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I'm Sterling, I've been writing/roleplaying for 11 years now. I like reading, writing, singing, dancing, horse back ridding and dog training.

I like highly detailed plots and games. While I don't think all posts should be three or four paragraphs long, I think it is harder to have quality with stunted posts.

I'm more into fantasy and historical than sci fi etc. but if the writers are good, that's really what matters.

Please feel free to message me. I'm fairly good at being nice.

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Interested I think
Consider me interested
So I don't want it to be a fandom, but something similar. I love the show, the extremely complex relationships and dynamics, the fake roles and fake lives all tangled up with the 'real ones' and never knowing which is which.

PM me if you're interested in plotting out something.

Check out my other interest checks to get a better feel for me as a writer and what I like in partners.……
@honorandpride PM me please
Let's see if we can get another interested.
@Aristocles PM me your ideas. I'm open to others though these are the ones I really want to address
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