She could still remember his face the night she died. She could remember the wild look in his eyes and the way he had cried out. But that meant nothing now. Nothing about him would ever mean anything to her after that night. Instead, she was too focused on the future at hand. Hela bringing her back was perhaps the best thing that had ever happened to her. The Lady knew that nothing else mattered except her power now. When she could finally get rid of Hela, Loki, and Thor, things would finally be how they should. However, that could not happen yet. She still had to play along as Hela's right-hand. The woman trusted her. Or at least, she seemed to for the time being.

The last thing that he had wanted was to have to skip his Spanish midterm. But, it seemed as if the Rhino had other ideas about his morning. It seemed the Russian man had decided to actually go through Midtown and tear it to shreds. He was rather upset about this, but the only thing he could do right now was put a stop to it. And also hope that Aunt May didn't find out about him skipping class. The last thing Peter wanted was to disappoint her. But he doubted ESU would accept him after he had skipped multiple classes, despite his GPA being rather good. The dark-haired hero leaped off of the rather tall building he had been perched on, landing just thirty feet away from the towering man known as Rhino. "Aren't you tired of always causing destruction? You could do some pretty cool stuff with that suit."