This is going to be my first role-play that I post on this forum. It's gonna revolve around a plot that I created for a comic book plot. I hope this gets someone interested enough to jump in. This will revolve around my OC Ramona. Here goes nothing.

My OC:

The Luminary Order

A year after the death of Ramona's father, her first year as a CEO was not going so well. Workers were not showing up on time, tensions between co-workers were getting so bad that she had to let a few go, and her profits didn't seem steady. Luckily, her advisory team lead, Joanne, was helping her through all of this. But she had no idea that things were going amuck all across the world. Riots all across Europe and the Middle East erupted following the appearance of a mysterious symbol(the one above). Ramona saw this and decided to to do some research on the symbol. She found that the symbol was a symbol that was used by an old cult called the Luminary Order, the first occultist group consisting of mostly humanoids that existed in ancient Egypt. The symbol represented the end of the world.

She needed to know more, so she travels to Egypt and runs into a gypsy who tells her that the Luminary Order has been resurrected by the energies of a powerful telepathic. Antonio, her brother. His goal is to destroy the world and create a new because he blames Ramona still for his issues. Everything was fine until SHE came around. He just wants her dead for good. Even if he has to destroy everything to do so. Returning back to her company, she finds out that Joanne has been actively trying to bring the company down under the telepathic control of Antonio. After firing Joanne, she puts the company under a hiatus and decided it was time to recruit help from other heroes. She sends out a SOS message to the Hero Association hoping to get a response. But will she finds the help she needs or will she get more than what she bargained for?