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I forgot how bad colds were.
4 mos ago
When he says work at it, he means work at it. Hard. It's definitely not a problem that'll ever really go away. You'll just learn to keep it quiet, or force through it.
4 mos ago
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a sub notification.
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Fallout 4 was certainly terrible in many ways, but some stuff like the fridge-kid can be overlooked through the less-than-serious attitude of the entire series. Yknow. Pistols exploding entire bodies.
4 mos ago
Gimp drains the lifeforce of those that download it. Be wary. If your soul is plentiful and grand, then surely you'll face not the gatekeeper of Gimp and be able to freely use the program.


Yo, Parzivol here.

Young, in that I'm young enough that I'm not yet considered an Adult. Been doing this since I was about twelve to some capacity or another. Of course, that means I started in Minecraft and another forum. Worked my way into Discord and then here. Excited to participate.

Primary Interests:
Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical-Medieval (Periodic style insertion stuff, a la Kingdom Come: Deliverance). My stylistic preferences are on the side of mystery, rather than open-world adventure romps or conventional murder-hoboing.

Favorite Authors:
R.A. Salvatore, H.P. Lovecraft, David Eddings, Orson S. Card

Games Of Choice:
TES: Oblivion, Darkest Dungeon, FTL: Faster Than Light, Dark Souls 1, For Honor, Divinity: OS 2 (Haven't gotten to 1 yet, though I'd like to), and Absolver.

Out of that list, my favorite in terms of storytelling methods are DS1 and Absolver, which both use the light-touch item descriptions method. Take whatever you wish from that. FTL has engaging stories, and Oblivion is a fun FPS A-RPG with the heavy lean on action. Darkest Dungeon is the monster I'm yet to slay, while DS1 is the monster I love to curl up with on cold days. Divinity: OS 2 is interesting and I enjoyed what I played, but I wasn't all that engaged in the story. Personally doesn't feel like the kind of game that should have player-made characters. Perhaps the simple fix would be to play one of their legacy heroes. I'll find out this summer, in all likelihood.

Also, Music:
Weezer, Primus, MC LARS, Beastie Boys

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Suggestion for future RPs, @Burning Kitty. Big info dumps that reveal information that characters should have no way of knowing like the one you did regarding the Mainframe and the origin of the virus aren't conducive to good writing. They reveal information too early and take away any thrill from the uncovering of a mystery. It's like being told who the murderer is at the beginning of a murder mystery book.
@Parzivol it's more a question of deciding who gets it afterwards.

Give it to whomever strikes the killing blow, right? Seems like that'd be the most fair.

In other news: Working on my post, though you aught to make your post wherein Yolo is invited first.

You guys still interested in this? Now would be a good time to call dibs on which decks you want in the OOC

Super sorry. I've got a surprising amount on my plate right now. I don't think I can juggle much else. I'm gonna have to bow out for now.
@MissCapnCrunch good luck. I’ll use your character to show off infection as it happens if you don’t mind.

That leaves an antiviral icon without a user. Unless @King Cosmos has a better idea contest give away. Each person will be assigned a random number then I will use the to roll and see who wins.

It could drop off of the pirate post-infection.
Going to push out a post this afternoon. For the sake of character interaction Yolo is going to receive one of the invites unless the idea is opposed in some way.
@King Cosmos@Burning Kitty

I actually like how spells work now, though I've got questions regarding Necromancy. What's the three minute cool down applied to? The effect itself is entirely passive. A death occurs then Yolo touches the resulting orb and a skeleton (modified with the crown to be a spirit) appears. Does this mean he can only touch one orb every three minutes?
I'm not going to change what I have previous written, but from this point forward everyone infected in Sanctuary is not infected in real life.

That woulda been an awesome reveal. Suddenly everyone realizes that the wool has been pulled over our eyes! And then... Suddenly a PC dies and gets a PM saying that his IRL character isn't infected. Either way, that's good. Will keep things into the genre that was signed up for.
<Snipped quote by Parzivol>

I mean, the player was seeing reports of the attacks and stuff in real life. Kinda hard to fake that. Though, realistically, I give the game mere hours before it becomes 90-95% deserted. Most people are going to be too preoccupied finding remote places to hole up and survive the apparent zombie outbreak to give a crap about logging into a game.

Tech levels in the world make TV and news unreliable. Everything could be falsified and we'd hardly be able to tell at a glance. I never bet on the GM providing all of the information or telling the truth.
So we're just... instantly in zombie apocalypse mode then? Not gonna lie, that wasn't quite what I signed up for. *shrug*

Yolo Of Londor and myself are betting on it being false or being a fakeout of some kind. Doesn't seem real.
I have interest. Subscribing.
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