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Current Someone here recommended the book "The Writer's Journey" and honestly, did not care for it. My recommendations: "Story Trumps Structure" or "Troubleshooting Your Novel" both are by Steven James.
3 yrs ago
Anxiety is a terrible drug.
3 yrs ago
The difference between left and right is that one has more of your heart than the other.
3 yrs ago
"You are executing Order 66. What song plays while you annihilate the Jedi Order?" Barbie Girl - Aqua
3 yrs ago
My brother bought me Conker's Bad Fur Day as a birthday present. It's kind of weird though cause it looks brand new.
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I would totally be down to play a RF roleplay.
@KatherinWinter I'm still waiting for people to join.

But maybe people don't no where to start so I'll try making a better introduction. I've just been so busy I haven't had time to plot something, but I have time today so expect something coming up soon.


The mutant pokemon sheets are with the trainer characters, because they're their Pokemon. I don't want people to have to look in another section to find out what Pokemon each trainer has. If people get their mutant Pokemon approved they're going to be attached to whatever human character they've also came up with.

There's not going to be a huge amount of mutants, they're going to be rare and each of them will be one of a kind, most NPCs won't even have them.

If you want to share mutants and let others use them feel free to.
@Gareth Hey, yeah go ahead.

Sorry I've been away for awhile, got caught up in another project.

I've started the game, I'm going to try posting every couple days if nobody else does to try to keep this active (I just hope it doesn't come off as spaming).
Professor Sy sat at his desk going over the last five reports he received from the scientists at the other stations. He was noticed the powers of some of his subjects were developing at faster rates than others. He was compiling a graph that would give him a better picture of what the average was.

He took a second to take a sip of his soda, scanning over the data through the lenses of his glasses. He rubbed his eyes, he wanted to break but with this new intriguing development he knew he wouldn't be getting any sleep soon.

His eyes darted over to the reports from his prize pupils. He would say, just from a glance, that they were developing at an average rate compared to his peers. He would get a better idea once the graphs were finally compiled. It didn't matter much though, for it wasn't their speed of development he choose them for, but rather the role they would serve.

He took one final glance at their profile pictures, each of their faces had either fearful or angered look.

"I will have to have new photos taken of them once their programming is finished."

With that last thought he turned back to his graphs, yawning at the screen before getting back to typing.
I'm interested.

Sorry for the late response, got hanged up with work.

Do you have an idea for a character or do you want to use the pre-made ones?
Sorry it took me a couple more days then expected to get this set this up.…

Character sheet:
Id: (Just make up a five digit code)

Appearance: (This can be a written description or an image. If you do use an image, please something that fits in universe ie. an anime-esque styled character)
Ulterior Objective: (What does your character want most in life?)
Motive: (aka. backstory)


Extra Notes:

Pokemon (only can start with one)

Normal or Mutant?:
If mutant, give species description:

Alright, lets see how many people are interested in this.
Oh wow, after such a long time I thought this idea was dead.
It's just chance I checked back on it today.

I make the thread if people are interested.

I can probably have something up by either today or tomorrow.
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