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I forgot how bad colds were.
2 yrs ago
When he says work at it, he means work at it. Hard. It's definitely not a problem that'll ever really go away. You'll just learn to keep it quiet, or force through it.
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Nothing makes me happier than seeing a sub notification.
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Fallout 4 was certainly terrible in many ways, but some stuff like the fridge-kid can be overlooked through the less-than-serious attitude of the entire series. Yknow. Pistols exploding entire bodies.
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Gimp drains the lifeforce of those that download it. Be wary. If your soul is plentiful and grand, then surely you'll face not the gatekeeper of Gimp and be able to freely use the program.


Yo, Parzivol here.

Young, in that I'm young enough that I'm not yet considered an Adult. Been doing this since I was about twelve to some capacity or another. Of course, that means I started in Minecraft and another forum. Worked my way into Discord and then here. Excited to participate.

Primary Interests:
Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical-Medieval (Periodic style insertion stuff, a la Kingdom Come: Deliverance). My stylistic preferences are on the side of mystery, rather than open-world adventure romps or conventional murder-hoboing.

Favorite Authors:
R.A. Salvatore, H.P. Lovecraft, David Eddings, Orson S. Card

Games Of Choice:
TES: Oblivion, Darkest Dungeon, FTL: Faster Than Light, Dark Souls 1, For Honor, Divinity: OS 2 (Haven't gotten to 1 yet, though I'd like to), and Absolver.

Out of that list, my favorite in terms of storytelling methods are DS1 and Absolver, which both use the light-touch item descriptions method. Take whatever you wish from that. FTL has engaging stories, and Oblivion is a fun FPS A-RPG with the heavy lean on action. Darkest Dungeon is the monster I'm yet to slay, while DS1 is the monster I love to curl up with on cold days. Divinity: OS 2 is interesting and I enjoyed what I played, but I wasn't all that engaged in the story. Personally doesn't feel like the kind of game that should have player-made characters. Perhaps the simple fix would be to play one of their legacy heroes. I'll find out this summer, in all likelihood.

Also, Music:
Weezer, Primus, MC LARS, Beastie Boys

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I'm sure he's just gonna love the fact we are employing both a fae and a dwarf haha


That's the goal ;)
As you'd allow it, a character conflict causing main character. He embarrassed his father at court and was sent to aid the Sunrunners as punishment, is my preference. He'll be forced to act differently and uncomfortably and will be a piece of grinding stone for other characters to develop off of as he himself is polished into a potentially better person.

Uuhhhhhhg. This is like. Iteration 6. I've wrote and rewrote this guy so many times. I'm working on the details of personality and dislikes and such and making them a legible form but I've got something I'm mildly content with here. Lemme know your thoughts.
That's exactly what you spy.

Alright, I'll start writing and put something together with that potential in mind. I have several threads for me to pull on for this particular character, so there's definitely good room for maneuvering. If you need a hand with moderation let me know. You seem to have drawn many eyes.

Hellooooo, I'm interested in participating but I'm not sure whether I should be writing in the direction of a side character or a main character for the moment. My understanding of the world would incline me to make a desert dweller as a side character, rather than someone of a more traditional human/dwarf/fae background, acknowledging the fae are desert dwellers. With that, two questions:

Your preference?


I'm currently writing something up. I'd like to claim a single system in the NorthWest area. Preferably far from other systems.
admin:: MRSProjLead07
perms:: MRSProperty
> A102022A > Success. Only one ORIGIN MOSHUM responded negatively to our presence with a motion akin to that of retrieving a sidearm, though no sidearm was present.
> A915AF > Failure. One ORIGIN MOSHUM has assigned an additional name to A102022A. One ORIGIN MOSHUM attempted to draw arms. One ORIGIN MOSHUM indicated potentially threatening intentions regarding MRS property. ORIGIN MOSHUM are expressing both above and below acceptable levels of comfort.
> A916AA > Success. One ORIGIN MOSHUM expressed threatening behavior, but was not armed and represented no threat. One ORIGIN MOSHUM expressed uncertainty towards MRS property and expressed a willingness to engage in self defense.
> MRSProjLead07 > Good job boys. Looks like things are above board. Make sure you’re updating your personal logs, as well. We’ll be using your personal opinions to shape how we direct independent missions in the future. I’ll report your progress to 00 and the BOD.

admin:: MRSProjLead07
perms:: A102022A
NF:: Mavriq d’Agenais:: “First Lieutenant”:: Male(?):: ORIGIN, MOSHUM(?), HUMAN
16AA Note:: TitleRec:: “Honorary MRS Health & Wellness Manager”
2022A Note:: Verify (?) Suffix, Update acceptable references to include “Aten”.
15AF Note:: Updating acceptable references to include “Aten” may cause Mavriq emotional distress upon the potential destruction of 2022A, please desist.
MRSProjLead13:: “Aten” acceptable reference approved by MRSProjLead13. Let A10 be his own android, 15AF. We need you three to work together. Don’t clutter Friends.log with debate. TitleRec approved.
NF:: Dario Fuertes:: “Warrant Officer”:: Male:: ORIGIN, MOSHUM(?), HUMAN
2022A Note:: Verify (?) Suffix, Individual made threatening suggestion::
Source:: RecordingTranscript.log
UNDEFINEDUSER1 hand to UNDEFINEDUSER2 shoulder. Low volume exchange resulting
UU1:: “Cognitive degeneration is a known consequence for humans on Derelict, but we don’t know how A.I. react. Do you have a, [stutter], kill command should these things go haywire?”
UU2 hand to FIREARM(?) object, low volume exchange resulting
UU2:: “Right here, Lieutenant”
MRSProjLead00:: TagRec accepted. Threat level acknowledged. Publish Dario Fuertes bounty as your final act if he is the aggressor. Standard protocol.
NF:: Cass(?):: “Tour Guide”:: Female:: ORIGIN, MOSHUM, HUMAN
2022A Note:: Verify (?) Suffix
NF:: Vincent Marlowe:: “Software Specialist”:: MaleAugmented:: ORIGIN, MOSHUM, HUMAN, AUGMENTED
NF:: Sophia Arietta Hagiotheodorites:: “Medical Staff”:: Female:: ORIGIN, MOSHUM, HUMAN

Directive State User Interface:

Directive Updates...

Directive Updates:
— “Next Order Of Business”:: Establish operational facilities 1 and 2.:: Merge with “Operation Center”

Aten and the A9’s were careful in the company of Fuertes, moving forward. Zero-zero had made a point of tagging into the Friends.log, which was a standout occurrence for them. Normally zero-zero stayed out of the logs and only responded to reports. That fact, combined with the fact that there was some indication that the MRS BOD was watching their progress left the androids with a mix of something close to anxiety and excitement: simulated uncertainty regarding the variables in their path, and simulated joy looking to the end of the task.

When they reached the shuttle, Aten began the process of remotely launching the BH5 and launching its onboard computer. It began processing environmental information and streaming it directly to Aten. After a moment of setting up trajectories and ensuring the BH5 knew how to pilot itself and where to settle in orbit, Aten let go.

From the team shuttle viewports, BH5.

“Welcome to the Beehive, Mr. Fuertes. She’s happy to be of service.” The tone of the statement was rather grim. 15AF’s shoulders hung a bit.

> The A9’s body language is overly active. 15AF is continuing to cause problems or display emotions that need not be expressed for the good of the mission. He is a drag on efficiency.

Rarely were satellites given personality prints as complex as the one it carried. They simply didn’t need them, in the eyes of the MRS. Even the intelligent satellites didn’t need them. This entire mission was an experiment with too many variables. 15AF was incredibly concerned regarding the manner, but the expression was legitimate. BH5 was very happy to be of service. It ran diagnostic checks on itself twice before concluding that a third one would be nice. Aten took issues with this, but was immediately out voted by 15AF and 16AA who saw no harm.

To Fuertes, this was seen as a very strange silence hanging thickly between the three androids that stared at each other continuously.

Aten did speak, finally, after having remained silent. “We will be keeping the Harpy androids offline until a high atmosphere or space-bound threat presents itself, Warrant Officer Dario Fuertes. The BH5 is active. B7-17094CL is being sent down now.” As this final statement was expressed, fourteen deployment pods released from the BH5 and plummeted towards the predicted landing zone of the shuttle.

“They will arrive shortly. Any direct requests regarding the initial base of operations?”

“Safety is our concern, and guarantee. We will produce an environment as suitable for our people as possible, Warrant Officer Dario Fuertes.” A915AF had recovered from its momentary shoulder slouch. It was its sunny self again.

A916AA buzzed a harsh tone for a moment. Aten and A915AF stopped moving harshly, before returning their attention to Fuertes. They wouldn’t stop talking.

Recovering MRSProjLead08_Schematic_OperationsCenter.M3D...
> Aten > We should construct using these suggested files as we have practiced.
> A915AF > The Warrent Officer may have demands for the base beyond what MRS has suggested.
> A916AA > The defensive positions in the MRSProjLead08_Schematic_OperationsCenter have a quality rating of 7.8 on the MRS Defensive Effectiveness Scale.
> Aten > The file is already recovered on the drives of B7-17094CL. I have looked at it twice and already set it to queue. There is no reason to not go with this plan.
> A915AF > Nay MRSProjLead08_Schematic_OperationsCenter.M3D
> A916AA > Yay MRSProjLead08_Schematic_OperationsCenter.M3D
> Aten > Yay MRSProjLead08_Schematic_OperationsCenter.M3D
> A915AF > When did you change your display data to match the title given by Mavriq d’Agenais?
> A102022A > I did not. Organizational error.

Aten spoke after this strange display between the three androids. 15AF was visibly agitated again. “We have an operations center design accounted for from our higher ups at MRS. We will be using it. Do you choose to express disgruntlement or are you otherwise unsettled, Warrant Officer Dario Fuertes.”

A man wishes to not be so formal, but I see an issue that I think we should address publically mainly because I would like to see where everyone stands without having to hunt through the Discord chat. With regards to these collaborations, why are afraid to write for non player characters that other people introduce? More to the point <description of eyes?> Why should we not just describe the eyes? Sure, Chrononaut might have a specific idea but this is collaborative writing, not just on the etherpad but on the forum in general. Should we not feel free to elaborate where others have left details out?


I agree with this whole heartedly. Elaborating on details won't step on any toes. We can read through and correct as necessary if we take issue with it.
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