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Ah Halloween night! When little hellspawn come to my door and try and steal my candy. All joking aside, Happy Halloween everyone
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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who genuinely like candy corn and people who aren't serial killers
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"I may not be smart, or successful, or rich, or handsome..." ".........But....?" "No but. Just I may not be those things"
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Why in god's name is it so difficult for people who play a team based game to ACT like a team? Why are you ignoring objectives? Why are you lone wolfing it? PLAY. AS. A. TEAM!!!
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I'm all for it. Gives me a chance to either play my rabbit based super or a new hero I'm cooking up

Sounds like the perfect thread to use my cybernetic hero "Jack Rabbit". I'm in

Alright guys and gals! Idea for this RP is pretty simple. The RP would be set in a time before modern man. Several tribes would exist in this imaginary prehistory. Tribes consisting of neanderthals and cro-magnon. I envisioned a tribe of cannibals, a tribe that has discovered how to create fire, a tribe that has learned to tame direwolves and saber cats, and finally a tribe that has learned to not only train dinosaurs but has learned to ride them. Now history buffs will likely know that humans and dinosaurs NEVER coexisted. Neither did sabretooth tigers, mammoths, and the likes. However, this world will have them all on a nice fictional supercontinent coexisting to the best of their abilities. No knights in shining armor, no siege weapons like catapults and battering rams, just good old fashioned bows, spears, stones, and your bare hands. I'm still working on a proper story but I'm open to suggestions to anyone who wishes to partner with me.

So what do you think? Ready to get primeval?

Lucian looked to the large man, Van Ken he believed he'd called himself and sighed; shaking his head.

"They're already doomed. They were doomed the moment the Curse found it's way into the city. The city can still be saved but we can't save everyone. If we try to save them all, we doom them all to the fates of this damned creature in my bag. If you wish to accompany me than by all means try and keep up. Lua, hop to it. Time is of the essence" he grunted. Lucian took his crossbow back as Lua got to work, the Old Raven leaving for Kenfort Keep with Kapti in toe. He knew what his plan sounded like. It sounded cold, insane, evil perhaps. Lucian however understood that sacrifice had to be made. Lucian couldn't weed out the Cursed in time to make a difference. It was impossible. It would take the full strength of the Raven Lord's or at least the combined efforts of several Raven Priests. Lucian sighed as he walked through the Fort's gates, approaching Kenfort Castle. He wished one of the Priests were here. They would improve the chances of stopping the Curse from spreading to the extent Lucian had to allow to properly stop it.

The guards looked towards them and Lucian gave them a look. Perhaps it was his look, perhaps they recognized Kapti, but they didn't stop them, merely parted to allow the men through. They seemed official enough as they proceeded for Lord Hargreave's throne room. Hargreave began to stand.

"Who are you? What is this?!" he said. Lucian raised a hand to show him that he meant no harm.

"I mean no harm Lord Hargreave and we have very little time. Your city and it's people are in danger and unless you wish to be Lord of a graveyard you will listen to what I have to say" he said. The lord frowned.

"Guards! Escort these men out!" he said. Lucian scowled and removed the sack from his belt throwing it towards the lord. The head rolled out, snapping and looking around for living flesh to bite as the guards backed up, whispering prayers. The lord jumped back into his throne. "Good Lord...." he whispered.

"That is the fate of every man, woman, and child here if we do not act accordingly and quickly. Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, they will attack and spread like a fire" the Old Raven said.

Lord Hargreave looked up and once more, asked who he was. Lucian stood up straighter and breathed deep.

"I am Lord Lucian Barret, esteemed member of the Raven Lords; defender of the living from the the clutches of the damned. My apprentice and I tracked the Curse here and found it has taken root in your cities slums. I need your help to stop this from spreading anymore than it has to" he said. Hargreave seemed ready to listen now as Lucian explained what he needed from Kenfort's lord.

Lucian stood between the two bridges, guards standing at attention and spears out and ready. 4 dogs were stationed at the bridges, 2 for each as the people from the slums came swarming in. The dogs sniffed and seemed friendly enough but it wouldn't be for long. The cities guardsmen had been instructed to close all gates of the city and keep them locked. No one was getting in or out until Lord Barret said so. Should one of the dogs begin to bark and snarl, they were to push the people coming through back and raise the bridges. No one was to get through after that. Lucian kept a mental note of the people coming through, counting them as best as he could. The sun was lit up like a campfire but the warm oranges and reds were soon giving way to purples and dark blues.

'Damn it Lua, where are you?' he thought in annoyance.


The dogs on the left bridge began to bark and charge at the crowd. They'd smelled someone cursed. It seemed his apprentice would have to survive on the other side of the bridge then.

"RAISE THE BRIDGES!" he shouted over he chaos. The guards nodded and began pushing citizens back, spears out as others began turning the wheels. The bridges hadn't been raised in years as they began to creek and groan, lifting up as people screamed for sanctuary, to let them across. Lucian tuned it out. He was about to turn and leave when a book landed before his feet. Where had it come from?


Something had landed on their side of the bridge. Lucian grabbed his crossbow and took aim. He was prepared to fire when Lua's face came over the bridge's edge. Lucian sighed in relief and motioned for the guards to let her through as she slid down the bridge into the mud. She was up and grabbing the book, shoving the book into his chest. Lucian grabbed the book and took it looking it over. A journal of some kind. Answers perhaps. Lucian looked to Lua and nodded towards the city, inferring she get some rest and medical attention. Shiara then approached, anger on her face as she asked what the plan was now. Lucian sighed as he put the journal into his belt.

"Now, we wait. The Curse is going to spread to anyone who hasn't had it now but they are now trapped on the other side of the river with no way out. By sun up, those who had been on the other side of the bridge will be one of them. By then, we'll enter the city in force and kill anything that moves" he said in a cool demeanor. It was cold and cruel, but it was a necessary evil. He took no pleasure in condemning people to die, no pleasure in allowing innocents to be taken by the Grim Reaper and the curse but he had to do what was necessary, not necessarily what was right. That was his burden as a Raven Lord, do what was necessary to ensure that others could live....

@Overlord Thraka

Fair enough point. I got no issue with you devising some sort of ritual to slow them down so long as it takes time. If you are interested and want to, I can type up the Raven Priest character Fetzen was going to play. Someone Shiara could relate a bit more to and perhaps learn a few things from. That is if you are interested


Perfectly fine haha

@Overlord Thraka

Well we know that the wax that the Raven's use weaken the Cursed, dismemberment kills them along with fire, and sunlight harms them. I got no issue with your mage creating some sort of ritual to slow them down but I'm not too keen on making the Cursed easier to combat. However, it appears Fetzen will not be joining us; I am considering playing the character I had suggested for him that could both help your mage but also deal with the Cursed as well


Lucian was thankful to be out of the sewer finally, though he was troubled by what he'd seen in it's depths. The curse was spreading quickly but Lucian was racking his brain as to the how and why. How long had it been affecting the city? Not long he imagined, otherwise it would have been overrun days ago. That meant the curse must have found it's way to Kenfort at least two days ago, three at most. So how did it find it's way here? The last village they'd found that had been touched by the Cursed was miles away. It must mean that there was somewhere else that had been hit.

'Goddess damn it. I pray the others have found it and put an end to it quickly lest the country side be infested with these things' the Old Raven thought. Lucian then watched as a titan of a man came towards them with a maul in hand. His accent was very thick but Lucian understood what the man was asking. He looked the man over a bit unimpressed. He was big, this was true, but big didn't mean dangerous. He seemed more frightened by them than anything, or at least surprised by them. Lucian didn't see any armor, any identifying patches, so that made him a civilian. He then motioned to the bag and instructed him to dump it. Lucian scowled.

"No" he said. Plain and simple, as though it were God making a decree. He seemed intent on beating the lot of them until Mergoux approached and the smell hit him. He quickly clenched his nose and said that they'd proven their point of not being dangerous and that they could have their arms and armor cleaned at the Smithie near the keep. It was appreciated greatly but time was of the essence and Lucian was accustomed to the smell for the moment as the massive man asked what was in the bag. Lucian however remembered him speaking of voices from the dark. The Cursed attempting to lure him in and turn him. Good thing they arrived when they did. Shiara spoke of moving everyone of Kenfort here for safety but that the ground had become unconsecrated. He shook his head with a grunt.

"It wouldn't matter anyway. The Cursed would still attack regardless of consecrated ground or not. We've dealt with what's in the sewers at least and I can rest easy knowing that but there are more in the poor districts who have yet to strike. When the sun goes down, they'll attack" he said with a grunt. The giant of a man once more asked what was in the bag and Lucian sighed. He opened the burlap sack, careful not to put his fingers near the things mouth as he grabbed it by the tuft of it's hair and pulled it out for the man to see. His began to grimace and click it's teeth quickly as the sun seemed to begin scorching the skin very slowly, it's eyes blistering and becoming bloody as Lucian quickly put the head back.

"We just barely managed to kill 5 of these things down their and the city has more of them that will attack once the sun goes down. I need to go to the Lord now. Lua, once your done at the house, get back across the bridges and instruct the locals to begin evacuating the slums. Guards will be at the bridges with dogs to weed out those Cursed and those who are not. The moment they detect even ONE Cursed, I'm raising the bridges and closing off the slums; regardless if all are across the bridge" he said sternly. Which included her he meant. She'd need to be fast to get over the bridges lest she be trapped in the poor district just before the Cursed began flooding the streets and killing all in sight.

@Overlord Thraka
Remember the Fall of Thora
Join the Fight, End the War, One Cricket at a Time!

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ seemed so long ago when in reality it was perhaps only 2 years ago. 2 years ago when humanity as we knew it was given an answer to the age old question. Are we alone in the universe? No. Now however, we wish we were alone. The outer colonies began going dark at first, communication suddenly going quiet, ships stopped returning. People thought it was just piracy, by products of civil war. The last thing ANYONE thought was extra-terrestrial creatures. Let alone that these creatures were invading human controlled planets. They were developing worlds, sure. Worlds that often had spotty communication till Alliance forces set up proper channels. Then they attacked Thora. A world that bolstered a population at one point of 10.6 billion people. A world that the Swarm completely occupied in less than 3 days.

Day One, they made contact over the city of Ember. The sky darkened, Crickets in the billions swarming and infesting the city; killing everyone and everything in sight.........

By day two, the Alliance set up defensive positions and tried to push the Swarm back. A battle that lasted less than 7 hours and ended with a crippling defeat for the Alliance's troops.........

By day three, planetary evacuation began. What humans remained abandoned Thora. A population that had once been almost 11 billion people was barely 2,000 people now. Thora was infested and humanity had been dealt a terrifying lesson. Humanity was not only alone, it was also out gunned horribly.

That however, was 2 years ago....

The Massacre of Thora had been a message, now humanity is sending it's own message. The Retribution.....


It occurs to me that I should probably explain what the RP would be about as the information (while a good introduction) offers nothing to you (the reader). The RP in question takes place in the 31st Century and would take place 2 years after the first contact with the Swarm. Our characters would be a pair of survivors who had managed to survive Thora and decide to join up with the Alliance to get some payback and perhaps retake their homeworld. We would follow these two as they go through boot camp and discover they are both eligible to join a covert Alliance program that would ensure that they not only saw combat but ensured they could make a difference. After training/boot camp, they would be assigned to the Alliance cruiser known as the 'Retribution' (hence the title), a ship manned by the last survivors of Thora, making up what is known as the Thora First and Only. From there, we would follow these two as they fight the Swarm and soon discover just how big of a threat they really are....

Want to know more?
Message me and find out!‚Äč
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