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Current @Sora I recommend either Google Books or Audible. A bit cheaper and a full cast can make a good audiobook
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Kinda proud of this new idea. 'Mad Max' meets 'The Witcher'
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I've been gone for far too long and that is absolutely unacceptable on my part. To all my previous Partners, I apologize humbly. All I can say is that life had gotten crazy and I needed to step away
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Craving a medieval zombie apocalypse RP.....and eggnog for whatever reason lol
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"Sometimes the world doesn't need a hero....."

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Johnathan's Lab
Tesla and Ultra

John sighed in frustration at his most recent failure. The doctor couldn't understand it. What was causing the explosive to detonate? He wasn't making heads or tails of it. He scratched his chin and stared at the data gathered from the explosion. As John stared, he heard a knock and looked to see Tesla entering the lab, a mute corpse and a plasma core in toe. He appreciated Victor's help and viewed him very much like a partner or assistant. They work well together and Victor was willing and able to gather the supplies he needed.

"Fascinating. They just willingly broke their own necks from the command of 1 man?" he asked. Then an idea hit him. A theory. Psychic manipulation. Perhaps that was what was causing the ex0losives to detonate in living subjects. With a full specimen, perhaps John could study and find out. At the mention of a plasma core, John returned from his thoughts. He nodded.

"Good. Keep hunting for cores. If we intend to escape than we need all that we can to power my designs and stand a chance against our enemy" he said. With enough plasma cores, John could power up a cannon that could disable an Outsider battleship's defenses and leave it vulnerable. He took the corpse gladly an jammed a data spike in the base of the mute's skull. It began extracting information immediately and John began x-raying the body for any abnormalities.

John looked up as the security gave him motion alerts. One several clicks in the sewers, one directly at the door used if the Outsiders decided to attack. That signal he knew without consulting the drone feed. Ultra. John sighed and disengaged the security locks and the sentry guns trained on him. The heavy door moved on it's own as John was greeted by a decontamination chamber. After being sprayed down, John stood cross armed and frowned.

"As much as I can respect being subtle, must you always come rooting around in the sewers and offending my delicate senses?" he asked. He didn't expect an answer. Ultra was good at what he did and produced results. John went back to the feed to catch sight of a machine dropping into the sewage in the north eastern sector, grid section E-5. John looked to Tesla.

"Victor, would you kindly go to section E-3 and retrieve whatever fell into the sewers? I believe it may be a malfunctioning Outsider drone" he asked. He flipped a switch and from the ceiling lowered a small drone that would follow Victor and carry whatever he found. If it was an Outsider drone, he could reactivate it and get some good data from the Outsider's network

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".....sometimes the world instead needs a monster"
Everything is still going, just fighting a shit load of over time haha. I had a post but it got deleted

Hey, if you're still accepting players/submissions, I have something down below. This RP looks interesting and this is a little something I put together. Figured most of the character would come out in the RP though, less focusing on specifics and more giving an idea of what the character looks like atm.

Sorry for the wait my friend. Been busy starting a new job. I like the character. I suggest meeting up with Reid
Okie dokies, I'll reply after @Utrax this fine lad.

Waiting on you Speedster lol

I must duly apologize, I must drop, seems I have taken on more RPs than I can handle and I am already committed to two big RPs and I don't think I can in all fairness to anyone here be able to keep up. I am so sorry

That is understandable. Do you mind if I make your character an open NPC? If you decide to return your character will be open for you to have again
"Sometimes the world doesn't need a hero....."

------------- ᴊ ᴏ ʜ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ ʀ ᴇ ɪ ᴅ -------------

Johnathan's Lab

The mute corpse twitched and shifted, unintelligible mutters & mumblings leaving his as the good doctor shoved a 4 inch long spike into the base of it's skull into it's brain. The spike was attached by cable to a rather impressive looking computer that had been designed out of both Earth parts and parts from The Outsiders. John had been at this for several weeks now. He had instructed Viktor to bring him as many mute corpses as he could find and carry.

John was gathering information from dead mute grey matter with a method of retrieval he referred to as 'cereberal data extraction'. By stimulating the subject's pain receptors with electrical and chemical aid, certain information could be extracted based on certain neural patterns that John deemed worth extracting to the computer. However, the longer the corpse has been dead, the less information he could retrieve. For the moment, the process was only possible with dead brain matter. John was currently researching methods to extract information from living brain tissue but progress was slow going. As John had explained, a death brain showed no resistance even if it wanted to. A living brain, had great resistance both physically and mentally.

As the computer did its work, John focused his attention on a severed mute he had recovered from a spent corpse. The second problem with extracting information from a living mute was that there were certain security systems embedded in their brain. Every time Viktor had attempted to capture a mute alive, they detonated from some form of condensed plasma from within the skull. John had theorized that some sort of signal sent from the Spire caused the detonation. If John could figure out how to remotely disarm the explosive than he could leave a mute vulnerable to extraction. John placed the head in a cube designed to contain the blast and an electromagnetic pulse. He then pressed a button on the camera of one of his frame's arms.

"Research log number 5105 of Doctor Johnathan Reid, date is the 20th of April of 2041. Today I will be attempting to disarm the plasma charge that has been surgically implanted in seemingly all Outsider mutants. Subject has detonated when exposed to infrared, microwave, and radio based tampering and has shown to detonate when attempts to extract occur. I will be detonating an electromagnetic charge and record my findings" he said to the room. John wielded the remote and pressed the trigger. An electrical flash occured, followed by detonation of the explosive. John sighed.

"Attempt number 8 is a failure. Like the other attempts, subject's explosive detonated almost immediately. Further research required. End log" he said with a sigh of agitation. Another disappointment. Oh well. He hadn't failed 8 times, he had simply found 8 ways to detonate the explosive in a mute skull. Not unhelpful, simply not the results he needed. On to attempt number 9...

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".....sometimes the world instead needs a monster"
One mad scientist hot and ready!

N A M E : Johnathan Reid

  • "Mindjack"
  • "The Butcher"
  • "Dr. Frankenstein"

s p e c i e s Human

a g e 56

h e i g h t/ w e i g h t 5'5" and 137 lbs.

g e n d e r Male


  • Genius Level IQ: Even before the Seven Day War and the Occupation, Johnathan Reid was considered one of the finest minds in the world. He dedicated his time to study and after experimenting on himself he was able to boost his IQ even more.
  • Decodification: With his cybernetic brain, John became capable of analyzing, writing, and decoding massive and complex lines of code.
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: After the Seven Year War, Johnathan Reid began studying the Outsiders' technology. Using his findings, he constructed a cybernetic frame and a cybernetic implant that acts as a third hemisphere in his mind and allows him to operate the cybernetic frame, observe alien code, and participate in general discussions all at the same time.

w e a k n e s s John's cybernetics are sensitive to electromagnetic energy. A pulse of significant power could fry the implant in his brain and render his frame useless. John is also a normal human being who can be killed like any normal human being


Johnathan Reid was a privately funded scientist who believed that in order to achieve real scientific breakthroughs, one must ignore the laws of ethics. No one wants to admit it but many modern medical breakthroughs can be attributed to the inhumane treatment of prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. So John would be viewed as a monster, a psychopath, a butcher of men. If it meant bringing mankind a better understanding of the universe than so be it, he would be a monster but a necessary monster.

When the Outsiders came, Reid halted all research and watched the invasion. He studied these creatures, their technology. When he was brought to Glasgow, John made his home in Clydebank in an abandoned factory and made his lab. There he has been making great strides, deconstructing alien technology and studying alien biology closer....
You're the Game Master. It's your world, we're storytelling in it.

Still like to ask. You never know if someone is currently making said character
Anyone opposed to me making a mad scientist type character who has been studying alien tech?
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