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3 days ago
Current Ten years since I first heard LIFAD; so much has changed for me between that album and this one, but, holy hell, it is so fucking good. <3 I'm even more excited to see them in July.
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4 days ago
**forgets how to write porn** Well. Damn.
7 days ago
I realise I have not replied to anyone in a few days; I may be about to lose my job, so unfortunately my mind is rather elsewhere right now. Apologies.
13 days ago
Exam period at work, so I have a busy few days coming up. I'm looking to respond to all outstanding roleplays by or on Thursday!
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15 days ago
**stares at characters** Happiness /denied/.
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Malice [mal-is] - noun -
  • Just your friendly neighbourhood goth
  • A drinker of obscene quantities of gin

British // Mid-twenties // Protector of Guinea Pigs
[[Death Academic :: Forensic Anthropologist]]

  • Casual/Advanced Roleplayer
  • 10+ years experience
  • Plays M, F and NB (plus all pairings)
  • Likes dark, gritty fantasy
  • Also likes dumb, supernatural comedy
  • Dislikes having character traits dictated (e.g., must play dom/M)
  • Romance optional
  • Hit me up (or don't)

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