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Craving a medieval zombie apocalypse RP.....and eggnog for whatever reason lol
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So excited! Dec. 17th, tickets for Star Wars lol
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@Otaku Oh my god you made me laugh fart haha XD @headintheclouds A different color or the same color you got? Either way......yes haha
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Concerning Status: . . . . . What did I walk in on? XD


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The stories we know always started with "Once upon a time," but then again those are the stories we know. We know the tales of Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio but not quite like this. The Homelands are in danger by a looming darkness. Many wish to ignore it, pretend that such a thing couldn't occur. The wisest of the Homelands, Merlin; has seen this...seen the Dark Man. Seen what he has done to the Island of the Lost, done to Pandissia. The Homelands will not survive such an assault...not unless it's strongest come together.

Warriors, Wizards, the very legends of the Homelands have been summoned to form a band of warriors who will act as the defense against this Dark Man. Some know of this Dark Man too well, seen his corruption. Others, will know soon enough. Their homes and families stand threatened, and only they can hold back the coming tide...
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Oh hello! I didn't see you there. Probably because there's a computer screen in my way haha. Welcome to my little request thread. I am LordOfTheNight and I am here for the same reason you are. To tap into my creative mind and dredge up unique and hopefully fun stories. Lord knows I seem to have a new idea pop up every other week. Problem is getting the sons of bitches to sit still long enough for me to type them in haha.

My ideas can range anywhere from the short and sweet to long and detailed. I also got ideas that are somewhere in between. So if you are about to ask what my plot to smut ratio is then I honestly couldn't tell you. My mind is like a bag of cats. One minute I am craving this, the next it is that. I only really ask that you put effort into your post. Type up a novel of text, I will return the favor. Give me a half-assed post that barely breaks a paragraph and I will either A) reply with a half-assed post or B) lose interest entirely.

With that in mind, I understand being busy and not being able to write or rushing a post. Believe me, my job keeps me so busy that I can't think straight. So long as you give me legitimate effort we are in good shape. All that said, I am a nice guy and easy to get along with. I appreciate constructive criticism. If I make a bad post, TELL ME! I would rather improve what I wrote than to be ghosted because of 1 bad post. I can't improve without constructive criticism and will never be offended because you were giving constructive criticism.

Now that all that unsavory and boringness is out of the way, we can get to the meat and potatoes of this thread.

- P L O T S -

No More Heroes

The Death Vigil

Gods and Monsters

F.U.B.A.R.: The Secret Wars of WW2

The President's Vampire

The Last Werewolf

Batman: Prodigal Son

Infinite Anarchy: Smugglers and Thieves

Star Wars: Maul


Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

For the sake of time and consistency, I will simply state that the above plots are all intended to be long term stories or multiple short term stories (or chapters) following the same few characters. In regards to smut, I usually do those as a short term basis though I have encountered a few that garner attention long term. I am happy to hear your ideas and have some of my own but understand that those will not be a main focus. With that, I await for all those who wish to weave a story with me.

Till then my lovelies, I await patiently....


Greetings one and all! Welcome to my search thread. I am LordOfTheNight and I am here to find a partner who would be interested in following me down a rabbit hole of my own design. I wish to do an RP set in my own fantasy setting. I warn you however, I have gone very in depth with this setting and have devised governments, religions, maps, etc. I won't make you listen to all of it here unless you are interested but know I have a great deal. I will however give you a taste of the setting by including the history I have pre-typed. I have a few ideas in mind for characters and stories so if you are interested, PM me and we can discuss

@shylarah My apologies. What I meant to say was no fewer than 2. A case of the brain thinking one thing and my fingers typing another haha. But I am glad to see some interest. Hit me with a PM when you can
Hello one and all! Allow me to introduce myself, I am LordOfTheNight but you may refer to me as Lord or Night. I am on the hunt for two particular RPs. One that would follow a group of monster hunters during 1872 and an RP following a pair of psychic spies. I will explain both however I require only a few things from a partner. 1) I ask that you be literate and be able to post a few paragraphs. 2 at most. 2) In order to play The Order I am asking you be able to play multiple characters, at least 2 or 3 unique characters. I have multiple characters I wish to play as and would rather not put so much effort in without others. 3) If you wish to leave or can't continue playing, tell me! I hate being ghosted. Without furtherado the plots in question:

The Order

Tinker, Tailor, Psyker, Spy
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