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Hey all! I'll probably be adding a group similar to the Minutemen (although much much more local in their are of effect)! Is the Castle currently occupied?
The recent activity stopped when we heard it was going to be destroyed.
Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

The issue, or at least the current issue, with Prophet had been settled and everyone was 'gearing up' even though everyone already to appeared to be geared up. Final equipment checks he supposed. Reed wondered what Prophet would carry into the fight... The man had been escorted by guards after all. Perhaps the powers he had in the Wild World would suffice. Reed had, afterall, seen many classified ranger missions be accompanied by 'magic' capable individuals who wielded no weapons. In the end, there were seasoned rangers with orders from seasoned commanders leading this mission. Whatever they had planned would be well thought out.

Reed put on his helmet, the HUD feeding him simple information such as time, temperature, and identification tags of those around him (If those are a thing). The equipment would show more advanced data in the future, but for now those systems were offline in order to conserve battery life. He picked up his trusted SMG, a popular choice for pilots who flew far from Anselmo, and stepped into the QRTV with Jake, Andy, and whoever else would join them.

A short wait later and the crew was about to be lowered down onto the ground.
The descent felt more like a diving aircraft than a vehicle being lowered on chains and cables. When they're suspension caught, Reed felt like it was a hard helicopter landing. After a quick jolt, it was over and they became vulnerable. "I'll never forget what it feels like to be down here. In a vehicle or not. Only an insane person would forget."
Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

Reed really didn't know what to think about a couple members on the team. There was the strange woman with her duvari and, if having a duvari as a companion was not weird enough, there was the man who had to be escorted to the treehouse by guards. The Wild World and its strange influence did affect people, and Prophet was an example of what could happen. The rest of the team seemed normal by most means. Spook did have a mysterious side, but that seemed to be it.

Once the introductions had calmed and the group was mostly assembled, Reed felt the event more than he saw it. In fact, he was not looking in the direction of the event even, he was looking in the totally opposite direction. However, something of that magnitude did not occur without everyone in the area knowing. He turned to it and immediately felt awed. It was something you saw in a video game, not in person. To think that they had the mission to investigate its cause and its purpose made Reed feel slightly shaken. This was an extremely powerful showing by someone or something in the Wild World. That thought was worrying, to say it lightly. "My few years flying operations for Rangers and I have never seen something like this. In fact, I don't think I've even had a mission in that area."
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Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

Reed stood inspecting a vehicle in the convoy, his flight helmet held to his side. While the piece of hardware wouldn't be used as a flight aid on this mission, it did provide good field data and they were taught to use such devices in his E&E classes. Reed probably didn't seem like the type of person to be on this mission, pilot and all, but sometimes the Wild World didn't require fighting ability to get the mission done, rather, it required survivability. And Reed was top of his E&E class. Of course, there were legends on this team such as Jake Cross who would do the heavy lifting. Speaking of the man, he had just finished a conversation with woman wearing a peculiar helmet. It was time for Reed to introduce himself, although it was highly likely Cross already knew all about him and that he was already here.

"Sir," he started, "Matthew Reed. Reporting in and ready to head out on your command." He said, still holding his golden visored helmet to his side. Of course Reed wasn't entirely ready, he was quite nervous, but he did his best to conceal it. He was normally in the sky during high stake missions, but not this one. The Wild World would not be kind to them. The creatures in it had it out for humans. Luckily not every creature was hostile. Some were neutral and it was that which they would probably rely on in sticky situations.

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