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3 mos ago
Current Playing catch up; I haven't (intentionally) ghosted anyone, sorry for my disappearance. <3
3 mos ago
Apologies for disappearing; had a uni deadline. Will be responding to OC and IC posts this weekend. Thank you all for your patience. <3
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4 mos ago
Apologies for the delay in responses; I kinda quit my job for a whole host of reasons, so needless to say, things are hectic.
5 mos ago
Oh, shit, right. Partner(s); I started a PhD this month, so if (when) I vanish without warning again, I'm probably knee deep in research and/or having a mental breakdown, but I'll always come back.
5 mos ago
Roleplaying can be... A *horribly* heartbreaking hobby at times.


Malice [mal-is] - noun -
  • Just your friendly neighbourhood goth
  • A drinker of obscene quantities of gin

British // Mid-twenties // Protector of Guinea Pigs
[[Death Academic :: Forensic Anthropologist]]

  • Casual/Advanced Roleplayer
  • 10+ years experience
  • Plays M, F and NB (plus all pairings)
  • Likes dark, gritty fantasy
  • Also likes dumb, supernatural comedy
  • Dislikes having character traits dictated (e.g., must play dom/M)
  • Romance optional
  • Hit me up (or don't)

★ Current Games ★
  • Siege at Swordeye (high fantasy/expansive world/warfare) - Lysander L'Ecuyer, NB
  • Isle of Legends (reimagined Arthurian Legend) - Arturia Pendragon, F
  • They Walk Among Us (supernatural/slice of life) - Cosmin Ardelean, M
  • Contradictory (supernatural/slice of life) - Sam, FtM
  • Bayonetta May Cry (Bayonetta x Devil May Cry crossover) - Dante, M
  • The Devil You Know (Neptunia x Devil May Cry x Persona crossover) - Dante, M
  • Dark Devotions (low fantasy/dark/vampires/deep exploration of gender and sexuality) - Merrek Eilynbras, M; Lena Milisendis, MtF
  • You're My Heroin (contemporary/dark/gangs/sex work) - Zach Miller, M
  • The Doors of Janus (high fantasy/political/adventure/exploration of trans identity) - Aeris Volinix, F
  • The Soul That Binds (urban fantasy/World of Darkness inspired) - Felix Webb, M
  • The Fickle Road (fantasy/angst/fluff) - Eirian, I
  • Come As You Are (sci-fi/human experiments/war) - Tristan Verney, M
  • This Is Not a Love Story (good girlxbad boy/angst/drama) - Angel Stokes, M

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Uni got in the way; almost all of my roleplays have faded into dust, so looking to pick up one or two new stories.

Yes, I should probably update my main post, but I'm ~lazy~.
Still looking. >_>
Bumping this. Gimme some Dante. :(
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