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Quick question for clarifying if this would be god modding or not; would Kriss's bloody claws technique be able to slice through these unique kei balls? I think she would be inspired to find a balance between offensive defensive and dodging proper by Deshad's tactic.
Walking with silent brusqueness Kriss joined her fellow...students? team mates? She was still attempting to settle upon the word to describe the beings that now shared space in her day to day life as well as shared her quest for strength enough to stand among gods. She was still adjusting to being around people again. Well, people that she was supposed to be social with, where in social meant 'don't get into a kill or be killed fight'. She was still working on being a polite and considerate being again. Given several years as a near feral rage beast, She was doing well all things, she managed to not try and bite anyone for about 3 days. Though as Deshade began to speak during their warm up she was considering breaking that streak. The pointy head bastard didn't speak...stupidly, exactly. He just spoke frequently and with little real purpose. Did it mater if this was another universe? No, the planet mattered, the air and the gravity mattered ( both of which Kriss found very odd on her delicate senses. "Wasted words, wasted time, wasted effort...Doesn't mater if we are in another world, universe, or dimension. We are here to get stronger, that's what counts" She growled more to herself than anything, returning her focus to her warm up.

Push ups, sit ups and squats by the thousand. A 'warm up' that had come relatively normal for them, or as normal as an action could be considered after only a handful of days of training. Hardly anything particularly fancy, especially since the one administering the training order was an Angle, one of the mighty attendants to the gods of destruction, but it was the results that counted. Plus, as always the fancy stuff was often beings saved for after the warm up. Which of course turned out to be exactly the case. The balls of light were countless. It almost seemed like the angle had some how brought all the stars in they sky closer they so filled the width and breadth of her vision. She winced as the demon, Zepura, was used to demonstrate the effects of the orbs. Partially out of sympathy partially out of the loudness of her scream, her tiger like ears folding back to muffle the sound and her tail twitching in reflex. "Well, I suppose pain is a excellent teacher."

Kriss assumed she'd have an advantage in this trial. She boasted excellent senses and reflexes. Speed and instincts had kept her alive even as she had sought death. But that had been a unique state of mind for her. While she was nimbly dodging better that he piers, yes piers seemed an appropriate term for the time being! While she was doing better than her piers, as nears she could tell at least, it was hard for her to say given the organized chaos of the whizzing orbs, she was not doing as well as she liked. She could feel her body and mind conflicting, the slight hesitations now and again giving way to pain. She had to find the balance, between the wild hunter in her heart and the weathered warrior in her mind.

Made additional grammar edits, a couple of re-wordings of things. Added a race name. How is she looking @IceHeart?
Made some minor tweaks and grammatical updates to my profile.
Okay sheet on the OOC has been tweaked. My butt going to go take a nap.
Thanks, I am writing this up rather sleep deprived haha, I was just to excited to get her on paper. Will go and correct a few things and make some edits for presentation.

She is mostly done, need to finish her personality, but her basic bones of personality are fierce, no nonsense, short tempered. Will elaborate more on that part later, but wanted to get the rest up so it could be judged and commented on xD How she look <.<


besides a proper name for her race I have finished her, I'll move her to the OOC
I could be interested as well <.<
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