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Current Back at the guild after a long absence. Much changed since I was gone?


Medical student living in Scotland, a lover of beer and steak mostly - but also writing, and politics. Because why not make myself even more divisive.

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@POOHEAD189 Hey, so I was thinking that my character might have been taught the Heliotrop sign by a former lover - y'know, to keep him safe. As far as I know, signs can technically be used by anyone in canon, it doesn't require innate talent. Is that alright with you?
@POOHEAD189 My G, any thoughts on my boy Alan knowing a single sign? Part of his backstory involves him having a relationship with mage during his recovery after getting ambushed in Cintra, and I’m thinking that they might have exchanged partial skill sets.

Additionally, Alan Enfys, the man with the plan, should probably be up tonight. At long last.
Ok so.

Things are quite difficult atm. I’m still very interested in this and actually Alan really is very nearly done, but please don’t wait for me.
I'm hoping Alan will be done and ready for review by later today.


"For..." Ana began, before frowning again and turning to the man. She said something, identifiably in Polish, at great length. It was like she was describing something abstract - but something that the scarred gentleman no doubt recognised by the look in his eyes.

"Yes. Teleportation. Using a portal of sorts." He turned and said to Siobhan directly, in perfect English. "We are the Violet Underground, who protect magicians like yourself. I am here to activate a form of magic that will take you far away to relative safety amongst the rest of our colleagues - in order to do this, I will use a form of magic myself."

He rolled his shoulders with a satisfying pop, then his neck with a skin twitching crack, then his fingers with a chorus of the same.

"Please forgive the esoteric location, these sorts of things necessitate a degree of discretion, and a place of permissible power. I do enjoy the theatrics, but that's not why we're here." He said with a faint, stern smile, as he turned and entered the building with Ana close at his heels.

The vestibule was grand, a spiral staircase gracing each side of the room with an air of dead elegance, the floor made from cracked marble striated thoroughly with peculiar molds and mosses. In sunlight it would have been magnificent, rich with greens and blacks; in darkness it was morbid, and stank of ill memory. Empty frames decorated the hallways, devoid of what must one have been pictures, paintings, and portraits.

Or mirrors.

From upstairs there came a tinkling - like a glass windchime. The man leading them had already started up the left hand staircase.

"My name is Nikolai. Call me Niko." He added as an afterthought.

@Lady Selune
Currently having a little trouble with the overall tone of his backstory, but I have a pretty solid idea of what he's been through. Alan Enfys was born in 1225 in a trading caravan, to a Skelliger guardsman and his wife from Vizima. When he was 7, he got left behind by them in Vizima and ended up turning to theft and robbery with two other urchins, whom he eventually joined a gang known as the Riverdogs with. After one raid that came a little too close to getting him killed, he took a more active role in planning the jobs they did, incorporating guerilla tactics and strategy he'd been learning about from the history books he was buying with his share of the coin. The Riverdogs went from being two-bit brigands to being a serious threat to even the larger caravans, and their ambition grew with it.

In 1245 the gang is basically cornered by a platoon of Temerian professional soldiers, captured, and most of them are probably executed. The more distinguished members of the gang, the ones who have potentially valuable skills, are given the option of conscription for the brewing Northern War (a reflection of the annexation of Ebbing) rather than execution. Some choose to die, most choose to live and are put into the infantry. It's at this point that Alan comes to the attention of the Blue Stripes, as the success of the gang - functionally a guerilla unit themselves - has been attributed equally to the gang's former leader (who chose death) and Alan. When Alan excels during training, but fails to conform to the rank-and-file fighting style of the infantry, he is reassigned along with some others to the Blue Stripes for further training. Although initially irreverent and greedy, the commandos are enough like brothers - and are treated well enough at home - that he's eventually in a place where he can actually consider ideology, whereupon he quickly adopts the fervent nationalism impressed upon the Blue Stripes by Vernon Roche. He remains more complicated than most of them, more flexible and less self sacrificing, but it's without a doubt that he would happily die for Temeria, or for his new brothers - since they're the first family he's ever had who haven't stolen from him.

They see action, doing unofficial shit and so on in the run up to the full scale military action of the first war, preparing the way for the main army and sabotaging Nilfgaardian logistics and supply lines where they could. Alan's squad were responsible for delaying and destroying Nilfgaardian reinforcements and siege equipment during the conquest of Cintra - for what little good it ultimately did - and were present in a limited capacity at the Slaughter of Cintra itself (again, wreaking havoc behind the Nilfgaardian lines). Once again, Nilfgaard's sheer numbers essentially meant that their impact was limited, and the power wielded by the mages meant that there was nothing they could do to get directly involved in the fighting.

It was at this point that most of his squad is killed in a counterambush by Nilfgaard. He and a couple of others make it out and try to take further action but are stifled by the enemy's numbers. The next few months involve trying to do what damage they can, and regroup with friendlies whilst avoiding Nilfgaard's direct attention - this is where Alan earned a reputation for sabotage and stealth in particular, and where he started picking up the skills to work Intelligence. When he makes it back to Temeria, rather than being promoted to squad leader like he was expected to be, he is abruptly shifted into Temerian Intelligence. Our story starts a few years later.
@Lyla Buddy, I already have a character who just needs to be adapted, and we’re still waiting on me. I have no excuse, I’m just easily distracted. You have some actual stuff happening, so one way or another I’m certainly plenty happy to wait for you.

Also, why not just grow her own herbs and stuff? Greenhouses and controlled environments have existed for quite a long time after all.


Mira chuffed in faint amusement at the apology, before pulling out her phone and beginning to dial - but by the time she'd gotten anywhere with it, Matthew was out into the cold of the early morning. The sky had been struck at one end by the sun from over the horizon, a very faint glow beginning to build as light leaked through from the places where it was already Day, and above him the stars were beginning to drown in that pale blue of the time between night and day.

Snow crunched underfoot, chatter sounded in the distance, and the wind bit like teeth.

When Matthew made it to the end of the alleyway, into the street where the pizzeria lay, he could see more clearly a small crowd of cops gathering in front of the pizzeria's doors and talking amongst themselves. The snow muffled sound as it fell, but what they were saying was just audible over the background of the city.

"Why would a wizard hide in a fucking pizza place, Marty? There's action down town, we don't have time for this."

"I'm telling you, I saw something moving in there."

"Without breaking windows or kicking doors in? I don't think so."

"But what about if they've got magic that can unlock doors or something?"

"Downtown need support, we will not waste our time chasing ghosts in pizza shops." The sergeant in command stabbed his finger at the chest of the man talking.

Then, a shout from down the road.

"Yo sergeant! My name is Lt. Fernandez, I got a 10-Alpha a couple streets over, I need back up!"

A moment of shocked silence as the swarm of police officers took a moment to react, before turning to face the source of the noise, away from the side of the street Matthew was on.

"Show me your badge, lady. Why the fuck ain't you on the radio?"

Just beyond the forming line of blue uniforms, Mira stood, reaching for her badge.

@NecroKnight Well I mean, if she’s a lecturer of alchemy at a university, that implies that there is a Department of Alchemy to speak of, which has a degree of funding from the university itself. While regular merchants may not have the stock she needs, there are probably people who could be contracted to go and find it, as well as supplementing her stock herself.
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