You've heard the stories of King Arthur. The different tales that tell the vastly differing stories of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, Gawain, Bedivere, or Tristan. Everyone knows of the betrayal of the Witch Morgana Lefay, or how Mordred, Bastard son of King Arthur was the one who struck the fatal blow to the King. Everyone knows of the Sword in the Stone, and the fabled Excalibur. Many even know of the Dragon who aided Arthur in his quest. And of course, there are few who do not know of the great Wizard Merlin.

But stories don't often speak of the soldiers who fought for the King. The soldiers who followed orders from the Knights of the Round Table, and did what they could not do alone. Fought against armies and hordes that threatened Camelot and stood their ground when nobody else would. For the King, for their homes, for Camelot.

This is your story, in a new, original world of Camelot. This is not the Camelot of Britain. This is its own Kingdom, not just one city, but an entire stretching land for hundreds of miles around. Nestled between the Mountains, with the sea at its northern tip, this is the home of the Human Empire, at least, the most well known one. In a world of Elves, Dwarves, and Monsters, it is the people of Camelot serving under the Knight Lords who protect the land.

But who are you? Are you perhaps a novice Wizard trained under the great Merlin, now set loose upon the world to learn from your experiences, that which a book cannot teach you? Are you a Warrior who trained under the great Sir Lancelot and has been given the task of seeking out and hunting Monsters that threaten the people? For every class, there is a leader. And every Soldier, be they Wizard, Archer, Warrior or Rogue, fight for one of the Knight Lords. This creates factions that war among each other, but all in good will. There is no killing among the factions, but they can certainly get competitive when trying to prove the worth of their chosen Knight. Whether it's the faction wars trying to claim ownership of the many forts in the land, or tournaments that often are decided by how much support each Knight gets from their followers, it all strengthens the people as they work to be better than one another, and in doing so, become better than they could ever be on their own.

Of course, this is quite the different story than you are likely accustomed to when it comes to the story of King Arthur. The King already wields the Holy Sword, Excalibur, and those you know from other stories to have betrayed the King, you may yet find to be his greatest allies.

Welcome to Camelot.


So the basic idea here is that it's an original world, and doesn't follow all the lore of most Arthurian Legend you might know. For example, this will not be following the same old story of Lancelot and Guinevere, or Morgana and Mordred, these won't be happening here. This world is a bit, brighter than many other worlds of King Arthur, so if you're looking for some Grimdark, you're not likely to find it here I'm afraid. Some examples:

Lancelot is Guinevere's Brother, and there is no lack of love between the King and Queen.

Mordred is the legitimate child of King Arthur and Guinevere.

Morgana, while using darker magic than most would usually accept, is still accepted as Royalty, and is not any sort of Villain. Yes, she is Morgana Pendragon. Also she won't leave Lancelot alone.


Each Class has a Class Leader. However, keep in mind that this has nothing to do with your faction. There are also advanced classes, that you can only 'earn' through RP, such as the Knight, or Beastmaster. These are evolution classes, meaning you must start as an Archer to become a Beast Master for example. The Class Leader also has no effect on power or standing. Just because you were trained under King Arthur himself, doesn't mean you're better than anyone. Except when it does, and changing to an advanced class does not always change your Class Leader. Some advanced classes can be advanced into from more than one class... does it make sense that a Cleric can suddenly become a Paladin with absolutely no experience with heavy armor, swords or shields? No, but why not.

Note that not all classes have an advanced class, or the same number of advanced classes. (You are also not required to advance if you don't want to.)

This is an early development of the classes. It may change, it may not, by time this becomes a full OOC.

Warrior - Sir Lancelot
Wizard - Merlin
Cleric - Queen Guinevere
Rogue - Mistral (Dark Elf OC)
Archer - Cynal (Wood Elf OC)

Advanced Classes:

-Knight (Class Leader becomes King Arthur)
-Paladin (Class Leader becomes Sir Mordred)
-Berserker (Class Leader becomes Ghamki, a Dwarf OC)

-Warlock (Class Leader becomes Morgana)

-Paladin (Class Leader becomes Sir Mordred)

-Shadow Assassin
-Shadow Archer

-Shadow Archer (Class Leader becomes Mistral)


The factions are a Knight that each individual swears loyalty to. This puts them in a faction, and it's their duty to compete with other factions for fame and glory, while raising their standing with their chosen Knight. No faction is stronger than any other for any reason beyond the strength of its members, and a Class Leader does not care if those studying under them choose a different faction. For example, Sir Lancelot isn't going to care if a Warrior joins Sir Mordred's faction. The Knights who have their own faction are as follows:

Sir Mordred
Sir Gawain
Sir Lancelot
Sir Bedivere
Sir Percival
Sir Tristan

Something to note, is that these are the "Knight Lords", meaning that if your character changes class to the Knight, you won't be on the same level as them. If anything, you answer even more directly to the Knight Lords as a Knight than you would as a Warrior.

The Point?:

Now after all this you're likely wondering, okay, but what will we as participants in this RP actually be doing? And to put it simply, you will be adventuring through Camelot as members of the Camelot Military. A diverse (Hopefully) group of Humans from different factions. Just because you're in different factions doesn't mean you can't team up after all. The only times you will be secluded into your own faction is during things such as tournaments.

And yes, while it may seem odd to limit you to only Humans in a world that as stated, has anything from Elves and Dwarves, to many other fantasy races, it would kind of defeat the purpose if you were another race. While King Arthur has employed allies, such as a pair of Elven Twins, and a Dwarven Smith to help train Camelot's people, the members of the Camelot military still remain entirely Human.

As for more in depth story, beyond just adventuring around, fighting Monsters and saving towns and the like, you will also be able to aid famous figures from Arthurian Legend on their quests, and see more of their story building up, such as Sir Mordred's Quest for the Sword of Choosing, or Sir Lancelot's Quest for the Holy Grail, a totally, 100%, entirely serious storyline. Without a doubt.

What I Expect From Players:

I know a lot of RPs can sometimes be a little open to interpretation on what they expect from the quality of writing, just leaving it up to 'this RP is Advanced' or Casual or Free or whatever. I'd like to get more specific than that.

This RP will be in the Casual section, but I'm looking for more, high Casual to Advanced Writers. Posts should be at least one Paragraph, and anywhere up from there that you feel comfortable with. No one liners. And most importantly, have competent grammar and spelling. I understand mistakes, but if you consistently spell things wrong, especially if it's the same words over and over again suggesting you legitimately don't know how to spell something, that's not the kind of person I'm looking for here.

And please be active. Nobody likes sitting around for days waiting for one person to post just so the RP can keep moving.

If you have questions feel free to ask here or PM me. If you show interest in the RP, I'll assume you want to take part and I'll keep that assumption for a couple days at least before opening your 'slot' so to speak to someone else. I'm not going to be too picky on the size of the group for this, I would prefer 4+ people.

I'll also say that I'm a big Fate fan, and while I don't know everything about it, it won't hurt to assume that some things from it will bleed into this RP. I'm not going to make King Arthur a woman, but some... other changes may be made as a reference to Fate. Oh and if you have an issue with 'not being true to the legend' well it's not hurting anyone for you to just not take part honestly.

Ah yes and finally, I myself will be playing a normal character, while also sort of, GMing everything else, from enemies, to the higher up figures like King Arthur or Sir Lancelot.

Oh and if you have an issue with 'not being true to the legend' well it's not hurting anyone for you to just not take part honestly.