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11 mos ago
Current Apologies for being offline. As if the break up wasn't enough, my parents' house caught fire and is now uninhabitable and, despite the lockdown, I've been helping them sort all that out.
11 mos ago
To my partners; apologies for the lax responses, I just split up with my boyfriend so things are a bit crazy.
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1 yr ago
Playing catch up; I haven't (intentionally) ghosted anyone, sorry for my disappearance. <3
1 yr ago
Apologies for disappearing; had a uni deadline. Will be responding to OC and IC posts this weekend. Thank you all for your patience. <3
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1 yr ago
Apologies for the delay in responses; I kinda quit my job for a whole host of reasons, so needless to say, things are hectic.


Malice [mal-is] - noun -
  • Just your friendly neighbourhood goth
  • A drinker of obscene quantities of gin

British // Mid-twenties // Protector of Guinea Pigs
[[PhD Student :: Death Academic :: Forensic Anthropologist]]

  • Casual/Advanced Roleplayer
  • 10+ years experience
  • Plays M, F and NB (plus all pairings)
  • Likes dark, gritty fantasy
  • Also likes dumb, supernatural comedy
  • Dislikes having character traits dictated (e.g., must play dom/M)
  • Romance optional
  • Hit me up (or don't)

★ Current Games ★
  • Siege at Swordeye (high fantasy/expansive world/warfare) - Lysander L'Ecuyer, NB
  • Isle of Legends (reimagined Arthurian Legend) - Arturia Pendragon, F
  • They Walk Among Us (supernatural/slice of life) - Cosmin Ardelean, M
  • Contradictory (supernatural/slice of life) - Sam, FtM
  • Bayonetta May Cry (Bayonetta x Devil May Cry crossover) - Dante, M
  • The Devil You Know (Neptunia x Devil May Cry x Persona crossover) - Dante, M
  • You're My Heroin (contemporary/dark/gangs/sex work) - Zach Miller, M
  • Come As You Are (sci-fi/human experiments/war) - Tristan Verney, M
  • Luxor: Realm of Romance (isekai/otome) - Esther Arceneaux, F
  • Souls of Prejudice (high fantasy/exploration of oppression) - Khyren Iadian, M
  • Obsession of Red (supernatural/drugs/addiction) - Felix Webb, M

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2021 bump, whoo.
<Snipped quote by Malice>

Ah, that role isn't mandatory. It's mostly just there for people who wanted an unset role that wasn't a Club Member.
That said, if you wanna throw your hat into the ring with any of those character types you mentioned..~

Bel's Cove is happy to consume as many people as you're willing to offer~

Sounds good. Happy to double then, if you'd like. Might make rando a sibling of the cult member or something, we'll see.
Do we still need someone for 'rando civilian'? Could be fun to play a yandere stalker, or a 'far too suspicious/mysterious for their own good' kinda character.
I'd like to reserve an occult club member, please. I may double up with a set role if needed, but looks like you'll get the numbers.
Sounds fun.
Bump, as always.
Bump, should probably update my plot ideas but hey ho. Let's go with this for now.
Still craving, gimme.
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