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I'm Sterling, I've been writing/roleplaying for 11 years now. I like reading, writing, singing, dancing, horse back ridding and dog training.

I like highly detailed plots and games. While I don't think all posts should be three or four paragraphs long, I think it is harder to have quality with stunted posts.

I'm more into fantasy and historical than sci fi etc. but if the writers are good, that's really what matters.

Please feel free to message me. I'm fairly good at being nice.

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Thank you for checking out my interest inquiry. A little about myself first…

I’ve been writing for 13 some odd years. I consider myself an advanced writer but can hang with casual folks as well. I can write male or female. I am well over 18 years and ask my partners be the same. I like to chat with my partners over discord, I don’t just want to see your posts randomly, I’d like to have some sort of ‘relationship’ with you as well. (Meaning friendly, not romantic, chill out).

I LOVE google docs and they spoiled me. I really…Don’t care for PM or Forum. I mean we can if you have some serious trust issues or something but I’m not going to stalk you. I have better things to do.

What I’m looking for in a partner:
Excitable, passionate writers. Why can’t I have quality AND quantity? Why can’t you post pretty darn regularly? While you’re at it and you want to be perfect why don’t you love to plot and scheme and contribute and chat?
If the story comes to a natural end, I’d love a partner who will stick around and write another story with me. Long Term. Don’t we all want that? Friends who create awesome worlds and magical characters that are rough and sticky and gritty and real? Who have flaws? Who are ‘real’?
The cherry on top would be someone who pushes me to be a better writer too. Someone who inspires me to pull out the Thesaurus and requires me to pick up a dictionary every now and then... Let’s be better together!

Okay Sterling, that was a stirring speech but what are you really looking for?:
A friend who can plot, character build and contribute regularly and eloquently. A friend who messages me on discord to brainstorm and just chit chat. A friend who loves google docs too.

What types of stories do I want to write?:
Here is the kicker. I can write almost anything. Any setting, any Genre. If the partner is awesome, I can do just about anything.
But to be fair I’ll list some settings/stories I am more inclined towards…

And this can be just about anything. Vikings? Renaissance? Civil War? WWI, WWII, Revolutionary, Celts—Let’s go somewhere in time.

High Fantasy
Sci Fi
Post Apocalypse

Glad I narrowed it down? Me too.

About the Characters:
Let’s have them be REAL. No shining knights in armor, no perfect angels or wretched demons. Let’s have real people (or creatures, or fae or vampires or whatever) who have had real lives and go through real shit. Let’s have them argue and dislike each other at times. Let’s have them be unhealthy and weird and great. Maybe they fall in love, maybe they hate each other’s guts. Maybe they’re just friends. Or frenemies.
Let’s have them cry and bleed and laugh and snort and shout.
Let’s have a story and see where the characters go and be okay with whatever direction that might take.

Sound good?
Message me on Discord Sterling#7640
Or PM. But …You know…Discord.
Interested I think
Consider me interested
So I don't want it to be a fandom, but something similar. I love the show, the extremely complex relationships and dynamics, the fake roles and fake lives all tangled up with the 'real ones' and never knowing which is which.

PM me if you're interested in plotting out something.

Check out my other interest checks to get a better feel for me as a writer and what I like in partners.……
@honorandpride PM me please
Let's see if we can get another interested.
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