For nearly 300 years, the realm had been at peace from the major threat of demons. Arnzarel, the Revolting One, a mighty demon prince who once ravaged the land and terrorized mortals, was sealed inside of a book along with his daughter Lilian. However, now it seems mortal curiosity hath foolishly lead to the unleashing of the daughter of Arnzarel. Now Lilian the Devil Dancer is free from the enchanted pages of her tome prison. She seeks only two things, to free her father and to allow him to once again ravage and corrupt the mortal world once more.

A book has been found, an old text which much wording seems archaic and unreadable. This book appeared to be found in a hidden chamber in what was once an well guarded citadel. However, upon being looted it appears virtually worthless to the average thief. Yet, the book could not be burned and even submerged in water it's pages appeared to withstand water. You come across this book with a party of fortune seekers. At first you think nothing of this text until you discover that it cannot be destroyed. Also around anyone who opens it, it unleashes an aura that seems to call upon the reader to attempt to decipher said text for the allure of knowledge.