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A novelist and med-school hopeful, living in sunny old England. Highly interested in politics, science, and writing. I can also cook a nice steak.

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@Kiddo Sigh. You're probably right. Could always try to restart it though - you'd be in automatically as your character was already approved, of course.
Fair enough. I'll see about a post later today. I hope the others are still about.
Go ahead and post IC, pal. I'll keep the dice rolls for another day.@Kiddo
@BingTheWing I totally understand. If you don't wanna keep going I'm sure I can scrape together a story nonetheless. In fact I was thinking of changing this to some kinda group call thing with basic dice rolls, like a really poor substitute for DnD?
How is everyone doing?
Are we all still into this?
@Kiddo Crikey. You alright?
Guys, I'm leaving my hotel now and am unlikely to have reliable wifi for some time, just to let you know where I go, if I go anywhere.
The hird person certainly makes Bazmund feel like it's a party. Two's company, there's a hard drinking session where he comes from.
"Well, because you're prettier than he is, for one thing, and we're really just piling the distraction on as much as possible here to be honest - but you'll also be given an earpiece designed to look like a discreet hearing aid, and a throat mounted microphone patch so that you can report on the movements of our target and his guards - the band will be positioned in such a way that they can be seen easily, thus allowing you to see easily in return. That's why you're only playing Bach, so youre not too absorbed by it." Archie said, smiling as usual.

"That won't be a problem, Right love?" Dowle grinned too, more maliciously, giving Elise a glare over the top of his phone.

"Ah, I'm sure it won't be, Dowle. And we have another cello for you to use, Elise. I'm sure you will like it." MarĂ­a added, appearing briefly from her room, a line of milk foam from her coffee still on her upper lip.
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