Professor Sy sat at his desk going over the last five reports he received from the scientists at the other stations. He was noticed the powers of some of his subjects were developing at faster rates than others. He was compiling a graph that would give him a better picture of what the average was.

He took a second to take a sip of his soda, scanning over the data through the lenses of his glasses. He rubbed his eyes, he wanted to break but with this new intriguing development he knew he wouldn't be getting any sleep soon.

His eyes darted over to the reports from his prize pupils. He would say, just from a glance, that they were developing at an average rate compared to his peers. He would get a better idea once the graphs were finally compiled. It didn't matter much though, for it wasn't their speed of development he choose them for, but rather the role they would serve.

He took one final glance at their profile pictures, each of their faces had either fearful or angered look.

"I will have to have new photos taken of them once their programming is finished."

With that last thought he turned back to his graphs, yawning at the screen before getting back to typing.