

It is such an alarmingly specific situation. XD

Hey, I don't know, I'm just worried about lava okay? I'm sure its out there, we got a dust for it after all! If your power was to turn into a crystal statue you'd think of these things to!

Alternatively, she could pull an FF4 Palom/Porom for the good of the group ( kudos to anyone who knows what I'm talking about ) but results would still be the same. Just more heroic than horrific

see I was picturing a terrible situation where for some reason Cyan is tossed into a volcano and she shell's up and when she realizes no one is going to get to her in time to save her she has to try to decide if she wants to die by fire or suffocate and one day be discovered as a weird mysterious crystal statue xD

but yeah I agree, Russel has some serious bad end potential.
Who wants to vote on who's worst case scenario semblance fail would be worst;

Russel's horrifically painful death upon waking up after taking enough critical damage

Or Cyan's holding her semblance long enough to suffocate herself and leave her a corpse encased in diamond-like glass?


Given the pain involved, I am personally leaning towards Russel's being worst
Glad she is going around well so far :D

If the we need to change her name to for more suitable team acronyms, I am also comfortable calling her Hazel Sprig, Saphire Moon, or Aurura B. Alice.
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