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Okay so this is my pitch, for a long time, I've had a Original Trading Card Game Concept (with nearly 100 cards) But didn't really have the setting to put it in. So I've decided on a Persona-Style supernatural slice of life High School Academy where you as a student uncovers a Conduit Stone and gains the ability to summon Lost Empires Cards to reality and do battle. There will be overreaching plot about how an advertising company is looking to exploit the conduit stones for monetary gain, and in turn, put the world in danger by unleashing ancient magic. Your 'Conduit Stone' will unleash your 'BattleMage Profile' which is basically your 'Card Battle Persona Spirit' it is the ancient battlemage you will transform into to compete in card battles (more info below).

The RP will be split between slice of life 'downtime' and plot driven 'story time' and you will have your own personalized Deck of cards and will be able to earn booster-packs and build your deck as the RP goes on, and initiate battles whenever you wish.

This story has now evolved from a school based story to more of a general city adventure with catalysts all over the city now duelling in 'underground' locations. Mainly coffee shops and bars after dark.

So what do you think? Ready to be a card battler?

If you want to know more about the Trading Card Game The 0th Post is a VERY LONG description of the origin, rules and a few starter deck examples.

This game will require dedication and consistent attention to not only your cards, but the battles and the lore, please do not join unless you are willing to fully throw yourself into it!

Starter Decks

Canis Canem Edit is a wolf based deck that is balanced and perfect for beginners, but does lack the raw magical firepower of other sets, instead focusing more of natural canine based ferocity.

Drowned Gallows is a Pirate Based deck that utilizes more indirect and crafty abilities such as stealing and misdirection. But still has a couple of powerful weapons such as the flintlock and the flail.

Desert Emprie is desert themed deck that mainly deals in magical offense, but with a few clever effect cards thrown in too. Very straightforward and easy to use.

Pride and steel is a deck that is completely based around weapons and armor and making them stronger, although very direct and powerful, will need good tactics to combat more supernatural opponents.

Hell On Earth is a powerful but chaotic deck that uses the power of the hellish underword to terrify and overwhelm enemies. A strong but difficult deck to use.

Rigor Mortis is a complex but unique deck which draws upon the power of the dead. A lot of diverse and effective magic is used, but lacks brute power. Recommended for more cerebral players.

Cold Blood is a raw and powerful deck that combines the tribal fury of the reptile family. Hard Scales and Strong Steel, but not much else in the way of tricks.

Natural Order is a deck of health, life and constitution. Is the anti-thesis to decay and uses the power of the natural world to grow strength. A somewhat more passive and defensive oriented deck for intermediates.

Bloodlines is an deck that is the entry into the world of the romantic evil of the vampires. Draining life to sustain their own and using dark magic and undead fury to achieve their dark goals. Good for beginners and intermediate players.

Character Sheet

Age: (between 14 and 18)
Time in Shibuya: (between 3 years and 3 Months)
Hobbies & Interests:

Don't fill these in until I've confirmed availability:

Ring: (Choose a colour, Red, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, White, Black, Violet, Dark Orange, Grey.)
Deck: (Ask me what's available first)
Ranking: F

<BattleMage Profile>
This is the spirit of your card using abilities and the avatar for your card battles, one will be assigned to you after you pick a a colour for your ring.
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I see this rises back from the ashes. I shall be throwing my hat into the ring once more.
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You’ve got my interest.
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