A s s a i l

*Some concepts based on the Malazan Book of the Fallen. The story is unrelated, however.

This is a WIP

The Continent and Story

Assail is a medium sized continent in which powerful tyrants bring destruction to everything. War is a game to these tyrants and any who try to fight back are killed without mercy. Entire kingdoms have been slaughtered. Invasions from far away empires have been laughably turned back. Even immortal beings, such as the skeleton-like Crux, a civilization of beings who became immortal through a ritual of Death, have been broken upon the shores of Assail.

The roleplay will be fixed on a group of individuals attempting to bring order to the continent, either by making the tyrants bring each other down or by facing them one on one. The roleplay will not have to be done as an entire group. Subplots are more than welcome. Feel free to drop into Assail with your own plot and I'll try to make it work!



Magic, Ascendants, and Realms

Character Sheet and Other Information