Some time after the events caused by the mysterious dark sider Selene the world of Tython has since returned to peace. The Jedi go bout their day to day business on the Force rich world while the council debates decision involving the Jedi. One Jedi master, a historian by the name of Jaot Duqog pitches the idea of an expedition below the surface where a set of ancient ruins has been uncovered. After proper scanning of the site the Jedi master has come to the conclusion that the ruins once belonged to the original Je'daii Order. While the Je'daii have since long gone, the ruins still remain in a stable condition. Master Duqog believes it to be one of the original nine temples built by the Je'daii. The knowledge which could be found inside of the ruins could be a gamechanger to the Jedi and open their eyes further to the secrets of the mysterious world their order now calls home.

After a long debate it has been concluded that Master Duqog shall be allowed to lead the expedition. While he himself is a capable Jedi he has made the opportunity available to any Jedi on Tython to accompany him on the adventure. Though some other members of the council warn of potential dangers lurking within the ruins. Tython is an ancient world, its mysteries are seemingly endless and the perils of an expedition underground are dangerous enough.