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(I'm male)

I'm down for anything. Looking to get back into roleplaying. Looking to 1x1 with women in case things go that direction. I'm down with mature content of all forms.

I can commit to at least one post per day.

I don't need much planning beyond what will satisfy you. I'm willing to jump into anything except fandoms since I probably haven't seen/read the source material. You can always ask, though!

If you want to RP, either send me the scenario + your first IC post OR, if you want more planning, pitch me a few ideas and I'll pick one.

What I can bring to the table is that I'm an interesting poster and can always advance the plot forward. Give me a shot. Totally interested in gaining my RP confidence back and finding long term RP partners.
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Hi iI'm interested but i don't have enough time to type everything out right now, plz send me i pm so i don't forget, as i do that sometimes. ^^ ill talk to you later. Bye!
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