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Forgot to tag you two. Also I've been traveling and will be traveling so short posts from me.
"If you say so Peter, you have to be somewhere." Will said with a grin. "It's my pleasure," he continued, responding to Niyati's kind tone, "I was only having some bread and ale. I didn't have to cut anything short."

Responding to Niyati's gesture, Will turned around to see the many headed beast busy into the clearing. He summoned a shield and a mana spear. "Any ideas on how to kill it?" With that, Will tossed the spear at an inhumam spead. The spear's path was true and went straight towards the torso of the beast.
Will was wiping the ale off his lips when he heard the telepathic call for escorts (^^). Will had two options: go help his mercenary group or he could go help the Kindred. Either one would fulfill his need for adventure, with the Kindred task looking better in that adventure category. Will took another swig of the fruity ale before deciding what to do. The Kindred wasn't going anywhere and Niyati seemed ready to go. The decision would be easy, then. Go with who is closest to setting off.

Will left a few coins on the table and then took off, soaring into the air with his mana wings. It didn't take long to reach the large piece of metal called a ship. Will landed right near the boarding ramp, noticing Niyati. "Niyati," Will said, his eyes scanning the ship. "I'll never get used to this thing." He dispelled his wings and walked onto the ramp. "Anyone else in yet? And hey Peter, I know you're in there somewhere."

@dark light
Matt stared at Isis with a blank face. What was she thinking, touching it and all? Perhaps she had been too close and its attractive aura had been too luring. "Isis! What are you-"

In a flash of red, Isis' hand disappeared into the statue. She looked back at them with horror on her face... as well as a blaming look. Did she think they wouldn't help her? Long ago there was a military who swore to never leave any man behind. Matt liked the idea; Isis would be saved if she could be saved. By the time the thought got through Matt's head, Jake had jumped in to save Isis and was asking for more help.

Matt felt the dark magic in the air. It felt too strong to be defeated by a simple game of tug-of-war. But if that's all they had then so be it. He threw down his pack and grabbed a climbing rope. He ran over to Isis, feeling the pull of the statue grow stronger as he neared. The distraction of Isis helped him ignore it. Once he reached Isis he threw his arm around her waist and stuck his arm out to Basted, climbing rope in hand. "Come on Bastet, grab the bundle of rope and pull. Help us help Isis," Matt said, shaking the bundle, hoping the creature understood. He figured that if Bastet helped they could actually save Isis.

At least Isis was still struggling. She hadn't given in to the magic of the statue. "Keep trying Isis! We'll get you out!" He said to give her hope. "You can do it! You're tough and strong willed! Fight the damn rock! For Bastet!"
Welcome welcome!
No matter how long Matt watched the Wild Men, he could not comprehend the sheer number of them. Eventually, he had to go and sit down, where he took a sip of water and nibbled on an energy bar. The light was bright and even with his sunglasses he couldn't stand it anymore. Whatever it was, it was out of his world. The best he could think of was a piece of the Old World had been uncovered. Perhaps it turned on and the beam blew away the rock and melted what didn't get blown away.

Matt came back to watch the sacrifice. It was sick, gruesome, inhuman. Yet, the people seemed to take it on as their duty. A sacrifice to their people... much like the Rangers sacrificed themselves to go out on missions. However, the way they left the woman at the end sickened him. The people of Anselmo had respect for them... but the Wild Men they didn't even bother with the lady. He counted around 20 sacrificed, which was a good amount for a place where human lives were especially valuable.

And of course, there was the way the blood moved, gravitating to the pillar. It was all very phenomenal and quite hard to understand. "Anyone else confused by all of this? Matt asked as the Wild Men were thinning out as they left the crater. After a moment, Jake mentioned how the pillar could have ended up here. "You think it crashed down from the sky? Maybe it was a weapon from space. Like a laser satellite." He put the binos down. Whatever it was, he was itching to know.

Going down to the crater was surprisingly peaceful. Until they got close enough. That's when he began to feel... evil? Hate? He wasn't sure. It just felt dangerous. His reflection didn't mirror him exactly. He wasn't surprised. By now he figured he'd see more anomalies. Insanity! That was the word. Insanity, flowing from the pillar like water. Matt felt uncomfortable. The feeling of his blood being pulled towards the pillar finally registered and he hated it. "What the plan boss? This isn't somewhere we should be. We're better off screwing some hookers without protection."
We're a thing now!
A fun group with a whole lot of power 😄
Lyra and Will can hold up the magic part of this group 😉
Will's stomach rumbled. Trying to see some real scenery during his travels, he had decided to fly over totally untouched lands. This led to a few days without food, as his rations had run out. Now he needed an inn and a large meal. He found his solution in Westville, which seemed to be flowing with some unusual people. Or maybe they were normal and he simply had yet to see them in the world, which he doubted. In any case, they were here and he wanted to meet the heavily armed individuals.

They gave Will something else to think about rather than his hunger, which still bothered him profusely. Will himself wasn't used to traveling in a group like these fellas were making. He had spent too much time traveling from place to place to have formed or joined one. Nevertheless, he enjoyed stories and would try to pry some information from them. Before he went to talk to them, however, he decided he would like something to drink. Will dropped down on the street at the edge of the town center where he spotted a brewery. Inside, he found some refreshing, fruity ale and some bread. He had a small flask filled with the ale and refilled one of his larger flasks with water by tapping it.

Once done, he stepped outside and back into the town center, where he found an outside table to eat his bread and drink the ale. Will ate slowly; he could faintly feel magic wielders approaching. It appeared that he had found the right spot to wait. He also had a thought come to him to explain the others. He had heard about the Kindred before - a story he once heard in a tavern. People who help those in need and those who deserve it while also fighting off the evil in the world(s). If that was the case, then they would be here to fight something or someone evil. Unless they were all armed and dangerous looking for the fun of it. But that didn't seem reasonable.

Will put his feet up and drank his ale. All he had to do now was wait.

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