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The American Keepers were founded in 2012 in Louisiana. Their mission is to keep civilization from falling apart and if it does to rebuild and revive the old ways of society. There are around 50 Garrisons around the United States and plans to fortify each one and more if need be. The Headquarters are in the Ozarks hidden away from all who would seek to destroy the people who would save civilization. It is a mainly conservative organization.

Ranks for the Keepers.

[[Taken by Snow Ashe]]Leader-Supreme Commander-Commander of all members of the Keepers within the United States Borders. In power unless he/she resigns, is unable to lead for any reason, or dies.

Second in Command-Commander-If the Leader resigns, dies, or is unable to lead the second in command will become the Supreme Commander of the Keepers

Legate-Colonel-directly under the Leader(We can have a few of these) and report to the Commanders and Supreme Commander

Garrison Commander-Run the garrisons in the cities and are in charge of all Keepers stationed there. Report to the Legates, Commanders, and the Supreme Commander

Centurion-Commander of 100 Knights between the ages of 20 and 40

Knights: Keepers in the field that have undergone training and who are between the ages of 18 and 38

Guard-Keepers that are based in the different Garrisons around the United States

Decurions: Keepers in training between ages 12 and 18

Signup form:
Weapons used:
History and reason for joining the Keepers:
Anything else you'd like to add:
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What's the mission statement? Like, what does the organisation believe in, and what are their goals?
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This thread is probably better suited to a completely different forum section. Fails to fit the forum's continuity, takes place in the most dead roleplaying section on the guild, and made without approval in the first place (although that approval won't be forthcoming anyways for the aforementioned reasons).
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