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3 mos ago
Current These trials make us who we are, we're motivated by the scars we're made of
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5 mos ago
Still working on packing my stuff to move out. Nearly done, just bear with me
5 mos ago
Did someone say.....heretic? *peeks around corner with heavy flamer*
5 mos ago
Someone send help, I can't stop listening to Starset's "Ricochet" and "Manifest"
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5 mos ago
My favorite thing to do is ponder explaining human things to an alien. Take Groundhog Day for instance: "So you use a ground dwelling rodent to predict the weather?" "Yep" "Does it work" "Sometimes"


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headintheclouds 8 mos ago
Miss writing with you friend! Hope you’re doing okay!
headintheclouds 2 yrs ago
It's kind of crazy that we went from a discussion about my hair to a cool roleplay concept....
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