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A novelist and med-school hopeful, living in sunny old England. Highly interested in politics, science, and writing. I can also cook a nice steak.

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Jesus Christ. Anyone gonna post? Anyone at all.
Alright, for now if you'd like to get some creative juices flowing by posting about your characters trying to continue with their daily lives, whilst waiting for The Call(tm) from the Employer, you absolutely may and I'd encourage it, personally. Just be in-character for a while, whilst I find faceclaims for Anda and Anthony - and possible change Anthony's name, now that I've got his backstory fleshed out.
Just realised I actually haven't written the two remaining NPC sheets. I'll see about finishing them up tonight, and then we can start.
I am tempted to start the IC, for the sake of flow and momentum. It's more than possible that we encounter and kidnap the final character later. Opinions?
@BingTheWing You can totally tweak his backstory, man. Go for it - though our activities aren't going to be totally overtly criminal, there's going to be a lot of disguise work involved too, posing as officials and members of high society. Your character could easily pose as an up-and-coming Legal professional, or infiltrate a high class gathering. This being said, I do see your point, so feel free to make what changes you desire - I may end up changing Archie to be a better foil if you do, though, assuming that's alright with you?
Just noticed that I accidentally made Archibald a semi-foil to Richard Dohammond - both are concerned with power and self-determination, both have their troubles with mathematics, and both are intelligent, capable leaders and controllers. Biggest difference is their levels of deprivation. I get the impression that their interactions are gonna be fun - and I might make the other two NPCs into foils for some of the characters too.
Update - Archibald Mercer's NPC profile is now complete. Go and feast your eyes upon his intense, military glory in the 0th post of the Char tab.
@CollectorOfMyst Aye. That fifth one is yours, amigo.
@Kiddo Accepted. Very nice app, with a unique method of coercion. Also, I like the format you've put it in.

We now have 4/5 apps in, as far as I'm aware. We will be good to go soon.
@Andreyich@Hank Thank you, Hank. The situation is very much clear to me now, and I know whose side I'm on.
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