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I am pretty sure that Mahz realizes that our griping is the result of a bunch of RP addicts cut off from their fix.
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SAVE THE TURKEYS! SAVES THE TURKEYS! (Pssst ... pass the cranberry sauce.)
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Old Age done passed me by. He looked back and started yelling like a drill instructor. "MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! ...."
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Dr Duncan Moran has travelled back in time from the 21st century to 1937. More specifically he travelled to Albuquerque, NM for this is where he was from back in the 21st century. Upon his arrival he first arranged for his records and identification, legitimate as far as anyone could tell. Then he arranged to purchase land, built a ranch, a small airport, a modest precision fabrication plant, and a small lab to the north of the city.
For the past few years Duncan has been living in the past. He has thrown himself into his research. He hired men to run his airport and fabrication plants. The research labs are more for his personal use. He has taken flying lessons and has an interest in aeronautical research, engine designs, and some fields that have no names yet. He works as a part time Math and Physics instructor at the University as well.

Duncan stands 6’7” tall, athletic build, steel blue eyes, nearly black hair. He walks with a limp in his left leg, and a glove on his left hand (covering a scar where his hand was sliced in half lengthwise). The other injuries aren’t as apparent. He is clearly very, very educated. He appears to be in his mid 20’s. His interests appear to be Science and Engineering, and music. He has never been seen drinking alcohol or smoking.

Enter the Lady.

This is your part. This is a very open position. But your main character should be one that will turn the head of this man. (He’s almost 28 now.) Boring won’t do it. Shy probably won’t do it either. You could be another teacher, a waitress at a diner, a lady with just enough means to want to work for flying lessons, a lady mechanic (who grew up with half a dozen brothers and wants to work on planes), etc.

Yes, you will need a well written CS with a good ID type pic.

Recent History

As you know, the Great Depression spanned the period of 1929-1941. In the US it was a bit shorter. It ran from 1929-1933. There was a recovery from 1933 to 1937. Then came the Recession of 1937-38. But in 1939 things began to turn around as the second world war loomed.

Duncan seemed unaffected by the Depression. While everyone else was struggling, he was building. And he did his best to put people to work. Granted it isn’t thousands or even hundreds. But at least he tries.

The Plot

About an hour and a half drive north of Albuquerque is Los Alamos, birthplace of the Atomic Bomb. (Project starts in 1942.) Site Y will be opened up and the local peoples displaced by eminent domain and the Second War Powers Act. Duncan like to go fishing in the Jemez Mts, just 10 miles SW of Los Alamos. He also likes to check out the construction of the new Kirtland Airfield and related sites.

This is to be a romance story. But that is not to be the whole story. When Pearl Harbor comes to pass most young men will be lining up to enlist. Not Duncan. Will you be the sort to try to push him to enlist? Or make sure he doesn’t? Will you be the grease monkey who wants to be an airplane mechanic? Or worse, a pilot? Or are you already highly educated thanks to ‘Daddy’s’ money - ill gotten or otherwise - and wanting to make your own way in the world?

Contact via PM
You find yourselves thrust into a realm very different from the one they grew up in - our Earth Aug 21, 2017. Unlike the realm of their birth there is “no magic”, no demons, no undead. The science of the humans that live here have reached levels that transcend magic altogether. They build great towers that dwarf the tallest keeps. They have horseless carriages, great metal carriages that fly in the sky like dragons.

You came here by trying to ride the portal bridge the forces of Shadow rode to invade this innocent world. It was a world into which the demons and Unlife could not follow. But they have sent their agents in to pave the way.

Your quest is simple. Stop the agents of the Iron Wind from gaining a foothold and spare the humans from becoming slaves.

Character Concepts
Our main characters MUST be able to blend in and pass for human - at least at a glance. (Remember Spock in all those time travel scenarios on Earth? An Elf will do so long as their skin is a human color and they cover their ears. But if government agents get ahold of one you may find yourselves trying to explain about accidents with rice pickers.)

The general levels and experience of the main characters should be akin to the sort that would have adventures in AD&D modules like the Drow, Demonweb, Giant. In other words, not your basic Bilbo Baggins out for his first adventure. Your gear should NOT be mundane, but the result of past adventures. Joe Average doesn’t go jumping into a portal to chase down Uruk Hai, Uralchai (War trolls - which are a highly intelligent hybrid of troll and elf), and Drow hell bent on summoning dark gods to an innocent world.

RPG Basis
While the knowledge of any rpg rules won’t be necessary, I am going to list some of the rpg’s from which I have drawn my ideas. I pretty much stopped tabletop rpg’s by 1999.

AD&D 2nd ed - sorry, but I never bothered with 3rd and later editions. I considered them a betrayal of the original system. I stopped playing in the mid 1980’s. I do plan on using Lolth and Iuz.

Chivalry and Sorcery - not a well known. I also stopped at 3rd edition here. This was probably the most realistic setting developed for fantasy rpg’s. But the math was unwieldy. This system had excellent rules for the creation of magic items, as well as Black Magic and Demonology.

GURPS - designed for cross genre and hence will have the greatest influence. One of the most important aspects will be the effects of mana levels.

Rolemaster - The concept of the Iron Wind was drawn from this system. I do plan on using some of the Dark Gods from Shadow World.

Magic DOES work, but very poorly - both in effective skill and power. (If you have ever played the GURPS RPG, this Earth would have Low Mana.) The only plus is that failures have little or no effect. It is possible to find places where magic will work better. So yes, you may be a Magic User. Clerics, however, may have issues as they depend on sanctity. If their faith doesn’t exist on Earth, then they won’t be able to cast any miracles. Druids would do better. I am NOT using Avatar type magic. Sorry, but I am old school. Think AD&D 2nd ed. Yes, really old school.

The portal spell that brought you to Earth will also teach you the local language. (English)

I plan to start the RP in the USA. Exactly where is up for discussion, but should be in the SE USA near the end of the path of the 2017 total solar eclipse But it will be important to note that the geography of this Earth will be very similar to your realm. Some of the major variations will be man made alterations like lakes created by large dams. The name of your realm is up for discussion.

The CS
I want a detailed CS, with a good pic. The face should be very clear. In other words, no pics of some guy in armor where you can’t even see the face. People on Earth don’t walk around in armor. To blend you will have to remove yours.

You should have a well designed personality - likes, dislikes, etc. Alignment should be “Good”. A backstory of some sort would help. Remember, those who travel with you should know your personality. But your backstory might be a mystery.

Races - not much leeway here. Humans, Half Elves, and Elves. Class will be the real thing that makes you unique in the group.

You will arrive with all your gear, including horses, mules, pets, chainmail, swords, bows, etc. You will need to have these listed on your CS. You may also have henchmen, but consider the loyalty you would need to get a henchman to travel to some unknown realm. It would have to be very high. Please, no dragons, etc.

You may develop some NPC group henchmen who can NOT pass for human. (Keep this limited to 1). These will have to stay out of cities or at least out of sight. But all the characters MUST be of a “Good” alignment. They should have a CS just like your main. They should, however, be less experienced, have lesser gear, etc. Yes, you will need a good pic for each one. Backstories should include how they came to be henchmen.
Long ago the Ancients waged an apocalyptic war to end all war. A reign of nuclear bombs obliterated civilization in a few minutes of blazing horror. It was the end of the world - Doomsday - Skydark. With the first nuclear explosion, the tissue thin tapestry of civilization was ripped apart. The rule of law was replaced overnight with the somber draconian edict of survival of the fittest. Cannibals hunted prey. Cold hearts brutally raided farms. And slavers seized anybody they could as chattel. Electricity was seldom seen. Starvation universal. Rape a daily event. Death the only known means of escape.

If you remember RPG’s like Morrow Project, Gamma World, or TV shows like Ark II and Thundarr the Barbarian, or movies like Genesis II, you will be right at home. I plan to concentrate more on Morrow Project type alterations rather than the rather comic bookish Gamma World or Thundarr.


From the ashes of the old world civilization once more struggles to emerge… The people of the Enclave of Kirlan struggle to eke out a miserable existence, constantly tormented and threatened by the Emperor McAlester - who demands tributes. Additional threats come from road trash (bandits), poachers, and mutated animals.

Civilization has reverted to another Dark Age. Literacy, technology, culture, are all things of the past. The very ecologic and geologic balances are in upheaval. California is gone - underwater. They said it would happen and they were right. There are acid rains, superstorms, cannibals and dangerous mutations. Villes are often ruled by despotic barons - tyrants who rule by strength. Good barons rarely ever last and are few and far between. You can hardly trust anyone anymore.

You grew up in the Kirlan Enclave and are what passes for an journeyman archaeologist in the current era - a member of a secret society devoted to discovery and preservation of the knowledge of the Ancients known as the Preservationists. You are one of the rare few who have been schooled in the writings of the Ancients, educated by the Masters of the University of the Kerke Enclave. You were chosen to ascend to the top of Sandia to give your oath to seek and protect the truth. If the Emperor was to learn of your society’s existence he would capture, interrogate, and slay every last member - and take any items of technology for himself.

Once you had achieved journeyman status you were permitted to enter the Kerke Valley making use of one of the Ancient Rad suits and search the ruins of Kerke for artifacts. In truth there has always been little to find - nothing of much use. Anything exposed made of paper is usually rotted into dust. But every now and then one gets lucky. The general air is safe enough, but in the nooks and crannies of building remnants, radiation hasn’t been swept away by wind and rain. So the Rad suit and a special air tank are required. The geigers always gave a steady clicking that warns of death. Only a very few of those still work.

He was your discovery - the Sleeping God - made no more than a month ago. You had discovered shaft that descended into the earth, possibly concealing a bunker. In truth you had broken through and fallen some 200 feet straight down but rather than falling to your death the air itself had caught you and allowed you to land gently. You found yourself speaking to a disembodied voice that spoke in the languages of the Ancients. You couldn’t understand it at first, but it learned your language so fast that soon it was able to make itself understood. It asked for your name and purpose of visit, ordering you to look at a floating sphere.

The sphere, of course, was no more than a security program. It showed no appointments and didn’t exactly have your name on file. Then it asked if you would like to schedule an appointment. Once your very short visit was “concluded”, the floor opened up beneath you and the hardened air lowered you to the floor of a room with sliding doors. The air glowed red and dimmed.

“Warning, radiation detected. Your suit has exceeded operational specifications. Please follow the sphere CBR shower where you will be sanitized and given a medical exam for your safety.”

The language of Kirlan is a dialect that has evolved from English and Spanish. Even those who know the language of Ancients can’t really speak it (no more than the Sleeping God will speak your language at first). Kirlan is a word that evolved from Kirtland - as in the name of the USAF base. Kerke is, in fact, Albuquerque, NM.

About Mutants:
There are various kinds of mutations. Truth to tell, most mutations are bad. They are simply genetic errors. However a number of mutations have become standard and common enough to make the results a whole new species. Also, humans have developed a few mutations that are common enough to have names. However, most muties are highly distrusted as foul corrupt things.

Nearly always hostile
Stickies - These are humanoids with fingers ending in powerful sucker tips. The suction is strong enough to rend flesh. Stickies eat humans. They are drawn to fire and loud noise - though their hearing is poor. They delight in torturing their victims before killing them. They are extremely hard to kill. The best way is a headshot.

Swampies - Tougher versions of Stickies. Amphibious. Otherwise, much like Stickies.

Scalies - Humanoids with reptilian skin and features. Otherwise much like stickies.

Animal Mutations
Common mutations include, chimeric blending (such as mammals with reptilian features, winged crocodiles), Gigantism / Dwarfism, heightened intelligence. Less common mutations include psionics, dual skeletal systems, etc.
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