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A novelist and med-school hopeful, living in sunny old England. Highly interested in politics, science, and writing. I can also cook a nice steak.

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@Kiddo Crikey. You alright?
Guys, I'm leaving my hotel now and am unlikely to have reliable wifi for some time, just to let you know where I go, if I go anywhere.
The hird person certainly makes Bazmund feel like it's a party. Two's company, there's a hard drinking session where he comes from.
"Well, because you're prettier than he is, for one thing, and we're really just piling the distraction on as much as possible here to be honest - but you'll also be given an earpiece designed to look like a discreet hearing aid, and a throat mounted microphone patch so that you can report on the movements of our target and his guards - the band will be positioned in such a way that they can be seen easily, thus allowing you to see easily in return. That's why you're only playing Bach, so youre not too absorbed by it." Archie said, smiling as usual.

"That won't be a problem, Right love?" Dowle grinned too, more maliciously, giving Elise a glare over the top of his phone.

"Ah, I'm sure it won't be, Dowle. And we have another cello for you to use, Elise. I'm sure you will like it." María added, appearing briefly from her room, a line of milk foam from her coffee still on her upper lip.
"I'll tell you what we need you for, Mr. Dohammond," Archie began, almost appearing from nowhere as he reentered the flat with a Costa Coffee coffee carrier, containing three tall cups of something hot and coffee smelling - which, naturally, was almost certainly coffee. "You're the primary distraction, believe it or not. We've been instructed to come up with a rough plan, and leave it to you three for finishing, but I don't doubt that most of this will be down to the three of us with real experience in the field."

"I second that - and we don't agree frequently." Dowle said without looking up from his phone.

"Yes. Our plan is not a complicated one, as far as these sorts of affairs usually go - Ms. Kinney will be in charge of producing the intelligence we need, once she has access to the secure console in Johannes Markand's private chambers. We have some information regarding the LS3 OS and port specifications for you, in relation to that point. You will gain access to his quarters when Ms. Lefevre begins playing her solo, and our host starts trying to appear cultured by knowing everything about the piece - speaking of which, you'll be playing Bach's Cello Suite number 1 in G Major, after which you'll join the quartet Mr Markand has already hired after their cellist suddenly falls ill." Archie set the coffee down on the kitchen table, and smiled at the crew broadly.

"And you, my good sir, will be going as a guest, with our lovely María. She shall be posing as the Spanish envoy to the United Kingdom, and you as our own diplomat. The pair of you are to engage the host in lively, cultured conversation, both whilst Ms. Lefevre plays and for as long as possible thereafter, to give Ms. Kinney the time she needs to spoof the console's hard drive or... whatever it is she needs to do."

"Sí. The idea is that men like Johannes Markand are basically attention whores for the upper class. When he finds out that somebody brought a pair of ambassadors to his party as plus 1s, he won't leave us alone until we're leaving ourselves." María confirmed, entering the room from the bathroom, her hair still wet, snaking darkly over her shoulders.

"Not that the dog would've left you alone if you weren't a Communist Princess, sweet pea." Dowle looked her up and down briefly and discreetly.

"You, stop that," Archie scowled at Dowle. "and you... keep doing what you're doing." He nodded to María, who huffed slightly, grabbed her coffee, and headed back to her room.

"Well? What do you all think?"
@ineffable@BingTheWing Relationships can be of any kind, and from any period in their lives. For example, they may have known each other as early as primary school, or gone to scouts or something together. That could lead to a romantic relationship, or they may have been in one previously, rather than them having to be in one currently.
@ineffable Outstanding. We're approaching capacity for this RP but I will be glad to see it nonetheless. Additionally, it has become apparent to me that I should not have promised to make a post today before I went through that concert. It took a lot more out of me than I was anticipating, and now it's 2AM anyway. This post I spoke of is likely to come in about ten hours.

Apologies, all.
@CollectorOfMyst Go for it amigo.
Alright all, I'm back from tour so you can (mostly) expect my administrative duties to become more fulfilled now. I'll make a post some time today to advance the plot, and explain what the rough plan is. Your characters will be able to add to the plan themselves if they like, and later on they'll get a chance to formulate them entirely from scratch (using intelligence I'll pass out in the form of DM's notes) but this one is likely to be fairly set out for you.
@Innis Worry not, I'm sure you're more than up to par. Meanwhile, I have won the George Buss Commemorative Award for least improved player. Great banter, lads.
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