Parz1vol’s Monster — “Smog Ghost” — Quick Reference Information
A black magic organism inside of clothing, or in this case a diving suit. It moves by manipulating air pressure in gas pockets in its body, and so is limited and disabled only when limbs are severed. Its decentralized nervous system sees to it that it is no weaker at its head than it is anywhere else, though its eyes can be wounded and its vision hampered.

Traits: Jerky Movements, Decentralized Nervous System, Major Strength, Low-Light Vision, Bioluminescent, Weakness to severing
Skills: Jury Rigging, Unarmed Combat, Precision Agility
Personality: Programmed to seek and destroy Alphonso Tallo, instinct-driven to defend self and convert humanoids into Smog Ghosts.

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Gas Traits: The thick gas produced by Smog Ghosts is fine particulate from the magical realm that the Smog Ghost is conjured from. It is a dull orange color, and clings to clothes and skin. It causes stinging and internal bleeding when breathed in.