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Current Ayo bois, first status here, all to promote my friends roleplay. Slice of Life + Magic = Funsies. Please join!…
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Sorry guys! Life has been hectic. I will try to get my post out soon. I hope everyone is healthy and well. <3
Will post soon!

@alexfangtalon No worries coming from over here. I'm just happy to be apart of this!


Concieved from a 'wild party', Eros was raised by a group of sucubi and incubi who attended such event. He moved home from home when he was young, learning the ways of the sucubus. He considered each one his father or mother, and subsequently calls them as such. Finally, at the age of 15, he moved out on his home, believing firmly that he must learn the world on his own. He got a job easily, as his powers drew in many customers, and everything sort of just fell into his lap. Receiving a small record deal, Eros is now semi-famous and flourishing.

Moving into the Whitmore Home was an impulsive move on Eros' part, deciding that it was better if he put himself near more people, rather than exclude himself in a single condo. He now loves the attention, and is often searching for connections and friendships... Even if he is somewhat difficult to handle.

β™‘ loves affection, piano, singing, expensive gifts, clothes
β™‘ hates naivety/fools, the tone-deaf, cheap gifts, control
β™‘ sarcasm is sacred to him, and he hates when others don't get his tone
β™‘ doesn't like his powers to an extent, as he wishes to know if people would love his voice without them
β™‘ has three fathers and four mothers
β™‘ moves from bar-to-bar, performing at each almost every night
β™‘ famous in his region
β™‘ Eros sexuality would be considered fluid/pansexual. He wants everyone to love him, and therefor, can love anyone
β™‘ is easily irritated if someone doesn't find him interesting/important
β™‘ incredibly impatient


Twenty Four β™‘ Male β™‘ Succubus
5'11" β™‘ 154lbs


Sorry everyone! Still continueing this, and will post and get back to everyone shortly!



Dropped from the sky like lightning, Alita was found by the ancient dragon Qakinyrth Vundryphoageokug Ayverth. This being took an interest in the girl, as she was a rarity, like himself. Having a tedency to collect objects and hoard them away, he took the girl. While some would consider her his captive, Alita found the dragon to be like a father, and in all ways but blood, he was. The dragon raised her as his own, and Alita was an incredibly happy child growing up. She developed a love for books and hoarding items like the one who raised her, and she was nicknamed by many as the 'Tiny Dragon'.

Alita now works for her father at the library, as well as occassionally at the museum. While she loves Qakinyrth greatly, Alita decided at the age of 20 that it best that she lived in different a home, as living like a dragon wasn't exactly the easiest. Still, she frequents the library and Qakinyrth's home, taking care of his needs and well as the buildings.

β™‘ Works at both the library and museum.
β™‘ She is the first called when a new ancient item is found, as she is the most accurate way of finding out the past of an item.
β™‘ Doesn't have a great response time, making her reactions slow at times. Throwing something at her to catch isn't the best idea.
β™‘ Alita isn't used to labels, but people would describe her as pansexual.
β™‘ Panics if she knows an item will break, and spends a lot of time finding ways to change the future of said item.
β™‘ Can go on long and prolonged rants about her interests if given the chance.
β™‘ mostly seen day-dreaming or talking with her little creation


Twenty Two β™‘ Female β™‘ 'False' God
5'5" β™‘ 129lbs


This character no longer exists.
@Always No worries from me! I'm just excited to get this going. ^-^
I am in! <3
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