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Ayo bois, first status here, all to promote my friends roleplay. Slice of Life + Magic = Funsies. Please join!…
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Hi all. I hope everyone is well.
Sorry that took me a while, things have been chaotic! <3

Also, sorry if the quality is off. Let me know if I should change anything!

Time started to become irrelevant to Min-a, who did not dare count the days as they passed by. At first, Min-a couldn't find herself, unable to stop the voices of bystanders. The intentions of others were like a weight on her back also, and trying to carry herself got more and more tiring as the days went on by. Slowly, with many visits to solitary, she was able to learn how to focus on just one person, and more importantly, how to block everyone out. Finally, her own thoughts weren't as clouded by others and lots of her frantic outbursts due to the chaos in her mind started to slow down. She was no longer as unhinged as she was in the first couple of months, and she even became an integral part of helping protect those who she now considered her peers.

Feeling the intentions of others was an easy way to know when to step into a situation, and Min-a became a great distraction for those who needed it. Sure, she had a large target on her, but that was sort of the point. When she was in a room, attention fell on her quite a bit, allowing it to be easier for others to get away with their endeavors. She knew when to poke the bear and subsequently pull information while doing so. Min-a couldn't care less about the countless times she was sent away, at peace with the fact that she was helping someone, somehow. Still, it wasn't easy, and she realized quickly that no matter what she did, some people would always look at her the same. Orange.


Min-a lept from her bed, ignoring Jasmine and whatever shenanigans she was suggesting today. She didn't hate the girl, not in the slightest, however, the girl was so admirably positive through everything that it tired Min-a. Instead, she focused on the sinking feeling in her stomach, knowing this was a sign of something greater. Her eyes watched the other girls, trying to read if anyone of them was the reason for her uneasy feeling.

A blaring noise interrupted everything, and Min-a could suddenly feel it. Fear and anxiety erupted in the pit of her stomach, which did not match her own. It was nauseating, to say the least. Min-a subconsciously moved her hands over her ears, her entire body tensing as she readied herself for the impact of the white noise. Nothing. Was it true then? Did something happen to it? She had taken notice of the chatter among many Greens, and with what she good gather from them, something was amiss. They weren't using the white noise to the extent they had before, and it surely wasn't because of good behavior. Could something have happened to their beloved dog whistle?

Eyes now forward, Min-a stood up, straightening herself and readying for the moment. She watched as Annabelle and Alyssa stood near the door, and her impatient nature started to take in as Alyssa bent forward, fumbling with the lock on the door. She knew everything, including timing, was incredibly important and before Alyssa even said anything, she was beside her, hands out. Luckily, Alyssa had already relinquished her duty, dropping the paperclips into Min-a's hand. "I need someone who can blowback any guards to stand behind me," Min-a rushed, unsure if anyone would do as she said. She fumbled along with the now makeshift lockpick, her hands shaking and heart slamming against her chest. Then, a small click. A deranged smile erupted onto Min-a's face as she let out a small giggle, the door swinging ever so slightly open. Biting down on her lip, she pushed the door again, allowing it to show her and the other girls what was amiss. That was when they all saw it. The bodies. The fire. The swarms of kids fighting.

This. Is. It.
So sorry for not posting yet. I'm trying my hardest.

Things are chaotic here, but I am managing. How about you?
Sorry guys! Life has been hectic. I will try to get my post out soon. I hope everyone is healthy and well. <3
Will post soon!

@alexfangtalon No worries coming from over here. I'm just happy to be apart of this!


Concieved from a 'wild party', Eros was raised by a group of sucubi and incubi who attended such event. He moved home from home when he was young, learning the ways of the sucubus. He considered each one his father or mother, and subsequently calls them as such. Finally, at the age of 15, he moved out on his home, believing firmly that he must learn the world on his own. He got a job easily, as his powers drew in many customers, and everything sort of just fell into his lap. Receiving a small record deal, Eros is now semi-famous and flourishing.

Moving into the Whitmore Home was an impulsive move on Eros' part, deciding that it was better if he put himself near more people, rather than exclude himself in a single condo. He now loves the attention, and is often searching for connections and friendships... Even if he is somewhat difficult to handle.

♡ loves affection, piano, singing, expensive gifts, clothes
♡ hates naivety/fools, the tone-deaf, cheap gifts, control
♡ sarcasm is sacred to him, and he hates when others don't get his tone
♡ doesn't like his powers to an extent, as he wishes to know if people would love his voice without them
♡ has three fathers and four mothers
♡ moves from bar-to-bar, performing at each almost every night
♡ famous in his region
♡ Eros sexuality would be considered fluid/pansexual. He wants everyone to love him, and therefor, can love anyone
♡ is easily irritated if someone doesn't find him interesting/important
♡ incredibly impatient


Twenty Four ♡ Male ♡ Succubus
5'11" ♡ 154lbs


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