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1 mo ago
Current If we throw enough people at the bullets, they'll eventually run out of bullets
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1 mo ago
*angry lute playing intensifies*…
2 mos ago
Awesome way to start the morning! Woke up with a leg cramp so bad I nearly blacked out and temporarily could only hear bells ringing. Oh and nausea. Real bad nausea
2 mos ago
@Cleverbird MOAR DAKKA!!!
2 mos ago
Start my new job tomorrow! Phew! Was worried there for a second lol


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*enters strumming along on the lute*

@DrakeEricsen We shall see about that if your cleric decides to tumble with my scoundrel bard *angry lute playing intensifies*

@CollectorOfMyst Alright! I do believe I have worked out all the kinks finally
@Blueflame Welcome Back!

@Krytavius Yep! Just adjusting to a new work schedule
@CollectorOfMyst So just to make sure I'm understanding, you want me to shorten up the spells and such right?
@CollectorOfMyst According to the calculator I have used an even 27 points.

2 in STR
5 in DEX
4 in CON
2 in INT
7 in WIS
7 in CHA with +1 racial bonuses across the board.
@CollectorOfMyst Alright, I do believe I fixed it. Let me know if I need to tweak anything or if I've done anything wrong
@CollectorOfMyst Gotcha. So to make sure I'm not making any more mistakes, tge sleight of hand, insight, and acrobatics are fine but I need more than these 3 proficencies, right?
@CollectorOfMyst Ah. Gotcha. I didn't get how the modifiers work and yes I realized as I looked over my stats that I went a point over and will edit it once I am at my computer.
I apologize for the confusion. Comes with being the FNG I suppose. So, could I use a rapier and a lute or am I restricted to just the lute?
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