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Name: Kyle
Age: 24
Appearance: Kyle is a handsome man with short brown hair. He has a short, well-kept beard and green eyes. He stands at 6'2" and has a lean, muscular build. At the start of the RP he will be wearing grey and black Fjallraven pants he found on the body of a prepper and a grey T-shirt. He wears a holster on his right hip and a knife holster on his left hip.
Brief History: Kyle is from Flagstaff, Arizona where he worked as a warehouse manager. He was on his way to San Diego to meet some friends from college. However, as he was on his way to the beach, the hemorrhage virus hit San Diego. People were not even able to evacuate, as the city fell in minutes.
Equipment: Kyle has a tan tactical backpack he pulled off a dead soldier, a dark earth Sig Sauer P226 he brought with him from Arizona and some MRE's and iodine purification pills. He has three 20 count 9mm magazines for the handgun, which has a green laser mounted on the bottom of it. Inside the backpack, he also has a trauma kit, two changes of clothes, a box of 50 hollow point 9mm bullets, and a canteen. Kyle carries a Ka-Bar BK-22 knife as well.
The Extinction Cycle

*This thread is based on the Extinction series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. The RP will not follow the original story and knowledge of the books is NOT necessary.

1. Your character isn't a God, and neither is mine.
2. Give people time to post.
3. Enjoy!

The story is based on a biological weapon, X9H9 or the hemorrhage virus, being released to the world. The virus spreads to 85% of the world within weeks. The virus itself is a mixture of Ebola and VX99, a drug meant to create super soldiers. The VX99 turns people into animals: People's mouths become oval shaped suckers with protruding lips; eyes become yellow with narrow slits; joints begin to bend in ways they shouldn't.

The story will be after Dr. Kate Lovato releases a bioweapon to kill most of the infected in an operation called Operation Depletion. However, 10% of the infected survive, leaving behind smarter and stronger monsters. The remaining infected become known as variants. Variants can die like any human, except they are faster, stronger, and have better senses than humans.

The start of our journey begins in San Diego, California at the beginning of summer. Our story can have any type of person in it, from accountant to soldier. Please do note that to survive your character needs to have some similarity with guns or knives because variants are extremely dangerous creatures.

Brief History:
I'll be editing a CS into this post by the end of the day ;)
I am going to be closing this RP (keeping it open for OOC). I may remake it this weekend or sometime into next weekend. Alternatively, I may make a Hell Divers RP based on the books.

However, there is a chance I find another thread to get back into RPing before I go any further!

Edit: The reason I stopped posting is because life got busy and RPing wasn't on my mind. Now I have more free time without work and uni.
Gall and the Innkeeper

Cracked Tankard

The Innkeeper
The Innkeeper had watched in fear as the first few tankards of ale went down the monstrous throats of the two creatures until he realized he was making a handsome profit on the two. It didn't take long for the old man to start pre-pouring drinks with a grin on his dusty face. If the two kept going he would have enough money to retire, sell the inn, and move to a house near the river going through Anvil.

The old plainsman seemed to be beaten down by the words of Tristan. He had once again failed his people because he did not know how to act in the presence of civilized people. Gall slowly lowered his gaze from Tristan and held it on the ground for a moment. He brought it back up to the Paladin, giving the young man a sad smile. A moment later he was waving what was left of his people out the door, leaving the inn and the warning he had brought behind.


Anvil Bridge

Cowl studied Amicus for a moment, his face in thought. "A local hero. I can appreciate that, Elf." His thoughts raced back through time to when he became a hero of a town for simply leading a handful of guards to rout a group of highwaymen. There was a certain beauty to the simple acts a hero did in their lives. The saddest, most redundant part of a hero is that there ever had to be more than one hero in history. Selfless, brave acts done over and over for the same result every time.

Cowl brought his eyes to look on Sifa, the woman of many travels and stories. "I would like a story as well. I think a story can teach something to everyone, whether the story is true or not."



From every entrance into Anvil came a squad of six men and women dressed in black leathers and metals. On their right breast was the insignia of an obsidian mountain peak with a purple background. They carried crossbows in their hands and shortswords on their hips. Their skinned was dark grey and they had silver hair. Their eyes all seemed to be black, but in the correct lighting appeared to be a midnight purple.

Some of those squads met resistance, and fell, while some pushed past the Anvil guards and further into the town. The foreign soldiers usually would have torn such a town apart with ease, but a long battle on the plains had worn them.
Hey there! Glad you want to join, but there is one little problem. This RP is a low fantasy, which means that magic is nearly non-existent. There are some artifacts with magical properties, but that's about it. There's an IC reason to why magic is gone so stay tuned!
Beth, Gall, and the Innkeeper

Cracked Tankard

The serving girl looked at Gall and his men before quickly glancing back at the knight. All of her excitement from seeing the young, handsome knight had vanished, and with it, she forgot to introduce herself. With a shaky whisper, she began, "I d-don't know... Tristan. They've never caused trouble before." Between Norton, Gall, and the knight, the tension was already high enough. Until the horned man walked in. Beth froze, having never seen such a creature. Sure, everyone knew they existed, but Anvil was a clean, human town. Tieflings had actually never been in the town. Brakes had just set a record. A record that could prove deadly, should the unhuman being give the entire town the wrong idea about tieflings.

The bald man hurriedly grabbed a tankard from under the counter as Brakes approached. The old man was too afraid to ask people to leave earlier, and now faced his inn being destroyed. He cursed under his breath, hoping the tiefling didn't take it wrong and pored ale into the tankard. "Here you, uh, go, um, sir." The Innkeeper said as he slid the tankard to Brakes.

Moments after the Tiefling was offered a drink, Gall slowly stood up, removed and set his weapon belt on a table, then, at a slow pace, approached Tristan. When he was about eight paces away Gall spoke, his voice deep and hoarse, "how many of you are there?" He finished the statement by pointing at Tristan's armored chest, then at Norton.

Beth & Gall

Cracked Tankard

Beth smiled, her brown eyes growing brighter when she realized the knight would talk with her. "If not sir, then what may I call you?" She inquired with a gentle smile, which grew bigger as the knight removed his helm. The knight was almost her age and he was handsome. As a knight, he probably also had a decent stash of coin. "I could take you around town if you want", she said, " and I could do it for free!"

Her smile dropped a bit when she saw the knight pull his sword closer. "Oh them... they're from the plains near here." She whispered to the knight nervously, "usually only one or two show up. The one with the long black hair is their leader."

Gall saw that he had attracted the attention of several people in the area, including the knight. The plainsman chuckled when the knight reached for his sword. Gall raised his tankard to the knight, then loosened the long knife in its scabbard. He proceeded to spit on the inn's wooden floor, then took a swig. Some of his men did the same while some stared with the empty eyes of killers - or perhaps the eyes of those who had lost everything. The distinction would be important, but hard to see in the low light.


Anvil Bridge

"Sifa," he chewed on his cheek a moment, "that's a name I have never heard before." Cowl said, attempting an awkward bow as Sifa had done earlier. The prince once again turned his attention to the newcomers, which Sifa had just started to address. He missed the sarcasm at first, thinking another person was asking for a bed or food. That was not the case, though, he realized. The elf was just light of heart and wanted to make a joke to join the conversation.

"I'd have to agree," Cowl said to the man dressed in leather armor. "I've been here for two days. I thought the streets always cleared with the setting sun, but it appears that is not the case this night." Cowl took notice of Hark's attire and appearance, "You're not an Anvil native by any chance are you?"

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Welcome! You are free to join, but I may not let you join the main group for now. It's getting crowded. Anymore and we might have trouble with consistent posts.

@Shadow Dragon
Just like Euph said, this RP is 100% a free, jump in style RP. I just dislike the speed and uselessness of one liners. Also welcome!
The Innkeeper

The old, bald innkeeper of the Cracked Tankard watched the knight walk off in his armor. At least the young man's armor was worn. A knight in shining armor has never had their mettle tested, or so that saying went.

A customer at the bar got up and left at the same time the knight walked away. The innkeeper took the used cup left by the customer and gave it a wipe with a semi-clean rag, watching the knight lay his sword down. The innkeeper risked a glance at the group of people sitting in building's corner, where the light was lowest. He thought he could see then watching the knight, but he wasn't so sure because of the low light.


The plainsman finished his tankard of beer, his eyes tracking the confident knight who had laid a sword on a table. He grunted, raising a hand for another beer. The knight had sat in the back, where the light was low as well. Gall couldn't make out any distinguishing features.


Beth, the young serving girl of the inn and daughter of the innkeeper, walked up the the knight with a tankard of ale. She nervously brushed her long blonde hair behind her shoulder, flashing the knight a smile. "Here you go, sir." she said, setting the ale on the table. "You're not from around here are you sir?" She said to Tristan, her cheeks reddening slightly. The nineteen year old serving girl had been serving in the inn since she was twelve. While pretty, no one had ever found her pretty enough to rescue from the inn.
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