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Character Name

Name:Esfir Neilovi
Title: Holy Knight of Our Mother

Influence: Medium 4

Description: Esfir Neilovi was born to the prominent family directly related to royalty. However, being the youngest of 12, Esfir was sent to the Abbey of the Holy Mother. There she trained since birth in the holy priestesshood to serve as a priestess. It was not until the Abbey became under attack that she witnesses the fierceness of the Valkyries she experienced a vision seeing the Mother calling her to the holy knighthood. Since that moment, Esfir became widely known as the Holy Knight due to her communication with the Mother and her holy abilities. Esfir, called by the Mother, now stands vigil guarding New Bastian with the order from evil.

    Height:5 foot 7 inches
    Appearance:Esfir has long blonde hair and pale skin, perhaps her most striking feature is her purple eyes.fav.me/da92lk2

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers: Include this section if your character has any unique or significant abilities, talents, traits, or powers. If not, omit it.

  • Ability 1: Divine Protection (Influence, 4)-- Esfir invokes the Mother after creating a line with her sword. There is now a barrier no evil creature, with an influence below 4, can cross.
    Ability 2: Purification (Influence, 4)-- Esfir places her blood on a creature's body, invoking the Mother, thus expulsing poison, hexes, and curses (under influence 4), heals non-fatal wounds.
    Ability 3: The Everjustice (Influence, 4)-- Esfir, invoking the Mother in a prayer before a battle (not immediate), now has her sword covered in radiant light. All damage done with the Everjustice is superior against demons and those aligned with evil (with and influence of 4 or below).

Items: Upon the recognition from the High Valkyrie, Esfir was gifted the Everjustice. The Everjustice is one of eight holy swords of the Holy order of Valkyries. The sword can be wielded singlehanded or doublehanded.
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Obligatory copy and paste,

Please refer to this thread. Put simply, this forum is dead at the player and administration level. There's no more characters, no more content for the most part. I suggest moving elsewhere for your character fix, or if you're curious, await the SoonTM arrival of a star wars alternative.

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