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I have been roleplaying off and on, trying different sites and apps for about 3 years now, it all started at a sleepover me and my friend were bored as hell, and I suggested we try roleplaying. So we did on this one app that was amazing(it got a suspension from Google play and they decided to get rid of it cause of money and stuff :( ) She stopped roleplaying after not too long but here I am, still doing it. Like I have said, it's been off and on, I am going to be a little rusty coming back to this after a few months, so bare with me.

Some of the main genres I love to roleplay are:
fantasy/Supernatural(not the show)
But I am also open to trying new things to an extent. I DO NOT do any erotic roleplaying

I tend to roleplay in third person and I prefer to mainly do one-on-one roleplays, I just think group roleplays get too messy and end up excluding people unintentionally. I think that basic plots are really neat because you can build on throughout the roleplay with no restrictions on what there is to do, you can let your mind run free. Really long and complexly made plots are hard to follow for me personally, I have nothing against them, I just prefer to not do those.

Some of my hobbies include:
Gaming, I help run a discord for a gaming community, singing, listening to music and playing oboe and flute.

Thank you for reading, if you have even gotten this far haha. If you have any interest at all roleplaying with me, let me know, I have 2 plots on hand we can possibly use, and/or we can make our own!

Hobbies and interests: Tell us a little about yourself. What else do you do for fun besides roleplaying? Videogames, sports, reading, scuba diving, space exploration, etc. You get the idea.
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I don't know what I'm doing but I like Sabaton so......DEUS VULT
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Have you heard their recent releases? They've made one for Bismarck (the Kriegsmarine Bismarck, not Otto) and another for Verdun.

Welcome to the guild, by the way.

Edit: Just realized I posted this welcoming someone in someone else's introduction. Whoops. At least I'm sure Apple won't kill me for it since we have a 1x1 on the way.
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Hello and welcome!
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