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Okay boys and girls, others,

First things First.

I've been writing for a LONG time now and I know what I like and what I don't. So let's talk about that before we get into the 'plot' or 'story', which I've made a vague outline of but certainly haven't fleshed out. I want my partner to contribute to that part.

over 18
Pretty much will ONLY write in Google Docs. POSSIBLY discord.
Like to chat to my partners on Discord
Like to curse

Over 18
Will write in Google Docs
Will chat regularly
Will post at least once a day if not more
Doesn't mind cursing

The story:
Will it have romance? -- Only if it suits the characters. No shipping, no forced romance cause that's what we want. Phhh.
Will it have violence -- Yes
Will it have complicated characters that drive you up the wall and make you laugh and cry and belligerently glower at your computer screen? -- YES.
Will this mostly be about political intrigue and sneaking and spying and never knowing who is telling the truth and who is lying?-- yes.

If all of this interests you still please read the vaguely stuck together story outline I've made and then PM me a writing sample --Let's make it of Char A doing something menial. I'd like to see your take on them., and then Discord Message me so we can chat. I'm going to link my old interest check on here as well so you can get a better feel for me.


Kingdom A had a rebellion a good while ago. Character A was heavily involved in the rebellion and they lost. Hardcore lost. Horribly lost.
Cast out, their beloved Kingdom ran by tyrants, they flee to Kingdom B and live a pretty shitty dark life.
Doing whatever for money etc.
Fairly uncaring etc. about what becomes of them etc.
Character A goes on and on and seems to have given up or whatever when ONE DAY
Character A sees someone from their past. In a bad way. A general from the other side, a high ranking noble, maybe someone who had been in the rebellion and apparently was a spy/turn coat and might even be a big reason why the rebellion failed
The reason why Char A was framed as the spy even though they weren’t!
Suddenly Character A has a purpose again
Revenge etc.
They'll do whatever it takes to take down the system that beat their beloved rebellion.
Even clean up, sober up (if that's the path they took), put on a mask and find a way back into their Kingdom (A) to take them down from the inside

So that's Character A

Character B effectively starts out as mostly a support role
In that they aren't involved with the rebellion
They led their own separate life which was good or bad or whatever but they are native to Kingdom B
Somehow they know Char A but not all that well
"friends" isn't the right word
But Char A and Char B do have a bit of a history (remotely)
When Char A starts the process of getting 'in' with the people from Kingdom A that will allow them reentry and plotting and hiding in plain sight and finally getting back at all those responsible for breaking the rebellion… some how Char B gets caught up in it
Accidentally, on purpose.
But now they need Char B to sell their new identity
For whatever reason (money, a sense of 'what is right', boredom, being forced to/held hostage by Char A) Char B agrees and they move forward with the plot
So it's...

Sort of a ...

Spy/Revenge/Epic Fantasy/Adventure

Char A is not a saint. While they might have been 'the good guy' in title alone, they certainly aren't now.

Char B...
Char B has spent their entire life in ‘hiding’. Because Char B is a ‘shifter’. A person/creature that can change shape. Their face, their voice, their entire body given enough time. They can be anyone.
Shifters are extremely rare and dangerous. They make the best spies and assassins.

Oh by the way… I don't know how successful Char A is in their revenge
To what end?
Do they kill everyone who fucked them over and then live happily ever after?
Or do they kill themselves too?
Or do they, interestingly, become corrupted by the very government/nobility that they fought so hard against when they return to Kingdom A ? falling prey to the very thing they hated?

That part I think depends on how the story actually plays out

I like the part where the Characters have to 'act' and be someone other than themselves
So you have a character within a character
I like the idea of blurred lines of who they truly are, who they pretend to be, and who they are becoming in the process

I like the idea of guessing is this a redemption story? A revenge story? is it the prequel to a story about the 'bad guy' who in this story is the 'good guy' (char A)
And I like protagonists who aren't that great and antagonists who are super likeable until they aren't you know?

Right. Creates a great dichotomy

I think it'd be good in 'chapters'
Where the rebellion and the past is revealed in flashbacks or dreams or conversations about the past

so that the story sort of picks up 'mid story' so to speak?

In for a penny in for a pound?
Since I think I want to write Char B. This means my partner is going to have to take on the very daunting role of Char A.

Can you write mean bastard pretty well?

Can you write wretched soul, little kernel of good somewhere in there but damn it's so hard to find and so painful to feel ?

Char B is a shapeshifter?
They can change their face, body etc.
They are the perfect spy and ally but also very dangerous and so hunted down
So they hide
Shapeshifters that is
In the realms

People want to own them
But are also massively afraid of them
So the shifters never come out
But for some reason char A finds char B out. They know Char B is a shifter. Sniffs them out etc. And holds that knowledge over them to get Char B to come with them to Kingdom A to work out their revenge scheme.

I imagine shifters fetch a pretty penny on the slave market

An interesting dynamic and power struggle

This is not about BDSM or any kind of weird slave master shit. This is about people manipulating and using power to get where they want (POLITICALLY) and desperately wanting to 'right wrongs' and being so torn up about the past that they don't know how to achieve their goals any other way. I do not intend to write the shifter as some weak cow towing character. They are strong, powerful and dangerous. Yours should be too.
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Attempt #2
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