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Taito - Tokyo Prefecture – Japan
Emilia Westridge
5:01 PM - October 27th - 2019

The lingering noises of Tokyo’s evening streets were irrelevant as Emilia slid her fingers along the sharp angles of the bizarre electronic device stuffed in the pocket of her zipped-up, pastel orange jacket. Her focus bounced about as she turned a corner. The rhythmic jingle of her keys loosely hanging out of her coat pocket kept her thoughts from unfastening. Should I call mom? There's no way she'll believe me... Emilia stopped at the front steps of her apartment complex as a growing breeze swelled through her hair. Well … I've rounded the block seven times. I've got to go home sometime. Despite heavy arms, she pulled the door open with a calm furiosity.

Emilia started steadily up the stairs. "It's just an egg. No biggie, right? Just an egg..." She muttered to herself, her soft British accent deepened by a thickness building in her chest. Emilia stopped her climb with one foot hastily on a step higher than the other. "Oh God, what if it's hatched," Emilia pondered, rubbing her forehead with her index finger and thumb. She began to lift her foot to climb the stairs again but immediately felt a vibration in her coat pocket.

An effeminate voice announced, “digital companion ready to emerge."

Emilia, stunned, locked eyes with an older fellow walking through the stairwell. "I hope to God it isn’t,” she replied with a shriek. The old man raised his eyes brows, a confused frown forming at the crease of his lips. With hot cheeks, Emilia bounded up the stairwell. Whether she noticed or not, the beeping of the brown device was sounding off half-muted, smothered by Emilia's sweating palm.

Did that thing seriously come out of my laptop? God, I wonder if that'll turn back on now. I should call mom... Emilia stumbled over that recurring thought, mumbling profanities,.She’d just think I’m nuts! There's no way I tell anyone about this, right? She raked her hand through her hair and stopped, feet planted before her door. "I'd think I was crazy too, honestly– if I actually told someone my computer vomited out an egg and a weird watch, the latter of which is now speaking," she muttered, half-conscious of the words dribbling from her mouth. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck, preparing, mentally, for what obscenity might lay beyond her front door. She bounced anxiously on her toes and took in a few shallow breaths. Emilia reached out. "Okay," she paused, "Here we go!" She tightened her hand, twisted, and threw her shoulder into the door for no other reason but to be dramatic. With a grunt, she barreled through and accompanied her entrance with a high-pitched yelp. She closed the door behind her, but not all the way, and dropped her bag at her feet. Little natural light came into the apartment. The pressing beeps of the device hung in the silent art. Emilia jammed her hands into her pocket, pulling the light brown and black device out. A light on its screen flickered and the following words appeared:

DIGI.mon downloading from egg... 5% remaining, please wait...

Emilia looked up and felt a weakness in her hands. How did it get out here? Didn’t I lock my bathroom door? A large, brown egg stood, unmoving in the middle of the kitchen. A crack, splitting it down the middle, was steadily making way to the tip of the egg. She stared at the egg for as long as it took for the crack finally reached the top. A thin light streamed from the split in the egg and widened as the egg split in two. Steam and a hiss filtered from the middle as the crack grew.

Emilia hadn't noticed, but the digital displays on her kitchen appliances were flickering numbers and letters. Slow and deliberate, she wrapped her fingers around the backs of one of her kitchen chairs while she bounced her leg in a jagged rhythm. The sheen faded, and the two sides of the egg dropped to the floor. The hollow eggshells began to evaporate, each piece dissolving into a mist. Emilia clenched her teeth and slowly raised the chair off the floor. The mist dissipated; the outline of a small, round creature became realized.

Sporadic breaths and a soft whining sound from the now split egg engage Emilia's growing worry. Her knuckles white and her grip numb, she waited with a stiff intensity. Without realizing, she spoke out loud: "I mean, it can't be harmful, right? Whatever it is, it’s just a baby, right?" She hovered on that thought for what seemed a brief eternity. "Just a baby, just a baby, just a..." She trailed off and leaned closer to whatever just came out of the egg, trying to sneak a peek. She jumped back as the creature simply started to cry. Emilia hesitantly flicked the light switch to the kitchen on. After a few seconds of delay, a white light sparked overhead revealing a brown, tadpole-like creature with three rounded horns, a long tail, and tears streaming down its cheeks. It squeezed its eyes tightly closed.

Curious, Emilia dropped to her knees. "Hey," she said. The small creature peeled open its slate eyes briefly before crying again. "Hey. There's no need to cry," Emilia whispered. She sat, staring at the creature for a few minutes as it cried with an impressive steadiness

From a squat, Emilia launched to her feet and stepped softly across the kitchen floor to the sink. She grabbed a bowl and filled it with water, placing it about three feet from the crying brown ball. It opened its eyes again and squinted. The creature grunted softly and wriggled and hopped across the tiled floor. Emilia scratched her jawline with a nagging curiosity, "Okay, there’s absolutely no way mom would believe this."

With wetness still around its eyes, the creature started lapping up the water. Emilia leaned against her countertop. "Now what am I supposed to do about this thing?" The creature snapped its head toward Emilia and its lips started to quiver. "Hey– woah! No need to cry again. I didn't mean 'thing' as in – er, 'thing'." Emilia waved her hands in front of her face with nervous laughter. "I don't do crying very well, little guy." The brown creature glanced up at Emilia and curled its small bottom lip. Its belly rumbled.

Emilia spun on her toes to face the fridge. Immediately, she sunk her face into the palm of her hand. "What am I supposed to feed you? Should I even feed you? I can’t believe this." The creature cried out louder than before in response. Emilia jolted, body still tense. "Okay. I'll feed you.” She said, rummaging through the day-old refrigerated goods. "You like peaches?" She asked. Emilia rolled a soft peach across the floor, colliding with the creature with a soft donk. It opened its eyes again and started nibbling at the peach through periodic sniffles. Emilia grabbed another peach and seated herself on the floor as well, cross-legged. She felt a curious smile grow on her face, "Okay, you're a little bit cute." She rolled the second peach over to the creature as it finished the first.

"Oh." Emilia grabbed the brown device from her pocket again. This time, the text on the screen read:

DIGI.mon hatched!
CONO.mon – Fresh – Slime Type – Female

Digital Evolution Imminent

The last three words flashed on the bottom of the screen in a pulsating fashion. "Digital what–" Emilia jolted as she was interrupted by the glare of another blinding sheen and a low hiss. The tiny figure of Conomon erupted in a flash of iridescence. Warped in the colorful light, Conomon grew slightly larger while its bottom half became frilled and gelatinous. The light faded out, revealing a jellyfish-like creature blinking steadily on the floor. Emilia looked down at the device cradled in her hands:

Digital Evolution Succesful
Meet KOKO.mon!

"Meet Kokomon..."

Kokomon blinked one eye at a time, glancing about the kitchen. She wriggled about in circles until she locked eyes with Emilia, measuring how inviting the young girl appeared. "Em-eel-ee-ah..." Kokomon’s voice was soft and delicate as it struggled to produce the sounds. Emilia's face goes agape. "Are you," Kokomon paused, staring patiently, "Emilia?"

Emilia responded with a slow, unintentional nod. "And you're Kokomon?" She covered her mouth.

Kokomon nodded vigorously.

Emilia caught her face in her palm again. "Am I going crazy? I mean this just isn't real, right? Like, it can talk? There's no way this is real," she steadied her breath and cleared her throat. She continued on, despite the doubt in her head, "so, Kokomon, uh– what are you?"

“A Digital Monster,” Kokomon responded with sincere confidence.

Emilia sighed. “Okay, well, what’s a ‘Digital Monster’ then?’”

Kokomon took time to ponder such a hefty question carefully. Her breathing sputtered and her eyes started to mist over. “Not sure, sorry…”

Panic bubbled in Emilia’s throat, “hey! That’s okay,” she paused herself with awkward laughter. “It can be hard to understand what you are!” Kokomon blinked with misty eyes and fought back sniffling. "Okay, Kokomon. How about this, I need you to tell me how you know my name," Emilia’s words were slow but commanding.

Kokomon started to shake and toss about. "'Cause you're Kokomon's friend, silly!"

Emilia's smile started to drip; her eyes narrowed. Okay, weird– Kokomon, that's not what I mean. I want you to tell me how you know who I am–” Emilia took a sudden breath.

“I'm guess I’m kind of starting to wig out a bit here. I’m talking to a stuffed animal! I’m crazy,” she plunged ahead, almost shouting.

"I'm sorry," Kokomon cried, "I'm so sorry! Don't get man, please." Kokomon's breath started to unsettle, tears already rolling down her cheeks again. She squealed, "I–I’m here to be your friend. But I’m getting scared…"

Emilia’s eyes glued to the floor. Vaguely coherent thoughts of calling her mother bounced about in Emilia’s head, and she contemplated turning around and simply leaving the apartment. Both ideas were dismissed within seconds. It could have been the erratic crying of Kokomon or the bizarre gravity of the situation but something snapped Emilia out of an anxious spiral. ”It’s okay, Kokomon. I’m kind of– weirdly scared too.” She took a deep breath and scanned the screen of her strange device. There was a flashing envelope icon on the screen. She instinctively tapped it and a message appeared:

Hi there, Emilia.
This creature is a Digital Monster, or DIGI.mon for short. No matter what happens, you must watch over it and you must trust it, and it will do the same for you. I'm sure you and this DIGI.mon are a perfect fit. Prepare and be strong.
Have vigor,

Kokomon's crying bounced off the walls of Emilia's kitchen. Blank-faced, she stared at the device. "Prepare? For what– what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

* * *

Saitama Prefecture – Japan
Shohei Nishizawa and Newt
7:11 PM - October 27th - 2019

“Hey,” a young adult slapped the outside of his grandparent’s small shed twice. He had a serene nonchalance about him and his timbre was sincere, inviting. “I brought you some of Nanny Nishizawa’s premium homemade curry leftovers,” he sung, resting a hot bowl in his arms. A muffled tumble came from the inside the shed.

A blue bipedal lizard that stood about three feet tall peeked its head around the corner. An infectious grin creased its icy snout. Tears welled in its eyes as it grabbed the bowl. “Sho, you’re too kind,” the lizard roared, its voice coarse but endearing.

Shohei grimaced. “Newt, you gotta be a little quieter,” he warned, “my grandpa would have a fit if he found out about you– you’d be all over national television!” Shohei spoke about as much with his hands as he did his voice, waving them busily as he spoke.

“I'm sor–”

“It’s alright. Let’s get in the shed. We need to chat anyway.”

Newt grabbed his plate of food and slinked back into the shed. Shohei followed suit and closed the door behind them. Inside, farming and gardening tools leaned casually about the walls. Bags of gardening soil were strewn about. Orange light crawled out of the thick layer of dark clouds, streaming through moisture-stained windows.

Newt, with chopsticks in hand, dug in. Shohei stared at his feet. He narrowed his eyes, deliberating his words. “Is there something wrong, Sho,” Newt asked, his mouth full, “what did you want to talk about?”

“No, I’m okay,” Shohei briefly met Newt’s red eyes, “I just can’t stop thinking about this ‘M’ person. It’s been a week since I found you and the D-Loader, and M’s message didn’t explain much.” Shohei pulled a rectangular cerulean device out of this sweater pocket. Newt nodded along, occasionally giving himself pause to cool off his mouth. “It’s been bothering me,” he sighed.

“I’m just happy we’re together!”

“Well, yeah,” Shohei chuckled, “but I’m serious about this. Prepare and be strongHave resilience … They’re telling me to get ready for something.” He sat, languid, and rested his head in a cupped hand.

Newt set his plate down and wiped the curry off his mouth in a hasty swipe. “Maybe we just have to be patient,” he encouraged, “take your own advice, you’re always telling me to chill.”

“I guess that is a lot easier said than done,” Shohei snorted, “and I’ve been trying. This past week have just been…” He trailed off.

“Weird?” Newt cocked his head.

“Definitely. And I’ve been trying to figure out what this D-Loader thing actually does. It’s been letting me know when you’re hungry– which is way too often by the way– and that’s it.”

“Maybe you’ll have to wait for the right moment to use it.”

“I’d like a faint idea of when that’ll happen.” Shohei leaned back. “Maybe I’m supposed to help you get back to where you came from.”

“But all I know is being here– living here is all I remember.”

“You can’t be from here, Newt," Shohei snapped. He took a breath. "There’s nothing else like you on the planet. Meter tall lizards that shoot snow and talk don’t just hatch from eggs on a normal day, you know.”

“I don’t know,” Newt rolled his sights to the window, “there’s definitely other Digimon out there.” Orange roses in the window box outside ruffled against the window.

“Maybe.” Shohei tapped his thumbs against his thighs. “M said you’re a ‘Digital Monster,’ so you might be from my computer or something.”

“But I don’t feel digital.”

“How do you know?”

“I’m fleshy. And I … I don’t know. But I feel real.”

“You’re real, for sure. We figured that one out after you frosted half of my grandmother’s pepper patch, remember?”

Newt chuckled.“Yeah,” he said with a smug complacency.

“That almost got me in big trouble! You’re lucky it’s getting cold now,” Shohei snickered, “man, sorry to get so heavy on you. I just gotta figure this out.”

“I wish I could help more,” Newt pouted.

“It’s not your fault. Neither of us can really do anything.”

“Well, the curry was great! Tell your nanny it was fantastic,” Newt said, patting his stomach.

"I'll tell her I really enjoyed the curry."

"I hope I get you meet Nanny Nishizawa some time," Newt sniffled.

Shohei rubbed his chin. He turned on the D-Loader again. There was a succinct beep and a letter icon popped up. A pit sank in his gut. “Uh, Newt, over here for a sec'.” The blue Digimon scrabbled over to his companion, whose hands were now visibly trembling. Without taking a breath, Shohei mumbled the message onscreen: “Prepare for your transfer to server Iliad in two days ... At 5:00 AM you’ll be pulled into Iliad ... Virtual reality ... There is nothing you can do to stop it ... It’s a cruel, unforgiving world. Be resilient, tamer...” The taste of iron overtook Shohei’s mouth. He stared, heavy-eyed, at the screen.

For a moment, a dampening silence had made its way into the shed. Shohei and Newt took some time to completely gather the contents of the message. Shohei dented the silence with an exhale. He couldn't manage to pull his attention away from the D-Loader. On the outside, he seemed fine. A little overcome, but nothing more. However, his thoughts were a thick mess of worry and doubt. Every and any issue that Shohei was recently hung up on shot themselves back into the spotlight of his anxiety. Eventually, he got stuck on one sentence from the message: There is nothing you can do to stop it. He felt absolutely helpless in this brief cosm of thought.

Newt was entirely stricken, however, murmuring: "Iliad…" His red eyes misted over as though he were stricken with nostalgia.

Shohei took shallow, tepid breaths, regathering his thoughts. "Newt- I have to things, like school. I can't just up and go to some virtual world."

"Maybe we have to.” A grin widened Newt's cheeks."Isn’t it exciting, Sho?"

The artificial white light of the D-Loader illuminated a subtle smile curling up Shohei's cheeks, though the prior ponderous worry in his stomach was shuffled out with a new, stinging anxiety. "Yeah, maybe a bit. I’m definitely not sleeping tonight,” Shohei groaned, “and I was actually excited to get back into school, too.”

“You told me school is the worst!”

“Well, yeah, it is.”

Newt shook his head. “Sounds foolish.”

Shohei laughed as he put the D-Loader back in his pocket. "Alright, I should head in. Guess I gotta come up with an excuse as to why I’ll be gone for an indescribable amount of time,” he moaned, “I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"

“Cool, could you snag me a new blanket first? I spilled curry on this one."

Shohei chuckled. "For sure."

“Hey, Sho?”


“It’ll be alright.”
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The window wall overlooking Tokyo's nightlife was his bedroom’s backdrop; illuminating the black leather recliner where the adolescent sat hunched over his laptop. His headphones began playing ‘Beethoven's - Moonlight Sonata’, from his classics playlist, as he strained to read one of the two dozen browser tabs on his dim screen. The piano’s soft melody cancelled the sounds of his usual late night thoughts of loneliness, only becoming distracted by the growing soreness in his abdomen. He then sighed after glancing at the time, and rubbed the dark circles underneath his eyes, realizing his afternoon had been eaten away on an empty stomach. Leaning his head back into the cushion and stretching his arms upward, accidentally knocking off his headphones from his ears. Returning to a reality with a world of information at his fingertips, yet failing to find relevant research regarding the monster-sized egg that was currently bundled up on his king bed. Nor how it, and the rectangular device that laid beside it, showed up in his locked bedroom before he got home from his private school...

“Whether I face what’s outside my window or in my bed, it seems like I can’t escape the unknown.” He thought with a half-smile. Softly chuckling to himself while running his fingers through his messy blonde hair, and casually pulling off his headphones. "Well — I shouldn't let myself get frustrated. I’ll just call Archibald, and have him bring me a snack that will help me stay awake." He quietly closed his laptop and set his electronics aside in his seat, swaying himself forward to stand up on his bare feet. Walking around to the other side of the bed, turning on his vintage lamp and using the rotary phone on his nightstand. Holding the receiving end up to his right ear, and turning to gawk at the strange device as its screen suddenly lit up. Skipping a heartbeat, as the device somehow resumed the song that he was previously listening to, but during its faster parts while the volume was twice as loud. His shoulders jumped up at the gentlemanly voice speaking up.

“Do you need something to eat, Sir?”

“Uh-um. S-sorry, Archibald. You’ll have to call me back.” He stammered, stretching out the cord, as he quickly bent over the bed to pick up the device. The music continuing as he stood up, haphazardly pressing all the buttons and fidgeting with it to no avail. “I-I wasn’t even able to turn in on earlier. And the buttons are still doing nothing at all...”

“Sir, I believe you called me. Is something the ma-”

“Please make me some spicy ramen noodles! Thanks. Sorry.” He hastily exclaimed, before hanging up and feeling instant guilt. He pleaded in an exasperated tone, Please shut off the music already!”

He didn’t expect this to actually work, or for the device to respond in an artificially feminine voice. “Digital companion ready to emerge.” Displaying a loading bar about a ‘Digi.mon Arrival’ downloading fully.

He paused, kneeling against his bed and carefully reaching out his hands to gently unwrap his fluffy white comforter from the silver shell. “Is it saying whatever's inside is going to hatch soon? Wait — is the egg wiggling?” His left palm hovering above the egg and feeling the intense warmth radiating from within. It oddly brought him the same sense of comfort that hearing his music would. His gaze captivated by the egg’s subtle movements, as his arms dropped to his sides. The first piece of the egg cracked in the shape of a lightning bolt, followed by a bright flash that had him briefly shutting his eyes. Seeing two baby blues attached to a soft silver fur ball creature with two thick stray yellow hairs sticking up top, staring at him and audibly suckling a pacifier. His eyes twinkling at the epitome of childhood innocence. “I think I just died of cuteness...”

Without a single clue about how to react, he warmly smiled at the little one and then checked the device that he was still holding onto. Correctly assuming it had other things that he needed to read, even if it only raised many more mysteries in the aftermath.

DIGI.mon hatched!
Pusu.mon – Fresh – Slime Type – Male

“Pusumon?” He uttered curiously, noticing the creature’s fur seemingly poofing out in recognition. “Does that mean it can understand me?”

That message was quickly replaced with a different one.

Hello, Raiden.
This creature is a Digital Monster, or DIGI.mon for short. No matter what happens, you must watch over it and you must trust it, and it will do the same for you. I'm sure you and this DIGI.mon are a perfect fit. Prepare and be strong.
Have ambition,

“I get it. So I’m meant to care for this digital monster...I suppose he doesn’t seem to hard to handle.” He took a deep breath and set the device on the bed, observing the Pusumon sitting idly by. Slowly sliding his open palms across the bed until his fingertips were an inch away from the increasingly curious baby. “Don’t startle it. Let him come to you…” Pusumon promptly hopped straight into his open palms. The furball felt practically weightless and his joyful expression melted the adolescent’s heart.

“Hello there, Pusumon.” Raiden gently murmured, starting to lift him. This mistake lead to a swift punishment, as Pusumon’s happiness suddenly switched to alarm, as his body inflated. Raiden stopped moving, but before he could recognize and amend his error, Pusumon’s pacifier fired out of his mouth. Unable to prevent the moist projectile bouncing of Raiden’s forehead harmlessly, and dropping to the floor below. Raiden blinked at the Pusumon’s pouty face and gently set him back on the bed. “Duly noted, you dislike getting picked up.” This did not calm Pusumon down, however, as his attention shifted to looking around on the bed, visible distraught, as his face began to well up with tears. Raiden smartly went to pick up the pacifier and popped it back in Pusumon’s mouth. “You only lost it because you hit me, ya goof.” Pusumon returned to his pacified state as he curiously watched Raiden picking up the phone and rotating the dial.

“Hey Archibald. Could you also bring me a baby bottle of chilled milk — for research…” Raiden requested. “That sounded less suspicious in my head.”

“I’ll be there shortly, Sir.”

“Thanks.” Raiden added before hanging up the phone, climbing onto his bed and sitting beside Pusumon, with his legs folded. “Well, Pusumon. Welcome to the Tsuchiya household. It appears you’ll be under my watch, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Nobody enters my room without explicit permission...” Raiden greeted him formally with a smile, self-aware of how silly it came across, but he seemed to have Pusumon’s full attention. “Excluding this ‘M’ character, anyway...whoever they are.” He disregarded that for now, and put both his open palms by the Pusumon again. “Go on. I won’t pick you up again.”

Pusumon’s glanced down at his palms and back up to him, seemingly reluctant to move, but then hopping over his palms and landing onto his lap.

It was the sound of something violently smashing through his window. Shattered glass spilling onto the floor, as Raiden crossed his arms and shielded the shivering Pusumon. “What the hell is-” That was when he saw the intruder responsible for breaking up their peaceful moment of bonding, hearing its passionate yet robotic chant.

“Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!”

Raiden almost couldn’t believe what he was standing above. A missile with silvery robotic eyes and claws had careened through his window, leaving a gaping hole, repeating the same word while flat on its back amidst the broken glass. The device had lit up and was somehow able to recognize and display the creature’s name and basic data, Missimon. The potential threat of the situation had significantly diminished when it had become apparent that this digi.mon was becoming increasingly flustered that he couldn’t move and was essentially ignored, as Raiden finished vacuuming. It was like watching a toddler throwing a tantrum and exhausting themselves of all their energy, as the creature got quiet.

“So have you calmed down? You made quite the mess, and scared my new friend half to death.” Raiden lightly scolded with a casual tone, setting the vacuum cleaner and small trash bin off to the corner in front of his closet. “Well, let me check on him first…” He went up to the shaking pillow on his bed and lifted it up slightly to find Pusumon sniffling and quivering. “Yep. Still alive.” Only for Pusumon to burrow himself deeper into the pillow after the sound of Raiden’s bedroom door being firmly knocked upon thrice. Raiden set the pillow down and sighed softly, going up and opening it enough to squeeze his body through. Putting on his best straight-faced smile at the family’s sharply dressed butler sporting a curly mustache, grateful that Archibald wasn’t asking questions and only carefully handing Raiden a large bowl of spicy ramen that had been put underneath a pot holder, and then gave him a cup carrier with two baby bottles of milk and an eight ounce can of lemon-lime soda. “Thanks again! Sorry for calling you this late.”

“It’s not an issue, Sir. My apologies for taking so long, I had to fetch those at the very back of the cabinet.”

Raiden awkwardly chuckled and paused, "Well — have a good night.” Breathing out a sigh of relief when the door was closed and locked, he sauntered over to put everything next to the device that was also on his nightstand, then slowly approached the petrified Missimon. Missimon’s glossy white pupils glancing at him quickly, before returning to gaze at the ceiling fan. Raiden accepted the risk and bent over to scoop the Missimon up and cradle it in his arms. Missimon remained entirely stiff, even as Raiden carried the digi.mon to the other side of the bed. “Hmm. Expected him to weigh a lot more than he does. But it’s not trying to attack me, and it’s clearly still young. I doubt he means to do us any harm...” He sat on the bed near the nightstand, with the Missimon in his lap and reached over to grab one of the bottles.

“Missimon? I’m not going to hurt you and neither is Pusumon-” Raiden assured right before Pusumon poked out with an inflated belly and eyes filled with tears, firing his pacifier and pelting Missimon right on his forehead, before promptly ducking back underneath the pillow. Fortunately, Missimon didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. Raiden sighed and shifted the immobile Missimon around and held him in one arm, and reached under the pillow to goad Pusumon out. Reluctantly getting Pusumon to scoot himself out with big sad eyes, likely at the tragic loss of the object he purposely shot out again. “I have no idea how I’ve gotten myself into babysitting two digital monsters from another world. But my best guess is that Missimon’s is someone’s digimon. Meaning they’d probably worried sick about him. How am I supposed to find them in this city? Wait, maybe Missimon can tell me...”

“Missimon I wanna help you. How’d you get here? Is your owner nearby? You can talk to me...” Raiden said without any other ideas, deciding to insert the bottle into Pusumon’s mouth instead, which proved to be an instant success. As Pusumon’s mood pulled a 180, as his eyes lit up, hungrily sucking it down.

“Answer. Mari. Not nearby.” Missimon coldly calculated. “Received order. ‘Destroy somebody’s else's stuff why don’t you?’ Mission completed. Awaiting new order.”

Raiden had to admit, he had no idea how to follow that up. But at least, Pusumon had fallen asleep in the middle of drinking, milk dribbling from his mouth. So Raiden popped his pacifier back in and set the bottle down beside him, trying to solve this predicament. “Can you not move unless Mari tells you too? Is there anyway to contact Mari?”

“Answer. Negative. Missimon can move. Fuel required.”

Raiden grabbed the second bottle off the nightstand. “Can you drink this? It should give you the fuel to move.” His words sounding just as uncertain as he was, but Pusumon seemed to drink it okay, so why not?

“Rejected. Missimon accepts nothing from his enemies.”

Raiden sighed. “Why am I your enemy?”

“Answer. Missimon held captive-” Raiden interrupted this explanation by setting him down, right side up with the bottle beside him. Standing upright to massage his forehead with his thumb and fingers. Missimon continued to lay there.

“I’m not your enemy Missimon. I just want you to go back to Mari.” But, then Raiden was startled and dumbfounded by Missimon’s sudden alert tone and his loudness from earlier returning.

“Mari! Order received! Fuel required!”

Missimon suddenly ascended, as data-like flames spurted out of its rear engine. His eyes locked onto the nightstand, and he immediately dived for the bowl of ramen and slurped it all down. “Fuel acquired! Consider yourself lucky that your on my side!” Missimon exclaimed, spiraling out of through the hole in the window.

“Your welcome...” Raiden thought scratching his head, shrugging it off for now. His heart melting again after noticing Pusumon, still fast asleep. “How are you still asleep when you get startled by a knocked-on door?” He yawned and rubbed his weary eyes, suddenly aware of how exhausted he was. “Nevermind. Least I can finally get some sleep...” He climbed into bed, laid down and closed his eyes. “Goodnight Pusumon.”

Unbeknownst to Raiden, Pusumon’s body began to glow as did the device while it displayed the message.

Digital Evolution Successful
Meet Pusuri.mon!

Missimon had rocketed down to the streets below, and into the back of parked hot-pink pick-up truck. “Mari. Missimon acquired ally.”

A young adult loudly groaned with her forehead against the steering wheel, flooring the pedal with her tires screeching as she drove away. "God. Just kill me." The device sitting in the passenger seat, with an on-screen tracker and compass blinking.

“Order denied. Not kill Mari.”

"This is been the worst day of my 18 year old life..." Mari muttered.

Reality had become his nightmare. The princess had disappeared from the living room couch. Yet nothing appeared out of the ordinary; the throw pillows, her blanket, and her afternoon colored pencil drawings of him spread out on the coffee table were still in the same spot. And the window was wide open and letting in the cold breeze!? He sharply inhaled and smelled that rich vanilla shampoo that she washed her hair with every morning — except on weekends. It was clear that he needed to rescue her! Dashing himself across the entire length of the room and jumping out the window, the burning glow from his eyes fearlessly falling two stories and sticking the landing onto the asphalt below. Continuing his full speed run on all fours without faltering, exiting the parking lot and heading through the sidewalks. His senses keenly focused on following that trace like it was a colorful streak in the sky that lead directly to her. The drop of rain hitting his muzzle brought instant fear. “What if she’s drowning? What if she’s hurt? It will be my fault that I couldn't protect her!”

The ongoing chaos inside his head was a far more threatening presence than the vagabonds and drunkards that roamed these dampened New York streets. Looking forward as he ignored the crowd's passing glances, only seeing the blur of a large white beast that zigzagged past the civilians. He moved without hesitation; dodging the overstuffed trash can on the left, and splashing through a puddle on the right. Quickly approaching a group of drunk men and women pouring out of the bar and cutting off his path. One wasted man stumbling in the front, wearing a ridiculous wig and shades pointed at him out along with the obvious.

“Uh...is that giant stray dog charging at us?”

Refusing to slow down, as his floppy ear was lifted to listen to the sounds of car horns blaring at the taxi cab driver for not moving after the light turns green. Meaning there was too much traffic to safely cross and he decided to use an alternative solution. He effortlessly leaped above and beyond them, zooming off before they could comprehend where the mutt went.

“I know I’m getting close to the princess. Just another block-” His thoughts were interrupted by the distressed cries of a young woman heard from the other side of the road. A purse snatcher that was fleeing with their ill-gotten gains. A growl escaped from his bared fangs, as the warrior lost the battle of selective morality. He changed his direction on a dime and bolted in-between the thankfully stopped cars. The target’s stench gave his guilt away, dressed in black everything and carrying a hot pink handbag, shoulder checking and shoving anyone in his way. The thief receiving all barks with no bite from the bystanders. In fact, most people were actively distancing themselves from the danger. Taking his final steps in front of a store’s window display of many fragile glass objects, making the mistake of glancing back at the pursuing beast. The shimmering death glare made the warrior’s intentions apparent. "Evil that preys on the innocent. Deserves no mercy!”

He skillfully lunged forth at his now terrified target, standing on his hind paws and sinking his teeth into the thief's arm. Drawing blood and slamming his body into the ground with enough force to knock him unconscious. Immediately returning to his retrieval duties, “And the rest is up to the police — I just hope she’s alright. I hate it when she runs out on me.”

The truth was that he knew exactly where she was. The distraction oddly serving as clarity from his earlier panic. Knowing that he would’ve heard her if she was truly in trouble, and even in circumstances where that wasn’t the case, he lacked a deep pain in his gut. He was finally slowed in his approach, watching her sitting alone on a bench facing the waterfront. Wearing her bright blue raincoat that was lit underneath a streetlight. He let out a softened bark that made the young girl turn around.


He walked over to her and noticed her nervous smile and swollen eyes. Speaking up in a hushed and calm manner. “Princess Ellie, please allow me to escort you back home. Your father will be worried sick about you when he comes back and can’t find us.”

Ellie couldn’t stop playing with her long blue hair, and looking anywhere but into his concerned eyes. She gave him a quiet nod in response, then stood up as they both started to walk. Goliath carefully minding his pace and making sure he was visibly by her side. “I’m sorry for leaving so late. I know you get scared.”

Goliath blushed. “I wasn’t. I mean. I was concerned for your well-being, yes. Why’d you leave the window open, if you just snuck out the door while I was sleeping?”

“The window’s been stuck since yesterday, remember?”

His following silence and puzzled expression said that he did not.

“You aren’t going to tell my dad are you?” She mumbled.

He shook his head and sighed, speaking sternly. “Far as your father knows, I’m just a stray you found two weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean you’re free from consequences Princess.”

She stopped and softly crying with her hands failing to stop her flowing tears. Goliath’s head and body lowered as his scolding tone was short lived and turned to a disheartened plea. “No. Don’t cry. Is it because of my face looks scary again?”

“I’m a burden...” She weeped.

“That’s not true. Your my Princess. Never once have I thought-” He corrected, rendered speechless by Ellie wrapping her arms around him and holding onto him. She smiled and spoke softly. “And you’re my wet warrior.”

Letting him go and seeing his blush return, as they suddenly moved faster in unison. It was an eventful night for the pair, and neither wanted to be outside in the cold any longer. But for everyone else, it was a typical night in the city that never sleeps. Both had more to say, but they weren’t supposed to talk in public. Wouldn’t want them to realize that he’s a digital monster with attributes far exceeding the ordinary puppy...right? Regardless — they chose to save their energy for when they got back to the apartment, hopefully before the father got home from his late night shift...
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Taito - Tokyo Prefecture – Japan
Emilia Westridge and Kokomon
9:22 AM - October 28th - 2019

Soft morning sunlight sifted its way through the curtain in front of Emilia's balcony. The soft banter of a Japanese talk show filled the empty silence that permeated the morning, the volume high enough for noise to be heard but quiet enough to not distract. Emilia had been awake and sitting in the living room for at least an hour. After she calmed Kokomon down again yesterday, they just talked. She wasn't sure for how long, though. Kokomon kept asking questions about anything and everything until they both fell asleep on the couch. Emilia had woken up to Simon & Garfunkel playing from her phone, figured she was showing Kokomon the music she liked. Despite having spent a few hours with Kokomon the night prior, Emilia's refreshed headspace had sort of brought her back to the bizarre reality of her situation. It's no surprise that she woke up hoping all of yesterday had been a silly dream. Kokomon breathed heavily, still sleeping child-like at the other end of the couch.

Emilia scraped a spoon around the inside of an empty yogurt cup. She was now entirely in her head, a mess of thought, and likely wouldn't have been able to recall the flavor of the yogurt she ate without looking at the label. She was curled up on her couch, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets that covered all but her head and arms. Emilia's 'comfort hat' shielded the world from her worst part of her bedhead, with the rest of her light caramel hair cascading over the mound of chin-high blankets. The lightly frayed, pastel orange beanie was a gift that her father had given her before Emilia left for Japan. Emilia's father often called her 'pumpkin' or 'pumpkin-head' as a kid, which her mother picked up on as well. A nickname that, to Emilia's initially distaste, stuck. She grew to like it as 'pumpkin-head' quickly became a term of endearment. She realized immediately that the orange color was chosen on purpose and has cherished the hat since. She'd felt calmer since she put the hat on.

Emilia's cell phone and D-Loader were sat amongst the paper, books, and dirty cups on the coffee table beside her. A white light was blinking from the D-Loader but Emilia now appeared wholly distracted, eyes barren and unchanging. She pondered the warning that she received earlier about how she was to get sucked into a foreign virtual world. She was now stuck on how to tell the school board that she wouldn't be able to make it to work, as though she'd completely accepted her fate. Though, she was more likely stunned beyond panic. Kokomon breathed heavily, sleeping child-like at the other end of the couch

Emilia tossed the yogurt cup toward the coffee table with such little strength that it couldn't make the two-foot distance and hit the floor with a clang. She groaned. When she looked down she noticed the blinking D-Loader. An ever-so-slight scowl tensed her brown, creasing the gap between the orange beanie and her sharp, blonde eyebrows. She reached for the D-Loader and, as if ready to hatch, Emilia shifted within the wall of blankets to prepare. She clicked the power button and clicked the blinking '!' on screen. A warning flashed, claiming there was another digital entity around. Immediately, Emilia was tugged out of her thoughts. She split her blanket cocoon as she reached across the couch to nudge Kokomon awake.

"Hey, Kokomon," Emilia whispered, poking the still slightly familiar brown creature on her couch.

Kokomon peeled its eyes open one by one "Hm..." She softly yawned.

"Kokomon, the D-Loader says there's another 'digital entity' here," Emilia said as Kokomon properly woke up; her voice was steady. "Do you think that means there's another Digimon here, in my apartment?"

Kokomon squinted. "I don't know... maybe."

Emilia closed her eyes and exhaled. "Okay." Without wasting a moment, she stood, tossing the blankets on the back of the couch. She looked at Kokomon and reached out, but she hesitated, arms suspended in the air. Kokomon grinned, which Emilia took as a positive signal to snatch up the smiling brown throw pillow.

Cradled in one of Emilia's arms, Kokomon felt a type of warmth and protection unlike any she had before. She snuggled in closer to Emilia's chest while Emilia tip-toed about her apartment. She glanced occasionally at her D-Loader which now had a sort of radar on-screen: a red dot with circular ripples expanding outward from the dot. Emilia her and/or Kokomon were the dot and it was scanning for this supposed digital entity. Suddenly, a blip appeared on the D-Loader. Just as sudden, a THUD sounded from the balcony. She looked at Kokomon, confusion pursing her lips, and spun to face the balcony. A muffled mutter came from outside.

"Hello?" Emilia held her voice steady and strong, an attempt to prevent any anxiety from seeping through. "Is there someone there?" As she walked toward the sliding door, Emilia noticed her cellphone display was a pixelated jumble of colors. She picked it up and slid the phone into her pocket. The air felt heavy like when she had encountered Kokomon last night.

"I think it's another Digimon," Kokomon mumbled. The color in her cheeks faded slightly and Kokomon squeezed its eyes tight. "I don't feel good.."

Emilia shifted her focus from the door to Kokomon, back to the door. She drew the curtains and opened the door. Kokomon quivered its lip. A white, ferret-like being was curled up at the other end of the balcony facing away from Emilia and Kokomon. It had two arms and a golden scroll wrapped up in its translucent tail; it rubbed its white head, still muttering.

Emilia adjusted her orange beanie and looked at the D-Loader again. There was no information available about the creature on her balcony. "Hey."

The white creature jumped with a surprised wail. Kokomon followed suit, burrowing her face between Emilia's arm and chest.

"W-who are you?" it questioned in a panicked shout. Its voice was nasally and loud; abrasive and piercing. "Oh no- where am I?"

"I'm Emilia, and this is Kokomon," Emilia replied. A commanding tone accentuated her voice. "You're in Taito, Japan. Who are you?"

The white creature glanced over the balcony and back to Emilia. "Of course!" it exclaimed before muttering, "Ugh, lost again..."

"Who are you?" Emilia repeated, much more aggressive this time.

"Ah- my name is Wisp. I'm a Kudamon!" it squealed. "I'm looking for someone and I have to deliver a message. I don't want to fight!"

The D-Loader beeped in Emilia's hand and repeated the name Kudamon. "We don't want to fight you, Wisp, was it?" Emilia paused, half-confused, and looked at Kokomon who was clearly incapable of combat, "why would we fight you?"

Wisp sighed. "'Cause everybody always wants to fight where I'm from."

"Well don't worry, we're not going to hurt you. You can come inside, we might be able to help each other out," Emilia gestured to the door. Kokomon peered down at Wisp and sniffled. She stepped through the door again and Wisp followed, floating in the air. "Do you happen to know where or what Server Illiad is?"

Wisp's yellow eyes widened. "That's where I'm from," he shouted, "that's the digital continent I'm from."

"I might be able to take you there with me," Emilia paused, calculating her words. As a child, she learned to withhold the truth when the truth wasn't necessary, or even to lie a little when appropriate. "Kokomon and I are going to Illiad for the first time tomorrow." It sounded beyond surreal, but it was as though Emilia accepted it. She had been craving for a change, for something to sweep her away from the monotony of her current life; she wanted to explore. She was hoping to start writing a memoir in Japan, but nothing ever came of it, and this might have been the event to change that. Emilia was looking forward to the unknown reality ahead.

"Wonderful!" Wisp clapped his hands.

Emilia set Kokomon, who was listening intently, on the couch. Kokomon seemed more comfortable but her fur was standing on end, likely from the electric waves in the air from whatever anomaly sent Wisp to the real world. The D-Loader was letting out a faint beeping. "Would we be able to travel with you when we get to Illiad?"

"I suppose I can try. I'm supposed to be sending this scroll to the Wolf Tyrant from the Wilds province," Wisp revealed, unprompted. He shook his head knowing he wouldn't be able to deliver the scroll in time. "I'm a messenger, you see."

He was young, Emilia now figured, and she hoped to be able to influence the small creature. "Perfect. We can help you. You protect us, and we'll protect you," she said with sincere confidence, "we'll need help and so will you."

Wisp nodded. He wasn't hard to convince. "Yes, absolutely."

Emilia smiled and Kokomon perked up. "Great. You'll have to wait here with us, though."

"I guess I have no choice," Wisp stretched out his stubby arms, "I'm sort of tired anywho."

Emilia wandered to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Her confidence had boosted since she had awoken; she was wholly excited at the prospect of change. "What's happening where you're from? In Illiad?" she asked. Kokomon sat on the couch, listening intently.

Wisp peeked from the couch into the kitchen. "Colonies are fighting for territory; Digimon are always fighting these days. What kind of Digimon are you?" Wisp asked Emilia.

Emilia chuckled. "Oh- no, I'm a person- a human. Not a Digimon. You two are the first Digimon I've ever met."

Wisp curled his lip. "Not a Digimon? I really am far from home..."

"I hope we won't have to fight..." Emilia mumbled. She looked over at Kokomon, confident that Kokomon wouldn't be able to hold her own if they were forced to fight.

Kokomon pouted, feeling intensely inadequate, and spit some bubbles in front of herself. She was terrified of leaving Emilia's apartment. She had no idea what was beyond her current reality and she pushed the growing fear of getting separated from Emilia away. The worst part was that she knew she would have trouble defending herself, which meant she wouldn't be able to protect Emilia, and that thought upset her the most.

"You're bound to fight at some point," Wisp warned, "but I'm sure you'll both get stronger."

"I hope so." Emilia poured herself a coffee. "What else should we know about Illiad?"

Wisp rolled his eyes to the side and scratched his chin. There were numerous dangers he could've mentioned and he seemed deep in thought, almost as if he were worried about what to say, but he was actually blanking entirely. A light shone in his eyes and, in a gasp, he said: "I'm hungry!"
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Goliath’s eyes were shut, but he was wide awake and had been static for a while. His poofy blow-dried fur was curled up on the carpeted floor at the foot of the bed. His dampened spirit listening to the clouds weep until the sudden noise of exhaustion entered through the front door of the apartment. A lumbering giant was failing his best to walk on eggshells across the narrow hallway, moving ever closer toward his princess’ bedroom. The beeps from his cell phone were likely notifying him of the thirty-eight more missed calls and voicemails all sent from the same anonymous number. A heavy sigh came out before it was stuffed back in his pants pocket, jingling full of loose change, followed by the subtle turn of the doorknob as he stepped into the room.

It was a nightly ritual for the father; checking on his sleeping daughter illuminated by the dim-blue hue of a lava lamp on top of her tall dresser. The room’s bed, shelves and everywhere in-between was adorned by various sizes of stuffed animals. Smiling genuinely for the first time since he left home, he approached to kiss her forehead and wipe the tears off her cheeks. And even when Goliath expected it and braced for impact, his head involuntarily jerked away from the feel of the human’s sweaty palm. Thankfully, the father’s whispered apology would always make him seem understanding. But it was difficult for both of them to keep up the facade of slumbering peacefully for any longer, as they eventually heard the man collapse onto his mattress with a loud thud. Goliath promptly stood up and headed into the bedroom on the other side of the hall. The father was lying on his stomach and vertically in his bed, fully dressed in construction clothes, with his feet dangling off the edge. Goliath quickly went up to the bed, pulling the man's shoes off and covering him with the comforter, ignoring the taste of dirt. Returning to his partner by hopping on her bed and sitting there with his usual stiff posture. The girl didn’t respond, but the heartbeat and hair twirling gave her away.

“Ellie? You haven’t slept yet either have you?”

Her eyes opened and she sat up to look at him, shaking her head, speaking in a hushed tone. “No, but — I don’t have school tomorrow...so I’ll just sleep later.”

“Princess, I insist that you get your rest. It’s not healthy to stay up so late-” Goliath spoke sternly, causing him to be interrupted by Ellie swiftly springing up from her bed. Her face getting really close to his, as she shot him a serious glare that made his straight face turn rosy fast.

“Oh yeah?” Ellie sassed, cracking a smile at Goliath’s surprise, “Then why do I always see you staying up, huh?”

“U-um. Well it’s a soldier's job to-” Goliath sheepishly muttered, sighing after he recognized the playfulness in her voice as she plopped down. “I’m fine Goliath. You worry too much.”

“But you’re still growing, Princess.” Goliath pleaded, trying to resume his proud stance.

“Well my D-Loader says you’re a child too.” Ellie rebutted in a teasing manner, scooching over and reaching out to gently stroke his fluffy chest. She giggled as Goliath’s tail wagged much to his own chagrin, choosing to make an offer he couldn’t refuse. “If we stay up, I can rub your belly.

Goliath's ears perked up as he predictability flopped backward and assumed a joyful puppy-like pose in preparation. “My princess always drives a hard bargain...and I suppose it couldn’t hurt. At least she seems calmer now.”

“You’re too easy.” She teased, before speaking with a certain conviction that surprised Goliath. “I’m going to talk to my dad tomorrow, and tell him why I’m upset — do you think that’s a good idea?”

Goliath gave her a reassuring nod and a happy wag. “You’re quite mature for your age, Princess.”

“I know.” Ellie yawned.

This soon lead to a mutually sleepy and playful bickering about who was more tired. Devolving into the classic retorts of, ‘Yeah-huh and nu-uh’s’, going back and forth, with maybe a ‘times infinity’ thrown in there for good measure, until they both drifted off to sleep. But as a soldier, Goliath was intent on winning the battle, as he muttered while in his sleep.

“Yeah-huh, times infinity plus one...”

But a bigger war was on the horizon...

The stench of black coffee and orange juice was the smell of the following morning, as the family had gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. Two simultaneous yawns emit from the duo, as the father began pouring the homemade blueberry pancake batter into the frying pan. Ellie sat quietly and exchanged a look of concern with Goliath. The father was still wearing the same work clothes that he wore yesterday and also slept in. Usually he was talking up a storm, but he seemed to be focusing on the local news station, as it was currently describing the forecast from their kitchen’s small flat-screen television hanging above their fridge. The T.V remote sitting beside his ‘Number One Dad’ mug on the table across from where Ellie fidgeted with her silverware. The father moved quickly, setting a full glass of O.J and water bowl near them, promptly taking out some pills from the organizer and swallowing them, gulping down his entire cup afterward.

"Everything's okay." Ellie thought with a smile, glancing at the kitchen’s calendar, seeing today’s date was circled with red pen. The words ‘Called Off Work. Doctor's Appointment.’ written clearly. Goliath was intently watching the father pulling out the pre-cooked sausages out of the microwave. No, it wasn’t because of the heavenly meaty aroma in the air. He soon noticed the warning signs early, as the father grabbed out only two plates to start dishing out the food. Pausing with his one ear lifted to overhear the breaking news, ‘Superdog Sighting? Mugger thwarted.’

“Not good.” Goliath thought, immediately dashing underneath the table to the other side and jumping up on his forepaws to press the button that changes the channel. The unsubtle shenanigans go unnoticed by the father, too busy inside his own head, putting everything on the plates and checking the time on the T.V screen.

“And foods ready.” He said turning around and smiling at the pair, going around the table to set the pancakes and syrup bottle down by Ellie. She frowned slightly as the father bent down to lay the sausage plate by Goliath’s agape maw. The digi.mon gazed at it, in a moment of brief admiration, “It’s beautiful…” before gobbling the contents up.

The father stood upright and noticed his daughter’s gloomy expression. “Are you alright? I made some extra sausage that’s still in the microwave. If you’d like it-”

“You’re not eating?” Ellie softly interrupted.

“I don’t have time.” The father answered, his next words spoken with haste. “Oh, and I’ll be back late again. So promise me you’ll go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. And you don’t need to stay up for me.” He said making his way out of the kitchen and opening the front door, ending with his parting words. “I love you.”

Both Ellie and Goliath silently looked back at the door closing before another word could be spoken. It was followed by a short silence and a sudden flood of emotions. Goliath turned to her and witnessed the heartbreaking sight of his princess breaking into tears.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to lie to your child. But it was worse to feel like a coward. That's how the father felt, sitting there inside his car, realizing whoever said the phrase of - ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’ - was probably not staring at his online search results for...
‘Can antidepressants make you hear a dog speaking in their sleep?’

Meanwhile in Toyko...

This was the first time in months that she woke up to her morning alarm without abusing the snooze button. Mari impatiently paced around her apartment living room still wearing her pajamas. Plopping onto her reclining loveseat, opposite to where her colorful electric guitar sat. Taking a bite out of the cold vegetarian pizza that was inside the open box that had been sitting on her coffee table since yesterday. Missimon was hovering awkwardly back and forth to clean up all the empty soda drinks and fast food boxes that littered the place and dump them into the big garbage can in the corner of her kitchen. Repeating the same phrase with an equally passionate voice every round trip, that Mari was doing her best to ignore, while glaring at the message that left her with a cracked cellphone screen. “Pick up already. If this number isn’t right. I’m so getting a refund for this.”

“Trash eliminated!” Missimon said dropping the aluminum can into the bin.

The called number answered. “Hello?”

“Are you the blonde bloke that met Missimon?”

“Oh, uh — yes. You must be Mari.”

Missimon floated on by with starry eyes. “Mari is clever. Secretly interrogating the enemy!”

“Order given. No more talking.” Mari rebutted. As Missimon scratched his head with his claw, seemingly conflicted whether or not to acknowledge it. As Raiden’s response could be heard sighing in the background. “I thought I was on his side now.”

Look. I’ll pay for whatever damages he caused. But on the condition that you’ll keep this shit to yourself, got it? Sounds like you received one of these things too-”

“You don’t need to worry about paying me. I’m not going to say anything — but should you really be calling them ‘things?’ They’re living creatures-”

“I’m gonna cut you off there. I don’t care.” She interrupted, eating another bite of pizza and continuing, “In fact, that’s precisely why I contacted you. You actually have the resources to waste on babysitting and you sound far more qualified to raise 'em-”

“I’m afraid I don’t follow.” Raiden uttered with a pause, his voice raised and spoken from a distance, as if he tossed the phone down and put her on speaker. “Hey. Zues, come on buddy. Don’t touch that.”

Mari rolled her eyes and started sending texts to her band mate and manager, before he returned. “Sorry. Zues seems to have a cat-like curiosity.”

“I don’t know who that is.” Mari spoke with unfiltered disinterest.

“Oh right. That’s just what I named the digi.mon. Less of a mouthful. Plus, he really seems to like it. Have you named yours yet?” Raiden’s tone was far friendlier and brighter in contrast. Missimon eyes glanced over to Mari, who was rubbing her forehead in irritation.

“I’m not keeping it. I want you to take Missimon off my hands. How much would you be willing to take him for?”

““Th-that’s awful. You got the same device that I did right? Missimon is meant to be yours. You can’t just give-”

Mari hung up her phone and tossed it onto the other cushion with a frustrated sigh, as she leaned back and kicked up her feet. “Guy’s so damn preachy that he should be a door-to-door pastor.” Staring up longingly at her ceiling, as she eventually had to respond to the Missimon sheepishly floating directly above her legs. She then shot Missimon a weary glare and pointed to the pizza box.

“If you’re hungry — eat the rest of that and throw away the box.”

“Order Received.” Missimon exclaimed, going over and quickly devouring the last half, making a sudden realization. “Missimon made mistake. Permission to speak?”

Mari sighed. “Granted. But speak softly. What do you want?”

“Missimon desires ‘Name’.”

“Rejected.” Mari answered coldly, as she stared at Missimon who looked emotionally unaffected like a robot. “I don’t know why this M dude sent you here. But you made my life hell by showing up out of the blue yesterday. And the only reason you’re staying here is because you refuse to leave me alone.”

“Correct. Missimon not leave Mari.”

““In that case, it’s time to lay some ground rules down...so listen carefully.”

“Listening.” Missimon agreed. Mari started raising her fingers to the corresponding rules that she laid out for the digi.mon.

““One, don’t repeat the words and actions of the television and music playing in my bedroom. This world is not actually at war. Two, don’t take my words literally. So I don’t have you crashing through my bedroom window and forcing me to drive in the middle of the night to come pick you up. That follows to three, don’t break anything or harm anyone. When I say I want my asshole upstairs neighbor and his bed that’s made out of balloons to be silenced. That is not a call for you to act upon. Now repeat what I said back to me and tell me if you understand.”

“What I said back to me-” Missimon began as Mari groaned on the inside.

““This day is going suck too isn’t it?”
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Saitama Prefecture – Japan
Shohei Nishizawa and Newt
11:03 PM - October 28th - 2019

Shohei laid on his bed, legs spread under heavy covers with his head resting under his linked hands. He hoped the moonlight would gleam through his curtainless window. He was fond of the moonlight shining on cloudless nights. He found it relaxing. Tonight, the clouds absorbed any stray moonlight. Sometimes, though, the waning crescent would peek out behind the fortress of thick, sullen clouds and beam alabaster through the window. Shohei thought it curious that a new moon was cycling just as he felt he was being thrust headlong into a load of new nonsense. He snorted. It was likely just some sick joke from the universe, he thought.

He was trying to ignore it, but there was a thin yet searing pressure in Shohei’s chest that wouldn't seem to go away. He couldn’t point his finger on it, but it was a familiar feeling. He loosed his stomach and shot a breath between closed lips. His blinks were sparse. He swallowed, shifting and rolling to his right with his right hand between his head and pillow and blinked. He scratched his chest. By the nature of a sleepless autumn night, Shohei’s mind was an unbound vagrant, traveling haphazardly through long untrodden memories. He was used to this happening under stress, but he usually didn’t let it go this far. Thoughts of his mother flooded his memory. Smiling loosely, he remembered when she first took him to the Kenroku-en Garden. Just the two of them gasping at the animals on the trails. Gawking at the beauty that he could hardly fathom let alone appreciate as a child. He thought of his grandparents and how they must be worried about Yuu, Shohei’s father. And Shohei worried too. When his father left there was a spark in his eye like he was actually trying to clean himself up, like he’d finally come to terms with his love passing.

The pressure in Shohei’s chest flushed through him in a wave of disappointed anger. He knew what it was: the feeling that he didn’t have proper control over his life. “Thisㅡ it's just rotten,” he whispered to himself, crooning into the night. He sighed and rolled his eyes back. He reached out for the cell phone that sat on his bedside table and powered it on. The bright blue-white light stunned him for a second, wincing. He opened his text messages and clicked on the name ‘Shiori, the he started writing:

yo, i’m going away for a little while. chilling with a friend. take care of nanny and gramp when you get back, and if you hear from dad let him know i’ve been doing great. love ya.

Shiori was off on a trip with friends. She was getting back tomorrow but Shohei planned on leaving in the morning. He had class, so it wouldn’t be suspicious if he couldn’t figure out an excuse to tell his grandparents. He figured he should spend the morning with his grandparents, help make breakfast and gossip about local news. He smiled, half-content with that being the last of any family members he would see for a long while.

Shohei shifted and his eyes wandered to the window and the peeking moon. He could see a corner from the shed’s roof. He smiled. “I hope Newt’s sleeping well."

. . .

A breeze blew against the shed, rustling and shifting the darkened flowers hanging off the window frame. The clouds shadowed overhead. Inside, Newt rumbled and rolled and snored. He was curled up in a quilt knit by Nanny Nishizawa. He was grinning in his sleep and a tear rolled down his cheek.

The sun was beginning to hang itself in the sky, streaming in through the kitchen windows, as Shohei clanged about the cupboards, grabbing plates and utensils while his grandmother was cooking rice, miso soup, and chum salmon. It was a calming scent to Shohei, it made him feel warm, comfortable. His hands were undeniably shaky but he refused to let his worries get the best of him. He set the patio table to keep busy.

“Just in time!” Shohei’s grandfather bellowed as he opened the front door. He had a terribly deep and loud voice. It carried and it always surprised Sohei that that sound came out of his tiny, thin grandfather.

“Aki, quit yellin’!” Shohei’s grandmother shouted back. She was never serious, she simply liked teasing Aki.

“Oh, shush, Kana” Aki waggled his hand as he entered the kitchen. He was a good couple inches shorter than Shohei. He was thin but fit, especially for his age of seventy-two. This banter was generally the morning routine; Aki would be loud, Kana would quip, and Shohei would have a warm grin smeared across his face.


“Ya’kno, I never did ask where Shiori up and traveled off to this time.” Aki sat relaxed out on the porch. Another part of morning tradition was eating out on the patio furniture, though the mornings were getting cool as November neared. Aki's legs were crossed and he held the local newspaper in front of his deeply lined face, his eyes scanning the news.

“She’s always running off somewhere,” Kana mumbled through sips of tea.

“I think they were going to Kyoto, apparently it’s for school,” Shohei said, leaning against the porch railing, “should be back today though.” His eyes were fixed on his clasped hands. He was juggling different excuses on why he’d be gone for a little while, but couldn’t decide on one.

“Oh, I think you’re right, Shohei,” his grandfather said before licking his finger to change the papers’ page. He peered over at Kana. “I hope she thought to visit Oki.”

“Oh, you know those girls were surely busy.” Kana set her tea on the round table between her and Aki. She smirked and the lines under her eyes tightened. “They don’t have time for old folks like us no more.”

Aki laughed, “they sure don’t. But I barely have time for old folks like us!”

A smile bunched up on Shohei’s face. He spun his eyes from the mist rising off the neighboring pasture fields to Aki and Kana, sitting snug in their wicker chairs. “I’m also actually leaving for a bit too. I think I should be back by next Sunday,” he trailed off and swallowed, his spit like mortar on his tongue. “I’m going to my friend Hani’s new apartment. I haven’t seen him in a bit.” His words came out thin and uncomfortable. “If that’s okay," he added. Shohei hated lying to his grandparents, it felt like a wash of disappointment flooded his cheeks and eyes, but this situation called for it because the truth, Shohei figured, was worrisome for infinite reasons. He scratched the back of his head, looking towards Aki but not at him. An itchy heat pricked at his neck and back.

“Well, goodness! Everyone is up and leaving us,” Aki spurted. Shohei jumped and his cheeks flushed white. Aki folded the newspaper in front of him, revealing a soft grin and warm eyes. “Go, then. But make sure you enjoy yourself.”

“And keep up your schoolwork,” Kana chuckled and winked at Shohei. A kindness swelled from the way Kana titled her head as she smiled. With two hands, she gripped her cup and took another sip.

"I will, I will." Shohei couldn’t help but build a smile himself. He almost felt a fool for thinking his grandparents would oppse. He looked at his watch: 8:45 AM. He pushed out a thin breath and stood. "I guess I should get going now."

Kana shook her head softly. "Already?"

"Yeah, I have to take the bus into the city and I want to have time to spare." Even though they were understanding, lying to his grandparents still didn’t sit well with Shohei.

Kana rocked her head. "Alright, but give me a hug before you go,” she paused and pointed out a finger, “and call us if you need anything.” She was sincere but her voice held worry. Kana would never say so but of all her grandchildren, Shohei was always her favorite. That meant that, along with extra gifts here and there, Kana always worried a little bit more about Shohei. Shohei wrapped his arms around Kana, holding her tight. Kana ran her fingers through Shohei’s dark hair as he held her. “You’re so tall—, you're all getting so tall,” Kana mumbled and shook her head, “I can hardly believe it.”

Shohei laughed, trying to ignore the mist fogging his eyes. Kana traced her fingers along Shohei’s cheekbone, warm and delicate. “Alright,” Shohei announced, puffing his chest and pushing a breath out as he spoke, “I’ll see you soon, and I’ll try to call if I have the time.” That lie was probably the worst of all, as it was more of a prayer; a hope that Shohei would even be able to call his grandparents after he left. A hope that was steeped entirely in the growing fear that he’d never see Aki and Kana, or Shiori and Yuu, or his inner-city friends ever again.

Kana let go of her soft grip. “You better.” She wagged her finger and Aki laughed.

“Stay safe, Sho,” Aki said and nodded to Shohei as Shohei slung his backpack over his shoulders. Aki wasn’t one for physical affection, but his words of encouragement stuck like a blessing in Shohei’s mind; a ward for Shohei to fend off trouble when going off into the unknown. He could have been wrong, but now it seemed to Shohei that his grandparents knew he wasn’t being truthful, but their trust in him exceeded their worry.

“Love you!” Shohei shouted and waved to his grandparents as he approached the end of the driveway. He felt the mist re-emerging in his eyes. “Shit,” he muttered, wiping his eyes.

As Shohei rounded the corner out of the view of his grandparents’ house, he saw a strange pink and green quilted lump sitting along the treeline. “That’s not what I meant by 'hide and wait',” Shohei muttered, rubbing along his eyebrows. “Newt, it's me,” he called out as he walked over.

Newt flipped the blanket over the top of his head, his snout now peeking out. His eyes were misty too. “Oh, Sho! I didn’t think you were ever going to come,” he shouted, his voice shaky and overwrought. He stood with the blanket draped over his head and shoulders. “I thought you just left me here!”

“Oh quit blubberin’ you goof,” Shohei said, looking at his watch again, “it’s only been ten minutes since I told you that I'd be here, and I’m here now. You gotta learn some trust, my man.”

Newt smiled, his eyes glistening from the rising sun. “I know, Sho. But it’s scary out here. A bird attacked me when I came through the woods.” He pointed over to a tree that had one-third of its trunk covered in ice. In the middle of the crystal blue frost, a crow was stuck, unmoving with wings spread wide. Newt seemed proud of what he accomplished, bearing a smug grin.

Shohei patted Newt on the head. “Oh, man, there’s no need for that. The birds won’t hurt you.”

Newt pattered his feet about in the leaves and broken branches. “But this one was trying to steal my muffin.”

“What muffin? Where did you get a muffin?”

“From the pantry.”

Shohei squinted his eyes. “What pantry?”

“The pantry in the house.” Newt blinked absently.

Shohei rolled his eyes back, a quick heat taking over his skin. “Newt,” Shohei hissed. He slapped his forehead and slid his hand down along his jawline. “I told you not to go in the house for a reason.”

“I’m sorry Sho,” Newt grumbled, “I was hungry.”

“Well, you can’t—” Shohei took a breath, “okay, whatever, it’s cool. We got bigger things to deal with.” Shohei pulled the D-Loader out of his jeans pocket. A new icon was flashing: an arrow facing down at a mostly filled-in rectangle. Shohei crouched so Newt could see the D-Loader’s screen. The pink in Shohei's cheeks from the cool autumn morning was draining. “This has been blinking on the screen for an hour. I think the symbol means download, ‘cause that rectangle’s been filling in as the hour’s gone by. It’s almost done so I’m guessin’ something weird is going to happen soon.” Shohei tossed a glance down at Newt. Newt looked wholly excited: his jaw dropped and his pupils were large and his eyes fixed. Newt nodded, though he was still transfixed. Shohei shifted his feet, brushing around the leaves. His anticipation was drenched in fear and excitement and formed like a pellet in his throat. Stay chill, it’s cool, we’re lax, he repeated like a mantra in his head, watching the pixels slowly fill. Newt’s eyes glistened with each square. He had a strange sense that he was going home even though he didn’t know anything about Illiad.

The final white square filled in the rectangle and Shohei gulped. The screen of the D-Loader emitted a fluorescent green, scanning Shohei and Newt. The bright light reflected on Shohei’s gray-blue irises. He blinked, overcome with sudden excitement. Oh its real - this is real, he thought, though his sparse breaths suggested he shouted it. First, the tips of his fingers felt warm and numb, then his hands, then arms, until his entire torso felt weak and light; hollow. Shohei felt weightless. He glanced at Newt, panicked. But Newt was completely astounded. His grin was wide and beaming, and his gaping mouth exuded awe. He swallowed and shook his head.

"Sho, I feel weird." Newt's enthusiasm persisted through his anxious murmur.

Shohei tightened his eyes. First, he noticed Newt was a lighter color and Newt's body started to crackle with static. Then, Newt's body seemed to warp and glitch like a digital image. Shohei noticed that he was starting to warp as well. Soon, his hands and feet dispersed into pixelated dust and so did the rest of him. Before either of them realized, Shohei and Newt were being sucked into the D-Loader. Once the D-Loader acquired their data, it started uploading Newt and Shohei onto the Server Illiad. For Newt, this process was fairly clean and easy. Being data already, he was shuffled and reshuffled into the right shape and uploaded onto the server, waiting for Shohei. It was almost pleasurable. For Shohei, the process was agonizing. Once his body left the physical world, it was a terrible test of will that he didn't have a choice but to endure. While being downloaded, his DNA was modified into data. Despite not having a physical body, the process still inflicted a shocking electrical pain on Shohei. It felt like thousands of hot needles on his skin, or like someone poured hot water into his ears. It was excruciating and took a toll on Shohei's willpower. By the time Shohei was re-formed and on his way to Illiad proper, he was mentally and physically exhausted, sore, and, for a moment, he regretted not just ignoring Newt, the D-Loader, and M's cryptic messages.

Newt and Shohei were both dropped on a beach in Illiad. The sand was a charcoal color, but the glisten of the massive white sun made the sand appear navy. The water was a sharp turquoise and, in some parts, the waves were erratic and violent while in others, the water was like green ice. There was a bright white grid stretching out from where the sea crested the black horizon, lining the dark purple gradient sky like a mesh. The thick nimbus clouds hovered above, unmoving. The air was damp. Shohei's breaths were long and deep, and he tried to steady them as he looked out at the water. He looked to his left and Newt was glancing about wildly. They were both taking in their surroundings.

"We're here," Shohei whispered. "Newt, we're—"

A thick thud sounded behind Shohei and some muttering followed. Newt and Shohei quickly spun themselves around. Shohei's eyes widened. Oh boy, there are others.
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There was no escape from the sound of water hitting the ground. But how could rain fall from above without there being a single cloud? No — something even more amazing was right in front of his dilated pupils. It’s purpose was a mystery that was shrouded by a warm fog. Yet he still saw himself in its shine. Was it meant to be a noble’s shrine?

“I’ve never anyone so intensely interested in a toilet...”

Raiden lathered some shampoo into his hair, and watched Zues admire his porcelain reflection with a childlike zeal. Not used to wearing swim trunks in his personal wet room; though his morning shower didn’t usually have the company of a large grey hamster with spikes protruding out its body. “I’m - eh - almost - eh - there!” Zues puffed, making several attempts to jump and reach the lid with his stubby little paws. Before he successfully climbed atop the shut seat, proudly standing with a toothy grin, as if he conquered a mountain. But as fast as Raiden closed his eyes to thoroughly rinse, the bundle of energy had already leaped off and started to run across the spacious floor. Suddenly plopping on his rear to effortlessly slide around on the slip resistant material, spinning in circles and giggling to himself.

“Be careful buddy, I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” He warned the Pusurimon, taking a few steps closer to his tray loaded with twenty different men’s care products. Grabbing a conditioner bottle with added herbal extracts and oils that probably justified the price he paid for it. As Raiden casually reached down to catch the approaching fluffy head, colliding into his palm harmlessly. “Oof.” Zues blinked and stared up to Raiden smiling beyond soaked hair partially covering his face. Zues beamed with delight and sat by his feet, albeit while bouncing eagerly. “Are you ready? You promised to let me explore everywhere today.”

“I’m almost done.” Raiden reassured, as his eyes shifted to the side, as he rubbed his chin. “Wait, did I remember to apply my facial cleanser twice?”

“Yay! You’re done.” Zues cheered, performing a gleeful hop, swiftly spotting a new fascination and zipping forth. Jumping into a filled laundry basket and burying his upper-half inside the clothes and towels, as he squirmed about. Raiden sighed, as he carefully examined his fingernails for dirt, recalling his previous conversation with Mari. “Perhaps I should try to call her back and set up a meeting...we are in the same situation after all.”

The phone would go unanswered both times. Hanging up the phone on his nightstand and shrugging with a bothered expression, Raiden began dressing himself with the clothing he’d taken out in advance. Using his mirror to simultaneously fix every wrinkle, adjust his shirt’s collar, and watch Zues in the background curled into a ball and treating his bed like a trampoline. Admittedly, reaching impressive heights in the process and increasing concerns that his spikes would soon puncture the ceiling.

“Is something troubling you friend? Want to talk to me about it?” I want to talk.”

“Clearly. You’ve been a non-stop commercial for batteries since you evolved last night.” Was a response that crossed Raiden’s mind, but the words sounded bitter upon consideration, as he shook his head. “That’s not fair, he sounds so pure and honest. Don’t take our frustrations out on him.” Raiden took a deep breath and turned to face him. “I’m just used to staying on a very particular schedule...and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

Zues stopped moving in order to give him a stare that was brimming with enough confidence to share between them. “I see!” Zues said, giving a firm nod. “Let’s play together!”

Raiden cracked a smile and cautiously patted his backside. It was the life advice that he expected to receive from someone who hatched only a day prior. "His cheerfulness really is contagious...” Then an idea sprung to mind — as he approached the bed and picked up Pusurimon without reluctance. “Alright. I know the perfect spot.”

Zues’ eyes lit up with excitement while being held up, lightly slapping his paws on Raiden’s upper chest. “Well, what are we waiting for?”

Both spontaneously laughing together, as the D-Loader had gone unnoticed, blinking on the nightstand.

Transferring To Digital World...25%

Pusurimon’s imagination ran wild, gawking at the decorative arches, pillars and their bright wall fixtures that were illuminating a sprawling red carpet. Traversing the wide hallway for the first time was already a magical experience of incredible brevity, given that the bathroom was next-door. So getting the opportunity to soak in the view from a higher angle, for what felt like an eternity, made it harder for him to keep calm in Raiden’s arms. As his anticipation was building with each passing door, serving as a portal to the unknown and craving to venture into all of them. So once they finally reached their destination near the opposite end of the hall and pulled the door open — Zues gasped and fell silent — overwhelmed by the flashing pretty colors and playful melodies that permeated the entire room. His arcade was a nostalgic paradise; packed with the classic machines in mint condition, lined up in many vacant rows. “Here we are.” Raiden said, promptly setting the stunned furball down on the rainbow glow of the floor. As he stepped in and let the door swing close on its own. Zues’ body inflated for a moment before he let out a deep exhale. “This is amazing!” He began running around and dashing in-between Raiden’s legs as he walked. “How do we play? Show me! Ooo! What’s this one do?”

“Hmm...which would be the easiest to teach?” Raiden thought, pointing over the air hockey table closer to the center of the room. “Let’s try this.”

“Yay!” Zues bounced up, then dashed toward the table, causing Raiden to rush to the table himself. “Just being near him makes me feel a bit like a kid again...” Raiden helped lift him up onto the top, as he proceeded to take out the puck and two mallets inside his goal's compartment, then slide the yellow one over to Zues, who put a paw on it. “Okay, the rules are simple. You stay on that side, and use that to hit this into the goal.” Raiden explained with accompanying hand gestures, though he noticed that Zues was too busy looking mesmerized by the mallet, clasping it in his paws and holding it like a trophy. Raiden rubbed his hair and shook his head, speaking in a positive tone. “You sure do appreciate the little things in life...”

Zues’ looked at him and grinned, answering with a sincerity that pierced straight to his heart. “I’m happy because I’m with you!”

Putting his hand over his heart after it skipped a beat. That response was an emotional gut punch that required a second for the adolescent to recover. “...has anyone ever said that to me before? I guess — that’s because I just never had time for friends.”

“Friend?” Zues interrupted, his voice sounding concerned.

“Oh, um, I’m fine. Just-” Raiden stumbled over his words, noticing Zues quivering slightly as he pointed. Raiden turned to look and his eyes widened. “What the-” The fighting game machine’s screen behind him was surging with an ominous black lightning.

“I-Is it supposed to spark like that?


Suddenly the room’s bright atmosphere became a lot less colorful, as every screen at once replaced its vibrant colors with dull greys. As a mutual feeling of dread sank in their guts when the sounds of screeching radio static abruptly filled the area. Raiden clamped his ears and groaned with clenched teeth, as Zues curled up into a ball and ducked underneath the table.

“Zues. Come on. We need to leave.” Raiden instructed with urgency, quickly getting onto his hands and knees, his reach for Zues heeded at the touch of his pointed and hardened fur. He was quivering and not going anywhere. A plan to avoid becoming a pin cushion was formed on the spot, as he pulled off his shirt and used it to scoop Zues up. “Don’t be scared little guy. I’ll keep you safe.” Raiden assured with a passion that he didn’t know he possessed. But the pressure only increased as he stood, as the grey machines seemed to blackout in an intentional order, as he saw the entire back row of lights suddenly shut off.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be...scared. I’m too scared.” Zues whimpered. Raiden bolted for the doors, swearing he heard a voice beckoning him from beyond the noise. As the encroaching darkness seemed to chase after them, consuming the surrounding light sources.

“Not good. I can’t even speak...and it feels like I’m pushing against a strong wind current. What happens if I can’t run fa-”

The clamor was gone. As Zues suddenly hit the ground and spread out onto his stomach, eyes opening to see the front door a foot away from his face. He stood up with wobbly legs, turning to see the arcade returned to normal. He gasped and froze with terror; his friend was nowhere to be seen.

“Huh? Where’d he-why did-I didn’t even try to help-” Zues trembled at the thought, and let out a desperate shout. “Friend?!” But there was no answer, and that revelation caused tears to flow from his eyes. “H-He’s gone...I-I’m alone.” He blubbered through sniffles, having the same isolated feeling he’d felt inside his digi.egg. But then his ears perked up, as he felt a rush of newfound energy that had him pushing through the door.

“Dangerous! Everything's dangerous! I have to protect my friend from danger!” Those words were stuck on repeat, as his hastened feet made a beeline across the hall. “Go faster! Don’t stop running!” Static shocks sparking from his golden quills, as they started to glow and grow out. His silhouette started becoming more hedgehog-like in appearance; getting pointed features from his sharp crimson claws, to a spiky silver coat of fur that covered most of his chest, cheeks and his whole backside. The transformation only aiding his speed to rush into the bedroom, and yanking the D-Loader off the nightstand. Clenching the glowing screen within its claws and hoping to find answers, but only seeing a displayed message.

Digital Evolution Successful
Meet Heriss.mon!

“Take me where my friend is! Please-Oh Please!” Zues cried out. As the D-Loader seemed to respond to his plea, by letting out a bright flash. His body started to immediately distort itself until it became an amorphous mass of data and warped into its screen, as both vanished from the room in an instant...

“I never expected to feel this awful after failing at something...isn’t that just what happens when someone strives to achieve anything? Businesses, people, we all fail constantly, and we have the tenacity to then tell ourselves ‘there’s always another day’ where this infinite cycle goes on. Because ambition is an ultimately foolish endeavor...shooting for the stars that are well beyond our reach. And yet...for the briefest moment...I felt like I could defy the odds in order to keep a friend safe. And that’s why it stings...”

“Hey. Hey! Wake up!” A familiar voice called out in a slightly deeper pitch. Raiden lunged forward in an upright sitting position with his hands outstretched. “Zues!”

But his arms then dropped to his sides, after seeing nothing but a long stretch of blackened sand and a strangely colored ocean. The sky and everything else was completely foreign to him; believing this was some long twisted dream. Doing a 180° as he was carefully prodded into reality by something sharp, like the prick of a needle. “Gah!”

“Oh! S-sorry. You startled me and I d-didn’t-”

“Zues?” Raiden interrupted in surprise, certain that it had to be him, even before he observed the same colored device the digi.mon was carrying. Zues’ expression was unmistakably joyful, and so was the hyper manner in which he flailed his arms while trying to elaborate, speaking incomprehensibly fast. Raiden took an obvious deep breath, successfully getting Zues to mimic him.

“Yes, yes. I found you! Are you hurt?” Herissmon said a bit less quickly, holding out the D-Loader’s message. Raiden let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m okay...now that you’re with me.”

Zues blinked and held his claws up to his face, happily giggling. Making Raiden feel a wave of embarrassment, as a real one hit the shoreline. He stood up and thoroughly brushed his clothes off, having a single question. “So...how do we get back home?”

Confidence beamed from Zues, as he held the D-Loader up. “Take us back please!” As the device’s screen went blank and dimmed, not doing anything. Zues waited in confusion for a few moments, before he started rattling off many differently worded versions of the same statement. Raiden shook his head. "If only it were that easy..."
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Taito - Tokyo Prefecture – Japan
Emilia Westridge - Kokomon - Wisp
7:45 AM - October 29th - 2019

Emilia sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. This time, she and Kokomon managed to fall asleep in her bed. Emilia slid out from under the covers, trying not to wake Kokomon who had fallen back asleep moments after Emilia’s alarm sounded off earlier. Emilia stood and slept. She slept, at least, but the pressure behind her eyes said otherwise. She hooked a glance back at Kokomon who was wriggling about to get comfortable again. Something about seeing such a pure and vulnerable creature deep in its dreams was soothing. The sight also fostered the desire to protect in Emilia. She felt a connection to Kokomon unlike any she had before. Kokomon felt familiar to her, but Emilia was unsure why or how. She tucked Kokomon deeper under the blankets.

Wisp was still curled up on the couch when Emilia walked out of her room. He was absolutely fascinated by television, so Emilia let him watch Netflix until he fell asleep. As she walked over, Emilia's thoughts tripped on what Wisp expounded in her last night:

”Illiad has been crazy lately. There are twelve official provinces and powerful God Digimon are fighting for the territory … My village was seized by Marsmon, so I ran … Eventually, I was saved by a group of outlaw Digimon that is trying to unify Illiad. The God Digimon have too much power, so we’ve been trying to sway them - that’s why I’m a messenger. I’ve been trying to relay a message to Merukimon, the Wolf Tyrant but he’s not co-operating and now I’m here …”

“Oh no - is your village okay?” Emilia asked. A bit of an ignorant question, she realized, but Wisp seemed fairly open.

Wisp looked to the floor. “I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it since.”

Guilt pulled the corners of Emilia’s mouth down. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have asked.”

Wisp remained silent. There was a fire deep in his gaze. It was faint, but something was smoldering, burning in the back of his eyes. Emilia was quick to notice, making brief eye contact with Wisp. Something about Wisps despondency was jarring, it was hard, and Emilia almost wished she hadn’t noticed that hard passion. She shifted her hands. Kokomon had since dozed off. All of this information was surely exhausting.

Wisp swallowed and mumbled, “I shouldn’t have run away.”

Emilia nudged the curled up weasel-creature. “Hey. Wisp, do you want some toast?” she whispered.

Wisp blinked awake and nodded. He stretched, yawned, and glanced about. “When do we set off?” There was surprising energy in his nasally voice.

“I’m not sure, actually.” Emilia fiddled with the toaster in the kitchen. “I think the person whose taking us will give us a signal.” She waved her D-Loader in Wisp’s direction. “And I think we have to use this to get there.”

Wisp squinted but shrugged. “I’ve heard crazier things,” he yawned. “Are we leaving today - for sure, I mean?”

Emilia sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know - I'm figuring things out as we go.” She leaned on the counter, facing Wisp but not looking at him. “Kokomon and I only met the night before you arrived on my balcony. I’ve been getting messages from someone, it might even be a Digimon, saying that I was chosen to help Illiad - both me and Kokomon.” Wisp nodded along. “The D-Loader looks like it's loading something right now, but I'm not sure what.

Emilia prepared the toast for her and Wisp. Peanut butter and jam, of course - a childhood favorite. When she walked back into the living room, she showed Wisp the D-Loader, but when he reached out to hold it his skin shivered, his hand appeared transparent and markedly un-solid, and the air around the device crackled. Wisp and Emilia both pulled away. “What the hell? What’s it doing?” Emilia mumbled to herself. Her hope that there wouldn’t be any more complications was quickly fading.

Wisp pursed his thin lips. He reached out again. The result was the same. “Hm.” Wisp mumbled something but it was inaudible. He was curious though, his ears perked and nose twitching. A message popped up on-screen:

Digital Entity Detected!
Do you wish to download?

Emilia and Wisp caught eyes. Wisp nodded, though slightly reluctant, and Emilia pressed ‘Yes.’ A light flashed behind Emilia’s eyes. “Digital monster...” she mumbled, “Oh! The D-Loader must be downloading us - so it asked permission to download your data, or something.” She wasn’t entirely sure of her deductions, but her guess was as good as anybody's.

Wisp raised his brow. “Maybe it is - that might’ve been why there was static when I went to touch it,” Wisp said as he folded and stretched his numbed paw.

Emilia placed one hand under her chin and nodded. “Makes sense to me. I guess we just wait until it’s ready.” There wasn’t really a hint of when the three of them would be sent to Illiad other than the erratic speed at which the download bar filled, so Emilia went back to her bedroom to wake Kokomon up. She cradled Kokomon in her arms and the small jelly creature stretched her jaw wide as she blinked awake. Warmth filled Emilia’s cheeks, but Emilia started to worry about Kokomon’s blinding innocence. She was only just born and she was about to be thrown into even stranger territory and danger. “Time to get up, Koko. We have a big day ahead of us.”

Kokomon yawned again. “O-okay.” Her eyes struggled to keep open.

Emilia wandered back out to the living room. Wisp was a good few bites into his toast, jam and peanut butter smeared around the corners of his mouth. Kokomon asked Wisp questions about fighting as they finished their breakfast.


Emilia took their downtime as an opportunity to clean herself up. She stuffed a backpack full of some essentials yesterday: a toothbrush, hand sanitizer, a journal, stress candy, that sort of stuff. She pulled her lucky hat down over her head, her wavy chestnut hair curled up around her neck. She stared into the bathroom mirror, into her honey eyes. She took her index fingers and traced the light bags under her eyes and sighed. And I was just starting to get things under control, too... Emilia closed her eyes and let out a sharp breath. She wasn’t the type to hate change, but she certainly preferred when things were done at her own pace. “What is even happening? I didn't think I was cut out to be the hero in some fantasy flick,” she grumbled.

Emilia started pacing around the apartment, checking the D-Loader’s status bar occasionally, a sure-fire sign that she was sick of waiting and just wanted to go. She refused to think that about the possibility of this being a convoluted prank. But, before she could even develop that doubt, she noticed a white-ish, green light streaming from the D-Loader in her pants pocket.

Wisp was teaching Kokomon how to release her Frothy Spit out in the living room. Kokomon had asked Wisp if he’d show her how to fight. Kokomon was a little overwhelmed by the amount of tips Wisp had flooded her with, but she was determined to prove herself capable. To her surprise, using Frothy Spit came rather naturally. She fired out the oily bubbles into the air and they popped with a sizzle. A grin seared across Kokomon’s face and Emilia slid to a stop at the coffee table as Kokomon celebrated her first attack.

“Wisp, Koko - the D-Loader’s lightin' up,” Emilia said as Kokomon roared: “I did it Emmy! I can fight!”

Before any of them could register what either said, the D-Loader sound off:

Transfer to Digital World...99%

The device started to convert Emilia, Kokomon, and Wisp into data. After it digitalized their physical bodies, the D-Loader fired the trio's data into Server Illiad's cyberspace. It was a surreal feeling, to have your insides jumbled, rearranged, and reformed. The pain didn't strike Emilia quite as much as it did Shohei, though that was a testament to Emilia's vigor. As their physical shapes emerged in Illiad, the three of them were shot towards the same darkened beach with it's twisted, gnarly waves. However, Emilia and Kokomon were dropped in the thick verdant tree line that met the charcoal sand. When Emilia finally managed to open her eyes through the stinging pressure in her head, she realized Wisp was nowhere to be seen. She glanced about anxiously with Kokomon who was sitting snug in the zipper opening in Emilia's jacket. Emilia started walking down the shore when she noticed a couple of figures standing far off in the distance. She headed towards them cautiously, hoping they'd happen to have seen where Wisp was sent off to.
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Mari was about to venture into the unknown. Reaching her hand out to reclaim a lost device and all the knowledge it could access. Sighing in relief once her fingertips touched its sleek rectangular surface. Sliding the television remote across the carpet from underneath the living room couch until she successfully held it. Pulling the front-half of her body up and lying down in the comfort of her throw blanket. Because the morning only truly began when she chose to get off what was slept on. Meaning those missed calls from that preachy kid would have to wait — to be deleted from her history. Instead, she was boredly staring at the lone light source illuminating the space and flipping through its channels. Unmuting the afternoon news, as they reported on a series of ongoing armed home invasions happening near her friend’s neighborhood. Halfway listening to her manager’s skeptic exasperation over her cellphone sitting atop the coffee table.

“How are you already running out of cereal? I bought it in bulk for you last month-”

“It’s complicated alright.” She answered dismissively, brushing the toaster pastry crumbs off her wrinkled jeans. Glancing at her kitchen refrigerator opening up, where Missimon was hyperactively shaking after guzzling his third box of cinnabon crunch, and was now attempting to grab the gluten-free coconut milk carton crammed behind the less terrible beverages on the top shelf. “Seriously, what am I supposed to say? Yeah, I have a gluttonous robot who won’t vacate my property.” Taking the phone and putting it up to her ear, as she switched the speaker off to give an order. “Hey! That’s enough breakfast.”

Missimon responded by perking his head up in her direction and promptly shutting the fridge door. Proceeding to clean up the discarded boxes, and stealthily snack on the few cereal pieces he dropped on the floor. Mari swayed her feet poking out of the cover as she spoke in a perky and pleasant tone. “Thanks. You’re the best...Yep. Goodbye.” She ended the call and sat up, wandering toward her bedroom to wear something new. Dressing herself in baggy and loose fitting clothing loaded with rebellious political quotes, noticing the D-Loader’s bright screen.

Preparing Transfer To Digital World...1%

"Transferring to digital world?” She wondered with an analytical pause, stuffing it inside her pocket. Returning to the hallway and seeing that the lights were on, as Missimon was tidying up and softly humming to himself. She realized that he didn’t seem to sleep, staying in constant motion since the beginning. “Maybe this ‘M’ person knows I want nothing to do with this, and is actually sending him back where he came from...he'd probably be happier that way.”

Mari's thoughts were interrupted by Missimon approaching her. “Mari. I’ve prepared my response to your regulations. Permission to address-”

“Go ahead.” She uttered while walking past him, as he closely followed her to the door. “But make it quick, we have somewhere to be.” She added, slipping her shoes on and collecting her keys. Missimon’s eyes lit up at the suggestion and gave the slightest eager nod.

“I will abide by your rules to not harm others, break things or act without your approval.” He stated. “Permission to ask, where are we going?”

She smiles slightly and opens her door. “We're off to burn some of your energy. So cloak yourself and keep quiet, okay?” Missimon silently nodded, as his outer shell became camouflaged. “That certainly makes hiding you a lot easier...”

Thankful that she was able to drive to her destination without getting caught in too much traffic. Or stopped by the police, otherwise she’d have to explain why the blanket riding shotgun was continuously bouncing. Observing that he seemed to enjoy the radio blasting punk music that overpowered him unconsciously humming along. Reminding herself that this was for a good cause, though the deed itself didn’t prevent the ludicrous cost of parking her car. She opened up her glove compartment and put on some black disposable gloves. “Alright, no one’s around. You can get out.”

Missimon went out her opened door and curiously inspected his surroundings. It was a basketball court that had its trash cans knocked over, and its grounds covered in litter and crude chalk drawings. She knew it wasn’t a rare sight to behold, often the aftermath of teenagers that clearly weren’t raised right. He awaited further orders, as she nonchalantly pulled out some big trash bags from the tailgate. “I’d like you to help me clean this place. Same as my apartment.”

“Is this your territory?” Missimon asked sounding particularly puzzled. “Will we be rewarded by our enemies for cleaning here?”

“No, it’s a public space. Anyone is allowed to come here. But you can’t expect others to do the right thing, when the opposite is usually an easier option. So it’s up to us to do the hard work. And our reward is making an effort to improve the world.” Mari replied with a devoted tone. Missimon seemed impressed by her important-sounding words.

“I don’t understand. But I will do what you want.”

It always seemed to be getting darker earlier and earlier by the day. Far less bright outside as hours passed by to restore the court to normalcy, aside from the chalk that remained untouched. The bed of her truck was divided by bags of junk and soda cans that would be recycled and sold. Hey, another man’s trash was her treasure. She sat and laid back in the driver’s seat, looking at Missimon in the passenger side. Seemingly exhausted and resting flat on his backside, showing that even these strange creatures had their limits.

“Mission Completed.” Missimon said drained of volume. As she let out the slightest chuckle while looking at the battery power left on her smartphone. “Yeah. Admittedly, you were pretty helpful...I’m used to doing this kind of thing by myself.”

“I’m glad I could be useful Mari. I enjoyed our time together. I think you’re very interesting.” Missimon replied with his eyes shut. Mari blinked at his statement, not knowing what to think. Feeling like a cartoon with her heart was growing three sizes. It wasn’t the first time she received a compliment, or was admired by her peers...and yet it was unique, in that it felt wholly undeserved. “...Perhaps I’ve been a little too harsh on him. He’s just been trying to get along with me, and I suppose it’s probably not his fault that he showed up when he did. So if he doesn’t want to leave...I’ll learn to get used to him.”

As she turned the key in the ignition, her phone buzzed with a new message from her bandmate that she spoke with yesterday. She stopped to have a quick text exchange then set the phone back in her cup holder. Suddenly shifting her seat straight up, and glancing in her rear-view mirror, firmly gripping the steering wheel and pushing her foot down on the pedal. Mari didn’t know what kind of trouble she was getting herself into, as she hit the road and hastily surpassed the speed limit. It wouldn’t take her long to arrive at her friend’s house, as it wasn't much farther than if she drove to her own apartment. But there was always something about this dead-end street that made her feel tense and uneasy. Missimon's eyes were soon jolted awake by her sharp turn at the cross section, causing him to watch her with an equally focused stare.

“Mari. Is there something wrong? We’re going faster than last time.” He noted with his usual alert tone.

“Probably not...” Mari muttered, shaking her head, even though something in her gut felt awry. “Seems like Kiyomi’s being paranoid about something again. But I know her parents are visiting sick relatives, and that friendly elderly couple are away on their 50th anniversary. So I’ll take it seriously for her sake and keep her company, if it helps her not feel as alone.”

“Well, if you need me. I’ll be right by your side.

Mari didn’t reply to Missimon, but his concern did take some of the weight off her shoulders and relaxed her posture. Only to be startled by her phone ringing shortly after. Mom’s timing was impeccable as usual, but her lecture would have to wait. Making the last turn and slowly rolling up to her friend’s address. Keeping her eyes peeled for anything suspicious, in spite of her expectations to have worried herself for nothing. Even in the dark, it was easy to spot the difference between the elderly couple’s mint-green estate across from her bandmate’s comparatively tiny home with the porch lights on — her heart skipped a beat at the sight of hooded and slender figure standing in front of her door. Not sure what possessed her to immediately get out of the car and confront the stranger, but Mari made her voice known.

“Hey! If you don’t get out of here I’ll call the police!”

The figure spun around and raised his hands up. “Huh!? U-u-uh wa-wa.”

Mari groaned slightly at the distilled essence of a fanboy before her. With a squeaky and stuttering voice displaying the lack of a threatening bone in his body. She could almost see the stars and hearts spinning around his head. The pink kitten coin purse in his hands that was unmistakably Kiyomi’s, as she connected the dots with her friend’s bad habits. “She really left her wallet at the food court again…so it was a misunderstanding after all...why do I feel so disappointed?” She frowned a bit and walked up to the porch with her palm open, speaking in a more irritated tone. “I’m not trying to be rude, but just bring it to mall security next time...” He quickly nodded and bowed his head, handing her the wallet and promptly fleeing to the discarded bike to ride off in embarrassment. Mari watched and took a deep breath in her calm surroundings to let the stupidity of the situation settle in. “Crisis over. Better go give her a call, so she’ll leave the broom closet and answer her door.” Mari thought with a shrug, heading back to her car to grab her phone.

“Mari has defeated her cowardly enemy!” Missimon exclaimed with his claws raised high, still lying in the seat. She half-smiled and rubbed the back of her neck. “I’m afraid-”

The illusion of peace was shattered by the crash coming from the neighbor’s front window. She leaped back inside her truck, recalling the news report of armed burglars in her friend’s neighborhood. Missimon hopped upright with a burst of energy.

“Three enemies are in the vicinity! Order needed!” He confirmed the danger she feared, almost as if he was reading her mind.

She nodded. “Subdue them.”

“Order Received.” Missimon replied, rocketing straight past her and through their broken window. The feeling of reckless guilt struck her brain as she saw Missimon enter. Why didn’t she hesitate to throw the little guy into peril? Maybe it was his obvious eagerness to act. Nevertheless, she made a negligent decision that was too late to take back. She couldn’t even finish dialing the emergency number, before hearing the clamor of gunfire — then nothing at all. It terrified her in a way that she hadn’t even dreamed of experiencing. Maybe her brain should’ve informed her legs that it was incomprehensible to be sprinting toward it. “What the hell am I doing? I never should’ve-”

“Missimon!” Mari called out, as the front door swung open. The young adult never expected to stare down the barrel of a gun. Nor see three bodies lying unconscious with Missimon hovering above them and approaching her with a gleeful smile, acting normally, with a bullet-sized dent in his forehead.

“Enemies subdued!”

"That’s...your amazing." She replied in awe. Missimon’s face blushed as her hand grabbed his claw firmly. Knowing it was preferable to standing directly over the thugs, she ran them back to the relative safety of her truck. The sounds of her cell ringing was simultaneous with the police sirens that were going off in the distance. "There’s no way I can tell the police, or Kiyomi about Missimon...I just need to go home and pretend this never happened...”

That was easier said than done. Especially when she hadn’t even had the chance to catch her breath before driving off like a madwoman. But aside from getting home in one piece, her only other thought blurted out of her mouth. “That chrome dome of yours must really come in handy…” Glancing down at the flustered digi.mon remaining still and quiet in her lap.

Missimon eyes twinkled with hope, his claw pointing at himself. “Chromedome? Is that my name?”

Mari smiled and went with it. “Yep. That’s your name.”

Not anticipating Missimon to react by glowing brightly, along with D-Loader in her pocket. Mari let out a shrill shriek and slammed on her breaks.

Digital Evolution Successful
Meet Commandra.mon!

Transferring To Digital World...99%
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Server Iliad
Shohei Nishizawa - Newt

Shohei stood and rolled his shoulders, glancing about the darkened beach. Sweat glistened on his cheekbones but the air was surprisingly crisp. It crackled about Shohei and Newt. Clumps of stray data floated about in assorted blends of ones and zeroes. Golden browns and ripe greens of data swirling like dust in the open air. Shohei rubbed his thumb over an open palm. The friction was smooth but distinctly distant as if he were wearing gloves. His body felt lighter, but that may have been a side-effect from the toll that becoming data had on him. He didn’t know what he expected in coming to Iliad, what that would entail, but he was in one piece and for that he was grateful.

Shohei was quickly fascinated by the landscape, scanning the strange horizon intently. The black-blue gradient sky was particularly otherworldly. The yellow sun hung, static, just above the violent, whirling ocean that curved on the horizon. It was chaotic. A terrifying beauty, unlike anything Shohei had seen before. He caught himself gawking at the alien landscape and glanced over at Newt who was doing the same.

“This is gorgeous…” Shohei said. He would have regretted how lame that sounded if he even registered saying it.

Newt nodded. “Yeah...” His red eyes sparkled at the sight of the yellowing purple sky. Both Shohei and Newt were entranced by the view for different reasons. For Shohei, it was the chaos of the water that hooked his attention. He thought of the roiling Japanese coasts and of his uncle, a fisherman who always warned him about the power of the ocean, the visceral nature of its ebbs and flows. He loved his grandparent's idyllic country home, but he admired the fear that the water, and nature as a whole, instilled in him. Newt, however, felt the beach was familiar. He felt that this world was surely where he came from.

Shohei didn’t break his admiration for the view. “You don’t happen to have some inherent knowledge about this place, do you?”


“Ah… figures,” Shohei sat on the charcoal-blue sand and tossed his bag to his side. He crossed his arms, resting elbows on knees. “Let’s sit for a sec.” The journey was much shorter than Shohei thought. Maybe he romanticized the notion of traveling to Server Iliad based on the servers’ name alone. It was foolish, but he wanted to go on a sprawling Homer-esque epic to make it to Iliad. Foolish because he knew he didn’t have the patience to be an epic hero. However, his journey was only beginning and he had yet to properly recognize that. “We have a ton of time to find M, so we should just chill.”

“You chill a lot, Sho,” Newt said, taking a seat next to Shohei.

Shohei laid back looking up at the sky. “I think chilling is important. We all need a break now and then - it’s important. I mean, maybe I rest too often, but there’s no use in giving one-hundred and ten percent all the time, right? Why... do you think I’m lazy?”

Newt held his breath. “I- Nah. I like chilling.”

Shohei chuckled. “I’m only jokin’. I am kind of tired now, though.”


Shohei turned to Newt. “Yeah, did it not hurt for you? It feels like I’ve been put through a meat grinder.”

“I actually feel amazing!” Newt also leaned back and stretched his stubby, icy limbs. “Never felt better.”

“Weird.” Shohei peered over at Newt. “I can barely remember what happened to us. I think we were pulled into the D-Loader or something and all of a sudden we’re here and now my body is sore as hell.”

“If you’re sore, I might be able to help,” Newt said. His hands steamed up from the warm ocean air meeting his chilled palms.

Shohei flinched but quickly lowered his guard. “Well... I guess you could work some of your, uh, coldness into my shoulders. Not too cold though!”

“Sure.” Shohei rolled over onto his stomach. Newt put his three-fingered hands on Shohei’s shoulder blades. A chilling sensation flooded every fiber in Shohei’s body, relaxing his tensed muscles. It wasn’t overwhelmingly cold. “How’s that?”

“Unreal.” Shohei breathed heavily as Newt chilled his shoulders. He pondered the bizarreness of his current situation: a small bipedal lizard was acting as a cooling pad for his back. I shouldn’t really complain-, I mean... I’m alive, so things could be worse, but why is this happening to me? I’m not bored with my life - in fact, I might just be the most motivated I’ve ever been. Maybe this is a test for some crazy VR tech. Or maybe my life really is boring... Shohei let his thoughts ramble on, but he wasn’t as worried anymore, now that he and Newt arrived safely. If he had any anxiety it was from the excitement of being thrust into an entirely new world. Despite how much he valued relaxing, Shohei also enjoyed new experiences. He patted his pant pockets and pulled out the rectangular Digi.vice. He grunted as he tried to pull the device towards his face. He powered it on. There was a new message from M:

Welcome to Server Iliad, the digital world. You’re in the Tropics Province, currently on the shoreline of the Net Ocean. I do not recommend entering the water. Four others are coming to Iliad soon. Try to find them and head north.

Best of luck,

Shohei curled his bottom lip and let out a thoughtful ‘hm,’ quickly wondering which direction was north. As if on queue, a crackle of thunder rumbled from one of the colossal nimbus clouds above the water and couple fractals shot toward the treeline behind Shohei and Newt.

Shohei fired a glance at the meteors. He tucked his chin in and tightened his eyebrows. “Are those… the other people?”

Newt squinted, watching the meteors flare toward land. They hit the trees. “I think so…”

Shohei watched the treeline in the distance. “Think we should check it out?”

Before Newt could reply, another rumble sounded off, this time behind him and Shohei. From the trees, a green and orange feathered bird the size of a small jet plane careened towards the waters. At was clad in silvery armor on the tops of its wings, neck, and head. The beating of its wings fired swirls of dark sand into the air like a trail of black smoke. The creature swooped to the left and circled back to Shohei and Newt. A wall of sand hit the duo. They hesitated but scrabbled to their feet as the beast soared toward them. As they ran, Shohei noticed the D-Loader was beeping and there was text on-screen that said:

New Entity Detected
Diatry.mon - Ancient Bird Digi.mon

Shohei and Newt started to run toward where, presumably, the other people landed, but he quickly noticed a couple more meteors shooting from the clouds. In between quick breaths, Shohei shouted, “Newt, do you have any way to deal with this thing!” Diatry.mon roared as it trailed behind the duo. The duo was hit by the sharp sonic waves of the bird’s roar. It hit them like a dense wind and filled their ears with white noise. It sent the two of them into the air.

Newt let out a squeal and as he was in the air he roared back: “Baby Hail!” Dozens and dozens of tiny, rigid icicles formed in Newts's mouth. He shot them out in a torrent toward Diatry.mon, soaring like bullets to their target. The bird monster tried to shield itself from the crystal shards with one wing but started to flutter to the sand, its left wing starting to frost over. Newt landed on his side but quickly leaped to his feet while Shohei hit the ground in a tumble. Shohei winced and rolled over on his stomach. His ears were ringing. Newt seemed to fair the hit better, his body built for better endurance. Diatry.mon landed on its feet. It squawked again, slightly quieter this time, and started charging at Newt who lay just in front of Shohei.

Newt realized the gravity of the situation, acting solely on instinct before, and quickly became terrified at the sight of the prehistoric monstrosity charging at him. With a wail, Newt shot out more ice crystals at Diatry.mon, unintentionally aiming at its eyes. The bird skidded to a halt and tumbled down in front of Newt, the sand an ominous cloud. He watched the sheet of dust intently, holding his breath. His heart beating fast and hard. Countless thoughts ran through Newt's head as he waited, building pressure with the ringing in his ears. His tail whipped about, anxiously waiting for a caw in response to being blinded. In this moment of respite, Newt grew worried that he wouldn't be able to protect himself or Shohei. He never considered the power or size that other Digi.mon would have. He felt weak and powerless, tearing up once again.

Newt flinched when he felt and heard feet pounding sand. When the dust settled, Diatry.mon was flailing about, its eyes covered in water, ice, and sand. It took flight shakily and flew over the jungle, squawking as it flew. It went as quickly as it came, passing like a quick tempest.

Shohei, now on his knees, let out an exasperated breath. "That was crazy," he roared, pointing at Newt. He hugged Newt tight in his arms, Newt's cold skin his own through his clothes. Newt started to sniffle and cry. "Hey, hey! You did great. Next time I'll have to save your skin." He looked at Newt's watery eyes. He only hoped he'd be able to save Newt sometime down the road, but after seeing the size pf that bird, Shohei was feeling doubtful. However, he also saw Newt's victory as a good sign for the future. Seeing such a fierce creature and the display of strength that Newt showed reinvigorated Shohei's Oddyseus-like fantasy. He embraced Newt long and hard. "You did great," he said softly through Newt's sniffling. "We better go, though. Before that thing comes back for revenge."
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A dark mass had appeared directly in front of her, as a large armored reptilian monster emerged from the shadows. There Mari was — staring down the barrel of an assault rifle nearly kissing her forehead. Her body jerked forth as the truck’s windshield exploded in a moment of terror. Followed by the embarrassing revelation that she’d made Chromedome’s evolution careen into the asphalt. She quickly unbuckled her seat belt and rushed over to the Commandra.mon, illuminated by the streetlights above, lying motionless on his backside without a scratch on him. His eyes and pupils were shimmering pools of silver that looked straight at her. Even knowing who it was, intimidation held her tongue at the possibility of angering him when he was still armed. At least until it spoke with his bombastic voice and erased any trace of doubt.

“Chromedome. Awaiting orders.”

She heard a childish giddiness in the digi.mon saying his name, noting that he sounded less robotic than before. “Well he has the same impenetrable skull.” She thought, letting out a relieved sigh. “Although, this makes it a lot harder to hide him.” Reaching out to offer her palm, as she gave her first additional rule with the slightest smile. “Stand up and keep that thing trained to the ground at all times.”

He gently gripped her hand with his ice cold steel claws which sent a shiver across her arm. The weight of her decision was felt as she pulled his heavier frame upright. She flinched at the sudden and violent slam of his tail as he stood with the M-16 pointing downward, however, he didn’t seem aware of this. “Wilco.”

She paused awkwardly, recalling that was military jargon for telling someone that you ‘will comply’. Realizing this bizarre creature, for better or worse, may follow her will no matter the circumstance and that he was under her supervision for a reason. Though returning home was her most pressing issue, so the numerous questions sprouting in her mind would need to wait. “Good…” She said taking a depressed glance at the vehicle, grateful to be on a road with no traffic and be unharmed. Groaning in the knowledge that a new windshield wasn’t cheap, and unless she wanted her insurance premium to skyrocket, she’d have to pay for it herself. Since her manager was the last person she wished to report this to. Then after analyzing her situation with arms crossed - a dubious hypothesis sprung up as she took the D-Loader from her pocket and aimlessly fidgeted with it. If he could camouflage himself, what other abilities were at his disposal? She pointed at the broken glass covering the hood. “Hmm, Chromedome. Do know if you can fix that?”

Chromedome turned his head and stared at the debris. “Negative. But you’d like the glass removed, correct?”

Mari shook her head. “Nevermind that-” She uttered, stepping forward, but that nagging environmentally friendly position didn’t want to leave the litter. Despite her rationale of wanting to avoid strangers or the police witnessing a gun-wielding bipedal dinosaur. If he handled those burglars, maybe he was worth trusting to do the job. “If you’re able to do it fast — and quietly.”

She had no clue what would come of this. Chromedome smirked and answered with certainty, his tail pounded the street once again. “Mission received.” He promptly jumped high enough to almost reach the top of the streetlight pole. The fact he did so in that heavy armor was already surprising, so the following actions left her jaw agape. Proceeding to watch his intense gaze as both claws clutched the grips, the gun’s muzzle silently flashing as every single shard began disappearing. In reality, bullets were spraying out with such impeccable precision that each corresponding bullet destroyed a piece, then evaporate into data upon hitting the target. Chromedome landed with knees bent and an audible clank, as his magazine dropped down and dissolved in mid-air. Another materialized in his open claw and was swiftly loaded into the M-16 with a click. He faced Mari, stunned as his smiled.

“Did I please you?” Chromedome asked. Mari nodded trying to find the words to say, she’d only seen gravity defying moves like that in action movies. In immediate hindsight, ofcourse she’d blurt out something stupid.

“Uh-why did you jump?” Mari needed to kick herself later for that.

“I wouldn’t have been able to aim with my sights at the ground otherwise.” Chromedome responded.

“R-right. Well done. L-let’s go now.” Mari said nervously scratching her nose. Chromedome nodded as he marched up and opened the door. Muttering as she got back into the driver's seat, tightly gripping the steering wheel. “Remind me to not get your bad side.” He sat like a statue, riding shotgun as her truck drove away. “Roger that. Mari don’t g-”

Mari groaned slightly and cut him off. “Not something I meant literally.” He fell silent. “I’m ready for bed...and no more surprises-”

The two instantly disappeared and transported onto the beach within meters of Raiden and Zues.

Transferred To Digital World.

A never-ending drip from the sink’s faucet filled the ongoing silence. Despite her partner’s efforts to be by her side and cheer her up, Ellie hadn’t spoken since her father left. Sitting and looking at the bathroom floor, both hands pulling up her shirt, trying to stop shivering with her back exposed with a bleeding scab. Labramon was cleaning up the blood with a warm damp washcloth clenched between his teeth. It was hard to keep himself from hating Ellie’s mother while he stared at the old scarred flesh, so many red lines that displayed a cruel canvas of her youth. Letting go of her shirt and finally emitting her first word through a soft whine, “Oww.”

Goliath hung the cloth on the edge of the bathtub. “I told you not to pick at it.” He spoke softly as he sat in front of her. “It looks better now though...” His attempt at stoicism was short-lived, as he frowned and lowered his ears when Ellie glanced upward and pouted. What would it take to make her happy? His chest was starting to hurt, and that discomfort could be heard in his voice. “Princess, I-”

He was rendered speechless by her getting onto her knees, palms sandwiching his blushing cheeks as her forehead lightly banged into his. “Uh-” His mouth went agape as his utterly confused face had his eyes brighten upon seeing her smile. But it lead to uncertainty as she began gently tugging on Goliath’s cheeks, showing off his fangs, and forcing them to grin.

“You have to be happy because I said so,” She chided before releasing him, having his disheartened expression return as she stood upright, “Not so easy is it?”

It was strange, but he realized what she meant. “I’m not helping am I?”

She hugged him. “I’m sorry Goliath. But I’m still upset with Dad and I want to stay that way — if that makes sense.”

“I don’t really understand.” He admitted as his head tilted slightly right. “Would you like to draw alone?”

She shook her head, holding him close. “I don’t want to talk or do anything. Let’s just watch some T.V together. Okay?”

He nodded and proceeded to follow Ellie into the living room to turn off the lights and lay down on the couch. Burying herself in layers of blankets and pillows, all except her head and an arm digging the remote from underneath the cushion. With Ellie motioning him to do so, Goliath promptly hopped up and curled into a ball onto the other side of the couch. Their heads lying adjacent to one another as he watched her changing the channels. His eyes widened at the sight of another news broadcast panel discussing repeated nights of vigilantism happening. Panic struck his mind as neither were likely expecting to see Goliath on the screen, but his image was unmistakable. As sad photos of the victims were shown in the hospital while dog growling sounds played over top of them. The reporter’s voice spoke with dire seriousness.

“Witness reports confirm that this dog has been seen multiple times. One even giving the police vivid details of this man ordering the dog to maul this assailant. Here’s a sketch, if you see this man or the dog, please immediately contact the authorities.”

“I feel so bad for the dog. It will have to be euthanized because of a sick individual taking the law into their own hands.” A woman panelist chimed in, as Ellie set down the remote and looked at his fearful eyes.

“H-How am I going to explain myself...I’ve been telling her to share everything with me, but I’m leaving almost every night while their asleep. What must she think of me?” Goliath jumping at the sudden feeling of her stroking his fur. Ellie gave him a reassuring smile.

“I know you did the right thing. A warrior is supposed to stop the bad guys.”

Her kind words melted his anxieties, feeling like nothing had ever gone wrong. “Ellie-”

She put a finger over her lips and shushed him, changing the channel to a cartoon. Both went on to get comfortable and be blissfully ignorant in how harshly reality would remove their innocence. Eventually ending with the pair getting sleepy and napping together on the couch.

Ellie's father was not at work this night. But in an empty parking lot, in his car alone with a crumpled up fast-food bag. As a local radio station happens to be reporting on the same story about the violent canine attacks. His phone held up to his ear. “...Yeah I’ll give you the address. And you have permission to break down the door.” He turned the knob to increase the volume. “You can do this without hurting my daughter, right?”

“Of course. Protecting her is our top priority, and you're keeping her safe. We’ll be in touch.” They answered.

The call ended as his sense of guilt was immense, but it added on to the twisted irony that when she found out what he did, believing he too went behind her back to hurt her. He massaged his headache and mumbled to himself. “Maybe I should’ve contacted the police instead…”

It was more than a rude awakening as Goliath slipped back into consciousness. Only to see darkness with his eyes blindfolded. His legs seemed paralyzed, unable to move as he laid flat with his belly touching the cold steel surface of the lab table. Struggling to recall how he found himself here, just knowing that somebody took him. His jaw was shut by a muzzle, preventing him from calling out to Ellie. Not hearing anything in his surroundings due to the thick sound-proof glass cage. Unbeknownst to the digi.mon amidst the large room illuminated by the ceiling light panels. Many white-coated individuals monitoring him from rows of computer screens displaying numerous graphs and other cryptic data. Keeping calm and wishing to wake from this nightmare became less possible as reality sunk its fangs in. Was his princess trapped too? Did these ‘authorities’ do this? Is this the punishment he was deemed to receive? The unknown struck terror in him. But a true warrior refused to show weakness when the safety of his partner was determined.

“Cure Liquor. Work. Get out. You have to escape.” He thought, as the soothing feeling of a fluid rushing through his entire body was ailing his immobilization. His claws ripped off the blindfold to reveal a fiery look as he rose from the table. Finally seeing where he was imprisoned and the enemies faces that were behind it. A few men raised concerns but the leader reassured them that Labramon wasn’t going anywhere, and that they only needed to intervene if he removed the muzzle. Goliath lunged into the air and slammed the glass with his claw — to no effect. He landed on the ground and sluggishly slashed at the wall several times in different spots, but that was failing to do damage too. It was not merely taking a toll on his energy, but anger was building within. The onlookers didn’t even seem to care as he started to growl. “Break! Break! Break!”

The prison of hopelessness was closing in on him. Becoming increasingly doubtful that there was any key to freedom as his exasperation was turning to exhaustion. "What did I do to deserve this?! Because I help people?! Is that why I’m being kept here?!” His mind shouted, pausing as his ears shot up at the apparent cry. “Ellie? I know that was her voice! She’s crying...because — of them. Goliath used every ounce of strength to successfully tear off his muzzle, as the men watched the screens on the computers unexpectedly glitch out and emit a red glow. The sudden screeching static brought a foreboding atmosphere. Seconds later, the ceiling lights suddenly turned off and wouldn’t turn back on, making Goliath's piercing crimson glare the brightest thing in the room. Seething and snarling with rage as he barked out, creating a sharp oscillation wave with each word.

“How dare you make my Princess cry!”

The glass cracked repeatedly and soon shattered entirely. Every instance of him witnessing harm being inflicted upon others flashed in his head. “So many humans seem to only exist to make others suffer…but you’re the ones who deserves suffering!” The computer screens burst row by row, as everyone in earshot clutch their ringing and ruptured ears as they bleed. Light beamed in the distance in front of him, coming from the reinforced steel doors opening wide. It was clear that an outside force was at play, but it gave him a chance to run. So he sprinted toward the door and trampled over those writhing in agony, refusing to stop until his partner was by his side. Rushing through the door and continued across a digital void as Ellie's cry was getting closer. Too focused to notice that his body slowing dissipating. "I'm coming. I'm almost there."

Transferred To Digital World.

"They stole him from me..." Ellie was sobbing against a tree, her eyes shut. Lost in a pitch-black forest without any idea how she got there, what to do, or where Goliath was. The sole source of light was her D-Loader that she clenched tightly. "Goliath...please find me. I need you."

Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat. Feeling something warm and wet touching her cheek. Ellie opened her eyes to see Goliath heroically standing over her, he smiled as his paw wiped her tears away. "I'm here, so-please be happy. Princess-" He assured with the last of his breath, collapsing into her lap, and shrinking into his in-training form.

Deevolution Process Finished.
Here's Xiao.mon.

She held him tightly and sniffled, able to feel his warmth and believe that everything would be okay in the end, keeping her eyes open. "I won't let anyone take you again. I'll watch over you until you're rested..." And so she waited there...

Unfortunately for the duo, they were not nearby the others when they were sent to the digital world. As another entity already had plans from them. One that would teach them, the darkness didn't always lead to the dawn.
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