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excellent. Let's see if we can get a few more. If you haven't made a character, you can hold off until we get at least a couple more.
Full RP Description (some editing in progress - mostly adding to Alien FAQ)…

The Truth is Out There

You and your friends are now alien conspiracy “nuts”. (See Characters before actually creating one.) Could be due to very recent events or a lifetime of belief.

You believe in UFO, alien astronauts, the works. The Truth is out there. This group will be a network of specialists in things alien. Some of you will have your own cheap mini RV filled with jury rigged radio equipment and plastered with a zillion bumper stickers. Others think they were abducted. Some may wear aluminum foil hats to protect their brains from scans. Some may have advanced degrees in engineering, archaeology, linguistics, or some other study. But within your fields you get no respect because of your beliefs. (This begs the question as to how you pay for your UFO research.)

The rest of the world doesn’t take you very seriously - save for like minded folks. You will often run afoul of local authorities, Feds, military security, news services. Be careful about admitting what you know. You DO realize that aliens live among us. Right?

To one another you are serious researchers. Oh, you may live like ‘white trash’ and drive around in a mobile base sort of utility van investigating UFO rumors. Some of you may be lying through your teeth. Others may have gotten drunk enough to have suffered hallucinations and thought you were abducted.

Our initial setting will begin in … you guessed it … Roswell, NM. There’s an annual UFO Festival there July 5-7, 2019. The RP kicks off shortly after the festival where our intrepid UFOlogists met up.…

Sept 1, 2021

Rhand and its sister islands (Aslaan, Rhavuul, Orlan, and Vaal) are located in a tight group halfway between Hawaii and Midway island. Their combined area is a little more than that of New Zealand or about half the size of Texas. They were discovered in 2015 by satellite imagery. However, the islands had been claimed as the sovereign territory of Rhand. They claimed to be a constitutional monarchy, with a Lady Chryslaen Morley as the Queen Regent. The rightful heir was a young man of 15 man named Jonathan Rhand.

They set their territorial waters and airspace boundary at 12 miles outside of the polygon formed by the exterior edges of the islands. Noone knows how they went undetected for so long. Conspiracy theorists use explanations like Themyscira, Lost Atlantis, and Mu.

They have politely kept their borders closed until recently, with the coming of age of Jonathan and his ascension to the throne. (He turns 21 on Sep 25, 2021.) The islands have begun to open its port to very limited tourism of a scale not unlike that of Fantasy Island. That is, tourism is permitted on a case by case basis. The cost of a fantasy is subjective, typically only for the very wealthy. But Rhand has gone so far as to sell lottery tickets in various countries with stern warning that cheating will be punished harshly. Some of these tickets find their way to deserving recipients.

A new group of tourists arrive in a handful of small seaplanes about once a month. In short they grant a few fantasies a month. This number rises and falls depending on complexity. It is rumored that some guests have vanished never to be seen again. Of course, most suggest that they became permanent residents. Whether that is good or bad is anyone’s guess.

I will be running Jonathan, his Privy Council (5 members), plus a few members of staff and security, and some of the family members of the Council. I will also have to run most of the native islanders.

You will run a female guest as a main character, plus any related guests. You will need a CS. The CS should include a pic, general characteristics, background as needed, and your fantasy (reason for coming to the island) - and how you got your fantasy granted.

Well, the initial plot is pretty simple. While this place is described like Fantasy Island, I can assure you it is not that at all. However, the laws of reality will get bent. You might even think the place magical. Who knows, you might be right. Your character may be on the run from some dark past. She may bring that dark past with her. You could even arrive as not the one getting their fantasy fulfilled, but the monster that brought you. Life isn’t always fair. If you can think of a way to do it, you could even stow away.
In the distant future mankind has spread to the stars. In the wake of the Exodus a myriad of factions arose. Wars happened. Technologies rose and fell. Communal societies, empires, anarchies - they rose and fell. Legends were born and died. Whole religions were created and crushed. Earth has long been left behind and is considered by most to be myth.

In all that time we never met aliens - unless we wanted to count ourselves.

It is now the year 8054, not that anyone uses old calendars. But it is perhaps one of the most compelling evidence that Earth once existed. The Genesis story that now exists is nothing like the original biblical one. Rather it tells of how Man was given the gift of Knowledge and laid waste to his own garden. From there the story diverges depending on beliefs. Some say Gaia cast Man across the stars. Some say that the knowledge of Man grew so godlike that Elder Gods grew angry and sent their wrath for daring to set foot on the Heavens.

Now two great cultures - the Prometheans and the Kytarri - have been at war for decades. The Prometheans and clan militaristic opportunists. The Kytarri are a feudal caste society. The closest comparisons would be America/Europe and Japan/China. Or perhaps West and East.

Then the Bugs came. Both cultures may have their own names for the aliens. But the term Bug fits perfectly well in the mind of the average Promethean soldier. Below are links to a few of the alien creatures. One is a command type and rarely seen. The next is a standard footsoldier. And the last is a beast used for sieges.………

Noone knows where the Bugs come from. And so far as anyone knows the Bugs don’t know where the Promethean and Kytarri homeworlds are. But they have been attacking outlying colonies along the Promethean - Kytarri border. Up until recently the war has been pretty one sided, with humans on the losing end. More than one colony has already fallen to the Bugs - on both sides.

Unlike the Kytarri, the Prometheans are aggressive. They haven’t been waiting the the Bugs to get to them. Rather they have begun sending out patrols. Recently one of those patrols picked up the distress calls of a Kytarri outpost. The Promethean patrol chose to ignore the distress calls - all but one squad. One of its soldiers broke rank, violated orders and responded to the call by heading into the conflict.

The Prometheans were field testing a new mobile infantry unit - the battlemech. The technology is new to the Prometheans - unheard of by the Kytarri. A Battlemech is basically an anthropomorphic tank with transformer technology. It was designed to fight the huge bug beasts. (Though if you look at the picture of the beast, you can only imagine just how much the beast dwarfs even the mecha.)

Note: The Kytarri had mecha, but the largest was only 3 meters in height and built to combat the physical prowess of Prometheans. Prometheans are well known to raise soldiers in heavy gravities and extreme climates.…

The particular mecha variant stood 9.87 meters, had jump jets, sported a shoulder mounted class 5 autocannon and a medium laser cannon. It massed some 55 tons. Violating every rule in the Promethean play book the soldier ejected from his dropship during descent as soon as it was past the heat of reentry. Then it used its jump jets to evade Bug anti aircraft fire straight into the heat of battle.

Even the distraction of the single mecha bought a little time for the Kytarri to evacuate some of the civilians. What the Prometheans could not have known was that the colony was being visited by a royal princess (well removed from the throne and expendable, but still a royal) there to bring much needed supplies to a starving colony. The colony lack much in the way of defenses. But the royal princess had brought her own protection. Rather than evacuating she ordered her troops to protect the people and buy them time.

But the soldier did much more than that. His insubordination brought his own people into the fray - with more mecha variants. They couldn’t take the chance the new technology would fall into enemy hands. This turned the tide of the battle and for once the Bugs lost. The Kytarri could only watch as the soldier surrendered to his superiors and was removed by force from their colony.

When he exited the craft he had with him a small Kytarri child. He had spotted the child cowered in the rubble while battle raged around her. For a brief moment his mecha had frozen. He had used a maintenance port to jump out, grab the child and jump back into his mecha. His own people thought the mecha was simply overheating - which it was. At the end of the fight, while surrendering he released the child. He sent a simple message clutched tightly in the child’s hands.

It was an origami crane.

The Kytarri declared a truce while the Prometheans withdrew taking the nearly destroyed mecha. The soldier faced numerous charges - treason, insubordination.

Since the incident with the mecha the war has continued to go very poorly. The Kytarri has begun trying to develop their own mecha based on a few samples of battlearmor and myomer scraps left on the battlefield. But it is going to take years. In the meantime colonies continue to fall. The Kytarri are infamous for their space fleet’s fighters and fighter bombers. They are also believed to have a superior stealth capability as well as C3. In terms of organization they have the Prometheans beat. So they have tried to stop the Bugs in space and sky. But their ships can’t take the beating a Promethean can.

So the Kytarri royal family has finally decided that a truce MUST be struck at all costs and an alliance formed.

The Prometheans are a bit like the Scottish highlander clans. It is hard as hell to get them all to work together at once. But the Bugs have changed all that. Now the clans compete for who can kill the most bugs. The real problem is that not all the clans will go along with an alliance with the Kytarri.

But a majority did. What they did NOT like was the one condition the Kytarri set. The asked for the soldier to serve as ambassador - an arranged marriage to a member of the Kytarri royal line. Their choice? The princess who was on the colony world, of course. For the Prometheans it was an easy choice. The soldier was a runt orphan. (Runt is not literal here. Our soldier stands 6’2” tall and is built like a football player. Many Promethean soldiers dwarf him though.) But he has no family to speak of. Noone even knows where he came from. Orphan. They just hate that he is getting away with high crimes at the behest of an old enemy.

Yes, we should come up with a CS each. I am not picky about the format. (Please hide any animated gifs though. I have bad eyes that have problems seeing around them. I can look at one briefly though.) Please note that just because your character is a princess, does NOT mean she has no profession. She is well removed from the throne. So she could be a soldier.

We do NOT have to have known each other’s language. But we should have begun studying for at least a little while. (My character probably less so than yours as he was incarcerated.) Prometheans speak a language descended from English and many European languages. They just call it Basic. Kytarri speak a language descended from Japanese, Chinese and influenced by several asian languages. I would suggest we both be in our physiological early 20’s. The lifespan of many Prometheans and a small percentage of Kytarri is similar to Vulcans of Star Trek. 28 would be comparable to 18 physiologically. 48 would be about 28. Kytarri medical technology is supposedly superior to Prometheans.

The RP will begin with my character’s arrival - with his mecha repaired, but clearly not new. They won’t even give him a diplomatic seal until he gets there. The Promethean command clenches the seal in his hand until the soldier slaps the man’s hand and apparently numbs it, allowing the seal to fall out. This gets a raised hand that almost backhands the soldier. But the soldier just salutes and holds the salute until it is returned. Then the Prometheans just leave him there like refuse.

The man stands his ground until the Prometheans lift off. Then he collapses. The Kytarri physicians soon discover that the soldier has suffered months of torture and abuse followed by recent efforts to improve his health to what his superiors considered a presentable level.

Upon awakening he gestures a request for something to write with. He writes the ancient kongi for paper. Then he indicates the sides of the paper be equal. No mystery here. He folds a perfect origami crane and offers it up. “Kami,” he writes and says. It is an Ancient word for paper. Then he writes and says, “Kuren.” This means crane. Finally he writes and says, “Araiansu,” which means alliance. He repeats the words in Mandarin.
You know that old saying? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Well, that’s not entirely true. But that isn’t exactly the point of our story. It does, however, describe its opening scene…

You had walked in on your now obviously Ex in bed with another woman - two women actually. They were a couple of bimbos he probably picked up in Vegas. You had every reason to hope he married BOTH of them and had to figure out how to handle THAT little problem. But you had torn out of there in a fit of rage, driving way too fast.

A short while later you still hadn’t been able to see clearly. Half blind with anger and betrayal you had been taking curved way too fast. As you flew around another turn there he was - some idiot just standing there in the roadway. You did your best to avoid hitting him and swerved as hard as you could. You heard a sickening crunch noise as you clipped the man and careened off the road and down into a ravine.

The miracle is that you weren’t killed. You did mess up the front end of your car. But thankfully a seatbelt and airbag saved you life. Then you realized with bile rising in your stomach that that might not be the luckiest thing in the world as you might be found guilty of manslaughter. Sore from the accident you crawled back up to the road and found the man lying there.

God but he was huge. He had to stand well over 6’6” and was built like a … god, but dressed in rags. You lacked the strength to drag him off to the side of the road before some other car showed up to run him over and finish the job. Fortunately that didn’t happen. He groaned a little, indicating that he was alive …

My Character
Well, he IS a god. Really. Well, he used to be anyways. His powers aren’t what they used to be. But at least he sort of looks like one. He has that body women fight over. Men get jealous of. He has a warrior’s physique.

Your Character
Young, beautiful. The man who turned his eyes to gaze upon other women had to have suffered a lapse in judgement. You should have a career. You will need a good CS. It should include all the usual stats, career, education, background, etc. Details matter.

Part of the plot will be in helping this man adapt to your world. He had no idea what a light switch is. He’s never used a toilet, had a soda, anything. He will start out as a deadbeat. He has no money, no ID, nothing.

One Jan 1, 2028 just 210 years after the original anonymous publication of Mary Shelley’s famous novel Frankenstein a discovery was made in the Arctic. It was a charred corpse of a humanoid and standing about 8 feet tall. It was hideous, covered with surgical scars.

Shelley described Frankenstein's monster as an 8-foot-tall (2.4 m) creature of hideous contrasts:
His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! Great God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth of a pearly whiteness; but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes, that seemed almost of the same colour as the dun-white sockets in which they were set, his shrivelled complexion and straight black lips.

The monster had kept its word to travel to the northernmost part of the world and incinerate itself.

The creature’s first new memories were of smells - the sort of smells born of science. Next came the awareness of being bound. Was there any surprise? Third was the realization that his body was healing. There was an annoying beeping noise that grew more rapid and louder.

“Turn it down,” is hushed voice spoke. It was female. “He can hear us. I want complete quiet. Lockdown phase 3 now.”

“What if it gets free?” A man’s voice, soft and nervous.

“You are welcome to leave,” the woman responded. There was more restrained excitement in her voice than anything like fear. She was determined.

“Do you think he can understand us?” the man asked.

“Doubtful. He was created in Germany, learned to speak and read in Germany. But he didn’t return to his creator for a year. So it is possible. Still let us try German.”

The woman spoke now in German to the monster before her. “You kept your word as best you could. I know this. Your eyes are covered to protect them. They need time to heal. You were bound for your own protection - and in all honesty my assistants are afraid of you. I am Dr Mary Shelley.” She laughed softly. “I suspect the reason for my humor escapes you. “My namesake is the woman who wrote the story of your creation. You once suggested a name to your creator. Adam. May I call you that?”

YOU are the monster. I posted a picture above. It is from the movie I, Frankenstein. It was the movie’s idea of what Adam looked like shortly before he disappeared into the Arctic to destroy himself. Over time he heals and begins to take on the more handsome form originally intended by Victor Frankenstein.

I intend to roleplay the newest “Dr Frankenstein”. Is she a monster or does she have the best intentions? Even if they are the best, do they simply pave the way to Hell?

In a way this is Pygmalion affair as well as a quest for redemption. Dr Shelley feels that science has finally reached the point that it can repair some of the damage done so long ago. Stem cell treatments can hasten healing for example. Indeed, they have been going for months. When discovered Adam was little more than a charred corpse. However, the fire wasn’t enough. There were still viable cells that were frozen and preserved. Once they thawed out, the regenerative process began.

If the brain was burned, Adam may have amnesia, possibly permanent. But for the sake of roleplay, I suggest he be similar to the version in I, Frankenstein.

I am also considering a sort of superhero setting, possibly a post apocalypse based on a Rapture event having already occurred - or something similar. The dates of the RP are a little adjustable. I just didn’t want to jump 50 years. I want to keep tech fairly near future.
Note: I plan to run the M to F change. You would run the F to M. Fade to black is fine. 18+ is tagged as an option. I do not intend this as a smut RP.

You know the old saying? Be careful what you wish for. Yes, it’s cliche. You would think people would know better. But once upon a time there were two people who kept running across one another at the college library. One was a young man; the other a young lady.

The young man saw the girl. She looked sweet and attractive. She was always dressed nice, but drove a crappy car that always ran. Either she knew how to fix things or had family and friends who took care of her. Her laptop was a crappy falling apart piece of junk - that always worked. So he never had an excuse to talk to her. Her notebook was covered with beautiful doodles. He guessed she might be an art major. But it was impossible to tell. He always thought she looked … afraid of her own shadow though.

The young man? The young lady thought he had to live a charmed life. He was smart. Like the whole college knew him. He was a lab assistant in the Physics and Chemistry department. He was a grad student or something. He was often seen with a guitar - one of those really expensive ones, or a fancy, overpriced laptop. He didn’t drive a car; he rode in a limo. But he walked with a bad limp. He had one good leg, one good arm. And he never smiled except for he paste on smile he reserved for class.

The young man wish he could talk to the girl. Hell, he wished he could talk to girls period. But every time he tried to get up the nerve he shied away. The young lady wished she could talk to the young man. But her family life was hell. She wished her life wasn’t such a mess. She wished she wasn’t too ashamed to have friends.

Then … they BOTH got what they wished for. Just not the way either expected.


The young lady woke up to the sound of a woman knocking at the door. She sounded Japanese though she was speaking in English. She was telling him to was time to wake up. The room she woke up in looked nothing like her own room. It was … a guy’s room. She … no … HE … stumbled to the private bathroom connected to his bedroom. Everything around him looked … shorter. He was … tall. Then he looked into the mirror and saw himself. He was handsome, but a male version of himself, built like some jock. Muscles, killer abs…

For the young man a similar, but opposite situation was unfolding. He had been living alone. His parents had been killed. Imagine his surprise when some pre-pubescent teenage boy broke into the room yelling that Mom had breakfast ready. Just one thing, he called him “Sis.” A young woman’s voice responded - his own - with a mumbled acknowledgement. The door slammed shut. The young man … correction … lady … looked down. Oh crap.


The now jock discovered masculine versions of his former life littering the room. Gone was the junk. There were football trophies, baseball trophies, Ironman competitions, Marathons. He owned ticket magnet muscle car - and a limo. The Japanese woman turned out to be Masumi, the family butler. His driver’s license said he was 18. His address was listed as Rome, GA. The computer on his desk said it was Summer. There were course books for Kennesaw State University. (He could only hope he wasn’t going on a sports scholarship.) And there was a photo of a beautiful girl on the desk. It wasn’t hidden. He … had a girlfriend. There was something familiar about her. A man walked in - another stranger - who turned out to be his limo driver, Gary. The looks exchanged between the limo driver and butler suggested a possible romance. Noone seemed to realize he had ever been a girl.

The now young lady discovered a similar situation. Except his new parents owned and operated a salvage yard and recycling center. They had a son named David and two big black dogs named Sam and Dean. She figured they had to be Supernatural fans. Her ID said she was 18. Gone was her 2018 Cadillac. Say hello to her 1946 Pontiac pickup - that doubled as a dump truck. She had an acceptance letter to Kennesaw State University.


As it would turn out, these two now lived maybe a mile apart. They would be at the same college. It was still Summer. There was time to adjust.

Yes, you will need a CS. The lives these two have stepped into are scripted. Where they came from is only half scripted. Both had troubled lives before. Their new lives are better, but unfamiliar. Their interests and hobbies are unscripted.

Now I did write in some elements that have them already knowing their new selves. That can be edited out. That was just plot device to make it easier. The new date is actually the next Summer. They have been at KSU for a full year and about to start a 2nd year. They both turn 19 soon.

BOTH of their lives need to be developed - before and after. One option I may explore is a return to their old lives. My character's parents will be the same one he/she had before. As a guy he had lost both parents recently. As a girl they are alive again.
This is the story of Good vs Dark, God vs Man. (Yes, inspired by Superman vs Batman) It is the story of a superhero who has that strong streak of good, never crossing the line of vigilantism and the inevitable meeting with a Batman styled vigilante who watched over a metropolis. (Feel free to use New York City. Vanguard is more global, but often seen in the southwestern USA.) Vanguard has been hearing more and more stories about a Batman styled lunatic that is taking the law into his own hands. (No killing except in self defense though and only if he must. The police are simply outclassed by a new breed of villain.)

If the vigilante is a female, there is a possibility of a romance. Otherwise not.

Our story takes place some three years after the arrival of Vanguard - in 2028.

Mar 27, 2025 - Noone knew where he came from. Was he human? Alien? A god of old? All we know was there was nothing and noone else like him. He showed up about a week before (Mar 20, 2025) like a Superman. Yeah, just like in the comic books. A tornado emergency had been declared in the Oklahoma City area. A F5 funnel had formed and was headed for the city when he arrived. Three individuals plus a family of 4 reported being saved by him. The news got weirder. He turned away from the group of survivors he had assembled to face the tornado. Then he took off and flew into the tornado. It glowed with a swirling energy giving off arcs of lightning, then slowly dissipated.

There were reports afterwards of the same costumed man arriving at emergency centers with wounded, assisting first responders, reopening travel routes. But he didn’t stick around for thanks. Little more was learned about the man save for the fact that he did tell several people that he was NOT Superman, no S. But he offered no name.

He stood an estimated 6’9” to 7’0”. He wore a battlesuit that hid his eyes and hair. He had no real accent. He was extremely polite. You know the saying ‘strong streak of good?’ He gave that sort of a first impression. He was seen to have lifted objects massing several tons. As you can imagine his sudden appearance drew speculation. It also drew the attention of the government. So many questions needed answers.

He was the news story of a lifetime. It was a job for Lois Lane … or rather Abigail Williams. The problem is that this guy wouldn’t stand still. He showed up the next day in eastern Turkey in response to a major earthquake. Get this: he spoke Turkish.

The traditional hurricane season for Atlantic had begun in June. But for the past decade tropical storms had been coming earlier. Several years ago they were starting in April. This year the Gulf of Mexico had a Category 3 hurricane growing and headed for landfall in New Orleans … again. The … superhero … seemed drawn to major disasters rather than criminals.

Hurricane names get recycled every 6 years. It was ironic that one of the most destructive hurricanes in American history had had the same name. Hurricane Katrina had been a Category 1 storm just 2 days before. The next day was being upgraded to a Cat 3 and was now a Cat 5 with wind speeds around 175 mph. The last time Katrina had hit if had downgraded to a Cat 4 with wind speeds at 145 mph (though in downtown the winds were half that). This time the conditions were a little different and the storm was still gathering momentum. It was expected to hit New Orleans with winds up to 200 mph within 24 hours with a storm surge over 25 feet.

Problem was, how to stop a hurricane. Tornadoes were easy. They had a path typically only a few hundred feet or less. A Cat 3 hurricane produced the energy of the Hiroshima bomb every second. But it wasn’t just the winds It was the water swell that resulted from the barometric depression. The last Katrina had sent a swell of 15 to 25 feet. This one was going to be worse. And he had no idea how to displace that much water. The best he could see hoping for was damage control. Even now the evacuation was underway.

The first thing he did was clear out a few stalled vehicles that were slowing the evacuation. There was a Car-B-Que that fire trucks couldn’t even get to. He snuffed out the fire with a gesture, then cooled it off with an icy blast of wind. But as usual he didn’t stick around to chat. His thoughts were to save as many as he could by speeding the evacuation. Then go deal with hampered rescue efforts in the path of the storm. At least this time the news had done a better job of informing people. And emergency services was doing far better with evacuation efforts.

He arrived in New Orleans around Noon. The storm was still about 18 hours out, but winds were already getting dangerously high.

Abigail Williams
Her new boss had slowed her career down, but had slowly begun to give her begrudging praise, deciding that she was serious about being an investigative reporter, even though much of what she did was eyewitness or on the scene news. She'd had speech lessons, upgraded her wardrobe a bit. Her cranky mentor was still hard on her, demanding more than perfection. But the occasional 'could be worse' was like an applause.

So now they were assigned to what everyone hoped would be the story of the century - her cranky boss' last assignment for he was retiring. They had been covering the disaster even though her boss had admitted that his gut said the flying guy was real. But he also says that if he was, he would be moving around so fast that there would be no way to track him. Better to go where he was needed and let the story come to you.

They stopped at the scene of an accident where a handicapped access short bus assigned to transport some elderly (6) out of the area had been literally picked up and thrown into the second floor of a building injuring the driver and killing an ambulance tech. The elderly were O2 dependent and could hardly walk on their own normally, much less in high winds. Abigail and her boss concurred, screw the story they came for. It was a long shot anyways. They decided to use their own news van to transport the elderly out.

The strain of the rescue proved too much for her boss who suffered a stroke while getting one of the last patients to the news van. So there Abigail was, trying to use CPR on a man who had given her tons of grief, but seemed more like a mentor and uncle than anyone short of family. Then she looked out the window to see a school bus rolling over and over at them by the winds on a course directly for them.

That's when HE showed up. The super dude (still no superhero ID at this time) was nowhere near strong enough to just catch the bus. He couldn’t just lift it to sail over them as the building was just on the other side of them. They had been using it to shelter from some of the wind and so they didn't have to walk far. So he did something new. He sliced the bus in half with an invisible energy beam and let it break in half on his body, the two pieces slamming into the building to the front and rear of them. Then he walked to them, shined a ray on Abigail's mentor and told her she did good. The ray enveloped her mentor in a shimmering field. The superhero explained that it was a life support system that would keep him alive until they could get to medical center. He asked her to help make sure everyone was secured. Then he lifted the whole news van and flew it out to a hospital. Did he stick around for an interview or even a thank you? No.

Three days later Vanguard - as he was finally called by the Press - approached Abigail Williams and gave her that interview.

Your Character
You are a Batman type character. If you want to go the billionaire route, that is fine too. Some restrictions on your vigilantism: No killing except in self defense though and only if you must. The police are simply outclassed by a new breed of villain. You know the types: Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, and such. Yes, some of those are superhuman. You do NOT have to be male. A female vigilante works just as well. In fact, if you want this to end up as a MxF romance, that would be necessary.

Both of our characters are heroes. We just don’t agree on methods. And … Vanguard … he has the power of a god. What if he were to turn on the people of Earth? How are you going to face off a guy who wrestles tornadoes, catches hypersonic reentry vehicles, and snuffs out towering infernos like birthday candles?

You will need a good CS.
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