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Somewhere in the near future …. (Mar 27, 2025 to be exact)

Noone knows where he comes from. Is he human? Alien? A god of old? All we know is there is nothing and noone else like him. He showed up about a week ago (Mar 20, 2025) like a Superman. Yeah, just like in the comic books. A tornado emergency had been declared in the Oklahoma City area. A F5 funnel had formed and was headed for the city when he arrived. Three individuals plus a family of 4 reported being saved by him. The news got weirder. He turned away from the group of survivors he had assembled to face the tornado. Then he took off and flew into the tornado. It glowed with a swirling energy giving off arcs of lightning, then slowly dissipated.

There were reports afterwards of the same costumed man arriving at emergency centers with wounded, assisting first responders, reopening travel routes. But he didn’t stick around for thanks.

Little more has been learned about the man save for the fact that he did tell several people that he was NOT Superman, no S. But he offered no name.

He stands an estimated 6’9” to 7’0” with dark hair. He wore a suit that hid his eyes and hair. But he was caucasian and had no real accent. He was extremely polite. You know the saying ‘strong streak of good?’ He gave that sort of a first impression. He was seen to have lifted objects massing several tons.

As you can imagine his sudden appearance has drawn speculation. It has also drawn the attention of the government. So many questions need answers.

So … tall, dark … probably handsome. And he is the news story of a lifetime. (Research project?) This is a job for Lois Lane … or whatever your name is. The problem is that this guy won’t stand still. He showed up two days ago in eastern Turkey in response to a major earthquake. Get this: he spoke Turkish.

The traditional hurricane season for Atlantic has begun in June. But for the past decade tropical storms have been coming earlier. Several years ago they were starting in April. This year the Gulf of Mexico has a Category 3 hurricane growing and headed for landfall in New Orleans … again. The … superhero … seems drawn to major disasters rather than criminals.

About the RP
This is to be an Advanced / Detailed RP. I am looking for someone who can post daily. (Yes, I realize that won’t happen EVERY day. But I get bored when RP’s grow stagnant.)

Your character does NOT have to be a reporter. I mean, I know how cliche that is. But the superhero in question IS following the news. So his actions are a little predictable along those lines. And nothing says you can’t have skills beyond journalism.

If you want to go xenobiologist looking to prove the existence of an alien on Earth, this guy isn’t the answer you are looking for. He has a sense of humor though and just might run with it for fun doing Vulcan greetings and maybe even a Mork From Ork greeting.

You might go with intelligence operative. After all the guy’s technology could have an impact on national security.

He does have a secret ID.

No, the world has never had a real superhero before - except the ordinary variety you might have heard of in the news. (I mean real world news, not the RP. There are some real world costumed vigilantes out there.) This guy is a whole new game. He may not be bulletproof or anything like that. He does wear a suit that offers full contained coverage. (Hey … an alien might need a vacc suit to survive on Earth ...)

Contact via PM.
Welcome to Albuquerque Academy (Grades 6-12), an independent, co-educational school. (The wikipedia link will tell you nearly everything you need to know. I have made a few changes though.) The costs to parents is over $22,000 per year per student.

Its football team was 3-6 last year and could barely field a team. In 2015 they moved to a 3 team league. That league has been disbanded and that are back in a league with several teams. It is likely this will be the last year for the football team. If you look up their state championships, that will give you an idea of the sports that get all the support.

Lower School (Grades 6-7)
Middle School (Grades 8-9)
Upper School (Grades 10-12)

It is Fall 2017 and you are a student in the Upper School. (You do NOT have to start at 10th grade. My character will be in 11th. He is 15 and about to turn 16 in late Sept. Yes, he finishes his senior year at age 17. He doesn’t even have his driver’s license yet. Yes, he will be in Driver’s Ed.)

Course Listing

Courses are not limited to what is in that list. For fun, I am adding Equestrian (must have a family life that allows for a place to keep a horse, Mares and Geldings only at the school). They do have a Ropes course if you look. Geology is being added. This is not a very large school. Class sizes are small. They have to justify the use of a teacher’s time to keep a class open.

Compared to all the other students of this fine school, my character’s schedule is ridiculously light. Music (Guitar), Keyboard, Theatrical Arts, plus some college courses. Creative Writing is his toughest course. Most students are REQUIRED to take certain courses and even have summer reading assignments. (You generally have to sign up a year in advance.) Duncan, however, finished his GED. He is taking courses to round out his education.

Duncan is a New Kid in School, transferring from the public school system, and looks more than a little rough around the edges - literally. On the first day of school it looked as though he had been mugged by a gang or in a very bad traffic accident. He wears a single glove on his left hand and walks with a limp. (His left hip is messed up.) He’s a little on the weird side. Okay, a lot weird. Socially he is withdrawn. He hovers on the edge of groups or rooms and observes. That may just be the fact that he’s new. He acts more like a geek than that cool guy with the guitar. He’s always scribbling stuff in notebooks. He doesn't do social media. He has few friends, mostly unpopular kids.

The RP will officially start up a few weeks into Fall Semester. Note: He will NOT have anything to do with a hispanic girl of any sort.

Please contact me via PM if Interested. (And use the Subject: New Kid.) I will probably run this via PM's.

Despite his young age of 25, he held a postgraduate research position at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. UNM is better known for its medical center, but as New Mexico is known as the Energy State, it should not be surprising that it covers other disciplines like geology, metallurgy, astronomy and engineering. He has also built his own businesses. One of these was a think tank. It is there where he built his time machine.

Duncan travelled back in time from the early 21st century to in late 1911 to the Territory of New Mexico through a time portal of his own invention. More specifically he travelled to Albuquerque, NM for this is where he was from in the 21st century. New Mexico became the 47th on Jan 6, 1912. (Arizona was 48th in Feb.)

Duncan will be nearly 28 at the start of this RP (turns 28 in late September). He stands 6’7” tall, athletic build, steel blue eyes, nearly black hair. But he walks with a limp in his left leg, and a glove on his left hand (covering a scar where his hand was sliced in half lengthwise). The other injuries aren’t as apparent. He is clearly very, very educated. And he couldn’t support himself without wealth.

Upon his arrival he first arranged for his record and identification, legitimate as far as anyone could tell. Then he arranged to purchase land, built a ranch, an airport, and some labs and fabrication plants to the north of the city.

He knew that WWI would begin in 1914 - and that the US would enter the war in 1917. But he also knew that in a little over a century America would enter WWII and ultimately be consumed in WWIII. Before 1917, the US military was viewed with scorn by both sides of WWI (Britain and Germany). The US was also equally split as to which side it empathized with. Many favored the Germans. However, Germany would ultimately turn America against it.…

For the past 3 years Duncan has been living in the past. He has thrown himself into his research. He hired men to run his airport and fabrication plants. The research labs are more for his personal use. He has taken flying lessons and has an interest in aeronautical research, engine designs, and some fields that have no names yet. He was an outsider, eccentric for his youthful age.

He was known to have purchased new cars each of the past two years and donated them to the local college as a graduation prize for their top students in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Runners up received cash rewards. He was known for sponsoring races - both planes and cars. And he put up research grants at the university. This made him welcome in polite society no matter how much he tried to avoid it. He was considered an eligible bachelor.

It is now late July 2014 and Britain has just declared war on Germany. WWI has effectively begun. Of course, the USA will stay out of the war until 1917. “He kept us out of war” will be Woodrow Wilson’s running platform in 1916. The Republicans are trying to initiate a Preparedness program. Democrats are trying to stall it.

Enter the Lady.
This is your part. This is a very open position. But your main character should be one that will turn the head of this man. (He’s almost 28 now.) Boring won’t do it. Shy probably won’t do it either.

Note: I have an alternate version of this that is set in 1939, also in Albuquerque.…

June 20, 2037
Emperor Jonathan Rhand

World Chronology…

Rhand and its sister islands are new land along the island chain that Hawaii and Midway island are a part of. They rose out of the sea a little over a decade ago (2025). Rhand got their first (or was already there), claimed them and declared them his personal sovereign territory. His claim was challenged by both Russia and China. Russia tried to challenge his territorial waters and he sank their fleet. He has finally been recognized by the UN even if he is not a member. Rhand is a dictator who, upon his visit to the UN in 2028, was described as looking like a cross between Ironman and Dr Doom.

He set his territorial waters and airspace boundary is set at 12 miles outside of the triangle formed by the exterior edges of his three islands. The greatest distance between islands is about 95 miles, so this is a point of contention. China decided to fly between these two islands and lost their aircraft back in 2029. The aircraft literally disintegrated from around the pilot. The pilot was returned unharmed without fuss or demands, but warned that another violation would be met with severe repercussions.

In 2020, ISIS began to make a renewed effort to carry out its goals to enforce the Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. As of 2017, ISIS had been pushed back from their initial expansion. But they had also spread to Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. In 2020, 27 terrorist attacks occurred across Europe. The US suffered 3 attacks costing over 700 lives. The US renewed its efforts and once more the War on Terror was a daily buzz phrase.

ISIS again lost ground and became less dominant by 2023. They started up again in 2027 … and were again suppressed by 2030. But in 2034 they re-emerged in force spreading in every nation they had held forces in, breaking the defensive lines of the USA and NATO by 2037. They were starting to resemble the map they had leaked some 25+ years before.

Maps of Isis progress (does not include most recent events in USA and Mexico)…

In late 2036 ISIS launched a major offensive in the USA and Mexico. They started their fronts in Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, and Washington (state). By early 2037 they had taken Laredo, San Antonio, and had turned Dallas - Fort Worth and Houston into war zones.


Little is known about Emperor Rhand or the micronation. What IS known is that technologically he is well ahead of the USA, China, or Russia. He imports nothing. His borders are closed. He does, however, export raw materials, such as rare earths and other extremely hard to come by materials. Militarily he appears to be able to detect stealth threats and remains on a constant high alert status that suggests paranoia. A decade ago he had the technology to make military aircraft simply disintegrate. He was able to create a lush tropical jungle on his main island in the space of three years and build a vast building with no signs of construction technology and maglev rail system. Odds are he is extremely advanced in the area of nanotechnology.

There is no evidence of anyone else living on any of the islands. He has been known to visit other nations - primarily the USA. He speaks English like a native suggesting that he might have been born there. For most of the past year, however, he was notably incommunicado, responding to no messages. His security appears to be automated at times.

A month ago he reopened channels to inquire about the status of the fight against ISIS in the USA. He specifically asked for all intelligence on ISIS. The US finally agreed on the condition that the data be delivered by courrier. The Emperor didn’t respond at first, then asked if they wanted his help or not. The President said yes. But the condition remained the same.

The deal was finally worked out. The US would send their agent by stealth submarine. The agent would be picked up by Rhand - or a sub, ship, whatever at the 12 mile limit. Rhand corrected them and said 10 mile, allowances to be made.

You are that agent. Your mission. Get his help. He’s made inquiries, so he is at least interested in ISIS’ operations. If possible gain his trust. If he won’t help, obtain technology advantageous to fighting ISIS. There is no reason to believe he has any advantage over ISIS. They simply aren’t that advanced to need his technology to fight them. But about now the world is getting desperate. And in all honesty, it is hoped that he CAN offer some new means to stop their spread. Further, it is believed that he DOES want to help.

Rhand was believed to be a man in his mid 30’s when he visited the UN in 2028. If so that would put him in his mid 40’s now. He stood about 6’9” tall. This could have been his armor making him look tall.

The truth. He was 27 when he first visited the UN. He is now 36, but stopped aging some years ago. He is actually 6’9”. And he was born in America. His Emperor persona is something he created to conceal his identity. The reason for this is that he was a public figure in the USA by age 15, even more so by 16. He suffered a tragedy that turned him against the US and NATO, but far moreso against ISIS. He began to shun his connections to humanity, practically giving up on the rest of the planet.
Hmm, few problems. The town hasn't been around long enough to be there a decade. And she's too young for the history. It is 1871. No clue where Navajo is.
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