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Begonia is a small town surrounded by nature and especially the flowers named Begonia. The town is close to two different lakes: Crystal Lake and Azure Lake. Although the environment is very beautiful, the town itself is not very popular. Rumours are spreading about the town, which makes people scared to even visit the place. Some of the citizens moved to somewhere else, so they would get a better reputation. Others became scared themselves and left the place just to feel safer.

But what is it that everyone is scared of?
Which parts of the rumours are true and which parts aren't?

You are a high school student yourself. For some reason, your own choice or not, you are leaving your school and transferring to Begonia High School for your senior year. Many people asked you why you transferred to another school when you have only one year left, but you couldn't give them an answer and they started asking even more questions when you named the school you were going to. Everyone leaves Begonia, no one goes there voluntary.

Every student at Begonia High School has a dark background. Some have a hard time communicating with other people because of it, while others laugh it away. What kind of student are you? What is your background? Why are you going to the most hated place? And last but not least, strange things are happening, are they imaginary or real?

How are you going to survive your senior year in high school?


1. Be 18 years or older
2. Post at least once a week
3. Be able to post at least two paragraphs
4. Be nice to the other players
5. Don't control other people's characters without permission
6. Your backgrounds can be dark, but make sure that it is still believable
7. Romance is allowed, but sexual scenes are not
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