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Hello all, my name is morbid(or morbs), I'm 23 years old, and I've been roleplaying since I was a young lass. I have been using the site EliteSkills for most of my life, but the site has been slowly dying out over the years. I'm looking for a group of eclectic writers who love getting into the lore of a story just as much as I do! I love really diving in and creating a large concept, and love swapping ideas with like-minded individuals. I know reading this stuff can get pretty boring, so I'm just going to go straight into what I usually roleplay:

-Fluffy cute shit

I will be posting plots and threads soon~ Please watch out for me!
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Hey I'm LIVE and I followed Morbid here from EliteSkills. And now I shall follow her example and do a little introduction.

I started Role Playing in my senior year of high school, I think, I have the memory of a goldfish so don't quote me on that timeline. At the time my girlfriend was on EliteSkills so she introduced me and since I enjoyed it I stuck around and made some friends, thought of some stories, all that jazz. Like Morbid I also love getting deep into the lore of a story and crafting something, sometimes I just come up with ideas and never see them to fruition.

I tend to come off as cold or bitchy or whatever when I don't know someone but I promise I'm not all that scary.

I prefer to do male characters as I am male and thus identify with my characters. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural (not the show but the genre), horror, and even slice-of-life role plays.
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