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2 days ago
Current I have meds again! **eats them by the handful, puts self into a coma** In seriousness though, my body is having to readjust to them, so still a bit squiffy but hoping to get responses out this week.
9 days ago
Out of meds and not allowed any more until I have a review (no appointments available for a *month*, FFS), so replies may be erratic depending on health. I'll try to get this sorted ASAP, sorry all.
10 days ago
Just a heads up, but due to the real world I may not be able to get on/reply for a couple of days. Apologies for the inconvenience.
13 days ago
From my decade of hair colouring experience; blue stains and is a dick to change, red fades like fuckery, purple is a good compromise. Green ends up looking like snot, no matter what you do with it.
13 days ago
Gaddang, my devil trigger hand is still janked up. No making devils cry for me.
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Malice [mal-is] - noun -
  • Just your friendly neighbourhood goth
  • A drinker of obscene quantities of gin

British // Mid-twenties // Protector of Guinea Pigs
[[Death Academic :: Dead Inside]]

  • Casual/Advanced Roleplayer
  • 10+ years experience
  • Plays M, F and NB (plus all pairings)
  • Likes dark, gritty fantasy
  • Also likes dumb, supernatural comedy
  • Dislikes having character traits dictated (e.g., must play dom/M)
  • Romance not necessary
  • Hit me up (or don't)

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