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"Rabies 2.0"

Open: PM Hostess first!

Inspiration for the role play
  • The inspiration for this role play is the motion picture "World War Z".
  • The "infected" in our story -- called "Rabids" (and further explained elsewhere) -- will move, react, and attack in a similar behavior to the "infected" from the movie.
  • However, the similarities may end there; I haven't decided every detail yet.
  • Specifically, the Rabids don't avoid unhealthy people, as did the "infected" in the movie.
  • Additionally, other alternative Rabid "behaviors" may be discovered as the game progresses.

Regarding gender
  • I am female, therefore, I use "her", "hers", and "she" in OOC explanations.
  • That doesn't mean this game is only for females, though.
  • Both genders are invited to play.
  • And each gender is permitted -- even encouraged -- to play characters of both genders.

  • The date: March 2024.
  • The location: Springville, population 1 million.
  • Over the past few days, mayhem has erupted across the globe.
  • Last night, that mayhem reached Springville.
  • The cause of this mayhem is now understood to be a virus.
  • This virus causes people to act like wild animals: to act "rabid".
  • They attack other people, killing and eating them.
  • Because of the behavior of the infected, the virus has come to be called "Rabies 2.0"
  • People attacked but not killed may become Rabids.

Your initial mission: survive!
  • Each player begins with 1 character.
  • You may create additional characters later.
  • Your character's initial mission is simply to survive.
  • She will need to establish a Safe Zone if she doesn't already have one.
  • She will need to accumulate resources, called her Inventory.
  • Resources run out, obviously; you will need to find more.
  • Leaving your Safe Zone to find more resourses, however, can be dangerous, even deadly.

An optional mission: thrive!
  • Surviving might not be enough for most characters; thriving might be more desirable.
  • Your character could go beyond surviving and create a Safe Zone that is a flourishing home or even a community filled with other survivors.
  • These survivors can be secondary characters played by you, primary characters played by other writers, or primary or secondary characters written by me.
  • More characters means a need for accumulating more resources.
  • Or it could mean creating more resources: power could be generated; crops could be grown; products could be fabricated; and children -- a resource to many -- could be conceived, born, raised, and nurtured.
  • Again, leaving your Safe Zone to accomplish all of this can be dangerous, even deadly.
  • Additionally, having such a Safe Zone or Community could draw unwanted attention from other survivors who will want what you have … and might just try to take it for themselves.
  • But in the end, it will all be worth it … won't it?

Secondary Characters: Allies and Sacrificial Lambs
  • There are some advantages to having others surrounding you.
  • More eyes and ears means less surprises.
  • Also, if danger should arise, your character is less likely to be the first one harmed.
  • "Sacrificial lambs" will protect you from both Rabids and Invaders (survivors who want your stuff).
  • These Lambs need resources of their own. Fortunately, they provide labor. Whether or not they are an asset or a liability will depend on many things yet to be explained.

Joining the game: on time or late, doesn't matter
  • I will open the game to characters ASAP.
  • The first couple of IC (role play) days will likely take many OOC (real world) days to complete.
  • Because of this, "late" players won't hardly be late at all.
  • A player joining during the game 2 or 3 OOC weeks after it's started might only be 2 or 3 IC days late.
  • I can get your "late" character caught up with the IC time line in a flash.
  • All characters initially begin in a neighborhood (or building) set apart from the other characters.
  • Therefore, an "early" character and a "late" character can initially be in separate time lines without causing one another grief.
  • Trust me, this'll work.
  • Ultimately, all characters will be roughly in the same time line; different players' characters will be able to interact with characters from other players, if you want. (Interaction is NOT a must, only an option.)

If this still sounds interesting to you...
  • Let's get you started.
  • PM me so we can get to know one another. (Please title you PM "Joining Rabies 2.0" to make my management of my PM box easier.)
  • After we have talked, we'll get you started.

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NOTE: I recently purchased a cheap assed phone on which punctuation is a bitch. It takes 4 keystrokes just to include 1 bracket in a reply. Therefore, my posts are going to be very basic in formatting. The exception will be the use of yellow at times. I like yellow.

. . . . . . . . . .


Go to the Roleplayerguild Home Page.

Select the Dice link, located on the right side of the page.

Select New Campaign, located on the right side of the page.

Name your Campaign. Go simple but informative … like "ALLISON'S RABIES 2.0 DICE CAMPAIGN".

A description is unnecessary, but, whatever.

. . . . . . . . . .

KEEP THIS IMPORTANT DETAIL IN MIND -- If I tell you a 1d10 roll of 1 will have a certain effect on a situation, then that means that ONLY a roll of 1 will have that effect. If I tell you that a 1d10 roll of 4 will have a certain result, then that means that a roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4 will have that result. Any roll less than the "target" roll … in this case 4 … is the same as that roll of 4.

Just as important -- If you perform a dice roll and the result is less than Zero, then it is simply considered Zero. For example, you make roll of 1d10-7 and the result is -2, consider the result a Zero. For an example, click here.

. . . . . . . . . .


So … let's imagine the following scenario …

Your character, Barb, runs out of food. You post that Beth is going into the hallway to check for unlocked apartments to search for food and other resources.

I post the following …


Beth opens the door to peek out.

Roll 1d10-6 for how many Rabids hear, detect, and charge you.

If the roll is Zero, no Rabids heard Beth. Skip to Part 2 NOW.

Roll 1d10 again. If the 2nd roll is less than the 1st roll, skip to the next paragraph NOW. Beth safely closes her door before the Rabids reach her. But she is trapped inside. Too bad, so sad. Roll 3d10 for the number of hours the Rabids will remain outside, trying but failing to get inside before rushing away to some other sound or movement. Beth can either hang out or attempt another action. End of turn. Post your reply NOW.

Subtract the 2nd roll from the 1st. This is how many Rabids got inside your apartment. What are you going to do? Fight them? Flee to another room? Make your decision. End of turn. Post your reply NOW.

. . . . . . . . . .


Beth goes into the hallway. There are 10 apartments and 2 utility rooms on this floor. You may check as many doors on this floor as you wish, using the following dice roll guide...

Roll 1d10 for the 1st door. The "Note" for your roll should include whether it is an apartment or utility room.

If the roll is 3 or less, skip to Part 3 NOW.

The door is unlocked. You go inside...

Roll 1d10-7 for the number of Rabids in the room.

If Zero, skip to the next paragraph NOW. The Rabids rush you. Do you fight? Do you slam the door shut and flee? Decide but do not take the scene further. End of turn. Post your reply NOW.

You enter the apartment. Post your experience up to entering the room but do not describe the room. More rolls are needed. End of turn. Post your reply NOW.

At this point, I will perform the following rolls for you and determine what you found to add to your inventory:

Roll 1d10 for food.
Roll 1d10 for water.
Roll 1d10 for weapons.
Roll 1d10 for batteries.
Roll 1d10 for electronics.
Roll 1d10 for other.

If you think there should be another category of resources for which I should roll, include it at the end of your post. I will consider it. More resource categories will be added over time. These are just what I came up with at this moment in time with my caffeine deprived mind.

After I send you these results, you can write in your next reply what you choose to take or leave behind. Additionally, if I am vague about what you find, you can further describe it. BTW, "brownie points" are given for players who add description to their posts … but please do not go overboard and write 5,000 words.

. . . . . . . . . .


DANGER! Each time you attempt to open a door and it does not open, there is a risk that Rabids somewhere on the floor might hear you...

Each time you fail to open a door, roll 1d10. A roll of 1 for the 1st door means Rabids on the floor heard you and they are coming. A roll of 2 for the 2nd door, a roll of 3 for the 3rd door, etc. Obviously, the longer you are out there, the more risk you are taking.

After each failed door attempt that does NOT alert Rabids, you have to make a choice to either give up and return to your apartment or try another door, knowing that each time is riskier. If you choose to attempt another door, go back up to Part 2. If you choose to not, continue reading.

If you DO alert Rabids, roll 1d10. If the result is equal to or greater than the number of attempts you have made opening doors, then you reach your apartment safely. If the result is less than the number of attempts, you don't make it and must fight. This is meant to reflect the idea that the more doors you attempt to open, the farther you are from your own door.

If at any point you are forced to fight Rabids, do NOT post the melee round. Your turn is over. Post your experience to that point.

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