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A novelist and med-school hopeful, living in sunny old England. Highly interested in politics, science, and writing. I can also cook a nice steak.

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@CollectorOfMyst No worries mate. You do what you gotta do.
Daniel peaked over the top of the airship's wall, and cringed visibly when he saw the first pair of Heavens' Eyes enforcers marching down the ramp to the docks.

Dressed in dark, sanguine red, the white symbol of the Eyes on their lapels and epaulettes - an angular, rigidly stencilled eye, with a vertical slit for a pupil.- they came trooping towards him, rifles shouldered, as of yet unaware that they were being aimed at.

Gently, Daniel inhaled, and began to apply pressure to the trigger, preparing to take another life in the name of the IRIO - when they turned sharply to inspect the first jetty.

The Eyes didn't know where they were yet - a result, no doubt, of the misinformation and failsafe tactics employed by Ponta. A double edged sword, however, considering that rather than using a single, condensed force to strike at a known target, they would be out in force all across the city.

The others were going to have a hard time getting here.

But at le-

Before Daniel could finish thinking, there was a sharp shout from the end of the docks - a man barking orders. Not an officer, it was too... far reaching. Echoing in a way it shouldn't be.

Daniel turned his eyes towards the ramp again, and caught view of a tall man in a long black coat, with white trim, and the White Eye on his lapel.

An Inquisitor.

Yup. That's pretty much how that went.
Daniel had reached the docks an hour ago, in preparation for the mission, and was well into cleaning his carbine when he received word of the General's arrest. His initial instinct had, of course, been to embark immediately on a rescue mission - after all, seldom do the captives of the Heavens' Eyes live long under their influence - but he soon recognised the fruitlessness of that sentiment, and abandoned it.

The mission was more important. What good would the General be if the Eversky was plunged into war anyway?

Plus, with the General having been arrested - a radical move on the part of the Eyes - chances were good that the Solace peacekeepers would find themselves presided over, or replaced entirely by the Heavens' Eyes' soldiers, and the Inquisitors.

Which, naturally, meant that Daniel knew to expect the Heavens' Eyes to move on the AscendΓ³ itself.

Quietly, he positioned himself behind the port side barrier, and raised his recently reassembled carbine rifle to it, taking aim at the ramp down to the dockyard, in anticipation of the arrival of the Eyes' forces - or, Clouds help us, the Inquisitors.
There will be a semi-story post today, to create a higher sense of urgency, as well as introduce a new (couple of) antagonist-esque character(s). Keep an eye on the thread, and on the OP in the characters tab for updates.

@CollectorOfMyst Thank you. I also don't think we should have anyone but Cole writing in it. Nobody but Cole has any business in Cole's property, and I don't think anyone who would deface something of someone else's on their own team is the kind of person who would be recruited for this mission in the first place.
@vietmyke Whatever you meant, rest assured that a couple bottles of whiskey could conceivably kill most human beings if consumed in a single night. Assuming they're 70cl at least.

Then again, I'm hardly a toxicology student. It's the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream that matters most in terms of immediate physiological consequences - the total volume over time is what will effect the liver. That's as much as I know.
@13900IpForThis@vietmyke As someone who has a very high alcohol tolerance myself, thanks both to body mass and good genetics (fuck yeah Kurdish heritage) it does not take nearly that amount to kill almost anyone. Dragonkin, Dryad, Human, Elf, that's one hell of a tolerance. I mean, I'm not gonna ask you to change it because honestly this IS fantasy, and they could be bottles of any size, but... woah. I'm impressed.
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