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Lo Lya’Tre sighed. She rested her elbow on the bunk’s edge and rested her muzzle on her hand, her eyes scanned the room’s interior for a distraction. All her efforts failed. Her fur rippled from the boredom creeping into her mind. It battered at her wall and created fissures, allowing her worry to spill out. They swirled and spread outward. A blackness centered around her heart where it threatened to strangle it. Feeling the anxiety building, Lo closed her eyes.

She reached deep inside herself. Her breath inhaled then exhaled, letting the fear flow into the air. In and out, her mind focused on her breathing exercises. Slowly the dark thoughts faded with the passing minutes. It wouldn’t last, but for now, she had clarity in her thinking. A temporary peace. It frustrated Lo never to feel it for longer than a few hours a day. Every time she relaxed, a situation brought her negative thoughts to hound her. She hoped in time, she could better deal with her insecurities. For now, her efforts would have to be enough.

A spike of energy caused her foot to tingle and twitch. She glanced to the side and sighed, feeling her body become restless. Her mind turned to her internal clock. Though she lost track of the days, she still held onto the twenty-four hours in a day. According to it, Dai’s shift ended a few minutes ago. The human was a part of the crew and been Lo’s assigned bunkmate for the journey. Dai’s grumpy attitude had indicated she hated the idea of a bunkmate, in private soften toward Lo. This confused the young Bothan enough to ask Master Arv why. Master Arv, one of two Jedi knights that accompanied her from H’Ratth, had hinted it had to do with her age. This left Lo with mixed feelings on the matter. Still, she knew it didn’t hurt to be friendly.

Her thoughts were distracted when she felt her force sense tug at her. She turned her head in time to see Dai open the door and slide in, closing it behind her. The harsh expression melted into compassion. As she moved past Lo, the girl took the gentle pat on her head. Casually Lo turned about, watching her friend sit upon the bunk and rub her face.

“Everything all right?” Lo asked quietly.

Dai paused, peering one eye through her fingers. She sighed then dropped her hands to her lap. The hardened woman struggled with the right words before pouring out her thoughts in a blunt fashion.

“Yeah, I think. Just worried about your future is all. You’re so young and it’s hard to believe you’re a Padawan.”

"I don't look like it, but I am. I'm also proud to be a Jedi. I’m going to help the galaxy.”

Dai smiled, her hand raised to flatten out her hair back. “Just… be careful, okay? Maybe we’ll see each other from time to time.”

“I’m sure we will. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay. I won’t do anything stupid.”

“Good, night kid. I’ll see you around.”

“Night Dai.” With that parting phrase, Lo exited the bunk and searched for Jedi knights Typhis and Thorne.

“Lo, settle down. You’re more jittery than a wild nerf.”

Lo turned to look at Jedi Knight Typhis letting out a chuckle. She frowned, unsure what to reply to that. The Zabrak simply flashed her a reassuring smile. It revealed his sharp canines, but he had good intentions. She learned this on numerous occasions while riding the speeder bikes late into the evening. Tribal tattoos decorated the sides of his face down to his shoulder and she suspected also the arms. His skin took on a pale yellow color that reminded Lo of the desert pictures in the library. She found it rather pretty since it drew similarities to her lighter fur.

“You know he’s right. I rather not tell Master Rothul that you tie yourself into knots.” Jedi Throne joke, his amusement caused Lo to stop fiddling with her fingers.

“I’m sorry. I know I should be better, but I can’t stop.” Lo examined.

“It’s not something you can make stop, but learn to deal with. Just trust that in time, Master Rothul and you will learn the key to dealing with it.” Typhis sounded confident enough that Lo smiled.

“I hope you’re right.”

“Have faith, now prepare yourself. I believe we’re landing shortly.”

A loud rumbling deafened everyone in the shuttle as it began to land. Lo held onto the straps securing her into place. Her fur flattened against her body until the shuttle grounded to a stop. One by one, the two Jedi casually rose from their seats. Typhis gestured Lo to follow them toward the exit ramp. She nodded then hopped onto her feet, walking in their wake. The trio entered the docking bay while the staff brushed past, all of them working to unload the supply crates.

“Someone should be along to pick you up shortly. We have to make our reports and finish up other businesses. Try to relax, little Lo.” Throne encouraged as they left her alone.
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Jaslyn hurried to the hangar her braid swinging with her long strides. Her robes swished and billowed with her movement. She’d been assigned to lead around Lo Lya’Tre before the Padawan’s master Dominik Rothul came to collect her. Jaslyn was always the type to volunteer for keeping the Younglings entertained or making it easy for new people. Her grasp of languages and empathy made it as easy as breathing. She didn’t even have to think it came to her naturally.

Jaslyn strode in just as a ship landed. She was motionless. One of the rare times that she was. She didn’t want to scare the girl by darting around. She watched as a young Bothan stepped out and Jaslyn headed over to her. “Hello. Lo Lya’Tre?”

Lo’s head jerked up from examining her feet. She took in the human woman before her, absorbing her image. Red hair flowed along the curve of the face then sweep back into a braid, contrasting with her pale skin. The tan and white traditional robes indicated she was a padawan.

Relaxing slightly, Lo broke the pause between them.

“Hello and yes. I assume you’re here to show me around?” She asked in a timid voice.

Jaslyn nodded holding out her hand to Lo.[color=yellow] “You got it. My name’s Jaslyn Dayne. You hungry? We can get something to eat if you want. Or did you have someplace special in mind?”

Lo took Jaslyn’s hand, a small smile crept to her muzzle.

“Well, I am hungry. I’ve never been here so any suggestions would be great.”

She pulled her hand back and looked about in wonder, her mind filled with questions. Immediately many of those popped off without her mind realizing it.

“How this place always looked so pretty? How long have you been here? You seem to be a padawan like me, so do you train here with your master? What is it like staying here?”

After about the fourth question, Lo abruptly stopped herself. Her right hand rose to her muzzle and she smiled sheepishly.

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

Jaslyn grinned at the questions. “So which one do I answer first?”

Jaslyn held back laughter in case Lo thought that Jaslyn was laughing at her. She directed the fellow Padawan to the dining hall. “Staying here is well… hard to describe. There are good points and bad points and some just neutral points. More the latter than anything else. My Master Merrian is off planet at this moment but yes I am training here. We have quite a few training facilities for all kinds of training. Force talents, lightsaber combat and more.”

At the dining hall Jaslyn lead Lo up to a counter and smiling asked for some food. “Two specials please.” Jaslyn kept her hand in Lo’s and lifted the trays with the Force. “I’ve been here for six years now and yes it’s always pretty.”

Jaslyn found them seats and sat down. She began to eat. In between bites she pondered questions for Lo. “You’re curious. Keep it. It will serve you well. Questions mean answers. Answers mean knowledge. Knowledge means understanding. But anyways...How was your ride here?” Jaslyn’s tone was genuine, open and friendly.

“Yeah, but as some of my teachers told me. A good way to temper thirst for knowledge is through observation and then asking questions. My rain of questions could be seen as rude rather than seeking understanding.” Lo explained as she began to examine the food on the tray.

Her eyes shifted from the grilled loin to fruits and vegetables. She picked a few leaves from the salad then popped it into her mouth. She listened to Jaslyn ask her about her ride as she finished the bite up, she swallowed.

“It was uneventful, but I did meet a few individuals on the ship. The gruffiest woman seemed to take a liking to me and was a bit worried. What’s your favorite thing to do around here?”

She poked her salad for a new bite.

Jaslyn smiled. “Well I like to entertain the Younglings and tell stories. But by far my favorite thing to do is work on my Forms. I’m working on my Knighthood Trials.”

“Those can be stressful.” Lo commented, her mouth still partly filled with salad.

She swallowed to clear her throat as she ran her tongue across her teeth. A wedged green disappeared from its position into her mouth.

Nodding Jasly replied with a grin. “Well nothing that is worth it isn’t. Unless you want to be a Padawan or be in the Corps. Of course you’ll do just fine.”

“I do want to be a Knight, but I still have a long way to go.” The young Bothan admitted as she turned on the chunk of meat, slicing a piece off.

The main course was her favorite part compared to the sweetness of the fruit and bland favors of the salad.

Jaslyn finished off her food and watched Lo. “So Lola. What do you like to do?” Jaslyn picked up her tray and cleared it then put it away.

“Lo.” Lo immediately corrected Jaslyn upon hearing the nickname. Her head cocked to the side, but she shrugged it off as she continued.

“I’m pretty open to many things. I think my favorite stuff is exploring new places and socializing with others. It’s fun to learn new things about someone I just met and had time to warm up to.” Lo took another bite of her meat then moved onto the fruit. The juice squirted onto her claws causing a face.

Jaslyn passed Lo a napkin careful not to laugh at the younger Padawan. “Here. Sometimes they do that.”

Lo took it and carefully began to wipe off her claw, frowning at the sensation.

“I’m not a fan of stickiness. It gets into my fur and it sticks up for days. Not a pleasant experience.”

After she finished wiping off the juice, she crumbled up the napkin and placed it on the side of her tray. She decided to avoid the fruit now.

“Want my fruit?” Lo offered nicely.

Jaslyn laughed at the mental image of Lo’s fur sticking up and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry I just got a mental picture of what you just described. I would hate for food to go to waste. I can show you to the quarters so you can wash up. If we have some time before your Master gets here I can take you on more of a tour.” Jaslyn stands and pops the fruit in her mouth chewing. She motioned to Lo and decided that they were going to see the training rooms.

“I don’t know when Master Rothul will be picking me up. According to Jedi Throne and Typhis, he’s been a bit busy. It will hopefully be within the month, but it might take longer.” Lo stated, happy to be rid of the sticky fruit.

She already had most of her main course done as she continued, still enjoying the meat.

“So, I’m not even sure what I’ll be doing until he arrives.”

“Stick with me Lola.” Jaslyn laughed at her pun. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it quite like that. But it was funny.” Jaslyn took the other tray and cleaned it off and set it with the others.

Lo stuck out her tongue in a playful matter, following suit.

Jaslyn lead Lola down a couple of halls and to a room that was open. It had one other bed in it. “You will be sharing this room with another student. She’s not currently here. Her name is Mideo. She’s a Zabrak.”

“Wait, as in Mideo 'Mid' Benara? I actually know her from H’Ratth!” “ Lo squeaked, her voice heightened into a few octaves at the end.

Another sheepish smile spread across her face. She looked at the room noting things, but nothing stuck out to her. It was pretty plain like her own back on H’Ratth.

“I’ll have to bring in some new plants. Maybe an herb box if I’m allowed.” She glanced back to Jas, her figure having stepped in to examine her new room.

Jas patted Lo’s head. “I don’t see why not. I was going to go practice my Forms wanna come?” She asked the question because leaving Lo seemed rude. Not that she wouldn’t mind a partner. Master Merrian had been away and Jaslyn felt like she was getting rusty.
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