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Current Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey, your football, your inevitable food coma
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Ah Halloween night! When little hellspawn come to my door and try and steal my candy. All joking aside, Happy Halloween everyone
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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who genuinely like candy corn and people who aren't serial killers
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"I may not be smart, or successful, or rich, or handsome..." ".........But....?" "No but. Just I may not be those things"
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Why in god's name is it so difficult for people who play a team based game to ACT like a team? Why are you ignoring objectives? Why are you lone wolfing it? PLAY. AS. A. TEAM!!!
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Lucian heard the bolt whiz by him as it found it's mark in the boy's chest. The boy shrieked and cried in pain as it tried desperately to free itself from the wall. At that moment, Lucian heard Mergoux yell to him to catch. The hatchet came tumbling towards him and the old raven caught it with ease out of the air. He began chopping the boy to pieces, even as the boy cried out like a proper child. Lucian grit his teeth and screamed in rage as he chopped and hacked with greater resolve. Soon he was doing more than just chopping limbs off, he was butchering the corpse with pure blind rage. Lucian was splashed with blood until he looked like a mad man. He screamed in pure rage, a sound that was like a wounded animal. Lucian turned as Mergoux worked on the fat woman, dancing around her and slashing her as best as he could.

Lucian watched the woman turn, her back now to the old warrior as the hatchet came down and split the woman's head down the middle, lodging the blade into the spine. Lucian motioned for Mergoux to move as he kicked the woman to the ground. Holding her down with his weight as he handed her the bloody ax. "Do it. I'll hold the bitch down" he growled. The woman struggled but Lucian kept his heavy boot on the woman, ignoring the wounds he'd suffered at the hand of the demonic boy. Lucian watched as she began to cut the woman apart like firewood. Soon the creature stopped struggling, the fight finished for the old raven and the mercenary. Lucian panted, wiping the blood and sweat out of his face as he finally seemed to realize he'd been injured. The old man winced and stepped off the old woman as he grabbed the silver bottle that hung from his neck, uncorking it. The contents were still hidden but Lucian opened his mouth and poured exactly three drops into his mouth.

"GODDESS DAMN IT!" he groaned out in pain as he dropped to his knee. Pain went through him, like fire in his veins as his veins turned black lick pitch. He grit his teeth and fought through the pain as he felt the skin and muscle tightening, the wound closing before everyone's eyes as strands of muscle and severed veins lashed out to the other side of the wound, pulling it closed and sealing it. Lucian sat back against the sewer wall and panted, his veins soon fading to normal, sweat coating his face as he seemed very tired and weak now.

The Surface...

The priest looked at the bishop as the bishop explained what had just occurred, why a pair of strangers were in need of shovels and why they were told the location of the hanged man. "Father, you cannot be serious. Such things isn't...." the young priest said before the bishop gave him a look. "I assure you. It is. I saw it in the man's eyes. You don't have such a look unless you are very serious" he said. The pair turned as a heavy knock rang out at the door. "I believe that is the refugees the man told me about. Please, let them in my son" he said. The priest nodded and hurried to the door as he opened them, revealing rather than the huddled masses of those seeking sanctuary, a giant of a man standing before him. Kapti, the Coal Man. "Ah Kapti! Please come in! The father will see you" he said with a gentle smile as he closed the door behind the giant and lead the way towards the bishop's office.

The bishop accepted Kapti and bought enough coal to keep the church warm and to accommodate the coming refugees. Before the business was settled however, the bishop paused. "My son, I must ask a favor of you. In the cemetery is a man and woman dressed in black. They had wished to examine a grave site and I am curious as to what they have found. Could you go see and bring back to me any information they may give, I would be very grateful" he asked politely. He was by no means obligated to do so but the father hoped the large man would grant him such a favor

My most humble of apologies to everyone. I had to put aside replying to deal with a family emergency that occurred and needed time to rest. Rest assured, I will reply immediately

Replies will be typed up tomorrow morning. Been a bit busy today unfortunately. My apologies to everyone for the wait

Lucian watched as Mergoux severed the girl's head at the neck. It didn't take long for the body to pick itself back up and begin slashing wildly. If it's head were still in tact, the slashing would have been more precise but Lucian had thankfully cleaved the creature's head in half. The old raven quickly severed it's arm at the elbow and then cut the legs off. Despite losing it's head, arm, and both legs, the other arm was still trying to slash and claw. "Total dismemberment or fire! Cut them apart!" he yelled. Fire was not an option down here. True, the fire would work but it would incinerate them as well thanks to the fumes. It took a while anyway. Lucian looked up as the little boy, the woman, and the one eyed man began to advance on him and Mergoux. The large woman leaped at Lucian as the one eyed man leaped at Mergoux, claws out as the young boy skittered towards Mergoux's legs like a demonic spider. Lucian drove his hatchet into the woman's face, splitting it diagonally and spilling brain matter on the ground as the one intact eye began looking about.

Lucian put his foot against the creature's chest and pinned it against the sewer wall as he threw his hatchet into the one eyed man's face, distracting it as best as he could to help Mergoux. Lucian drew his dagger and began slicing away at the creature he had pinned as he soon felt the young boy leap onto his back and begin stabbing him in the shoulder several times with a broken bone. "Filthy bastard" he shouted in pain as he drove the dagger into the boys face, nailing it to the wall behind him. The old raven was bleeding but he didn't pay it any attention as he took a moment to assess the situation.

The creature that pressed the attack on Lua and the Bone Mage had lost it's head, bubbles appearing in the water and muck. The head was still moving and still trying to bite as it had thankfully fell face first into the muck. The body however slashed wildly as it began fighting against the mage's spell. It was stepping closer and closer, clearly being slowed but it wasn't being stopped. It was too powerful, the magic that made it possible something very dark and beyond anything the mage would have ever seen. It was old magic, something that should have been forgotten with the corpses of others.

Kapti Van Ken
Played By: Parzivol
@shylarah Hmm. I suppose I would be okay with that. Maybe stun the thing to give Lua an advantage so Mergoux and Lucian can finish off the family standing in front of them
@shylarah OH! My bad. You're talking about repelling it. It's doable but it's going to take some serious will. Even then you're probably going to just slow him down. He's been cursed for a while and the longer one is crawling around, the more powerful it gets
@shylarah Sorry. Not possible with the Cursed. There's nothing left to bring back unfortunately

Lucian was thankful Lua didn't argue with him and simply took the crossbow. Had Lucian thought they'd be fighting in such a confined space, he'd have packed his tether bolts to ensure if the child was Cursed she couldn't jump around or run off. Tethering something to a brick wall was always more preferable than tethering them to something as loose as dirt or mud. Lucian then noticed Mergoux begin moving forward and cursed to himself. He wanted her to stay back but it was too late as she'd already gotten too close. Then she made the next mistake, she spoke to the girl with an outstretched hand. The old raven prepared his ax as the young girl looked up at Mergoux. She appeared totally normal as she sniffled and rubbed her nose. "I got lost. I can't find mama and papa" she said in a timid tone. She got in a tighter ball as Mergoux reached out towards her. Mergoux's hand was a mere half a foot away when the girl's face had changed entirely from that of a sweet and innocent young girl to that of something of nightmares, the girl leaping like a frog to knock the mercenary over with an astonishing amount of strength.

Her eyes were sunken in and milky white, vacant of all color and pupiless. The skin surrounding the eyes was a bruised purple and wrinkled. Her skin was totally discolored, white like a corpse but yellowish in some areas as though the skin was beginning to rot. Her mouth was far too large for her head and full of not 1 but 2 sets of crooked and broken teeth to form gnarly points. It was then also apparent that she'd chewed off all the flesh at the tips of her fingers to reveal bone points. no longer she, IT smelled of death and rot as it spoke in a voice that was many horrific voices. "We WiLl SwAlLoW yOuR fIlThY fUcKiNg HeArT" it screamed as it tried to drown Mergoux in the raw sewage. Thankfully, Lucian put his armored boot into the creature's chest and sent it flying back where it rolled into a crouched position like a cat ready to pounce. "You want her heart, come and get it" he quipped.

The creature chortled at the old raven, that was when Lucian noticed figures appearing in the darkness behind it. What was once a one eyed man, a large woman, and a young boy. Each appearing much like her but in varying stages of decomposition. "GlAdLy, FoOlIsH oLd MaN" the man said in the same voice. Lucian felt a tug in his gut and focused on what he could hear. Scratching against rocks above them. His eyes began to widen as he realized the sound was behind them. "LUA BEHIND YOU!" he yelled. Mere feet away, scaling along the ceiling was 1 more of them, a shirtless corpse that was horribly disfigured. It's head hung backward so the back of it's head rested against the spine, it's arms bending the wrong direction as it shrieked at Lua. Lucian focused his attention on the immediate threat before them. He sunk his ax into the girl's head as she leaped and split it like a log, the wound hissing and sizzling as though the blade was white hot. This seemed to cause the creatures to pause and eye Mergoux.
@Fetzen Take your time
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