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Current Probably not going to be around for a bit; sorry folks.
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Slowly getting around to replying, but I have a busy weekend up ahead. Expect responses next week at the latest.
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**completes DMC5** **throws controller out of window** (Still gonna be delays on replies; gotta play it through on Son of Sparta now, eh?)
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Finally acquired DMC5. Activity will be sporadic until I'm finished with it (and maybe replayed 1, 3 & 4...)
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Apparently this evening is 100% naps and 0% writing. Sorry friends!


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You saw nothing.
Having completed the game on Devil Hunter, I now need to complete it on SOS, naturally. And I also need a roleplay inspired by it like crazy.

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy, Demons & Hunters, Action, Gore Heavy
Pairing: MxM, MxF, FxF, other
Fandom: Devil May Cry universe or, preferably, simply inspired by

Hello there! So I went and did this dumb thing of playing Devil May Cry 5, because, obviously, and now I have this ridiculous craving for a roleplay inspired by it. It doesn't have to be set in the actual DMC universe, just something with vicious demons and sassy hunters beating them to a pulp and a setting that feels a little bit like someone took too much LSD while listening to copious amounts of darkwave. Though, that said, I could be tempted to make some OCs in the DMC universe. Fuck it, ask nicely and I might even play as Dante and/or Vergil to your OC; they're literally the only two canon characters (in any fandom) I have ever played. I'm rusty at playing the Sparda boys but can I do it? Maybe. Will I do it? .... Also maybe.

As I say, you'd have to ask nicely for that. Otherwise, just something heavily inspired would be awesome and sure to satisfy this terrible craving I have when I'm not at my PC smushing demons in game.

I highly recommend that you check out my main IC before messaging me, so you can get an idea of what I am looking for from you as a partner, but also so you know what I can offer you.

I am also incredibly busy with work and, let's face it, in my free time I am definitely playing DMC5 rather than writing, so if I don't respond straight away, that's why. Things should calm down by next week, however.

Hit me up if you're also wanting a Devil May Cry-esque or otherwise demonic type roleplay. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mika wondered if her heart would ever stop thrumming in her ears; its rate had slowed to something more normal, whatever normal was, but it still pounded loud enough she fear it might burst. Try as she might, she could not stop the image of Kiyoko, torn apart and bleeding down Mika’s arms and chest, from flickering into her vision, no matter how tightly she shut her eyes.

She didn’t even know if Kiyoko was still alive.

Mika stared at her hands. She had showered since she had returned home, and her skin was clean and pink and smelt faintly of citrus soap. But she could still feel the wet, stickiness of blood between her fingers. It had been warm as it seeped from Kiyoko’s body, but had rapidly cooled on her skin, drying dark brown and cracking when she moved.

Something like a sob escaped her lips, though no tears fell from her eyes. Some how she felt as if she might never cry again, as if the ability had been robbed from her with her recent transformation into a Magical Girl. Mika curled into the foetal position, pulling her blanket over her head, a cocoon of safety. Of course, if demons had been so inclined to attack then, the thick sheet of wool and cotton would have done nothing to protect Mika, but it made her feel secure; right now, that was enough.

Mika clasped a soft, worn bear to her chest; the thing had proved a source of comfort for her since the day she was born, but tonight was the first time in her life that it didn’t feel enough. She held it tighter and, had it been a real creature, she would surely have snuffed out its life, she squeezed so hard. But the bear was nothing more than a toy, and so, not for the first time, survived her fierce embrace.

Mika was not sure how long she lay there, hidden in a sanctuary of her own making, trying to block out the memories (or where they nightmares?) but eventually slumber caught her in its spell. Exhaustion took its toll and she slept, not peacefully, but at least without haunting thoughts.

Sunlight streamed in through the window, dimmed only by the pink coloured curtains that hung there, transforming the glow into something rose tinted. An electronic beep sputtered to life from a clock on her bedside, rousing Mika. She reached an arm out from under the covers to silence the noise with a single click.

Slowly, as wakefulness descended, Mika stretched out her limbs, stiff from the way she had slept. Sitting up, teddy bear still clasped in her fingers, Mika pushed the curtains aside, peering out at the world, already bustling despite the hour. Her brow furrowed.

It was such a beautiful morning. Birds chirped in the trees, and the people on the streets smiled at one another.

“Was it all a dream?” Mika whispered, to no one but herself.

It did not feel like it. But she hoped beyond all hope, that it was.
I'd love to be part of something like this. Big fan of Poe and gothic roleplays.

I have a very specific craving as of late, that I figured warranted its own post. Rather than type out what I can offer/look for in a partner all over again, I'm going to direct you to my main IC. Do make sure you read it, so you know what you're getting with me and that you meet my requirements for a partner.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Angst, Medieval/Victoriana
Pairing: MC - M or NB, YC - M, F or NB (MxAny)
Plot/Smut: between 100:0 and 70:30

I'm thinking something that is kind of a non-con pet/owner dynamic but not in a kink way. I have two possible routes for this.

Kingdom A (YC) invades a neighbouring Kingdom B (MC), which is home to a species of humanoid mythical creatures (e.g., lycans, dragon shifters, far, etc.). Kingdom A desolates Kingdom B, killing most of the people and enslaving the rest. Some of the 'prettier' (or otherwise more desirable) people of Kingdom B, including MC, are sold to the rich as 'pets'. Could be YC is a wealthy noble who wants to degrade this particular species, as they truly believe them to be lesser people. Or it could be that YC is gifted MC, even though they think the practice is barbaric. It's up to you.

Alternatively, could be MC is more nomadic, but the race is hunted to near extinction, because they are highly valued. MC is captured by a Bounty Hunter and sold to YC (as above) at a regularly held creature market.

For this, YC can be whatever you want. Human, vampire, elf; any race is fine by me. Also, as I want to focus more on the oppression of a race, the angst, and those sort of themes and dynamics, more than smut (I'm happy for there to be no smut at all), there isn't really a need for either character to be dom/sub unless we choose to bring that in ourselves.

All of this is very open, with space to bring your own ideas, so as to better develop something that we both want to write.

If interested, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can discuss this further. I look forward to hearing from you!

Okay, so I absolutely adore WoD as a setting, but in regards to lore, is this based on oWoD or nWoD?
**kicks some life into this old thing**

And yes, I know I still owe people replies. Bare with me!
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