More realistic aftermath of the alien apocalypse.

This RP will ignore the sequel and go with the more realistic scenario - minus the aliens having a major base in Africa. That is going to be mostly hunted down and destroyed by Aussies using what precious fuel they have available. Still an ongoing process after over 24 years.

The initial invasion was in 1996. This story will play out in an altered timeline starting in July of 2020, 24 years after the war. Australia is now the leader of the free world. Unfortunately they can’t save the whole world - not they they aren’t trying. But with such limited fuel resources restoring order is an insurmountable task.

Australian Foreign Legion
The Aussie Foreign Legion has been formed, taking elements from surviving military forces with two primary missions. The first to to kill any remaining bugs and collect any alien tech for analysis back in Sydney. The second is to secure resources - primarily fuel. But they also pull escort duty for things like seed shipments and rations to reduce rioting.

You will be running members of an AFL unit. Your ranks should fall into their Army enlisted ranking system. There would be little need for Navy. There are very few Air Force left. Those are rarely put in harm’s way. There won’t be much use for tank operators in this RP either as you will be on assignment in either Africa or America.

Setting and Plot
This RP will open up to a mission to the old USA southwest. If you watched the videos, you should be aware that this region is mostly devoid of human life as people have migrated to the central US for food. But there have been rumors of bug activity in the region. Most interesting has been sonic booms heard in the region.

Your secondary job is to oppose activity by drug cartels moving in to seize control of old oil pumping stations. You have already been assisting the remnants of the old US military to maintain control over the Texas oil fields and try to get them up and running.

Please note that this is an ADVANCED RP. I am looking for committed members who can manage 3-5 posts per week. I would be surprised if that is actually necessary as you’ll have to also wait on responses. But the point is I don’t want people waiting a week for a response. That is like trying to read a book at less than a page a week. A 200 page book would take - what - 4 years to read? (I usd to devour a book like that in an afternoon or two.)

I also detest posts that rehash the previous person’s post. Add something to the story. Posting nothing but what you character thinks about another’s post is a waste. The reaction is what will give them something to respond to.

In other words, I am looking for strong writers. You will never improve if you don’t try.