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5 mos ago
Current How did I not know that there was going to be a Dune movie staring Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, and Oscar Issac?!
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5 mos ago
If anyone has a friend who is a professional hitman, send them my way please. Having a car that doesn't have windows that roll up SUCKS!
6 mos ago
Monster of the Week RPGs are hard to come by. I got one going on a weekly basis but if I could I'd do it daily
11 mos ago
These trials make us who we are, we're motivated by the scars we're made of
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1 yr ago
Still working on packing my stuff to move out. Nearly done, just bear with me


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headintheclouds 1 yr ago
Miss writing with you friend! Hope you’re doing okay!
headintheclouds 3 yrs ago
It's kind of crazy that we went from a discussion about my hair to a cool roleplay concept....
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