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Two PhD's .. The fields he was in often take 1 year. (Physics and Chemistry) Personal experience. I did much the same personally ... without the advantages of computers and CLEP testing with the same sort of abuse. My stepfather told me Science never did the world any good; I was wasting my time. Honestly to me Duncan just a bit above average. His biggest advantage over me was the development of the internet before he was born. He jumped past all his grades after age 11-12 by just getting his GED. He no longer needed high school to take college level courses. He CLEP'd through most studying at his own pace. Heck, I started with 20 semester hours in college. People looked at me like I was crazy. 140 pages of reading a day. But a year later I still had a perfect GPA and in Physics and Chemistry I had 100's on everything.

I have spent a lifetime dealing with people who just aren't comfortable with anyone being that smart. I would literally write up a synthesis procedure for a new molecule in minutes and have it submitted and approved within the hour - and thought it was easy. It comes off as sounding arrogant, I know. I got so fed up I left the field of science behind nearly 20 years ago.

However ... understood ... Please don't think me upset. Not the first time I have dealt with this. And if you still want to quit, I understand.

Let's drop the PhD's and have them as WIP's. The football stuff? All he did was start putting points on the board by kicking field goals. His old sport was soccer. Kicker was the only position he could handle. FYI, it only takes a couple weeks to recover from a gunshot wound enough to move around. His right side was almost untouched.

He did not fight the 12 gang all at one time. He hit them in waves. He used the weapons from the first wave against the rest.

If I have missed something here holler.
Duncan didn’t even look at Darlene. “After I eat. I’ll … just … trust me that’s better.” He was definitely trying to be angry.

He grabbed some deer stew and heated it up, sat down and and wolfed down a few bites. But soon it was apparent that his appetite was off. The letter was bugging him. He got up and grabbed it off the table and sat down to try and read while he ate. But he had barely glanced at it before setting it down again.

For a short time he seemed deep in thought. Then he finally spoke again. “Neither of us is ever going to find anyone who hasn’t lost someone ever again. The Plague hit everywhere. I didn’t just make up those numbers. The last head of CDC did her residency under my foster mother. They were in contact. It was an influenza type virus similar to Spanish flu, but deadlier. I guess that doesn’t mean much to you.

“I didn’t ask you to leave you memories in the desert, only your problems. The idea was for you to accept that there was nothing you could do. Best thing I can suggest that that you ask yourself everyday what those people would want for you now. I lost my family twice. But my both my mothers and my foster father would have wanted the best for me. So I am making the best of things.

“I got through all this by staying busy, by not thinking about how messed up everything is. By how close the human race is to extinction. Then you came along … and left.” He closed his eyes for a moment. His voice was quiet. “That hurt.”

He went back to eating for a little bit before starting again. “I spent years trying to be normal. But I got my GED at age 11, published my first book at age 12. Got my first college degrees at age 13 - and published another book. At 15 I published my first bestseller and had my first PhD’s. Three weeks after I got all shot up I joined the football team and led them to a State Championship from last place - as a Kicker. I was going to be the team captain last fall. I was supposed to play the Prince in our version of Disney’s Descendants. I tried to be normal.

“I thought I could handle being alone. It’s never bothered me. But when you took off.” There was pain in his face. “Like I said, it hurt.” He paused, then added. “I could go and get your RV again. I was just mad. Or you could sleep in the bed. I can use the couch. But I started loading up to go to Florida. It is going to take a good week or so to load everything. The animals and feed are last.”

You are a Zero. It all started a few years ago. (You would now be 18 ish.) It was your first day of high school and it turned into a nightmare. You had one of those traumatic events when all you want is to be invisible, be forgotten. But noone would let you forget. You were teased, bullied. It got so bad you actually made a wish upon a star, a wishbone, tossed coins into ponds. You tried everything.

And then it happened. You woke up in the basement of an abandoned building on a smelly old mattress. You tried to go home, but when you got there, there was another family living there. They called the police, who sent CPS (Child Protective Services). They fed you and put you in a temporary shelter.

The next morning you awoke in the basement of an abandoned building on a smelly old mattress - again. Only this time it was in another city. And this time there was no family to go home to. You had no way home. You went hungry that day and ended up curling up to sleep behind a dumpster.

The next morning you awoke in the basement of an abandoned building on a smelly old mattress - again.Once again it was in another city. The abandoned building hadn’t changed - only the location. Weird? Well you were starving and tried to steal some food and got caught. You tried to tell them the truth. But they had no records of your parents. And your school never heard of you. But they fed you and gave you a place to sleep.

The next morning …. You see the pattern? Yep, abandoned building, smelly mattress, different city. Stole some food, LET yourself get caught. No records, school doesn’t know you. Meal and a place to sleep …

The next morning. Every morning, always back to the same old place. And you still are a “first time offender.” Hell at this point you have to practically announce you are stealing something. But even that started getting boring and you decided to find some sort of work to do. Recycling turned out to pay a little. Copper wire and aluminum cans sold for a tiny bit. The first time you tried you weren’t able to get back in time and the money you had been paid was gone. And you couldn’t always find a recycling center that you could sell to.

So you tried saving some of the stuff you gathered back at the abandoned building. Guess what? It was still there the next day. And you were able to gather more each day until you found a place to sell it all at once and got back. You learned the hard way that you had to be back before sunset or it all disappeared - money, any scrap, anything you had collected period. It was back to square one.

Then something NEW happened. You ran into the same boy twice - in different cities. Like you he was selling scrap. You looked at him; he looked at you. And he recognized you. He said nothing, but he had paled. Clearly this was unexpected.

(Note: The backstory here isn’t set in stone. The pair could run across each other in on opposite sides of the street. The recycling idea is even something that can be altered. But as an example, CA pays 5 or 10 cents for bottle and cans. For a hungry kid a 100 of those can add up to a meal.)

Also, I was nonspecific about the type of building. But it occupies what must be a vacant lot in each city ... and noone seems to notice it. It would likely be an older building, maybe a century old.
He wasn’t there when she arrived. However, as Darlene returned from her trip east she had spotted lights from over 10 miles away - the sort used to light up an industrial lot or a stadium. They were just off to the south side of the intersection of I-25 and I-40. Lights that bright took power, not just some small generator. But if anyone was resourceful enough to figure out a way to get that kind of energy going, he was certainly the sort. Maybe a solar farm?

The goat was still at his main base. He wouldn’t have simply abandoned it. And he had mentioned a horse he was nursing back to health being kept in the grass field just south of his base. The temporary coral was still there complete with a wrapping of chicken wire and a very simplified electric fence on top to keep predators from crawling over.

Duncan had said he probably wouldn’t stick around much longer if he planned to leave. Half of his supply containers were already gone - as was the 18 wheeler tractor - and the 5th wheel trailer he had picked out and set up for her. He was still working and using the lighting to work after dark. Darlene was almost the point of having to decide whether to stay and wait, or roll out and try to find Duncan when she heard the sound of the 18 wheeler returning.


Duncan had already been alerted to Darlene’s approach almost half an hour earlier. He had simply kept working. He wasn’t about to drop everything and come running like some puppy needing attention. His face was impassive as he climbed out of the truck. He didn’t even look at the girl.

Duncan was clearly passive aggressive.

And he was still mad.

He took the paper - still without looking. He didn’t even bother to read it. “You can sleep on the couch.” His voice was dull and flat. “I already loaded the RV onto the train. I’m tired. I haven’t eaten all day. I need a shower. I am going to eat or I am likely to say things I might regret later. There’s enough for you too.”

He kept walking toward his RV without another word.

It was deer stew again. He seemed to be the sort of guy that would cook the same thing over and over again if he could get away with it. He was wearing blue jeans and a black T shirt - again. Come to think of it, that was all she had seen him wear. He had been drenched in sweat and stank. He had helmet hair. His face looked a little sunburned around his sunglasses.

As soon as they walked into his RV he set the letter on the table, turned to head for his bedroom, pulling off his shirt as he went and tossing it into the trash can. For the first time Darlene saw the criss cross pattern scars of whip marks across his whole back, as well and the 6 inch scar from a knife wound to his stomach. That was the exit wound.

He showed back up in the dining room cleaned up and wearing brand new jeans and - you guessed it - a black T shirt. The shirt still had a sticker on it that he had missed.
Inspired partially by two country songs

Once Upon a Time, there were three men. They were a manly man, a man of the world, and a lord of all he surveyed. Translation: they were lying, cheating, cold dead beating,
two-timing and double dealing, and mean mistreating. Yeah, that pretty much sums them up. But one they went too far. The women that had treated to wrongly finally had enough. They decided to burn these three men in effigy.

No, I mean it. They made wax voodoo dolls and made a wish to whomever would listen for a little justice. Of course, none of them expected it to work. However, someone was listening and decided it was time for three men to learn how the other half lived.

Now I very rarely allow transgender characters. This time it is the whole basis of the RP. Freak out if you like. It won’t change the fact that your character is a girl - a hot one at that.

Note: This RP has two options. One is a college age group. The other is a high school age. As a group we will need to have a poll to decide what age. The high school age group would start as Freshmen. The college age would be 18, living in an apartment with two other girls. None of you have jobs. Your male self may have had a college education, but your new self can’t prove it.

The three men

Cheating Bastard - the guy had a GF upon whom he cheated with constantly. Well, to be honest, he cheated on more than one. None of them knew about the others … until one day when they started to meet up and compared pictures …

Ladies Man - the guy was a regular Casanova and left a long string of broken hearts in his wake. He was never interested on commitment, just the conquest. He just dumped them once he was done. Then his conquests started to run into one another. At first they hated each other. Then they hated whatever girl he was with. Finally they realized it was the next girl’s fault.

Male Chauvinist Pig - this guy treated girls as less than his equal in every way. Incapable, weak, defenseless. He walked the cline of harassment constantly, often straying over it.

Please note that an additional curse comes for each stereotype. ONLY ONE OF EACH TYPE!

Also, the 18+ applies to .... the college age option. Site rules need to apply.

I can also consider this as a 1x1.
(Image - good clean photo so people have a good idea what you look like. I'll accept clear works of art. Heavy Metal art even works if they are a good image. Mind the ratings of the site. No animated gifs please unless you stick them in Hiders.)

Race: Human
Ethnicity: (not nationality)
Other Features:

Judges have very little personal life. Most have no families, spouses, etc. In fact, some are clones of former judges. (No, you may not be a clone of a canon judge.)

See Character Options: Judge for an idea of life prior to becoming a judge.

Other stuff
Gear, pets (which would be illegal unless you have a license)

My first fandom in a very, very, very long time….

Welcome to Megacity One, population estimated at 400 million. The year is 2140. A quick glance at the map will tell you this is a post apocalyptic world. Earth suffered a nuclear war in 2070. Out of the ashes rise megacities.


Megacity Landscape…

Additional Source Material (including a Timeline, terminology)…

Character Options
There are several options for this roleplay. You may run more than one if you wish, though I am looking for one main. And I want members to be able to roleplay together.

Judge. The most obvious is to be a Judge. I am looking mainly for street judges, but there are actually about 15 different types of judge.

Villains. What use are judges without villains? You are welcome to create disposable villains. But note this in your CS when you make one. 2D cutout villains are just that though. The very brief encounter disposable thugs don’t need a CS. But neither do I want them used as an excuse to abuse judicial power. If you look at the punishments for most crimes, death is very rare. Most deaths occur from resisting arrest.

Civilians.…. 98% are unemployed, most illiterate, etc. Only about 2% amount to anything at all. Half of these end up as leaders of villains. The other half put their skills to real use, though they never enjoy the power and wealth of the villains. And only a fraction of those fall into the very useful category. These are scientists and engineers. On the plus side these good citizens don’t have a target on their back. Well, not entirely true. Some end up as victims of villains.

Life of a Judge by the Numbers.
In 2017, the population of the USA was 323 million. It employed over 1.1 million law enforcement employees of which about 75% had arrest powers. That is about 1 law enforcement employee to 300 people.

In 2130 the population of Megacity One was over 400 million.

In 2134 the Chaos Bug killed 350 million citizens and 60% of the judges. The Academy of Law was destroyed, resulting in the deaths of a great many cadets. (Only 600 survived.)

By 2137 the population of Megacity reached 72 million. It will still be many years before the Judges recover their numbers.

In 2138 Megacity 3 (Texas City) attempted a coup against MC 1 that failed.

Back to the number spread. I am going to go with a smaller ratio of Judges to citizens - about 1000 to 1. That would mean about 350,000 judges before the Chaos Bug and an estimated 12,000 cadets. (This assumes a 30 year service period where officers get replaced at 3% per year. Odds are that the number of cadets is too high here, but not an issue as the number that survived is specific.)

After the Chaos Bug we have 72 million people, an estimated 140,000 Judges and 600 cadets. That is a ratio of roughly 500 to one. Better than before, but with the same area to cover, the same problems, few replacements, less support … and a population that is quickly outgrowing your forces.

Roleplay Settings
City Blocks
In the vast urban centres known as the Mega-Cities, citizens live packed together in the close confines of massive super-skyscrapers known City Blocks. The average height of a city block is 400-700 stories, and the average population of a Mega-City One block was 60,000 people. City Blocks are frequently named after famous people or fictional characters, and are often named after 2000 AD creators - one of the blocks in the movie is named after artist Henry Flint. Large blocks can be like their own nations, and tensions and rivalries between neighbouring blocks sometimes escalate into fully fledged conflicts known as Block Wars.

Radlands - still dirty with radiation

Mutant Deserts - off limits to humans (mutagens present)

This list is not complete, but gives a few ideas. It is pretty rare to leave the confines of the megacity though.
A young man, Duncan Moran, learned that a nuclear war was coming in 2020. He was researching a way to provide guidance for interstellar travel based on the Alcubierre Theorem. In his research he stumbled upon the means to look forward in time. (To get useful data while travelling in a ship moving faster than light this became a necessity. When he realized he was getting data from the future he refined his research to develop a useful image. What he saw was the city he was living in lying in nuclear ashes.

Once he received his warning he geared his efforts toward physical time travel. Despite his young age of 20, he held a postgraduate research position at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. UNM was better known for its medical center, but as New Mexico is known as the Energy State, it should not be surprising that it covered other disciplines like geology, metallurgy, astronomy and engineering. He had also built his own businesses. One of these was a think tank. It is there where he built his time portal.

The time portal filled up about half of a 1 million square foot warehouse. A large part of that space was occupied by portable fusion powerplants and other equipment. And they would all be gone in a little over 3 months. Even now he was trying to make sure they could survive a nuclear holocaust. But truthfully, he needed a place deep underground - a bunker - in which to hide them. And there simply wasn’t time to create one, move the equipment, then reassemble and recalibrate it. The complexity of anchoring the portal to the local gravity of Earth, the shape and changing geography with the movement of any specific point on the planet through space had been a nightmare. He had finally found a way to do this through the application of a gravitic anchor and begun a topological mapping of the Earth’s surface for the past billion years and developed a coordinate mapping system similar to latitude and longitude as well as a chronologically localized calendar to allow for changes to the Earth’s rotation.

There was still more work to do before he could travel through safely. One thing he had to do was choose a time and calibrate carefully - unless he wanted to come out of the portal in the past over a ravine or a mile underwater or the vacuum of space. Heck, it was possible to use the same portal to reach the Moon or Mars. At least he was pretty sure it was. And once he had created the Membrane to make sure he wouldn’t allow biocontaminants to pass through - or toxic gasses - he had actually locked on to the Moon and measured pressure differentials.

I am looking for a writer with good skills, and not expecting to be heavily sidetracked by RL stuff like school. If you don't honestly have the time, do not apply. Also, please don't just reply with "interested". PM me with your ideas for a character. Also, let me know your preferences - PM or Forum, etc. This is, in part, a romance. But I do not want that to be at the expense of a plot.

The Plot and Setting
This will be determined by both characters, largely by you. Duncan will only travel to times in the past that he can research thoroughly and blend in. He has no interest in being worshipped as the pale skinned god. Time travel doesn’t magically confer the ability to speak the language. He is looking for a place to set up shop again and work on a way to stop the war by either affecting the past, or by developing a technology that can stop it in the future.

He is quite capable of scanning the arrival point before a jump, so accidents are pretty unlikely. He can’t jump right back out. A jump muddies the local time stream preventing this option.

His base is located in Albuquerque, NM. If he stays in the couple hundred years when modern English is spoken, he will stay there. He might opt for NYC if he hits the 1920’s, but would aim for the very beginning of that timeframe. Around WWII, he has to be far more careful. In the later 1800’s, he has more leeway.

If he goes further back, he could meet the Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans. Not really his interest, but it has uses. But he would chose his arrival location based on mineral wealth so he can rebuilt 21st century technology.

If he travelled to the Middle Ages, he’d likely aim for the time of Mary Queen of Scots.

Ancient times would require he chose a place like the Roman Empire, probably near Ephesus - a region he knows first hand as he has visited the ruins.

Any earlier and he might go for Egypt before the time of the pyramids. But like I said, he isn’t looking to be a god. And he wants to speak the language. But he can work around that and learn the language in a matter of days - by your reckoning.

Traveling into the future would mean accepting that the war is inevitable. He would have to travel centuries into the future to get to a point where the world has begun to recover. The world would likely resemble that of the TV series ‘The 100’ - minus the technology. Their apocalypse takes place in 2054. The 100 travelled to Earth in 2149. I am planning this apocalypse much sooner. Recovery will still take at least a century. So, it could be the early 22nd century. (Nothing in orbit would survive that long.)
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