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Paric followed the path so easily cut by the Myti. The Myti obviously had trained with a long sword before, as Dannisus seemed to be completely unaware of the weapon's weight. If it came to close combat and his fire was not effective, Paric knew who he would get behind. However, the Dannisus seemed pretty relaxed, and there were not any giant centipedes or spiders, so he was feeling quite good about their journey.

Even though Paric was nodding his head, the Myti's words about the local fauna went through one ear and out the other. Ayer would be listening, and that would work for both of them. Despite that, he did appreciate the Myti's effort in alerting them of their surroundings. It was a decent sign that the Myti wasn't trying to kill them. It also didn't mean that the Myti cared for Ayer and Paric. The plants were amazing, though. Something Paric had not seen in a long time. He couldn't remember which ones Dannisus said they shouldn't eat or were dangerous, so Paric just avoided touching anything if he could help it.

Paric followed the Myti's path slowly and carefully. In a better state of being he could have made is way through here with some agility, but for now it was slow going if he wanted to avoid touching anything. "Leias anything like this?" He asked after he saw the Myti's head darted somewhere.
Paric watched Dannisus as the Myti entered an alerted state. Paric himself didn't hear anything and couldn't smell anything over the smell of alcohol, which his nose refused to let go of. The good news was that Dannisus would let him keep the small flask. It was the best thing to happen to him in so far in their mess of a night. "Or maybe not," he muttered, "it was good to have escaped the friendly shark and the Nillium guards."

Ayer's brief beckon and the Myti's urgency to get moving convinced the drunk to get going. "One more for the road," he muttered as he popped the cap on the flask. He took a mouthful and swallowed, letting out a happy sigh. Then he set off behind his friend and the strange Myti. I wonder if all Myti act like him. I'll have to pay some attention once we get Leias.

Of course, Paric figured the rhetorical bit was about moving and speaking, but one could never know. The Myti could have been referring to any of the questions that had been asked already. Paric didn't put it past him. "So what creatures roam these parts? Any giant centipedes? That would be BAD." He said loudly, so that the Myti could hear him. "Or spiders. Giant spiders would also be terrifying. I'd have to start lighting things on fire."

Paric shrugged at himself. Ayer would probably take offense, but Paric had been called incompetent before and he did have to agree with it. His knowledge of the world was shockingly low. Most of what he knew was from his travels from shabby town to shanny town, which we're often not made sober, and from stories, which we're often not told sober. So he accepted the small flask, his brow furrowing at its size. He plucked the container's lid and gave the contents a quick whiff. It would have to do. He took a mouthful from the flask, swished it, and swallowed. A small smile formed, "mind if I hold on to this for awhile?" He gave the flask a shake, "we are going to travel with you, afterall, seeing as you will slow your pace some."

Paric decided he would wait before he began to trust Dannisus. The Myti seemed to be more interested in Ayer's device compared to their lives. He made that much obvious, basically implying that Ayer and Paric would be a a deadly liability. Paric had dealt with people like the Myti before, though, and it usually went okay for him. He lived a low-key life, and no one had ever targeted him for something. "We won't cause you trouble," he elbowed Ayer's arm, "isn't that right, friend?"

Paric's gaze had been locked in the direction Dannisus had pointed. The Myti's unwillingness to guide them struck a blow to his morale. His heart had sunk low in his chest. He felt lost just looking at the trees and underbrush that would stand in their path. As if he they would be able to travel through there. If he was healthy, sure, he could fend off the odd monster that might assail them, but he was completely exhausted. He had plenty of mana, but not the energy to loose much of it. There was, also, the bit about his arm. If it were to become infected...

Ayer had the answer, though. By going with the Myti they assured themselves a guide to the unknown land they found themselves on. Whether the Myti would be willing to travel at their pace was a different matter all together. He turned his gaze from the trees to Ayer. "Yes, friend, I say we go with him." Then to the Myti traveler, "if you will have us, we would be grateful. We'll be slow and need rest. If you have medicines for my arm to keep infection at bay, that would be appreciated as well."

"Oh and one more thing. Do you happen to have any liquor on you? Surely you have some. I mean, you seem to be a creature of many items." He subconsciously licked his drying lips. "My mind is starting to feel sharper. And that isn't good because I'm not smart to begin with."
Paric gave Ayer a long look. He supposed Ayer did manage an acceptable introduction. It did, after all, show Ayer's personality quite well. The Myti did want to be treated as Paric was treated. Which is funny, Paric noted, given that I'm Ayer's assistant.

He didn't blame the Myti for wanting to take a step back and get to know them a little first. They had appeared from no where, possibly pursued by Nillium guards, and asked to be led to Leias. The Myti traveler would have quite the burden to take upon himself if he were to help the duo. Paric winked back at his friend. It was time for his introduction as well, as requested by the Myti. "I'm Paric," he said for his introduction as he stood near his bowing friend. A simple reply for a simple mind.

The most noticeable thing about the Myti was the assortment of tools and weapons he wore. It was enough tools to match Ayer, although the Myti probably didn't have anything like Wax Jury. Wouldn't surprise me if he had an artifact, though. Not that a Myti needs artifacts. Their prowess with magic was not secret.
Paric noticed their mistake just after he saw Ayer react the the animal. He needed to get his eyes checked... He had seen Myti before, but this was quite sad, if he was being honest with himself. Perhaps the two just wanted to have an encounter free journey for awhile while they rested up. Then again, it wouldn't be an adventure if they did not run into trouble.

He let Ayer do most of the talking, raising his eyebrows in surprise when Ayer so quickly showed the Myti Wax Jury. Then again, given a good reason, the Myti probably would guide them. Not much else to do out in the middle of no where, surrounded by monsters of all sizes. It was obvious that they would need help, though. He was a drunk with little experience, and little alcohol, and his friend was a nerd who wasn't keen of violence. Their chances were slim, given caravans, for all their metallic might, sometimes got completely wiped out. They weren't even trained soldiers.

His gaze had left the Myti to scan the tall trees. Until, of course, Ayer threw a compliment that probably would not sit well with the Myti. The poor thing was obviously bitter that they had mistaked it for a monkey. He grimaced, mouthing a soundless "sorry" to the Myti. This was probably how all of Ayer's problems originally started. He probably unknowingly said something dumb to a high ranking Nillium commander.


Tt Ayer's touch, Paric looked up from the leafy carpet that was the forest floor. He had been singing in his head, too distracted to have been listening. Wow, I need to pay more attention. Had Ayer not been listening, we would have never seen the creature in the trees.

It did appear to be a monkey or something similar. Usually they weren't dangerous, but it was hard to tell with the wildlife on their damned continent. Everything had it out for humanoids. "Well," he whispered, removing his gaze from the creature, "it is best not to stare it in the face or show it our teeth, I think. That would challenge it." He stopped walking altogether, his unease growing as he thought into it. "Do you know how long it has been watching? Has it called out?" He let out a breath. "Maybe we should make a loud noise to scare it off."

Truth be told, like most things, Paric did not know much about what they should do, or about the creature in front of them. He was running on luck and gut feelings, albeit with Ayer's knowledge. He was learning, though, and he felt that he would become more valuable as he spent more time as Ayer's assistant. Soon to an invaluable resource! Or perhaps I'll just be invaluable company... either way, I think I still would prefer being a drunk over an academic.
If the Wax Jury's ability to perform various types of magic wasn't amazing enough, Ayer had just pulled a compass out of it. If Paric had this man on all of his previous travels, he would have been in a better place. Paric recalled a time when he tried to make a short trip by foot... only to get lost for a week and, when finally reaching his destination, realize it was where he had left from. All because he didn't carry much except a bottle of liquor and some clothes.

For all of Ayer's ability, the man still managed to find a crab dangling from an ear. Paric chuckled, "well, it could be worse. That Nillium would have done more than dangle from your ear." He walked over the beach's cool sand to his friend. The crab looked like it was more angry about dangling in the air than anything else. His friend had already tried to pull it off, which probably just made the crustacean angrier. "This should be pretty easy," he said, putting his palm under the crab. The crab's legs found his palm and its claws let their furious grip go. Paric lowered it to the sand, where it scurried off sideways to some nearby rocks. "We could have ate it if it was larger," he said, his voice showing slight dismay. "Then again, if it was any bigger, you would have a hole in your ear."

Ayer was not the only one feeling the fatigue, but Paric motioned towards the trees Ayer had said were North of them. "Shall we? I guess I will go first. Seeing as I am your assistant, friend."

Paric stared, eyebrows raised, as Ayer once more launched into one of his bouts of laughing. So Ayer is willing to take me as an assistance. Wouldn't that be funny? He didn't know a thing about Ayer's devices or about arcane theory in general. Those devices Ayer had were cool, though, and it would give him the ability to cast other spells... if Ayer made one for him. He wouldn't be constricted to only fire magic, not that he minded it, but magical freedom sounded... bliss.

He thought it over as they made their way to shore. It took the jolt of striking land for Ayer to stop laughing, giving Paric the chance to speak. "Ok, friend," he started as he went over the side of the boat, "I have considered being your assistant." His legs hit ground, which felt unstable. "So this is what it's like..." he mumbled to himself, thinking of the sailors who had talked about the land still feeling like the ocean after they had disembarked from their ships. "And I have decided that I would like to be your assistant. I believe you know what that means."

The beach they had landed on felt refreshing. The breeze off the water felt cool against his exhausted limbs and woke him up a bit from his exhausted state. It was open as well, which beat the dirty, cramped town of Nillium. It was concerning that they were no longer walled in, though. Most small wildlife could be scared away by a large wave of flames, but if any actual threat found them. I'm not ready for a fight with something actually deadly. "So, friend, do you know where we are? Leias would be in a northerly direction..."

Paric grinned at his friend, his fear had already started to drain away. The Nillium ship had started to put distance between them without ever sounding an alarm, and the shark was doing its best to mate with their boat. He laughed, "yes, friend, it thinks that we are a potential mate." Their luck was, once again, on their side. They should have died or been captured... but it didn't happen. Paric did not, in anyway, expect it to end the way it did. Ayer's explanation of how the Nillium could have been blinded by mating helped Paric understand the situation. "I did not realize that animals can be so blinded by sex. I guess the same can be said for some of us though."

"To shore it is. Would you mind paddling?" He asked, knowing that he wouldn't be of much help, and would just waste energy that he needed to heal. "In the meantime, I can tell you a little about my family." He shuffled to a more comfortable position, took a breath, and started. "I was the first born of my family, who have lived in Kel as far back as we can trace our lineage. I left Kel around the age of twenty. My parents had not decided to have another child, at least not while I was there. I don't know if I have a brother or sister now, but the possibility isn't low. Anyway, my parents were neutral in the Eldi ways. They did not fight those who ate humanoids, nor did they side with them. I did not realize my hate for my own race until I witnessed the stabbing and consumption of a human. From there I decided to leave Kel without my parents. For they had told me they wished to not get involved, and so stayed in Kel." He looked down at the boat's floor. "I wandered for awhile, y'know. I didn't have a place to go. For a moment, I got involved with some bad people. They were killed by some paladins while I was away from camp. From there I wandered from town to town as soon as I had the money for safe passage."

He let his head lean against the side of the boat. "That's a over simplified version of my past life. I thought you might like to know, given our situation."
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