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Currently interested in fantasy and sci-fi roleplays.

My discord is Mataus#3575 in case you need to contact me.

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Cowl's eyes watched the pebble skip along the water's surface, admiring the stone's struggle to stay afloat. He felt a lot like the stone at that moment, his travels having been lonely and uneasy. He had a companion at the very start, but he died to a bandit's arrow.

His thoughts drifted away as the stranger moved alongside him. He didn't look at the person's face, but he did catch a lock of blonde hair in the corner of his eye. "To Anvil in particular? It's just another stop in my travels. It is a beautiful town, though." He took a moment to look up at the stranger. His eyebrows rose slightly. The woman was not just another native, "I'm looking for something... Or someone." The prince returned his gaze to the river. "And what brings you here? I've never seen someone of your, um, genetic makeup."
Looks great! Welcome! I'm probably going to add some basic information about the world soon.

The Town of Anvil
The sun had just started to set, painting the clouds and the mountains surrounding the small town, Anvil, in a beautiful redish pink. The town was made up of about 28 wood homes, smoke rising from every chimney where fires burned to keep the chill of the night out. In the center of the town was a two story town hall, where the town's Count lived. Guards in light mail armor patrolled the dirt paths between homes; the symbol of a black Anvil inside a maroon circle covered their chests.

Cowl, Prince of Assail, stood on a bridge which loomed over the lone river cutting through Anvil. His title was hidden to all that knew him. In fact, no one within a thousand leagues would even recognize him. He wore a brown jerkin made up of dragon leather - a material that only the most rich could afford but which did not stand out, and mithril mail. On his shoulders were mithril armor pads. Mirthril pads also covered his elbows and shins. A bastard sword, something between a longsword and shortsword, sat in a scabbard strung across his back. The mithril pads looked like normal steel, accept lighter and stronger. His sword was made of Assali steel, which was known to never break. His gear was probably worth the entire town, but it needed to be strong for his destiny would lead to the darkest places.

The prince sighed. He was leaning over the bridge's railing, watching the various fish in the river jump. He was in the town for rest during his journey. One which he had made alone thus far.
The first IC post will be coming along shortly!

Hello! Welcome to the world of Payle!
This is a low Fantasy roleplay in which magic is used very rarely. It is usually only used in artifact enchanting and occasionally in rituals.

I ask anyone who joins to write a paragraph. I don't expect more and I don't want less. Also, please do not write 7 paragraphs of fluff. There will be fighting in this RP, but that isn't the point of it. If that's what you're here for then you will get bored.

Feel free to bring in a character at any time. You can even bring in a character and some NPCs. I don't mind. Just don't break anything okay!

No need for a CS, although having one will be helpful for people who want to know more about your character.

Here's a link to the discord server for the RP.
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A s s a i l

*Some concepts based on the Malazan Book of the Fallen. The story is unrelated, however.

This is a WIP

The Continent and Story

Assail is a medium sized continent in which powerful tyrants bring destruction to everything. War is a game to these tyrants and any who try to fight back are killed without mercy. Entire kingdoms have been slaughtered. Invasions from far away empires have been laughably turned back. Even immortal beings, such as the skeleton-like Crux, a civilization of beings who became immortal through a ritual of Death, have been broken upon the shores of Assail.

The roleplay will be fixed on a group of individuals attempting to bring order to the continent, either by making the tyrants bring each other down or by facing them one on one. The roleplay will not have to be done as an entire group. Subplots are more than welcome. Feel free to drop into Assail with your own plot and I'll try to make it work!



Magic, Ascendants, and Realms

Character Sheet and Other Information


Cowl found himself following someone else at a distance. Truthfully, Cowl had been moving along slowly and lost sight of the formidably dressed figure. It was easy enough to guess that the person was also heading to the Skingrad headquarters. The usual armor worn in the area was a guard kit or some leather armor thrown together by a bandit. Thoughts of the other individual aside, Cowl was happy - no happy wasn't the word for it - satisfied that the journey was over. He had gone a long distance on just his two legs. He was tired and needed some food.

The headquarters didn't have any gaudy features. Much like the city of Skingrad, the headquarters were gray. The company probably had other places to spend its coin other than paint. Plus, blending with the city probably made the city's residents happy. In the yard, he saw the same two sparring mercenaries. They appeared tired now as if they had been sparing for hours. Cowl paused to give a slight nod of his head to acknowledge the art that was swordplay. It took formidable reflexes, strength, stamina, and training to survive multiple battles. As a mage Cowl had yet to physically meet an opponent because of well-trained swordsmen. A few moments later Cowl resumed his trek to the door where he stepped inside without another thought.
Was going to go with a Nord but after I woke up and thought about it more, mages really are fun and I usually don't play one so!

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