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I forgot how bad colds were.
7 mos ago
When he says work at it, he means work at it. Hard. It's definitely not a problem that'll ever really go away. You'll just learn to keep it quiet, or force through it.
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Nothing makes me happier than seeing a sub notification.
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Fallout 4 was certainly terrible in many ways, but some stuff like the fridge-kid can be overlooked through the less-than-serious attitude of the entire series. Yknow. Pistols exploding entire bodies.
7 mos ago
Gimp drains the lifeforce of those that download it. Be wary. If your soul is plentiful and grand, then surely you'll face not the gatekeeper of Gimp and be able to freely use the program.


Yo, Parzivol here.

Young, in that I'm young enough that I'm not yet considered an Adult. Been doing this since I was about twelve to some capacity or another. Of course, that means I started in Minecraft and another forum. Worked my way into Discord and then here. Excited to participate.

Primary Interests:
Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical-Medieval (Periodic style insertion stuff, a la Kingdom Come: Deliverance). My stylistic preferences are on the side of mystery, rather than open-world adventure romps or conventional murder-hoboing.

Favorite Authors:
R.A. Salvatore, H.P. Lovecraft, David Eddings, Orson S. Card

Games Of Choice:
TES: Oblivion, Darkest Dungeon, FTL: Faster Than Light, Dark Souls 1, For Honor, Divinity: OS 2 (Haven't gotten to 1 yet, though I'd like to), and Absolver.

Out of that list, my favorite in terms of storytelling methods are DS1 and Absolver, which both use the light-touch item descriptions method. Take whatever you wish from that. FTL has engaging stories, and Oblivion is a fun FPS A-RPG with the heavy lean on action. Darkest Dungeon is the monster I'm yet to slay, while DS1 is the monster I love to curl up with on cold days. Divinity: OS 2 is interesting and I enjoyed what I played, but I wasn't all that engaged in the story. Personally doesn't feel like the kind of game that should have player-made characters. Perhaps the simple fix would be to play one of their legacy heroes. I'll find out this summer, in all likelihood.

Also, Music:
Weezer, Primus, MC LARS, Beastie Boys

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Kapti Van Ken

Kenfort always felt so distant from the river that ran it through. So different and far from the people up and along. Not even the well-trodden dirt path connecting the charcoal burner camp not a half day's walk along the river to the town itself brought it home.

Unless the wind turned south, casting the faintest taste of roasting wood over the town. Not thick enough to make a smog, not recent or near enough to still be warm. Instead, the cold charred taste. It was not the smell of home for everyone, mind you. Those in the city most certainly still preferred their natural aromatic persuasion.

So it was perhaps just Kapti and Brook Van Ken that thought that smell was homely. It was Brook's home by all meanings. Kapti's less so. It was the hint of it that was home to he, who had found the woods so pleasant in his aging state.

It was down that well-trodden dirt path that he now road. Shifting and swaying with the cart and carriage, and the pair of horses that pulled it forward. A mile marker along here, a stick effigy there. These were all things well-known and recognized to the man. It was only two years ago that Brook set down the effigy to ward away ghosts that walked the same path as his father Kapti. And so Kapti now looked upon such little things with fondness.

Other things he saw, too.

Smashed branches and foliage, and a bush gone nearer to Heaven than any man. He saw a boar and suspected it went off along the distance.

Or days old scratch marks in a tree. Something sharper marking its home.

Even just the bare footprints of a child in the mud followed by a shoe-clad bowing pattern in the mud with a deep sole. Ghost stories and whispers written all along the path for the watchful to observe. The bored to learn. And so it was that bored and watchful Kapti made his way for that distant and ever near Kenfort. His namesake. When the land first became Ken, a small group called themselves Of Ken, and it remained.

When it came he finally reached Kenfort by the North gate he waved at the guardsman standing watch. Thomas, if he was remembering correctly. Either way the familiar face was waved in by a familiar stranger and they offered each other the respect of a nod. It was obvious by the ash stains on the cart what Kapti was here to peddle to the people of the town. The Coal Man had come to town with his fuel for the flames of society. When his cart had spun itself around the center of town once and settled into his position his first customers had already began to collect and wave at him small bits of coin and work.

Hellos and goodbyes were brief, and the material exchanged hands even quicker. Shaped for good charcoal. It was good. The day was restless and chilled as the refugees came through and, finally when his work was done and his cart nearly empty, he felt the compelling urge to tend to the church. When he arrived at the church the strangers had already engaged in their adventure, unbeknownst to he. He was not a religious man of any greater sort save for some old rites and rituals that he performed more out of habit than faith, but he had recently taken up praying at the church as a way to think and process when he was struggling.

So as he stood he grabbed his splitting maul, a trap, and two of his tomahawks, before placing each gently onto its place on his belt. He crunched down onto the ground from his seat on the carriage, and paused to pat the rump of one of the two horses. He had long forgotten its name, and it was old. Not withering. Well fed and fit, but still old. Its hair was bleached and ancient.

He turned around the carriage, and pulled a sack's worth of charcoal from the back and contained it in such a vessel before moving towards the church. Once at its steps he took it all in for a moment, the size of it. The grandeur and religiosity of it.

He stepped inside and offered a quiet, "'Ello, brought shum coals." Then awaited a response in the entryway.

I'm interested. If this gets feet consider me @able.

Primarily the artwork of Simon Stalenhag.

Setting Synopses:

People try very hard to stop things from going awry.

The year is 2002. The resource war that took so much of society apart ended two decades ago. What's left is ravaged. Collapsing. If not collapsing, then just near enough to collapsing for it to matter. What time people don't spend inside hedonistic escape headsets is spent neglecting the issues.

America is different, now. The environment turned unkind five years back, and got worse from there. When the headsets came out, people were already adjusted to tiny glowing screens. A tiny glowing world was the escape that so many wanted. No time for politics. Or work. It was over. Some people can't wait for the world to end with everyone else, though. I can't. But I also refuse to.

In what's left of the Independent Republic of Oregon, the headsets are illegal. Destroyed. They care, there. So that is where we must go. It needs to be different. Things need to be better.

A small group of school friends, three or four, abandon their hometown of Gauley, West Virginia to head West. Everything is falling apart around them. They'll make do. What choice is there other than to make do? If they don't then everything falls apart with them included.

Character Style:

Characters will be created in relation to the story-hook, a nineteen year old with seizures triggered exclusively by Neuronet Headsets preventing him from seeking escape from the terrors of the real world in the virtual world, and their relation to each other. From there, characters will be created in relation to each other collaboratively. To this end I will create a Discord for discussion of the characters and their designing. There will be no official approval process for characters. Once the team is happy with them then those characters will be used. The only things I'll enforce will be world and game related. The story-hook will be removed at the first quarter mark to allow for the characters created by the players to act independently of the game master. No stats or skills will be used due to the priority focus on character interaction and storytelling.

Scene & Content Style:

Any skill-based activities will be judged by the game master, myself, to push the story in a more fruitful direction. For the most part this can be trumped by creativity. There's a point where I will yield to good planning and character interactions due to the effort and writing put into an action being superior to the development and writing that would result from the failure.

Scenes will be Game-Master proposed using a twenty-five scene maximum with an additional ten scenes being reserved for story-events based on the world and how it is changing around the characters. In between scenes the Game-Master will offer a choice of at least three scenes, then the story and interactions will progress through the player group's choices.
Suggestion for future RPs, @Burning Kitty. Big info dumps that reveal information that characters should have no way of knowing like the one you did regarding the Mainframe and the origin of the virus aren't conducive to good writing. They reveal information too early and take away any thrill from the uncovering of a mystery. It's like being told who the murderer is at the beginning of a murder mystery book.
@Parzivol it's more a question of deciding who gets it afterwards.

Give it to whomever strikes the killing blow, right? Seems like that'd be the most fair.

In other news: Working on my post, though you aught to make your post wherein Yolo is invited first.

You guys still interested in this? Now would be a good time to call dibs on which decks you want in the OOC

Super sorry. I've got a surprising amount on my plate right now. I don't think I can juggle much else. I'm gonna have to bow out for now.
@MissCapnCrunch good luck. I’ll use your character to show off infection as it happens if you don’t mind.

That leaves an antiviral icon without a user. Unless @King Cosmos has a better idea contest give away. Each person will be assigned a random number then I will use the to roll and see who wins.

It could drop off of the pirate post-infection.
Going to push out a post this afternoon. For the sake of character interaction Yolo is going to receive one of the invites unless the idea is opposed in some way.
@King Cosmos@Burning Kitty

I actually like how spells work now, though I've got questions regarding Necromancy. What's the three minute cool down applied to? The effect itself is entirely passive. A death occurs then Yolo touches the resulting orb and a skeleton (modified with the crown to be a spirit) appears. Does this mean he can only touch one orb every three minutes?
I'm not going to change what I have previous written, but from this point forward everyone infected in Sanctuary is not infected in real life.

That woulda been an awesome reveal. Suddenly everyone realizes that the wool has been pulled over our eyes! And then... Suddenly a PC dies and gets a PM saying that his IRL character isn't infected. Either way, that's good. Will keep things into the genre that was signed up for.
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